Chapter 622: Favor

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"Me? Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva?" Shen Fengshu pointed at his face, with a confused look on his face. What was he talking about?

Suddenly Shen Fengshu came to his senses. Shi Haichang said that he was Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva. He was shocked for a moment and hurriedly waved his hands: "I'm not! I'm not! Don't talk nonsense!"

A series of denials were piled up first.

What kind of tiger and wolf words is this?

Although Shen Fengshu was not a Buddhist in his past life or this life, it does not mean that he has no respect. Chinese people are like this, they do not believe in it, but they do not disrespect it.

Saying that he is Guanyin Bodhisattva? Shen Fengshu would not dare to admit it even to death. Not to mention in this world where gods and Buddhas exist, even on the earth, Shen Fengshu does not dare to nod and admit it. Whoever admits it is stupid.

It is a merit to preach the scriptures, but it is a sin to pretend to be someone else. Anyone who wants to recognize it is someone who recognizes it. Shen Fengshu will never admit it against the disdain of the world.

Shi Haichang actually has some basis for asking this question.

Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva suddenly appeared in Shen Fengshu's writings. No one had seen or heard of it. It was written specifically for the Great Ming Mantra. At that time and place, besides Shen Fengshu, who was proficient in Buddhism, who else could be there? ?

When you reach the realm of Shi Haichang, how can you judge people based on their cultivation? Whose Buddhist principles are more thorough, whose Dharma is more profound, who is the sage. There is no order of learning, the masters come first, so what if the cultivation is low and the qualifications are poor? ?

The Heart Sutra was written by Shen Feng. The tone of the Heart Sutra is still the dialogue between Bodhisattva and Yichen. Who is Shen Fengshu? Shen Fengshu hurriedly denied it. Shi Haichang was not surprised. It would be strange if Shen Fengshu admitted it. This little brother is more sober and self-aware than more than 99% of the people he has met. Even if he really is, I'm afraid

Nor will he admit it. Anyway, in Shi Haichang's mind, he just thinks of Shen Fengshu. What does it matter whether Shen Fengshu admits it or not? Do you really think that if someone claims to be a certain Bodhisattva, others will recognize it? ?On the other hand, I really thought I was denying it.

, do others really think so?

Seeing Shi Haichang smiling calmly without arguing or nodding, Shen Fengshu felt a headache. Is this matter unclear?

Shen Fengshu has self-awareness. What virtues and abilities do he have, and he dares to bear the name of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva? Anyway, no matter who comes, he is not one.

This time, Shi Haichang made a special trip to exchange the Heart Sutra with Shen Fengshu. He just wanted to recommend Shen Fengshu to convert and become an elder. He would do it if Shen Fengshu was happy. If Shen Fengshu was not happy, he would not force him.

Fortunately, Shen Fengshu still has a lot of Zen stories and knows a lot of Buddhist allusions. When communicating with Shi Haichang, he talked and laughed happily without showing any timidity.

Xiaoman was very nervous next to him, fearing that his husband would suddenly become enlightened and be transformed by Shi Haichang. His nervous look made everyone laugh. "As soon as the Heart Sutra came out, not only did the Great Ming Mantra become the Supreme Mantra, but there was also an additional great god. Mantra." Shi Haichang is very concerned about the two mantras mentioned in the Heart Sutra. He has long been familiar with the Great Ming Mantra, but this is the first time he has learned the Great Mantra.

Touch: "How did you figure it out?" Based on Shi Haichang's cultivation level, when he first came into contact with the Heart Sutra, he almost immediately understood the Buddhist principles in the Heart Sutra, which enhanced the power of the Great Ming Mantra to the extreme. But the Great God Curse still gave him a surprise and gave him a

Clear reminder.

Although Shi Haichang had reached the status of Bodhisattva, he always felt that he was missing something during his practice. It was not until he heard the Heart Sutra that he suddenly understood.

As a Bodhisattva, he should have his own mantra like Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva. Only then can he be perfect. He must spread his own way and spread his own Dharma before he can go further. Although this idea seems to be a bit greedy. The poison of anger and ignorance is an excellent thing, both from the perspective of self-cultivation and the perspective of saving all sentient beings. It has only been a few months since Shen Fengshu taught the Heart Sutra.

During this time, Shen Fengshu's own practice in all aspects skyrocketed, and Buddhism all over the world was even more prosperous, with Buddhist disciples celebrating the New Year one by one.

Why don't you do things that benefit others, yourself, and the world? You just hate yourself for not doing it fast enough or not doing it well enough? When Shi Haichang asked this question, Shen Fengshu immediately understood Shi Haichang's true intention. He wants to have an exclusive Bodhisattva mantra like the Great Ming Mantra or the Great God Mantra. If he can go further and make his own

If you read the scriptures, it will be even more perfect.

How to answer this question? Tell Shi Haichang that he knew it from another world? Obviously not. It’s hard to answer! After thinking about it for a while, Shen Fengshu suddenly realized that no matter what he said, it seemed inappropriate, but in his mind A flash of inspiration came up with a brilliant idea. How to write scriptures and spells of this level? Shen Fengshu didn't know how to write them, but Shen Fengshu didn't know how to write them.

Feng Shu can give Shi Haichang an image package!

"It can only be understood, not expressed in words!" Shen Fengshu said with a smile: "How about Brother Shi accompany me to watch a show!" Originally, Shen Fengshu wanted to leave the "Mighty Tianlong" to Yichen, but now With the Heart Sutra and the Great Ming Mantra, the young monk Yichen no longer needs other mantras, so it is of little use to keep the "Mighty Heavenly Dragon". It is better to give it to Shi Haichang.

There's no telling how he could benefit from it.

Shi Haichang is in the mood to watch a show? What show?

As soon as Shen Fengshu waved his hand, the scene in front of him changed, and Fahai's domineering figure suddenly appeared in front of everyone.

"The mighty heavenly dragon, the great Lo Dharma mantra, the prajna Buddhas, the prajna bama hum!"

"The mighty heavenly dragon, World Honored Ksitigarbha, Prajna Buddhas, Prajna Bama Hum!"

"Reveal yourself!"

"Move mountains!"

Of course, there is no need to show the full version of "Green Snake" to Shi Haichang, just a few clips from it will be enough, especially Fahai's domineering and unparalleled appearance, which is very eye-catching. The special effects of "Green Snake" back then were also relatively poor, and it looks like It's not perfect, but that doesn't matter. With Fuxi here and Shen Fengshu's second spirit, it can be staged in the world of satisfaction in an instant, which is more realistic, shocking and magical.

It is also becoming more and more earth-shattering.

Not only Shi Haichang was watching, but his friends were also watching, the maids were also watching, and even the missing old man Jiang Toushan could clearly see it elsewhere.

Of course, the image of Fahai is not the same as the original actor. Shen Fengshu was directly replaced by Shi Haichang, who has bright eyebrows and bright eyebrows. Shi Haichang, who puts on a cassock, is outrageously handsome, impressive and majestic, and his magical powers are astonishing.

The more Shi Haichang looked at it, the brighter his eyes became. This shape, this magical power, especially the phrase Prajna Bama Hum, both in image and tone, completely matched his imagination and cognition, and were simply tailor-made for him.

"Brother Shi, how do you feel?" Shen Fengshu "played" it again, and then asked Shi Haichang with a smile: "I designed this specially for Yichen, but it seems that Yichen won't use it for the time being. Up."

"It's interesting!" Shi Haichang always maintained a smiling expression, and his speaking speed was still unhurried: "It suits my temperament very well." In fact, Shen Fengshu had never seen Shi Haichang fighting. But Fa Hai's domineering performance seems to be liked by most people, especially Shi Haichang, who has many confidantes and is usually gentle.

He is bookish, unparalleled in fighting, and as quiet as a virgin but as active as a stripped rabbit. Isn't that how handsome he is from the inside out?

"Brother Shi likes it, then it's yours." Shen Fengshu responded with a smile.

"Three favors for one thing. You are the smartest person in the world." Shi Haichang did not refuse. Instead, he laughed and cursed: "Aren't you trying to destroy my purity and contaminate the cause and effect?"

"The cassock is not pure at all, and the world of mortals is not stained by nature." Shen Fengshu just smiled and said: "People who are born in this world might as well look at the world with a worldly mind."

Shen Fengshu just gave away favors, and as Shi Haichang said, he gave away three favors in one sentence.

Shi Haichang accepted this image design, so he naturally owed a favor. If Shi Haichang always said "Dawei Tianlong" in the future, there is no need to ask about the image in his mind. The first choice must be the dragon in front of him. Being released Haichang Bodhisattva chants and meditates day and night, and the dragon's mind must have been broken in the past life.

How many wooden fish did it take to cultivate it? If Shi Haichang had gone a step further and actually made his own scriptures and spells, Long Jianxin could directly compare the benefits of Yichen.

This is the second favor. Long Jianxin should have owed Shi Haichang, but since it was Shen Fengshu who inspired it, it naturally fell on Shen Fengshu.

The third favor is that Shen Fengshu said that this book was for Yichen and passed it on to Shi Haichang. Shi Haichang must be slightly indebted to Yichen. Of course, in the end, Yichen still lost the favor to Shen Fengshu. .

Shi Haichang didn't care. He just said, how can you ignore this when practicing in the world? What's more, last time Lin Mengji came to the door, he blocked Shen Fengshu's disaster. To be honest, this time it was just Shen Fengshu. Feng Shu returns the favor.

"Prajna bama hum!" He pinched the flowers with his fingers and shouted out the freshly made mantra from Shi Haichang, and the surroundings suddenly became peaceful.

"The mighty heavenly dragon, the great Lo Dharma mantra, Prajna Buddhas, Prajna bama hum!" Shi Haichang shouted again, and everyone immediately felt the pressure like a mountain.

Only Long Jianxin, while aware of the pressure, still has a little bit of subtle Buddhist power seeping into itself.

This is only Shi Haichang's first experiment. With such a change in his breath, we have to say that Shi Haichang is truly a great master of Buddhism.

"World Honored Ksitigarbha, who is Ksitigarbha?" In the second sentence, Shi Haichang asked the doubts he had accumulated before. Who is Ksitigarbha? He is Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, one of the four great Bodhisattvas as famous as Avalokitesvara. Ah! Fa Hai’s few lines are just changes in his image, but Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva’s great aspirations are what truly transformed Shi Haichang into a straight person.

The guiding light of the highway.

This is what Shen Fengshu really wants to give Shi Haichang. Shen Fengshu briefly introduced Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva. In fact, Shen Fengshu didn’t remember much about his life. He only knew that the Bodhisattva was saved in hell. sentient beings, and the Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva’s Original Vow Sutra has no concept at all, but this does not

It does not prevent Shen Fengshu from remembering the key ambitions.

"If hell is not empty, you will never become a Buddha; only when all sentient beings are saved can you realize Bodhi!"

As soon as Shen Fengshu's four sentences came out, Shi Haichang's eyes lit up like little suns. Suddenly, the surrounding area was filled with golden lotuses and Buddha's light chanting.

This chapter has been completed!
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