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Immortal Equation

Immortal Equation

author:No resentment

action:, , Straight to the bottom

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Latest chapter:Chapter 733: Long experience

Shen Fengshu, who was wearing a nano-armor, crashed into this world of cultivating immortals. Compared with my background? My sister is a once-in-a-thousand-year genius in the Taoist sect, and a direct disciple of the head of the largest sect in the Taoist sect. Is the demon sect dissatisfied? I am another A sister is an unparalleled evildoer in the Demon Clan, the next-generation descendant of the most powerful demon in the Demon Clan. As a friend? The most powerful swordsman in the world is my buddy who drinks with me when I have nothing to do. As a younger brother? The most unruly elder of the Demon Clan. When the demon meets my younger brother, he kneels down. Comparing beauties? If a few of my girlfriends are not on the list, then the list of the most beautiful women in the world will have no credibility. Comparing magic weapons? Can my magic weapon that combines modern industrial design concepts be used to bully others? More elegant than literary talent? A classic in the entire world. If you post an article and get slapped in the face once, you will still be a flat person even after being cured. Does anyone dare to bully me?

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《Immortal Equation》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 733: Long experience
Chapter 732: Too Far
Chapter 731 The best customer
Chapter 730: Should the price increase?
Chapter 729 We will make a fortune
Chapter 728: Predicting things like a god
Chapter 727 Special Space
Chapter 726 Entering
Chapter 725: This is also experience
《Immortal Equation》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Animals are not as good as
Chapter 2 I'm not ashamed
Chapter 3 Chaos
Chapter 4 Hematemesis
Chapter 5 I Can't Walk
Chapter 6 Lie Flat
Chapter 7 A Hundred Days of Fate
Chapter 8 Long Memory
Chapter IX The Price
Chapter 10 Repayment of Debt
Chapter 11 Chess
Chapter 12 Can I live forever?
Chapter 13 Introductory Exercises
Chapter 14 New Discoveries
Chapter 15 It must be repaired
Chapter 16 Square Market
Chapter 17 Unruly son
Chapter 18 Interesting
Chapter 19 Start Repair
Chapter 20 Let's go together
Chapter 21 Time is short
Chapter 22 Whale Swallow
Chapter 23 Brother An builds the foundation
Chapter 24 Leaving the Academy
Chapter 25 That's not necessarily
Chapter 26 A few questions to ask you
Chapter 27 Of course not
Chapter 28 Going Home
Chapter 29 Family
Chapter 30: Reason
Chapter 31 Preparations
Chapter 32 Introducing the wolf into the room
Chapter Thirty-Three Death
Chapter 34: A blessing or a curse
Chapter 35 Hidden dangers
Chapter 36 How to solve it
Chapter Thirty-Seven: Enjoy Yourself
Chapter 38 I want to try
Chapter 39 Primordial Spirit Backlash
Chapter 40 Solutions
Chapter 41 The sect convened
Chapter 42 Separate
Chapter 43 The Son's Talent
Chapter 44 Reading thousands of books is not as good as traveling thousands of miles
Chapter 45 Going out
Chapter 46 Dreams
Chapter 47 I'll be your wife, okay?
Chapter 48 I'll take it away
Chapter 49 I personally killed you
Chapter 50 The Prodigal Wife
Chapter 51 Immortal Fate
Chapter 52 Dead
Chapter 53 Magic Weapon
Chapter 54 Disappointment
Chapter 55 Self-created
Chapter 56 Set sail
Chapter 57 Someone is looking for it
Chapter 58 I Wrote
Chapter 59 Ding Jian
Chapter 60 One Punch
Chapter 61 Entrustment
Chapter 62: Rivers of Blood
Chapter 63 In the sinking phoenix book
Chapter 64 Buddhist Peace of Mind
Chapter 65 Catalysts
Chapter 66: Plan is not as good as change
Chapter 67 The poor man who has never seen the world
Chapter 68 Prove it
Chapter 69 There are always exceptions
Chapter 70: All Demons
Chapter 71 The Way to Get Rid of
Chapter 72 Water shortage is terrible
Chapter 73 Inheritance
Chapter 74 The real place of inheritance
Chapter 75 The Final Test
Chapter 76 Breaking the Barrier
Chapter 77 Benefits
Chapter seventy-eight shoots
Chapter 79 Transformation
Chapter 80 I recognize you as a friend
Chapter 81 Collision
Chapter 82 Everyone's Opportunity
Chapter Eighty-Three
Chapter 84 Visions of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 85: Slap Yourself
Chapter 86 That's Right
Chapter 87 Draw a Circle
Chapter 88 Effect of Hualong Emulsion
Chapter 89 Read thousands of books and travel thousands of miles
Chapter 90 I am a master of foundation building
Chapter 91 There is a way
Chapter 92: I fooled a fool
Chapter 93 Acquaintances
Chapter 94 Habitual Death
Chapter 95 Leave it to me
Chapter 96: Use mortals to do things
Chapter 97 Done
Chapter 98 Dare to Sit
Chapter 99: Improve National Fortune
Chapter 100 The test item
Chapter 101 Test Item 2
Chapter 102 Help you improve your national luck
Chapter 103 Let's Die Together
Chapter 104 The dust has settled
Chapter 105: Crossing the border again
Chapter 106 Tips
Chapter 107 Where did the corpse come from?
Chapter 108 A game for two people
Chapter 109 First glimpse of the door
Chapter 109 Future
Chapter 111 The Sea of ??Consciousness Mutation
Chapter 112 go home again
Chapter 113 Surprise of the family
Chapter 114 How is it possible
Chapter 115 Warm family
Chapter 116 Sister's Gift
Chapter 117 Walk sideways
Chapter 118 Class
Chapter 119 The belated benefit
Chapter 120 Don't say it sooner
Chapter 121 Breakthrough in painting skills
Chapter 122 Everyone speaks the truth
Chapter 123 For your own good
Chapter 124 hit the stroke
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Five Small World Picture Scroll
Chapter 126 Want to go out?
Chapter 127 You can play chess?
Chapter 128: Chess Crazy
Chapter 129 Play a big one
Chapter 130 Peaceful life
Chapter 131 Who taught your math
Chapter 132 Pumping
Chapter 133: Draw 2
Chapter 134 Getting out of trouble
Chapter 135 Consequences
Chapter 136: Waste wood is still a genius
Chapter 137 Reiki Mutation
Chapter 138: Walk the Way for Heaven
Chapter 139 Dazzling
Chapter One Hundred and Fortieth Is Young Master So No Line?
Chapter 141 You deserve it too
Chapter 142: Satisfaction Paper
Chapter 143 The Holy Word
Chapter 144 Really built the foundation
Chapter 145 It has nothing to do with me
Chapter 146 Stunning Woman
Chapter 147 Who wants to die
Chapter 148 Drinking
Chapter 149 I actually have a home
Chapter 150 Drinking tea
Chapter 151 Is it enough?
Chapter 152 try the fineness
Chapter 153 I am very satisfied
Chapter 154 Private grudges
Chapter one hundred and fifty fifth son-in-law
Chapter 156 Drive me out
Chapter 157 What does it have to do with me
Chapter 158 copied
Chapter 159 You are missing a seal
Chapter 160: Cultivation also follows fate
Chapter 161
Chapter one hundred and sixty-two
Chapter 163 Sister Ningdan
Chapter 164 See what you are playing
Chapter 165 The pen
Chapter 166 You have to be worthy
Chapter 167 You have to be worthy of my lord
Chapter 168 Enjoy
Chapter 169 Kill him
Chapter 170 Leave it to me
Chapter 171 Master wants to paint beautiful women
One hundred and seventieth chapters dream pen flowers
Chapter 173 See who is fast
Chapter 174 This is it
Chapter 175 How do you want to die
Chapter 176 Where does the confidence come from
Chapter 177 Corpse
One hundred and seventy-eighth chapter buried for safety
Chapter 179 Mobius Ring
Chapter 180: Going to the Little Monk
Chapter 181 Zen Test
Chapter 182 Where is the temple
Chapter 183 The monks also chat
Chapter 184 The first cassock
Chapter 185 The second cassock
Chapter one hundred and eighty sixth story
Chapter 187 I'm missing you
Chapter 188 A dust bead
Chapter 189 I dare to say you dare to listen
Chapter 190 Give you a face
Chapter 191 has a daughter-in-law
Chapter 192 Acceptance
Chapter 193 Draw a capital
Chapter 194: Seeing the Witch again
Chapter 195 Calculation
Chapter 196 Next time
Chapter 197 Who asked you to kill
Chapter 198 Wrap it on me
Chapter 199 Pigment can't do it
Chapter 200: See through but not say through
Chapter 201 Jiuding Guiyuan Wine
Chapter 202 I'm a softie
Chapter 203 I guessed it right
Chapter 204 I heard that you are very good at chess
Chapter 205 You use outboard tricks
Chapter 206: Strong Physique
Chapter 207 The Broken Picture Scroll
Chapter 208: Ten Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains
Chapter 209 People are here
Chapter 210 I want to snatch you back
Chapter 211: Viewing the world
Chapter 212 Xiaoshen Tanhua
Chapter 213 luck has changed
Chapter 214 That's it
Chapter 215 has a door
Chapter 216 The finishing touch
Chapter Two Hundred and Seventeen Dreams Come True
Chapter two hundred and eighteen smart people
Chapter 219 I look so bullied
Chapter 220 Drunk life and dream death
Chapter 221 Uncle Ding's Prestige
Chapter 222 meet again
Chapter 223 Secrets are all exposed
Chapter 224: Destroying Heavenly Things
Chapter 225 Diminishing Marginal Effects
Chapter two hundred and twenty sixth sister and brother chat
The 227th chapter whale swallow spectrum 4.0
Chapter 228: If the painting is not good, take away the arm
Chapter 229 Just hang out in the next Jiuzhou
Chapter 230: The monk wants to be generous
Chapter 231 hurts self-esteem
Chapter 232 Addiction
Chapter 233 Crazy Monster
Chapter two hundred and thirty fourth life-saving magic weapon
Chapter two hundred and thirty fifth blessing and misfortune
Chapter 236 Go in and see
Chapter 237 frogs croak
Chapter 238 Jian Xiao
Chapter 239: Make up for one
Chapter two hundred and fortieth magic sound
Chapter 241 The poor behind the scenes
Chapter 242 It's your turn
Chapter 243 Don't be disappointed
Chapter 244 This is also an experience
Chapter 245: Separate again
Chapter 246 Not too long
Chapter 247 Refining
Chapter 248: Trouble that is not troublesome
Chapter 249: Be sure to draw well
Chapter 250 Shaohua is fleeting
Chapter 251: Destined by chance
Chapter 252 There is a beginning and an end
Chapter 253: Deja Vu
Chapter 254 What is the wind
Chapter 255 Keeping the Promise
Chapter 256 What can I do
Chapter two hundred and fifty seventh sacrifice one's life
Chapter 258 This is not over today
Chapter 259 Unlucky reminder
Chapter 260: Staying on the Line
Chapter 261 Where are the people?
Chapter 262 Not greedy
Chapter 263 Not so simple
Chapter 264 Running away
Chapter 265 Go back and have a look
Chapter 266: No Leak Golden Elixir
Chapter two hundred and sixty seventh world affairs a big dream
Chapter 268 The hilt
Chapter 269 Become a bait
Chapter two hundred and seventieth master's integrity
Chapter 271 offerings
Chapter 272 Don't go when you come
Two hundred and seventieth chapters complacent
Chapter 274 To be developed
Chapter 275: Life and Death
Chapter 276 parting
Chapter 277 This is a chance
Chapter 278 Missed
Chapter 279 Who is messing with me
Chapter 280 The consequences are very serious
Chapter 281 I will too
Chapter 282 The solution is actually very easy
Chapter 283: Asking Life and Death in a Dream
Chapter two hundred and eighty fourth drunk
Chapter 285 The cloud rises and the cloud disappears
Chapter two hundred and eighty sixth arrived
Chapter 287 As expected
Chapter 288 Matryoshka
Chapter 289 The cultivation base has skyrocketed
Chapter 290 Being watched
Chapter 291 Why is it not peaceful
Chapter 292 Turning your face is like turning a book
Chapter 293 You are the last one
Chapter two hundred and ninety fourth come for a ruthless
Chapter two hundred and ninety fifth desperately
Chapter 296 Common ground
Chapter two hundred and ninety seventh to listen to persuasion
Chapter 298 The clown is actually me
Chapter 299: Recognize yourself
Chapter Three Hundred
Chapter 301 Something happened
Chapter 302: End-of-life entrustment
Chapter 303 is led by disaster
Chapter 304 The real thing
Chapter 305 The last laugh
Chapter 306 I want a picture of a beauty
Chapter 307 Have some wine first
Three hundred and eighth master is not easy to mess with
Chapter 309 I am very satisfied
Chapter three hundred and ten moody
Chapter 311 Bodhisattva Heart
Chapter 312 That is better than luck
Chapter 313 Good
Three hundred and fourteenth chapters of each
Chapter 315 The level of education is not good
Chapter 316 I can't write it?
Chapter 317 Change
Chapter three hundred and eighteen happy days like a fairy
Chapter 319 There is a kind of you who end up in person
Chapter 320 Finished work
Chapter 321 There is always a vent
Chapter 322 Choose the same
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty-Three
Three hundred and twentieth chapters to the valley of impermanence
Chapter 325 There are always smart people
Three hundred and twentieth chapters refuse to accept you
Chapter 327: Another game
Chapter 328 The overall situation has been decided
Three hundred and twentieth IX dissatisfied come again
Chapter 330 Give you a chance
Chapter 331, etc.
Chapter 332 They can't come out
Chapter 333 Ordinary Stones
Chapter 334 is over
Three hundred and thirtieth chapters who know me
Chapter 336 Finally finished
Chapter three hundred and thirty seventh reunion and unpleasant scenery
Chapter 338 The highest realm
Chapter 339: Burning the Qin and Cooking the Crane
Chapter 340 Not him
Chapter 341 Transformation
Chapter 342 Addicted to shooting
Chapter 343 Unruly Young Master's Beauty Picture
Chapter 344: Awareness of Suffering
Chapter 345 I want that set
Chapter 346 The benefits of the mortal world
Chapter 347 Can you do it?
Three hundred and forty-eighth chapter internal virtual
Chapter 349 This is forgetting worry fast
Chapter 350 Dilemma
Chapter 351: Playing chess to be able to lose chess
Chapter 352 Someone else wants to do something
Chapter 353 Thank you elders for fulfilling
Chapter 354 Mistakes
Chapter 354 The advantage is in me
Chapter 356 Never Complete
Chapter 357 Still vomited after all
Chapter 358 Grandmaster
Chapter 359 Good rules
Chapter 360 Kill it
Chapter 361 I am medicine
Chapter three hundred and sixty second plot
Chapter 363 Transparent Demon
Chapter 364 Gifts
Chapter 365 Advanced camouflage
Chapter 366: It's too late to discover
Chapter 367 You will still do this
Chapter 368 Teach her the rules
Chapter 369 family
Three hundred and seventieth chapters moved by practice
Chapter 371 Sir please use
Chapter 372 has a price
Three hundred and seventieth chapters have a mouthful
Chapter 374 Surprise meeting
Chapter 375 Auntie
Chapter 376 Native Products
Chapter 377 Mutual Intentions
Chapter 378: Play a Band
Chapter 379 This is not difficult
Chapter three hundred and eighty
Chapter three hundred and eighty first puzzle
Chapter 382 Words
Chapter three hundred and eighty third no text
Chapter 384
Chapter 385 Change
Chapter 386 Send me a poem
Chapter 387 Reincarnation Pearl
Chapter 388: Seeing the nature and becoming a Buddha
Chapter 389 I can't bear it
Chapter 389 Treasure Hunt
Chapter 391 No Treasure Map
Chapter 392 Did I not find it?
Chapter three hundred and ninety third borrow your luck
Chapter three hundred and ninety fourth blood sacrifice
Chapter 395 Whose blood will do
Three hundred and ninetieth chapters spoil the fun
Chapter three hundred and ninety seventh bath water
Three hundred and ninetieth eight chapters to support
Chapter 399 Addicted
Chapter 400: Accompanying Play
Chapter 401 This one doesn't count
Chapter 402: Receive the supernatural powers
Chapter 403 fart and
Chapter 404 Abduction
Chapter 405 Resist or tempt
Chapter 406 No Desires
Chapter 407: Old Man Jiang's Expectation
Chapter 408 Small Temple
Chapter 409 The deal
Chapter four hundred and ninth decisive battle
The four hundred and eleventh chapter died of too many words
Chapter 412 make a discussion
Chapter 413: What did you promise to do so quickly?
Chapter 414: Why be a villain
Chapter 415 Who am I
Chapter 416 is not enough
Chapter 417 is too barren
Chapter 418 Misunderstanding of thinking
Chapter four hundred and nineteen home
Chapter 420 Accounting
Four hundred and twentieth chapters tonic wine
Chapter 422 The horror of the sisters
Chapter 423 I'm stupid
Four hundred and twentieth chapters bold
Chapter 425: Support if you can't persuade
Four hundred and twentieth chapters restless
The 427th chapter whale swallow spectrum 5.0
Chapter 427 All are evildoers
Chapter 429 Parting is for a better reunion
Chapter 430: Price and Rules
Chapter 431 to meet
Chapter 432 Does the master like it?
Four hundred and thirtieth chapters are dead
Chapter 434 There is still time
Chapter 435 Let's have a dream together
Chapter 436 Ambush
Four hundred and thirtieth chapters catch it
Four hundred and thirtieth eight chapters natural power
Chapter 439 Is it wrong?
Chapter 440 Booty
Chapter 441 The handsome coquette
Chapter 442 Witch Breakthrough
Chapter 443 The sudden bridal chamber
Chapter 444 Still have to optimize
Chapter 445: The sky is not yet complete
Chapter 446: You don't condense the pill, who condenses
Chapter 447: Who will die if he doesn't die
Chapter 448: Heaven and Man Learn from All
Chapter 449: Make an exception to point out
Chapter 450: Whale Swallow Spectrum 6.0
Chapter 451: Unbearable
Chapter 452 Reluctantly accepted
Chapter four hundred and fiftieth chapters
Chapter 454: Decision
Chapter 455 This is wrong
Chapter 456 Will there be a fight?
Chapter 458: Subversion of cognition
Chapter 459 Then flicker
Chapter 460 First Class Sect
Chapter four hundred and sixty first way of doing things
Chapter 462: A Lesson for the Big Brother
Chapter 463: Really High
Chapter 464 Flicker Lame
Chapter 465 Let's Watch the Fun Together
Chapter 466 Gold Paperweight
Chapter 467 This is the experience of the world of mortals
Chapter 468 For Longevity
Chapter 469 Don't Worry
Chapter 470 Consummation
Chapter 470: The Second Fudge
Chapter 472 Academic Journals
Chapter 473: Double Doctors
Chapter 474: What do you want?
Chapter 475 I have a doubt
Chapter 475: Doom
Chapter 477 You are out of luck
Chapter 478 You are so different
Chapter 479 Bamboo is not as good as meat
Chapter 480 Personal Maid
Chapter 481 Optimization completed
Chapter 482 Metamorphosis
Chapter 483 Rejection
Chapter 484: Apology
Chapter 485 This is not over
Chapter 486 Debt
Chapter 487: Boundless Tactics and Experiments
Chapter 488 Fire Attribute
Chapter 489: The Third Matryoshka
Chapter four hundred and ninetieth splashing dirty water
Chapter 491 Don't Give Face
Chapter 492 Seriously
Chapter 493 Easy to talk
Chapter 494 Waiting for him to speak
Chapter four hundred and ninety fifth shot and help
Chapter 496: Spiritual Consciousness Seed
Chapter 497 Bloody Road
Chapter 498: A New Attack
Chapter 499 Come and hit me
Chapter 500 Satellite
Chapter 501: Mountain Worship
Chapter 502 I have a background
Chapter 503: Really Like a White Snake
Chapter 504 Still Too Young
Chapter 505: Decent
Chapter 506 You think I don't want to
Chapter 507 Don't show signs
Chapter 508 I want it all
Chapter 509 Wronged
Chapter 510 Preempting and lagging behind
Chapter 511: Zhenye Mengye
Chapter 512 Introspection
Chapter 513 Honeymoon Joy
Chapter five hundred and thirteen parting
Chapter 515 I can
Chapter 516 Maybe it’s not a problem for me
Chapter five hundred and seventeenth motherfucker
Chapter 518 Qualified boy
Chapter 519: Uninhibited
Chapter 520 Signs
Chapter five hundred and twentieth Is there any evil spirit
Chapter 522 Who Said
Chapter 523: The Music Is Too Evil
Chapter 524: Gone
Chapter 525: Only a few days apart
Chapter 526 You are lucky
Chapter five hundred and twenty seventh why escape
Chapter five hundred and twentieth eight out to keep promises
Chapter five hundred and twentieth IX: Moment of spoils
Chapter 529 I want to see you as a great master
Chapter 531 Eliminate hidden dangers
Chapter 532 My Benefits
Chapter 533 Too Simple
Chapter five hundred and thirtieth: The clouds bloom and the moon shines
Chapter 535: The Elixir of Life
Chapter 536 Returning to Wangyouzhai
Chapter 537 Don't talk nonsense
Chapter 538 Qualification
Chapter 539 Demon Sword Please Taste
Chapter five hundred and fortieth I will also engage in mentality
Chapter five hundred and fortieth one, bound in a cocoon
Chapter 542 Look at my demon knife
Chapter five hundred and fortieth third: Overpowering people with power
Chapter five hundred and fortieth shame and companionship
Chapter 545: Check
Chapter 546 I hope it’s an illusion
Chapter 547: The Sect Leader’s Request
Chapter 548: Chess Fairy
Chapter 549: Get out
Chapter 550: Who to mess with?
Chapter 551 Poor Elder Wu
Chapter 552: Solving the Star Positions
Chapter 553: This treasure is destined for me
Chapter 554: Choose another one
Chapter 555 Upgrade and Iteration
Chapter 556: Leaving Wangyouzhai
Chapter 557 I like little surprises
Chapter 558: Are you there?
Chapter 559: This is not luck
Chapter 560: It’s good to owe a favor
Chapter 561: What exactly did I teach?
Chapter 562: Small World is a good thing
Chapter 563: Flower Exploration Treasure Ship
Chapter 564: I can do this too
Chapter 565: One person’s wool
Chapter 566: Show yourself as a saint
Chapter 567 I am telling the truth
Chapter 568 Why don’t you go to heaven?
Chapter 569 It must be him
Chapter 570: Scared
Chapter 571 Jiuding can be restored
Chapter 572: Bone Necrosis
Chapter 573: What a crime
Chapter 574: Shen Tanhua Invites
Chapter 575: Forget it
Chapter 576 There are always exceptions to the rules
Chapter 577: One word becomes a prophecy
Chapter 578: The Sword in the Stone
Chapter 579 The real good thing
Chapter 580: A full blow
Chapter 581: Leave as soon as you say it
Chapter 582 Xiaobai Xiaoqing comes out of seclusion
Chapter 583 What regulations?
Chapter 584: Call me Guanren
Chapter 585: Unintentional intervention
Chapter 586 Enjoying Incense
Chapter 587: Somewhat promising
Chapter 588 Ding Jian has inner demons
Chapter 589 It depends on your choice
Chapter 590: Recognizing Ancestors and Returning to the Clan
Chapter 591 Give me a sword
Chapter 592 Something weird
Chapter 593 The real accumulation of experience
Chapter 594: Complete supplement
Chapter 595: Difficult or Not Difficult
Chapter 596: Long Jianxin’s new magical power
Chapter 597: Fooling Old Man Shan
Chapter 598: Souvenirs
Chapter 599: One-sided Sword
Chapter 600: He deserves this disaster
Chapter 601 The End
Chapter 602 Miscalculation
Chapter 603 Despair
Chapter 604 The final retreat
Chapter 605: Thank you, senior, for helping me
Chapter 606 The Sun is True Fire
Chapter 607: Younger
Chapter 608: Qin
Chapter 609: Sudden Attack
Chapter 610 I caught you
Chapter 611: Subconscious Caution
Chapter 612 Grand Dharma Assembly
Chapter 613: How virtuous and capable are you?
Chapter 614 The Great Ming Curse
Chapter 615 You don’t understand at all
Chapter 616: Run
Chapter 617: Merger
Chapter 618 The benefits gradually become apparent
Chapter 619: Cultivation Retrograde
Chapter 620: Refining Taotie Skin
Chapter 621 You are the one
Chapter 622: Favor
Chapter 623: Get used to it
Chapter 624: I just guessed
Chapter 625 Replay
Chapter 626 Someone has been here before
Chapter 627: Despised
Chapter 628: The Resurrected Dead
Chapter 629: Air Attack
Chapter 630: Who is targeting me?
Chapter 631: Immortality
Chapter 632: Human or Demon
Chapter 633: Obtaining the Dharma and Forgetting the Dharma
Chapter 634: No moral ethics
Chapter 635: The pot is still yours
Chapter 636: Does it have anything to do with me?
Chapter 637 I’m not afraid
Chapter 638: Call me brother-in-law.
Chapter 639 Let me tell a story
Chapter 640: I’m plotting against you
Chapter 641 I will never regret it
Chapter 642 New Dishes
Chapter 643: Prosperity and Wealth
Chapter 644: Great Transformation into a Living Person
Chapter 645 Extremely delicious
Chapter 646: Infusion of Divine Consciousness
Chapter 647: Origin of Seeds
Chapter 648: Flood in the Desert
Chapter 649 Isn’t this coming?
Chapter 650: Harmful
Chapter 651: Your eyes are really
Chapter 652: Chao Wen Dao
Chapter 653: Death is inevitable
Chapter 654: Nothing special
Chapter 655 Why can’t we go up?
Chapter 656 Found you
Chapter 657 Missing a piece
Chapter 658 How great would that be?
Chapter 659: Mount Tai is overwhelming
Chapter 660: Holding it in for a long time
Chapter 661 The mantis stalks the cicada
Chapter 662 Collision
Chapter 663: How many levels have you passed?
Chapter 664: Not from the same group
Chapter 665: Regeneration Technique
Chapter 666: I suspect something happened
Chapter 667: Lucid Dream
Chapter 668 Clues
Chapter 669: Talking on paper
Chapter 670: Look at it openly
Chapter 671 Balance
Chapter 672: Tonic
Chapter 673: Not mine
Chapter 674 I really don’t know
Chapter 675 Teacher Shen is in class
Chapter 676: Impolite
Chapter 677: This is not a show of affection
Chapter 678: Return the favor quickly
Chapter 679: Seizing the opportunity
Chapter 680 It turns out to be you
Chapter 681: Fully Prepared
Chapter 682 You have such a big heart
Chapter 683: Rich and wealthy
Chapter 684: Jiuding Returns
Chapter 685 Who is cheating me?
Chapter 686: Leader’s Atmosphere
Chapter 687 Haotian Mountain Gate
Chapter 688 Residential Area
Chapter 689: The ability to escape
Chapter 690 Could it be that you have been there?
Chapter 691 Let’s go together
Chapter 692: Knowledge in exchange for action
Chapter 693: Here’s another one too
Chapter 694: Pay attention to people
Chapter 695: Lessons Learned from History
Chapter 696: What do you want to learn?
Chapter 697: Point Technology Tree
Chapter 698: Point Technology Tree 2
Chapter 699: Point Technology Tree Three
Chapter 700: Point Technology Tree Four
Chapter 701: Point Technology Tree Five
Chapter 702: The new technique is not far away
Chapter 703: The weak will not be replenished
Chapter 704 All adults want it
Chapter 705 Departure
Chapter 706: Only for you
Chapter 707 Old Bird
Chapter 708: Given to you
Chapter 709: Send a hair
Chapter 710: Die to me
Chapter 711: Oneself and Outsiders
Chapter 712: If it’s not enough, I want more
Chapter 713 Have you been to a brothel?
Chapter 714: Severed Finger
Chapter 715 How powerful it is
Chapter 716: I can be your Taoist companion
Chapter 717: Leave the matter of killing mortals to me
Chapter 718 The villain is myself
Chapter 719 Let it go
Chapter 720 No spoilers
Chapter 721: Guidance on the Maze
Chapter 722: What is great luck?
Chapter 723: Chaotic Heart
Chapter 724: Immeasurable Merits
Chapter 725: This is also experience
Chapter 726 Entering
Chapter 727 Special Space
Chapter 728: Predicting things like a god
Chapter 729 We will make a fortune
Chapter 730: Should the price increase?
Chapter 731 The best customer
Chapter 732: Too Far
Chapter 733: Long experience