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The whole mountain is my hunting ground

The whole mountain is my hunting ground

author:Baili Mountain Immortal

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:07-19 19:07

Latest chapter:Chapter 20. The man-eating bear devil and the bear-eating black tiger

If you were reborn and returned to 40 years ago, what would be your plan? Buy a house? Stock trading? Antiques? Trash out government bonds?...No! Zhao Jun felt that as long as he didn't mess around, it would be the greatest help to the family. So, he To be an honest village boy...

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《The whole mountain is my hunting ground》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 20. The man-eating bear devil and the bear-eating black tiger
Chapter 19. Hunting Bears in a Cave
Chapter 18. Alien beast appears and two tigers fight
Chapter 17. Gudong and benevolence
Chapter 16. New official takes office
Chapter 15. Home Appliances in the Forest Area
Chapter 14. Little Gudong scares Li Ruhai to piss and Zhao Bantou reunites with the hunting gang
Chapter 13. He was seconded as soon as he took office
Chapter 12. Zhao Jun: They are all from my family!
《The whole mountain is my hunting ground》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1. Rebirth 1986 Wild Boar Hunting
Chapter 2. Rebirth 1986 Wild Boar Hunting (2)
Chapter 3. Rebirth 1986 Hunting Wild Boars (3)
Chapter 4. Killing a Pig
Chapter 5. BBQ in 1986
Chapter 6. Going Home
Chapter 7. Beaten (Part 1)
Chapter 8. Beaten (Part 2)
Chapter 9. Zhao Er Gudong
Chapter 10. Ginger is old and spicy
Chapter Eleven.
Chapter 12. Big Green Dog
Chapter 13. Type 56 Semi-Automatic Rifle
Chapter 14. The gun is not good, the dog is there
Chapter 15. Drag the dog
Chapter 16. Head dog, help dog and fragrant head
Chapter 17. Qin Laosan
Chapter 18. Conflict
Chapter 19. The real reason
Chapter 20. Qin Qiang's Bear Hunt (1)
Chapter 21. Qin Qiang Hunting Bears (Part 2)
Chapter 22. Qin Qiang's Bear Hunt (Part 2)
Chapter 23. Stealing Guns
Chapter 24. Kill the Bear
Chapter 25. Tiger Cubs
Chapter 26. Lynx Bear Gallbladder
Chapter twenty-seven.
Chapter 28. Braised Bear's Paws
chapter twenty nine.
Chapter Thirty. The Power of the King of the Mountain
Chapter Thirty-One.
Chapter 32. Provocation
Chapter 33. Qin Qiang's calculations
Chapter 34. The battle between father and son
Chapter 35. Retaliation
Chapter 36. Lin Xiangshun
Chapter thirty-seven.
Chapter 38. Farce
Chapter 39. Hard Vegetables
Chapter 40. Beaten again
Chapter 41. Falling Snow
Chapter 42. First defeat
Chapter forty-three.
chapter forty-four.
Chapter 45. Dive into the arms of the black bear
Chapter 46. Hearts
Chapter 47. Anti-kill
Chapter 48. Sticky dry food
Chapter Forty Nine.
Chapter 5. The Seriously Injured Zhou Chengguo
Chapter 51. One shot to kill the bear
Chapter 52. Rescue
Chapter 53. Borrowing a Gun
Chapter 54. Bullets
Chapter fifty-five.
Chapter 56. The lame boar
Chapter 57. The yellow dog protects you like the sea
Chapter fifty-eight.
Chapter 59. Wet Pants
Chapter 60. Stitching the rhubarb
Chapter Sixty-One.
Chapter 62. The black blind man released from the tree
Chapter 63. Daydreaming
Chapter sixty-four.
Chapter 65. Talent
Chapter Sixty Six.
Chapter 67. The old lady jumps the rubber band
Chapter 68. Chasing the Bear Again
chapter sixty nine
Chapter 70. Girl
Chapter 71. Ma Ling
Chapter 72. Baoyu wants to learn the gun
Chapter 73. White coat
Chapter seventy-four.
Chapter 75. The King's Dog Gang
Chapter seventy six.
Chapter 77. Silly Roe Deer
Chapter 78. Wearing candied haws
Chapter 79. Foodies
Chapter 80. Two Lost Species
Chapter 81. Today you see me
Chapter 82. I...
Chapter 83. 'Ghost' Zhang Yuanmin
Chapter 84. Where is my axe?
Chapter 85. He really dares to cut
Chapter 86. Yang Pao
Chapter 87. Guest
Chapter 88. Buying a Dog
Chapter 89. Persuasion
Chapter 90. White Dragon
Chapter 91. Dig out the squirrel's nest
Chapter 92. Siege
Chapter 93. You are more ruthless than me
Chapter ninety-four.
Chapter 95. It's what Zhao Jun said again
Chapter 96. Into the pigs
chapter ninety seven.
Chapter 98. If you don’t kill, my heart will be pierced
Chapter 99. Lost chainsaw
Chapter 100. The tree exploded
Chapter 101. Survival
Chapter one hundred and two.
Chapter 103. Uneasy
Chapter one hundred and four.
Chapter 105. Le Lu
Chapter 106. Zhao Jun in distress
Chapter 107. Fear
Chapter 108. Kill
Chapter 109. Wang Dalong is here
Chapter one hundred and ten.
Chapter 111. Buying a Dog
Chapter 112. A good dog, let it die on the mountain
Chapter 113. Xu Pao and the Dog
chapter one hundred and fourteen.
chapter one hundred and fifteen
Chapter 116. Up the mountain with sable (5K)
Chapter 117. Pig God
Chapter 118. Just to kill it
Chapter 119. It’s somewhat spiritual.
chapter one hundred and twenty.
Chapter 121. Driving into the mountains to hunt
Chapter 122. Sable
Chapter 123. God of Hunting Pigs (1)
Chapter 124. God of Hunting Pigs (Part 2)
Chapter 125. God of Pig Hunting (Part 2)
Chapter 126. Night battle
chapter one hundred and twenty seven.
chapter one hundred and twenty eight.
chapter one hundred and twenty nine. four black impermanence
Chapter 130. Guns of the last life (8K)
Chapter 131. Wild boars that wound people and kill dogs
Chapter 132. Let Li Baoyu bring the dog to fight
chapter one hundred and thirty three.
Chapter 134. Knife hunting
chapter one hundred and thirty five.
Chapter one hundred and thirty six.
Chapter 137. Type 56 bayonet loaded
chapter one hundred and thirty eight. kowtow to the dog
chapter one hundred and thirty nine.
chapter one hundred and forty.
Chapter 141. Zhang Yuanmin was scratched by Xiong Ba
chapter one hundred and forty two.
Chapter 143. Tug of war with Bear Ba
chapter one hundred and forty four.
Chapter 145. You wait for my brother Zhao Jun to come back
chapter one hundred and forty six.
chapter one hundred and forty seven.
Chapter one hundred and forty eight.
chapter one hundred and forty nine.
chapter one hundred and fifty. abolished his two dogs
Chapter 151. Dogfighting
Chapter 153. Zhang Zhanshan
Chapter 154. Big copper courage
chapter one hundred and fifty five.
Chapter 156. Suet Medicinal Beans
chapter one hundred and fifty seven.
Chapter 158. Badger Cave
Chapter 159. This coup can only come up with big crotch
chapter one hundred and sixty.
Chapter one hundred and sixty one.
Chapter 162. No one walks
Chapter 163. I am Zhang Zhanshan, thank you
chapter one hundred and sixty four.
chapter one hundred and sixty five.
chapter one hundred and sixty six
chapter one hundred and sixty seven.
chapter one hundred and sixty eight.
Chapter 169. I have a big battle tomorrow
Chapter 170. Xu Changlin: I am looking for Zhao Jun
Chapter 171. They can't fight at all
Chapter 172. Is it hiding something from the truth, or is it a secret attempt?
Chapter one hundred and seventy three.
Chapter 174. Kill them both
chapter one hundred and seventy five
chapter one hundred and seventy six.
chapter one hundred and seventy seven.
chapter one hundred and seventy eight.
chapter one hundred and seventy nine.
chapter one hundred and eighty.
chapter one hundred and eighty one.
Chapter 182. Surrounding the lynx
Chapter 183. The secret of the lynx head
chapter one hundred and eighty four.
chapter one hundred and eighty five.
chapter one hundred and eighty six. two big liars
chapter one hundred and eighty seventh.
chapter one hundred and eighty eight.
chapter one hundred and eighty nine.
Chapter 190. Night trial
chapter one hundred and ninety one.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-two.
Chapter one hundred and ninety three.
Chapter 194. People who die violently are not allowed to return to the village (2 in 1)
chapter one hundred and ninety five.
Chapter 196. Revenge
chapter one hundred and ninety seven.
chapter one hundred and ninety eight.
chapter one hundred and ninety nine
Chapter 200. Xu asked the tiger
Chapter 201. Zhang Yuanmin: Lying Kang still has the heart
Chapter 202. Receive tools upon entry
Chapter 203. Entry Acceptance Team
Chapter 204. He is my father
Chapter 205. Arrangements for Lengchang
Chapter 206. The grandson of Lao Deng is here
chapter two hundred seven.
chapter two hundred eight.
Chapter 209. Do you believe it?
Chapter 210. Aiding the people and encouraging education
Chapter 211. This is a fool
Chapter 212. Li Ruhai's Mouth
Chapter 213. Female Leopard
Chapter 214. Zhao Xiaogudong
Chapter 215. Old Hunter
Chapter 216: Sit back and wait for the pig
Chapter 217. Blind pig with sand gun
chapter two hundred and eighteen.
Chapter two hundred and nineteen.
Chapter 220. Whatever the hell, the evil spirits are up to you
Chapter 221. Big crotch godwife
chapter 222. sell the little black bear to Zhang Laibao
chapter two hundred and twenty three.
chapter two hundred and twenty four.
Chapter 225. Become famous in one day with big crotch
Chapter 226. A tiger is out and about
chapter two hundred and twenty seven.
Chapter 228. The beast appears
Chapter 229. Seizing food from the tiger’s mouth
chapter two hundred and thirty one.
Chapter 232. A strange plan to set up a black bear
chapter two hundred and thirty three.
Chapter 234. Visitors
Chapter 235. Militia Spring Hunting
Chapter 236. Waiting for the snow to cover
chapter two hundred and thirty seventh.
Chapter 238. Take Zhang Yuanmin home
Chapter two hundred and thirty nine.
Chapter 240: Before the bear fell, the man fell first
Chapter 241. The bear’s courage is gone
Chapter 242. Live up to this time
Chapter 243. Provocation
Chapter two hundred and forty-four.
chapter two hundred and forty five.
chapter two hundred and forty six.
Chapter 247. Zhao Jun injured the tiger
Chapter 248. The sound of killing shook the sky
Chapter 249. Meeting the Dog Gang
Chapter 250. Broken leg
Chapter 251. Little Bear
Chapter 252. Baoyu meets a bear
Chapter 253. Borrow a dog
Chapter 254. Let me help you catch this tiger
Chapter 255. Old Dog
Chapter 256. The pig picks up the big green and the flower hunts the bear
Chapter 257. A single dog plays with a solitary pig
Chapter 258. Another discussion on catching the tiger
Chapter 259. Preparation before hunting the tiger
Chapter 260. Zhao Jun captures the tiger
Chapter 261. Yongzi Pian'er's first dog
Chapter 262. Picked up a dog
Chapter 263. This dog is really good
Chapter 264. The dog that doesn’t make people worry
Chapter 264. Tiger Fighting Hero
Chapter 265. Go home
Chapter 266. Zhang Yuanmin was beaten
Chapter 267. Building a house
Chapter 268: No one at home or outside is worried
Chapter 269. Open your tongue wide
Chapter 270. He wants to chop me up
Chapter 271. Open your tongue wide
Chapter 272. The whereabouts of the Pig God
Chapter 273. The correct way to set up a roe deer trap
Chapter 274: Turn your village into a yellow
Chapter 275. Exploring Zhang Yuanmin
Chapter 276. The forest farm also has a mission
Chapter 277. The village chief is anxious
Chapter 278. Stepping in the snow to decide the day
Chapter 279. The whistle sounds
Chapter 280. Yinpo Stuffed Pig
Chapter 281. Killing the Pig God
Chapter 282. Where is my son?
Chapter 283. Zhao Jun! Zhao Jun!
Chapter 284. Almost scared people to death
Chapter 285. The Pig God enters the forest farm
Chapter 286. The tiger father has no sons
Chapter 287. Oh no, Zhao Jun is here
Chapter 288. Want to blackmail the blind man again
Chapter 289. Go home and share the money
Chapter 290. Wang Meilan’s vision
Chapter 291. Fight
Chapter 292. The black blind man leaves the warehouse
Chapter 293. The 'dog' climbed up the tree
Chapter 294: Competing with a black bear in climbing trees
Chapter 295. Zhang Yuanmin encounters a bear
Chapter 296. Swords, guns and cannons
Chapter 297. Jie Family Brothers
Chapter 298. Flying Dragon
Chapter 299. The best among dogs
Chapter 300. Zhang Yuanmin revisits Chen Dalai
Chapter 301. Dongfeng Defense Field
Chapter 302. Looks like a cat but not a cat, looks like a dog but not a dog
Chapter 303. Gorgeous
Chapter 304. Leopard
Chapter 305. Crouching Leopard
Chapter 306. Do you have money in your pocket?
Chapter 307. Fishing with sheep and leopards
Chapter 308. Father-in-law trains son-in-law
Chapter 309. Another sheep
Chapter 310. Digging a deer cellar and seeing old signs
Chapter 311. The key to the mountain
Chapter 312. The mountains are full of people, step by step on stage
Chapter 313. There must be big goods
Chapter 314. The leopard is back
Chapter 315. Let’s go and do the big stuff
Chapter 316. Fourth-grade leaves emerge
Chapter 317. Don’t leave me behind
Chapter 318. Dog motion sickness
Chapter 319. Black bear drills into the condom
Chapter 320. Bear falls from the sky
Chapter 321. Xiong Sitting Zhang Yuanmin
Chapter 322: No return
Chapter 323. Be polite to others
Chapter 324. Local tycoon——Zhao Jun
Chapter 325. The dog started barking as soon as he got it
Chapter 326. The dogs slipped
Chapter 327. Looked away
Chapter 328. Sixth grade leaves emerge
Chapter 329. Zhao Youcai: Save me
Chapter 330. Liulujiao
Chapter 331. Count with fingers
Chapter 332. Three Bears
Chapter 333. Selling him as a roast chicken
Chapter 334. Fighting between left and right
Chapter 335. Zhang Roast Chicken
Chapter 336. Brown bear hunting black bear (Part 1)
Chapter 337. Brown bear hunting black bear (Part 2)
Chapter 338. Brown bear hunting black bear (Part 2)
Chapter 339. Deerskin knife and three bear bile
Chapter 340. Zhao Jun’s Dog
Chapter 341. Wei Tie pays back the money
Chapter 342. First talk about marriage
Chapter 343. Wang Meilan’s ambition
Chapter 344. Ma Ling’s problem
Chapter 345. The shopkeeper is not at home
Chapter 346. Good Marriage
Chapter 347. Old injuries, new injuries
Chapter 348. Wang Meilan gets angry
Chapter 349. State-owned pharmacies
Chapter 350. Zhao Jun shows off his skills
Chapter 351. Arrogant at first and respectful at the end
Chapter 352. New gun
Chapter 353. Er Gudong’s son is also so vindictive
Chapter 354. Are you stupid?
Chapter 355. Canned Six-grade Leaf
Chapter 356. Ginseng sold for 4,000 yuan
Chapter 357. Withdraw the gun
Chapter 358. Divide money and things
Chapter 359. There is always a cunning father who wants to trick me.
Chapter 360. Nails and cans
Chapter 361. All faces turned upside down
Chapter 362: Being rich and getting beaten
Chapter 363. Getting beaten and paying money
Chapter 364. Encounter with Zhang Roast Chicken early in the morning
Chapter 365. Zhao Jun’s sister
Chapter 366. I want you to be my military advisor
Chapter 367. Used to learn foreign languages
Chapter 368. Damage to Du Chunjiang
Chapter 369: Drag the dog during the holidays
Chapter 370: If the dog looks back
Chapter 371. The dogs are quiet
Chapter 372: No one loses
Chapter 372: The dog is having trouble
Chapter 373: A good dog doesn’t eat what comes after it’s snorted
Chapter 374. Force feeding
Chapter 375: Using a dog to drag a dog
Chapter 376. Feed pig legs to dogs
Chapter 377. Smoked Pork and Pancakes
Chapter 378. Hunting Dogs Gang
Chapter 379: Drinking cold water is a thief
Chapter 380: Join the gang but don’t get along with each other
Chapter 381. A fierce man and a dog speak
Chapter 382: All the bullets are fired
Chapter 383. Kick your legs
Chapter 384. Eight hundred thoughts
Chapter 385. Reappearance of leopard traces
Chapter 386. The leopard that eats sheep
Chapter 387. The hatred of seizing his wife
Chapter 388. I have no money, don’t you have money?
Chapter 389. Blind date
Chapter 390. The marriage is decided
Chapter 391. Another call
Chapter 392. Thank you dad
Chapter 393. Building a house and protecting farmers
Chapter 394. Baoyu shoots (4K)
Chapter 395. My son (4k)
Chapter 396. Gudong
Chapter 397: I have to bow my head
Chapter 398. His family was ruined
Chapter 399. Li Ruhai’s Mouth
Chapter 400. Zhang Zhanshan is stupid
Chapter 401. Zhang Zhanshan fell
Chapter 402. Bullying brother-in-law
Chapter 403. Borrowing a dog
Chapter 404. Black tiger kills chicken
Chapter 405. The beast crosses the ground and the black tiger roars
Chapter 406. That black dog is a leading dog
Chapter 407. Dead!
Chapter 408. Another person died!
Chapter 409. Zhao Jun: I want to have a big one
Chapter 410. Dogs crossing the river
Chapter 411. A pack of dogs hunting a bear, half of a leopard’s tail
Chapter 412. Red dog dog chews cud
Chapter 413: Helping the Widow and Retreating to the Second Line
Chapter 414. Unconvinced Zhao Youcai
Chapter 415. Give the black bear some medicine
Chapter 416. Crouching dragon and phoenix chick
Chapter 417. Dog! Save me!
Chapter 418. Focus on key points
Chapter 419: The visitor is not good
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Chapter 420. A report letter
Chapter 421. Zhao Jun recommends himself
Chapter 422. Little Gudong can really pretend
Chapter 423. Zhao Jun settled in Xinrangchang
Chapter 424. The mighty Zhao army
Chapter 425. Zhao Jun solves the case
Chapter 426. Landrace mythical beast hanging sheep blood
Chapter 427. Zhao Jun! I want to go to the scene to sue you!
Chapter 428. Li Baoyu over the mountain and talkative Li Ruhai
Chapter 429. Zhao Jun defeated Dou Baoguo three times
Chapter 430. Storyteller Li Ruhai
Chapter 431. Dou Baoguo keeps his word and Li Ruhai does not tell lies (7K)
Chapter 432. A black bear weighing seven to eight hundred pounds
Chapter 433. Preparing specimens for the Mid-Autumn Festival
Chapter 434. Four people, four guns and ten dogs
Chapter 439. The black tiger takes out the bear's crotch
Chapter 438. Only recognize Zhao Jun’s green dragon and black dragon
Chapter 437. Traders from the South
Chapter 438. The overt and covert struggles between the Zhao family and his son
Chapter 439. There must be something big here
Chapter 440. Killing wild boar and leafless ginseng
Chapter 441. Taking my mother to Lingnan
Chapter 442. The wild boar becomes king when he sits in the palace
Chapter 443. If you have money, you can take a dog to fight the siege.
Chapter 444. Wang Meilan was admitted to the hospital
Chapter 445. My Sister Wang is so pitiful
Chapter 446. Wang Meilan who goes on a shopping spree
Chapter 447. Wang Meilan: I’m done!
Chapter 448. Something happened to my family?
Chapter 449. Li Ruhai: Chatting for a while
Chapter 450. The pinnacle of Xiaowei-catching the feet
Chapter 451. Cutting off the cans
Chapter 452. The birth of the Wild Boar King
Chapter 453. The Wild Boar King kills another person
Chapter 454. If you have money to save the dog, the black tiger runs away
Chapter 455. Black tiger, one dog and four pigs
Chapter 456. I’m full after eating
Chapter 457. How come all the heroes are sick?
Chapter 458. Capture the roe deer alive
Chapter 459. Does your Zhao Jun know how to hunt?
Chapter 460. The origin of the black tiger
Chapter 461. The dog gang fights the jackals
Chapter 462: Jackals eat their own kind
Chapter 462. Destroy the jackals in one battle
Chapter 463. Dogs eat jackals and tiger vegetables
Chapter 464: Be filial to your son, Qinglong speaks
Chapter 465. The black tiger breaks into the stone pond zone alone
Chapter 466. Brutal people and dogs
Chapter 467. Zhang family father and son want revenge
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Chapter 468. Big businessmen order live roe deer
Chapter 469. Mother-in-law is injured
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Chapter 470. They are all filial children
Chapter 471. Zhang Yuanmin’s ancestral weapon
Chapter 472: Getting into the badger’s hole
Chapter 473: Choking Zhang Yuanmin with both hands
Chapter 474. Filial Son-in-law Zhou Jianjun
Chapter 475. Pregnant female roe deer
Chapter 476. Brother-in-law and brother-in-law
Chapter 477. Li Ruhai goes to the market to buy books
Chapter 478. The wild boar fights the black tiger in the palace
Chapter 479. Xiao Zhao Pao, who has become famous
Chapter 480. Zhao Jun deceives people
Chapter 481. Erhei also returns to Zhao Jun
Chapter 482. There are more sick dogs than patients
Chapter 483. Zhao Youcai: My four blacks are now available
Chapter 484. Black Tiger steals chicken again
Chapter 485. Black Tiger is obsessed with Little Bear
Chapter 486. Zhou Shujuan enters Zhao Jun’s house
Chapter 487: Man versus dog
Chapter 488. Hunting wild boars in a fight
Chapter 489. Flower Dragon
Chapter 490. Want to buy gold for Meilan
Chapter 491. A once wealthy family
Chapter 492: How to train jackals to fight siege
Chapter 493. Brother, you are still the bad one
Chapter 494: Giving birth to a child should be like Li Ruhai
Chapter 495. Hidden dog and leopard appear
Chapter 496. The two heroes will capture the leopard
Chapter 497. Treasure hidden in the cellar
Chapter 498. I’m going to post it!
Chapter 499. Er Gudong and Little Gudong
Chapter 500. Fans who come to buy dogs
Chapter 501. Hunting Roe Deer and Chasing Black Bear
Chapter 502. Guan Yu among dogs
Chapter 503. Black Tiger: If you don’t give it to me, I’ll catch it myself
Chapter 504. The old man calls Zhang Yuanmin injured
Chapter 505. Xu Pao comes to visit
Chapter 506. Father and son join forces
Chapter 507. The disappearing roe deer and the hiding black bear
Chapter 508. Black bear looking for mother
Chapter 509. Wang Meilan goes to Lingnan and Xu Meihua is in action
Chapter 510. Zhang Laifa steals the black tiger
Chapter 511. The black tiger that everyone praises
Chapter 512. The black tiger bit the little black bear
Chapter 513. Deja Vu
Chapter 514. Even looking for the dog, taking the lead to find the father
Chapter 515. Village Witch Doctor——Ma Ling
Chapter 516. Coaxing and deceiving
Chapter 517. The last eunuch
Chapter 518: Reunion of man and dog, double happiness
Chapter 519: Stab the black bear with a knife again
Chapter 520. Run, brother!
Chapter 521. Zhao Jun beats the black bear with three sticks
Chapter 522: Even dogs won’t be spared when people grunt.
Chapter 523: Evil will be punished
Chapter 524. Zhang Laibao is deposed and Zhang Zhanshan is killed
Chapter 525. Why did Zhao Jun come?
Chapter 526. Unprepared longevity ingredients and ready-made wild boar meat
Chapter 527. I’m not going!
Chapter 528. Zhao Jun wants to station guns
Chapter 529. Unlucky
Chapter 530. Go straight to the sow forest
Chapter 531. Battle in the Sow Forest (Part 1)
Chapter 532. Battle in the Sow Forest (Part 2)
Chapter 533. Eating wild boar alive
Chapter 534: Black Tiger fails to live up to expectations
Chapter 535. Encountering a leopard on the way home
Chapter 536. Eight dogs tear apart a leopard
Chapter 537: Talking nonsense
Chapter 538. Zhang Laifa intercepts Hu Li Ruhai
Chapter 539. So dark!
Chapter 540. Is there really Shi Huzi?
Chapter 541. Li Ruhai: Absolutely impossible!
Chapter 542. Li Ruhai: Uh! Uh! Uh!
Chapter 543. Li Ruhai got his wish
Chapter 544. Zhao Jun: Dad, have you never seen money?
Chapter 545. I can get a wife!
Chapter 546. Yu Xuewen asks for help
Chapter 547. Set of yellow leaves
Chapter 546. Heroes of the past
Chapter 547. Huang Yezi hangs himself
Chapter 550. Huang Yezi surrounds the village
Chapter 551. Encountering a bear on a steep mountain
Chapter 552. The miserable black bear and the missing black tiger
Chapter 553: One breath of gunshot
Chapter 554. The giant bear weighing one thousand two hundred and three hundred pounds
Chapter 555. Bear King Hanging Sheep
Chapter 556: Prolonging life
Chapter 557. The attentive chef Zhao Youcai and the glorious doorman Li Ruhai
Chapter 558: The family has no money, Wang Meilan’s son follows me, Zhao Youcai
Chapter 559. The brother-in-law who deserves a beating
Chapter 560. Zhao Youcai shoots two roe deer. Zhao Jun rushes to Qingshiding
Chapter 561. Bear Roar and Tiger Roar
Chapter 562: Who can eat your body?
Chapter 563. Meilan and Ma Ling’s mother-in-law and daughter-in-law meeting
Chapter 564. Zhao Youcai’s pocket money was deducted
Chapter 565. Ma Yang and Li Ruhai
Chapter 566. Zhao Jun asks Zhang Yuanmin for advice
Chapter 567. Brother Jun... you can figure it out yourself.
Chapter 568. Black Tiger’s Love
Chapter 569: Watching others order dishes
Chapter 570. Zhang Yuanmin’s rules for fighting bears
Chapter 571. Bear Hunting by Car
Chapter 572. The bear is dead and the people are gone
Chapter 573. Encountering a tiger in the forest
Chapter 574. Dahuang escaped
Chapter 575. The hanging sheep appears
Chapter 576. Talk to me about this
Chapter 577: The face has grown
Chapter 578: One drink makes you drink too much
Chapter 579. Zhao Jun goes home and Ma Ling files a complaint
Chapter 580. Li Ruhai: Brother, just eat it yourself
Chapter 581. Broken legs and not enough to eat
Chapter 582. The fire rat burrows into the badger’s hole
Chapter 583. Surrounding the badger
Chapter 584: The collectors are here
Chapter 585. Real price
Chapter 586. Leave all the money to me!
Chapter 587. Waiting to get rich
Chapter 588: Broken leather can be sold at sky-high prices
Chapter 589. Widow named Wang
Chapter 590: Isn’t there a mountain eagle?
Chapter 591: Keep a pig head
Chapter 592. Equivalent to killing Di Cangzi
Chapter 593. Hualong who doesn’t eat bear meat
Chapter 594. Surprising discovery in the pamphlet
Chapter 595. Widow Wang’s Door Frame
Chapter 596: Something big happened!
Chapter 597. Three heads and eight arms
Chapter 598: The lynx is thick this year
Chapter 599. Lynx family of three
Chapter 600. Zhao Youcai’s dark history
Chapter 601. Let’s set off towards the old village!
Chapter 602. Metaphysics makes big gains, and even kowtows when you have money
New Year’s Outlook and Additional Instructions
Chapter 603: Have you kowtowed enough?
Chapter 604. Opening the old man’s house and worshiping the mountain god
Chapter 605. A first-class mallet
Chapter 606. Secret Ginseng
Chapter 607. Ergudongmi Ginseng
Chapter 608. The tiger cub pounced on the man
Chapter 609. This family doesn’t have a fuel-efficient lamp
Chapter 610. Zhao Youcai’s Declaration
Chapter 611. Money reward
Chapter 612. Also shot in the head with one shot
Chapter 613. Everything is ready
Chapter 614. I don’t know what to do
Chapter 615. True filial son Zhao Jun
Chapter 616. The boy pees and slaps the kid
Chapter 617. Black Tiger comes out of seclusion
Chapter 618. Exhausted
Chapter 619. Same time, same tears
Chapter 620. Save the pig under the knife
Chapter 621: Northeastern people love to eat that pickled cabbage blood sausage
Chapter 622. Killing pigs
Chapter 623. Let’s hug you until you’re full first.
Chapter 624. Zhao Youcai went home with good food
Chapter 625. Twelve courses of dinner
Chapter 626. The old immortal
Chapter 627. The old treacherous Zhao Youcai makes new achievements and Li Ruhai
Chapter 628. Failure to train jackals
Chapter 629. Lynx Cub
Chapter 630. Zhao Youcai is in a hurry
Chapter 631. At first glance, it looks like a seedling for a siege
Chapter 632: The dog gang grows stronger again
Chapter 633. The troublemaking wild boar
Chapter 634. The wild boar kicked Zhang Yuanmin over
Chapter 635. If you have money, help me catch two wild boars.
Chapter 636: Everyone came to Zhao Youcai to catch the wild boar
Chapter 637. Both couples are thinking about good things.
Chapter 638. Zhao Youcai’s special skills
Chapter 639. Zhao Youcai: Lao Wang’s family doesn’t have a good cake
Chapter 640. The glorious past of Lao Wang’s family
Chapter 641. A six with one hand to calm the old Chinese doctor
Chapter 642. More than sixty-two large ginseng
Chapter 643. Wang Meilan shouted
Chapter 644. Bulk goods sold
Chapter 645. Zhang Yuanmin traps pigs and Li Ruhai picks up pigs
Chapter 646. Zhao Youcai is in a hurry and Wang Meilan is beautiful
Chapter 647. Black tiger meets porcelain
Chapter 648. Four Eights of Ginseng and a Golden Plate of Fortune
Chapter 649: It’s easy to spend money, but it’s hard to save money
Chapter 650. A rich woman is arrogant wherever she goes
Chapter 651. The flawless Zhao Youcai
Chapter 652. Encountering Ruhai on the way home
Chapter 653. Uncle, look what good stuff I got for you!
Chapter 654. That’s my wild boar!
Chapter 655. Li Ruhai cannot be praised
Chapter 656. The drunk Li Dayong and the diligent Zhao Youcai
Chapter 657. The wild boar being sent around
Chapter 658. Don’t forget to buy the sheep when you are eating milk
Chapter 659. Zhao Youcai’s gun was lit by his daughter
Chapter 660: The big cotton-padded jacket also leaks air
Chapter 661. The cruelest dog
Chapter 662. Cast lead bullets and gunfire
Chapter 663: The bear died before the rice was cooked
Chapter 664. The treasure hidden in the jar!
Chapter 665. King Ginseng
Chapter 666. There is a butchered pig dish in the front and a bear fish feast in the back
Chapter 667. Driving coder
Chapter 668. Zhao Youcai came home with good food again
Chapter 669. Father and son meet in a small store
Chapter 670: Li Ruhai was beaten and the old Zhou family sold pigs
Chapter 671. A big gold coin gives you wealth
Chapter 672. Zhao Jun admits his mistake
Chapter 673. One is more pitiful than the other
Chapter 674. Ma Ling goes to the market and Zhao Jun leaves the camp
Chapter 675: Two hundred yuan made an mistake
Chapter 676. Male Pheasant and Yellow Fox
Chapter 677. The fox gives a gift
Chapter 678: It’s Jin Xiaomei’s turn to make meritorious service
Chapter 679. Xiao Lingdang and Zhang Yuanmin
Chapter 680. The Great Onmyoji Wang Meilan
Chapter 681: Being rich and confused
Chapter 682. The richest man in Yong'an, a gift of one thousand
Chapter 683. Dating
Chapter 684: Drunken and cowardly
Chapter 685. Ham sausage on the cutting board
Chapter 686. Big crotch new style flag
Chapter 687. The killer in the middle of the night
Chapter 688. The dog drives out the badger and fixes the badger fork
Chapter 689. The old car turns into a small windmill
Chapter 690: The Ma family discusses marriage and the powerful pressure on the box
Chapter 691. Meilan sets up a banquet—all in the mountains
Chapter 692. A big deal with a profit of 50,000 yuan
Chapter 693. Li Ruhai takes back the leather shoes and marmot hat
Chapter 694. Buy leather shoes for Ma Ling
Chapter 695. Dragon and Tiger
Chapter 696. The leaker Li Ruhai
Chapter 697. Important information from Ruhai Detective
Chapter 698: Empty the rich treasury in progress
Chapter 699: The possibility of curing the black tiger
Chapter 700. Zhang Yuanmin comes up with another clever plan. Xiao Zhaopao will go to Lingnan
Chapter 701. Who did the donkey provoke?
Chapter 702. Swearing the most poisonous oath
Chapter 703. The whole family is getting fat
Chapter 704. Li Ruhai has pissed off a ruthless person
Chapter 705. Relatives of the old lady
Chapter 706. The women are in high spirits
Chapter 707. Arranged marriage one-stop service
Chapter 708. Wang’s Roe Deer Fish Feast
Chapter 709. Six women, one drama
Chapter 710. Huang Gui enters the 'Zoo'
Chapter 711. General White Horse! Black Dog Zhao Pao!
Chapter 712. It turns out to be the stupid dog Zhao Pao
Chapter 713. Zhao Jun: Dad, why are you scolding yourself?
Chapter 714. Wealthy confronts Meilan
Chapter 715. Black Tiger takes the lead
Chapter 716. Encounter with the big orphan pig
Chapter 717. Playing like a hunchback
Chapter 718. Picking up girls
Chapter 719. On the Famous Passage Ridge
Chapter 720. Revenge of Cannon Egg
Chapter 721. Dedicated to killing Donkey Huang Lao Pi
Chapter 722. Both wild boars and donkeys will die.
Chapter 723. Cannon Egg: 100% useless!
Chapter 724. This dog is more capable of causing trouble than humans
Chapter 725. Zhao Youcai: Only 700 left!
Chapter 726. The fifth treasure among beasts - pig sand
Chapter 727. Is there pig sand on the cannon egg?
Chapter 728: Not everyone can say it with a pinch in hand
Chapter 729. Zhao Jun was provoked for the first time
Chapter 730. You can’t cheat your own people.
Chapter 731: Made Zhao Jun angry
Chapter 732. Zhao Jun rescued the distressed people
Chapter 733. Zhao Jun: Come on, Brother Chen!
Chapter 734. Little Gudong’s serial plan
Chapter 735. Zhao Jun eats meat and Chen Xueyi eats snow
Chapter 736. The mountain is greedy for human life. Killing ditch
Chapter 737. Chen Xueyi cried after eating donkey dung eggs
Chapter 738. Zhao Jun: Stop fighting now!
Chapter 739. Zhao Jun is also lost
Chapter 740. True and false Zhao Jun
Chapter 741. Wang Meilan’s nightmare
Chapter 742. The legendary boss Shao Tuzhao
Chapter 743. The treasure of Lao Wang’s family
Chapter 744. Dog Traitor Two Tigers
Chapter 745. The temptation of heavy money
Chapter 746. The whereabouts of the Wang family’s treasure
Chapter 747. Zhao Youcai is going to make another mistake
Chapter 748. Give me an old man
Chapter 749. The birth of the Zhao Family Gang
Chapter 750. Wang Meilan: You don’t have to go home
Chapter 751. Li Ruhai, a cadre who went to the countryside
Chapter 752. The abnormality of the black tiger on the high mountain
Chapter 753. Wang Dalong discovered the 'prey'
Chapter 754. Zhao Youcai: A great victory!
Chapter 755. Li Ruhai wants to leave the circle
Chapter 756. Zhao Youcai: My son is better than my father?
Chapter 757. Li Ruhai: I want revenge!
Chapter 758. Shooting Chen Xueyi
Chapter 759. Zhao Jun rescues people
Chapter 760. Uncle Tun
Chapter 761. Xiao Bajie and Li Baoyu
Chapter 762. Zhao Jun’s abilities in his previous life
Chapter 763. The root of Lao Wang’s treasure has been found!
Chapter 764. Zhao Jun: Shooting himself in the foot
Chapter 765. Huang Gui gives a donkey
Chapter 766. Like the sea sharpening a knife
Chapter 767. Li Mozi’s Wife
Chapter 768. Buy a mallet to cure the black tiger
Chapter 769. The Shao family sends ginseng and the card game begins
Chapter 770. Zhao Youcai: Can you not mention the sheep?
Chapter 771. Zhao Youcai was overshadowed by the light of his son
Chapter 772: The meat-headed turtle Gai is a bastard
Chapter 773. Wang Dalong secretly assassinated Chen Cang
Chapter 774. Precious Musk and the Blocked Dragon
Chapter 775. Wang Dalong: Help
Chapter 776. Wang Dalong: You are worse than Zhao Jun
Chapter 777. Zhao Youcai: My hunting gang is broken up!
Chapter 778. Rumor: Zhao Youcai broke his shoes!
Chapter 779. Fighting the Tiger General
Chapter 780. The legendary tiger fighting general and Zhang Yuanmin’s father
Chapter 781. Zhao Family Workshop Meilan Kiln
Chapter 782. Zhao Youcai’s small treasury will be reduced by another hundred
Chapter 783. Tiger appears in Yongan
Chapter 787. Wang Meilan, my son
Chapter 785. Wang Meilan is still protecting the calf
Chapter 786. Call Zhao Jun home and send Ruhai down the mountain
Chapter 787. Wang Meilan: My son!
Chapter 788. Siberian tiger, Siberian leopard, and golden eagle
Chapter 789. Buying wine and beating sheep
Chapter 790. Three-piece deer hunting set and golden eagle lock
Chapter 791. Malaysian Golden Eagle
Chapter 792. Going home
Chapter 793. Touching the palm of my hand
Chapter 794. Barbecue and shabu-shabu
Chapter 795. Delicious mutton skewers, Xie Sun got high
Chapter 796: Being rich and frightened
Chapter 797: Taking the bait all starts with gluttony
Chapter 798. Zhao Jun is going to use his unique skill
Chapter 799. Zhao Juns family wants to buy a big jeep
Chapter 800. Li Jie unites and Yongan is invincible
Chapter 801. Catch three mountain roe deer in frozen blue salt water
Chapter 802. The eunuch went on a blind date
Chapter 803. From watching the excitement to becoming the excitement
Chapter 804. Zhao Jun: Cross back
Chapter 805. Roasted Lamb Kidneys
Chapter 806. Ma Ling: Zhao Jun, you bad guy!
Chapter 807. Coming to the door!
Chapter 808. Evidence
Chapter 809. Changzhen Yongan
Chapter 810. Becoming bigger and stronger
Chapter 811. A family of roe deer must be neat and tidy
Chapter 812. Collecting roe deer in the mountains
Chapter 813. Half a chicken set with sand
Chapter 814. Roe Deer, Roe Deer, dont blame me. You are a dish in the world.
Chapter 815. Zhao Jun and brother-in-law
Chapter 816. Roe Deer Whistle
Chapter 817. Last one
Chapter 818. Suggestions to aid the people: special breeding
Chapter 819. People die for money, and birds die for food.
Chapter 820: If you have the money to fight a siege, the more you fight, the more you lose.
Chapter 821. Wild boars form a war dog gang
Chapter 822. Beast King Locks the Throat
Chapter 823. The Zhao family takes over the business
Chapter 824. The crouching tiger general Zhao Jun
Chapter 825. The little lynx wants to eat meat
Chapter 826. Zhao Jun trains lynx
Chapter 827. Plan to buy a big goose
Chapter 828. Zhao Jun: You should
Chapter 829: The wealthy man is sick and Da Yong asks for medicine.
Chapter 830. Deer Spear and Bow
Chapter 831. Dispensing medicine, buying a gun, and asking old friends
Chapter 832.Imagine the future
Chapter 833. The first snow in 1987
Chapter 834. The poor boy of the past
Chapter 835. Zhao Jun takes on the important task
Chapter 836: Not wanting to besiege Zhao Youcai, blood splatters on Li Ruhai
Chapter 837. Li Dayongs death and Zhou Chunmings Ma Zhao
Chapter 838: The sea is like a sea of cries, but there is no answer every day.
Chapter 839. The real mountain drive
Chapter 840. Who is the medicinal wine prepared for?
Chapter 841. Wild boar herder Zhao Jun
Chapter 842. Zhao Juns leisurely life
Chapter 843. Three more dogs
Chapter 844. Zhao Juns unworthy brother-in-law
Chapter 845. Ma Ling: I dont want it!
Chapter 846. Zhao Jun: My wife is so kind!
Chapter 847. Asking for leave if you have money
Chapter 848. The brother-in-law who was beaten by a group of people
Chapter 849. All aspects of human relations and sophistication
Chapter 850. Zhao Youcai ran away from home
Chapter 851. Xiao Zhao Pao drives the mountain to drive away bears
Chapter 852. The Yongan Spear King will be named Zhao from now on
Chapter 853. Zhao Youcai, who has perfected his B
Chapter 854. Zhao Jun and his son became famous in the same day
Chapter 855. Wang Meilan: You were waiting for him to come back!
Chapter 856. Zhao Baotou returns home in glory
Chapter 857. Zhao Jun should be selected as a model worker
Chapter 858. The warmth between relatives and friends
Chapter 859. On the power of talk
Chapter 860. If you have money, go to war
Chapter 861. If you have money, you can shoot magpies and the dog gang can slaughter the cow.
Chapter 860: Go to war if you have money
Chapter 862. Yesterday, I earned 400 for hunting pigs. I will pay 1,000 for slaughtering cows today.
Chapter 863. The eagerly awaited Wang Meilan
Chapter 864: If you have money, the more you fight, the more you get fatter?
Chapter 865. Zhao Jun returns home as if in a dream
Chapter 866. Leaked news
Chapter 867: Not everyone can spread gossip!
Chapter 868. The Second Hero in Yongan - Cattle Slaughterer Zhao Youcai
Chapter 869. I, Wang Meilan, still have to spend money to eat meat?
Chapter 870. Li Ruhai is not at home
Chapter 871. Zhao Juns number one fan
Chapter 872. Dogs are just like children
Chapter 873. My mother-in-law cant eat and my father-in-law cant drink.
Chapter 874. Half of the sky west of the mountain is stained with blood
Chapter 875. Bear King Alchemy Pill 8K
Chapter 876.Hound Armor
Chapter 877. Customized Armor (9K)
Chapter 878. Defeat the desperate man
Chapter 879. Group fight
Chapter 880. The Gu family gives in
Chapter 881. Xiao Bajie and Li Baoyu of Yongan Heroes
Chapter 882: The aid workers were happy to hear about the black bear
Chapter 883. Zhao Juns dark history
Chapter 884. Sister-in-law, save me
Chapter 885. Dogs really understand human nature
Chapter 886. Black Tigers stunt
Chapter 887: Pig grit appears in wild boar belly
Chapter 888. The pacesetter cant run away
Chapter 889. Thirty-year-old black bear
Chapter 890. Plan to kill Shuangcang
Chapter 891. Sisters who love stinky beauty
Chapter 892. Silent ridicule
Chapter 893. Zhang Laibaos little black bear exposed
Chapter 894. Zhao Jun: Just do it!
Chapter 895. The most powerful bear hunter
Chapter 896. Badicang
Chapter 897. Black Bear Monster
Chapter 898. Its hard to catch a mature bear
Chapter 899: Nothing can beat a hot bite
Chapter 900. Undeclared war at the border between two provinces
Chapter 901. Bear Spirit War Dog and Tiger Crossing the Border
Chapter 902. The dog is too tired to eat meat.
Chapter 903. Like in a dream
Chapter 904. Bear spirit Fengxue fights against the beast king
Chapter 905: Rich people block the bear spirit
Chapter 906. The bear spirit sneaks up on the Zhao army and slaughters the bear Shaobao Zhang Yuanmin.
Chapter 907. Black bear, golden gallbladder, father and son encounter tiger
Chapter 908. If you have wealth, you will lose it
Chapter 909: Aiding the Peoples Family
Chapter 910. Big Piwo grabs territory
Chapter 911. Conflict
Chapter 912: Catch a live mink and train a lynx
Chapter 913: Big shopping before the ceremony
Chapter 914. Taking Ma Ling into the city
Chapter 911. Conflict
Chapter 915. Zhang Yuanmin plots to buy a bear and buy a dog
Chapter 916. Did you meet Jie Dao?
Chapter 917. Found the Zhang familys little black bear
Chapter 918: The in-laws dont give away dogs
Chapter 919. Taking my wife to a restaurant
Chapter 920: Bear bile sold in drug stores (Part 1)
Chapter 921. Bear bile is sold in a pharmacy (Part 2)
Chapter 922. Bear bile is sold in the pharmacy (Part 2)
Chapter 923. Zhao Jun and Ma Ling are busy shopping
Chapter 924. The craziest big purchase
Chapter 925. Little Gudong protects his wife
Chapter 926. Zhang Yuanmin freezes the black bear warehouse
Chapter 927. Ruhais last piece of equipment
Chapter 928. My name is Zhao Jun, not Mountain Eagle
Chapter 926. Zhang Yuanmin freezes the black bear warehouse
Chapter 929. Xing San: Need to pay more
Chapter 930. A herd of wild boars on the man-eating mountain
Chapter 931. Zhao Youcai: Is this guy considered a traitor?
Chapter 932: The entire village is mobilized, using swords and guns
Chapter 933. The eldest aunt meets Ma Ling
Chapter 934. The missing half of the body
Chapter 935. Reserve ammunition. The wind moves with the tiger.
Chapter 936: Grabbing jobs
Chapter 937. Zhao Bantou is determined to hunt the tiger, but Zhou Chengguo returns without success.
Chapter 938. The Wang siblings are gearing up.
Chapter 939: Boss Zhao has an idea
Chapter 940. The ceremony begins and the in-laws come to visit
Chapter 941: Ga's relatives
Chapter 942. Three Golds, Betrothal Gift, and Pao Jinghu
Chapter 943: An elegant banquet
Chapter 944: Have wealth and be filial
Chapter 945. The perfect reason not to use money to fight tigers
Chapter 946. Obtaining a marriage certificate
Chapter 945. The perfect reason not to use money to fight tigers
Chapter 947. Difficult delivery of the cub
Chapter 948. Veterinarian Zhao Jun
Chapter 949. The second tiger
Chapter 950. Before the war
Chapter 951. Why arent fathers better than sons?
Chapter 952. The evil tiger strikes again
Chapter 952. The evil tiger strikes again
Chapter 953. Xiao Bajie encounters a tiger
Chapter 954. The Hanging Sheep Reappears
Chapter 955. Night trip to Hu Mountain
Chapter 956. The brother-in-law who ran away from home
Chapter 957. Little Bear and its Children
Chapter 958. The dog gang encounters the tiger
Chapter 959. The Zhao family dog gang fights against the Siberian tiger
Chapter 960: Killing tigers with wealth
Chapter 961. Zhao Youcai: This is ruined!
Chapter 962. The money-making ability of the richest man in Yongan
Chapter 963. The short Zhuge offers a plan - to kill the tiger with a borrowed sword
Chapter 964. His father’s plan to aid the people
Chapter 965: A good dog will not die at home
Chapter 966. It was the Mountain God who did it!
Chapter 967: Hurt each other
Chapter 968. With explosives and ground guns, it’s hard to be a mountain god
Chapter 969. Father and son reunited
Chapter 970: Transfer Zhao Jun to work in the Forestry Bureau?
Chapter 971. The Four Secrets of Yongan - The Wealthy Gun
Chapter 972. Yongan’s first shot
Chapter 973. Fake tiger eyes supply food
Chapter 974. The father and mother of the daughter-in-law and child were just ordinary people at that time.
Chapter 975: Something is wrong with the Dog Gang
Chapter 975: Something is wrong with the Dog Gang
Chapter 977. Hua Xiao’s unique skills reappear in Yong’an
Chapter 978. Create the strongest dog gang
Chapter 979. Another head dog
Chapter 980. If you have the money to buy a dog or a green tiger, Zhao Jun encounters two black bears.
Chapter 981. Guan Zhao Youcai wants accounts
Chapter 982. The right to speak of Yongan Forest District
Chapter 983. There is always Gudong who wants to trick me
Chapter 984. Father and son join forces?
Chapter 985. The 'warmth' between father and son
Chapter 986. I went to Zhao Jun’s house and forgot about my own home.
Chapter 987. I want money but no money.
Chapter 988. Green Tiger
Chapter 989. Strange people and strange dogs
Chapter 990: The ambition to have wealth
Chapter 991. Learning that the little black bear was killed
Chapter 992. The black blind man makes a big fuss in Lengchang (Part 1)
Chapter 993. The black blind man makes a big fuss in Lengchang (Part 2)
Chapter 994. Zhang Yuanmin wets his crotch
Chapter 995. Zhao Jun wants to buy Hua Niuniu
Chapter 996. The beautiful girl with broken shoes in the dog's heart
Chapter 997: Beauty is a disaster, Niuniu meets a green tiger for the first time when rich
Chapter 998. The sharp-eyed Zhao Boss
Chapter 999. The Green Tiger Goes to Battle
Chapter 1000. Old dog playing with black bear
Chapter 1001. There is a God of Wealth Spear that accidentally injures Hualong
Chapter 1002. Zhao Youcai changed his mind again
Chapter 1003. The Zhao family and his son are looked down upon by others
Chapter 1003. The Zhao family and his son are looked down upon by humans
Chapter 1004. The Siberian Tiger who left his hometown
Chapter 1005. Siberian tigers are prohibited from leaving the country. Zhao Youcai was frightened and fell ill.
Chapter 1006. Home remedies that science cannot explain
Chapter 1007. If you have money and are in trouble, please point out the mandarin ducks and hate evil like a green tiger.
Chapter 1008. Hiring a murderer to kill Tiger King Meilan, the greedy black tiger who understands human language
Chapter 1009. The black tiger pretends to be sick to make people feel sorry for him. He has money and takes the opportunity to sell ginseng.
Chapter 1010. The brother-in-law who cheated on his brother-in-law
Chapter 1011. Yi Miaos legendary mallet
Chapter 1012. Put on the sable trap and the fragrant deer nest
Chapter 1,013. To develop ambitions, Mr. Zhao
Chapter 1014. Zhao Jun: Do they want tigers?
Chapter 1015. Why cant this kid get along with a tiger?
Chapter 1016. Im afraid I wont survive the solar year
Chapter 1017. Don’t let the white tiger overwhelm the green dragon
Chapter 1018. How many lynxes?
Chapter 1019. Recognize only the clothes but not the person
Chapter 1019. Recognize only the clothes but not the person
Chapter 1021. The tragedy that occurred in Yongan
Chapter 1020. Zhao Family Dog Gang vs. Lynx Mother and Son
Chapter 1021. The tragedy that occurred in Yongan
Chapter 1022: Burning bridges across rivers and Zhao Youcai?
Chapter 1023. Li Ruhais dark backer has fallen
Chapter 1024. Those with wealth sell ginseng and Zhao Jun inspects the goods
Chapter 1025. The wealth is ruined and Baoyu cheats his brother
Chapter 1026. Black tiger eats secretly
Chapter 1027. Father and son circle the tiger
Chapter 1028. Harvest of Big Skin
Chapter 1029. Ma Lings Dream Interpretation
Chapter 1030. Two Siberian leopards occupy two mountains, Du heads to invite Xiao Zhao to shoot
Chapter 1031. Yongan Model Worker Selection, Matchmakers Are Online
Chapter 1032. There are ferocious beasts in all mountains. If you have money, you want to be a model worker.
Chapter 1033. Boyo came to surrender
Chapter 1034. Master and apprentice are separated
Chapter 1035. Zhao Youcai is about to arrive on the battlefield
Chapter 1036. Leopard: Are you trying to steal my meat?
Chapter 1037. Leopard: I’ve given you the meat, what else do you want?
Chapter 1038. If you have money, kill the leopard. If you have money, you will have trouble.
Chapter 1,039. If you have wealth, you will be beaten. If you have wealth, you will get insurance.
Chapter 1,039. If you have wealth, you will be beaten. If you have wealth, you will get insurance.
Chapter 1040. The whole leopard skin brings wealth
Chapter 1041. Get a grip on whats happening
Chapter 1042. See who you can pick up?
Chapter 1043. Destroy the east wall to make up for the west wall
Chapter 1044. Reform through labor and a new life
Chapter 1045. A filial son
Chapter 1046. Things are exposed
Chapter 1047. Great injustice
Chapter 1048. Who goes home?
Chapter 1049. Tell the truth
Chapter 1050. Don’t offend women
Chapter 1051. Liu Tiezui comes to the door
Chapter 1052. Zhao Jun’s dog bites someone
Chapter 1053. Li Ruhai, a filial piety in the hall
Chapter 1054. Fishing on the ice
Chapter 1055. Walking a dog makes you rich
Chapter 1,056. The merchants are here again
Chapter 1,056. The merchants are here again
Chapter 1057. Barefoot Immortal
Chapter 1058. The Widow of the Black-Hearted King and the Kind-hearted Master Zhao
Chapter 1059. If you have money, sell leopard skins
Chapter 1061. Is it scary?
Chapter 1,060. Get rich and get rich
Chapter 1061. Is it scary?
Chapter 1,062. Catch the head fish in a net, Northeastern Yusheng
Chapter 1063. Falling into a trap
Chapter 1064. A dream come true? A nightmare come true?
Chapter 1065. Going out to aid the people and bombing the Bear Cave
Chapter 1066. I dont know whether I will live or die.
Chapter 1067. Zhao Jun: I will meet them both
Chapter 1068. One wave has not subsided and another wave has arisen.
Chapter 1069. She has a son named Zhao Jun
Chapter 1070. The vast white mountains are so clean
Chapter 1071. Zhao Juns connections
Chapter 1072. Zhang Yuanmins dream
Chapter 1073. Wang Meilan: Is that you Zhao Erdong?
Chapter 1074. Little Gudong causes trouble and drains the Siberian tiger dry
Chapter 1077. Zhao Jun: Got rich
Chapter 1075. Catch the tiger together?
Chapter 1076. Armor completed
Chapter 1080. Tiger Skin
Chapter 1077. Zhao Jun: Got rich
Chapter 1078. Selling mink skins as soon as they come down from the mountain
Chapter 1,079. A windfall of thirty thousand yuan
Chapter 1080. Tiger Skin
Chapter 1081. Hua Niunius first battle
Chapter 1082. Death under peonies
Chapter 1087. After buying a color TV, I want to buy a car again
Chapter 1083. With the gift
Chapter 1084. Meilan celebrates her birthday with thousands of plum blossoms blooming in the cold winter lunar month
Chapter 1085. Meilans birthday cake
Chapter 1086. Meilan buys a large color TV for her birthday
Chapter 1087. After buying a color TV, I want to buy a car again
Chapter 1088. Blow out the candles, cut the cake, and hang the red lantern high
Chapter 1089. Words of tiger and wolf
Chapter 1090. Three gifts from Zhao Jun to Ma Ling
Chapter 1091. The battle of revenge opens the way under the snow
Chapter 1092. Women hold up half the sky
Chapter 1,093. Im so dark-hearted
Chapter 1,094. Ice water waves and the battle between the three clans
Chapter 1095. Kill the jackals first, then fight the black bears
Chapter 1096. Become an official
Chapter 1097. Meilan competes for the director in the sea, and a black bear is killed by three shots in the snow
Chapter 1098. There are still people rushing to take medicine
Chapter 1098. There are still people rushing to take medicine
Chapter 1099. Wang Meilan: Wait until I become the womens director...
Chapter 1,100. Calabash baby saves me
Chapter 1101. Ru Hais new work Trivial Affairs of the Zhao Family
Chapter 1,102. The Wild Boar King Wants to Become a God
Chapter 1,103. One wave has not subsided, and another wave arises.
Chapter 1104. Chef Zhaos professional abilities
Chapter 1,105. Return to the village like a sea
Chapter 1,106. Yong'an Tun is about to change
Chapter 1107. Wang Meilan is full of confidence and Chen Dalais life should not be cut off
Chapter 1,107. This man talks too much
Chapter 1,108. Two dead, one left
Chapter 1,109. Large troops, set off!
Chapter 1110. Wang Meilan leads the trend and becomes furious with Li Ruhai
Chapter 1111. Prodigal bitch
Chapter 1112. Soul torture
Chapter 1,113. Zhao Youcai breaks the wild boar formation with his gun
Chapter 1,114. An unexpected accident happened
Chapter 1,115. The wealth ran away and was lost
Chapter 1116. Do you want to snatch the leftover dog too?
Chapter 1,117. Couple wearing the same pair of pants
Chapter 1,118. A night in the mountains, wealth in danger
Chapter 1119. Zhao Youcai: This son was raised in vain!
Chapter 1120. Trouble at the funeral
Chapter 1121. Reject moral kidnapping
Chapter 1122. Murdering her husband Wang Meilan to become the head of the family Li Ruhai
Chapter 1,123. The cool-looking Yongan doorman and the enthusiastic and thoughtful Xiao Zhaopao
Chapter 1,124. Full of experience
Chapter 1125. Don’t ruin people’s jobs
Chapter 1126. The most dangerous person in Yongan Forest District
Chapter 1127. Little Gudong cries for his father
Chapter 1,128. Brother Zhou fell down
Chapter 1,129. Education is like the sea
Chapter 1130. Great love
Chapter 1131. The arm cannot twist the thigh
Chapter 1,132. Red face
Chapter 1133. Feed you a handful of dog food
Chapter 1,134. Buy a down jacket and jeans for my wife
Chapter 1,135. Family love
Chapter 1,135. Family love
Chapter 1,136. Offerings to those with wealth
Chapter 1,137. Sensible and Ignorant
Chapter 1,138. The growing Zhao family gang
Chapter 1,139. Xiao Zhao takes the lead
Chapter 1140. Three licking dogs
Chapter 1141. The bastard who is tougher than a knife, the righteous Xiao Zhao Pao
Chapter 1,142. Yongan hero Zhao Jun
Chapter 1,143. Through the forest and across the snowfield
Chapter 1144. I want to go to your house
Chapter 1,145. Remembering my loved ones
Chapter 1,146. Wang Meilan: You have a fight with me!
Chapter 1,147. Show off
Chapter 1,148. Come to Zhao Juns house to enjoy the autumn breeze?
Chapter 1149. Zhao Youcai: I am just doing this for my children
Chapter 1,150. The most dangerous place in Yongan Forest DistrictZhao Juns house
Chapter 1151. Two Zhao guns beat the big green ox
Chapter 1152. The man who beats the cow is called Zhao Jun?
Chapter 1153. Zhao Jun: Someone sued me
Chapter 1154. Zhao Jun: I was the one who hit him!
Chapter 1155. You were waiting for me to become a cadre!
Chapter 1156. Zhao Youcai: Lan Na, please!
Chapter 1158. Wang Qiang: Brother Zhao, why don’t you take two photos with Niu?
Chapter 1,157. The fleeing cow-slaughtering cannon
Chapter 1158. Wang Qiang: Brother Zhao, why dont you take two photos with Niu?
Chapter 1,159. Yongan Election
Chapter 1,160. The cattle sender is coming
Chapter 1161. Like the sea coming home
Chapter 1,162. The Zhao family joins the gang
Chapter 1,163. Blind Bear has made several
Chapter 1,164. The human heart is unpredictable
Chapter 1,165. Wang Meilan abandoned politics and became a businessman
Chapter 1,166. Zhao Youcai washes his hands in a golden basin
Chapter 1,167. The whereabouts of the Wang family treasure
Chapter 1,168. Old memories and bad things with Zhao Ergudong
Chapter 1,169. The Wild Boar King who escaped from battle
Chapter 1,170. Tiger Crosses Laoye Ridge
Chapter 1,171. The Zhao Family Dog Gang fights against the Wild Boar King again (Part 1)
Chapter 1,172. The Zhao Family Dog Gang fights against the Wild Boar King (Part 2)
Chapter 1,173. Holding the handle in hand is very deceiving
Chapter 1174. Wang Qiang: Brother-in-law! Brother-in-law!
Chapter 1175. My sister was beaten by her brother-in-law
Chapter 1,176. The reputation of cow slaughter spreads far and wide
Chapter 1,177. Pay money to hunt
Chapter 1,178. The shot that broke the heart of Youcai Dao
Chapter 1,179. My heart feels so cold.
Chapter 1,180: Being too good at marksmanship is also a worry
Chapter 1181. The Zhao family lights the beacon tower
Chapter 1,182. There are over a thousand pigs, over ten thousand cattle, and a pound and a half of corn.
Chapter 1,183. The whereabouts of the man who borrowed knives on credit
Chapter 1,184. Shocking secret
Chapter 1,185. There is no way out despite the mountains and rivers, and there is another village with a bright future and a bright future.
Chapter 1186. Who are the Zhao Family Gang?
Chapter 1186. Who are the Zhao Family Gang?
Chapter 1,187. The hungry tiger pounces on food and wins a complete victory
Chapter 1,188. Aided people are discharged from hospital
Chapter 1189. The bad guy appears
Chapter 1,190. The fight started again
Chapter 1191. Zhang Yuanmin arrives home and Yang Yufeng tickles someone
Chapter 1,192. Trouble continues
Chapter 1193. Fighting every day
Chapter 1,194. Zhao Youcai, whose wealth cannot be transferred
Chapter 1,195. Re-establish the character Zhao Youcai and use the sledgehammer Wang Meilan again
Chapter 1,196. Crouching dragon and phoenix chick
Chapter 1197. The annexed Zhao family hunting gang and the expelled leader Zhao
Chapter 1,198. Scared him to death
Chapter 1,199. Two-front battle: Black bear descends from the sky
Chapter 1,200. One bear harms two 'virtuous people'
Chapter 1,201. The sea of aid for the people joins forces again
Chapter 1,202. Li Ruhai: My fathers name is Li Yong, and my stepmothers name is Jin Mei.
Chapter 1,203. Discover the enemy
Chapter 1,204. Like the sea, Zheng is captured
Chapter 1,205. Zhao Jun: Ergudong said that I was Gudong
Chapter 1,206. One kicker and two kickers, the Zhao family's gang came to meet each other
Chapter 1,207. Tiger meets enemy
Chapter 1,208. The Zhao family dog gang hunts bear tyrants and Hua Niu meets Siberian tigers alone.
Chapter 1209. The Beast King is defeated
Chapter 1210. Zhao Jun needs to be transferred to work
Chapter 1,211. Wang Dalong comes to look for dogs
Chapter 1,212. Li Ruhai: Brother Dalong, you don’t want your family to be destroyed, right?
Chapter 1213. Baoyu gives up the egg and the hunting dog gives up the bear
Chapter 1,214. Yongan’s No. 1 Dog Gang
Chapter 1,215. The importance of Li Ruhai in the forest area
Chapter 1,216. Zhao Juns stepmother
Chapter 1,217. There is a sign of wealth in the treasure cellar
Chapter 1,218. Determine the location of the treasure cellar
Chapter 1,219. General Zhao Fatty and Xing San seek revenge
Chapter 1,220. A quota to buy a TV set for the Zhao family
Chapter 1221. Treasure hunt plan
Chapter 1,222. Little Zhuge plans a car
Chapter 1,222. Little Zhuge seeks a car
Chapter 1223. Goshawk and Lynx
Chapter 1224. Catching lynx in the cave
Chapter 1,225. Zhao Jun was very angry when he gave the roe deer money.
Chapter 1,226. The opportunity for the Zhao family to take off
Chapter 1,227. Zhao Jun: You cant hit my mother!
Chapter 1,228: Being rich and being criticized, returning home with a full load
Chapter 1,229. Let's find our brother Zhao Jun to come over and fight the tiger!
Chapter 1,230. Xiao Zhaopao’s objections
Chapter 1,231. A gift from the Zhou family to Zhao Jun
Chapter 1232. Happiness 250
Chapter 1,233. Asking for trouble
Chapter 1,234. Someone is looking for you to fight a tiger
Chapter 1235. The last day of 1987
Chapter 1,236. Bullying children
Chapter 1237. Receiving commendation
Chapter 1,238. Fortune Omen
Chapter 1,239. Treasure Cellar
Chapter 1. Go to the treasure cellar again
Chapter 2. Landlords and old wealth
Chapter 3. The bluestone is broken and the treasure appears
Chapter 4. Zhao Erdong reappears in the world
Chapter 5. A bunch of gold coins... a bunch!
Chapter 6. Dividing money on a large scale
Chapter 7. Hidden treasure under the treasure?
Chapter 8. Catch the duck and force Zhao Jun to become an official
Chapter 9. Zhao Jun: Dad, you are really good!
Chapter 10. Deputy Security Team Leader and Hunter Team Captain Zhao Jun
Chapter 11. Asking for help from the Shao family
Chapter 12. Zhao Jun: They are all from my family!
Chapter 13. He was seconded as soon as he took office
Chapter 14. Little Gudong scares Li Ruhai to piss and Zhao Bantou reunites with the hunting gang
Chapter 15. Home Appliances in the Forest Area
Chapter 16. New official takes office
Chapter 17. Gudong and benevolence
Chapter 18. Alien beast appears and two tigers fight
Chapter 19. Hunting Bears in a Cave
Chapter 20. The man-eating bear devil and the bear-eating black tiger