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Rebirth in the last days: 30 million winning prizes at the beginning

Rebirth in the last days: 30 million winning prizes at the beginning

author:six leeks

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:05-14 10:32

Latest chapter:Chapter 1295 Big Mac goes north, the third uncle said...

The doomsday is approaching, the world order is chaotic, human morality has been lost beer........

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《Rebirth in the last days: 30 million winning prizes at the beginning》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1295 Big Mac goes north, the third uncle said...
Chapter 1294 No, we won’t fight...Bang!
Chapter 1293 The Domineering Third Uncle
Chapter 1292 Lord Tiger arrives, breaking through 45,000 people! (Thanks to [Lin Feng Piao Yun] leader)
Chapter 1291 The countdown begins! (Big chapter thanks to [Peeping the Sunset in the Bamboo,] alliance leader!)
Chapter 1290 Send the Big Mac over
Chapter 1289 Ju Tianrui, I’m so damn busy! I want to go back to the headquarters!
Chapter 1288 You have to listen to me in my place!
Chapter 1287 The trading market was crowded with people, crazy people came in!
《Rebirth in the last days: 30 million winning prizes at the beginning》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1: 180 days to the end
Chapter Two: Winning 30 million
Chapter 3: Construction base
Chapter 4: Loan of 20 million
Chapter 5: Crazy Purchasing
Chapter 6: Countdown to the Doomsday
Chapter Seven: The Omen
Chapter 8: Breaking out early?
Chapter Nine: Don't chop, poke!
Chapter Ten: Uncle Lai is a little brave
Chapter Eleven: Facing the Zombies
Chapter Twelve: Listen to Yu Tsai!
Chapter 13 This is too much material!
Chapter Fourteen: Too Cruel
Chapter Fifteen: The Rainstorm
Chapter 16: Looking for Uncle
Chapter 17: Save? Not save?
Chapter 18: The Armory
Chapter 19: Let's Go Home!
Chapter 20: Let's Go In
Chapter 21: What People Say
Chapter 22: The Crowd
Chapter 23: Regret
Chapter 24: BBQ Party
Chapter 25: Escape to the Rock Mountain
Chapter 26: When the avalanche falls.....
Chapter 27: Why?
Chapter 28: Have you ever thought about it?
Chapter 29: Home!
Chapter 30: Hurry up and praise this treasure
Chapter 31: No future troubles
Chapter 32: Darkness Under Light
Chapter 33: Gather 7 people
Chapter 34: Sincerity is a knife
Chapter 35: Throwing a Banquet 【For further reading】
Chapter 36: The Wind Blows the Hills
Chapter 37: Zombie Tide
Chapter 38: Leading away the Zombies
Chapter 39: Who is it?
Chapter 40: You guys have guns
Chapter 41: Not Playing Cards According to the Routine
Chapter 42: Waiting for the Rabbit
Chapter 43: I understand you
Chapter 44: A tooth for a tooth
Chapter 45: Kill!
Chapter 46: I'm sorry, I can't sleep
Chapter 47: Back to Base
Chapter 48: Surprised Zombie Dog
Chapter 49: Looking Up at the Stars Singing
Chapter 50: Iced Moon Beer
Chapter 51: Discussion
Chapter 52: The Speed ??of Life and Death!
Chapter 53: Quick Move
Chapter 54: Want to cut off the beard?
Chapter 55: Surround this car!
Chapter 56: Just convince yourself
Chapter 57: Music, Chess, Calligraphy, Painting, Poetry and Hops
Chapter 58: Who cares about you?
Chapter 59: Meeting Song Min Again
Chapter 60: Be Efficient
Chapter 61: Beauty Killer
Chapter 62: A man born between heaven and earth
Chapter 63: The Emotions Are Incoherent
Chapter 64: Thank you
Chapter 65: Strengthening the Base
Chapter 66: Now?
Chapter 67: Give me a reason
Chapter 68: Moving Cement
Chapter 69: Inquiry
Chapter 70: Pass this level by yourself
Chapter 71: Hurry Up!
Chapter 72: Listen to you!
Chapter 73: Awesome
Chapter 74: The Calm Before the Storm
Chapter 75: Completed ahead of schedule!
Chapter 76: The Zombies Are Coming
Chapter 77: Zombies in Rampage
Chapter 78: Three Days Later
Chapter 79: Eat Braised Fish Today
Chapter 80: The Zombie Tide Retreats
Chapter 81: Searching for Materials
Chapter 82: Encounter
Chapter 84 Things are changing
Chapter 85 Not afraid of death
Chapter 86 Gunshot!
Chapter 87 The unwilling soul
Chapter 88 I ask, you answer
Chapter 89 Make him regret coming to this world
Chapter 90 Kill!
Chapter 91 Distribution
Chapter 92 Back to base
Chapter 93 Planning
Chapter 94 A lot of pots and pans
Chapter 95 Observation
Chapter 96 Seal the throat with one knife
Chapter 97 What do you want from me, Xiao Zhang?
Chapter 98 Chase!
Chapter 99 The person in charge
Chapter 100 Getting ready to leave
Chapter 101 Found them!
Chapter 102 Where are the second uncle and the others?
Chapter 103 Little Dirty
Chapter 104 That summer vacation
Chapter 105 Braised pork elbow, fried hairtail
Chapter 106 The population exceeds 50!
Chapter 107 Swimming under the Moon
Chapter 108 Beauty takes a bath
Chapter 109 Fishing
Chapter 110 Base Plan
Chapter 111 Listening to Songs and Farming
Chapter 112 Cultivate your own heart
Chapter 113 Salvation Army?
Chapter 114 Sitting on the mountain and watching the tiger fight
Chapter 115 Zombies are like locusts
Chapter 116 The Discovery of the Salvation Army
Chapter 117 Li Yus sixth sense
Chapter 118 Wait!
Chapter 119 Exposed?
Chapter 120 The dead duck has a tough mouth
Chapter 121 Bankruptcy Conspiracy
Chapter 122 12 people
Chapter 123 Weird crying in the toilet
Chapter 124 Total Destruction
Chapter 125 Killing someone with a borrowed knife?
Chapter 126 Song Mins answer
Chapter 127 Inquire about information
Chapter 128 Defection?
Chapter 129 White-Eyed Wolf!
Chapter 130 Cant let go of the Salvation Army
Chapter 131 Brother Mao cannot have less hair!
Chapter 132 The killing is in progress
Chapter 132 Three Swords
Chapter 134 Li Yus decision
Chapter 135 Saving people is like putting out fire
Chapter 136 Blood Transfusion
Chapter 137 Hot food! Hot water! Electricity!
Chapter 138 The strength of the Salvation Army
Chapter 139 We can help you kill people
Chapter 140 Deep in the Bamboo Forest
Chapter 141 Reading is to better kill people?
Chapter 142 Planning
Chapter 143 Two middle-aged men
Chapter 144 Pear Shape Figure
Chapter 145 Coming
Chapter 146 I cant bear it
Chapter 147 The Furious Third Uncle
Chapter 148 Kill quickly
Chapter 149 Interrogation
Chapter 150 Harvesting Two Guns
Chapter 151 Heavy rain is coming
Chapter 152 Destruction of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 153 Fortunately, there is Wengcheng
Chapter 154 Hydroelectric Generator
Chapter 155 While others are struggling for life and death, I only get tipsy when I drink.
Chapter 156 The strength of the Salvation Army is halved
Chapter 157 I heard there are a lot of delicious foods
Chapter 158 Heavy rain for 20 consecutive days
Chapter 159 Li Hangs 100 Advantages
Chapter 160 Picking Mushrooms
Chapter 161 Playing Games
Chapter 162 Improving Killing Accuracy
Chapter 163 A thrilling moment
Chapter 164 When the sun shines on the earth
Chapter 165: Prepare to deal with the Salvation Army
Chapter 166 Lets go now
Chapter 167 The caring Salvation Army
Chapter 168 Everyone has their own agenda
Chapter 169 What to eat!
Chapter 170 Take Action
Chapter 171 Boss, save me!
Chapter 172 I really want to escape
Chapter 173 But Cant Escape
Chapter 174 Smart Man
Chapter 175 The Salvation Army was destroyed!
Chapter 176 Obtain a million-dollar RV!
Chapter 177 Return
Chapter 178 Sense of Belonging
Chapter 179 Just do whatever you want (please vote)
Chapter 180 Drought
Chapter 181 Its so hard to live
Chapter 182 Difficult Survival
Chapter 183 The Light of Morning
Chapter 184 Disaster
Chapter 185 Thousands of Displaced People
Chapter 186 Chaos
Chapter 187 Heading South
Chapter 188 Rumors spread
Chapter 189 Stew yourself in an iron pot?
Chapter 190 Search
Chapter 191 Conspiracy
Chapter 192 Siblings come to surrender
Chapter 193 Leading you into an urn
Chapter 194 Caught off guard
Chapter 195 Catching a Turtle in a Jar
Chapter 196 Kind People
Chapter 197 Killing to Stop Killing
Chapter 198 Pursuit
Chapter 199 Disposal of the Body
Chapter 200 Time flies
Chapter 201 Escape to Jiefang City
Chapter 202 Raising troops to prosecute
Chapter 203 For your own good
Chapter 204 Tiredness
Chapter 205 Take a nap
Chapter 206 End of July
Chapter 207 Classic Nonsense Award
Chapter 208 The director was photographed by Brick
Chapter 209: Chaos (rewritten, you can read it)
Chapter 210 Escape from Jiefang City
Chapter 211 Hidden Supplies
Chapter 212 Where to go?
Chapter 213 Half a bag of rice
Chapter 214 A riot without a winner
Chapter 215 Where to go?
Chapter 216 I only feel sorry for my brother
Chapter 217 Weird Old House
Chapter 218 Horror Tomb
Chapter 219 Its people who are causing trouble!
Chapter 220 It will be hungry
Chapter 221 Eastern Forces
Chapter 222 Cultural Man Mr. Wang
Chapter 223 Grass growing from the cracks
Chapter 224 One mountain is higher than the other
Chapter 225 Xincheng
Chapter 226 Leisurely apocalyptic life
Chapter 227 The drought continues (still)
Chapter 228 Planting
Chapter 229 The cripple steals the car
Chapter 230 Get over it
Chapter 231 Happy Time
Chapter 232 Yutong!
Chapter 233 Its raining
Chapter 234 Busy Farming Time
Chapter 235 Violence in the Bone
Chapter 236 When will the end come to an end?
Chapter 237 Ammunition Crisis
Chapter 238 Establishing a search team
Chapter 239 Its October and its still so hot
Chapter 240 Meeting Captain Lu and his party
Chapter 241 Raining on the Road
Chapter 242 Penny Mountain
Chapter 243 Thrilling Climb
Chapter 244 Blast them to death
Chapter 245 There is a hole in the hole
Chapter 246 Get a tree
Chapter 247 Spending the night in the wild
Chapter 248 The secret passage in the mountain
Chapter 249 What a fun game
Chapter 250 What is pure desire?
Chapter 251 The Domineering Explosive Pack!
Chapter 252 A series of mysterious numbers
Chapter 253 This is too many firearms, right?
Chapter 254 Millions of Bullets
Chapter 255 Its raining!?
Chapter 256 Going down the mountain
Chapter 257 A near miss
Chapter 258 Is it a coincidence or is there a ghost?
Chapter 259 Li Yu leads the team
Chapter 260: Brother, stop chasing me...
Chapter 261 Keep running!?
Chapter 262 1,300 guns!
Chapter 263 Stranger
Chapter 264 Killing Intent
Chapter 265 Why are you seeking death?
Chapter 266 Captain Lu is in danger
Chapter 267 No one left alive
Chapter 268 Save Lao Lu
Chapter 269 Im going
Chapter 270 Third Uncle Mighty
Chapter 271 Arent you used to this?
Chapter 272 Father and daughter meet
Chapter 273 Okay
Chapter 274 The base population exceeds 90!
Chapter 275 Eggs and Milk
Chapter 276 Isnt that just fun?
Chapter 277 Set off to kill Heyuan
Chapter 278 Strange Building
Chapter 279 The Story of Third Uncle
Chapter 280 The zombies climbing up!
Chapter 281 Zombies are coming in!
Chapter 282: Endure and Endure
Chapter 283 Calming Mantra
Chapter 284 Observing around
Chapter 285 Good opportunity
Chapter 286 Mr. Wang, there is something
Chapter 287 The secret passage within the secret passage
Chapter 288 Ran away?
Chapter 289 A good dog doesnt block the road
Chapter 290 Name three little ones
Chapter 291 Needs and Wants
Chapter 292 Fighting in the dark night!
Chapter 293 550 kilometers away
Chapter 294 Global Cooling
Chapter 295 Plan ahead
Chapter 296 Leisure in the End of the World
Chapter 297 Adding a duty room!
Chapter 298 Seven or eight degrees below zero!
Chapter 299 -10 degrees below zero!
Chapter 300: Dont do anything after receiving benefits!
Chapter 301 To enter or not to enter?
Chapter 302 Little Sheep!
Belated thanks~
Chapter 303 The little wolf dog opens its eyes!
Chapter 304 Safe City
Chapter 305 The road is frozen to death
Chapter 306 Prepare early
Chapter 307 The blizzard has arrived 3/9)
Chapter 308 Returning on a Snowy Night
Chapter 309 Rescue
Chapter 310 The broad-minded Bai Jie 4/9) Pay off the debt
Chapter 311 Very sensible
Chapter 312 Ripe Peaches
Chapter 313 Agricultural Experts
Chapter 314 Practicing with Third Uncle
Chapter 315 Cold!
Chapter 316 Contradiction
Chapter 317 Not yet
Chapter 318: Ice and Snow Zombies
Chapter 319 Breaking the Ice
Chapter 320 Establishing a Scientific Research Office
Chapter 321 Skating on the Lake
Chapter 322 New Years Eve
Chapter 323 Borrowing a Fire
Chapter 324 Lao Wang, do you want a wife?
Chapter 325: Strip off clothes and burn them
Chapter 326 There is something wrong with solar energy!
Chapter 327 Modified Snow Plow
Chapter 328 Tornado
Chapter 329 Blizzard is coming!
Chapter 330 Avalanche!
Chapter 331 Rescue
Chapter 332 Go back or continue?
Chapter 333 Quiet City
Chapter 334 Spend the night
Chapter 335 Li Yu is furious
Chapter 336 Evacuate this place!
Chapter 337 Boom boom boom boom
Chapter 338 Why are you so confident?
Chapter 339: Eat first and then talk about dreams
Chapter 340 Counting Harvest
Chapter 341 Inspection Base
Chapter 342 Annual Summary and New Years Plan
Chapter 343 Young people are really playful
Chapter 344 Entering the zombie den
Chapter 345 Zombie Awakens
Chapter 346 Capturing Zombies
Chapter 347 Civilian resistance!
Chapter 348 Safety City VS Xincheng
Chapter 349: After three shots, there will be no bullets!
Chapter 350 People coming down the wall!
Chapter 351 What can you get in exchange for a ton of cement?
Chapter 352 Leisure and Violence
Chapter 353 If at that time
Chapter 354 Lets die together
Chapter 355 Internal Fighting
Chapter 356 New Hope
Chapter 357 Surrounded
Chapter 358 Something fishy
Chapter 359 Kind Li Yu
Chapter 360 Questioning
Chapter 361 Kill or not?
Chapter 362 What kind of morals are there with the enemy?
Chapter 363 Entering the Wengcheng!
Chapter 364 Non-staff personnel
Chapter 365 In the Rain
Chapter 366 Li Hangs suggestion
Chapter 367 Fierce Battle on a Rainy Night
Chapter 368 North and South Forces
Chapter 369 Dont rush this matter
Chapter 370 The wave of burning zombies
Chapter 371 The inner demon is hard to bear
Chapter 372 Rainbows Promise
Chapter 373 Undercurrent
Chapter 374 March
Chapter 375 What the fuck?
Chapter 376 The returning bird enters the dusk clouds
Chapter 377 Heading to Tianhua Town
Chapter 378 Firefight!
Chapter 379 Can you still leave alive?
Chapter 380 Dont mess with me
Chapter 381 A critical moment
Chapter 382 Killing Night
Chapter 383 To kill or not?
Chapter 384 Im done
Chapter 385 Gratitude
Chapter 386 Mr. Li is mighty
Chapter 387 Too cautious
Chapter 388 The Consequences of the Riot
Chapter 389 Various Possibilities
Chapter 390 A base of 100,000 square meters!
Chapter 391 Killing like crazy!
Chapter 392 Leaving tomorrow?
Chapter 393 Surrounding Four Directions
Chapter 394 Night Attack on Safe City
Chapter 395 Accident!
Chapter 396 Who are you?
Chapter 397 Clean and neat
Chapter 398 He Chaos exclamation
Chapter 399 Beauty Raising Pigs
Chapter 400 Holy City; Four Levels
Chapter 401 Meiyu Zombies
Chapter 402 A game within a game within a game
Chapter 403 Release his nature and give him confidence
Chapter 404 Incarnation of darkness, fearless of darkness
Chapter 405: Kill, what nonsense do you need to say?
Chapter 406 Angry Second Uncle
Chapter 407 One of the culprits
Chapter 408 Calmness is the scariest thing
Chapter 409 Three accomplices?
Chapter 410 Prison Tyrant Black Snake
Chapter 411 Li Yu has a cold
Chapter 412 Shantang Dam collapsed?
Chapter 413 The steel behemoth has been modified!
Chapter 414 cool
Chapter 415 Mincer
Chapter 416 Everyone needs to be alone
Chapter 417 Drunk in the Bamboo Forest
Chapter 418 Solve the bullet problem as soon as possible
Chapter 419 Grain Storage Silo
Chapter 420 Base Trench
Chapter 421 A home worth protecting
Chapter 422 Finding the Food Reserve Cave
Chapter 423 Gathering in Xincheng
Chapter 424 Blow a hole!
Chapter 425 Li Yus decision!
Chapter 426 The mantis attacks the cicada
Chapter 427 The oriole is behind
Chapter 428 2,000,000 kilograms of grain
Chapter 425: Li Yu's Decision!
Chapter 426: The Praying Mantis Attacks the Cicada
Chapter 427: The oriole is behind
Chapter 428: 2,000,000 catties of grain
Chapter 429: What about the trust between people?
Chapter 430: Arrogant Black Snake
Chapter 431: Duplicity
Chapter 432: Secretly kill the people at the foot of the mountain
Chapter 433: Fight!
Chapter 434: Counter-warfare
Chapter 435: A fatal blow
Chapter 436: Li Yu Vs Black Snake
Chapter 437: You threatened the wrong person!
Chapter 442 Thrilling Moment
Chapter 439: The Shocked Enemy
Chapter 440: Night Falls, Zombies Arrive
Chapter 441: Zombies fly to the sky
Chapter 442: Thrilling Moment
Chapter 443: Zombies Entered the Cave!?
Chapter 448 The terrifying perversion
Chapter 445: Captain Luo's Headquarters Strength, Food Distribution Plan (Two in One)
Chapter 450 Entering the City (please order)
Chapter 447: It's dawn, and it finally came out!
Chapter 448: Horrible Metamorphosis
Chapter 453 Think about the worst in everything and be fully prepared
Chapter 450: Entering the City
Chapter 451: Congratulations
Chapter 456 Interrogation of Black Snake
Chapter 457 Reward
Chapter 458 Goodbye
Chapter 455: Realized bullet reloading
Chapter 460: Sand and gravel along the way, accident?
Chapter 457: Reward
Chapter 462 Qin Tianle requests to return to the team
Chapter 459: The population of the base is nearly 200!
Chapter 460: Sandstones halfway, accident?
Chapter 461: No Birth Mother
Chapter 462: Qin Tianle requests to return to the team
Chapter 467 You are so brave!
Chapter 468 They are yours!
Chapter 465: Show you the big baby in your hand (thanks to dingDell's
Chapter 466: People are like pigs and dogs, the darkness of the end times (two in one, happy new year everyone)
Chapter 467: You are so courageous!
Chapter 472 Oops omg
Chapter 473 My dear grandson, you are back!
Chapter 470: Why Are Your Pectoral Muscles So Big!? (Two in One)
Chapter 475 Can I not give it to them?
Chapter 476 Confused!!!
Chapter 477 A stick, two dates
Chapter 478 Half a day of leisure in Fusheng (additional updates to pay off debts) Please give me monthly tickets
Chapter 479 Elbow, close the door
Chapter 480 Is this okay?
Chapter 481 The reason for success
Chapter 482 Mr. Ye leaves!
Chapter 483 Translation Translation, what is the end of the world?
Chapter 484 Convince them
Chapter 485 Why fear a battle!
Chapter 486 You are slow
Chapter 487 Its raining and theres a scuffle
Chapter 488 Humanity in the End Times
Chapter 489 An unprecedented zombie wave!
Chapter 490 Burning Zombies!
Chapter 491 Destruction of Human Civilization
Chapter 492 Evacuate to the Water Tower
Chapter 493 Carrying it
Chapter 494 Conditions
Chapter 495 Im leaving! The previous chapter was unblocked)
Chapter 496 Zombie Baby
Chapter 497 Return of North and South!
Chapter 498 Base expansion! Population increase!
Chapter 499 Someone comes at night
Chapter 500 The population exceeds 300!
Chapter 501 Pig OS: Kill me to help everyone else!
Chapter 502 Third Uncle Enters, My Idol
Chapter 503 The base is being expanded
Chapter 500 The population exceeds 300!
Chapter 505 Revealed! Additional update! Two-in-one, 7/10)
Chapter 506 Locust Plague
Chapter 507 No grass grows
Chapter 508: Important scriptures should be used in the last days!
Chapter 509 Who is pregnant? The future of the base
Chapter 510 Mysterious Man
Chapter 511 Conspiracy?
Chapter 512 Material Inventory
Chapter 513 No Hope
Chapter 514 Eat meat!
Chapter 515 Western Conference?
Chapter 516 Bait? Dont take the usual path!
Chapter 517 Safety first! Count the harvest
Chapter 518 A person wearing zombie skin?
Chapter 519 Induces loneliness
Chapter 520 Trouble
Chapter 521 A bag of fried rice
Chapter 522: If you dont take revenge overnight, you must cut the grass and root it out.
Chapter 523 Ambush and Kill the Corpse Whisperer
Chapter 524 A storm is coming and dangers abound!
Chapter 525 Evacuate! Evacuate! Evacuate!
Chapter 526 Night on the Highway
Chapter 527 Back in the city, I heard about the Western Alliance again!
Chapter 528 Researcher Madi joins!
Chapter 529 Just do it!
Chapter 530 Worm!
Chapter 531 Extremely domineering!
Chapter 532 I still like your unruly look
Chapter 533 Zombies are just the beginning
Chapter 534 Old Chinese Doctor
Chapter 535 Orange Island Head
Chapter 536 Super Zombie Crusher
Chapter 537 Things are more complicated than you think!
Chapter 538 Three tanks, three armored vehicles
Chapter 539 Bloody meat grinder, lurking enemy
Chapter 540 Killing like crazy!
Chapter 541 Get rich! Four heavy trucks filled with munitions!
Chapter 542 Come on! (You can read it after refreshing)
Chapter 543 Counting the goods received!
Chapter 544 The volcano is about to erupt?
Chapter 545 Concealment
Chapter 546 Orange Cat and Third Uncle
Chapter 547 Under the bright moon, I changed my name to uncle
Chapter 548 Return with a full load!
Chapter 549 Now, there are more important things
Chapter 550 Two Worlds
Chapter 551 How difficult is it to build? Digging mountains and digging holes. Additional update, 4/10, 12,000 words. Please order.
Chapter 552 Everything is going backwards!
Chapter 553 Cave Collapse! Additional update, 5/10)
Chapter 554 Destruction, by any means necessary
Chapter 555 Game and Way Out
Chapter 556 Harvesting hundreds of tons of steel, another surprise comes
Chapter 557: Murderous Heart Burns
Chapter 558: Bottoming out! Ju Tianrui is desperate! 5000 more words added! 9/10)
Chapter 559 The Invincible Man
Chapter 560 The most terrifying moment has yet to come
Chapter 561 Global heating, 60 degrees high temperature!
Chapter 562 A smart mans approach
Chapter 563: Others are getting hot, while I lie down and blow on the air conditioner
Chapter 564 Countdown
Chapter 565 The appearance of all living beings!
Chapter 566: Kill, kill, kill (three-in-one, add to the ten thousand rewards of [Floating Bells on Maple Night]!)
Chapter 567 The Last Six Hours
Chapter 568 Its him, its him, its him
Chapter 569: Sincerity and Decision (two in one, adding to the [Five-Five Biggest] Ten Thousand Rewards!)
Chapter 570 The night before the volcano erupts
Chapter 571 The world-destroying volcano erupts!
Chapter 572 Sunken Island, darkness opens!
Chapter 573 The wind blows and the zombies attack
Chapter 574 Black, so dark!
Chapter 575 A bottle of Coke (Additional update for [Fifty-Five Biggest] Ten Thousand Rewards)
Chapter 576 Fallen leaves return to their roots, why do they call home?
Chapter 577 Death or Life
Chapter 578 Terrible acid rain!
Chapter 579 Why does crow taste like dusk?
Chapter 580 If I had known earlier, I would have gone to the Da Zhangshu Base
Chapter 581 People and animals under acid rain
Chapter 582 The method of spreading corpses
Chapter 583 I dont need to explain to you what I do!
Chapter 584 There is no right or wrong, only pros and cons
Chapter 585: Promoting rice favor, fighting rice hatred
Chapter 586 Corrosion of Acid Rain
Chapter 587 The Gradually Expanding Zombie Tide
Chapter 588 Zero degrees, sleet and snow
Chapter 589 Black Snow, Natural Camouflage
Chapter 590 Humans longing for sunshine
Chapter 591 Dilemma, Darkness and Light
Chapter 592 Trap
Chapter 593 The wind and snow are shaking in the air
Chapter 594 A million-level zombie wave is coming!!!
Chapter 595: Sound lures away zombies, doesnt work anymore?
Chapter 596: Zombies massacre the city, the snow stops
Chapter 597 The night recedes and the light comes
Chapter 598 Zombie perpetual motion machine?
Chapter 599 Is there any meat?
Chapter 600 Where is happiness?
Chapter 601 There is a secret to chewing the old!
Chapter 602 Base review, three issues that need to be resolved
Chapter 603: Make a plan, bringing mortars and howitzers is more powerful
Chapter 604: Bad nature, bully the weak and fear the hard, bully the good and fear the evil
Chapter 605 Night Breeze, Undercurrent
Chapter 606 Life in the inner city is so good
Chapter 607 Departure, target Chengzizhoutou
Chapter 608: Surprise Encounter in the Zombie Building
Chapter 609: Underground parking garage, creepy
Chapter 610 Zombies under the Moonlight
Chapter 611 Internal Fighting
Chapter 612 Pull out the cannon
Chapter 613: Fire, Nine Fingers, what are you doing!!??
Chapter 614 Killing, No Words Needed
Chapter 615 You deserve to die
Chapter 616 You know too little
Chapter 617 Zombie Tiger
Chapter 618: You have to die anyway, why not...
Chapter 619 Burn!
Chapter 620 The Loss of Humanity
Chapter 621 Bastard!
Chapter 622: You are a swordsman, I am a fish
Chapter 623 The intrusion of a minibus
Chapter 624: Surrounding the front and rear, handing over the gun but not killing
Chapter 625 Alliance of Ten Thousand People
Chapter 626 Cold Rainy Night
Chapter 627 The second choice, Zhang Rufeng
Chapter 628 Why can zombies keep moving?
Chapter 629 Clear plan, various hidden dangers
Chapter 630 Negotiation
Chapter 631 The long cold season
Chapter 632 Food processing factory, wear a helmet
Chapter 633 What a sin!
Chapter 634 Equipment Transportation, Butcher Killed
Chapter 635: I am good at killing people!
Chapter 636 The local forces are so rude
Chapter 637 Sunshine Board, Bait
Chapter 638 Kill the enemy quickly!
Chapter 639 Bawang Plastic Factory
Chapter 640 Be careful outside!
Chapter 641 The feeling of hunger
Chapter 642 Shocking
Chapter 643 Laughter and Tears
Chapter 644 In this world, there are always people who deserve to be cut off!
Chapter 645 Instant Kill, Return
Chapter 646 Greenhouse under construction
Chapter 647 The population of Dazhangshu Base is nearly 400 people
Chapter 648: Its about to be completed, its snowing at night
Chapter 649 A flash of inspiration!
Chapter 650 The Forgotten Person
Chapter 651 Pedestrians on Blizzard Road
Chapter 652 Greenhouse completed!!
Chapter 653 Three Mountains Village
Chapter 654 Snowflakes are falling and zombies are roaring
Chapter 655 Fair!
Chapter 656: Heavy snow, cooking hot pot around the stove
Chapter 657 What kind of family is this? The food is so good!
Chapter 658 The Significance of the End Times
Chapter 659 Forty degrees below zero
Chapter 660 The breeding farm collapsed!
Chapter 661 Conflict in the greenhouse, kill?
Chapter 662 Group 11 Non-staff!
Chapter 663 The zombies forehead was frozen and slipped!
Chapter 664 Li Yus secret, sixty degrees below zero
Chapter 665: Zombie pigs eat meat but are not vegetarians
Chapter 666 Answer! Zombie Mountain!
Chapter 667: A man hangs in the sky and will not die for tens of millions of years
Chapter 668 A weird way to stop zombies!
Chapter 669 Fast forward, three months later!
Chapter 670 The snow melts and the crops are harvested
Chapter 671: Driving people away, Li Yus thoughts
Chapter 672 Xu Chengcai!
Chapter 673 Drainage system problem!
Chapter 674 Waterproof Materials and Fertilizers
Chapter 675 The sewer is settled, theory of cause and effect
Chapter 676 Preparations before the world-destroying flood
Chapter 677 Just to live
Chapter 678 The storm is coming
Chapter 679 Jing, you are numb!
Chapter 680 Natural disaster level super heavy rain
Chapter 681 The zombies jumped up?
Chapter 682: 54 hours of heavy rain, water level rises!
Chapter 683 Flood inundates the dam, countdown to the flood!
Chapter 684 The river flows eastward!
Chapter 685 Flood
Chapter 686 The most thrilling moment has arrived!
Chapter 687 Explosive, great discovery of zombie potion!
Chapter 688 Big Killer
Chapter 689 New life is born and light comes
Chapter 690: Bamboo shoots spring up after the rain, and the bamboo forest grows wildly
Chapter 691: Dealing with the Third Outer City and the Western Alliance
Chapter 692: Careless
Chapter 693 Fast and Furious
Chapter 694: Follow the third uncle and get nourished
Chapter 695 Teammate Ant came to Guangzhou on a motorcycle and carrying a knife
Chapter 696 Damn it, Captain!
Chapter 697 Ant, please return to the team!
Chapter 698: Killing hundreds of people while talking and laughing
Chapter 699 Seven-meter python!
Chapter 700: Count the harvest and check the steel plant!
Chapter 701 Ten thousand tons of steel, as long as the wolf is here
Chapter 702 Not bad, I found a talent!
Chapter 703 Heading south, Xiaoyongs problem
Chapter 704: Being bitten by a zombie, my hand was severed!
Chapter 705: The man in the dark, Uncle San returns to the base
Chapter 706 Mr. Li is very gentle, but he kills without blinking an eye.
Chapter 707 Energy Crisis
Chapter 708 Someone is coming from the Western Conference!
Chapter 709 Undercurrent
Chapter 710 Passing by
Chapter 711 Defect to Da Zhangshu Base
Chapter 712 Disappointment, the dilapidated Da Zhangshu Base
Chapter 713 Li Yus terrifying memory
Chapter 714: Attracting top talents, Doctor of Engineering
Chapter 715 A huge surprise
Chapter 716 The Jackal Arrives
Chapter 717 The third uncle of Oolong wants to say hello
Chapter 718 Dealing with the Snoopers
Chapter 719 Jackal is your uncle?!
Chapter 720 Zombies come in and the wall collapses!
Chapter 721 Damn it, jackal
Chapter 722 The Jackal Returns
Chapter 723 Arrangement
Chapter 724: Crisis is everywhere, rain is about to come
Chapter 725 A stranger is coming
Chapter 726 Pull out his fucking tank gun!
Chapter 727 What do people live for?
Chapter 728 Discovered and surrounded!
Chapter 729 Lao Luo, you fucking cannon!
Chapter 730 Dont accept threats!
Chapter 731 Hold on for 12 hours
Chapter 732 Zombie Butcher, Crush!
Chapter 733 Enjoyment
Chapter 734: Qingming Rain Arrives, Attacking the Western Alliance
Chapter 735 Erguotou, did you release it?
Chapter 736 Biker Party, Enemy Guan Chongjin
Chapter 737 Enhanced version of zombie attracting potion
Chapter 738: 'Small Nuclear Bomb' in the End of the World
Chapter 739 Dont care
Chapter 740 Arriving at the Western Alliance
Chapter 741 Planning, Silent Night
Chapter 742 Zombie riot!
Chapter 743 This is a little weird
Chapter 744 The second step, explode, explode, explode
Chapter 745 Gan Xiongs Secret Warehouse
Chapter 746: Fall, watching
Chapter 747 Its dawn
Chapter 748 Cleaning up is really troublesome
Chapter 749 Where is Gan Xiong?
Chapter 750 Raise your hands
Chapter 751 Your things are good, but now they are mine!
Chapter 752 How do you want to die?
Chapter 753 Crisis! A group of zombies under the moonlight!
Chapter 754 Escape to the secret room
Chapter 755 Overload 200%, to death
Chapter 756 Return
Chapter 757 Uncle, do you want to go out?
Chapter 758 Li Yus inner demon, the person who must be killed
Chapter 759 Strength expansion and the core of the base
Chapter 760 Agricultural upgrade, reward!
Chapter 761 Bai Jies important matters
Chapter 762 The population of the inner and outer cities exceeds 500!
Chapter 763 Human Nature
Chapter 764 Whose general is this?
Chapter 765 Fuel crisis, 700 kilometers of battery life
Chapter 766 Reasons to eliminate the motorcycle gangs
Chapter 767 Set off to destroy the motorcycle gangs!
Chapter 768 Drinking Blood
Chapter 769 Is it convenient to stay overnight?
Chapter 770 Well, this is a tank... right!?
Chapter 771 MLM in the last days, your subordinates?
Chapter 772 Set off and was discovered by the motorcycle gang!
Chapter 773 Killing Game
Chapter 774 The setting sun is like blood, the sunset of killing
Chapter 775 Is this the strength of the top special forces team!?
Chapter 776 Siege of the city at sunset!
Chapter 777: Chase and kill the motorcycle gangs
Chapter 778 The identity of the old ghost, turns out to be you!?
Chapter 779 Re-entering the barrier!
Chapter 780 Where did the motorcycle gangs gunfire come from?
Chapter 781 Revenge, Li Yus changes
Chapter 782 'Sun Sha, don't open the door!'
Chapter 783 The motorcycle gangs lair has undergone sudden changes!
Chapter 784 Dispersed actions!
Chapter 785 Harvest from the Motorcycle Gangs Lair!
Chapter 786 Yeah! Fuel, food, wine, bullets...
Chapter 787: A 180-degree turn, kill?
Chapter 788 Planting is not easy!
Chapter 789 Target, military radio!
Chapter 790 Give you two choices
Chapter 791 Helicopter!!?
Chapter 792 Charge
Chapter 793 Really made a fortune!!!
Chapter 794 Broken military map!!!
Chapter 795 Typhoon Warning, Cai Guo Ancient City Ruins
Chapter 796 Dont sleep tonight!
Chapter 797 If you dont tell me, I will grow up
Chapter 798 Wall Repair, Transfer Station
Chapter 799 Return to base by helicopter!
Chapter 800 Strange Zombies
Chapter 801 Expansion, bring people there!
Chapter 802 Rest, the typhoon is coming~~
Chapter 803 Pig killing plate!
Chapter 804 Super Super Super Typhoon
Chapter 805 Zombie Fire Plan
Chapter 806 Assassination
Chapter 807 Take action
Chapter 808 Aesthetics of violence, bloody killing!
Chapter 809 That Taoist priest?
Chapter 810 Return to the big camphor tree, climb over the wall and people come at night
Chapter 811 Two big sinuses, so harmful
Chapter 812 Doubts!
Chapter 813 Return, little Taoist priest~
Chapter 814 Senior Auto Repair Talents
Chapter 815 Arriving at Macheng
Chapter 816: Danger on the riverside, zombies emerge from the water
Chapter 817 This damn sense of security!
Chapter 818 Extremely fast zombies
Chapter 819 Seal the zombies in the cave!
Chapter 820 Arriving at the base, typhoon countdown!
Chapter 821 Marvel
Chapter 822 The storm is coming, the eve of the typhoon
Chapter 823 Typhoon arrives!
Chapter 824 Level 7, Level 8, Level 9....
Chapter 825 Level 12, speed of life and death!
Chapter 826 Terrifying Storm!
Chapter 827 The wind increases and the undercurrent surges
Chapter 828 Early Warning!
Chapter 829 The strong wind blows and zombies are flying everywhere!
Chapter 830 World-destroying typhoon, level 20 or above!
Chapter 831 Nuclear power plant collapses, people in the bunker
Chapter 832 Typhoon leaves, causing a lot of trouble
Chapter 833 Destroy it quickly
Chapter 834 Damage, reconstruction!
Chapter 835: Violent transformation of mountain pond into reservoir
Chapter 836 Something happened to Li Yus grandfather!
Chapter 837 Troublesome, Taoist acupuncture?
Chapter 838 This... is not difficult
Chapter 839 Awakening, Uncaria by the River
Chapter 840 Lao Bi, its too difficult for me
Chapter 841 The person who upgrades the fastest!
Chapter 842 Invasion of the Fraud Group
Chapter 843 Entering the outer city, Qingyangs shock
Chapter 844 Future Planning, Micro Satellite City
Chapter 845 Discuss and strengthen defense
Chapter 846: Delivering food, a man with a big waist
Chapter 847 The third uncle said, its all bells and whistles!
Chapter 848 Something is wrong with you
Chapter 849 The island country sank, statistics of Dazhangshu Base
Chapter 850 Division of labor, studying military maps
Chapter 851 Looking for a military base
Chapter 852 Come here
Chapter 853 The hit Yang Tianlong
Chapter 854 People are more hateful than zombies
Chapter 855: Deception is also a technique
Chapter 856 Nuclear radiation zombies!
Chapter 857 Missile vehicle! Unprecedented launch!
Chapter 858 The power of heavy artillery!
Chapter 859 Ruzed to the Ground
Chapter 860 I really didnt expect it!
Chapter 861 The Great Migration of Zombies!
Chapter 862 Three lines
Chapter 863 Done, go home!
Chapter 864 The other side of Li Yu
Chapter 865 People from Southern Paradise?
Chapter 866 Lao Qin, what do you think?
Chapter 867 There is no good or bad in the last days, only benefits
Chapter 868 Oil
Chapter 869 Li Yu’s teaching, last hit
Chapter 870 Walking among zombies
Chapter 871 One helicopter is not enough
Chapter 872 Two Z-8 helicopters, unfortunately...
Chapter 873 What happened?
Chapter 874 Third Uncle’s Anger
Chapter 875 Prepare for war first
Chapter 876 Am I dazzled?
Chapter 877 It’s coming, it’s time to kill
Chapter 878 Ambush?
Chapter 879 Quack, quack
Chapter 880 Is he usually so brave?
Chapter 881 Fast forward
Chapter 882 Two months of food
Chapter 883 It’s too scary
Chapter 884 Don’t worry, we can also clean up!
Chapter 885 Encounter on the road
Chapter 886 The power of rapid-fire cannons
Chapter 887 Bunker!
Chapter 888 Kill all the way
Chapter 889 Take no prisoners!
Chapter 890: Great talent! Professor of Agriculture and...
Chapter 891 Blitz!
Chapter 892 Extreme Madness
Chapter 893 Ruzed to the Ground
Chapter 893 The talents were shocked
Chapter 894: Too many seizures, so sad
Chapter 895 Killing the chicken to scare the monkey
Chapter 896 Jinmu Group’s Counterattack
Chapter 897 Killing Intention
Chapter 898 An unequal battle!
Chapter 899 Third Uncle, you are really at a loss!
Chapter 900 The mighty heavy artillery!
Chapter 901 Appetizers are here!
Chapter 902 Heavy artillery and zombie army at night
Chapter 903 The Power of Potions
Chapter 904 Millions of zombies
Chapter 905 Searching for Supplies
Chapter 906 Great Harvest!
Chapter 907: Who did the corpse forest hang in the air?
Chapter 908 is confusing and full of doubts
Chapter 909 The second fraudster force is solved! Speed up!
Chapter 910 Someone comes to Southern Paradise again!
Chapter 911 Taking off
Chapter 912 Temple Crisis
Chapter 913 Extremely rich!
Chapter 914: Hurry and send people over to move supplies!
Chapter 915 Xiao Qingyang wants to prove himself
Chapter 916 Xiaosong Xu died in death
Chapter 917 Li Yu VS Qingyang, who won? (Thanks to [Early Autumn_ca] for the big reward)
Chapter 918 Return to base!
Chapter 919: Another person from Southern Paradise, cooperation?
Chapter 920 Don’t worry
Chapter 921 Selling Matches for Girls
Chapter 922 The human heart is not enough, the snake swallows the elephant, the discovery of the imperial concubine
Chapter 923: Important scriptures should be used in the last days
Chapter 924 Don’t rush to be first when the water flows
Chapter 925 No one can escape
Chapter 926 Riot
Chapter 927 Kill, He Chao was shot!
Chapter 928: Thorough investigation, report storm!
Chapter 929 Cannon’s Little Whip
Chapter 930: Just fight and don’t ask, why don’t you ask!
Chapter 931 Park? We just came back from there!
Chapter 932 Covered with bruises, have a good sleep
Chapter 933 A large inventory of materials to be handed over, another wave of gain
Chapter 934: Civil strife in Southern Paradise, hurry to Oil City!
Chapter 935: Hidden in the oil city, it’s a blast!
Chapter 936 Surprise! Establishing an all-round maintenance factory!
Chapter 937 The Terrifying Oil City
Chapter 938 Negotiating Cooperation
Chapter 939 The invisible Mr. Li
Chapter 940 Oil well maintenance?
Chapter 941 Inside and Outside the Wall
Chapter 942 Who is the traitor?
Chapter 943 The time left for us is running out.
Chapter 944 Isn’t it too luxurious to use electricity like this?
Chapter 945 Promotion, envy of everyone
Chapter 946 Third Uncle is proud
Chapter 947 Ignore and kill them all!
Chapter 948 baibai, I want to sit down
Chapter 949 Countdown to natural disaster, doomsday bunkers
Chapter 950 Chen Er’s Envy (Thanks to [Shi Fan Fan Ha] leader for the reward, 6,000 words)
Chapter 951 Butterfly Effect, Trajectory Change
Chapter 952 Ants move, snakes cross the aisle
Chapter 953 It’s better to lack than to waste
Chapter 954 Thousands of birds cover the sky
Chapter 955 The crowd surges and all living beings look at each other
Chapter 956 The oil well is repaired and sealed!
Chapter 957 The wind is blowing and the clouds are flying
Chapter 958: Zombies are flowing down the river. Have you ever seen one that can jump?
Chapter 959 The violent storm will finally arrive!
Chapter 960 The city lord is indeed foresighted.
Chapter 961 Shock! There is a problem with the zombie generator!
Chapter 962 Rain Curtain, is there a mole in the inner city?
Chapter 963 Jumping Zombies
Chapter 964 Kill me and give me pleasure!
Chapter 965 Grain Exchange
Chapter 966 Four days of heavy rain
Chapter 967 Talk to Bai Jie
Chapter 968 Wuyi Mountain, Old House in the Mountain
Chapter 969: Human heart, human nature
Chapter 970 I want to be a zombie, at least it wont be so painful
Chapter 971 A month of heavy rain
Chapter 972 Northern Federation
Chapter 973 Groaning in the basement
Chapter 974 Bunker Group, Nuclear Radiation Zombies
Chapter 975 What are you going to do?!
Chapter 976 The heavy rain stops and the aurora is beautiful!
Chapter 977: The whole city has a power outage, the biggest crisis! Wan Geng (please vote for me)
Chapter 978 Solar radiation, do you want to betray?
Chapter 979 The scorching sun burns the heart
Chapter 980 Freezer, sweet potato
Chapter 981 The end of the magnetic storm, the army of nuclear-radiated zombies
Thanks to the fifth leader [Its Fanfanha]
Chapter 982 Huge Temperature Difference
Chapter 983 I have urgent information
Chapter 984 Night travel, searching for luminous objects
Chapter 985 Thrilling Eighty Kilometers
Chapter 986: Lure him to the next door and kill him
Chapter 987 Go south, risk your life tomorrow
Chapter 988 A ton of explosives, the earth shook
Chapter 989 People from the Northern Federation come
Chapter 990 Peeping in Secret
Chapter 991 Want to trade grain?
Chapter 992 Lurker
Chapter 993 The construction progress of the fourth outer city must be accelerated!
Chapter 994 There is something wrong with this person
Chapter 995 Su Yuans acting, a game within a game!
Chapter 996 Cannon is on a business trip, is he an enemy or a friend?
Chapter 997 Dazhangshu Base has 6,000 people!
Chapter 998 Interrogation expert Gun Ye! What a genius!
Chapter 999 The strength of the Northern Federation!
Chapter 1000 Thinking of the worst in everything
Chapter 1001 The toughest mouth in the whole body
Chapter 1002 Please be strong!
Chapter 1003 Zhongshi Triangle Flight Base
Chapter 1004: Even if you reach for the stars in vain, your hands will not be full of mud.
Chapter 1005 Going south, Lao Qin was shocked
Chapter 1006 The plane was found!
Chapter 1007 Zombies rush upstairs, blood flowing!
Chapter 1008 Four!
Chapter 1009 Get rich!!!
Chapter 1010 The armed helicopter formation is established!
Chapter 1011: Going north for reinforcements, Taoist leader goes south
Chapter 1012 Destroy the Oil City!?
Chapter 1013 Level 1 alert, people from the north?
Chapter 1014 Xiao Hei is dead? The violent ant!
Chapter 1015 Elbow, get in the car and chat
Chapter 1016 This hanging hair is very bad!
Chapter 1017 Yutongs sneak attack
Chapter 1018 Strategic Alliance?
Chapter 1019 The Horrible Fate Palace, Seven Kills, Breaking the Army, and Greedy Wolf!
Chapter 1020 Senior Brother, the Da Zhangshu Base is great!
Chapter 1021 What? She is the city lords sister?!
Chapter 1022: Hit someone with the ball!
Chapter 1023 Cooling down, Little Ice Age!
Chapter 1024 Officially Joined
Chapter 1025. A new big idea to establish the Academy of Engineering and the Academy of Science?
Chapter 1026 Zombie Attracting Potion III
Chapter 1027 Reshaping the organizational structure!
Chapter 1028: Uncle, if I trust you again, I will be a pig!
Chapter 1029 The snow finally fell
Chapter 1030 Wild Boar in Blizzard, Cannons Reflection
Chapter 1031 Special Forces in the North
Chapter 1032 Zombies used as fuel?!
Chapter 1033 Dramatic changes in the north, plan to go south
Chapter 1034 The pig shed collapsed and He Bing jumped off the building
Chapter 1035 One month later
Chapter 1037 Send people to Oil City
Chapter 1036 Ma Laoliu
Chapter 1037 Send people to Oil City
Chapter 1038 You missed the flight, did you know?
Chapter 1039 Seeing Undead Zombies Again
Chapter 1040 Arrival, Testing
Chapter 1041 Do I look easy to bully?
Chapter 1042 Alas, its already here...
Chapter 1043 Stop them at all costs!
Chapter 1044 Nut, I finally found you!
Chapter 1045 Traitor Wu Jianguo
Chapter 1046 A Potted Orange Tree
Chapter 1047 I want to smoke
Chapter 1048 Do you call these difficult conditions?
Chapter 1049 The snipe and the clam fight
Chapter 1050 Nuts are very confused!
Chapter 1051 In the Year of Catastrophe, isnt this a bit too much?
Chapter 1052: Partiality? Kill the chicken to scare the monkey!
Chapter 1053 The stunned Wu Jianguo
Chapter 1054 Shocked again
Chapter 1055 There is an ambush at the transfer station!
Chapter 1056 The Stubbornness of the Little Karamies
Chapter 1057 I want to go south, I want to be the boss
Chapter 1058 Promotion, role model
Chapter 1059: Well, can we go to Oil City and stay for one night?
Chapter 1060: Personnel survey, there are many talents
Chapter 1061 Sima Xis army is going south
Chapter 1062 The battle is huge, call me Marshal!
Chapter 1063 Is Yutong really pregnant?
Chapter 1064 On the eve of the war
Chapter 1065 Give me two hours to capture Oil City!
Chapter 1066 Sneaking and spying, the storm is coming
Chapter 1067: Why dont you sleep, the enemies are coming!
Chapter 1068 Li Yu gave in! No way!? No way?
Chapter 1069 The fall of Oil City! A plan within a plan
Chapter 1070 What is the secret weapon?
Chapter 1071 Arrogant Sima Xi
Chapter 1072: Convergence, heavy artillery bombardment?
Chapter 1073 Zombie siege!
Chapter 1074 No more pretending, Im going to show my cards!
Chapter 1075: Fall, Collapse of the Team
Chapter 1076 Type III potion, what will the tens of millions of zombies look like?
Chapter 1077 Something big happened!
Chapter 1078 Fight back to Oil City!
Chapter 1079 If you cant capture him alive, kill him! Safety first!
Chapter 1080 Cannon, on!
Chapter 1081 The Two Heavens of Ice and Fire!
Chapter 1082: The world is so big, why do you call home?
Chapter 1083 What I want is the entire Northern Territory!
Chapter 1084 Coping!
Chapter 1085 Running zombies!
Chapter 1086: Doomsday Fog City, what will happen if the fog starts?
Chapter 1087 Heading to the North
Chapter 1088 City Lord Li, I have long admired your name.
Chapter 1089 Silently, attacking the northern border
Chapter 1090 As strong as an iron bucket!
Chapter 1091 'Don't let me put a gun in your mouth before you say you were wrong!'
Chapter 1092 Are you here to deliver the express?
Chapter 1093 I think there is a way to die in Oil City!
Chapter 1094: Each playing his own game, a dragnet?
Chapter 1095 What the letter said was not a joke!
Chapter 1096 The rumors get more and more outrageous!
Chapter 1097: Fighting, running away when meeting?
Chapter 1098 The prologue begins, please close your eyes when it gets dark
Chapter 1099 Enemy! Attack!
Chapter 1100 In the blink of an eye, the oars and oars disappeared into ashes
Chapter 1101 Tremble, Northern Federation!
Chapter 1102 Oil City is so terrifying!
Chapter 1103 Battle in the air!
Chapter 1104 Ace pilot, applies to fight
Chapter 1105 The city is broken
Chapter 1106 Now you know you were wrong?
Chapter 1107 Zombie shielding potion?
Chapter 1108: Man, will you give me some? If not, I will continue to beat you!
Chapter 1109 There is always a thing or two in the world
Chapter 1110 We are saved!
Chapter 1111 Rest
Chapter 1112. Come and take you to meet the Lord of the City!
Chapter 1113 Cannon and Xiaoxi
Chapter 1114: Its too late to meet each other, the gun masters ten moves
Chapter 1115 Inviting Li Yu to the North
Chapter 1116 There is actually a missile vehicle?!
Chapter 1117 Zombie antidote?
Chapter 1118 The dragon slayer finally becomes an evil dragon
Chapter 1119 Another Wengcheng Zombie
Chapter 1120 Dont you want to talk? Im here!
Chapter 1121: Killing someone in front of you, what do you dare to do?
Chapter 1122 Our city lord said, you are thinking shit!
Chapter 1123 Even if you dont agree, you have to agree!
Chapter 1124 Kill
Chapter 1125 Garrison Base
Chapter 1126 Brother Pao, dont be like this, Im scared!
Chapter 1127 Shake people!
Chapter 1128 Seize the opportunity
Chapter 1129 People are addicted to food
Chapter 1130 Its time to show your true strength!
Chapter 1131 Its time to grow a brain!
Chapter 1132 Bastard
Chapter 1133 Shock, Cannons Proposal
Chapter 1134 Dont dare to have any ideas
Chapter 1135 The secret of millions of zombies!
Chapter 1136 Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!
Chapter 1137 The super high reward in the northwest!
Chapter 1138 Sea Fog
Chapter 1139 New Year Countdown
Chapter 1140 Success!
Chapter 1141 Xiaozhu
Chapter 1142 Global Fog!
Chapter 1143 Expert Talent
Chapter 1144 Axi Bar
Chapter 1145 New Years Goods
Chapter 1146 Happy New Year
Chapter 1147 Too Simple
Chapter 1148 I really deserve to die
Chapter 1149 The Wind Rises
Chapter 1150 Fog and natural disaster, the invisible world
Chapter 1151 Heavy fog hits the city
Chapter 1152 Brutal and violent, Li Yu kills people
Chapter 1153 Secretly opening the city gate?
Chapter 1154 Chaos
Chapter 1155 His family was attacked and Li Yu exploded!
Chapter 1156 Massacre! Massacre! Massacre!
Chapter 1157 You madman!!
Chapter 1158 Retreat
Chapter 1159 The powerful third uncle
Chapter 1160 Who else??!
Chapter 1161 Anyone who dares to move will be killed!
Chapter 1162 Its hard to fly with wings
Chapter 1163 The last carnival!
Chapter 1164 Brother, you hide it too deeply
Chapter 1165: Living is not easy anymore, be content!
Chapter 1166 From today on, there is no more northern border!
Chapter 1167 Searching
Chapter 1168 Dont answer!
Chapter 1169 Fuck
Chapter 1170 Eight hundred thoughts
Chapter 1171 Saturation attack, hard to fly
Chapter 1172 Lai Xiyue, come here!
Chapter 1173 Become a cannon and learn surgery
Chapter 1174 Li Yu crashes
Chapter 1175 Primitive Forest, Survival
Chapter 1176 Zombie Monkey, Mysterious Boy
Chapter 1177 Shock! The city lord must be found!
Chapter 1178: Extreme breakout, desperate charge
Chapter 1179 Thugs? Those are the thugs I beat!
Chapter 1180 Encounter
Chapter 1181 Looting the North
Chapter 1182 Big Harvest
Chapter 1183 Secret passage? Counting the harvest
Chapter 1184 No one can replace the city lord!
Chapter 1185 Future Planning for the Three Places
Chapter 1186 Thats just a defeated general!
Chapter 1187 This guy is called a villain, right?!
Chapter 1188: Shake people from the headquarters!
Chapter 1189 Bang
Chapter 1190 Arent they all so fierce?
Chapter 1191: Fast forward, get rid of the affiliated forces
Chapter 1192 Who is in favor? Who is against?
Chapter 1193 Fight? You call this a fight?
Chapter 1194 Ambition
Chapter 1195 Your base is really full of talents.
Chapter 1196 The layout of the trading market
Chapter 1197 Construction in progress
Chapter 1198 What are you doing? Ill beat the shit out of you!
Chapter 1199 There is a way to die
Chapter 1200 Arent the people you work with just refugees...
Chapter 1201 Unkillable Zombies?
Chapter 1202: People fly in front, but souls chase behind
Chapter 1203 Doomsday Gang
Chapter 1204 Xiaoju, you have learned how to snitch~
Chapter 1205 Food is king!
Chapter 1206: Make a condition, I want this person
Chapter 1207 English Castle Villa
Chapter 1208. When did Southern Paradise become so fierce!?!
Chapter 1209 Surprising results
Chapter 1210 Everyone is here
Chapter 1211 Spring Rain
Chapter 1212 On the steep slope
Chapter 1213 Return
Chapter 1214 Am I the kind of person who likes killing?
Chapter 1215 Digging a foundation and digging out an ancient tomb!
Chapter 1216 Isnt this a free bunker?!
Chapter 1217 If you dont join me as a brother, Ill kill you!
Chapter 1218 Visiting the Grave
Chapter 1219 Back home!
Chapter 1220 The bully never knows
Chapter 1221 Dear, how could I be willing to let you die!
Chapter 1222 Cannon, they leave it to you
Chapter 1223 I havent gotten in the car yet!
Chapter 1224 What a risk! Live another day!
Chapter 1225 1700 tons of grain reserves
Chapter 1226 Zombie Animal Tide!!!
Chapter 1227 Zombie Elephant
Chapter 1228 This is no accident!
Chapter 1229 You ambush, I will ambush too
Chapter 1230 Set the mountain on fire!
Chapter 1231 Look at the territory eldest brother has established!
Chapter 1232 Industrial style VS pastoral style
Chapter 1233 Currency in the Trading Market
Chapter 1234 Safety, safety, or fucking safety!
Chapter 1235 Learned from Tian Yunxiao...
Chapter 1236 Going South
Chapter 1237 The ultimate doomsday driving machine!
Chapter 1238 Brutal weapon configuration!
Chapter 1239 Ambition, long-term vision
Chapter 1240: Full of smooth words, do you want to take the postgraduate entrance examination?
Chapter 1241 Both sides suffer losses
Chapter 1242 The first phase of the trading market is completed!
Chapter 1243 Thunderstorm
Chapter 1244 Five years, a critical node for rebirth!
Chapter 1245 Get in the car and go~
Chapter 1246 The city lord shows off his skills and blinds my 32k titanium alloy dog eyes
Chapter 1247 All I can say is, it’s a bunker!
Chapter 1248 There are more mutant zombies!
Chapter 1249 A Sigma man will never fall into a woman’s trap!
Chapter 1250 The Soldier of Hundred Battles
Chapter 1251 Where is it?
Chapter 1252 Acting?
Chapter 1253 Make it easy for me to find!
Chapter 1254 The richest military base so far!
Chapter 1255 Good luck and make a fortune
Chapter 1256 This place is very good, it’s mine now!
Chapter 1257 Big Count
Chapter 1258: See you, City Lord, you are so kind!
Chapter 1259 Push back diagram
Chapter 1260: The city lord should understand!
Chapter 1261 I dare not even dream about it
Chapter 1262: Will this be a natural disaster that will destroy the world?
Chapter 1263 How to deal with it
Chapter 1264: Hold on tight or give it a try?
Chapter 1265 Finalized
Chapter 1266 The prototype of the Holy City
Chapter 1267 This is the city lord’s order! If you have any questions? Go to the city lord!
Chapter 1268 Full throttle!
Chapter 1269 Exploded to pieces!
Chapter 1270 Li Yu’s confidence
Chapter 1271 Great Retreat!
Chapter 1272 Spread the news!
Chapter 1273 I’m so tired!
Chapter 1274 Anyway, it’s up to you whether you come or not~
Chapter 1275 Are you teaching me how to do things?
Chapter 1276 I want to go to the trading market, is that okay?
Chapter 1277 Solve the problem quickly
Chapter 1278 Look, this is called professionalism!
Chapter 1279 Don’t ask me what I have, but what you want!
Chapter 1280 It’s scary anyway, you can’t grasp it!
Chapter 1281 Madman’s Request
Chapter 1282 A false alarm
Chapter 1283 Dissemination of Thunderstorm Disaster Information
Chapter 1284 Take refuge in the trading market!
Chapter 1285 Running away
Chapter 1286 Get out!
Chapter 1287 The trading market was crowded with people, crazy people came in!
Chapter 1288 You have to listen to me in my place!
Chapter 1289 Ju Tianrui, I’m so damn busy! I want to go back to the headquarters!
Chapter 1290 Send the Big Mac over
Chapter 1291 The countdown begins! (Big chapter thanks to [Peeping the Sunset in the Bamboo,] alliance leader!)
Chapter 1292 Lord Tiger arrives, breaking through 45,000 people! (Thanks to [Lin Feng Piao Yun] leader)
Chapter 1293 The Domineering Third Uncle
Chapter 1294 No, we won’t fight...Bang!
Chapter 1295 Big Mac goes north, the third uncle said...