Chapter 360 Meeting an Old Monk on a Barren Mountain

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There are several ways to go up Nanshan. For example, you can go up directly from the large steps built in Kaiyuan Square.

There was no Kaiyuan Square at that time. There was only one way to go up Nanshan, and cars could only go to the foot of the mountain.

As for that small road, it was built by the apple farmers on the mountain themselves. You can imagine how remote Nanshan was at that time.

We took the night road, and our driver Hu Liqun drove for more than an hour to reach the foot of the mountain.

On the way, I saw a taxi going back and passed our car. The license plate number ended in 27.

When we stopped the car at the foot of the mountain, the driver said, "Do you have a flashlight? How can you see the road in this dark place?" .??.

I said I really didn’t have it, I didn’t take it with me when I went out.

"Then you use this from me."

He took out a flashlight from the bag at his feet.

"Thank you, Brother Hu. How can I pay you back? How about I give you a hundred yuan and treat it as my purchase."

"Hey, why don't you buy something? Are you going back? It's clean here. I'm a little sleepy after working two night shifts in a row. I'll take a nap at the foot of the mountain and wait for you."

I said yes, I'll return it later.

After saying hello, I closed the car door and started going up the mountain with a flashlight.

Not only is it cold at night in winter, but there is also a lot of moisture on the mountains.

This mountain path was overgrown with grass, and there was a faint mist halfway up the mountain. I stood on the mountainside with a flashlight and looked back. I felt that this place was a completely different world from Xianyang City at night.

"Head, have you fallen asleep?"

"Yunfeng, I just lay down. There have been too many things lately, and I can't sleep well. How are you doing there?"

I glanced at the top of the mountain and said, "Botou, just as you guessed, there may be something wrong with Grandma Baishiqiong. I'm going to spend two days with her to see what's going on."

"Well, be smart. I missed something before. Tian Sanjiu may find out. If he finds out, maybe he will be ahead of us in the next step. It's a competition now, we have to be fast."

"What are you talking about?"


He raised his head and sighed, saying: "Wang Xinggui is not afraid of death. He will not speak even if he dies, but I overlooked one of his weaknesses. According to the news, Tian Sanjiu may be looking for where Wang Xiaoqin is buried."

"With Tian Sanjiu's methods, if he finds Wang Xiaoqin's skull and uses it as a bowl, do you think Wang Xinggui will speak?"

After hearing this, my scalp
It's numb, I know Tian Sanjiu really dared to do this.

"Head, head?"

While I was talking, my phone suddenly had a black screen and turned off. When I turned it on again, it showed that it only had a little battery left.

I put away my cell phone and continued walking up the mountain with my flashlight on. When I passed by the apple field, I saw a few scarecrows stuck in the field. The scarecrows had white plastic bags on their heads. They whirred when the night wind blew them.

Climbing a mountain is very tiring, and my physical strength is not as good as that of Brother Yu. I sighed at the moment, this old lady has great physical strength, and she still comes to climb the mountain in the middle of the night at such an old age. I wonder if she flew up from the foot of the mountain while looking at her toes.

When I went up the mountain, I saw a small temple not far away in the north. There might be no electricity in the temple. The two broken doors were closed, and it was dark and quiet.

When I walked to the temple door, I was about to reach out and knock on the door, but then I thought about it and withdrew my hand.

I walked around the small temple, chose a place, climbed over the wall and climbed in.

There are two rooms in the temple, one is slightly larger and the other is smaller. There is light in the larger room, probably because candles are lit in the room.

I walked lightly and leaned over, secretly peeking into the room.

There are two people in the room.

Two candles were lit in front of the statue of Skanda Bodhisattva. The old lady was kneeling on the futon. Next to her stood a very old monk. This old monk had his eyes closed. He was very short. He was wearing a blue cotton-padded jacket and had a head on his head.

Wearing a cloth hat.

The old monk closed his eyes and said in an old voice: "Huilan, this is the last incense stick of the year."

"Ashes return to dust, dust returns to dust. I, the Buddha, am so compassionate that I cannot bear to see sentient beings suffer. The door of Buddhism has been opened for you."

The old lady knelt on the futon, clasped her hands, and looked up at the clay sculpture of Skanda reflected in the flames.

After a few minutes, a smile appeared on the old lady's face.

"Master, you are right, I saw the door of my Buddha."

"For so many years, every time in the dead of night, I have been feeling guilty and blaming myself. When I was forty, I started eating fast, chanting Buddha's name, and doing good deeds. Now I am seventy-one and thirty-one years old. Today I let it go."

Although the old man still had his eyes closed, there seemed to be a smile at the corners of his eyes.


"Huilan, the fate between you and Donor Bai in this life has ended.

We are strangers, but we can still grow old together. There is only one chance, and when the chance comes, we can meet again in the next life."

Hearing this, the old lady showed a smile on her face.

The old monk lit three sticks of incense with candle flames, raised his hands and inserted them into the incense burner in front of the statue of Veda.

Seeing him turning around to come out after offering incense, I hurriedly hid in the corner.


The old monk pushed the door open and closed it again, leaving the old lady alone in the room.

I didn't dare to look outside for fear of being discovered.

At this moment, I suddenly heard a voice saying:

"Donor, stop hiding."

"Donor? Who to call?"

"You're not calling me, are you?"

Before I could react, the old monk suddenly walked up to me and was startled.

"Donor, it's cold, why don't you come inside with me to warm yourself up by the fire."

Now that I have been seen, I am no longer hiding.

I saluted and said, "Well, Master, I'm here to see Grandma Zhang." After saying that, I pointed to the hut.

The old monk smiled and shook his head and said: "Don't disturb her. If you have any questions in your mind, I will help you answer them."

I looked at the small room with the door closed, and went to another room with the old monk.

There is no furniture, the decoration is very simple, there is only a water tank, a pit, a table and a few chairs.

There was a fire burning in the room, which was brighter than the light outside. Only then did I see the old monk's face clearly.

In addition to his short stature and wrinkled face with his eyes closed, I also noticed one thing: the old monk had two small eyes under his earlobes.

I couldn't help but ask: "Um, I'd like to ask Master, are you a boy or a girl?"

Realizing that what I said might be a bit unpleasant, I quickly added, "Don't think too much about it, I'm just asking casually, you don't have to answer."

"Haha, it's okay."

The old monk answered me with a smile: "What's male, what's female? The male body is female, and the female body is male, just like the Skanda Bodhisattva in the house. When it casts down demons and eliminates demons, it is male, and when it rescues suffering people, it is female.

There is no need to distinguish between faces."

"Donor, don't talk about Huilan, let's talk about you."

"Talk about me? What do I have to talk about? You don't seem to know me, right?" I didn't understand what he said.

old monk
He nodded and continued, "I don't know you, but I can see that you are burdened with karma and sins. My Buddha said that saving a life is better than building a seven-level pagoda. Donor, if you stay in my Wei Tuo Temple, you can hide.

Live through the calamity of this life.”


I understood this time, so I waved my hand and said forget it.

Good guy, you old monk asked me, Xiang Yunfeng, to become a monk and become a young monk.

That's not okay. You should live a life of ease. I'm not married yet, and I haven't spent so much money in my card yet. Forget it, I'll get rid of you quickly.

After hearing what I said, the old monk smiled and shook his head, as if he had expected what I would say.

After warming the fire for a while, he suddenly said: "The time has come, let's go see Huilan."

After following him out, the old monk stopped outside the house for two minutes and slowly pushed open the wooden door with both hands.

The candles that were lit in the room were extinguished at some point. It was dark and dark, but the aroma of burning could be smelled in the room.

I stretched out my hand and said, "It's too dark, Master. Do you have any lights? If not, just light a candle."

A flame lit up in the darkness, and the old monk struck a match.

He lit the candle with a match, and the room gradually became brighter.


The moment I first lit the candle, when I saw the scene in the room, I was so frightened that I backed away and my face turned pale!

A thick rope was hung from the beam and tied into a knot. The old lady was wrapped in a loop around her neck, her hands were drooped, her head was turned to one side, and her face was white and purple! She was hanged.

"Hurry, save people!"

I reacted and ran over to save the person.

The old monk stopped me and said, "No need, donor, it's already too late."

I looked up blankly at the hanging old lady.

The hanged person will not stick out his tongue and close his eyes, but his face will turn purple.


At this time, the old monk reached out and took out a piece of paper from his clothes, which was folded into small squares.

He stretched out his hand to me and said, "Huilan looked away. Everything is over. She has nothing to do with this thing anymore, so I will leave it to you."

I took the note and opened it and saw two lines of small words like this.

"The Iron Buddha is here."

"South factory area, old textile room, basement level, warehouse No. 6, among the cotton piles."

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