Chapter 1148 I really deserve to die

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The helicopter fleet has been flying south.

The experts from the Northern Federation in the helicopter lay curiously on the window and looked outside.

"Dad, where are we going?" a little boy with a sallow complexion asked doubtfully.

There was a man wearing glasses sitting next to him. Hearing what the little boy asked, he didn't know how to answer for a while.

He adjusted his glasses, which had a broken lens.

He said in a wide voice: "Let's go to the big camphor tree base."

"Da Zhangshu Base? Will it be better than in the Northern Federation? Is mom over there?"

The man was silent and said slowly: "Your mother is in heaven."

The little boy smiled and said, "Dad, you are lying to me again. We are in the sky and I haven't even seen my mother."

The man sighed, took off his worn glasses, and rubbed the lenses with the corner of his clothes.

Suddenly, the helicopter shook.

The glasses in his hand fell to the ground.

His myopia is so deep that without glasses, he is equivalent to a blind man.

He immediately unbuckled his seat belt, then leaned down to fumble for the lenses.

But he couldn't see anything clearly and couldn't find his pair of lenses.


The helicopter passed through the airflow and vibrated violently.

Under the influence of inertia, the man's body fell forward.

He bumped into Xiaoliu who was sitting opposite.

"You don't want your life! I said you can't unbuckle your seat belt at will. Now that the helicopter is passing through the airflow, do you want to die if you unbuckle it?!"

Xiao Liu quickly pushed him up.

"Sorry, sorry." The man realized that he had done something wrong.

He recognized that the man speaking in front of him was from the Da Zhangshu Base.

I bumped into him just now, and he was a little nervous.

He was afraid of offending the people at the Da Zhangshu base, and even if he suffered, he was afraid that his son would also be implicated.

"I'm sorry, I lost my glasses. I can't see anything without my glasses."

From his perspective, the little willow, which was only one meter away from him, looked like it was filled with mosaics and could not be seen clearly at all.

Xiaoliu sighed, unbuckled his seat belt impatiently, and stood up.

"Come on, I'll take you back to your seat. Don't move around anymore. The helicopter will be stable later and I'll help you find it."

When setting off, Li Yu emphasized to them that they must treat these experts with a friendly attitude.

Hearing that Xiaoliu was not angry because he unbuckled his seat belt without permission, the man breathed a sigh of relief.

Obediently, he was helped back to his seat.


Xiaoliu helped him fasten his seat belt, and Xiaoliu warned again: "Don't move any more."

The words just fell.


The helicopter shook violently again.

Although Xiaoliu was prepared and holding on to the seat, her body still tilted slightly to the side.

Due to the effect of inertia, the right foot steps down to the right.


There was a sound of breaking glass.

Xiaoliu felt something under her feet and looked a little embarrassed at the man in front of her.

With the feeling of stepping on his feet, he could feel that he should have stepped on this man's lens.


Xiao Liu coughed dryly to hide her inner embarrassment.

Then he lowered his head and picked up the glasses from his feet.


The broken lens fell to the ground, and the original intact lens was also broken.

Naturally, the man also heard the sound of the lens breaking, and a trace of despair appeared on his face.

The depth of his myopia reached more than a thousand degrees.

In the apocalypse, without his glasses, he is equivalent to being blind.

The pair of glasses that were broken just now were the ones he wore before the end of the world.

Xiao Liu looked at the glasses with only one frame left, then lowered his head and picked up the lenses from the ground.

It has been broken into seven or eight pieces. No matter how hard it is put back together, it probably won't be able to be put back together.

I was about to express my apology.

The man opened his mouth and said:

"Brother, it's okay. Can you give me the broken lens? I'll find a way to glue it back up and it will still work."

He didn't dare to get angry when his glasses were stepped on and broken.

After all, I first violated the rule that you cannot unbuckle your seat belt on a helicopter.

When Xiao Liu heard this, he handed his lens, which was broken into several pieces, to the man's hand.

The man reached out and took it, and said carefully: "Thank you."

Then I groped around and felt the lenses with my hands, trying to see if the lenses could be spliced ​​into a complete piece.

But when he counted them one by one, he found that they were broken into eight pieces, and he almost collapsed.

It's broken into pieces like this, even if it's put together it's probably hard to see clearly.

Seeing him like this, Xiao Liu felt guilty and said, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do it."

"I know, the helicopter is still shaking. It's dangerous and easy for you to get hurt standing here. Go back to your seat. I'm fine." The man said in a low tone.

After hearing what he said, Xiao Liu stopped talking and finally returned to her seat.

Put on your seat belt.

He looked directly at the man.

The little boy next to the man took the broken lens from the man's hand and said sadly: "Dad, there are two pieces missing. Let me help you look for it."

"Don't move. You can't unbuckle the seat belt. It's dangerous." The man quickly stopped the little boy and pushed him down on his seat.


"It's okay." The man opened his eyes, but everything he saw was blurry.

He touched the little boy's head and said with a smile: "It's okay, it's okay."

It's just that his smile was a little bitter and helpless.

He didn't know what to do after going to the Da Zhangshu Base.

Things like glasses may not be worth mentioning before the end of the world, but they are easily available.

However, after experiencing so many natural disasters, it is harder to find supplies one by one.

What's more, there is no substitute for lenses of his height.

He was in a daze, worried about his future.

He naturally knew that the reason why Da Zhangshu Base let him go was because of his pre-apocalyptic expertise.

But without his glasses, he can't see and can't be of any use.

He deeply understands how realistic people are in this end of the world. You have no value and can only wait for death. No one will pity you.

He did not dare to place his hopes in the hands of the Da Zhangshu Base.

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He sighed slowly.

Xiao Liu, who was sitting opposite him, had been observing this man.

After seeing this man's glasses being crushed by him, he seemed to have become a blind man.

Seeing his desperate expression.

Xiaoliu remembered how bad she had been towards him just now.

Moreover, the man was so careful with me just now, and I felt extremely guilty inside.

At this time, he saw the little boy next to him sitting on the seat, trying to figure out how to splice the pair of lenses.

"I really deserve to die..."

Xiao Liu secretly thought.

So I thought I would wait until I got to the Da Zhangshu Base and then compensate this man.

"Headquarters base, there should be lenses, right?" Xiaoliu murmured.

But he didn't have any idea.

as time flows.

Three hours later, the helicopter landed in the oil city.

Dongtai and others who had been prepared here long ago saw their helicopter landing and immediately took people up to refuel the helicopter.

"Lao Bi." Ju Tianrui walked over and shouted to Lao Bi who got off the helicopter.

"Hehe, Captain Ju, you are so full of energy." Lao Bi teased.

Ju Tianrui smiled and said, "How was it? How many people did you bring?"

Old Bi pursed his lips angrily and said: "There are more than 120 experts, including 200 of their immediate family members."

Ju Tianrui nodded and said: "Yes, there are quite a lot of people. With these experts, I believe our headquarters will develop better and better."

Lao Bi scratched his head and said, "Lao Ju, I have something to ask you."

"Say." Ju Tianrui said.

Lao Bi looked around and pulled Ju Tianrui aside to a place where no one was around.

He asked in a low voice: "The headquarters base has said that there will be heavy fog in a few days, but I always feel that it is not reliable."

"Huh? What's so unreliable?" When Ju Tianrui heard what Lao Bi said, he instantly became interested.

During this time, he made a lot of preparations in Oil City in order to cope with the foggy weather.

Regarding the movable blade, he had people check both sides and lubricated the movable blade to prevent it from getting stuck.

In addition, in order to avoid short-circuiting wires due to thick water vapor in foggy weather, he also urgently had someone deal with it.

It can be said that this is the most important and most concerning thing for him recently.

But now Lao Bi told him that something was not very reliable.

He was a little confused.

Lao Bi hesitated and said:

"Actually, it's not that it's unreliable, it just feels a little strange."

"I remember our base didn't have a meteorological team."

"And I heard that the reason why it was judged that it was foggy weather was probably calculated by the senior fellow of Qingyang Taoist Priest. Do you think this thing is accurate?"

Ju Tianrui breathed a sigh of relief when he heard Lao Bi say this.

He thought that the foggy weather that Lao Bi said might not happen, but something else would happen.

Ju Tianrui thought for a while and then said: "I don't know about the others, but what I know is that every reminder sent by the headquarters base is very effective."

"If nothing else, let's just say that the previous super heavy rainstorms and solar magnetic storms were all reminded by the base. I don't care whether you think they are reliable or not, but as long as it is said by the city lord, a knife will fall from the sky that day, I will believe it.


Lao Bi quickly explained: "That's not what I meant. Of course I believe the city lord. I was wondering if the city lord was deceived by the Qingyuan Taoist priest."

Ju Tianrui chuckled.

He asked back: "Do you think our city lord is the kind of person who is easily deceived?"

Lao Bi shook his head and said: "No, our city lord has a clear eye for fire, and his eyes are like torches."

Ju Tianrui gave him a hammer and said with a smile:

"The city lord is not here, why are you trying to flatter me? You are such a fool."

Lao Bi also smiled and said:

"It's nothing, I'm just a little worried, but that's okay. If there is really heavy fog, then if we are prepared, we won't suffer much loss."

Ju Tianrui nodded and said, "That's the truth. Don't think so wildly."

Lao Bi said helplessly:

"I was also deceived by a charlatan before the end of the world. He lied to me that there would be a blood disaster within three days, and then I asked him for advice on how to resolve it. I gave him several thousand dollars, but I didn't expect that behind the scenes, this old man was actually holding my

Money goes to whoring C.”

"Hahahaha." Ju Tianrui laughed when he heard this.


The other side.

Xiaoliu unbuckled his seat belt and said to everyone in the cabin: "Everyone can come out to use the toilet, don't run around."

Everyone come down.

After seeing the Oil City, some were surprised, and more people were disappointed.

"Is this the Da Zhangshu Base? It feels worse than the Northern Federation."

Compared to the Northern Federation, the walls of Oil City are indeed much shorter.

In addition, the houses around here are obviously factories.

"Well, let's settle down now that we've come."

"If I had known, I wouldn't have come here even if I were killed. The environment here is not as good as in the north."

"Don't look at the appearance. What if the benefits they provide are not bad? We are in the north, but we don't really receive much attention."

"Oh, what the hell, you know autumn when a leaf falls. Just from these, you can see that the basic facilities of the Da Zhangshu Base are not that strong. The Da Zhangshu Base may only be able to control zombies..."

Hearing the discussion of these people, Hema, who was standing beside them and guarding them, couldn't help shouting:

"What are you talking about? Go to the toilet and get back into the helicopter. We will be flying for a few hours later."


"Ah? Is it possible that we haven't arrived at the Da Zhangshu Base yet?" A man with a goatee walked over and asked He Ma.

He Ma heard this and answered:

"Of course, this is Oil City, a branch of our Da Zhangshu base. Go to the toilet quickly."

"What does the Big Camphor Tree base look like? Excuse me." The goateeed man asked curiously.

"Why are you asking so many questions? It'll be here in a few hours. You can just watch it yourself." He Ma waved his hand and signaled for him to hurry over.

Goatee saw that He Ma didn't want to talk to him anymore, so he said a polite thank you and then walked to the public restroom in Oil City.

This chapter is not finished yet. Please click on the next page to continue reading the exciting content! After they got off the oil city, they lined up to go to the toilet one by one. People from the Da Zhangshu Base were watching on both sides to prevent them from not using the restroom.

Do something honestly.


Dongtai and others filled up the fuel for these helicopters.

"Get on the helicopter quickly, why are you hanging around?" Lao Bi shouted when he saw Xiao Liu still hanging outside the helicopter.

Xiaoliu quickly got on the helicopter and had just asked around the Oil City.

No glasses lenses for myopia found.

In fact, I found it, but it was worn by one of Masseilon's technicians, so I couldn't give it to him.

The personnel stationed in the outer city here in Oil City are basically combatants.

A large part of them came from the army.

After coming out of the army, it is difficult to find a short-sighted person holding a lantern.

Originally, Xiao Liu wanted to ask Xiao Jun if there were any in the headquarters base, but before he could, Lao Bi called him to get on the helicopter.

He has always been worried about the fact that he just crushed the man's glasses.

If the man yelled and got angry after having his lens crushed.

That Xiao Liu will not feel guilty.

The main reason is that the man's attitude is too good.

Damn, I'll ask again after I get back to headquarters.

Xiaoliu got on the helicopter and remembered that when this man went to the toilet just now, he was led there by his son's hand, and his face felt a little hot.

Walked over.

Standing in front of the man, the low voice asked: "What is your name?"

The man only felt a black shadow appear in front of him and heard a somewhat familiar voice. He recognized that it was the man who crushed his glasses.

Then he said: "Ni Kuangkuang."

Xiaoliu said angrily: "I will find new ones for you for your glasses."

The man's eyes lit up, but soon went out again.

He said: "My myopia is 1,500 degrees. Lenses of this degree are difficult to find. I... don't want to embarrass you."

Hearing this, Xiao Liu recalled that when he picked up the man's lenses, they were indeed a bit thick around the edges.

So he said: "Anyway, I will help you look for it when you get to Da Zhangshu Base."

The man said gratefully: "Thank you."

Xiaoliu glanced at him, said nothing, returned to his seat, and fastened his seat belt.

The man opposite him actually didn't have much hope after hearing what Xiaoliu said just now.

There are very few lenses with a 1500 degree degree, even lenses with a degree higher than 1,000 degrees.

Buzz buzz——

The helicopter took off and flew towards the Da Zhangshu Base.

A man with a goatee sitting in a helicopter looked down at the oil city on the ground, his eyes uncertain.

"What does the Da Zhangshu Base look like..."


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