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Mysterious Resurrection: I have no plug-ins

Mysterious Resurrection: I have no plug-ins

author:Mu Zi Ying Yue

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:07-14 23:47

Latest chapter:Chapter 255 Pretending like the wind

Hell is empty, evil ghosts are resurrected, the five turbid world is evil, and the world is like a prison. Li Yue, who has traveled through the mysterious world of resurrection, has no plug-ins. He can only work hard to become stronger, so that he has the qualifications to live as he pleases in this desperate world.

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《Mysterious Resurrection: I have no plug-ins》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 255 Pretending like the wind
Chapter 254 Returning the favor
Chapter 253 Telephone
Chapter 252 Helper
Chapter 251 Inviting Helpers
Chapter 250 Location Selection
Chapter 249 Return
Chapter 248 Yue Li’s reminder
Chapter 247 Getting ready to leave
《Mysterious Resurrection: I have no plug-ins》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 The transmigrator who woke up in the coffin
Chapter 2 Skeleton Ghost
Chapter 3 Determining the Timeline
Chapter 4 The Village Extermination Case
Chapter 5 Heading to the Ghost Village
Chapter 6 Recording
Chapter 7 The Ghost is Coming
Chapter 8 Facing the Specter
Chapter 9 Planning to control ghost feet
Chapter 10 Preliminary Test
Chapter 11 The Golden Box of the Safe
Chapter 12 The first sightings of Huai'an Road
Chapter 13 Saving People
Chapter Fourteen The Specter Kills
Chapter 15 Imprisoning Specter
Chapter 16 PY Trading
Chapter 17 The Hunter and the Prey Game
Chapter 18 Controlling the Nail Ghost
Chapter 19 Become stronger, plan
Chapter 20 Zhao Jianguo calls for help
Chapter 21 Support Daehan City
Chapter 22 Fang Shiming should not be underestimated
Chapter 23 Fang Shiming's Cards
Chapter 24 Detaining the Source Ghost
Chapter 25 Fang Shiming's Promise
Chapter 26 Harvest Equipment Ghost Cards
Chapter 27 Famous Detective Wang Xiaoming
Chapter 28 Nightmare
Chapter 29: Ghostly Soul Calling
Chapter 30 Li Yue, a Good Citizen
Chapter 31: Waiting for the Specter
Chapter 32 Indifference and Ruthless Li Dalang
Chapter Thirty-Three Strength Soars
Chapter 34 Join the headquarters
Chapter 35 The first meeting with Wang Xiaoming
Chapter 36: First Meeting with Old Qin
Chapter 37 Return to Zhong'an City
Chapter 38 Harvest a little brother
Chapter 39 Meetings
Chapter 40 Global Paranormal Website
Chapter 41 Safe House Program
Chapter 42: The Plan Begins to Be Implemented
Chapter 43 The Bewitched Ghost
Chapter 44: Examining Yourself
Chapter 45: Li Yue turns into a cocoon
Chapter 46 Paranormal Events
Chapter 47: The Transformation of Li Yue
Chapter 48 Li Yue goes online
Chapter forty-ninth Liu Yang who stayed
Chapter 50 Liu Yang's Choice
Chapter 51 Liu Yang upgrades
Chapter 52 Li Yue changed his name
Chapter 53 Mummies
Chapter 54 The Unseen Attack
Chapter 55 Incident Resolution
Chapter 56 A visit to the old house in Dachang City
Chapter 57: The Resurrection of the Burnt Corpse
Chapter 58 Coincidence
Chapter 59: Ting Lei
Chapter 60: The Source of Detention
Chapter 61 Compromise and Beating
Chapter 62 The first transaction
Chapter 63: Boarding the Spiritual Bus
Chapter 64 Continuously getting on the train
Chapter 65: Imprisonment +1
Chapter 66 Change of Mindset
Chapter 67 Big Tree
Chapter 68 Headless Monk
Chapter 69: Sound of chanting, monk, Montenegro, temple
Chapter 70 Turn off the fire or be stopped
Chapter 71 The Doctor and the Hospital
Chapter 72 Get off
Chapter 73 Looking for someone
Chapter 74: Fusion Selection
Chapter 75: New Ability
Chapter 76 I am inevitable
Chapter 77 Command or Request
Chapter 78 Liu San and Xu Feng
Chapter seventy-ninth first test of lightning
Chapter 80 The first confrontation
Chapter 81 Bow down? Look up?
Chapter 82 The Portrait
Chapter 83 Suicide by throwing into a well
Chapter 84 Verifying the conjecture
Chapter 85 The Wishing Well
Chapter 86 Solution
Chapter 87: The First Time Going Abroad
Chapter 88 The Cross Gang
Chapter 89: The Fish Dies and the Net Breaks
Chapter 90 Complete solution
Chapter 91 Attitude
Chapter 92 The end of the cooling
Chapter 93 Harvest, addiction
Chapter 94 Solving troubles
Chapter 95 Experiments
Chapter 96: Supernatural Weapons
Chapter 97 Success? Failure?
Chapter 98 Attitude
Chapter 99 Accidental Visit
Chapter 100 Forming an alliance and asking for help
Chapter 101: The Protagonist for the First Time
Chapter 102 The Ghost Master
Chapter 103 Gold
Chapter 104 Black Thread
Chapter 105 Waiting
Chapter 106 neat and tidy
Chapter 107 New Commission
Chapter 108 Return to Huanggang Village
Chapter 109: Ghost, World
Chapter 110 The first fight
Chapter 111 Meeting
Chapter 112 Leave? Stay?
Chapter 113 Talk about conditions
Chapter 114 Shameless
Chapter 115 The Righteous Feng Quan
Chapter 116: Qi Shots
Chapter 117 Hero? Savior?
Chapter 118 Fight again
Chapter 119: Back to the Coffin
Chapter 120 Leaving Huanggang Village
Chapter 121 tit for tat
Chapter 122 Transactions
Chapter 123 Harvest Again (End of Huanggang's Trip)
Chapter 124 No gain
Chapter 125: A Trip to Hongfa Temple
Chapter 126 Pearl Community
Chapter 127 The situation deteriorates
Chapter 128 Regeneration
Chapter 129 Headquarters concern
Chapter 130 Consciousness and Emotions
Chapter 131 Catch bugs
Chapter 132 solve the source
Chapter 133 Golden Silk
Chapter 134 Games
Chapter 135: The Game Begins
Chapter 136 Blue and Black Smoke
Chapter 137: Death
Chapter 138 Undiscovered anomalies
Chapter 139 Yang Jian arrives
Chapter 140 Trading? Investment!
Chapter 141 The Principal's Office
Chapter 142 Bizarre Disappearance
Chapter 143 The School of the Republic of China
Chapter 144 Darkness strikes
Chapter 145: Check the bed
Chapter 146 Provisions
Chapter 147 The Chinese test begins
Chapter 148 The end of the Chinese exam
Chapter 149 Truth, Dark Shadow
Chapter 150 'Cannon Fodder'
Chapter 151 The library is open
Chapter 152 The old man and the diary
Chapter 153 Black and White Painting
Chapter 154 looks pretty
Chapter 155 The dormitory is open again
Chapter 156: Changes Appear
Chapter 157 The dormitory door opens
Chapter 158: The Green Eyes Reappear
Chapter 159 strikes again
Chapter 160 Safe House
Chapter 161 Knock on the door
Chapter 162 The seventh floor that can't be reached
Chapter 163 The podium
Chapter 164 Plan
Chapter 165 Rejection
Chapter 166 Easy and Desperate
Chapter 167: White Picking Up Benefits
Chapter 168: Misfortunes lead to the east
Chapter 169 Ants
Chapter 170: The Big Head Reappears
Chapter 171 Old photos
Chapter 172 Irritability
Chapter 173 Law of Quantity
Chapter 174 Request
Chapter 175: The end of the exam
Chapter 176 Exam papers and certificates
Chapter 177 Reproduction of the painting
Chapter 178: Division of Troops and Attacks
Chapter 179 successive attacks
Chapter 180 Black High Wall
Chapter 181 Test Paper +1
Chapter 182 Easy suppression
Chapter 183 Ability to use together
Chapter 184 is so terrifying
Chapter 185 Guixi, Bai Ling, the final test paper
Chapter 186 Fakes
Chapter 187 The dormitory building is closed
Chapter 188 The right place
Chapter 189 Entering the Office
Chapter 190 Nameplate
Chapter 191 Distortion
Chapter 192 Return
Chapter 193 Arrangements, Calls
Chapter 194 Bargaining
Chapter 195 Entering Dachang City
Chapter 196: Murderous Intention, Misunderstanding
Chapter 197 Entering the hospital
Chapter 198: The Ghost of Wishes Appeared
Chapter 199: Departure, Experiment
Chapter 200: A Mixed-Failed Experiment
Chapter 201 The truth lies
Chapter 202: Advent Seventh Middle School
Chapter 203 The first time I saw a starving ghost
Chapter 204 Restart
Chapter 205 Abandoning Detention
Chapter 206 Unlock Yang Jian
Chapter 207 Insufficient for outsiders
Chapter 208: Explain the funeral
Chapter 209 Yang Jian is dead, if something happens, paper will be burned
Chapter 210 Pleasant Communication with Phi Phi
Chapter 211: Reaching a Deal
Chapter 212 Back to Guanjiang Community
Chapter 213 Get back the windbreaker
Chapter 214 Battle against Zhao Kaiming
Chapter 215 End
Chapter 216 Get what you want
Chapter 217 Calculation
Chapter 218 Weird Restaurant
Chapter 219 Fragrance? Smells?
Chapter 220: Minnon
Chapter 221: Waiter, add more food!
Chapter 222 Eat the restaurant
Chapter 223 Robbery
Chapter 224 The Request of Liu Yang and Ding Hui
Chapter 225 Breaking through the bottleneck
Chapter 226 The lion opens his mouth
Chapter 227 Predict the future?
Chapter 228: Counseling Yang Jian
Chapter 229 Happy to be a father
Chapter 230 Misunderstanding, Unofficial Decision
Chapter 231 The reward is in hand
Chapter 232 Three things
Chapter two hundred and thirty third bone chopper
Chapter 234 Real Jedi Survival Game
Chapter 235: A chance encounter on the bus
Chapter 236 High-cold driver
Chapter 237 The first stop of the supernatural bus
Chapter two hundred and thirty eight
Chapter 239 The second stop of the supernatural bus
Chapter 240 The third stop of the supernatural bus
Chapter 241 Special Circumstances
Chapter 242 The bride beckons
Chapter 243 Being held hands
Chapter 244 Bus Start
Chapter 245 Raise your hijab
Chapter 246 Do You Know Yang Xiaotian?
Chapter 247 Get off and go home
Chapter 248 Alien, different from the same kind!
Chapter 249 Dream
Chapter 250 ZS City Incident
Chapter 251 Bastard Li Yue
Chapter 252 Arrival
Chapter 253 Freak
Chapter 254 Looking for someone? Looking for a ghost?
Chapter 255 Tall ghosts appear
Chapter 256: The calculation fails
Chapter 257 Leaving the hotel
Chapter 258 'Destroy' people tirelessly
Chapter 259 End?
Chapter 260 Resurrection Plan
Chapter 261 Rejection
Chapter 262: Fulfilling My Wish
Chapter 263
Chapter 264
Chapter 265 Picking up money
Chapter 266 Involvement in the investigation
Chapter 267 Lock the target
Chapter 268 Restart?
Chapter 269 Money to buy life, no money
Chapter 270 The Third Fierce Ghost
Chapter 271
Chapter 272 Yang Jian plays with the plane
Chapter 273 Soul bottle and brain supplement
Chapter 274: Itinerary
Chapter 275 Gluttony
Chapter 276 The transaction is finalized
Chapter 277 Zhang Lei Planted
Chapter 278 The greedy ghost is eaten
Chapter 279 Reappearance
Chapter 280 Meeting
Chapter 281 Connecting with Yang Jian
Chapter 282 Another fight with ghosts
Chapter 283 Same as Jiuyi, how can you show off?
Chapter 284 Using ones body as bait
Chapter 285 Return to the coffin
Chapter 286 Retreat? Turn back?
Chapter 287 Breaking through Limitations
Chapter 288 Immunity
Happy New Year!
Chapter 289 A sudden change in painting style
Chapter 290: Chickens and Dogs
Chapter 291 Li Yue stays
Chapter 292 So terrifying
Chapter 293 A little gambling for pleasure
Chapter 294 Cant do it
Chapter 295 Leaving one after another
Chapter 296 Veteran Ghost Controller
Chapter 297 Record Book
Chapter 298 The Shame of the Ghost Controller
Chapter 299 Gao Zhiqiang, died
Chapter 300 The virtuous live here!
Chapter 301 Base
Chapter 302 The actors are in place
Chapter 303 There is no solution to the mystery
Chapter 304: Take action at the slightest disagreement
Chapter 305 Mr. Qin takes action
Chapter 306 Feasible Plan
Chapter 307 Succession
Chapter 308 Yang Jian Waiting for Others
Chapter 309 Communication
Chapter 310 Finalized
Chapter 311 The plan begins
Chapter 312 Fear
Chapter 313 Dilemma
Chapter 314 Excellent
Chapter 315 Transparency
Chapter 316 Testing
Chapter 317 Kill Li Yue
Chapter 318 Fang Shimings Appointment
Chapter 319 Optimistic
Chapter 320 Stop losses in time
Chapter 321 The end?
Chapter 322 The smell of gunpowder
Chapter 323 Arrival
Chapter 324 On the Road
Chapter 325 Calculation
Chapter 326 Reminder
Chapter 327 Open the door
Chapter 328 Success
Chapter 329 Resurrection
Chapter 330 Information suddenly appeared
Chapter 331 Battle
Chapter 332 Ye Zhen, here I come!
Chapter 333 Thunder struck from heaven
Chapter 334 Punch to the flesh
Chapter 335 Crush
Chapter 336 Headquarters reaction
Chapter 337: Admit Defeat
Chapter 338 Road
Chapter 339 Personal experience
Chapter 340 First
Chapter 341 Adding Obstacles
Chapter 342 Evidence
Chapter 343 Stop
Chapter 344 Shady story
Chapter 345 Teammates? A drag!
Chapter 346 The bait is poisonous
Chapter 347 The End
Chapter 348 Rejection
Chapter 349 Compromise
Chapter 350 The time has come
Chapter 351 Separation of corpses
Chapter 352 The second wave of attacks
Chapter 353 Admit
Chapter 354 The overall situation is the most important thing
Chapter 355 Consciousness
Chapter 356 Seeking help
Chapter 357 SMS
Chapter 358 Drama
Chapter 359 Take Back
Chapter 360 Testing and Doubt
Chapter 361 Reactions from all parties
Chapter 362 Unknown Land
Chapter 363 Understanding does not mean acceptance
Chapter 364 Checkmate
Chapter 365 Cleaning up the miscellaneous soldiers
Chapter 366 Temporary retreat
Chapter 367 Fang Shiming is dead?
Chapter 368 Wu Yun rushes to the street
Chapter 369 Banker
Chapter 370 An unexpected request for help
Chapter 371 Determination
Chapter 372 The group is destroyed
Chapter 373 Bad condition
Chapter 374 Dont talk about martial ethics
Chapter 375 Choose one of the two
Chapter 376 Die together
Chapter 377 Regret
Chapter 378 Lard deceives the heart
Chapter 379 For the sake of the overall situation
Chapter 380 Sinister Intentions
Chapter 381 Trading Capital
Chapter 382 Modification of Conditions
Chapter 383 The ending is determined
Chapter 384 Swinging a Knife
Chapter 385 Licking Bag
Chapter 386 News of death came
Chapter 387 Appointment
Chapter 388 Show off to the sky
Chapter 389 Complete Sincerity
Chapter 390 Seeing or Not Seeing
Chapter 391 Humble Wei Jing
Chapter 392 Information Trading
Chapter 393 Conflict? Restriction? Closed loop?
Chapter 394 The noble Li Yue
Chapter 395 The Helpless Duo
Chapter 396: A way out? A trap?
Chapter 397 Interesting Discovery
Chapter 398 Interesting Discovery 2
Chapter 399 Someone from the Spirit-Expelling Society
Chapter 400 A sincere invitation
Chapter 401 Special Travel
Chapter 402 Discovery of Survivors
Chapter 403 Hope
Chapter 404 A special old building
Chapter 405: Very good at playing
Chapter 406 Newbie: Li Yang
Chapter 407 Going upstairs
Chapter 408 Killing with Footsteps
Chapter 409 Weird Black Painting
Chapter 410 Countless paintings and countless ghosts
Chapter 411 Huge painting, source appears
Chapter 412: Encounter on a narrow road, wait a minute
Chapter 413 Its okay if I have sex with you
Chapter 414 This thing is too fierce, you better do it
Chapter 415 Prepare to retreat
Chapter 416 Its coming, its coming slowly
Chapter 417 I just touched it gently
Chapter 418 Its coming, Im leaving
Chapter 419 Dont think about the things that are available and not available
Chapter 420 The destination of the survivors
Chapter 421 Information is exposed, those who dont know will not be blamed
Chapter 422 Its your own fault and you have no one to blame
Chapter 423 Li Yue, can I trust you?
Chapter 424 Yang Jian: My son is a little disobedient
Chapter 425 Unpredictable Action
Chapter 426 Burial Ground? Place of Rebirth?
Chapter 427 Wei Jing, it seems you dont have long to live.
Chapter 428 Wang Xiaomings abacus, bang bang
Chapter 429 Lets play together
Chapter 430 Questioning
Chapter 431 Guo Fan: The winner of life himself
Chapter 432 Just be patient
Chapter 433 The back-up plan has been activated
Chapter 434: Sit back and wait for death or commit suicide?
Chapter 435 Clear self-positioning
Chapter 436 Free Information
Chapter 437 Luxurious configuration
Chapter 438 Give up, action is impossible to succeed
Chapter 439 A question from Li Yue
Chapter 440: Linked to each other, hard to guard against
Chapter 441 Deal with it or keep it, this is a choice
Chapter 442 The coffin collapse is in progress
Chapter 443 White hands, black hands, many hands
Chapter 444 Trading Rules Triggered
Chapter 445: You chase, I run, you have nowhere to escape
Chapter 446 Finally Broken
Chapter 447 The time has come
Chapter 448 Difficult Choice
Chapter 449 Illusion
Chapter 450 Let them go
Chapter 451 Breaking through the blockade
Chapter 452 Human Skin Courier
Chapter 453 The confrontation begins
Chapter 454 A clean defeat
Chapter 455 Doubt and Trust
Chapter 456 Transfer of Control
Chapter 457 Returning to Control
Chapter 458 Changes in Status
Chapter 459: Being courteous with bad intentions
Chapter 460 The foggy Wei Jing
Chapter 461 Brand new old straw rope
Chapter 462 Open your mouth
Chapter 463: Keep someone under the sword
Chapter 464 You must bear the consequences
Chapter 465: Paying back debts is a matter of course
Chapter 466: Terrified
Chapter 467 Finish and leave
Chapter 468 An unexpected phone call
Chapter 469: Intentional and Powerless vs. Powerful and Unintentional
Chapter 470 Risk everything
Chapter 471 Dont participate, dont leave
Chapter 472 Momentary emotion
Chapter 473 Lost
Chapter 474 Stay, leave
Chapter 475 The news brought by Mo Yan
Chapter 476 Active confinement, passive confinement
Chapter 477 There is no difference between telling or not telling
Chapter 478 Refuge in Zhongan City
Chapter 479 The season of waiting
Chapter 480 The Curse of the Pendulum Clock
Chapter 481 Let go
Chapter 482 Cant Relax
Chapter 483 Different people have different conditions.
Chapter 484 Refuse the invitation?
Chapter 485 Wang Xiaomings unexpected proposal
Chapter 486 Proposal adoption and new issues
Chapter 487 Everything is finalized and preparations begin
Chapter 488 Changed Paintings
Chapter 489 Take away Chen Yi in one set
Chapter 490 Preparing the Goalkeeper
Chapter 491 Terrifying Flame
Chapter 492 An unexpected appearance
Chapter 493 The goal is achieved, the wind is blowing
Chapter 494 Catch up
Chapter 495 Accidental discovery, finding the exit
Chapter 496: Escape intact
Chapter 497 The choice of resurrection
Chapter 498 The resurrection experiment begins
Chapter 499 It goes smoothly
Chapter 500 The Resurrection and Disappearance of Wang Chaling
Chapter 501 The highly anticipated moment
Chapter 502 Finally here
Chapter 503 Got it
Chapter 504 Take action
Chapter 505 Stop and return to the capital
Chapter 506 If you want to impose a crime, why bother?
Chapter 507 Opening the Net and Waiting
Chapter 508 The great age is coming
Chapter 509 Accusation
Chapter 510 Too late to regret
Chapter 511 Taking the opportunity to resign
Chapter 512 Wang Xiaomings long-term plan
Chapter 513 Sudden worries
Chapter 514 Harvesting a crop of leeks
Chapter 515 The Agreement with Yang Jian
Chapter 516 Tell the details
Chapter 517 Ding Huis Second Spring
Chapter 518 Ding Hui: I listen to you
Chapter 519 Ding Hui: The future is bright
Chapter 520 Dont drift, be cautious
Chapter 521 Personal experience
Chapter 522 Shocking Restart
Chapter 523 Refresh the image
Chapter 524 Breakthrough in Time and Space
Chapter 525 Release, Recovery, Dismemberment
Chapter 526 The soul seeking death breaks out
Chapter 527 Memories
Chapter 528 You? Still a long way to go
Chapter 529: Asking for price or equal exchange?
Chapter 530 Help and Restraint
Chapter 531 One-Armed Hero: Wang Xin
Chapter 532 Departure: Target Island Country
Chapter 533 Arriving at the Destination
Chapter 534 Food Guide
Chapter 535 Public relations? Surveillance? Or testing?
Chapter 536 A rich gift
Chapter 537 Different places, same pig teammates
Chapter 538 The victim appears
Chapter 539 Venom Attack
Chapter 540 Give a lesson
Chapter 541 Depart, the action begins
Chapter 542 Best advice: Be obedient
Chapter 543 Head Balloon and Dead Head
Chapter 544: At the beginning of the operation, let the ghost boy go first
Chapter 545 Locking the Direction
Chapter 546 Arriving at the designated location
Chapter 547 Swift Scout: Ghost Boy
Chapter 548 Operation to rescue lost children
Chapter 549 Go to the second floor
Chapter 550 Eye-catching
Chapter 551 Stacked Arhat
Chapter 552 A house you cant get out of
Chapter 553 Attack and Counter-Suppression
Chapter 554 Loss of 100 million
Chapter 555 The unexpected old town
Chapter 556
Chapter 557 MLM phone call
Chapter 558 Sakai Brand Human Head Balloon
Chapter 559 Actively attract targets
Chapter 560 The effect is revealed
Chapter 561 A very lively street
Chapter 562 The Righteous Lord Is Coming
Chapter 563 Ineffective joint suppression
Chapter 564 The second round begins
Chapter 565 Failed Suppression, Successful Suppression
Chapter 566 Changes occur again
Chapter 567 An exciting moment of choice
Chapter 568 Li Yue was attacked one after another
Chapter 569 Confrontation
Chapter 570 Nagasawa Exposed
Chapter 571 Repair Plan
Chapter 572: Pursuing the Source of Peeping
Chapter 573 Special Ghost Slave
Chapter 574 The source appears, let it go
Chapter 575 Wrong time, Li Yue returns
Chapter 576 Xiao Yang, you are a little bloated.
Chapter 577 Yang Jian: I was fooled
Chapter 578 Test
Chapter 579 Clues point to: Dahan City
Chapter 580 The Second Time: Active Fusion
Chapter 581 A fatal experience
Chapter 582 Grafting and anchoring
Chapter 583 Continue to Trust
Chapter 584 An unexpected seizure of power
Chapter 585 Exit
Chapter 586 Determining the Second Action
Chapter 587 Finalizing the Action Plan
Chapter 588 Bait
Chapter 589: Shaonian, do you want to become a big star?
Chapter 590 The Exciting Massage Parlor
Chapter 591 Ichiro with Two Faces
Chapter 592 Privately arranged actions
Chapter 593 Misreading
Chapter 594 Poaching Yang Jian
Chapter 595 Making a Trap
Chapter 596 Yang Jians worries
Chapter 597 Listen to me and relax
Chapter 598 Its coming, its coming in the darkness
Chapter 599 The scary old man who is polite
Chapter 600: Invasion successful? Failure?
Chapter 601 Falling into the Trap
Chapter 602 The box that cannot be closed
Chapter 603 The domineering and strange hatchet
Chapter 604 Latent Side Effects
Chapter 605 Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 606 Dont judge people by their appearance
Chapter 607 Yamazaki hiding the needle in the cotton
Chapter 608 Dilemma
Chapter 609: The nature of being soft and afraid of hard things
Chapter 610 What to do?
Chapter 611 TrueGiving the Head +2
Chapter 612 Banquet Arrangements
Chapter 613 Is it premeditated or coincidence?
Chapter 614 Li Yues doubts and confusion
Chapter 615 Coincidence or side effects?
Chapter 616 Good News, Bad News
Chapter 617 Heartbroken Yang Jian
Chapter 618 Restart + Hatchet =?
Chapter 619 Apology, Compensation
Chapter 620 Accidental Corpse
Chapter 621 Accidental Corpse +1
Chapter 622 The magnanimous Li Yue
Chapter 623 Escape in panic
Chapter 624 Ancient House and Anomalies
Chapter 625 Wang Xins little thoughts
Chapter 626 Special Care
Chapter 627: Really wandering around
Chapter 628: Amazed
Chapter 629 Something special
Chapter 630 Frog in the well, accurate cognition
Chapter 631 Friendship
Chapter 632 Li Yue takes the initiative to provoke
Chapter 633: When in town, do as the Romans do
Chapter 634 Special Topic
Chapter 635 Peering into Death
Chapter 636 Smiling on the surface, but behind the scenes...
Chapter 637 Predicting Death or Death Curse
Chapter 638: Catch Yamazaki on the shelves
Chapter 639 Projector Picture
Chapter 640 The sudden appearance of a figure
Chapter 641 The screen was 'disappeared'
Chapter 642 Killing someone with a borrowed knife
Chapter 643 The same death scene
Chapter 644 Five people with the same ending
Chapter 645 Yamazaki, in order to remove the spirit society...
Chapter 646 Li Yue: I wont die
Chapter 647 Yamazaki, you have such great authority
Chapter 648 A completely different picture
Chapter 649 The terrifying blood pool
Chapter 650 Im so sorry to disappoint you.
Chapter 651 Li Yue takes the initiative
Chapter 652 Weird Town
Chapter 653 Li Yue appears
Chapter 654 Bringing up old matters again
Chapter 655 Bringing everyone to force the palace
Chapter 656 Li Yue was threatened
Chapter 657 Yamazaki: I think I can do it
Chapter 658 Really flipping the table
Chapter 659 Destinys Child: Yamazaki
Chapter 660 If you dare to be arrogant, I will crush your head.
Chapter 661 Second-rate goods
Chapter 662 The cruel and true reality
Chapter 663 A scene beyond comprehension
Chapter 664 Im tired of playing, you guys go ahead and play
Chapter 665: Even if you use all your strength, why cant you fall down?
Chapter 666 To imprison it, wouldnt it be enough to have some hands?
Chapter 667: Succeed as desired
Chapter 668 Mishima feels regretful
Chapter 669 Mishima is disappointed again
Chapter 670 Embark on the return journey
Chapter 671 Exchange, Gift
Chapter 672 Yang Jian is already numb
Chapter 673 The conscientious Li Yue
Chapter 674 Man and dog, man and man
Chapter 675 Comparison and Gap
Chapter 676 Thousands of twists and turns Wang Xiaoming
Chapter 677 Report again
Chapter 678 Hidden Information
Chapter 679 Wang Xiaoming: There is nothing I can do
Chapter 680 Flying a Kite
Chapter 681 Li Yue attacks the elderly
Chapter 682 Yang Jian: Its too difficult for me
Chapter 683 The master of hypocrisy: Yang Jian
Chapter 684 Li Yue: I feel ashamed
Chapter 685 The mutated wooden cabinet
Chapter 686 A new round of trading begins
Chapter 687 A familiar house
Chapter 688: I thought I was a snake for three months
Chapter 689 The real Li Yue
Chapter 690 Roads and People
Chapter 691 Returning to the old place
Chapter 692 Attack again
Chapter 693 Confrontation Game
Chapter 694 Unexpected changes
Chapter 695 The Blood Pool of Guizhou Donkeys Skills
Chapter 696 Take the initiative to contact and verify in person
Chapter 697 Some are happy and some are sad
Chapter 698 The Alarmed Headquarters
Chapter 699 Growing Mushrooms
Chapter 700 Cao Yanhua is almost desperate
Chapter 701 The restored blood pool
Chapter 702 Lively Villa
Chapter 703 Party Invitation
Chapter 704 Gradual Situation
Chapter 705 Boring Party
Chapter 706 Intrigue
Chapter 707 Choice
Chapter 708 Chasing Profit
Chapter 709 A series of surprises
Chapter 710 Housekeeping
Chapter 711 An urgent call
Chapter 712 Take good care of yourself
Chapter 713 The impetuous Yang Jian
Chapter 714 A visit both public and private
Chapter 715 So Outrageous
Chapter 716 Headquarters Plan
Chapter 717 Sudden murderous intention
Chapter 718 Paper Man with Problems
Chapter 719 Solve the troubles
Chapter 720 A sudden teaching test
Chapter 721 Agreement on the trip to Dahan City
Chapter 722 Ding Hui subverts three views
Chapter 723 The relationship between evidence and suspicion
Chapter 724 Stranger Visits
Chapter 725 Sudden refuge
Chapter 726 Rejected Surrender
Chapter 727: Drive away by force
Chapter 728 A calm tone and the harshest words
Chapter 729 Clothed in human skin...
Chapter 730 The villains chance
Chapter 731 Getting ready to leave
Chapter 732 Sun Rui: Dont care? I cant do it
Chapter 733 Safe Arrival and Smooth Reunion
Chapter 734 Cant take care of you
Chapter 735: Arrival at the Airport
Chapter 736 Yang Jian: Those rumors are all slander
Chapter 737 The leg is inconvenient, just change it to another one
Chapter 738 A unique city
Chapter 739 Undiscovered Disappearance
Chapter 740 No clues
Chapter 741 The destination has arrived
Chapter 742 The secret gradually revealed
Chapter 743 Conservative arrangements
Chapter 744 No more doubts
Chapter 745 Waiting
Chapter 746 Li Yangs sense of belonging
Chapter 747 Getting ready to leave
Chapter 748 Dominance
Chapter 749 An ordinary unfinished building
Chapter 750 Secret, Source
Chapter 751 Li Yue takes action
Chapter 752 Appearance
Chapter 753 Smooth entry
Chapter 754 Thirty-five coincidences
Chapter 755 Audacious
Chapter 756 If you fail to show off, you will be...
Chapter 757 Its not an accident
Chapter 758: First encounter with the post office
Chapter 759 Showdown: Ding Huis identity
Chapter 760 Yang Jian, choose
Chapter 761 Insufficient Numbers
Chapter 762 The iron rule that was broken
Chapter 763 The messenger praised by Li Yue
Chapter 764 Another iron rule
Chapter 765 Choosing a Room
Chapter 766 Entering the room and turning off the lights
Chapter 767 Instinct and Reason
Chapter 768 How to get rid of the post office
Chapter 769 Understanding the rules and finding loopholes
Chapter 770 How to go upstairs: One word, grab
Chapter 771 Unequal Transaction
Chapter 772 Mutation Appears
Chapter 773 Stopped footsteps and knock on the door
Chapter 774 Sudden Death Threat
Chapter 775 Laws
Chapter 776 Blocking the door and turning on the lights again
Chapter 777 The deformed door
Chapter 778 Captain Yang, I cant hold on anymore
Chapter 779 Frontal Contact and Suppression
Chapter 780 Fading footsteps
Chapter 781 Summary after the incident
Chapter 782 Summary 2
Chapter 783 Sun Rui who doesnt want to separate
Chapter 784 Li Yangs big opportunity
Chapter 785 A room that can be restarted
Chapter 786 Its dawn
Chapter 787 The letter appears
Chapter 788 Dangerous Red Letter
Chapter 789 We will send this letter
Chapter 790 Temporarily leaving the post office
Chapter 791 The Special Big Sea City
Chapter 792 Temporary change of route
Chapter 793 Four Unusual Existences
Chapter 794 The helpless Sun Rui
Chapter 795 The road ahead is prohibited, please return the way you came.
Chapter 796 Never give in
Chapter 797 Li Yue stops the chaos
Chapter 798 The path of pretentiousness for middle school students
Chapter 799 Cemetery? Park?
Chapter 800 Say hello
Chapter 801 The Unsociable Grave
Chapter 802 The mysterious tomb owner
Chapter 803 Letter Delivery Mission, Bait Mission
Chapter 804 Pay close attention
Chapter 805 The decadent Ye Zhen
Chapter 806: Focus on stability and prevent overturning
Chapter 807 Normal Mrs. Liu
Chapter 808 The group of people being driven away
Chapter 809 The mutation finally appears
Chapter 810: The mourning hall, tear it down for me!
Chapter 811 Cutting the Trouble with a Quick Sword
Chapter 812 Unexpected Gunshots
Chapter 813 Friendly Meeting
Chapter 814 The mysteriously disappeared corpse
Chapter 815 The truth behind the disappearance of the corpse?
Chapter 816 Exploring Fushou Garden Again
Chapter 817 The abnormality is underground...the tomb
Chapter 818 Letter, lead, bait, coordinates
Chapter 819 Fushouyuan? Not anymore
Chapter 820 The real recipient?
Chapter 821 Trading life for opportunity
Chapter 822 Kindness, Coldness and Truth
Chapter 823 The old grave blocking the road
Chapter 824 The strange empty grave
Chapter 825 A low new grave
Chapter 826 A sudden knocking sound
Chapter 827 Russell Yis Tombstone
Chapter 828 Russell was attacked
Chapter 829 Russell comes offline
Chapter 830 Name
Chapter 831 Necessary attempt
Chapter 832 Digging graves and digging bones
Chapter 833 Russell 1 was excavated
Chapter 834 Completely Cool
Chapter 835 Continue to act and stop the sound
Chapter 836 Another knocking sound and choice
Chapter 837 The Second Victim
Chapter 838 Grave No. 78 that cannot be found
Chapter 839 The second coffin nail appears
Chapter 840 The sound of monument engraving sounded again
Chapter 841 The ignored grave No. 78
Chapter 842 The reappearance of Mrs. Liu
Chapter 843 The time for engraving the monument... is a bit long
Chapter 844 Yang Jians Yang
Chapter 845 Yang Jian was attacked
Chapter 846 The Last Method
Chapter 847 The method worked and Yang Jian got out of trouble
Chapter 848 A fish slipped through the net
Chapter 849 Thoughts caused by coffin nails
Chapter 850 Coffin nails, I dont need them
Chapter 851: Still as motionless as a mountain and a leaf.
Chapter 852 The heroes think alike
Chapter 853 Meeting and Going Back
Chapter 854 Tombstone beyond common sense
Chapter 855 Weird hatchet carving
Chapter 856 The same ending
Chapter 857 The Interrupted Curse
Chapter 858: Survival
Chapter 859 The last two minutes
Chapter 860 Wanxing falls into fear
Chapter 861 Time is up, excavation
Chapter 862 The opportunity Ye Zhen thinks he has
Chapter 863 Similar tombs, familiar soil
Chapter 864 Mission Completed
Chapter 865 Mrs. Liu faked the corpse
Chapter 866 A series of strange phenomena
Chapter 867 Weird black blood, weird corpse
Chapter 868 Explosion on the spot
Chapter 869 Signs of SS-level supernatural events
Chapter 870 Li Yue acting alone
Chapter 871 Pure black eyes
Chapter 872 Temptation and Intelligence
Chapter 873 The Heavenly Change in Fushouyuan
Chapter 874 Ye Zhen appears
Chapter 875: Sick in the brain, chuunibyou
Chapter 876 First round, tie
Chapter 877 In the second round, I was stunned.
Chapter 878 Vulnerable
Chapter 879 Invitation to Battle
Chapter 880 The sky changes in Dahai City
Chapter 881 Stop losses in time
Chapter 882 You are so cruel, but I like it
Chapter 883 Falling at a disadvantage and trump card
Chapter 884 The hatchet that cannot be wielded
Chapter 885 Bottom Line
Chapter 886 Everyone reacts
Chapter 887 Necessary trade-offs
Chapter 888 Sudden stagnation
Chapter 889 Injuring the enemy by one thousand and damaging yourself by eight hundred
Chapter 890 Bluffing
Chapter 891 Calculation
Chapter 892 A proposal for everyone to take a step back
Chapter 893 Game
Chapter 894 The truth behind Ye Zhens defeat
Chapter 895 Ye Zhen, cant die!
Chapter 896 Mediation Plan
Chapter 897: Side by Side
Chapter 898 Temporary Truce
Chapter 899 Compensation, Transaction
Chapter 900 Mediation, Threat
Chapter 901 Arrival
Chapter 902 Envy, Jealousy, and Hatred
Chapter 903 Pay attention to people
Chapter 904 Fear
Chapter 905 Ending
Chapter 906 Dont give up
Chapter 907 Speed up
Chapter 908 Choose to wait and see
Chapter 909 Eye Gouging
Chapter 910 Things that cannot be looked at directly
Chapter 911 Cooperation
Chapter 912 Getting ready to leave
Chapter 913 Ease the recovery state
Chapter 914 The End
Chapter 915 Wei Jing leads the sheep
Chapter 916 Look Down on
Chapter 917 Farewell and Returning Home
Chapter 918 Bet
Chapter 919 The inside story told by Li Yue
Chapter 920 The inside story told by Li Yue 2
Chapter 921 Balancing Means
Chapter 922 The Untold Truth
Chapter 923 Opening Zhongan City
Chapter 924 Strange Road
Chapter 925 Stepping onto the path
Chapter 926 Stairs and Road Blockage
Chapter 927 The desire to die occurs
Chapter 928 Arrival and one less person
Chapter 929 Room
Chapter 930 An opportunity to compensate
Chapter 931 Coldness
Chapter 932 Strike first...
Chapter 933 Taking over
Chapter 934 Lights out
Chapter 935 The cause of the attack revealed
Chapter 936 Indifference created by the situation
Chapter 937 Walk out of the room
Chapter 938 An unexpected gain
Chapter 939 Letter Paper and Dawn
Chapter 940 Its dawn
Chapter 941 Red appears again
Chapter 942 Stop Li Yue
Chapter 943 See more and do less
Chapter 944 The letter is in hand
Chapter 945 Tear into pieces
Chapter 946 Mutation Appears
Chapter 947 Life and Death
Chapter 948 Courage is commendable
Chapter 949 The price appears
Chapter 950 The corpse in the bedroom
Chapter 951 Escape before fighting
Chapter 952 Continuous Attacks
Chapter 953 The way out
Chapter 954 The attack is temporarily suspended
Chapter 955 The purpose is just to watch a show
Chapter 956 False safe zone
Chapter 957 Killing someone with a borrowed knife
Chapter 958 Yang Xiaohuas decision
Chapter 959 The unwilling bait
Chapter 960 Missing the opportunity that comes to your doorstep
Chapter 961 Shameless Talk
Chapter 962 Cant Escape
Chapter 963 Waiting for success
Chapter 964 Successful Suppression
Chapter 965 The Missing Medium
Chapter 966 The Door of Idealism
Chapter 967 Successful Control
Chapter 968 The most suitable item for Li Yang
Chapter 969 Unusual Portraits
Chapter 970 Similar Paintings
Chapter 971 The Staircase Reappears
Chapter 972 Unlock the new post office map: third floor
Chapter 973 Sacrifice and Choice
Chapter 974 Play a big one
Chapter 975 Lamp and Room
Chapter 976 Repair
Chapter 977 A room with a sudden change of style
Chapter 978 The sudden sound of footsteps
Chapter 979 Yang Jians second goal
Chapter 980 The second footsteps
Chapter 981 The letter appears
Chapter 982 The messenger appears on the third floor
Chapter 983 Information Exchange
Chapter 984 Letter Paper and Information Transaction
Chapter 985 Golden Pistol
Chapter 986 Sudden attention
Chapter 987 Seizing the Third Letter
Chapter 988 The woman Li Yue cares about
Chapter 989 Joint Mission
Chapter 990 Decided to Send the Letter
Chapter 991 The price of tearing four letters into pieces
Chapter 992 The fight for ownership of letters
Chapter 993 Words invite disaster
Chapter 994 Leaving
Chapter 995 Existence beyond imagination
Chapter 996 Can it really be done?
Chapter 997 Sun Ruis Awakening
Chapter 998 Sun Ruis method
Chapter 999 Meeting Sun Rui again
Chapter 1000 The supernatural thing that comes to your door
Chapter 1001: Squatting and Hunting
Chapter 1002 Li Yues unexpected move
Chapter 1003 Leaving the Post Office
Chapter 1004 Preparation for Temporary Separation
Chapter 1005 Parting
Chapter 1006 Temporarily Return to Zhongan City
Chapter 1007 The two people arriving
Chapter 1008 Memory Error
Chapter 1009 Sudden car accident
Chapter 1010 Anomalies in Dachuan City
Chapter 1011 Fog
Chapter 1012: Lying down and just in case
Chapter 1013 Adventures
Chapter 1014 Its easy to come but hard to leave
Chapter 1015 Entering the Tigers Den
Chapter 1016 Throw thirty million
Chapter 1017 Changes at the Airport
Chapter 1018: Survival Escape
Chapter 1019 The real man who walked out of the explosion
Chapter 1020 Its hard to move forward every step of the way
Chapter 1021 The last way to survive
Chapter 1022 A life-threatening game
Chapter 1023 Bumper Car Game
Chapter 1024 Transfer
Chapter 1025 The appalling 'supermarket'
Chapter 1026 The person suddenly appeared
Chapter 1027 Head Change
Chapter 1028 The real and fake 'Monkey King'
Chapter 1029 Determining Identity
Chapter 1030 The attack is coming
Chapter 1031 Crowds of people
Chapter 1032 Dialogue
Chapter 1033 Lighting
Chapter 1034 Shadow Head
Chapter 1035 Failure
Chapter 1036 Unknown Call
Chapter 1037 Horrible Plan
Chapter 1038 The same address
Chapter 1039 The slow flow of water
Chapter 1040 Complete preparations
Chapter 1041 Escape from the siege
Chapter 1042 Are you going or not?
Chapter 1043: Sit back and wait.
Chapter 1044 Help
Chapter 1045 Nightmare, Savior
Chapter 1046 Active Provocation
Chapter 1047 Weird Security Guard
Chapter 1048 Special plane arrives
Chapter 1049 Everyone is here, but one person is missing
Chapter 1050 Li Yue appears
Chapter 1051 Precognition
Chapter 1052 Identification
Chapter 1053 A simple detention operation
Chapter 1054: The naughty kid who offers food to others
Chapter 1055 A night of repairs
Chapter 1056 Reborn
Chapter 1057 Tracing back to the origin
Chapter 1058 The ideas are rich and the reality is cruel
Chapter 1059 The direction of efforts
Chapter 1060 The temporarily sealed coffin nail
Chapter 1061 Begging to be taken, refused
Chapter 1062: Getting something for nothing and gambling with your life
Chapter 1063 Departure, on the way
Chapter 1064 Li Yis suggestion
Chapter 1065 The phone rings
Chapter 1066 Information in the mobile phone
Chapter 1067 Dishonest Li Leping
Chapter 1068 The real bright moon goes down
Chapter 1069 Burnt corpse
Chapter 1070 Determining Identity
Chapter 1071 Success and Change
Chapter 1072 Come to the door
Chapter 1073: Breaking the Queen
Chapter 1074 Arrival 301
Chapter 1075 Enter
Chapter 1076 Everyones Choice
Chapter 1077 The Origin of the Scape Doll
Chapter 1078 Puppet and Cheongsam
Chapter 1079 The Disappearing Puppet
Chapter 1080 Nothing found
Chapter 1081 Extra memories
Chapter 1082 The person being seen
Chapter 1083 Li Yues Fear
Chapter 1084 Li Yues uneasiness
Chapter 1085 Face to face
Chapter 1086 Valid, invalid
Chapter 1087 Ordinary
Chapter 1088 Media, Memory
Chapter 1089 Regret to leave
Chapter 1090 Chase
Chapter 1091 Misfortunes never come singly
Chapter 1092: Attacked from both sides, no way to escape
Chapter 1093 Plans and Changes
Chapter 1094 Revenge when there is a grudge, revenge when there is a grudge
Chapter 1095 Never give up
Chapter 1096 Single Kill
Chapter 1097 Not all the work has been done
Chapter 1098 Double Kill
Chapter 1099 The real Li Leping
Not feeling well, please take leave
Chapter 1100 Yang Jians envy
Chapter 1101 Li Yues foresight
Chapter 1102 Trying the Law by Yourself
Chapter 1103 A great harvest
Chapter 1104 Consideration
Chapter 1105 Retreat
Chapter 1106 Another mutation occurs
Chapter 1107 Big changes before and after
Chapter 1108 Weird Music
Chapter 1109 Yang Jian is playing off
Chapter 1110 New changes occur
Chapter 1111 The overall situation is the most important thing
Chapter 1112 A smooth start
Chapter 1113 I feel so miserable
Chapter 1114 The old man reappears
Chapter 1115: Darkness and lightness
Chapter 1116 Gradual replacement
Chapter 1117 A moth flies into the flame
Chapter 1118 Yang Jian recovers
Chapter 1119 Full of Expectations and Disappointments
Chapter 1120 Yang Jians first restart
Chapter 1121 Li Yangs complicated mentality
Chapter 1122 Li Yues serious reminder
Chapter 1123 Fighting Fire with Fire
Chapter 1124 Solution
Chapter 1125 Tasteless food
Chapter 1126 Prepare to retreat
Chapter 1127 Abnormal Liu Qingqing
Chapter 1128 Normal Room
Chapter 1129 The real purpose
Chapter 1130 Mission Completed
Chapter 1131 Everyone leaves
Chapter 1132 Li Yues reflection
Chapter 1133 Appointment
Chapter 1134 Surprised Li Yue
Chapter 1135 The next best thing
Chapter 1136 Three Days Safety Period
Chapter 1137 Last Wish
Chapter 1138: Aboveboard
Chapter 1139 The Nature of Consciousness
Chapter 1140 Feasible Plan
Chapter 1141 Tuogus last words
Chapter 1142 Echoing Laughter
Chapter 1143 The crying face of recovery
Chapter 1144 Semi-finished Mask
Chapter 1145 Smooth integration
Chapter 1146 Broken Mask
Chapter 1147 The plan went smoothly
Chapter 1148 The Invisible Sword
Chapter 1149 Golden Spear
Chapter 1150 Completely formed
Chapter 1151 Bronze Mask
Chapter 1152 Bronze Ring
Chapter 1153 A chance to choose again
Chapter 1154 A dead end
Chapter 1155 The two surprised people
Chapter 1156 Aliens throughout history
Chapter 1157 The plan begins
Chapter 1158 Lying in the Coffin
Chapter 1159 Unexpected Call
Chapter 1160 Telling the truth
Chapter 1161 Request
Chapter 1162 The Resurrected Person
Chapter 1163 Greedy
Chapter 1164 Heading straight to Dachang City
Chapter 1165 Being petty
Chapter 1166: Knock on the door
Chapter 1167: Surrender the gun and still kill
Chapter 1168 Watching with cold eyes
Chapter 1169 Safe House and Coffin
Chapter 1170 Even worse than a dog
Chapter 1171 War preparation arrangements
Chapter 1172 Frontal Confrontation
Chapter 1173 A bright future
Chapter 1174 Insurance
Chapter 1175 Enemies about to arrive on the battlefield
Chapter 1176 Copycat version of the supernatural bus
Chapter 1177 Coincidence?
Chapter 1178 The confrontation between you and me
Chapter 1179 Scary Child
Chapter 1180 Taking Advantage
Chapter 1181 Backhand Arrives
Chapter 1182 Everyone has their own plans
Chapter 1183 The disappeared coffin nails and hatchet
Chapter 1184 Tool Man
Chapter 1185 So dead
Chapter 1186 Not completely dead
Chapter 1187 Recovery
Chapter 1188 Stop loss and recover costs
Chapter 1189 Who am I?
Chapter 1190 Take advantage of his illness and kill him
Chapter 1191 Self-defeating
Chapter 1192 Ignore
Chapter 1193 Return of the property to its original owner
Chapter 1194 Knows everything
Chapter 1195 Revenge for your son
Chapter 1196 Feeding
Chapter 1197 Three Weird Lots
Chapter 1198 Desperate state
Chapter 1199 Seize the opportunity
Chapter 1200 Li Yues disappointment
Chapter 1201 Reckless
Chapter 1202 The naughty kid who picked up the leaks
Chapter 1203 Discovered
Chapter 1204 Appearance and slap in the face
Chapter 1205 The visitor is evil
Chapter 1206 Wake up
Chapter 1207 You come and I go
Chapter 1208 Impractical clone
Chapter 1209 Counterattack
Chapter 1210 Opening the Sixth Floor
Chapter 1211 The suppressed Li Yue
Chapter 1212 Forced to restart
Chapter 1213 Warning before departure
Chapter 1214 Identity
Chapter 1215 Determined Plan
Chapter 1216 Questioning Zhang Han
Chapter 1217 A bright future
Chapter 1218 Doomed to Regret
Chapter 1219 The Ancestral Residence of the Wang Family
Chapter 1220 A half-finished exploration
Chapter 1221 The news spread
Chapter 1222 Different reactions
Chapter 1223 Change of plan
Chapter 1224 The first official meeting
Chapter 1225 Game of Chess
Chapter 1226 Conversation
Chapter 1227 Telling the truth
Chapter 1228 Missed opportunity
Chapter 1229: Fortune tricks people
Chapter 1230 The cursed house and the pendulum clock
Chapter 1231 Wang Chalings request
Chapter 1232 Yang Jian Arrives
Chapter 1233 The new Yang Jian
Chapter 1234 Directly
Chapter 1235 Amazing
Chapter 1236 The tense atmosphere
Chapter 1237 Questioning
Chapter 1238 Waste
Chapter 1239 Invitation from colleagues
Chapter 1240 Double-edged Sword
Chapter 1241 Lifting Suspicion
Chapter 1242 True Face
Chapter 1243 Attitude
Chapter 1244 Arriving at the old house
Chapter 1245 Changes
Chapter 1246 Surveillance
Chapter 1247 Talking
Chapter 1248: The method of stimulating generals
Chapter 1249 Close combat
Chapter 1250 The time is up, the bell rings
Chapter 1251 Hope
Chapter 1252 Repeated words
Chapter 1253 Method
Chapter 1254: Give up and make peace?
Chapter 1255 Delaying time
Chapter 1256 Feasible Plan
Chapter 1257 Going deep into the old house
Chapter 1258: Everyone flies when disaster strikes
Chapter 1259 Unable to contact
Chapter 1260 Entering the old house for the second time
Chapter 1261 Contaminated with Curse
Chapter 1262 Not meeting each other
Chapter 1263 Learning
Chapter 1264 The logo of anchor time
Chapter 1265 Self-Doubt
Chapter 1266 Changes in Outsiders
Chapter 1267 Leaving
Chapter 1268 The bell rings again
Chapter 1269 A strange room
Chapter 1270 Special Door
Chapter 1271 The Stairs to the Unknown
Chapter 1272 Air Attack
Chapter 1273 Doubts
Chapter 1274 Wall
Chapter 1275 Aborted Exploration
Chapter 1276 Alternative Li Jun
Chapter 1277 Sudden attack
Chapter 1278 Forced
Chapter 1279 Trump Card
Chapter 1280 Myth
Chapter 1281 Goodbye Huanggang Village
Chapter 1282 Unexpected
Chapter 1283 The End
Chapter 1284 Changes
Chapter 1285 Special Event
Chapter 1286 Promise
Chapter 1287 Proportion
Chapter 1288 Purpose
Chapter 1289 The End
Chapter 1290 Reaching the End
Chapter 1291 Cage
Chapter 1292 Strange things happen
Chapter 1293 Despair
Chapter 1294 A fish slipped through the net
Chapter 1295 Expressing dissatisfaction
Chapter 1296 A little thought
Chapter 1297 Retreat
Chapter 1298 Completion
Chapter 1299 Persuasion
Chapter 1300 Cursed Notebook
Chapter 1301 Trap
Chapter 1302 Understanding the truth
Chapter 1303 Crazy
Chapter 1304 Time confusion
Chapter 1305 Smooth rendezvous
Chapter 1306 New changes
Chapter 1307 Nickname
Chapter 1308 Li Yue was mentioned
Chapter 1309 Result
Chapter 1310 Wang Chaling lost his temper
Chapter 1311 Leave? Stay?
Chapter 1312 The truth about the old house
Chapter 1313 Time Synchronization
Chapter 1314 Selfishness
Chapter 1315 Agreement
Chapter 1316 Yang Jian and his party were being followed
Chapter 1317 Being delayed
Chapter 1318: Determined plan: divide the troops into two groups
Chapter 1319 Obvious Gap
Chapter 1320 Expectation
Chapter 1321 Know it well
Chapter 1322 Warning
Chapter 1323 Ignite
Chapter 1324 Sensibility
Chapter 1325 Excellent Opportunity
Chapter 1326 Look Down on
Chapter 1327 Opening the Road
Chapter 1328 Action Arrangement
Chapter 1329 There is still power left
Chapter 1330 Interference Restart
Chapter 1331 Appearance
Chapter 1332 The grudges of the previous generation
Chapter 1333 Bluffing
Chapter 1334 Whose prey?
Chapter 1335 The person blocking the road
Chapter 1336 Young people dont respect martial ethics
Chapter 1337 Building relationships
Chapter 1338: Falling apart
Chapter 1339 Failure
Chapter 1340 Frequent tricks
Chapter 1341 Familiar Call
Chapter 1342 Trap
Chapter 1343 Escape in panic
Chapter 1344 Winning Victory
Chapter 1345 Accusation
Chapter 1346 Variables appear
Chapter 1347: Pie falling
Chapter 1348 Taboo Means
Chapter 1349 Worry
Chapter 1350 The Final Winner
Chapter 1351 The sedan was forced to stop
Chapter 1352 The Seven Elders of the Republic of China 1
Chapter 1353 The Seven Elders of the Republic of China 2
Chapter 1354 Regret
Chapter 1355 Differences in Roads
Chapter 1356 The scary old man
Chapter 1357 Robbery and verbal threats
Chapter 1358 Forced Buying and Selling
Chapter 1359: Submission
Chapter 1360 Dont worry
Chapter 1361 Unexpected Evaluation
Chapter 1362 Profound Foundation
Chapter 1363 Walking out of the old house
Chapter 1364 Research
Chapter 1365 Plan
Chapter 1366 Special Talent
Chapter 1367 Self-Contradiction
Chapter 1368 Disappointment
Chapter 1369 Abnormality
Chapter 1370 Repudiation
Chapter 1371 Abnormality
Chapter 1372 Warnings and Threats
Chapter 1373 Li Yues concerns
Chapter 1374 Further Cooperation
Chapter 1375 Finalizing Cooperation
Chapter 1376 Being hit
Chapter 1377 The quantity is wrong
Chapter 1378 Satisfied Li Yue
Chapter 1379 Archives
Chapter 1380 New Ring
Chapter 1381 Satisfaction
Chapter 1382 Full preparation
Chapter 1383 Sudden Accident
Chapter 1384 Source
Chapter 1385 Containment
Chapter 1386 Return to the Post Office
Chapter 1387 Its better to block than to open up
Chapter 1388 Out of Control
Chapter 1389 Lack of Confidence
Chapter 1390 A letter that cannot be torn into pieces
Chapter 1391 Arriving one after another
Chapter 1392 Agreement
Chapter 1393 Back View
Chapter 1394 Hard to detect
Chapter 1395 Room Selection
Chapter 1396 Ashes
Chapter 1397 Force the door open
Chapter 1398 Liu Qingqings changes
Chapter 1399 Entering the room
Chapter 1400 Snatching
Chapter 1401 Identity
Chapter 1402 Qualification for Cooperation
Chapter 1403: Lights out, slap in the face
Chapter 1404 Prayer
Chapter 1405 Li Yues threat
Chapter 1406 The Weird Trio
Chapter 1407 Anomaly outside the door
Chapter 1408 A series of changes
Chapter 1409 Taking the initiative to leave and stay
Chapter 1410 Avoidance
Chapter 1411 Stopping
Chapter 1412 Candlelight in the Dark
Chapter 1413 Really Burning Money
Chapter 1414 Rule changes
Chapter 1415 Safe Room
Chapter 1416 Goodbye 'Old Friend'
Chapter 1417 Ignore
Chapter 1418 The uninterruptible supernatural being
Chapter 1419 The lights exploded
Chapter 1420: Get through it
Chapter 1421 Extra steps
Chapter 1422 Entering the room again
Chapter 1423 Its too early to be happy
Chapter 1424 Giving up hope
Chapter 1425 The Neglected Existence
Chapter 1426 Liu Qingqing was attacked
Chapter 1427 Answer all questions
Chapter 1428: Furious
Chapter 1429 Good stuff, I want it
Chapter 1430 Greedy
Chapter 1431: Win the first city
Chapter 1432 The gap is huge
Chapter 1433 Discarded casually
Chapter 1434 Everything is safe
Chapter 1435 Sudden Death
Chapter 1436 Doubt
Chapter 1437: Feeling aggrieved
Chapter 1438 twelve o'clock at midnight
Chapter 1439 The door was kicked open
Chapter 1440 The evidence is conclusive
Chapter 1441 Unexpected
Chapter 1442 A blind cat meets a dead mouse
Chapter 1443 Flaw
Chapter 1444 Internal troubles have been eliminated, and external troubles have also disappeared
Chapter 1445 Dawn
Chapter 1446 Appear one after another
Chapter 1447 Peoples hearts are floating
Chapter 1448 Belonging
Chapter 1449 Special Balloon
Chapter 1450 Task Tips
Chapter 1451 Prepare to leave
Chapter 1452 Dawn of Hope
Chapter 1453 A mission beyond the upper limit of ability
Chapter 1454 Ding Huis worries
Chapter 1455 Preparations
Chapter 1456: He who knows the current affairs is a hero
Chapter 1457 He who knows the current affairs is a hero 2
Chapter 1458 Utilization value
Chapter 1459 A fish slipped through the net
Chapter 1460 Before starting
Chapter 1461 Everyone is here
Chapter 1462 The supernatural bus reappears
Chapter 1463 Get on the bus, get off the bus
Chapter 1464 Seat
Chapter 1465 Seat 2
Chapter 1466 Startup
Chapter 1467 Nervous seats
Chapter 1468 Drivers Seat
Chapter 1469 Taking the Initiative
Chapter 1470 Full
Chapter 1471 Familiar Old Man
Chapter 1472 Anchor
Chapter 1473 Get off the car
Chapter 1474 Exchange of Proposals
Chapter 1475 The Illusion of Life: I Can Win
Chapter 1476 Different thoughts
Chapter 1477 Bus Starts
Chapter 1478 Second Stop
Chapter 1479 The second stop is here
Chapter 1480 Nothing Found
Chapter 1481 The worries of the messengers
Chapter 1482 Meaning of Existence
Chapter 1483 Invitation to Cooperation
Chapter 1484 A peaceful stop
Chapter 1485 Curiosity
Chapter 1486 Sudden flameout
Chapter 1487 Get off the car
Chapter 1488 Under the drivers seat
Chapter 1489 Surprise
Chapter 1490 Follow
Chapter 1491 Change of Mind
Chapter 1492 Weird Forest
Chapter 1493 The end of the road
Chapter 1494 Zhou Deng is tempted
Chapter 1495 Entering it
Chapter 1496 Kind Reminder
Chapter 1497 Coffin
Chapter 1498 Coercion
Chapter 1499 Forced into the Palace
Chapter 1500 Everyone has their own plans
Chapter 1501 The choice given
Chapter 1502 Copper Lock
Chapter 1503 Corridor
Chapter 1504 Room Selection
Chapter 1505 The mission begins
Chapter 1506 Three Regretful People
Chapter 1507 The Terrifying Old Lin
Chapter 1508 True Purpose
Chapter 1509 Night Slap on the Door
Chapter 1510 Adding Chaos
Chapter 1511 Angry Zhou Deng
Chapter 1512 The tangled crowd
Chapter 1513 Close the Door
Chapter 1514 Thoughts
Chapter 1515 Calm down
Chapter 1516 Crying in mourning
Chapter 1517 Have fun
Chapter 1518 The burial is completed
Chapter 1519 The weirdness subsides
Chapter 1520 Moving Chair
Chapter 1521 Brainstorming
Chapter 1522 Discussion
Chapter 1523 Walk out
Chapter 1524 Moving Chair
Chapter 1525 Radio
Chapter 1526 The consequences of greed
Chapter 1527 Li Yues dissatisfaction
Chapter 1528 Anomalies in the Dark
Chapter 1529 The Boundary of Breakthrough
Chapter 1530 Li Yues provocation
Chapter 1531 Guidance
Chapter 1532 The highlight moment of the eagles forehead
Chapter 1533 No outbreak
Chapter 1534 The traces left behind
Chapter 1535 Abnormal Zhou Deng
Chapter 1536 Grave
Chapter 1537 The third day: mourning
Chapter 1538 Extra footprints
Chapter 1539 Details of Funeral Announcement
Chapter 1540 Early funeral announcement
Chapter 1541 The back door that is difficult to close
Chapter 1542 At the same time as the vigil
Chapter 1543 'Rations' delivered to your door
Chapter 1544 'Rations' delivered to your door 2
Chapter 1545 Close half of the back door
Chapter 1546 Fairness and Justice
Chapter 1547 Cherish life and stay away from gambling
Chapter 1548 A game with life as a bargaining chip
Chapter 1549 Fate is unpredictable
Chapter 1550 Emergency
Chapter 1551 Obtaining the White Lantern
Chapter 1552 The trump card used in advance
Chapter 1553 Weird music, weird curse
Chapter 1554 The eroded back hall
Chapter 1555 Ways to Break the Situation
Chapter 1556 The powerful man who gritted his teeth and supported him
Chapter 1557 Yang Jian decided not to keep it
Chapter 1558 Successfully broke the situation
Chapter 1559 Li Yue returns
Chapter 1560 The funeral continues
Chapter 1561 Return to normal funeral
Chapter 1562 Calm
Chapter 1563 Suggestion to give up the mission
Chapter 1564 The third day arrives
Chapter 1565 The funeral begins and we leave the old house
Chapter 1566 The shrinking tracking team
Chapter 1567 Key information completion
Chapter 1568 Li Yue’s discovery
Chapter 1569 Weird high-heeled footprints
Chapter 1570 An existence destined to be replaced
Chapter 1571 Banquet, Food, Sacrifice
Chapter 1572 A test involving life and death
Chapter 1573 Evidence? Evidence!
Chapter 1574 Returning to the Back Hall of the Old House
Chapter 1575 Transaction set in advance
Chapter 1576 Returning to the old place
Chapter 1577 Extra trees
Chapter 1578 Zhou Deng’s Corpse
Chapter 1579 Resurrection from the Dead
Chapter 1580 Zhou Deng is scared
Chapter 1581 Join if you can’t beat him
Chapter 1582 Zhou Deng’s Experience
Chapter 1583 Identity a mystery
Chapter 1584 Taking turns to beat
Chapter 1585 The real warrior: Zhou Deng
Chapter 1586 Start digging
Chapter 1587 Digging and digging
Chapter 1588 Mourning clothes? Shroud?
Chapter 1589 Weird Baby
Chapter 1590 True Capitalist
Chapter 1591 Block the road and escape
Chapter 1592 Give up voluntarily
Chapter 1593 Trapped
Chapter 1594 Distribution of Mourning Clothes
Chapter 1595: Killing someone with a borrowed knife? No need
Chapter 1596 Seize mourning clothes?
Chapter 1597 Missed the opportunity, it’s too late
Chapter 1598 Watching with cold eyes
Chapter 1599: Temporarily avoiding the edge
Chapter 1600 Retreating to the Back Hall
Chapter 1601 How to deal with the crisis
Chapter 1602 Playing the role of the coffin
Chapter 1603 Li Yue made a mistake in judgment
Chapter 1604 The key to breaking the situation: opening the coffin
Chapter 1605 The situation is reversed and the supernatural subsides
Chapter 1606 Speaking
Chapter 1607 Luck
Chapter 1608 Yang Jian’s request
Chapter 1609 Separate Actions
Chapter 1610 The time has come
Chapter 1611 The open room
Chapter 1612 The extra shadow
Chapter 1613 Overlapping figures
Chapter 1614: Useless
Chapter 1615 Opening your mouth
Chapter 1616 Special means
Chapter 1617 Yang Jian’s problem
Chapter 1618 The despised Yang Jian
Chapter 1619 Wrong Information
Chapter 1620 Li Yue takes action, Yang Jian gives up
Chapter 1621 Li Yue asked a question
Chapter 1622 The identity of the last two people
Chapter 1623 The mark on Li Yue
Chapter 1624 Time is up and leaving
Chapter 1625 The disappeared room
Chapter 1626 The two people who are tight-lipped
Chapter 1627 Key item: Rice
Chapter 1628 The radio appears again
Chapter 1629 The Grand Master’s Chair Forced In
Chapter 1630 The broken mourning clothes
Chapter 1631 Lie Yu: True Hand Chopping Party
Chapter 1632 A sweet date, a beating
Chapter 1633 The balance begins to tilt
Chapter 1634 Unrealizable Proposal
Chapter 1635 Proposal to take the initiative
Chapter 1636 The harvest season has arrived
Chapter 1637 Restricted Efficiency
Chapter 1638 Help, Mutation
Chapter 1639 Remarkable results
Chapter 1640 Too much is not enough
Chapter 1641 Liu Qingqing who lost his memory
Chapter 1642 Hypocrisy
Chapter 1643 Belittle oneself
Chapter 1644 Dimensionality Reduction Attack
Chapter 1645 The Unstoppable Attack
Chapter 1646 The heartbroken Li Yue
Chapter 1647 Agreement to take action
Chapter 1648: Kill with one blow...?
Chapter 1649 The nail in the coffin of failure
Chapter 1650 Assigning work
Chapter 1651 Another invasion
Chapter 1652 Sudden Injury
Chapter 1653 The shocking power of thunder
Chapter 1654 Twelve o’clock
Chapter 1655 Verification Plan
Chapter 1656 Trial and Error Arrangement
Chapter 1657 Invalid Music Box
Chapter 1658 Ineffective Method
Chapter 1659 Shameless Zhou Deng
Chapter 1660 The second method
Chapter 1661 Zhou Deng was raped for nothing
Chapter 1662 The third baton of the relay: Yang Jian
Chapter 1663 Invalid
Chapter 1664 Key
Chapter 1665 Face to face
Chapter 1666 Pessimism
Chapter 1667 The final link
Chapter 1668 Worry
Chapter 1669 Time Limitation
Chapter 1670 Cruel Choice
Chapter 1671 Sequence
Chapter 1672 Six hours
Chapter 1673 Change
Chapter 1674 Let go
Chapter 1675 Each choice
Chapter 1676 Yang Jian’s method
Chapter 1677 The plotted Liu Qingqing
Chapter 1678 The funeral banquet is over
Chapter 1679 The tempting aroma of rice
Chapter 1680 Different Rice
Chapter 1681 A moth flies into the flame
Chapter 1682 Suppression disappears
Chapter 1683 Fake death, real death
Chapter 1684 Resurrection from the Dead
Chapter 1685 Grudge, Fortunately
Chapter 1686 Eat and drink enough
Chapter 1687 Seven
Chapter 1688 Funeral Signal
Chapter 1689 Maximizing Benefits
Chapter 1690 Abnormal Weight
Chapter 1691 The funeral is in progress
Chapter 1692: Staying unchanged in response to all changes
Chapter 1693 The tree blocking the road
Chapter 1694 The mutation begins
Chapter 1695 No end
Chapter 1696: Meeting acquaintances is extremely timid
Chapter 1697 The right choice
Chapter 1698 Yang Jian’s Thoughts
Chapter 1699 Hitting the target
Chapter 1700 Yang Jian’s concerns
Chapter 1701 Doll
Chapter 1702 It doesn’t work
Chapter 1703 Get back the spear
Chapter 1704 Rule Collision
Chapter 1705 Crazy Idea
Chapter 1706 Independent Individual
Chapter 1707 Nothing can be done
Chapter 1708 No resistance
Chapter 1709 Essence
Chapter 1710 Oolong Incident
Chapter 1711 The scene man
Chapter 1712 Arrogance
Chapter 1713 Restrictions
Chapter 1714 Anxious people
Chapter 1715 Cooperation
Chapter 1716 Sacrificing oneself for others
Chapter 1717 Zhou Deng takes the initiative
Chapter 1718 Zhou Deng’s Awakening
Chapter 1719 Change of selection
Chapter 1720 The exchange of quantity and quality
Chapter 1721 On the road again
Chapter 1722 The second one
Chapter 1723 The reason for the abnormality
Chapter 1724 The value of existence
Chapter 1725 It’s too late
Chapter 1726 There is no possible way
Chapter 1727 Li Yang’s unwillingness
Chapter 1728 Give up sending letters
Chapter 1729 The way out
Chapter 1730 The last choice
Chapter 1731 Borrowing Strength
Chapter 1732 Crazy Plan
Chapter 1733 Changing bodies
Chapter 1734 Critical Moment
Chapter 1735 Alive!
Chapter 1736 Erase!
Chapter 1737 Joke
Chapter 1738 Helpless
Chapter 1739 Smart Guy
Chapter 1740 The first time
Chapter 1741 Reversing Life and Death
Chapter 1742 Restarting the Limit
Chapter 1743 Return to Oneself
Chapter 1744 Unlucky Ding Hui
Chapter 1745 Unimpeded
Chapter 1746 Meet again
Chapter 1747 Digging a hole
Chapter 1748 Burial
Chapter 1749 Erecting a Monument
Chapter 1750 Centennial Old Man
Chapter 1751 Conjecture about the Republic of China
Chapter 1752 The Buried Story
Chapter 1753 Return to the old house
Chapter 1754 Zhou Deng was targeted
Chapter 1755 Stop
Chapter 1756 The same leaves
Chapter 1757 An unfamiliar face
Chapter 1758 No way to ask for help
Chapter 1759 Zhou Dengs helplessness
Chapter 1760 Countdown
Chapter 1761 Changes
Chapter 1762 Conjecture about the chair
Chapter 1763 The Unknown Captain
Chapter 1764 Its early morning
Chapter 1765 Word Game
Chapter 1766 Waiting
Chapter 1767 Confused Time
Chapter 1768 The time is right
Chapter 1769 Inaccessible
Chapter 1770 Reason
Chapter 1771 Unstoppable footsteps
Chapter 1772 Containment Plan
Chapter 1773 The first containment plan failed
Chapter 1774 Catching a turtle in a urn
Chapter 1775: Attack from both sides
Chapter 1776 Method of Contact
Chapter 1777 Dont sit down
Chapter 1778 The recipient appears
Chapter 1779 Identity
Chapter 1780 Unexpected Behavior
Chapter 1781 The frightened Li Yue
Chapter 1782 Almighty
Chapter 1783 Two Attitudes
Chapter 1784 Earthly Realm?
Chapter 1785 Being plotted
Chapter 1786 Ask for advice
Chapter 1787 Putting the cart before the horse
Chapter 1788 Solution
Chapter 1789 Accident
Chapter 1790 Memories
Chapter 1791 Request
Chapter 1792 Traveling Together
Chapter 1793 The world you yearn for
Chapter 1794 Reaching Consensus
Chapter 1795 Letter delivery completed, danger is coming
Chapter 1796 The frightened people
Chapter 1797 Breaking the Queen
Chapter 1798 The way to leave
Chapter 1799 The Road to Disappearance
Chapter 1800 Exit
Chapter 1801 Terror Suppression
Chapter 1802 Playing a role
Chapter 1803 The unreasonable balloon
Chapter 1804 Falling
Chapter 1805 Confrontation
Chapter 1806 Erasure
Chapter 1807 Stay
Chapter 1808 Dazhou City
Chapter 1809 Parting, Reminder
Chapter 1810 Opportunity
Chapter 1811 The whereabouts of Li Yue
Chapter 1812 Zhou Dengs envy
Chapter 1813 Zhou Deng is in trouble
Chapter 1814 Request
Chapter 1815 Whetstone Plan
Chapter 1816 Ignored
Chapter 1817 Special Clothes
Chapter 1818 Passive
Chapter 1819 Limit
Chapter 1820 Flash
Chapter 1821 Superposition
Chapter 1822 Opportunity
Chapter 1823 Disadvantages
Chapter 1824 Outbreak
Chapter 1825 Abnormality
Chapter 1826 Li Yues heartbeat
Chapter 1827 No way to gain anything
Chapter 1828 The price of the outbreak
Chapter 1829 Recovery
Chapter 1830 Waiting
Chapter 1831 Radical Method
Chapter 1832: Greedy
Chapter 1833 Influence Rules
Chapter 1834 The plan is completed
Chapter 1835 Plan Implementation
Chapter 1836 The first step was taken successfully
Chapter 1 Feeling ashamed
Chapter 2 The situation gradually changes
Chapter 3 Rainy
Chapter 4 Potential: S-Class
Chapter 5 Important Things
Chapter 6 Living person? Corpse!
Chapter 7 Body + Consciousness = Human
Chapter 8 Creation of the Void
Chapter 9 Taboo Experiments
Chapter 10 Resurrection
Chapter 11 Harvest from Heaven
Chapter 12 Job Offer
Chapter 13 Special Call
Chapter 14 Understanding the situation
Chapter 15 Determination of Information
Chapter 16 Liu Qingqings regret
Chapter 17 Liu Qingqing has no chance
Chapter 18 The Resurrected Second Person
Chapter 19 Unexpected Request
Chapter 20 Yang Xiaohuas thoughts
Chapter 21 Restrictions on Resurrection
Chapter 22 Special Legacy
Chapter 23 The scary dog
Chapter 24 The first step of transformation: success
Chapter 25 Rest
Chapter 26 Organizing the Harvest
Chapter 27 Li Yue and Yue Li, clone and body
Chapter 28 Li Yues obsession
Chapter 29 Out of Control
Chapter 30 Broken limbs
Chapter 31 Tempering
Chapter 32 Chains
Chapter 33 Invasion, Control
Chapter 34 Multi-line Operation
Chapter 35 Sixteen
Chapter 36 Weakened Supernatural
Chapter 37 Torso
Chapter 38 Cruel Li Yue
Chapter 39 Killing two birds with one stone
Chapter 40 Complete Invasion
Chapter 41 Aquarius
Chapter 42 An unexpected discovery
Chapter 43 Everything is ready
Chapter 44 Complete Independence
Chapter 45 Duckweed
Chapter 46 Impaired Ability
Chapter 47 Everything went well until an unexpected appearance occurred
Chapter 48 An unexpected surprise
Chapter 49 A better choice
Chapter 50 Supernatural Resonance
Chapter 51 Special Status
Chapter 52 Invasion, Replacement
Chapter 53 Polishing the Plan
Chapter 54 Searching
Chapter 55 Sneak Attack
Chapter 56 Confirming the Conjecture
Chapter 57 The mutated treasure bottle
Chapter 58 Strange light spots
Chapter 59 Unexpected Intensity
Chapter 60 Complex supernatural abilities
Chapter 61 Sixth Floor, Seventh Floor
Chapter 62 Two Roads
Chapter 63 Thank you
Chapter 64 Retreat Plan
Chapter 65 Ways to Leave
Chapter 66 Safe City
Chapter 67 Return to Zhongan City
Chapter 68 Unfair
Chapter 69 Attention
Chapter 70 Time
Chapter 71 Arrange preparations
Chapter 72 Retreat Place
Chapter 73 Advantage disappears
Chapter 74 An accident happens
Chapter 75 Complete the puzzle
Chapter 76 Separation Ability
Chapter 77 Brand new projection
Chapter 78 Handover
Chapter 79 Before Entering
Chapter 80 Second Coming? First Coming
Chapter 81 Death? Disappearance
Chapter 82 Human Head Specimens
Chapter 83 Part 2
Chapter 84 No way forward
Chapter 85 Ending on the fifth floor
Chapter 86 Oil Painting
Chapter 87 Special Self-Portrait
Chapter 88 Three Lives
Chapter 89 The door that cannot be opened
Chapter 90 Lighting
Chapter 91 No. 502 took the initiative to open the door
Chapter 92 Please enter the urn
Chapter 93 Who is lying?
Chapter 94 Peeping Gaze
Chapter 95 Choosing a Room
Chapter 96 Dark Flame
Chapter 97 Reality
Chapter 98 Trap
Chapter 99 Processing
Chapter 100 Malice towards the Messenger
Chapter 101 Confession
Chapter 102 Lights Out
Chapter 103 Weird Oil Painting
Chapter 104 Dangerous Landscape Painting
Chapter 105 New Stairs
Chapter 106 A weak voice
Chapter 107 The door opens again
Chapter 108 The Importance of Rooms
Chapter 109 White-Eyed Wolf
Chapter 110 Breaking the Door
Chapter 111 Discovery in the Bathroom
Chapter 112 Abnormal Letter
Chapter 113 Weird Lao Li
Chapter 114 Lao Lis purpose
Chapter 115 The letter is received and changes occur
Chapter 116 Collapsed Wall
Chapter 117 Messenger of Death
Chapter 118 Solution
Chapter 119 Bedroom
Chapter 120 Forced return to the city
Chapter 121 Blocking the Supernatural
Chapter 122 Post Office Call
Chapter 123 The hidden truth
Chapter 124 The End Plan
Chapter 125 Resurrection
Chapter 126 Harsh Conditions
Chapter 127 Whereabouts
Chapter 128 Leaving 502
Chapter 129 Complex mood
Chapter 130 Disguise
Chapter 131 Footsteps sounded again
Chapter 132 The Returned Two
Chapter 133 Weird Gift
Chapter 134 Yang Jians plan
Chapter 135 A more terrifying spear
Chapter 136 An inconspicuous oil painting
Chapter 137 The sudden summons
Chapter 138 The fifth floor resumes operation
Chapter 139 Footsteps on the Stairs
Chapter 140 Both sides are suspicious of each other
Chapter 141 Zhao Feng’s discovery
Chapter 142 The picture shows the poor dagger
Chapter 143 Missed Opportunity
Chapter 144 The opportunity for a comeback
Chapter 145 Courier: Zhao Feng
Chapter 146 Getting ready to watch the show
Chapter 147 Returning to the old place
Chapter 148 Reunion after a long separation
Chapter 149 Determined to eat melon
Chapter 150 Fear
Chapter 151 Leaked Information
Chapter 152 Continuous Persuasion
Chapter 153 Coercion and inducement
Chapter 154 The feeling of heartbeat
Chapter 155 Talk collapses and takes action
Chapter 156 Tacit Cooperation
Chapter 157 Extreme joy leads to sorrow
Chapter 158 Taboo Means
Chapter 159 Stop temporarily
Chapter 160 Bait, Trap
Chapter 161 Critical Moment
Chapter 162 Liu Qingqing comes to your door
Chapter 163 Confident Liu Qingqing
Chapter 164 Interactive Influence
Chapter 165 The spreading footprints
Chapter 166 Suppressed Eyes
Chapter 167 Confrontation between supernatural objects
Chapter 168 The suppressed Li Yang
Chapter 169 Liu Qingqing’s methods
Chapter 170 Yang Jian’s confidence
Chapter 171 The power of completing the puzzle
Chapter 172 Limit
Chapter 173 Targeted Response Plan
Chapter 174 Injured Yang Jian
Chapter 175 Revealing true identity
Chapter 176 The overall situation has been decided
Chapter 177 Yue Li’s pity
Chapter 178 The End of Liu Qingqing
Chapter 179 Harvest Beyond Expectation
Chapter 180 Two pieces of information
Chapter 181 Powerful Paper Money
Chapter 182 Guilty Li Yang
Chapter 183 A chance to choose again
Chapter 184 Winning over
Chapter 185 Yang Jian’s suspicion
Chapter 186 Ownership of the spoils of war
Chapter 187 Kind Yang Jian
Chapter 188 New Dilemma
Chapter 189 The Resurrected Person
Chapter 190 A brand new person
Chapter 191 Changing the Rules
Chapter 192 No sense?
Chapter 193 Wang Yong’s happiness and regret
Chapter 194 No acquaintance without fighting
Chapter 195 The Real World
Chapter 196 Newcomer Zhou Ze
Chapter 197 The choice appears again
Chapter 198 Killing the chicken to scare the monkey
Chapter 199 Sun Rui’s Clues
Chapter 200 Clues
Chapter 201 The strange figure in the painting
Chapter 202 Take the initiative to enter
Chapter 203 Different approaches but similar results
Chapter 204 The old man running away
Chapter 205 Action Plan
Chapter 206 Forked Road
Chapter 207 The end?
Chapter 208 New Road
Chapter 209 The Second Post Office
Chapter 210 Doubts and questioning
Chapter 211 The Endless Curse
Chapter 212 Remembering and Forgetting, Existence and Disappearance
Chapter 213 The interrupted fight
Chapter 214 Meeting across time and space
Chapter 215 Change of stance
Chapter 216 Two opinions
Chapter 217 Solving doubts in progress
Chapter 218 The Unsolved Truth about Death
Chapter 219 Solution
Chapter 220 The true value of the post office
Chapter 221 Unreachable Conditions
Chapter 222 Brand new choice, opportunity
Chapter 223 Change of stance
Chapter 224 Traces of Sun Rui
Chapter 225 Warnings and Reminders
Chapter 226 Inquiring for information
Chapter 227 Approaching
Chapter 228 Weird Grove
Chapter 229 The path behind the forest
Chapter 230 New forks in the road, new choices
Chapter 231 Special Pigments
Chapter 232 Oil Painting Production
Chapter 233 Reflection Resurrection
Chapter 234 Natural Restraint
Chapter 235 Genuine VS Pirated 1
Chapter 236 Genuine VS Pirated 2
Chapter 237 The situation is reversed
Chapter 238 Victory is decided
Chapter 239 The terrible degree of imitation
Chapter 240 The whereabouts of Sun Rui
Chapter 241 Unknown Black Hand
Chapter 242 Life and Death in Doubt
Chapter 243 Yang Xiaotian takes action
Chapter 244 Enlightenment
Chapter 245 Manager’s Choice
Chapter 246 Reserved Administrator: Sun Rui
Chapter 247 Getting ready to leave
Chapter 248 Yue Li’s reminder
Chapter 249 Return
Chapter 250 Location Selection
Chapter 251 Inviting Helpers
Chapter 252 Helper
Chapter 253 Telephone
Chapter 254 Returning the favor
Chapter 255 Pretending like the wind