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Latest chapter:Chapter 610 Three Runes

The so-called immortal? The transformation of mortals in the realm, taking the essence of heaven and earth, taking off the mortal body, and gaining the fortune of the world. A legend of a humble furry beast slave who was unwilling to be fate and fought with all realms. He knew that only Only by becoming an immortal can this realm get a chance to breathe.

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《Immortal》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 610 Three Runes
Chapter 609 Spore Clone
Chapter 608 Solving the disadvantages
Chapter 607 The Evil Mirror
Chapter 606 Overseas World
Chapter 605: Believers in the late Nascent Soul stage
Chapter 604 Drastic changes
Chapter 603 Awakening
Chapter 602: The Arrival of the Witch Moon God
《Immortal》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Prisoners of Southern Xinjiang
Chapter 2 Life and death depend on the will of God
Chapter 3 Transforming Beasts
Chapter 4 The only way to survive
Chapter 5 Dangerous Occurrences
Chapter 6 Who Am I?
Chapter 7 Feeding
Chapter 8 Parasitism
Chapter 9 Blood Qi Method
Chapter 10 Penance
Chapter 11 Incense Burner
Chapter Twelve Nine Yuan Jue
Chapter 13 Burning Incense
Chapter 14 Sharpening the knife
Chapter 15 Just do it
Chapter 16 Expedient Strategies
Chapter 17 Determination
Chapter 18 The Ascent Channel
Chapter 19 The first test edge
Chapter 20 Killing Desire
Chapter 21 Inspiration
Chapter 22 Friendship
Chapter Twenty-Three
Chapter 24: Primordial Arm
Chapter 25 Persecution and Winning
Chapter 26 The Way of Magic
Chapter 27 Chase and Kill
Chapter 28: Driving Spiders and Swallowing Wolves
Chapter 29 No Companion
Chapter 30: Half Magic Weapon
Chapter 31 Take what you need
Chapter 32 Gallbladder Hunting
Chapter Thirty-Three
Chapter 34 Hard work
Chapter 35 Dream Cat
Chapter 36 Shelter
Chapter 37 Pregnancy
Chapter 38 Encirclement
Chapter Thirty-Nine
Chapter 40 A blessing in disguise
Chapter 41 Strange things
Chapter 42: The Enemy
Chapter 43 Mandrill
Chapter 44: Vigil
Chapter 45: Saving Others and Self
Chapter 46 Drilling
Chapter 47 Healing
Chapter 48: Overlord Salamander
Chapter 49 The King
Chapter 50 Don't
Chapter 51 Three people become tigers
Chapter 52: Stupid guy
Chapter 53 Soul Power
Chapter 54: Collapse
Chapter Fifty-fifth: Shot
Chapter 56: Help Me
Chapter 58 Dark Moon Art
Chapter 59 Ambush
Chapter 59 Look at her for me
Chapter 61 Abnormal backlash
Chapter 62 Contemplating the Sea of ??Consciousness
Chapter 63 Absconding
Chapter 64 The Intruding Fire Mink
Chapter 64: The Order of the Three Cave Masters
Chapter 65 Getting Started
Chapter 66: In full swing
Chapter 67 The Worst Record
Chapter 68: Going to the Sift
Chapter 69: Repelling Objects
Chapter 70 Execution Hall
Chapter 72 Gaining the upper hand
Chapter 73 Getting Close
Chapter 74 Rushing to the Magma
Chapter 75 A corner
Chapter 76 New Mission
Chapter 77 Enemies meet on a narrow road
Chapter 78 Returning to Hiding
Chapter 79 The book is not borrowed
Chapter 80 Heretic Soul Cultivation
Chapter 82 Born to be close (first update on the shelves)
Chapter 83 Storage Bag (Second Update)
Chapter 84: Seeing superiority and superiority (Third update)
Chapter 85 Expelling the Sword (fourth update, please vote for me)
Chapter 86 Distress in the Lake
Chapter 87 Pursuit
Chapter 88 Mysterious Journey
Chapter 89 It’s a worthwhile trip (fourth update, please vote for me)
Chapter 90 Extra prequel: Collecting corpses
Chapter 91 Asking for help
Chapter 92 What I want in my life
Chapter 93 Not that stupid
Chapter 94 No more running (continue to ask for votes for the fourth update)
Chapter 95 Opportunity
Chapter 96 Amuhe
Chapter 97 Out of Body
Chapter 98 All is paid back (please vote for me)
Chapter 99 Explore the Island in the Mist Again
Chapter 100 First Control of Beasts
Chapter 101 Taking advantage of the situation
Chapter 102 Demonic Vine
Chapter 103 Vine and Toad
Chapter 104 Helping in the Battle
Chapter 105 Lost
Chapter 106 Call me Yu Weng
Chapter 107 Soul Refining
Chapter 108 Three Ravens
Chapter 109 Catching the Savages
Chapter 110 Not enough
Chapter 111 Soul Feeding
Chapter 112 Ambush
Chapter 113 Return
Chapter 114 Unexpected
Chapter 115 The price of soul collision
Chapter 116 Powerless
Chapter 117 Risking Yourself
Chapter 118 In desperate situation
Chapter 119 Is my knife beautiful?
Chapter 120 Account sharing
Chapter 121 Report back
Chapter 122 Is your name Xiying?
Chapter 123 Familiarity
Chapter 124 Fireworks
Chapter 125 Looking for fragrance in the mortal world
Chapter 126 Try Passion
Chapter 127 Incense Workshop
Chapter 128 Casino
Chapter 129 Gambling
Chapter 130 Past Events
Chapter 131 The Immortal Master is here
Chapter 132: Turning Stone into Gold (Happy Chinese New Year)
Chapter 133 Jiuli Temple
Chapter 134 Unknown ingredients
Chapter 135 Making Incense
Chapter 136 A flash of inspiration
Chapter 137 Success
Chapter 138 The last time
Chapter 139 Borrowing the Cauldron
Chapter 140 Angry
Chapter 141 The Fourth Ability
Chapter 142 Foundation Building Opportunity
Chapter 143 Meeting Ulu again
Chapter 144 Laws
Chapter 145 Five Sects in the Northern Territory
Chapter 146 Right here
Chapter 147 Nothing surprising
Chapter 148 Windfall
Chapter 149 Identity of the Central Plains People
Chapter 150 Lingshi is like flowing water
Chapter 151 Assassination (please vote)
Chapter 152 Counting Treasures
Chapter 153 Great Harvest
Chapter 154 Generous Remuneration
Chapter 155: Night exploration to break up the alliance
Chapter 156 Ghost Market
Chapter 157 Soul-catching Bell
Chapter 158 Gilded Yarn
Chapter 159 Sword Refining
Chapter 160 Giving Gifts
Chapter 161 Spirit Gathering Array
Chapter 162 Engraving Talisman
Chapter 163 Scratching the Ground Three Feet
Chapter 164 Borrowing Yarn
Chapter 165 The Festival
Chapter 166 Act individually
Chapter 167 Everything is smooth
Chapter 168 Huangquan Tree
Chapter 169 Second Chance
Chapter 170 What are you doing?
Chapter 171 Test your power
Chapter 172 Peeping
Chapter 173 Stealing Pills
Chapter 174 Coffin
Chapter 175 Interception
Chapter 176 Ambush
Chapter 177 Leave no one behind
Chapter 178 Occasionally
Chapter 179 An unexpected discovery
Chapter 180 The dove takes over the magpie's nest
Chapter 181 Bring it
Chapter 182 The Boy on the White Horse
Chapter 183 Leading the Beast
Chapter 184 Floating Shadow
Chapter 185 Preparations
Chapter 186 Breaking Dawn
Chapter 187 The all-out attack from the peak foundation-building monk
Chapter 188 Looking for Toad
Chapter 189 Gathering
Chapter 190 Bells
Chapter 191 Five Elements Unity
Chapter 192 Dawn’s Mission
Chapter 193 The evidence is conclusive
Chapter 194 It turns out that you are a traitor
Chapter 195 Escape
Chapter 196 Blood Bat
Chapter 197 Danger Surrounded
Chapter 198: Entering the Cave
Chapter 199 Mist
Chapter 200: Lure the Beast
Chapter 192 Breaking the Formation
Chapter 193: Physical training to show off one’s power
Chapter 201: Possession by a Separate Soul
Chapter 202: Persistence
Chapter 203 The Power of Heart-Splitting Thunder
Chapter 204 The Ability of Soul Cultivation
Chapter 205 Reason
Chapter 206: Memory restored
Chapter 207 Two Foundation Building Pills
Chapter 208: Youth Bond
Chapter 209 Fate
Chapter 194: Raid (two chapters in one)
Chapter 210 Returning
Chapter 211: Vine Transformation
Chapter 212 I am the author
Chapter 213 A book-loving person
Chapter 214: Benefactor Accepts Disciple
Chapter 215 Cause and Effect
Chapter 216 I am also a painter
Chapter 217 Journey to the South
Chapter 218 Weird Runes
Chapter 219 Missing Notes
Chapter 220: One vs. Three
Chapter 221 Lin Junsheng
Chapter 222: Youthful Loyalty
Chapter 223 Thoughts
Chapter 224 Live up to his name
Chapter 225: Talent for making incense
Chapter 226 Incense Road
Chapter 227 Taking the initiative to ask for help
Chapter 228 Going to sea
Chapter 229: Catching Beasts
Chapter 230 Ren Xiaoyao
Chapter 231 The fox pretends to be the tiger's power
Chapter 232 Foundation Building
Chapter 233: Meeting an old friend in a foreign land
Chapter 234: Stealing the Law
Chapter 235: The fruit is so beautiful
Chapter 236: Becoming famous through misfortune
Chapter 237 Going Home
Chapter 238 Father and son, monarch and minister, friends
Chapter 239 Illusion
Chapter 240: Let’s call you Huazhi
Chapter 241 Temptation
Chapter 242 Promise
Chapter 243 The Ceremony of Passing the Throne
Chapter 244 I still have something to say
Chapter 245 Why
Chapter 246 Duel
Chapter 247 Beheading
Chapter 248 Farewell
Chapter 249 Heading to Leizhou
Chapter 250 Xu Family
Chapter 251 Little Lake City
Chapter 252 I’m here to collect debt
Chapter 253 Settling down
Chapter 254 Opening a Store
Chapter 255 Assassination
Chapter 256: Hard work pays off
Chapter 257 New Guy
Chapter 258: The Way of Business
Chapter 259 Winged Bird Egg
Chapter 260: Stealing Ashes
Chapter 261 The Disappearance of Gu Qiuming
Chapter 262: Tracking (asking for monthly votes)
Chapter 263: No need for your help
Chapter 264: Diverting trouble to the east
Chapter 265 Demonic Qi
Chapter 266 Soul Seal
Chapter 267 Please
Chapter 268 Escort Mission
Chapter 269 Parade
Chapter 270: Calculation
Chapter 271 Trapped
Chapter 272 'Thank you'
Chapter 273 Escape
Chapter 274: Hot pursuit
Chapter 275 Illusion Confrontation
Chapter 276 Returning to the Clan
Chapter 277 Counting the Harvest
Chapter 278 Return to the city
Chapter 279 Sixiang Tea House
Chapter 280 Anecdotes
Chapter 281 Discussion
Chapter 282 Planning
Chapter 283 Asking for help
Chapter 284 Siblings
Chapter 285 Recruitment
Chapter 286 Heavy Armor
Chapter 287 Puppet Host
Chapter 288 Water Crown Tree
Chapter 289 Auction yourself
Chapter 290: Pushing the envelope
Chapter 291 Praying for Rain
Chapter 292: Tracking
Chapter 293: Fighting Shahao again?
Chapter 294: Soul-Destroying Sword Qi?
Chapter 295 Soul Sword
Chapter 296: Killing
Chapter 297 Harvest
Chapter 298 Reward
Chapter 299 Breakthrough
Chapter 300: Willing Power
Chapter 301 There is no way to retreat
Chapter 3002 You are actually a soul cultivator!
Chapter 303 The soul is torn apart
Chapter 304: Split Soul Control
Chapter 305 Escape to the Northern Desert
Chapter 309 Black Wind
Chapter 310 Underground City
Chapter 311 Insect Pill
Chapter 312 Source
Chapter 313 The Magical Use of Soul Splitting
Chapter 314 Benefactor
Chapter 315 Dark Moon God
Chapter 316 Fighting
Chapter 317 Independent Soul Splitting
Chapter 318 Invited
Chapter 319 In exchange for news
Chapter 320 The second way
Chapter 321 Hunting
Chapter 322 Famous Sand Thief
Chapter 323 Collusion
Chapter 324 Animal Body Transplantation
Chapter 325 Mine
Chapter 326 Confession
Chapter 327 God is above
Chapter 382 Key
Chapter 383 Cooperation
Chapter 384 Entering the Tower
Chapter 385 Back attack
Chapter 386 Volunteering
Chapter 387 Fu Destruction
Chapter 388 Come again?
Chapter 389 Second attempt
Chapter 390 Master, why do you want to hurt your disciple?
Chapter 391 Loophole
Chapter 392 Misunderstanding
Chapter 393 Unable to escape
Chapter 394 Memories
Chapter 395 The Dream of All Living Beings
Chapter 396: Deceiving others and deceiving yourself
Chapter 397 Strange news from overseas
Chapter 398 A secret move
Chapter 399 Leaving
Chapter 400 Tower Spirit and Test
Chapter 401 Outsiders Help
Chapter 402 Secretly assassinating Chen Cang
Chapter 403 The most dangerous person
Chapter 404 The battle for the map
Chapter 405 Thousand-year-old Demon
Chapter 406: Desire
Chapter 407 The Mystery of Six Desires
Chapter 408 The Oath of Taoist Heart
Chapter 409 Crack
Chapter 410 Undercurrent surging
Chapter 411 The troops are divided into three groups
Chapter 412 Defeat Each One
Chapter 413 Golden Dragon Scissors
Chapter 414 Soul Splitting
Chapter 415 You can’t learn this secret technique
Chapter 416 Ambition
Chapter 417 Separation of soul and body
Chapter 418 Void Crystal
Chapter 419 Fighting Six Desires
Chapter 420 Cooperation across time and space
Chapter 421 Same Dust
Chapter 422 Return
Chapter 423 The dream is over and the soul is gone
Chapter 424 Inheritance
Chapter 425 Ancient Corpse
Chapter 426 Damn old ghost Shura
Chapter 427 Overseas Mystery
Chapter 428 Four Spaces
Chapter 429 Today next year
Chapter 430 Customized
Chapter 431 New Plan
Chapter 432 Limit
Chapter 433 Lost Contact
Chapter 434 Impure Glimmer
Chapter 435 Following
Chapter 436 The debate between truth and falsehood
Chapter 437 Who is he?
Chapter 438 The Supreme Being
Chapter 439: Not talking about martial ethics
Chapter 440 Rescue
Chapter 441 Qu Jiang is still the same Qu Jiang
Chapter 442 Ask for an explanation
Chapter 443 The mountains and rivers will eventually come to an end
Chapter 444 Murderous intention arises
Chapter 445 Escape
Chapter 446 I was just defending myself
Chapter 447 Speed ??up the action
Chapter 448: Concealing the truth
Chapter 449 Reunion
Chapter 450 East China Sea Islands
Chapter 451 Nourish the Soul
Chapter 452 Living at peace in the world
Chapter 453 Soul Splitting
Chapter 454 Red Mulberry Fairy Fruit
Chapter 455 Inland sea? Outer sea?
Chapter 456 First time entering Fusang
Chapter 457 The Eve of the Conference
Chapter 458 A panoramic view of Fusang
Chapter 459 A chance encounter in the world
Chapter 460 Large Auction
Chapter 461 The Battle of Real Fire
Chapter 462 Tide Maker
Chapter 463 An unexpected discovery
Chapter 464 Yan Sijing is missing
Chapter 465 Stealth Rescue
Chapter 466 Jumang Lingjue
Chapter 467 The Beginning of the Conference
Chapter 468 Everyone has their own agenda
Chapter 469 Undisguised
Chapter 470 Shocked Four People
Chapter 471 Insight
Chapter 472 Squeeze it dry
Chapter 473 Expectation
Chapter 474 Making History
Chapter 475 Opportunity to return to virtual reality
Chapter 476 The Art of Divination
Chapter 477 Gathering together
Chapter 478 Entering the battle
Chapter 479 First visit to the open sea
Chapter 480 Two major dangers
Chapter 481 Entry
Chapter 482 Guidance
Chapter 483 Star Rain
Chapter 484 The visitor is evil
Chapter 485 Breaking the Illusion
Chapter 486 Strange Cow
Chapter 487 Escape
Chapter 488 Xiaohuazhi’s clone
Chapter 489 Poison Treasure
Chapter 490 Star Tempering Body
Chapter 491 Earth Fire Lotus
Chapter 492 Fire Lotus Enters the Body
Chapter 493 Be reasonable
Chapter 494 Working together
Chapter 495 Anna Qi and Blood
Chapter 496 Golden Lotus
Chapter 497 Outbreak
Chapter 498 Sneak Attack
Chapter 499 Exposed in Public
Chapter 500 Coveting
Chapter 501 One-day fame and hundred-day drunkenness
Chapter 502 The Mysterious Continent
Chapter 503 Disposal Methods
Chapter 504 The Spear Points
Chapter 505 The art of blood figurines
Chapter 328 Rescue
Chapter 329 Test Subject
Chapter 330 Leading to freedom
Chapter 331 Connivance and Betrayal
Chapter 332: Drive straight in
Chapter 333 Revenge
Chapter 334 A monk will never be a slave
Chapter 335 Fight for freedom
Chapter 336 Response
Chapter 337 Celebration
Chapter 338 Thirteen times
Chapter 339 Black and White Token
Chapter 340 Persuasion
Chapter 341 Soul Pill
Chapter 342 Meeting in Purple Thunder City
Chapter 343 Hyakutanbozu
Chapter 344 A sudden turn of events
Chapter 345 Departure
Chapter 346 Something is wrong
Chapter 347 Murderous Intent
Chapter 348 Bait
Chapter 349: Physical Training
Chapter 350 Running away
Chapter 351 Life and Death
Chapter 352 Jin Dancheng
Chapter 353 The universe within the cauldron
Chapter 354 Appearance
Chapter 355 Fragments
Chapter 356 Congratulations
Chapter 357 Three Runes
Chapter 358 The Fifth Rune
Chapter 359 Soul Burial Abyss
Chapter 360 Worth pursuing
Chapter 361 The murderer back then
Chapter 362 Soul vs. Soul
Chapter 363 Fight to the death
Chapter 364 A Hundred Ghosts at Night
Chapter 365 Same Root and Same Source
Chapter 366 Five Murals
Chapter 367 Nascent Soul Gathering
Chapter 368 Breaking in
Chapter 369 Immortal Mansion Inheritance
Chapter 370 My name is Hai Dafu!
Chapter 371 The road to self-rescue
Chapter 372 Big supplements
Chapter 373 Yin Capital City
Chapter 374 Phantom Killing
Chapter 375 Reunion
Chapter 376 Clearing the clouds and revealing the sun
Chapter 377 The Mystery of the Ancient Garden
Chapter 378 Quick decision
Chapter 379 Hard Fight
Chapter 380 Watching and helping each other
Chapter 381 Exploring the Building
Chapter 506 Three Books Rumors
Chapter 507 Different purposes
Chapter 508 Bone Wildebeest
Chapter 509 Giant Elephant
Chapter 510 Ruins Spire
Chapter 511 Because you are Yuan Ming
Chapter 512 Killing the Elephant
Chapter 513 Three Immortals Palace
Chapter 514 Take action
Chapter 515 Don’t back down
Chapter 516 Persistence
Chapter 517 Entering the Palace
Chapter 518 Mother-child formation
Chapter 519 Sensation
Chapter 520 Incitement and Chaos
Chapter 521 Escape from Fusang
Chapter 522 Eat it all and wipe it clean
Chapter 523 Xiying’s handiwork
Chapter 524 Poison Dagger
Chapter 525 Dragon Tooth Crystal
Chapter 526 First Landing on Immortal Island
Chapter 527 The mysterious peach forest
Chapter 528 Fire Peach
Chapter 529 Coming out of the forest
Chapter 530 A small village in the forest
Chapter 531 Immortal Servant
Chapter 532 Stone Forest Basin
Chapter 533 Fire Palace
Chapter 534 Going up the mountain
Chapter 535 Living Dragon King
Chapter 536 Fire Stick
Chapter 537 Groove
Chapter 538 Distribution
Chapter 539 Nine Palaces of Fire Formation
Chapter 540 Golden Crow Divine Arrow
Chapter 541 The Name of Thousand Treasures
Chapter 542 Killing people in Baili
Chapter 543 Devil’s Heart Vine
Chapter 544 Tree Man Rebellion
Chapter 545 The Divine Bow Shows Its Power
Chapter 546 The Fall of Fuso Island
Chapter 547 The Ancient Immortal Tree
Chapter 548 White Desert Island
Chapter 549 Shaken
Chapter 550 Shock
Chapter 551 Blood Transformation Inheritance
Chapter 552 Savior
Chapter 553: Time Cave, Black and White Light
Chapter 554: Diverting trouble to the east
Chapter 555 Entering the Cave
Chapter 556 One day and one year
Chapter 557 Paraphrasing
Chapter 558 Seclusion on their own
Chapter 559 Solution
Chapter 560 Compatibility with the Seven Spiritual Roots
Chapter 561 Conquer
Chapter 562 Take another look
Chapter 563 Meet
Chapter 564 Tribute
Chapter 565 Try
Chapter 566 Ready to try
Chapter 567: Inner Demon Tribulation
Chapter 568 The Fantasy of Reincarnation
Chapter 569 For Freedom
Chapter 570 Impact on Nascent Soul
Chapter 571: Giving birth to a baby and leaving the cave
Chapter 572 Going to Penglai
Chapter 573 Three forks in the road
Chapter 574 Repeating the same trick
Chapter 575 Superposition
Chapter 576 Siege
Chapter 577 Emerged from the sky
Chapter 578 Ontology
Chapter 579 The Hidden Disease of the Immortal Tree
Chapter 580 Brewing
Chapter 581 Breaking the Formation with Formation
Chapter 582 The next generation is terrible
Chapter 583 Shared Life
Chapter 584 Entering Guanghan
Chapter 585 Chaotic War
Chapter 586 Save the Golden Crow
Chapter 587 A way out
Chapter 588 Deadlock
Chapter 589 A desperate move
Chapter 590 Immortal Tree Clone
Chapter 591 Deep Integration
Chapter 592 Recovery
Chapter 593 Internal Response
Chapter 594 Making a Tree from a Mirror
Chapter 595 Black-armored Demon General
Chapter 596 Magic Mirror
Chapter 597 Treasure of the Demon Realm
Chapter 598: Chasing and intercepting
Chapter 599 Co-optation and Betrayal
Chapter 600 Defeated in one fell swoop
Chapter 601 Blood Demon Ancestor
Chapter 602 Fellow Taoist, wait a minute
Chapter 603 Weighing
Chapter 604 Give me everything!
Chapter 605 The Arrival of Witch Moon God
Chapter 606 Awakening
Chapter 607 Drastic changes
Chapter 608 Believers in the late Nascent Soul stage
Chapter 609 Overseas World
Chapter 601: Give me everything you have!
Chapter 602: The Arrival of the Witch Moon God
Chapter 603 Awakening
Chapter 604 Drastic changes
Chapter 605: Believers in the late Nascent Soul stage
Chapter 606 Overseas World
Chapter 607 The Evil Mirror
Chapter 608 Solving the disadvantages
Chapter 609 Spore Clone
Chapter 610 Three Runes