Chapter 1063 The End

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"Still want to escape? Stop me!"

Naturally, Yuan Ming would not let the three of them escape. He chased them out from the Chaos Spirit Realm, turned over his hand and offered a shining silver token, which was the Immortal Order of the Three Realms, and waved it towards the three demons of Emperor Yama in the void.

A silver light curtain shrouded down, the space power in that area was frozen, and everything stood still there.

The same was true for the black light transformed by Emperor Yama and others. It was imprisoned there and could not move.

Yuan Ming opened his mouth and vomited, and a thick black sword light shot out and struck the black light.

There was a cracking sound, and the black light was split into two halves.

The soul-destroying true meaning in the Soul-Destroying Sword Qi exploded, and the souls of the three of them were completely crushed and turned into nothingness, leaving only a thick mass of mana and qi and blood, as well as densely packed Dao, numbering in the hundreds.

Seal magical powers.

Yuan Ming breathed a sigh of relief, made a seal with both hands, opened the Chaos Spirit Realm again, and refined and absorbed the remaining remains of Emperor Yan and the others.

The three demons of Yan Emperor, Shan Emperor and Star Emperor have been in the demon world for so many years. Their cultivation is profound and unpredictable. Each of them has more than a hundred magical powers and Taoist seals. Each of them is exquisite and abnormal, especially the three magical powers.

Under his Chaos Dao Fruit.

The great power of Emperor Yama is exactly the same black heart as before, which contains the true meaning of killing and can forcibly stimulate the potential with murderous intent, whether the target is a spiritual treasure or a monk.

The Shan Emperor's magical power is the Kaitian Divine Fist, while the Star Emperor's magical power is a starry sky illusion technique, which is exactly the one Yuan Ming used before. The Chaos Dao Fruit cannot be solved for a while.

"The foundation of the Demon Realm is indeed profound. If I hadn't been lucky enough to obtain the Heaven Stealing Cauldron and understand the true meaning of Chaos, Izumo Realm would never have been able to escape destruction." Yuan Ming said secretly.

He then controlled the Chaos Dao Fruit and swallowed up all the Dao Seals. In the end, only one spirit bead remained, and the Chaos Dao Fruit could not be refined.

This spiritual bead looks like a spiritual treasure, but it has no entity and is filled with a white light that is completely different from the magic power.

Yuan Ming is no stranger to this white light, it is a ray of immortal power.

"My Supreme Immortal Body has been cultivated but I haven't comprehended the Immortal Power yet. With this Immortal Power, the situation will be completely different." Yuan Ming carefully put away the spirit bead, turned around and went straight to the battlefield.

In the demon army, the remaining demon Mahayana beings all showed despair on their faces, and their fighting spirit suddenly disappeared.

A few days later, exciting news spread to everyone in the Izumo world.

The Realm War came to an end. More than a dozen Demon Emperors from the Demon Realm invaded the Izumo Realm and were all killed. The remaining demons were either killed or captured. It can be said that the entire army was annihilated.

Yuan Ming's name also spread throughout the Izumo world along with the news of the war.

With his own power, he destroyed all the invading demonic powers. His reputation completely surpassed that of Mu Dao Ren for a while, and he was revered as the No. 1 Mahayana in the Izumo Realm.

The Third Realm War came to an end, and more than fifty years have passed in the blink of an eye.

As the headquarters of the Ten Thousand Immortals Alliance, Baidi City has been officially renamed Ten Thousand Immortals City, and the City Lord's Palace has also been expanded into the core government office of the entire Ten Thousand Immortals Alliance.

After the war, many sects headed by the three major forces joined the Ten Thousand Immortals Alliance one after another, making the Ten Thousand Immortals Alliance the largest immortal cultivating force in the history of Izumo Realm, surpassing any previous sects.

As the founder of the Ten Thousand Immortals Alliance and the hero of the Third Realm War, Yuan Ming's reputation has reached unprecedented heights.

Whether it is his own strength or the forces commanding behind him, he has completely conquered the entire world and has undoubtedly become the number one cultivator in the Izumo world today.

However, Yuan Ming, who had reached such a high level, did not take the opportunity to suppress other sect forces or fully expand his own power. Instead, he took the initiative to hand over the actual power of the Ten Thousand Immortals Alliance.

Under his leadership, all major sects in the Izumo world jointly established a grand alliance composed of eleven people.

The members of the alliance are composed of the most prestigious elders of each major sect. Through joint decision-making, they handle various affairs of the entire Izumo world, including resolving conflicts between various sects, monitoring changes in the demon world, and cultivating a new generation of elite monks.

and respond to various disaster events, etc.

While the Ten Thousand Immortals Alliance leads the Izumo Realm on the surface, the Shuangyue Alliance also preaches in various places in the form of religion and establishes countless branch religions, becoming a force that cannot be underestimated.

In just a few decades, under the leadership of these two major alliances, the Izumo world has entered a period of rapid development. It has not only cultivated a large number of new high-quality monks, but also cultivated the talents left over from the last world war.

The mess was mostly repaired.

Many battlefields in the past have become ghosts because of the countless dead souls who cannot be reincarnated. The places where countless powerful demons died in battle have been infected by demonic energy, and a large number of remaining magic circles have become traps that can bite people.

In the past, no one would care about this at all, and would just let it die on its own as time goes by, or become a bigger disaster.

However, the Ten Thousand Immortals Alliance and the Two-Moon Alliance will organize a large number of manpower, spend countless amounts, and try their best to solve these problems.

Therefore, the entire Izumo world is getting better bit by bit at a speed visible to the naked eye.

During these years, Yuan Ming has not been idle. He personally went to deal with many dangerous places that ordinary people could not solve, including taking away the remains of the six-winged cicada in the abyss of death.

After removing this remains, the danger of the Death Abyss dropped sharply, and the passage out of Yunhuang Continent was only half opened.

Afterwards, Yuan Ming ordered the Ten Thousand Immortals Alliance to take action, while establishing a long-distance teleportation array between Yunhuang Continent and the East Pole Sea, while developing a channel through the Death Abyss.

But at the same time, Yuan Ming did not take action against the various giant beasts in the Death Abyss. Instead, he allowed them to continue to survive in the abyss and set this place as an assessment and training place for the monks of the Ten Thousand Immortals Alliance.

After the situation in the entire Izumo world stabilized, Yuan Ming and Xiying also planned to embark on a new journey.

Many years ago, Yuan Ming once asked the gray statue in the golden hall of the Stealing Heaven Cauldron how to leave the Izumo Realm and go to a higher realm.

He originally thought that the statue might not know the answer, but he was told by it that it would take 30,000 Wish Power Pills to answer.

As a result, Yuan Ming secretly accumulated wish power pills while busy with various affairs.

Due to the spread of the Double Moon Alliance, there were more and more believers in the Dark Moon God, and the accumulation of wish power pills was also very smooth. Yuan Ming handed over 30,000 wish power pills as promised and got the answer.

It turns out that the monk in Ziyun Palace was not wrong in his path back then. The great formation did have the power to send him to a higher realm, but he ignored two important issues.

First, during the transmission process, a Dao treasure-level space treasure is required as a carrier, otherwise the huge energy will tear the body of the person being transmitted into pieces.

Secondly, the correct coordinates must be set for teleportation, otherwise it is very likely to be teleported to a land of nothingness.

There is no time, no spiritual power, or even space in that land of nothingness. There is only a void of chaos that cannot be escaped, which will make people trapped in it forever and unable to escape.

Yuan Ming has Shura Palace nearby, so he has no shortage of carriers, but he doesn't know the teleportation coordinates.

So, he spent another five thousand wish power pills and learned from the statue that there were some relics left by the Hui tribe in the Wentian Secret Realm, and the correct coordinates were hidden in those relics.

Later, Yuan Ming spent ten years exploring the ruins left by seven Hui tribesmen, and then pieced together the correct coordinates and learned that it was a place called "Guanghui Immortal Domain".

Through careful study of the coordinates, Yuan Ming was surprised to find that the anchored marker was another Heaven-Stealing Cauldron, or in other words, another thing similar to the Heaven-Stealing Cauldron.

This further aroused Yuan Ming's curiosity to explore that realm. He wanted to know the true origin of the Heaven-Stealing Cauldron.

After Yuan Ming discussed with Xiying, they decided to leave Izumo Realm and go to Guanghui Immortal Realm.

Before leaving, he gathered together the many friends who had followed him along the way and informed them of his decision.

Although everyone was worried, no one stopped him because they all knew Yuan Ming too well.

"Master, no matter where you are going, I will follow you." Huazhi was the first to express his intention to follow.

"There are too many unknown variables in the Upper Immortal Realm. We don't know whether we can reach it safely, so don't take the risk." Yuan Ming refused.

"I'm already a level 7 demon, and there are still places I can't go to?" Huazhi expressed dissatisfaction.

"We'll wait until you find your own path and advance to level eight. Besides, I have other tasks to give you," Yuan Ming said.

"What mission?" Huazhi immediately became interested.

Yuan Ming raised his hand and waved, and a palm-sized silver token appeared in his palm and handed it to her.

"This space token is a space token that I refined by extracting the remaining power of the Three Realm Immortal Boat and merging part of my mana and the power of the World Tree. With it, you can open questions at any time.

It’s the secret realm of heaven.” Yuan Ming said.

"Give me such an important thing?" Hua Zhi said with some surprise.

"Originally I wanted to give it to Ulu, but he and King Kong went to the Demon Realm. There has been little news over the years. I can't go to the Demon Realm rashly, as it will cause panic in the Demon Realm. So I can only entrust this key to you."

Yuan Ming smiled.

"As expected..." Huazhi said speechlessly.

"In the future, whether you or others from the Ten Thousand Immortals Alliance and the Shuangyue Alliance want to enter the Wentian Secret Realm to experience, the decision-making power will be in your hands. You must shoulder the responsibility and use it rationally." Yuan Ming warned.

"Okay." Huazhi nodded and promised.

"Master, I..." Lei Yu started, but stopped talking.

"I know you also want to go with me, but you are not alone now. Zong Hong has given birth to an heir for you. You and your family should stay here peacefully." Yuan Ming patted his shoulder.

, said.

"I can no longer accompany my master all the time..." Lei Yu said with a guilty look on his face.

"Practice hard, and there may not be a chance to see you again in the future." Yuan Ming said, took out a white jade porcelain bottle and handed it to him.

What was inside was the demon elixir of the seventh-level demon he killed in the Wentian Secret Realm.

Later, Yuan Ming, Wang Fulong and others discussed some matters regarding the future development of the Ten Thousand Immortals Alliance, left them some resources special to the Wentian Secret Realm, and let them leave.

He also called out Xi Hezi, the waiter in the shop, Da Ri Liuliyan and other weapon spirits, and asked them about their respective plans.

Except for Dainichi Liuliyan who said that his strength has not yet fully recovered and does not want to leave the Izumo world for the time being, Xihezi and others expressed that they would continue to follow Yuan Ming.

Xihezi was even more excited and couldn't wait to see what the high-level fairyland looked like.

The waiter believes that if he follows Yuan Ming to a higher realm, he will definitely be able to see more fairy magic weapons. After learning and understanding by then, his cultivation in the art of weapon refining will definitely be improved.

It doesn't matter whether the Soul-Destroying Sword or the weapon is used, as long as you can have enough food with Yuan Ming, you can go anywhere.

A few days later, Yuan Ming and Xi Ying quietly left Ten Thousand Immortals City and entered the Wentian Secret Realm for the last time.

The outside world did not know about their departure. Even thousands of years later, people still thought that the two of them were still living in seclusion somewhere in the Izumo world, guarding the peace of this area forever.

Wentian Secret Realm, Ziyun Tiangong.

The debris in the underground palace has long been cleared away, and Yuan Ming and Xi Ying are busy carving formation patterns.

Using some information left by the Hui clan, they renovated and improved the large formation, and carved five small magic circles around the large formation to depict the teleportation coordinates.

The teleportation coordinates are five ancient runes with unique shapes. Their shapes are completely different from any characters in the Izumo world, and they are also different from any patterns. However, the aura exuding from them is not unfamiliar to Yuan Ming and the other two.


That is the Taoist aura that is unique to Tao Yin.

Yuan Ming carefully carved out the five coordinate marks, and then placed top-quality spiritual stones at each point of the formation. Then he called out the Shura Palace and suspended it directly above the formation.

"I really want to leave, but I'm still a little reluctant to leave. I'm afraid it will be difficult to come back." Xiying held the plump Guoguo in her arms, glanced around, and suddenly said sadly.

"This kind of emotion is a bit unlike you." Yuan Ming grinned and gently held her waist.

"That's right." Xiying smiled.

"Let's go, it's a long road, I think, if I don't wait to climb high and go far, am I going to live forever?"

At the same time as Yuan Ming's voice sounded, the Shura Palace lit up with silver light, creating ripples in the space.

Huge tree roots extended out from below the palace, piercing into every center of the formation below. The majestic power of the original source of the trees surged out, driving the formation to light up with dazzling light.


A straight silver beam of light soared into the sky, hitting the dome of the Heavenly Palace above, instantly tearing open a huge rift in space, revealing a vast expanse of pitch-black void.

Yuan Ming and Xi Ying have returned to Shura Palace, and they can also see the magnificent and boundless void phenomenon.

At this time, the Heaven Stealing Cauldron held in Yuan Ming's hand suddenly lit up, and Kong's voice sounded at the right time: "Yuan Ming, light a stick of incense."

"Light the incense?" Yuan Ming said in surprise.

"Burn incense to guide the way, smell the incense to guide you, that's what it said." Kong's voice came again.

Yuan Ming immediately realized that this was what the gray statue told him.

He no longer hesitated, rubbed his fingers together, lit a stick of black incense, and inserted it into the incense burner.

I saw the black incense in the furnace glowing with fire, and a wisp of blue smoke curling up. It actually condensed and did not disperse. It flew out of the Shura Palace, flew into the silver light pillar, and flew into the boundless void.

In the void, there seemed to be a line made of smoke, extending to the other side of the darkness.

At this time, the five coordinate marks around the formation lit up one after another, and the formation burst out into a ball of dazzling silver light, instantly engulfing the Shura Palace.

The light flashed for three breaths and then disappeared.

There was no trace of Shura Palace in Ziyuntian Palace, and it soon fell into silence and darkness.

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