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Northern Grave Robbery Notes

Northern Grave Robbery Notes


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Latest chapter:Chapter 237 The dark situation of black and white

[Tomb Robbery Suspense Treasure Appraisal] I am a poor boy from a mountain village in Northeast China. In the early 20th century, in order to stand out, I joined a northern tomb robber gang. From south to north, there are all kinds of rivers and lakes, three religions and nine streams. Over the years, I have been mixed up from a teenager to a middle school. Over the years, I have been drinking for a long time, and as the years have passed, I have come into contact with many strange people and strange things. If you are interested, you may wish to bring a small bench and listen to the stories of a tomb robber.

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《Northern Grave Robbery Notes》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 237 The dark situation of black and white
Chapter 236 Secret plan to attack the heart
Chapter 235 Mother and Son Hostage
Chapter 234: The Empty City Strategy of Provoking Generals
Chapter 233 Impulse
Chapter 232 Fatty’s words
Chapter 231 On the verge of derailment
Chapter 230 Eavesdropping
Chapter 229 Making a Game
《Northern Grave Robbery Notes》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Leaving Home
Chapter 2 Selling Goods
Chapter 3 Turning over
Chapter 4 Occupation
Chapter 5 Shovel
Chapter 6 Changes
Chapter 7 Great Evil
Chapter 8 Water Tank
Chapter 9 Electric Fish
Chapter 10 Li Jing
Chapter 11
Chapter 12 Bone
Chapter 13 Injury
Chapter 14 Mrs. Liu
Chapter 15 Healing
Chapter 16 Reinforcement
Chapter 17
Chapter 18 Initiation
Chapter 19 Beetles
Chapter 20 Underground Palace
Chapter 21 Helpless
Chapter 22 Birthday Celebration
Chapter 23
Chapter 24 Planning
Chapter 25 Open the door
Chapter 26 Soul Calling
Chapter 27 Martyrdom
Chapter 28
Chapter 29 Murals
Chapter 30 Shock
Chapter 31 Ball
Chapter 32 Rhythm
Chapter 33 Weird
Chapter 34 Wet Shade
Chapter 35
Chapter 36 The Garden
Chapter 37 Lunar Eclipse
Chapter 38 Footprints
Chapter 39 Peeping
Chapter 40 Mountain Ghost
Chapter 41 Altar
Chapter 42 Soul Warehouse
Chapter 43 Identity
Chapter 44 Fog
Chapter 45 Value
Chapter 46 Learning to speak
Chapter 47 Reunion
Chapter 48 Suspicion
Chapter 49
Chapter 50 Tridacina
Chapter 51 Coffin
Chapter 52: Opening the Coffin
Chapter 53
Chapter 54
Chapter 55 Calculation
Chapter 56 Leather Frame
Chapter 57 Experiments
Chapter 58 Experiment
Chapter 58 Turnaround
Chapter 60 Partnering up
Chapter 61 Entering the Urn
Chapter 62
Chapter 63 Medicine
Chapter 64
Chapter 65 Smashing the Wall
Chapter 66 Crisis
Chapter 67
Chapter 68
Chapter 69 Researcher An
Chapter 70 Chasing
Chapter 71
Chapter 72
Chapter 73 Resurrection
Chapter 74 Funeral Objects
Chapter 75
Chapter 76
Chapter 77 Negotiations
Chapter 78
Chapter 79 Cave No. 9
Chapter 80
Chapter 81
Chapter 82 - Boss Zhao
Chapter 83
Chapter 84 Ship Road
Chapter 85
Chapter 86 Shipping
Chapter 87 Who is looking for me
Chapter 88 85 Times Square
Chapter 89
Chapter 90 Looking for Opportunities Alone
Chapter 91
Chapter 92 Zhao Hongxing's Plan
Chapter 93
Chapter 94 Enlighten Zhao Xuanxuan
Chapter 95 New gang
Chapter 96
Chapter 97 Helan Mountain Tribe
Chapter 98 The Mystery of Beggar Liu
Chapter 99 Entering Yinchuan
Chapter 100 Harahot
Chapter 101 Preparation for Departure
Chapter 102 Sand Mule
Chapter 103 Sandpit Mold Grave
Chapter 104 The Hidden Person
Chapter 105 Aza
Chapter 106 The Disappeared Aza
Chapter 107 Sandstorm
Chapter 108 The road to heaven is endless
Chapter 109 An unexpected meeting
Chapter 110 Kayaks
Chapter 111 Bad Boy
Chapter 112 New Members
Chapter 113 Reunion
Chapter 114 Meeting the Hute people
Chapter 115 The Past and Present Life of the Hute Department
Chapter 116 That night in the woods
Chapter 117 Crisis
Chapter 118 Entering Harahhot
Chapter 119 A Brief History of Xixia
Chapter 120 Turning the Well
Chapter 121 The House Under the Well
Chapter 122 Return to Yinchuan
Chapter 123: Catch the duck and put it on the shelves
Chapter 124 It’s over
Chapter 125 Reality and Accident
Chapter 126 The Secret of the Iron Tower
Chapter 127 Time is money
Chapter 128 Make a fortune by opening a tower
Chapter 129 Giving Gifts
Chapter 130 Entering Harahhot for the Second Time
Chapter 131 Picking up rags
Chapter 132 White Horse Copper Flat Kettle
Chapter 133 Chatting about Panjiayuan
Chapter 134 Accident that ended without any problem
Chapter 135 Troublesome Xiaomiao
Chapter 136 The decision to take the lead
Chapter 137 Wandering in Yinchuan
Chapter 138 The Secret of the Parchment
Chapter 139 The Northern Faction Returns
Chapter 140 Buying a Chain Saw
Chapter 141 Cutting the rough stone
Chapter 142 Returning to Beijing to sell stones
Chapter 143 Tiangong Zou Xiaotong
Chapter 144 Old Events in Sanlitun
Chapter 145 Being beaten badly
Chapter 146 Wu Guanhou
Chapter 147 Saved
Chapter 148 Wave after wave
Chapter 149 The head-turning text message
Chapter 150 Looking for Wednesday Shun
Chapter 151 Eavesdropping
Chapter 152 Zhou Bing’s Secret
Chapter 153 My Plan
Chapter 154 Actor Laowen
Chapter 155 The yellow-faced driver
Chapter 156 Shandong Liu Zhiyuan
Chapter 157 Actor
Chapter 158 Zhou Shushun’s knot
Chapter 159 Inviting Gan Xuan
Chapter 160 Cucumber
Chapter 161 Sleepwalking Bean Sprouts
Chapter 162 Mirage in the Desert
Chapter 163 Hidden Secret
Chapter 164 Yuan Hao
Chapter 165 Twinkle and twinkle Jingjing
Chapter 166 Jiu Qing Shui
Chapter 167 Ma Deming
Chapter 168 Keep going
Chapter 169 Found the clue
Chapter 170 Nine Northerners
Chapter 171 The Fire of Buddha’s Destiny
Chapter 172 The old scholar tells stories
Chapter 173 Superficial Friends
Chapter 174 My Thoughts
Chapter 175 Unexpected things happen
Chapter 176 Rescue Xiaoxuan day and night
Chapter 177 Uninvited guests in the ward
Chapter 178 Tiger Girl Xia Miqi
Chapter 179 Hiding in Tibet
Chapter 180 The three people’s decisions
Chapter 181 Two Santanas
Chapter 182 Hiding in Lanzhou
Chapter 183 Chicken Feet Woman
Chapter 184 Little Chicken Feet Woman
Chapter 185 An unexpected turn
Chapter 186 Peaceful Days
Chapter 187 Hidden Danger
Chapter 188 Mysterious Message
Chapter 189 Who is it?
Chapter 190 Blue Sky Singing Class
Chapter 191 Rabbit Farm
Chapter 192 People go to the building and the clues are broken
Chapter 193 The Dilemma of Merchants and People
Chapter 194 The house under the pit
Chapter 195 The spring breeze does not pass through Yumen Pass
Chapter 196 White Flag
Chapter 197 True and False Wonderbird
Chapter 198 Go buy a mobile phone
Chapter 199 Happy or sad?
Chapter 200 Disaster
Chapter 201 Leader
Chapter 202 Big Shuffle
Chapter 203 Jin Lao Er’s greed
Chapter 204 Psychological breakdown under pressure
Chapter 205: A dead horse becomes a live doctor
Chapter 206 Fatty Li Zhen
Chapter 207 Dairy Storage
Chapter 208 The Tattered King of Yinchuan
Chapter 209 Spider Alley
Chapter 210 Kung Fu Boy
Chapter 211 Bringing people home
Chapter 212 I think I can do it
Chapter 213 My Brother Gangzi
Chapter 214 Rest in peace
Chapter 215 Dream
Chapter 216 Excellent Fang Fang
Chapter 217 Terrifying Call
Chapter 218 Illuminati Hall
Chapter 219 Millennium Genetic Code
Chapter 220 Teacher Li Ziang
Chapter 221 Star Rain and Star Wishes
Chapter 222 Plough Flowers and Drums
Chapter 223 Cat eats mouse
Chapter 224 Casino Fright Night
Chapter 225 Chapter 129
Chapter 226 Who did it?
Chapter 227 Pharmacist
Chapter 228 My Thoughts
Chapter 229 Brother Zhiyuan’s decision
Chapter 230 A black-faced opera singer comes out of Yinchuan
Chapter 231 Tengger’s Voice
Chapter 232 Inverted Triangle
Chapter 233 The Night Terror of Fetching Water
Chapter 234 Tracking all the way
Chapter 235 The mysterious man in the tomb
Chapter 236 Epitaph
Chapter 237 Red Eyes
Chapter 238 Iron Coupon Top
Chapter 239 Little Black Gate
Chapter 240 Monkey Bouldering
Chapter 241 Mother-in-law Ke
Chapter 242 Who saw it is true?
Chapter 243 Restoration
Chapter 244 Fishing from the bottom of the coffin
Chapter 245 Corridor Battle
Chapter 246 A photo
Chapter 247 Wandering Xiaomi
Chapter 248 Torturing the Dog Breeder
Chapter 249 Dead End
Chapter 250 Chaoshan Powerful Monkey
Chapter 251 Leaving
Chapter 252 Finally Found
Chapter 253 Kneeling
Chapter 254 Kuaishou Lu
Chapter 255 Silver Fox
Chapter 256 Selling Birds in Yulin
Chapter 257 Brother Yu’s Practice
Chapter 258 The road is blocked
Chapter 259 The madman is coming
Chapter 260 The Little Chicken Feet’s Concerns
Chapter 261 Golden Sun Female Bartender
Chapter 262 The happy man
Chapter 263 Arrangement
Chapter 264 Snowy Night in Yulin
Chapter 265 Evil
Chapter 266 A Chinese Ghost Story
Chapter 267 Buying Too Much Seven
Chapter 268 There is someone outside the door
Chapter 269 The truth comes to Xi’an
Chapter 270 The old man’s selling point
Chapter 271 Drinking incident
Chapter 272 Late Night Operation
Chapter 273 It’s not easy to do
Chapter 274 Xi’an Poet
Chapter 275 'Gift from Qin Huaihu'
Chapter 276: Be cautious when entering the industry
Chapter 277 Walking at night to Fucun
Chapter 278 How to rob a tomb
Chapter 279 Back View
Chapter 280 The world is long
Chapter 281 Dutiful Son Yuanyuan
Chapter 282 Three Grave Robbers
Chapter 283 I’m done
Chapter 284 Pulling people on board
Chapter 285 Going to Xianyang at Night
Chapter 286 The legacy of returning to Guan
Chapter 287 The Secret of the Sulfuric Acid Plant
Chapter 288 Look at the paper
Chapter 289 Bad Girl
Chapter 290: Trapping people
Chapter 291 Jiang Yuan’s Ancestor
Chapter 292 Divide the money
Chapter 293 Sequelae
Chapter 294 Fireworks
Chapter 295 Godfather
Chapter 296 Xiaomei rings the bell
Chapter 297 Tuner
Chapter 298 Xiaomi is coming
Chapter 299 Xiang meets Master Xiang
Chapter 300 The rising sun
Chapter 301 Uncle Liao smells the fragrance
Chapter 302 Xiaomi’s Dumplings
Chapter 303 Leaving
Chapter 304 Meeting Wu Le
Chapter 305 Battle
Chapter 306 Partridge Woman
Chapter 307 Crazy Xie’s spiritual world
Chapter 308 What is Gu
Chapter 309 Eating egg yolk
Chapter 310 Red Eyed Girlfriend
Chapter 311 Night visit to Luojia Mountain
Chapter 312 Stubborn
Chapter 313 Two Door Gods
Chapter 314 Fake Fish
Chapter 315 Achun
Chapter 316 The Old Man of Miao Village
Chapter 317 Stab me to death
Chapter 318 The Unwanted Child
Chapter 319 The master of dancing under the moon
Chapter 320 Xiaomi’s disease
Chapter 321 Choice
Chapter 322 Have a cup of cappuccino
Chapter 323 Drunken Life and Dreams
Chapter 324 My Dream
Chapter 325 The Deadly Coffee Canning Factory
Chapter 326 The Six-Armed Withered Lord Statue
Chapter 327 Friends who eat cold skin together
Chapter 328 Fate
Chapter 329 Live and learn
Chapter 330 Jade-faced Mengchang
Chapter 331 The Wild Boys
Chapter 332 Confident Tingting
Chapter 333 Shadow
Chapter 334 Start of Construction
Chapter 335 Manager You’s secret operation
Chapter 336 Found something
Chapter 337 Cave within a Cave
Chapter 338 Entering the Underground Palace
Chapter 339 The eighteenth day of the first lunar month
Chapter 340 Three Years of Chaos
Chapter 341 Three Long Eight Steps
Chapter 342 Eight steps out
Chapter 343 The dusty past
Chapter 344 What are you doing?
Chapter 345 Iron Box
Chapter 346 Manager Niu’s reminder
Chapter 347 The Second Cotton Factory
Chapter 348 The wasteland is haunted at night
Chapter 349 Digging the Iron Buddha
Chapter 350 Bell
Chapter 351 The sky is round and the place is round
Chapter 352 and Cement
Chapter 353 Unexpected
Chapter 354: Guard you for fifty years
Chapter 355 Flesh Iron Buddha
Chapter 356 Jade-faced Mengchang vs. Silver Fox
Chapter 357 I’m going to take action
Chapter 358 Hangover Boss Bai
Chapter 263 Follow the old lady
Chapter 360 Meeting an Old Monk on a Barren Mountain
Chapter 361 The Iron Buddha Appears
Chapter 362 Showdown
Chapter 363 Confession Balloon
Chapter 364 Divine Eye Peak
Chapter 365 Newspaper
Chapter 366 Wish you a promising future
Chapter 367 Bean Sprouts’ Little Thoughts
Chapter 368 Extraneous problems
Chapter 369 Dragging a knife in the snow
Chapter 370 Hey...
Chapter 371 Caught
Chapter 372 The End
Chapter 373 Divide Money
Chapter 374 New Year’s Eve
Chapter 375 Heading South to Zaizailing
Chapter 376 Strange Stone Man
Chapter 377 Night Exploration at Guizailing
Chapter 378 Taoist Statue
Chapter 379 Zhoushan Little White Dragon
Chapter 380 Bean sprouts explore the pond three times
Chapter 381 Dark River
Chapter 382 Shuidongzi
Chapter 383 Let me see
Chapter 384 Echo Duck
Chapter 385 Entering the Water
Chapter 386 Cave Space
Chapter 387 Eleven Days Record
Chapter 388 Dojo
Chapter 389 Tang Guijia
Chapter 390 Seeing the Temple Girl
Chapter 391 Ghost blows out the lamp
Chapter 392 Centennial Festival
Chapter 393: Human, ghost or god
Chapter 394 Fog
Chapter 395 The Scary Village
Chapter 396 Give the old man a cigarette
Chapter 397 House Cleaning
Chapter 398 Riding a bicycle at night
Chapter 399: Dragon and Phoenix among men
Chapter 400 Miss Xiang
Chapter 401 A hundred years of past events
Chapter 402 Watching Luoyin
Chapter 403 It’s hard to say
Chapter 404 Temple Stele
Chapter 405 The Medicine Thrower
Chapter 406 Is it a man or a woman?
Chapter 407 Catching Xiao Tang
Chapter 408 Backhand
Chapter 409 In the Sewage Cave
Chapter 410 Fossils
Chapter 411 Chicken Pole
Chapter 412 Crystal Curtain
Chapter 413 Passing through the hole
Chapter 414 The Painting of the Secret Realm
Chapter 415 Four-Eyed God
Chapter 416 Him
Chapter 417 Secret
Chapter 418 Chair and Bucket
Chapter 419 Dip Meeting
Chapter 420 Blue Falling Yellow Spring
Chapter 421 Goodbye
Chapter 422 Mud
Chapter 423 Ruler
Chapter 424 Warring States Tomb
Chapter 51
Chapter 426 Little Sister
Chapter 427 Go give him bag noodles
Chapter 428 You shouldn’t move
Chapter 429 Rescue people quickly
Chapter 430 Mysteries abound
Chapter 431 Morgue
Chapter 432 Frog
Chapter 433: Angry head
Chapter 434 Old Friends
Chapter 435 Master Ji
Chapter 436 Breaking the Door
Chapter 437 Horror
Chapter 438 Shocking Change
Chapter 439 Tomb Chamber
Chapter 440 Tickle
Chapter 441 Turn over
Chapter 442 Seven Walls
Chapter 443 Surfaced
Chapter 444 Ghost Village
Chapter 445 The man behind the scenes
Chapter 446 Who is coming?
Chapter 447 The Five Ugly People of Social Fire
Chapter 448 Who is Tin Nose?
Chapter 449 Making a Game
Chapter 450 Dragon Monkey
Chapter 451 Fierce Battle
Chapter 452 Wooden Man
Chapter 453 Fight to the death
Chapter 454 Strange Rat
Chapter 455: Fishing for people
Chapter 456 The Origin of the Five Ugly
Chapter 457 Join forces to destroy the five ugly ones
Chapter 458 A plan within a plan
Chapter 459 Fighting between humans and ghosts and gods
Chapter 460 Messenger
Chapter 461 Tian Sanjiu’s Psychology
Chapter 462 Following
Chapter 463 Evil Man
Chapter 464 Ghost Snake
Chapter 465 Crying in the House
Chapter 466 Village Doctor A Fang
Chapter 467 Snake Saliva
Chapter 468 Something happened to Master Ji
Chapter 469 The Secret of the Female Village Doctor
Chapter 470 Details
Chapter 471: Alarming the Snake
Chapter 472 Pool
Chapter 473 Looking for Snake
Chapter 474 Snake bites chicken
Chapter 475 Watching TV
Chapter 476 Going into the water
Chapter 477 Candy Corn Man
Chapter 478 Handsome Brother
Chapter 479 Achun’s decision
Chapter 480 New Fish Wenbin
Chapter 481 Breaking the Door
Chapter 482 Whispering
Chapter 483 Coffin Swimming
Chapter 484 Deep Diving
Chapter 485 Four people visit the coffin
Chapter 486 Picking up antiques
Chapter 487 Changzhou Laoka
Chapter 488 Trouble
Chapter 489 Cutting
Chapter 490 Corpse
Chapter 491 Tickle
Chapter 492 Snake’s back-up plan
Chapter 493 Life Money
Chapter 494 An unexpected gain
Chapter 495 Coming ashore
Chapter 496 Dog Basket
Chapter 497 Relaxation
Chapter 498 The incident of selling money (Part 1)
Chapter 499 The incident of selling children for money (Part 2)
Chapter 500 Girls
Chapter 501 Bonfire Party
Chapter 502 Who is this?
Chapter 503 Snake God
Chapter 504: Destiny and Destiny
Chapter 505 Chapter 131
Chapter 506 Betting Price
Chapter 507 The rich man’s toys
Chapter 508 Yu Wenbin’s emotional injury
Chapter 509 Sun and Moon Park
Chapter 510 Blessing
Chapter 511 Return to the Village
Chapter 512: Being unreasonable and unforgiving
Chapter 513 Polite Mr. Five
Chapter 514 The thought of taking the lead
Chapter 515 New Goal
Chapter 516 Digging for Porcelain Pieces
Chapter 517 Stealing Timber
Chapter 518 Late night phone call
Chapter 519 Inquiring
Chapter 520 Xiangting Snake House
Chapter 521 Look at the Snake Girl
Chapter 522 She
Chapter 523 Sold
Chapter 524 Meeting Sister Hong
Chapter 525 Meeting Zhao Qingwan
Chapter 526 The two months I was Kudin
Chapter 527 The cabin in the forest
Chapter 528 All the way to the west
Chapter 529 Reservoir Prodigal Son
Chapter 530 My Graveyard
Chapter 531 Before Burial
Chapter 532 Mr. Song
Chapter 533 Reservoir Night Battle
Chapter 534: Happy and sad
Chapter 535 New Candidate
Chapter 536 Leaves in Tianjing Village
Chapter 537 Two people rob the tomb
Chapter 538 Excitement
Chapter 539 The jar in the pit
Chapter 540 Brother Tou Tou’s help
Chapter 541 Zeyuan Tomb
Chapter 542 Dream Girl
Chapter 543 Nai Li comes out of the coffin
Chapter 544 Ghost Smoking
Chapter 545 Get rid of bad luck
Chapter 172 Household Registration Check and Cup of Tea Appointment
Chapter 173 A chance encounter selling jars
Chapter 174 The Great Wrongdoer
Chapter 175 The vicious Ma Fengfeng
Chapter 176 The gangster eats the gangster
Chapter 177 Who is the other party?
Chapter 178 Shiyuan listens to the opera and meets the prince
Chapter 179 Ball
Chapter 180 One knife equals five thousand
Chapter 181 A sudden turn of events Nanping Evening Bell
Chapter 182 The No. 1 Village in the World
Chapter 183 Luoyang Returns the Duck
Chapter 184 The Gift Giver
Chapter 185 Going to Beimang Mountain at Night
Chapter 186 Zongzi Encyclopedia
Chapter 187 The ditch in memory
Chapter 188 Kong Laoxie
Chapter 189 Catching the Thief
Chapter 190 My favorite shovel
Chapter 191 Visiting the Tomb in Huanggu Valley
Chapter 192 Funnel Tomb
Chapter 193 Triple Coffin
Chapter 194 Kaya
Chapter 195 Accident
Chapter 196 Bullshit
Chapter 197 Secrets in the Mountains
Chapter 198 Looking for the Dead
Chapter 199 Fear
Chapter 200: A warning to the head
Chapter 201 The Muppet Horror
Chapter 202 Help
Chapter 203 Talking about Tomb Search at Night
Chapter 204 Revisiting the Old Place Uninvited Guest
Chapter 205 The spring of losing your head
Chapter 206 Old Tomb Robber Che Baohua
Chapter 207: Searching for a Tomb in Xiaoshitougou
Chapter 208 Crisis
Chapter 209 Waiting for someone to come
Chapter 210 Mangshan Little Green Dragon
Chapter 211 Attack
Chapter 212: Mang Mountain changes, green dragon haunts
Chapter 213 Operation Downtown
Chapter 214 The Eve of the Explosion
Chapter 215 Bad People
Chapter 216 An unexpected tragedy
Chapter 217 The Sixth Plan
Chapter 218 Secret War
Chapter 219 Northern Faction
Chapter 220 When black comes to the end, it becomes white
Chapter 221 The Disappeared Person
Chapter 222 Money
Chapter 223 Everyone stands up
Chapter 224 Suppression
Chapter 225 An old love story I don’t know about
Chapter 226 Kimchi Girl’s Little Thoughts
Chapter 227 Vitality
Chapter 228: Peeling off the cocoon
Chapter 229 Crazy Mind
Chapter 230 The trust of the leader
Chapter 231 Seeing flowers in the smoke
Chapter 232 Wang Yuanjie
Chapter 233 Surfaced
Chapter 234 Beating someone
Chapter 235 Evil comes with evil consequences
Chapter 236 Going to Luanchuan at Night
Chapter 237 Sneaking into the Golden Horse Team
Chapter 238 Memories of 2005 Luanchuan Mining Association
Chapter 239 Breaking down the temple to hide from the rain
Chapter 240 Strange leather money
Chapter 241 The Legend of Touching Money at Night
Chapter 242 Countdown
Chapter 243 Wang Yuanjie’s Ancestor Story
Chapter 244 Desperate Situation
Chapter 245 Twenty Meters Between Life and Death
Chapter 246 Lurking
Chapter 247 Stand-in for 14 years
Chapter 248 The Final Winner
Chapter 250 Setting up a Stall and Notes
Chapter 252 Something happened here
Chapter 1 Kangding Love Song
Chapter 2 Waze Buddhist Festival
Chapter 3 Cousin
Chapter 4 Bonfire party in the night
Chapter 5 A cloud in the northwest sky
Chapter 6 Return the Pearl
Chapter 7 Mr. Zhang who is obsessed with money
Chapter 8 Digging the Grave
Chapter 9 Bad Luck
Chapter 10 Touching Gold
Chapter 11 Resentful Man
Chapter 12 Corpse Poison
Chapter 13 Meeting into the mountains
Chapter 14 Scream
Chapter 15 Weird people and strange things
Chapter 16 Brother Yu’s Qigong Science Popularization
Chapter 17 The Taoist Master of Yaoshan Mountain
Chapter 18 The big millstone in the mountains
Chapter 19 A peek into history
Chapter 21 King Zami
Chapter 22 Brother Yu vs. King Zami
Emperor Chapter 23 Brother Biao’s Operation
Chapter 24 The extremely beautiful Xiaoxuan (2 chapters in 1)
Chapter 25 Xiaoxuan’s troubles
Chapter 26 Red Pine Forest
Chapter 27 Careful calculation
Chapter 28 Really Poisoned
Chapter 29 Man in Paper
Chapter 30 The Secret of Gu Sheba (Part 1)
Chapter 31 The Secret of Gu Sheba (Part 2)
Chapter 32 Missed
Chapter 33 Cooperation into the mountains
Chapter 34 The Stone Tower Seven Hundred Years Ago
Chapter 35 The terrifying night in the small building
Chapter 36 The Rotting Man
Chapter 37 Looking back, it’s scary to think about it
Chapter 38 Savage Woman
Chapter 39 The Lost Civilization
Chapter 40 Ambush
Chapter 41 Tianfu Fortress
Chapter 42 Exploration
Chapter 43 Discuss a solution
Chapter 44 My determination
Chapter 45 Farewell to the little fairy and go to borrow things alone
Chapter 46 The Taoist legend told by Lao Guo
Chapter 47 Death Note
Chapter 48 Lenovo Xixia Monument
Chapter 49 Killing invisible
Chapter 50: Getting rich after hindsight
Chapter 51 Night Exploration into the Secret Room of the Fortress
Chapter 52 An unexpected gain
Chapter 53 An Unquiet Night
Chapter 54 People who don’t feel pain
Chapter 55 Twenty Years of Play
Chapter 56: Ghosts and snakes crawling in July
Chapter 57 Butterfly Knife
Chapter 58 We won
Chapter 59: Take advantage of the momentum to pursue and show your cards
Chapter 60 Exploring the cave with Snake Girl II
Chapter 61 Phantom of the Tomb
Chapter 62 Lao Fu’s backpack
Chapter 63 Strategic Shift
Chapter 6 3 Discovering Xiwu’er
Chapter 64 The restless rainy night
Chapter 66 Smell the snake, listen to the snake, identify the snake’s path
Chapter 67 Snake Girl versus Snake King
Chapter 68 The bridal chamber
Chapter 69 The aftermath
Chapter 70 I’m not a scumbag
Chapter 71 Exploring the Cellar
Chapter 72 The thing at the bottom of the pit
Chapter 73 An ancient jar
Chapter 74 Two Days of Fortune
Chapter 75 Journey
Chapter 76 Recalling Kangding’s Car Buying Notes
Chapter 77 Frightened
Chapter 78 The Secret of the Orchard
Chapter 79 Bloody Disaster
Chapter 80 Nanping is difficult to level
Chapter 81 Confused Youth
Chapter 82 Cover your eyes and lose your soul
Chapter 83 Double Ding Technique
Chapter 84 Bury the jar and return the wish
Chapter 85 Little Apprentice
Chapter 86 Hidden Treasure
Chapter 87 Evil Man
Chapter 88: Follow and explore the cave
Chapter 89 Ancient Tomb at the foot of Tushan Mountain
Chapter 90 Shocking Discovery
Chapter 91 Asking for money
Chapter 92 The time has come and evil will be punished
Chapter 93 Life Spell
Chapter 94 War
Chapter 95 A Copper Coin
Chapter 96 Incense Money
Chapter 98 Lao Xi
Chapter 99 The way to bargain
Chapter 100 Haier Brothers
Chapter 101 A piece of porcelain
Chapter 102 A life of recuperation as plain as water
Chapter 103 Meeting
Chapter 104 Brother Yu is useless again
Chapter 105 The nightlife of melon-eating people
Chapter 106 What is a silver coin?
Chapter 107 Committing a crime against the odds
Chapter 108 Night visit to Homo Village
Chapter 109 Coin Collection Troubles
Chapter 110 Opening Eyes
Chapter 111 Black Swallowing Black
Chapter 112 Behind the Silver Coin
Chapter 113 Graveyard
Chapter 114 I am acting in self-defense!
Chapter 115 On the eve of shipment
Chapter 116 Nightlife
Chapter 117 Conjecture
Chapter 118 Clues
Chapter 119 Born Bad
Chapter 120 Little Devil
Chapter 121 Escape
Chapter 122 Something’s wrong
Chapter 123 Li Jing?
Chapter 124 Entering the mountains in advance
Chapter 125 Wang Chao
Chapter 126 Primitive Tribe
Chapter 127 Night Battle
Chapter 128 Heaven and Hell
Chapter 129 The Place of Sleep (2-in-1)
Chapter 130 Coffin
Chapter 131 Strange smell
Chapter 132 The bloody night
Chapter 133 Nightmare of the Heart
Chapter 134 The Truth
Chapter 135 Opening the Coffin
Chapter 136 Who is it?
Chapter 137 Uninvited Guest
Chapter 138 A First Exploration into the Underground Palace
Chapter 139 What is this?
Chapter 140 The Tomb Seal Boy
Chapter 141 Broken Chopsticks
Chapter 142 Seeing the Coffin
Chapter 143 Not turning into bones
Chapter 144 Corpse Poison
Chapter 145 Transporting goods back to the county town
Chapter 146 Sick Achun
Chapter 147 Rushing to save Achun
Chapter 148 Siping Gang
Chapter 149 Huaihe Treaty
Chapter 150 Cure Corpse Poison
Chapter 151 Local Chronicles
Chapter 152 Catastrophe
Chapter 153 Kangding Banshee
Chapter 154 Bronze List
Chapter 155 The unknown person
Chapter 156 Tiger Fighting Skill
Chapter 157 Uncle Gray from Aizhai
Chapter 158 The secret method of collecting Yang, a strange folk figure
Chapter 189 My real experience in learning occult arts
Chapter 190 Haircut
Chapter 191 Shady story
Chapter 192 Return of Goods
Chapter 193 Forced buying and selling on the train
Chapter 194 The Night of Life and Death
Chapter 195: Death in the kiln
Chapter 196 Daughter Lover
Chapter 197 Born to be rich
Chapter 198 The Birth of Qiuquan
Chapter 199 Strange Scarecrow
Chapter 200 A Secret
Chapter 201 Climbing the mysterious trail
Chapter 202 Report Letter
Chapter 203 Lotus Back Wu Shixun
Chapter 204 Toad and Swan
Chapter 205 Joy
Chapter 206 Crime
Chapter 207 Looking for beads
Chapter 208 Growth
Chapter 209 The wedding is almost three months into the mountain
Chapter 210 An inaccessible place
Chapter 211 Digging a grave in the middle of the night
Chapter 212 My Rules
Chapter 213 Taste
Chapter 214 Frightened
Chapter 215 Lao Wang’s Cave
Chapter 186 Fishing for Antiques
Chapter 187 Nature’s Revenge
Chapter 188 Rapid shipment
Chapter 189 Eight Immortals Temple
Chapter 190 The Dark Coin Crisis
Chapter 191 Rare Human Head Jar
Chapter 192 National Treasure Files
Chapter 193 Night Tour in Guozhuang
Chapter 194 Recognizing Relatives
Chapter 195 Family Heirloom
Chapter 196 Making a Game
Chapter 197 Treasure Digging
Chapter 198 Afterwards
Chapter 199 Escape from Death
Chapter 200 Cruel Man
Chapter 201 A day full of happy events
Chapter 202 The Big Boss of Haozhou
Chapter 203 Gu Girl
Chapter 204: Eat at the Bottom of the Coffin
Chapter 205 Tomb Robbery Space
Chapter 206 Fear
Chapter 207 Tallying
Chapter 208 Electrician Qin Shi
Chapter 209 Suspicion
Chapter 210 Unexpected Things
Chapter 211 Lots of doubts
Chapter 212 The calculation after death
Chapter 213 Part of the truth
Chapter 214 The Book of Getting Rich
Chapter 215 Ryoko Izumi
Chapter 216 Rushing for the wedding
Chapter 217 Night Banquet
Chapter 218 Elder’s Examination
Brother Chapter 219 Ten Miles of Red Makeup, The Matchmaker is Marrying
Chapter 220 Bad News
Chapter 221 Night Talk on the Rooftop
Chapter 222 Doctor Fan
Chapter 223 December Light Needle
Chapter 224 Miracle
Chapter 225 I'm sick
Chapter 226 Tomb in the downtown area
Chapter 227 Opening the coffin in the middle of the night
Chapter 228 Fast in and fast out
Chapter 229 Getting into Trouble
Chapter 230 Blackmail
Chapter 231: Fire Bean Sprouts
Chapter 232 Taming
Chapter 233 Pay off the debt
Chapter 234 Xiaoxiang Xuewu
Chapter 235: Driving cicadas in eight steps is like the wind swaying willows
Chapter 236 Heading North to Jiamusi
Chapter 237 Admission to a mental hospital
Chapter 238 Rat Man
Chapter 239 Good Roommate
Chapter 240 Mental hospital during the day
Chapter 241 Lively
Chapter 242 Night visit to the morgue
Chapter 243 Persuasion
Chapter 244 Gong
Chapter 245 Daowazi who attaches great importance to love and righteousness
Chapter 246 Legacy
Chapter 247 Death Poem
Chapter 248 An unexpected helper
Chapter 249 Go downstairs
Chapter 250 Aza’s Determination
Chapter 251 Mental Torture
Chapter 252 Unforgettable Tonight
Chapter 253 An unexpected opportunity
Chapter 254 Watching the Sky at Night
Chapter 255 Destined but not destined
Chapter 256 Digging Tunnel
Chapter 257 Bathing Troubles
Chapter 258 Play with me?
Chapter 259 Second underground floor
Chapter 260 Rumors
Chapter 261 The naturally charming Yang Danling
Chapter 262 Danger within Danger
Me Chapter 263 Free Night
Chapter 264 Xie Qirong
Chapter 265 The Last Jianghu
Chapter 266 The bloody battle with Jiamusi (Part 1)
Chapter 267 The bloody battle with Jiamusi (Part 2)
Chapter 268 The bloody battle with Jiamusi (Part 2)
Chapter 269 Escape from the Mental Hospital
Chapter 270 Making Money
Chapter 271 Nostalgia
Chapter 272 Things in Xuexiang
Chapter 273 Moving the Grave
Chapter 274 Meeting the Divine Deer (2-in-1)
Chapter 275 An unexpected discovery
Chapter 276 The head phone
Chapter 277: Beauty is destined to die, sealing off love
Chapter 278 The disappearing shackles
Chapter 279 Stay away
Chapter 280 Applying for Certificate
Chapter 281 Golden Eye
Chapter 282 You still have to rely on me
Chapter 283 An unexpected surprise
Chapter 284 Level 2 Kuding Yueyue
Chapter 285 Selling a small temple
Chapter 286 The leader who knows things like a god
Chapter 287 Doctor Fan’s concerns
Chapter 288: White fall in ten days
Chapter 289 Water Moon Guanyin
Chapter 290 The Secret Method of Longxing Temple
Chapter 291 Xiang Wudi
Chapter 292 There is really a 'ghost'
Chapter 293 Missed
Chapter 294 The thief shouts to catch the thief
Chapter 295: Cheating Qin Juan and going to Panjiayuan at night
Chapter 296 Entering the Ghost Market and Encountering the Soul Bottle King
Chapter 297 An accident occurred while having fun in the bar
Chapter 298 Qin Xida is very caring
Chapter 299 Palm Eyes
Chapter 300 I don’t understand. Buy one, get one free.
Chapter 301 Doctor Fan’s Recommendation
Chapter 302 Meeting the Snake Girl
Chapter 303 Replenish your body
Chapter 304 Encountering an old friend by chance
Chapter 305 Night visit to the snake house
Chapter 306 The Patriarch’s Blessing
Chapter 307 Suspicion
Chapter 308 Never left
Chapter 309 Meeting the Sun Brothers, Night Talk in the Attic
Chapter 310 The past is like the wind
Chapter 311 Three women and one drama
Chapter 312 Dragon Crossing the River
Chapter 313 Entering the Mountain
Chapter 314 Burial Knife
Chapter 315 The Transformed Xiaomi
Chapter 316 The mysterious Miao Gu King
Chapter 317 Old Friend
Chapter 318 Worry
Chapter 319 Night exploration of Diaojiaolou
Chapter 320 Fighting the Gu King
Chapter 321: Head-turning defensive counterattack
Chapter 322 Burning the Diaojiaolou
Chapter 323 A battle of wits and courage
Chapter 324 Heart knot
Chapter 325 The Secret in the Book
Chapter 326 Buried in a Cave
Chapter 327 An unexpected discovery (two in one)
Chapter 328: Fight to death and refuse to admit it
Chapter 329 The Four-Finger Sword King
Chapter 330: The King of Swordsmen becomes a personal bodyguard and encounters rare old objects while playing the snare drum
Chapter 331 Fan Yunbai’s opportunity
Chapter 332 To show sincerity, deliver the goods in person
Chapter 333 The Price of Impulse
Chapter 334 Treasure Hunting in Dragon Palace
Chapter 335 News about Fatty Black
Chapter 336 Looking for Fish
Chapter 337 Buying Fish
Chapter 338 Fried Fish
Chapter 339 The famous cheongsam girl
Chapter 340 The Three Stooges
Chapter 341 Fishing in the River
Chapter 342 Underwater Disaster
Chapter 343 Laughing Corpse
Chapter 345 A Yuan’s Popular Science
Chapter 346 Xuan Zhan
Chapter 347 Making Big Deals
Chapter 348 Underwater Treasure
Chapter 349 Undercurrent of Crisis
Chapter 350 Shocking Discovery
Chapter 351 The storm is coming
Chapter 352: Intrigue, profit comes first
Chapter 353 Extremely Inflated Ambition
Chapter 354 The Mandarin Ducks break the Kung Fu
Chapter 355: Fans
Chapter 356 Night Fight (Part 1)
Chapter 357 Night Battle
Chapter 358 Reinforcements are coming
Chapter 359 Cruel vs. Cruel
Chapter 360 Chongzi and Xiaoxuan
Chapter 361 Grave Survey
Chapter 362 The strange old man looking at the tomb
Chapter 363 Shipping goods south
Chapter 364 Secret Fragrance Book Shadow Boss Nie
Chapter 365 Beauty Trap Game within Game
Chapter 366 Shocking every step of the way
Chapter 367 The storm is coming
Chapter 368 Strange Watermelon Head
Chapter 369 Bet on life!
Chapter 370: Giving in
Chapter 371 Back to the Mountain
Chapter 372 Big news!
Chapter 373 The Sword King teaches skills
Chapter 374 Three brothers explore the deserted grave at night
Chapter 375 The Terrifying Fresh Meat Bodhisattva
Chapter 376 The ghost appears
Chapter 377 Hate
Chapter 378 The Terrifying Head
Chapter 379 There is no such thing as a feast that lasts forever
Chapter 380 Me and Boutou will step on it
Chapter 381 The Dispersion Troubles
Chapter 382 Theater Troupe
Chapter 383 Unnamed Chu Tomb in Qiyang
Chapter 384 The National Treasure in the Wooden Coffin
Chapter 385 King Chu’s Wine Glass
Chapter 386: Destroy the treasure with your head
Chapter 387 The person who is the co-master of the eight sects
Chapter 388 Entering the Tomb
Chapter 389: After one wave, another wave arises
Chapter 390: Favoring and intimidating the landlord
Chapter 391 Floating
Chapter 392 Conquest
Chapter 393 Resurrection?
Chapter 394 Goodbye Qin Xida
Chapter 395 Yongzhou Plan (Letter Delivery)
Chapter 396 Reversal
Chapter 397 Meeting of the Two Heroes
Chapter 398 'Blue Pond'
Chapter 399 Qin Xida’s Thoughts
Chapter 400 Brother Tian’s heart knot is difficult to solve, and he meets the chef by chance at night
Chapter 401 Desperate vs. Desperate
Chapter 402 Before departure
Me Chapter 403 My Plan
Chapter 404 Telephone Request
Chapter 405 The Girl in the Dream
Chapter 406 Brutal Golden Ears
Brother Chapter 407 She
Chapter 408 There may be a mistake
Chapter 409 The bastard with the head
Brother Chapter 410 Meeting Tang Gui’s Wife
Chapter 411: Calculating Heaven and Earth
Chapter 412 Xiaoyan
Chapter 413 Serpent God Church
Chapter 414 The group is destroyed
Chapter 415: The Church of Wisdom Diverts Trouble to the East
Chapter 416 Love back then
Chapter 417 Meeting netizens day and night
Chapter 418 Obtain the gold-swallowing beast
Chapter 419 'Suspicious Clouds of Peace'
Chapter 420 Searching into the mountains
Chapter 421 Old Woman
Chapter 422 Black Cat Girl Xu Zhaodi
Chapter 423 The Mystery of Tianxin Point
Chapter 424 The situation suddenly changed
Chapter 425 The miserable bean sprouts
Chapter 426: Lure the snake out of the hole to eliminate the worries, the five-black black cat recognizes its new owner
Chapter 427 Northern Faction
Chapter 428 Windfall
Chapter 429 Strange Creatures
Chapter 430 The heavy flavored boss
Chapter 431 Cynical Lin Sanguan'er
Chapter 432 Tianjin Pianye
Chapter 433 The place where the dragon head rests
Chapter 434 The rainy night calms down the mind
Chapter 435 Going to the Grave
Chapter 436 The first batch of goods
Chapter 437 Ten Jars
Chapter 438 The big vat smashing incident
Chapter 439 I am a man like the wind
Chapter 440 Night Talk: The little Taoist priest seeks merit
Chapter 441 The Disappeared Tomb
Chapter 442 Catacombs
Chapter 443 Burning the coffin!
Chapter 444 Mysterious Man
Chapter 445 Who
Chapter 446 Man in Black
Chapter 447 Damn it
Chapter 448: Angry head
Chapter 449 The Lost Treasure
Chapter 450 Suddenly grew a bump
Chapter 451 Shipment Encounter
Chapter 452 The other side of Sister Fang
Chapter 453 An unexpected enemy
Chapter 454 A series of secret plots
Chapter 455: Peeping at Night and Recruiting Liangzhu
Chapter 456 Master Yu and Mrs. Xianshui
Chapter 457 Battle
Chapter 458 The fiercest man in the world
Chapter 459 Departure
Chapter 460 Monument House
Chapter 461 Uninvited Guest
Chapter 462 The Head of Yiguandao
Chapter 463 Heading west to find old weapons!
Chapter 464 Base Camp
Chapter 465 Three-thirds of the world
Chapter 466 Xie Qirong
Chapter 467 The Battle of Yizhuang Tiger God Lotus
Chapter 468 The aftermath
Chapter 469 The turning point in Master Yu’s life
Chapter 470 Return
Chapter 471 It disappeared
Chapter 472 The big plan to take the lead
Chapter 473 Undercurrent Crisis
Chapter 474 Chain Plan
Chapter 475 Tian Sanjiu in Nirvana
Chapter 476 Wandering North
Chapter 477 Medicine Pigeon
Chapter 478 Making a Game
Chapter 479 Donkey roping
Chapter 480 Meeting Five Beggars
Chapter 481 Secondary Tube
Chapter 482 Female Warrior Beggar
Chapter 483 Adventure in the Bath (Part 1)
Chapter 484: Adventure in the Bath (Part 2)
Chapter 485 Revenge
Chapter 486 The stubborn old man
Chapter 487 Uncle Liu’s awakening
Chapter 488 Emerald Ruyi
Chapter 489 Watch Gun God
Chapter 490 Yellow Box
No. 491 North Fourth Ring Feng Shui Formation
Chapter 492 Making up for the situation
Chapter 493 Fake Feng Shui Master
Chapter 494 Cheating a Thousand Money
Me Chapter 495 I am a Feng Shui master!
Chapter 496 Buying Bird Zun
Chapter 497 Wang Jianping’s black leather notebook
Chapter 498 Thoughts
Chapter 499 Traveling Far Away
Chapter 500 Crisis is everywhere
Chapter 501 Mysterious Organization
Chapter 502 Return to Yinchuan
Chapter 503 'A Group of People'
Chapter 504 The Wild Four
Chapter 505: Would rather die than surrender.
Chapter 506 Take a vote
Chapter 507 Going to the Grave
Brother Chapter 508 Fighting
Chapter 509 Sudden accident
Chapter 510 No one is seen, it’s dark under the lamp
Chapter 511 Night Affairs
Chapter 512 Gather!
Chapter 513: The truth comes to light: The four-point joint killing game
Chapter 514 Old Era New Opportunities
Chapter 1 The Book of Getting Rich
Chapter 2 A first exploration of Qiandao Lake
Chapter 3 Fortune Account
Chapter 4 Launching Operations
Chapter 5 Qiandao Lake Specialty Boneless Chicken Feet
Chapter 6 Borrowing your head
Chapter 7 Lion City Ruins
Chapter 8 The mysterious little money
Chapter 9 Collision with the Lake Spirit
Chapter 10 The Mystery of Iron Money Meimei’s Advice
Chapter 11 My Attitude
Chapter 12 The disobedient Echo Duck
Chapter 13 Appointment
Chapter 14 The strange Dr. Song
Chapter 15: Pulling people into trouble
Chapter 16 Dr. Song’s Secret
Chapter 17 Hidden Master Women on All Sides
Chapter 18 Dr. Song’s Background
Chapter 19 Taking the wrong medicine by mistake
Chapter 20 Accident
Chapter 21 Living Dead
Chapter 22 Find a girl to meet Xiaolan. Echo Duck first shows its power.
Chapter 23 A first exploration into the city, mysterious artifacts emerge from the water
Chapter 24 Wild Dog
Chapter 25 War of words with Ningbo people
Chapter 26 The Zhenhai Gang is submissive
Chapter 27 Beauty Arrives
Chapter 28 Late night food stall by the lake
Chapter 29 Three Qi Competition Xi Shi
Chapter 30 Old Man Pan
Chapter 31 Exploring the Pagoda at Night
Chapter 32 Snake protects treasure
Chapter 33 The treasure poem of the old house
Chapter 34 The gangster eats the gangster
Chapter 35: Divorce plan
Chapter 36 Survival from desperate situation
Chapter 37 Planning Wang Xiansheng
Chapter 38 Party
Chapter 39 The Three Great Taibao
Chapter 40 The instant kill of the love brain
Chapter 41 The Divine Protector
Chapter 42: Driving the tiger and swallowing the wolf
Chapter 43 Duplicity
Chapter 44 Second Leader
Chapter 45: On the verge of breaking out
Chapter 46 Goodbye Xiaolan
Chapter 47 The storm is coming
Chapter 48 Who is Bicycle?
Chapter 49 Details of Brother Pao Club
Chapter 50: Currying favor with everyone
Chapter 51 A cup of fragrance
Chapter 52 Big melee
Chapter 53 Struggle
Chapter 54: Coercing Jiang and Zhejiang, shaking hands and making peace
Chapter 55 Lost and Found Wealth
Chapter 56 Aftermath
Chapter 57 Little Red Hair
Chapter 58 Strange People
Chapter 59 Linquan Drunkard
Chapter 60 Cold-blooded and ruthless Li Kangyang
Chapter 61 Human Traffickers
Chapter 62 Invincible Southern Drunken Fist
Chapter 63 The little red-haired people’s way out
Chapter 64 Driver’s Story
Chapter 65 Silver Bottle
Chapter 66 Yu Dingcheng’s Thoughts
Chapter 67 Conjecture and Reasoning
Chapter 68 Little Shaqi worships in Jialan Temple
Chapter 69 Old Witch
Chapter 70 The baby is obtained
Chapter 71 Deadlock
Chapter 72 Ma Dachao’s bold words
Chapter 73 The mechanism of Yin Ping
Chapter 74 Who is this?
Chapter 75 Getting to the bottom of things
Chapter 76 The first level of officialdom crushes people to death
Chapter 77 Shocking Secret
Chapter 78 The Eve of Delivery
Chapter 79 The duck leads the way and captures the thief at night
Chapter 80 Goddess Steals
Chapter 81 Oolong
Chapter 82 The civet cat’s plan to replace the prince
Chapter 83 The Law of Angel Investors Chapter 3
Chapter 84 Delivery Night
Chapter 85 Psychologically Distorted Watermelon Head
Chapter 86 Battle
Chapter 87 Beaten
Chapter 88 The Legend of Lake Monster
Chapter 89 Underwater World
Chapter 90 The monster in the lake
Chapter 91 Selling Fish
Chapter 92 Brother Yu’s illness
Chapter 93: Splitting the Mandarin Ducks
Chapter 94 Brother Yu’s friendship and love
Chapter 95 Behind the back
Chapter 96 Xu Tongshan
Chapter 97 Talking about history and greetings
Chapter 98 The rich woman returns the treasure
Chapter 99 Xia Shuishui
Chapter 100 Strange Disease
Chapter 101 Acting Bravely
Chapter 102 Exploring Fangla Cave at Night
Chapter 103 People from Hubei in Ningbo
Chapter 104 The old bachelor
Chapter 105 Half a Jade Pendant
Chapter 106 Sudden accident
Chapter 107 Xiaoxuan’s inner thoughts
Chapter 108 Operation Tomb
Chapter 109 Boot Tomb
Chapter 110 Chun'an Incense Corpse
Chapter 111 The aftermath
Chapter 112 Injection
Chapter 113 The Secret of Refining Qi
Chapter 114 A man who keeps his word
Chapter 115 The oriole is behind
Chapter 116 Something happened
Chapter 117 Scared Xia Shuishui
Chapter 118 The eldest lady’s secret
Chapter 119 Metaphysics and Science
Chapter 120 The Secret of Memory
Chapter 121 Late Night Terror
Chapter 122 Life hangs on a thread, Uncle Cha arrives
Chapter 123 Murderer
Chapter 124 Uncle Cha’s inner thoughts
Chapter 125 Visiting the Xia family at night, a strange combination of circumstances
Chapter 126: Instigating Mazi’s rebellion and turning a dragon into a phoenix
Chapter 127 The chicken sends the ghost away
Chapter 128 Night Talk around the Fireside Uninvited Guests
Chapter 129: After one wave, another wave arises
Chapter 130 Backhand
Chapter 131 Tracking the Perverted Killer
Chapter 132 Suspicious clouds about keeping the Geng cabinet
Chapter 133 The Past and Present Life of Silver Pase
Chapter 134 Meeting Akang
Chapter 135 People with Extraordinary Talents
Chapter 136 Crisis in the Dark
Chapter 137 Tasting the soil to determine the acupoint is unexpected
Chapter 138 Little White Dragon Shows His Power
Chapter 139 Exploring an ancient tomb in broad daylight
Chapter 140 Chiseling a coffin to borrow money
Chapter 141 Shipping money
Chapter 142 Golden Cicada Jumps into the Coffin Daytime Fireworks
Chapter 143 Uninvited Li Kangyang
Chapter 144 Falling in love and killing each other
Chapter 145 ktv war
Chapter 146 Danger
Chapter 147 Dangerous Street Fighting
Chapter 148: Hiding in the city, the little girl becomes a master
Chapter 149 Reminiscing about an old friend late at night, the two women share their skills
Chapter 150 The best Liu Chuanyu in the world
Chapter 151 Qiqi Power-increasing Skill
Chapter 152 A Map
Chapter 153 The story of Brother Zhang in the snack bar
Chapter 154 The mysterious grotto
Chapter 155 Horror in the Grotto
Chapter 156 Knowing people, knowing faces, but not knowing the heart
Chapter 157 Deception
Chapter 158 Half a Remnant Coin
Chapter 159 Encounter in the restaurant
Chapter 160 Invincible Master
Chapter 161 Impermanence’s Request
Chapter 162 The Battle between the North and the South
Chapter 163 The bottomless shit is impermanent, and you have to force yourself through everything in your life.
Chapter 164 Three days to reach death level
Chapter 165 Advanced Breakthrough and Revenge
Chapter 166 The Ultimate Martial Arts Backhand
Chapter 167 Tianxian Powder is defeated by Shi Wu Chang, and the evil spirit of the two sisters will never go away.
Chapter 168 Reconciliation
Chapter 169 Sudden matchmaking
Chapter 170 Unintentional insertion of mandarin ducks
Chapter 171 A night trip to Qiandao Lake: My sister-in-law’s secret
Chapter 172 Night Terror
Chapter 173 A piece of lovesickness sent to the north and south
Chapter 174 Liu Chuanyu opens his heart, love is impermanent and hard to calm down
Chapter 175: Refusing to Accept Your Fate for the sake of Love
Chapter 176 Offering suggestions
Chapter 177 Treasure Mystery Cloud: Nine Cylinders, Seven Boxes and Eighteen Pots
Chapter 178 Stepping on the back of the angel and crushing the land girl
Chapter 179 The situation is unknown. Please ask Uncle Cha
Chapter 180 Uncle Cha is confused
Chapter 181 Talking about ghosts and looking for ghosts
Chapter 182 Fog
Chapter 183: The art of hating victory, fishing game
Chapter 184 Join forces to make a game, little fish out of water
Chapter 185 Never expected
Chapter 186: Harsh words exchanged on the eve of a battle of wits
Chapter 187 Uncle Cha’s Fighting Technique
Chapter 188 Game within game
Chapter 189 Collegial solution to break the situation
Chapter 190: Tight-mouthed, No Evidence
Chapter 191 The land aunt appears
Chapter 192 The mysterious woman chooses the grave and the acupuncture point
Chapter 193 Unexpected News
Chapter 194: Eradicate the weeds and call for punishment
Chapter 195 Questioning and Suspicion
Chapter 196 Pretending to be a ghost and trying to trick the truth
Chapter 197 Invisible Opponent
Chapter 198 Take over the head
Chapter 199 Letter from Doctor Fan
Chapter 200 Traveling to Dongshan at Night and Exploring Three Pits
Chapter 201 Bean Sprouts’ Big Discovery
Chapter 202 White Horse and Black Ox
Chapter 203 Deep Cave
Chapter 204 Eat the leftovers
Chapter 205 Hidden Treasure
Chapter 206 Buried Pain
Chapter 207 A new discovery
Chapter 208 Getting Rich
Chapter 209 Confident Brother Yu
Chapter 210 The mysterious person
Chapter 211 Is it a person’s name or a place name?
Chapter 212: Traceability: Xue Hangkou’s Suspense
Chapter 213 Shocking Change
Chapter 214 Silencing
Chapter 215 Returning Carnage
Chapter 216 Iron Dragon Eye and the Weird Old Man
Chapter 217 The desire to learn secret skills is not lost in lust.
Chapter 218 Get Sai Xishi
Chapter 219 'Home Delivery'
Chapter 220 Nocturne
Chapter 221 The mystery of Sai Xishi’s life experience
Chapter 222 Extraneous problems on the eve of transfer
Chapter 223 A blessing in disguise, transfer goods northward
Chapter 224 Crisis Surrounded by Fire in the Backyard
Chapter 225 The Crisis of the Northern Faction
Chapter 226 Arrive in Beijing quickly
Chapter 227 Mud can’t hold up the wall
Chapter 228 Xiaoying’s thoughts
Chapter 229 Making a Game
Chapter 230 Eavesdropping
Chapter 231 On the verge of derailment
Chapter 232 Fatty’s words
Chapter 233 Impulse
Chapter 234: The Empty City Strategy of Provoking Generals
Chapter 235 Mother and Son Hostage
Chapter 236 Secret plan to attack the heart
Chapter 237 The dark situation of black and white