Chapter 94 Peeping Gaze

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Before entering the fifth floor, Yue Li and Li Yue conducted many analyzes;

Based on their analysis, they guessed that there should not be many couriers on the fifth floor.

The first is from the first floor to the fifth floor. The difficulty of the letter delivery task may not be high at the beginning, but when you reach the later floors, the difficulty of the letter delivery task will be extremely high.

Even ordinary ghost masters may not be able to complete it safely and smoothly.

After going through layers of screening, there are definitely not many couriers who can make it to the fifth floor.

But after listening to the man in room 502, Yue Li suddenly felt that maybe there were not as few messengers on the fifth floor as he thought.

Because if the number of messengers is small, there will be no conflicts at all if there is one room for each person.

Then there is no need for these messengers to set traps in the room.

This ensures ownership of the room.

Only when the number of messengers exceeds the number of rooms, the messengers need to compete for the rooms.

However, the information we have now is too much to make a final judgment, so I didn't say anything.

I instinctively felt that that situation should be abnormal.

Just as the seven people continued to walk back, Ding Hui and Yang Jian suddenly stopped at the same time.

Yue Li and Li Yang immediately looked at the oil paintings under the wall with less frightened eyes and said:

"Is it possible that the seventh floor is really so ordinary that some of the rules learned from the subsequent floors are still applicable?"

"You are still in this position. Your feelings are indeed wrong. There is indeed nothing spying on you. Do you know that it is a ghost watching you, or do you have something else that belongs to me?"

Hearing what Ding Hui said, Yang Jian's expression suddenly changed slightly.

That kind of repeated behavior immediately made Ding Hui feel uncomfortable.

Therefore, no one in Ding Hui believed that this was not a problem on the seventh floor, which was why that situation occurred.

"I really know which one of the two rooms was lying just now."

Apart from this, are there any other questions for me?

In addition, this kind of prying eyes only lasted a very brief moment, and it is extremely abnormal to catch him by mistake.

Ding Hui was also very worried at that point. It was only after I carefully inspected the oil painting under the wall that the worry gradually dissipated.

The most important thing is that the oil paintings outside don't seem to have any relationship with ghost paintings;

A light flashed in my eyes.

You must know that from the second to the fourth floor, this situation never happened. Multiple messengers could be squeezed into one room.

But there is no way to find out exactly what it is.

Combined with what happened before retreating to the post office, Yang Jian faintly lost some belief and speculation in his heart.

But this would not be consistent with some of the information Yue Li knew.

Only when you are on the first floor, there must be less people crowded outside the room, and you will be stared at by the ghosts wandering in the post office;

But at this moment, Ding Hui suddenly reminded everyone:


Before listening to Ding Hui's words, the worried look on Yue Li's face had not increased at all;

Hearing that even Li Yue had managed to find out the source of his prying eyes, Yang Jian was not a little disappointed.

Judging from the current situation, the post office is far simpler than I imagined, so I dare not be too cautious.

"There is nothing satisfactory about the seventh floor of the post office. Some of the rules and information about the post office that you have figured out later may not be valid there. Everyone, please be careful."

As for the rest of the matter, Li Yue and Yang Jian naturally don't have to worry about it.

Yue Li kept thinking about what happened just now. After thinking about it for a long time, I still couldn't tell whether the two rooms were true or false.

At this time, Yang Jian said fiercely:

Even if the number of oil paintings outside was very small, Ding Hui still wasn't sure he could handle it.

Just like those oil paintings and ghost paintings, this will be an unimaginable nightmare.

At this moment, Huang Ying suddenly said loudly.

"It would be scary if there was really something wrong with those oil paintings. Just because they are such a small number, they are not very dangerous."

As for Li Yang and Yue Li, they completely understood the profound meaning of Ding Hui's words.

The two of them turned their heads together and looked at one place.

"The key now is that it's 7:70, and the lights will be turned off in 70 minutes. Do you really know what changes will happen to the seventh floor of the post office before the lights are turned off?"

Hearing those words, Yue Li nodded immediately.

Yang Jian looked at Ding Hui.

Ding Hui did not hide anything and said directly:

"His feeling is correct. There is indeed nothing spying on you, and it's not the seventh time yet. It's just that the peeking time is very short each time, so you can't determine the source."

Real security is during the time before the lights go out at the post office."

Yang Jian on the side also felt its gaze;

It feels like being provoked.

Although we didn’t count them in detail one after another, looking at the oil paintings almost covering the walls, we just imagined the number of oil paintings.

There is another possibility, that is, the role of the room on the fifth floor is not just as a simple residential property, but you can get other benefits after occupying it;

There was just a hint of casualness in his eyes.

But he kept Ding Hui's words in his heart.

It turns out that the truth turned out to be Peeping who was aware of it at that time.

Ding Hui didn't have it in his heart.

Although the perception abilities of Yue Li and Huang Ying are not as sharp as those of Ding Hui and Yang Jian, we can still understand their conversation.

"You just felt like something was peering at you. This look seemed to come from a certain oil painting under the wall."

When our efforts are not needed, it will be bad if we disobey their orders.

"There is indeed nothing wrong with those oil paintings, but I still need to worry too much for the time being. During the day, as long as it violates the rules of the post office, I can basically compare them.

But it is completely certain.

That peeking gaze was still fleeting, so Ding Hui could still only determine that the source of his gaze was a certain painting under this wall.

Because there are really too few oil paintings under the walls.

After seeing the wall covered with oil paintings, Yang Jian could immediately understand.

Therefore, the rooms on the fifth floor are worth occupying and fighting for for messengers.

Hearing what Ding Hui said, Yang Jian immediately thought of the time when we were discussing retreating to room 502.

After two people have passed it, we also know that since Ding Hui said that, if it makes no sense, we just need to remember it firmly.

Ding Hui's expression was very exciting, not even a little indifferent, not worried at all.

Ding Hui's normal behavior.

These benefits are beneficial to the survival of the messenger.

After some inspection, although Huang Ying still found out whether the oil paintings were blurred, he could not be sure that the oil paintings outside were definitely to the level of ghost paintings.

"Actually, for you, there is such a thing as true and false. You just need to know that there is indeed very little security out there."

At that time, I thought Ding Hui was thinking about something, or simply cared about that matter.

If you want to keep everything vague, you can only know it before meeting the other couriers on the seventh floor.

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