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Marquis of Jingan

Marquis of Jingan

author:Manke 1

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Latest chapter:Chapter 1131 An old friend welcomes you

To bring peace to the world and calm people's hearts is to bring peace to peace. —————————— At Ganquan Academy in Jiangdu Prefecture, Chen Qing, a student, was beaten to death. His classmate Shen Yi was unjustly convicted for no apparent reason, and was beaten by the official in the county government. Beaten to the brink of death. In the cold prison, young Shen Yi died unjustly, and another strange soul awakened in his body. The two souls merged into one, becoming a new Shen Yi. In the county prison, a new Shen Yi opened his eyes. Before he could start to look at this era, he had to face a huge trouble. A murder case that was almost certain. There were already three old books with more than 2 million words, 'Jiang Bai' and 'Wushuang'. 'Concubine' and 'Zhaozhou' are all fictional histories. Friends who are not interested in reading are welcome to take a look!

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《Marquis of Jingan》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1131 An old friend welcomes you
Chapter 1130 Not perfect
Chapter 1129: Plowing the Fuzi Field
Chapter 1128 The people are like smoke
Chapter 1127 Let’s talk again at the Yellow River
Chapter 1126 Two Articles
Chapter 1125 Seventy Years of Foundation
Chapter 1124 Homeland and Transaction
Chapter 1123 Rewards
《Marquis of Jingan》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Soul Breaking Court
Chapter 2 New arrivals
Chapter 3 A Lifeline
Chapter 4 A piece of paper
Chapter 5 The Great Confucian of Jiang Zuo
Chapter 6 President Lu and Miss Lu
Chapter 7 Seeing Profits Without Giving Up
Chapter 8 The first encounter in Jiangdu prison
Chapter 9 How to Get Rid of Guilty?
Chapter 10 Please go for tea
Chapter 11: Wanghu Tower's Criticism
Chapter 12 The Art of Being an Official
Chapter 13 The troubles of the magistrate
Chapter Fourteen Compromise
Chapter Fifteen Peace of Mind
Chapter 16 Close Your Eyes and See the World
Chapter 17 The Trial in the Court
Chapter Eighteen
Chapter 19 A Bag of Money
Chapter 20 Gouging out the new life
Chapter Twenty-One
Chapter 22: Deep scheming, Shen Qilang
Chapter 23: Asking casually
Chapter 24 Reading Seeds
Chapter 25 Legs are getting thicker
Chapter 26 Run faster
Chapter twenty-seven old angry youth
Chapter 28 Zhao Gongzi
Chapter 29 Well-informed Tian Laoba
Chapter 30: Raising Prices and Raiding Homes
Chapter 31 Death
Chapter 32 Shelter from the limelight
Chapter 33 Gong Xi Fa Cai
Chapter 34 Teach you to sing
Chapter 35: A Boy with a Story
Chapter 36: Don't do things without taking money
Chapter 37 Emergency Response Plan
Chapter 38 Openness and honesty
Chapter 39 Brother and Sister
Chapter 40 Officials and Merchants
Chapter 41 Shen Qilang has faith in his words
Chapter 42 Something big happened!
Chapter 43 Fighting with each other
Chapter 44 The court situation is reflected in Jiangdu
Chapter 45 Good and Evil Reward
Chapter 46: Pursuing an Order to Pick Up Girls?
Chapter 47: Seeing the World
Chapter 48: Chen Fuzun is confident
Chapter 49 Reverse water?
Chapter 50 Reverse black and white!
Chapter 51: Killing every step of the way
Chapter 52 The world is hot and cold
Chapter 53 Revenge and Entrepreneurship
Chapter 54 Beating and Competing for Profits
Chapter 55 Hypocrisy and sincerity
Chapter 56: Cheeky Dafa
Chapter 57 Spread the cake for my son!
Chapter 58 Another one!
Chapter 59 Crazy New Magistrate
Chapter 60 Pro-government
Chapter 61 The Excellent Second Ancestor
Chapter 62 Thoughts on the List
Chapter 63 Shallow walk through the back door
Chapter 64 Little Prodigy
Chapter 65 The Little Emperor and the Old Prime Minister
Chapter 66 Since Sejong's Southbound
Chapter 67 The merit is immeasurable!
Chapter 68 County Exam in Autumn
Chapter 69 The happy county magistrate
Chapter 70 Entering the first level
Chapter 71 Ups and Downs
Chapter 72: Courage in Righteousness
Chapter 73 Human nature is like this
Chapter 74 Your county exam cheats!
Chapter 75 Stupid and Cool Game
Chapter 76 Cover things up
Chapter 77 The servants sit opposite each other
Chapter 78 Dialogue of the Big Boss
Chapter 79 Prodigal Son
Chapter 80 Rooting
Chapter 81: The Ruthless Man of the Fan Family!
Chapter 82 Dare to ask for it!
Chapter 83 Successfully hugging the legs!
Chapter 84 Expulsion
Chapter 85 The crime!
Chapter 86: Three Seven Talents
Chapter 87 It happened!
Chapter 88: Wise and Wise
Chapter 89: Really Barbarian
Chapter Ninety
Chapter 91 Princess Qi
Chapter 92 Let's look at the future generations
Chapter 93 Leaks
Chapter 94 Start-up Team
Chapter 95: Anti-guests
Chapter 96 Are you a gentleman?
Chapter 97 Openly Provoking Discord
Chapter 98 Ready to hit the road!
Chapter 99: Extending Medicine and Asking for Medicine
Chapter 101 The sprout of the Shen family
Chapter 102 Shen Yi's Roots
Chapter 103 Letter from the Academy
Chapter 104 Teacher
Chapter 105 The New Year is approaching
Chapter 106 An official set
Chapter 107 Big Firecrackers
Chapter 108 Departure, build Kang City!
Chapter 109 The highest city in the world
Chapter 110 Jin Palace
Chapter 111 Pro-government
Chapter 112 Two Qinhuai Rivers
Chapter 113 Jiankang Market
Chapter 114 Jiankang Yin
Chapter 115: Accident in Shangyuan Festival
Chapter 116: The idiot Du Shen
Chapter 117 It's too fitting
Chapter 118 Make quick money
Chapter 119 The first pot of gold in Jiankang City
Chapter 120 This is the Jin Palace?!
Chapter 121 Quietly pulling the flag
Chapter 122: The inner guard's gaze
Chapter 123 Xiao Xu was arrested!
Chapter 124: Du participates in Xiao Xu
One hundred and twentieth chapters do it
Chapter 126: Listen to the Heaven Again
Chapter 127 Where is your son?
Chapter 128 The first big money!
Chapter 129: Accept it calmly
Chapter 130 Wrapped in the DPRK
Chapter 131 Confession in the whirlpool
Chapter 132: The Courage and the Courage
Chapter 133 Capital
Chapter 134: Full of anger
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-fifth Fame
Chapter 136 Ganquan School
Chapter 137 Liquan Building Ganquan Party
Chapter 138 A Different Library
Chapter 139: You report the case to arrest me!
Chapter 140 The shop floor smashing incident!
Chapter 141 The Princess's Means
Chapter 142: Time changes and the world changes
Chapter One Hundred and Forty-Three Human Refinement is the Article
Chapter 144: Thirteen Sons of Ganquan
Chapter 145 Can't afford to offend?
Chapter 146 Yiyi Looking North
Chapter 147 I remember
One hundred and forty-eight chapters rely on others
Chapter 149: Lord of Pingyang County
Chapter 150 Lost Shen Zhang
Chapter 151 The hospital trial case!
Chapter 152: Unexpectedly generous
Chapter 153 Want to see my teacher?
Chapter 154 The first boss
Chapter 155 The academy talker
Chapter 156 Yaoyuelou
Chapter 157 Enemies meet, not yet jealous.
Chapter 158 Northern Qi Decoration Brigade
Chapter 159 Digging the Wall
Chapter 160: Incomparably staunch Shen Qilang!
Chapter 161 The Tea Splashing Incident
Chapter 162: A Date in Jiming Temple
Chapter 163: A Rare Opportunity
Chapter 164 The Emperor Enters Incense
One hundred and sixtieth chapters try to figure out the Sacred Heart
Chapter 166 New Things
Chapter 167 Letters in the middle of the night
Chapter 168 The Big Brother's Teaching
One hundred and sixty-ninth chapter open and aboveboard
Chapter 170 Zhao Er and Toutiao
Chapter 171 Shaking people!
Chapter 172 Please take the madman Shen Yi!
Chapter 173 A chance!
Chapter 174: The Great Change Is Coming
Chapter 175 Face the shame
Chapter 176: The Great Court Meeting with Each Mind
Chapter 177 Sages and Right and Wrong
Chapter 178 Is the courtroom?
Chapter 179 The immature emperor
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty Famous
Chapter 181 Letter of Introduction
Chapter 182 The court punishes Shen Yi!
Chapter 183 The promotion of the newspaper
Chapter 184 Visit a famous teacher!
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty-Fifth The Phase of the Traitor!
Chapter 186 You are very spiritual!
Chapter 187: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Fame
Chapter 188 Want to rebel?!
Chapter 189 Influence!
Chapter 191
Chapter 192 Qingping comes with the wind
Chapter 193 Shared rent?
Chapter 194 Tactics of the sea!
Chapter 195 Autumn is approaching!
Chapter 196 Today is a good day
Chapter 197
Chapter 198 Draw a cake for Shen Yi!
Chapter 199 Earn face!
Chapter 200 What the future is about!
Chapter 200 The autumn wind blows and kills Zhou Jinan!
Chapter 201 Passionate Zhao Er
Chapter 202 Meet the old man again
Chapter 203 A cat and a dog
Chapter 204 Gu Hengbo
Chapter 205 Homecoming Plan
Chapter 206 The first shot of public opinion
Chapter 207 There are all kinds of avenues, only the exam!
Chapter 208: The essence is like a ghost!
Chapter 209 The Emperor's Rain
Chapter 210 Pretend to be a light cloud!
Chapter 211 I'm waiting to be a master!
Chapter 112 Zhao Shilang's ambition
Chapter 213 Shen Yi's connections
Chapter 214 Get out of the quagmire
Chapter 215 Let's go back!
Chapter 216 Apprenticeship
Chapter 217 A true teacher
Chapter 218 Stir up the chaos!
Chapter 219 The event of missing gifts!
Chapter 220 A fan
Chapter 221 A large institution that has begun to take shape!
Chapter two hundred and twenty second facing difficulties
Chapter 223 Take advantage!
Chapter 224 Shen Yi's great ideal!
Chapter 225 Be an official...
Chapter 226 Eight hundred hearts
Chapter 229 Get the name points!
Chapter 230 Give words!
Chapter 231 The mind is hard to guess
Chapter 232 Let him read
Chapter 233 Out of tune
Chapter 234 It is inevitable!
Chapter 235 Different!
Chapter 236 Shen Da spray!
Chapter 237 The clean house newspaper!
Chapter 238 Mutual Needed
Chapter 239 Spring ceremony left?
Chapter 240 Change the habits of businessmen
Chapter 241 The banner of the Shen family
Chapter 242 Determined to go out of the hometown!
Chapter 243 Someone in the yamen is easy to handle!
Chapter 244 Watch and help each other
Chapter 245 Big Treasurer Xu!
Chapter 246 Looking for a future!
Chapter 247 Dating
Chapter 248 The New Year and the New Generation!
Chapter 249 The obsession of beggars
Chapter 250 Treat each other with courtesy!
Chapter 251 New house and new things
Chapter 253 Young Master Yang
Chapter 254 You lose your conscience!
Chapter 255 The real threat
Chapter 256 Death!
Chapter 257: Longyan Little Fury
Chapter 258 The most unfortunate thing
Chapter 259 Get to know each other!
Chapter 260 Stay overnight?
Chapter 261 The wind from the north!
Chapter 262 I'm afraid you will freeze!
Chapter 263 The minister has the original performance!
Chapter 264 The sky can't fall
Chapter two hundred and sixty fifth old man and new man
Chapter 266 The Prince Who Beats the Autumn Wind
Chapter 267: The Income of Ganquan Sect
Chapter two hundred and sixty-eight feast
Chapter 269 The descendants of Yandu
Chapter 270 The Emperor Arrives
Chapter two hundred and seventy-one
Chapter 272 The glory of the Shen family!
Chapter 273 Examination and Concubine Selection
Chapter 274 Kiss!
Chapter 275 Life turning point!
Two hundred and seventieth chapters hurt and laborious
Chapter 277 Want benefits!
Chapter 278 Full of grievances, Master Shen
Chapter 279: Thick-skinned and enough to eat
Chapter 280 Promotion!
Chapter 281 Looking for trouble!
Chapter 282 Listen to the song together
Chapter 283 Dialogue with peers
Chapter 284: Do you serve the bed?
Chapter 285 The best news!
Chapter 286 Steady as an old dog!
Chapter 287 Will try to release the list!
Chapter 287 Three generations of wealth!
Chapter 288 Paranoid Life
Chapter 289 Give birth to a child like Shen Ziheng!
Chapter 290 Pure Zhao Er
Chapter 291 Palace Exam
Chapter 292 The Emperor's Compromise
Chapter 293 Japanese pirates!
Chapter 294 Dachen Title Party!
Chapter 295
Chapter 296 The Emperor Listens to the Scroll
Chapter 297 Goodbye at the Palace Gate
Chapter 298 The Emperor of Internal Contradictions
Chapter 299 Reject the Emperor!
Chapter 300 Artificial high-ranking officials!
Chapter 301 Famous Jiankang
Chapter 302 Blind Date?
Chapter 303 Panting
Chapter 304 I'm Back
Chapter 305 Xu Niangzi Incident!
Chapter 306 Responsibility and Inheritance!
Chapter 307: Integrating into this era
Chapter 308 Originally mine...
Chapter 309
Chapter 310
Chapter 311 Afraid of Misunderstanding Above!
Chapter 312 Enemies meet!
Chapter 313 give it to me
Chapter 314 Reasonable!
Chapter 315 Shaking each other!
Chapter 316 Do you dare to cut!
Chapter 317 Greater Power
Chapter 318: Shen Yi's Small Means
Chapter 319
Chapter 320 Weakness and Bullying!
Chapter 321 The consolation ceremony in the palace
Chapter 322: Small Reform in Scientific Examination
Chapter 323
Chapter 324 Take office!
Chapter 325 Shen Sizheng's First Fire
Chapter 326
Chapter 327 The little leader of the academy
Chapter 328 Marriage Sign
Chapter 329 A bowl of ginger tea
Chapter 330 Shen Sizheng's Business
Chapter 331 Let him toss
Chapter 332 Apologize
Chapter 333 Watching Your House Collapse!
Chapter 334
Chapter 335: Denounce Yang Fan
Chapter 336 Pretty Widow Starry Night Enters Yangmen
Chapter 337
Chapter 338 Happy together?!
Chapter 339
Chapter 340 Good Opportunity
Chapter 341
Chapter 342: The Last Generation of Diaspora
Chapter 343 National Pillars
Chapter 344 Heavenly Punishment Begins!
Chapter 345 Instructor of the inner guard!
Chapter 346 The Big Dipper Division?
Chapter 347 Dowry? New Year Coins!
Chapter 348 Beautiful things
Chapter 349
Chapter 350 Anti-Ganquan Alliance
Chapter 351: Unequal Transactions
Chapter 352
Chapter 353
Chapter 354 Big Business
Chapter 355 Who took him!
Chapter 356 This is not over!
Chapter 357
Chapter 358 Rectify the Punishment Department!
Chapter 359 Take care of yourself!
Chapter 360 There is news!
Chapter 361 Bringing up the Chen Qing case again!
Chapter 362
Chapter 363 Victory Returns! (Chapter Two in One!)
Chapter 364: Absurd Choice (Chapter Two in One)
Chapter 365
Chapter 366
Chapter 367
Chapter 368
Chapter 369
Chapter 370
Chapter 371
Chapter 372 Caught!
Chapter 373
Chapter 374
Chapter 375
Chapter 376 Peel off the tiger skin!
Chapter 377 Gifts
Chapter 378
Chapter 379 Report to the Imperial Court
Chapter 380
Chapter 381: Stepping on the Red Line
Chapter 382 Detoxification!
Chapter 383 Arrest!
Chapter 384 Little Emperor's Ambition
Chapter 385 The errand is not in a hurry, Shen Yi is in a hurry
Chapter 386 The crime of forehead stabbing
Chapter 387
Chapter 388 Why!
Chapter 389 New Pressure
Chapter 390
Chapter 391 Strong foundation
392 The time has come
Chapter 393
Chapter 394 Exclusively for the court!
Chapter 395
Chapter 396: Shen Yi's Plan
Chapter 397: The Second Round of Expansion
Chapter 398 ask a question
Chapter 399 Yin and Yang Weird Qi!
Chapter 400 Royal Flatbread
Chapter 401 The imperial envoy in the imperial envoy
Chapter 402 The ancestral grave emits blue smoke
Chapter 403 Black hole!
Chapter 404 Japanese pirates are rampant
Chapter 405 Direct action!
Chapter 406 Fishing!
Chapter 407 Chaos Bandits!
Chapter 408 Breaks at one touch!
Chapter 409
Chapter 410: The Corrupted Guard
Chapter 411
Chapter 412
Chapter 413
Chapter 414
Chapter 415 Where is the problem?
416 The time is ripe
Chapter 417 A multiple-choice question! (Supplement)
Chapter 427 Betting on Probability!
Four hundred and twentieth eight chapters head-to-head confrontation
Chapter 420
Chapter 421 Really a god!
Chapter 422: The Three Bans Against Japanese Army
Chapter 423
Chapter 424 The Emperor's Care
Chapter 425
Chapter 426 Slap and Sweet Dates
Chapter 427: Testing the Emperor's Pattern
Chapter 428
Four hundred and thirtieth eight chapters deviant
Chapter 430
Chapter 440 Civil and Military Controversy
Chapter 432
Chapter 433 The big one is coming!
The four hundred and fortieth chapters know ourselves and the enemy
Chapter 435 Human nature is private
Chapter 445 Waving the Japanese sword night!
Chapter 446 The place of righteousness!
Chapter 447 Arch into the encirclement
Chapter 448 Frontal breakout!
Chapter 449 Shen Yi's backhand
Chapter 450 Reinforcements that are not reinforcements
Chapter 451: The Young People of Chen Country
Chapter 452 The ability of the inner guard
Four hundred and fiftieth chapters small success
Four hundred and fifty-four chapters all killed
Chapter 455: Concoct him personally!
Chapter 456: Shen Laoqi has faith in his words
Chapter 457 Please be smart!
Chapter 458 The two ends of the world
Chapter 459 Convince two people
Chapter 460 Imperial Power
Chapter 452
Chapter four hundred and sixty-two restraining authority
Chapter 463 Little Widow
Chapter 464 The Emperor's Method
Chapter 465 How is Shen Yi?
Chapter 466 Xu Daguanren
Chapter four hundred and sixty seventh shelling and imperial decree
Four hundred and sixtieth eight chapters through ventilation
Four hundred and sixtieth IX Shen Wei chronic disease
Chapter 470 Eunuch in charge
Four hundred and seventieth chapters carry the main beam
Four hundred and seventieth chapters attention
Chapter 473 Stock up!
Chapter 474 Internal Infiltration Plan
Chapter 475 Master Shen's stage!
Chapter 476 Two months later
Four hundred and seventieth chapters come from the province
Chapter 478 Lost all my face!
Chapter four hundred and seventy-ninth try to figure out the holy will
Chapter 480: Watch carefully
Chapter 481: Lord of Anping
Chapter 482: The Emperor of Gambling Dogs
Chapter 483 The Emperor's Operation
Chapter 484: Brothers and Cousins ??(Supplement)
Chapter four hundred and eighty fifth a little floating
Chapter 486 Watch the fun
Chapter 487 Born on the same day in the same month
Four hundred and eighty-eighth chapter take credit to go
Chapter 489 Dialogues with peers
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters make money little expert
Chapter 491: The Great Creation!
Chapter 492 Who is who?
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters people's minds change
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters of the descendants with insufficient hearts
Chapter 495 Someone in the palace is looking for it!
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters ruined
Chapter 497 Go to your mother!
Chapter four hundred and ninety-eight days without two days
Chapter four hundred and ninety-ninth mother and son confrontation
Chapter 500 Offending People
Chapter 501 The emperor's palace?
Chapter 502 Uncle Guo
Chapter 503: Step by step
Chapter 504: A Wonderful Reason
Chapter 505 Controlling Anger
Chapter 506: Beheading Meal
Chapter 507: Banquets on Both Sides
Chapter 508: The Invitation Card of the Yue Palace
Chapter 509 Unknown Gift
Chapter 510: Seeds of Doubt
Chapter 511 Is it all scheming?
Chapter 512 Find out the truth!
Chapter 513 Seven-Aperture Exquisite Heart
Chapter 514 Enemies Gathering
Chapter 515: Teachings of General Zhao
Chapter 516 'Navy Commander'
Chapter 517 Fight for Generations of Wealth!
Chapter 518: Two Same Books
Chapter 519: The Man Looking North
Chapter 520 Goodbye Anpinghou
Chapter 521: The Source of Weakness
Chapter 522: Two Coincidences
Chapter 523: Master Shen’s Arrangements
Chapter 524: Xu Fu's Enlightenment
Chapter five hundred and twentieth The holy family is upright
Five hundred and twentieth chapters row face
Chapter five hundred and twentieth seven change soup but not medicine
Chapter 528: Hunting the Japanese
Chapter five hundred and twentieth IX rolled up
Chapter 530 Going to the sea!
Chapter 531: The Foreigner
Chapter 532: The Japanese Suppression Operation Begins!
Chapter 533: Mr. Meeting in a Foreign Land
Chapter 534: Three Pictures
Chapter 535: Destroying Wusha
Chapter five hundred and thirtieth six vertical cut above the wheel
Chapter 537 Helping each other
Chapter 538: Changing Bosses
Chapter 539: The Brothers of the Li Family
Chapter five hundred and fortieth effort
Chapter 541 The key decree!
Chapter 542: Mr. Shen!
Chapter five hundred and fortieth three fire burn Shen imperial envoy
Chapter 544 Escape from the Fire
Chapter 545: The Thunder is Wrathful!
Chapter 546: Overturned!
Chapter 547: Bookkeeping
Chapter 548: Bargaining
Chapter 549 Top Ten!
Chapter 550: The Emperor’s Proclamation
Chapter 551 Cleaning East Zhejiang!
Chapter 552 Damn it!
Chapter 553 Advance!
Chapter 545 Get rid of depression!
Chapter 555 Shameless!
Chapter 556 Breaking down the stronghold!
Chapter 557: Penny
Chapter five hundred and fiftieth eight suspected charges
Chapter 559 Cengfan!
Chapter 551 The Emperor Who Accepted Bribes
Chapter 561: The Emperor’s Means
Chapter 553: Merit!
Chapter 554: The Imperial Decree Comes to the Door
Chapter 555: Prime Minister Shen
Chapter 556
Chapter 557 Trouble
Chapter 558 Move four times in two years!
Chapter 559 Shen Yi Has No Way Out
Chapter 569 Goodbye Pipa
Chapter five hundred and seventieth woman's ambition
Chapter five hundred and seventy first Wipe ass
Chapter five hundred and seventy second: Concubine
Chapter five hundred and seventy third: Tuogu
Chapter five hundred and seventy fourth: There is no second day
Chapter 575: The Emperor's New Cake
Chapter 576 Find a way to get it back
Chapter 577 Hongde Dynasty's First Favorite Concubine
Chapter 578 Hong Dechao's big project!
Five hundred and seventieth IX slightly different monarchs and ministers
Chapter five hundred and eightieth two futures
Chapter five hundred and eighty first I don't like to hear
Chapter five hundred and eighty second: Emperor's mind
Chapter five hundred and eighty third marriage family
Chapter 575
Chapter 576 Boost your performance!
Chapter 577 Young Couple
Chapter 578 Research
Chapter 579 Coastal Capital Division
Chapter 580 Hongde’s resurgence
Chapter 581 The temptation of power
Chapter 582: Group Meeting
Chapter 583: Navigating the Coast
Chapter 584 Trip to Lin'an Mansion
Chapter 585 Problems with the Di News Department
Chapter 586 West Lake Farce
Chapter 587 Welcome the Imperial Envoy
Chapter 588: Coaxing and deceiving
Chapter 589 Both parties feel that it is very profitable
Chapter 590 Inside and outside the words
Chapter 591: Forced loyal ministers
Chapter 592 All grown up
Chapter 593 Master Shen is also a big tree
Chapter 594 A great defeat or a great victory?
Chapter 595: Hating iron but not steel
Chapter 596 Who calls the shots in the southeast?
Chapter 597 Understanding Pain and Shame
Chapter 598 Guests of Shen Yuan
Chapter 599 Prime Minister Zhou and Prime Minister Shen
Chapter 600 The future of the anti-Japanese army
Chapter 601 The terrifying influence
Chapter 602 Going south to kill chickens
Chapter 603 Riding a Horse in Fuzhou Prefecture
Chapter 604: How can evil be punished?
Chapter 605 Am I very young?
Chapter 606 Head-on conflict
Chapter 607 Four Invitations
Chapter 608 Fuzhou Gentlemen
Chapter 609 The reason for communicating with the Japanese
Chapter 610 Recommend yourself as a pillow!
Chapter 611 The tacit understanding between the monarch and his ministers
Chapter 612 The sword comes!
Chapter 613 Cheng Fantai’s big plan
Chapter 614 The long knife is raised high
Chapter 615 Killing the Monkey and Shocking the Chicken
Chapter 616 The old and the young in the officialdom
Chapter 617 Gambling and confiscation
Chapter 618 Shen Yi’s provocation
Chapter 619 The lion opens its mouth (two chapters in one)
Chapter 620 The Emperor’s Reply
Chapter 621 The innocent heart of the third-grade chief minister
Chapter 622 The Gentlemen of Fuzhou
Chapter 623 Everyone has their own thoughts
Chapter 624: Hug together for warmth
Chapter 625 The Diligent Emperor
Chapter 626: One meal and two provinces!
Chapter 627 The Strong Emperor
Chapter 628 A man’s fame
Chapter 629 Further North
Chapter 630 Transfer?
Chapter 631 Is it the emperor’s plan?
Chapter 632 Year-End Bonus
Chapter 633 Gossip from the Palace
Chapter 634: Ruthless sissies
Chapter 635 Greetings from Qi people
Chapter 636 Confused
Chapter 637 Happy grudge!
Chapter 638 The influence of Lao Xiangguo
Chapter 639 Gossip Protagonist
Chapter 640 The Emperor’s Beloved Concubine (Wish everyone a happy New Year’s Eve
Chapter 641 A combination of misfortune and blessing
Chapter 642 Horses trample on Yanjing!
Chapter 643 Title Brother and Pancake Brother
Chapter 644 Mother and child are safe!
Chapter 645 Struggle
Chapter 646 The audacious Shen Qilang!
Chapter 647 Enthusiastic Fishermen
Chapter 648 You scared them
Chapter 649 Let’s get straight to the point
Chapter 650 Showing off and joking
Chapter 651 Come and sit down when you have time
Chapter 652 Professional Emperor
Chapter 653 Cruel Man
Chapter 654 When will there be retribution?
Chapter 655 A sign
Chapter 656: Paying for one’s life
Chapter 657 Things are getting better
Chapter 658: Navigating the Southeast!
Chapter 659 Who told you not to have a surname of Li?
Chapter 660 New Governor and Old Governor
Chapter 661: Simple political struggle
Chapter 662 Please leave
Chapter 663 Fake Tiger Power
Chapter 664 The Three Law Departments handle the case!
Chapter 665 A kind reminder
Chapter 666 The prototype of the Five Guards
Chapter 667 Let her serve the master!
Chapter 668 Sir, you have drunk too much!
Chapter 669 Walking posture
Chapter 670: Subdued? (Happy Lantern Festival
Chapter 671 Internal strife
Chapter 672 The addition of imperial power!
Chapter 673 The official power of Imperial Commissioner Shen
Chapter 674 Excellent material!
Chapter 675 Scary cleverness
Chapter 676 Shen Shuaitou
Chapter 677 Double happiness!
Chapter 678 Ask quickly!
Chapter 679 General Direction and Small Achievements
Chapter 680 Xu Yuanwai
Chapter 681 The Commander-in-Chief Arrives
Chapter 682 When will the hanging coffin be buried?
Chapter 683 Da Shen and Xiao Shen
Chapter 684 Definitely next time!
Chapter 685 Excited Pie Brother
Chapter 686 Feeling proud
Chapter 687 Brother Cake’s Plan
Chapter 688 Li’s Pancake
Chapter 689 Zhu Guidi
Chapter 690 The ancient road is hot and cold Zhu Yuzhang
Chapter 691 Money Scraping Plan
Chapter 692 The Unbreakable Shackles
Chapter 693 Li Wang
Chapter 694 Sowing discord
Chapter 695 The Anger of the Old Prime Minister
Chapter 696 Moral kidnapping?
Chapter 697 Matthew Tailie
Chapter 698: Broken
Chapter 699 Eunuch Gao’s suggestion
Chapter 700 Winter is Coming and Returning
Chapter 701 Good or bad luck is unpredictable
Chapter 702 Everyone is different every year
Chapter 703 Quarrel
Chapter 704 Meeting you and meeting you
Chapter 705 Incredible!
Chapter 715: Old and Young vs. Old and Young
Chapter 716 The reward is coming! (Supplementary)
Chapter 717 Come as you say
Chapter 718 Shen Zichang
Chapter 719 Jiankang has no secrets
Chapter 720: Honorable Retirement (Supplementary)
Chapter 721 Asking for Rewards
Chapter 722: Retrieve Di News Agency
Chapter 723: Sound and Color
Chapter 724: Zhao Jiankang
Chapter 725 Network of Human Relationships
Chapter 726: Draft Girl (Supplement)
Chapter 727: Serious business!
Chapter 728: While You’re Young
Chapter 729: Taking the first step
Chapter 730: Deal with him for me!
Chapter 731 Bargaining
Chapter 732: Alone Husband
Chapter 733: Staff Shen
Chapter 734 Masataka Kunin
Chapter 735: Money that has to be collected
Chapter 736 The Great Harvest of the West
Chapter 737: Mingzhou Guard Su Qianhu
Chapter 738 Shen Dang
Chapter 739 Heading North
Chapter 740: Another Fan Family
Chapter 741 Showdown
Chapter 742 The curtain opens
Chapter 743: The First Scholar of the Hongde Dynasty
Chapter 744 Greetings and Testing
Chapter 745: Glazed Craftsman!
Chapter 746 Idiot
Chapter 747: Extremely low emotional intelligence
Chapter 748: Looking for a job
Chapter 749 The Great Emperor and the Little Emperor
Chapter 750: Kick together
Chapter 751: Temptation and Counter-temptation
Chapter 752 Loyal and filial
Chapter 753 Operation
Chapter 754: No more talk
Chapter 755 The Emperor is coming!
Chapter 756: Favor of Support
Chapter 757 So terrifying!
Chapter 758: The Greedy Little Emperor
Chapter 759 Liulichang
Chapter 760 Prime Minister Chen Pingan
Chapter 761: Kicking the ball
Chapter 762: Imperial Envoy Shen
Chapter 763: Mr. Shen’s official power!
Chapter 764: Loyal Anpinghou
Chapter 765 Evidence for the Imperial Envoy
Chapter 766: Dragon Pond and Tiger Lair
Chapter 767 Just leave!
Chapter 768 Coin Spreader
Chapter 769 Zhang Liang’s Plan and the Ladder Over the Wall
Chapter 770: The storm is about to come and the wind fills the building
Chapter 771 I burn myself
Chapter 772 Chasing Major General Shen
Chapter 773: Face-to-face dialogue
Chapter 774 Betting!
Chapter 775: The future of the family and the country
Chapter 776: Suddenly enlightened
Chapter 777 Excellent Emperor!
Chapter 778: Monarch, Minister, Uncle and Nephew
Chapter 779: Be prepared!
Chapter 780: Shen Da cheated
Chapter 781 The main thing is connections!
Chapter 782 Teaching and Farming
Chapter 783 Remove a small word
Chapter 784 It’s hard to say goodbye
Chapter 785 Who is the King of Cake?
Chapter 786 Talking to others when meeting them
Chapter 787: Master Shen’s majesty
Chapter 788: Real Benefits
Chapter 789 Feed the general cake!
Chapter 790 What a pity for this city
Chapter 791: Heart-breaking every word!
Chapter 792: With Quan Shengde
Chapter 793 It all comes to light!
Chapter 794 Cloth
Chapter 795 The rain has come
Chapter 796: Be careful about shaking people!
Chapter 797: Open
Chapter 798: The sword is here! [For the alliance leader, Qiu Shui is spotless
Chapter 799: The failed wolf trap
Chapter 800: Take a bite of them!
Chapter 801 A sudden storm
Chapter 802: Virtual and Real
Chapter 803: Becoming weaker?
Chapter 804: Famous
Chapter 805 The setting sun is like blood
Chapter 806: Four Thousand Missing Armor
Chapter 807 Murder
Chapter 808 Take off your clothes!
Chapter 809: Showing Prestige
Chapter 810 Maybe
Chapter 811 The big one is coming!
Chapter 812: Can’t Hold It Anymore
Chapter 813: Dedicated to the Emperor
Chapter 814 For the sake of the children!
Chapter 815 Intimacy
Chapter 816 Menacing
Chapter 817 Mr. Shen’s authority
Chapter 818 Wei Wangkai
Chapter 819 Reverse Support
Chapter 820: Get out of here
Chapter 821 A great political success!
Chapter 822 Completely torn apart
Chapter 823: The result of mutual insults
Chapter 824 I don’t hold grudges
Chapter 825 Another Shen Yi
Chapter 826 The troops are approaching the city
Chapter 827 Han and Thieves
Chapter 828: The wind is strong and the clouds are low, there is an enemy coming!
Chapter 829 A crucial battle!
Chapter 830: Serve Duke Shen!
Chapter 831 Cutting flesh to kill the enemy!
Chapter 832: Exhaustion
Chapter 833: Capital and profits
Chapter 834 It’s only been a few years!
Chapter 835: Behemoth
Chapter 836 Give it to him!
Chapter 837 Zhao Kai’s good news
Chapter 838: If they don’t do it, I will do it
Chapter 839 Someone comes at night
Chapter 840: Writing and sitting down
Chapter 841: Delicate thoughts can be seen
Chapter 842 What a loyalty
Chapter 843 Fear
Chapter 844 It’s too late
Chapter 845 What a big sigh!
Chapter 846 Jiankang’s Feng
Chapter 847 I think so
Chapter 848: The Conspiracy of the Minister and the Conspiracy of the Emperor
Chapter 849 Revitalize the Ministry of War!
Chapter 850: Taking sides
Chapter 851 Everyone places their bets
Chapter 852 Brothers, Father and Son
Chapter 853 The Unlucky Child
Chapter 854 Jane is in the Emperor’s Heart
Chapter 855 New Year’s Eve
Chapter 856 It’s broken!
Chapter 857: Cyprus
Chapter 858 Invitation from further north
Chapter 859 Shen Sangzi and Lu Anshi
Chapter 860 Mr. Shen’s arrangement
Chapter 861: Marshal Huai'an
Chapter 862: Staff expansion and expansion
Chapter 863 The Story of Shannan Kingdom
Chapter 864: Take the initiative
Chapter 865: The Huaian Army’s Struggle
Chapter 866 The sound of cannons on a moonlit night
Chapter 867: Calculate every ten steps
Chapter 868 Try it out
Chapter 869 Offense and Defense
Chapter 870 Killing someone!
Chapter 871 Something bad is happening!
Chapter 872: Controlling the Forbidden Army
Chapter 873 Harvest
Chapter 874: Force the bastard to stick his head out
Chapter 875 Face
Chapter 876 Congratulations to Your Majesty!
Chapter 876 Good Medicine from Huai’an
Chapter 877: Minister Shen
Chapter 878: Catching a Python
Chapter 879 Extremely Glorious
Chapter 880 A Pocket
Chapter 881 The big fish enters the net
Chapter 882 The big fish is coming
Chapter 883 Calculating people’s hearts
Chapter 884 Heavy Casualties
Chapter 885 Shen Qi!
Chapter 886 Two Emperors
Chapter 887: The Kingdom of Brothers
Chapter 888: Endless Fighting
Chapter 889 Death of Yang Dang
Chapter 890 A battle that must be fought
Chapter 891: Furious
Chapter 892 Moving
Chapter 893: Lots of resistance
Chapter 894 Both hands are true
Chapter 895: Just a scholar
Chapter 896: Retribution is better than impeachment
Chapter 897: Separate territories and seek peace
Chapter 898 A glass of wine in Huai’an
Chapter 899 Big Baby
Chapter 900: Loyalty and Filial Piety
Chapter 901: The apes on both sides of the Taiwan Strait cannot stop crying.
Chapter 902 Shen Dang
Chapter 903: Saints and Deeds
Chapter 904 Internal and External Forces
Chapter 905 New things in Yandu
Chapter 906: Indifferent
Chapter 907 The monarch and his ministers are united
Chapter 908 Guests entering the curtain
Chapter 909 Interview
Chapter 910: Changing Generals on the Eastern Front
Chapter 911: Rebuilding the Huaian Army
Chapter 912 Negotiation
Chapter 913 War is coming
Chapter 914: Success does not belong to me
Chapter 915: Buried in Yandu
Chapter 916 Military and Personnel
Chapter 917: Fornication
Chapter 918 One Hundred Thousand Enemies
Chapter 918 One Hundred Thousand Enemies
Chapter 919: Swordsmanship arises from the East China Sea (Supplementary)
Chapter 920: The popular Jade Mako
Chapter 921: Another miracle
Chapter 922 Meeting an opponent in chess
Chapter 923: Pulling
Chapter 924 The war stirs up all sides
Chapter 925: Really?
Chapter 926 Good news!
Chapter 927: The world is spinning (Supplementary)
Chapter 928: The end of all suffering?
Chapter 929 Have a good year
Chapter 930: Can’t Count On
Chapter 931: Fighting very stupidly
Chapter 932: Compassion does not control soldiers
Chapter 933 The Holy Will Is Clear
Chapter 934: One family is happy and one family is sad
Chapter 935 Entering the court wearing a python
Chapter 936: Brilliant
Chapter 937: Quarrel for you
Chapter 938: Prince of the World
Chapter 939: Up and Down the Court
Chapter 940: The Leader
Chapter 941: Coming forward
Chapter 942 Too Domineering
Chapter 943 Empowerment
Chapter 944 Problems in the future
Chapter 945 Danger (Supplement)
Chapter 946 Uncle Shen
Chapter 947 Defeat Qi
Chapter 948: Want to be a military governor?
Chapter 949: Courageous
Chapter 950: Guanshi
Chapter 951: Grave Sweeping and New Year Greetings
Chapter 952 The big scene (Happy Dragon Boat Festival!)
Chapter 953 The Power of the Five Phases (Dragon Boat Festival Good Health!)
Chapter 954: The Way of the Court
Chapter 955 Pushing the door
Chapter 956 The sad old man
Chapter 957 Supervising the Army (Supplement)
Chapter 958 It’s Mr. Shen
Chapter 959: Can’t be imprisoned
Chapter 960 The Irreplaceable Shen Qi
Chapter 961: A display of power
Chapter 962 Looking North to Xuzhou
Chapter 963: Opportunity to march into the army
Chapter 964: Sharpening the Knife
Chapter 965 Magic Seed
Chapter 966: The odds of winning are determined by playing
Chapter 967 Li Erchen Qi
Chapter 968 The Emperor’s New Tactics
Chapter 969 Happy Event
Chapter 970 The time is ripe
Chapter 971: Marriage (Supplement)
Chapter 972: Surrounded
Chapter 973: Return to the south (supplementary)
Chapter 974: A little smarter
Chapter 975 Shen Yi’s Thoughts
Chapter 976: Shen Thief and I are at odds with each other!
Chapter 977 Layout
Chapter 978: Interests and stakes involved
Chapter 979 A crucial battle
Chapter 980: Strange Soldiers
Chapter 981 The pressure from the imperial court
Chapter 982: The world is in chaos and food is high
Chapter 983 Attacking Xu Tougong
Chapter 984: Capture the city!
Chapter 985: I’m going to hit you!
Chapter 986 Shen Ping died tonight
Chapter 987 The greatest victory since crossing south!
Chapter 988: A wonderful plan!
Chapter 989 Good news and bad news
Chapter 990: One family is happy and the other is worried
Chapter 991 How to reward?
Chapter 992 The strange yin and yang
Chapter 993 The most stable prime minister
Chapter 994: The Han people are depressed!
Chapter 995 Fighting the Autumn Wind
Chapter 996: Murder and Arson
Chapter 997: The city is surrounded on all sides (supplementary)
Chapter 998: World Changes and Gambling
Chapter 999 Game
Chapter 1000 The Emperor’s Star is Shaking
Chapter 1001 Bodhisattva Blessing
Chapter 1002: Settling the Score
Chapter 1003: Open four doors
Chapter 1004: Breaking the Defense
Chapter 1005 The Prince Supervises the Country
Chapter 1006: Burning the Cold Stove
Chapter 1007: Favoring one and favoring another
Chapter 1008: How to Destroy the City
Chapter 1009: Just give up when you see fit?
Chapter 1010 Power
Chapter 1011: Bullying goes too far
Chapter 1,012 The Zhao family’s way of survival
Chapter 1013: The Ten Deadly Sins
Chapter 1014: Wait for the old guy to kick his legs
Chapter 1015 Five Immortals Chaos in Yandu
Chapter 1008 There is no way out!
Chapter 1009 Director Shen of the Logistics Department
Chapter 1010 Beidi is critically ill
Chapter 1011: Exchange of Arrow Scripts (Supplement)
Chapter 1012 Good-looking and filial
Chapter 1013 Offensive and defensive changes!
Chapter 1014 Planning
Chapter 1015 The Yan incident is reflected in the Huaihe River
Chapter 1016 Pressing forward step by step
Chapter 1017 Just waiting for your wishes
Chapter 1018 Murder Incident (Read this chapter!)
Chapter 1019 Meat-gnawing plan
Chapter 1020 Passing the position
Chapter 1021 The situation changes suddenly
Chapter 1022 Conspiracy
Chapter 1023 The death knell rings
Chapter 1024 North and South
Chapter 1025 Looking North at Jiuhe Mountains
Chapter 1026 Hong De is reviving!
Chapter 1027 Little Governor
Chapter 1028 Governor and Chief Executive
Chapter 1029 His Royal Highness the Crown Prince
Chapter 1030 The blood is thick
Chapter 1031 Breaking the Army
Chapter 1032: Reprimanding Sang and Huai
Chapter 1033 Southern Zhili
Chapter 1034 With great fanfare
Chapter 1035 The Emperor Begs for Bread
Chapter 1036 Game among peers
Chapter 1037 Wherever I hit you
Chapter 1038 A good teacher
Chapter 1039 New People and New Things
Chapter 1040 The Emperor and the Beggar
Chapter 1041 Changing customs
Chapter 1042 North Korea and Wilderness
Chapter 1043 We are very similar
Chapter 1044 The powerful Mr. Shen
Chapter 1045: Fame is a matter of true Confucianism!
Chapter 1046 Second Strategy
Chapter 1047 Hong De Zhaowu
Chapter 1048 Alchemy weapon
Chapter 1049 Surprise
Chapter 1050 Tenderness and iron-bloodedness
Chapter 1051 Strategy
Chapter 1052 The Big Secret
Chapter 1053 Small Cleaning (Supplement)
Chapter 1054 Emperor Zhaowu’s sense of security
Chapter 1055 The Magical Reform of Justice
Chapter 1056 Mr. Shen’s melancholy
Chapter 1057 Shen Shuai’s personal expedition
Chapter 1058 The battle situation is reflected in Jiankang
Chapter 1059: Encirclement and reinforcements
Chapter 1060: Taking out the City
Chapter 1061 The swollen Mr. Shen
Chapter 1062 City of Saints
Chapter 1063 Kong Tianzhen
Chapter 1064 The Saint’s Family
Chapter 1065 Burning the Confucius Temple
Chapter 1066 The human heart is sinister
Chapter 1067 Inside and Outside
Chapter 1068: Yan Sheng
Chapter 1069: Offending the public
Chapter 1070 Fishing Competition
Chapter 1071 Fireworks in Yanzhou
Chapter 1072 Public roads
Chapter 1073 Appearance in front of others
Chapter 1074: Chaos and Clan Struggles
Chapter 1075 Yanzhou is in danger
Chapter 1076 The big snake comes out of the hole
Chapter 1077 New Ideas
Chapter 1078 Two fools
Chapter 1079 Three Front Combat
Chapter 1080 Guidance Work
Chapter 1081 The thief in the heart
Chapter 1082: Children are thieves
Chapter 1083 Growth and Price
Chapter 1084 Unexpected reinforcements
Chapter 1085 The tears of a man on the battlefield
Chapter 1086: Overcoming
Chapter 1087 Four Palace Ladies
Chapter 1088 Shen Liu
Chapter 1089 A side branch of the Shen family
Chapter 1090 Fighting and Fighting
Chapter 1091 Trouble
Chapter 1092 The Emperor’s Thoughts
Chapter 1093 Prime Minister and General
Chapter 1094 Heart to heart and brain to brain
Chapter 1095 Tacit Understanding
Chapter 1096 Fighting for Orthodoxy
Chapter 1097: Being in a cage for a long time
Chapter 1098 Huaibei Bright Moon
Chapter 1099 It’s amazing
Chapter 1100 Ominous coming from heaven
Chapter 1101 Courage
Chapter 1102 Traitors from the Master’s School
Chapter 1103 Li Bai
Chapter 1104 Lure deeper
Chapter 1105 The target of public criticism
Chapter 1106 A big fish
Chapter 1107 Poison and signs
Chapter 1108 The head coach is warming up
Chapter 1109 Traitor (Supplement)
Chapter 1110 Horses and Arrows in the Night
Chapter 1111 Feeling of powerlessness
Chapter 1112 Xiaojie
Chapter 1113 No fault is merit
Chapter 1114 Treason
Chapter 1115: Atonement
Chapter 1116: Famous in History
Chapter 1117 Like a dream
Chapter 1118 Governor of Shandong
Chapter 1119 A good chess move
Chapter 1120 Taking concubines and marching into the army
Chapter 1121 A big step forward for the Huaian Army
Chapter 1122 Why didn’t you tell me earlier!
Chapter 1123 Rewards
Chapter 1124 Homeland and Transaction
Chapter 1125 Seventy Years of Foundation
Chapter 1126 Two Articles
Chapter 1127 Let’s talk again at the Yellow River
Chapter 1128 The people are like smoke
Chapter 1129: Plowing the Fuzi Field
Chapter 1130 Not perfect
Chapter 1131 An old friend welcomes you