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The world of film and television starts from a young age

The world of film and television starts from a young age

author:mountain town

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:07-22 04:45

Latest chapter:Chapter 1,476 Everything is ready, murderous intent in the Hanging Temple

Occasionally, I got the system and got the opportunity to travel through the film and television world. Everything started from Xiao Shede! (The time travel is mainly in the urban world, such as Xiao Shede, Let’s get married, it’s all good, Ode to Joy and so on!)

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《The world of film and television starts from a young age》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1,476 Everything is ready, murderous intent in the Hanging Temple
Chapter 1475: Scheming Chen Pingping, husband and wife finally meet
Chapter 1,474: The happy women have recovered from their injuries
Chapter 1,473 Zhou Chen’s counterattack and the death of the Queen Mother
Chapter 1,472 The wind is rumbling, but if you are alive, the future is long.
Chapter 1,471: A desperate counterattack, Emperor Qing is blinded
Chapter 1,470 Loyal Guard, Life and Death in a Moment
Chapter 1,469 The flaw is Emperor Qing, chaos in Kyoto
Chapter 1,468 The furious Emperor Qing, Zhou Chen VS the three great masters
《The world of film and television starts from a young age》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1: Film and Television Life Experience System
Chapter 2: Little Shede
Chapter 3: Wife calls
Chapter 4: Son, Wife, Daughter
Chapter 5: The Biggest Question
Chapter 6: The plan to make money
Chapter 7: The empathetic Nan Li
Chapter 8: Spiritual Attributes
Chapter 9: Curious Nan Li
Chapter 10: Mention Yan Peng
Chapter Eleven: Mother-in-law says son-in-law
Chapter 12: Mother Mi Tao, lovely Nan Li
Chapter Thirteen: Notre Dame Teacher Zhang Xueer
Chapter 14: Buying Flowers
Chapter 15: The old man and the third child
Chapter 16: Tian Gachui goes online
Chapter 17: Father quarrels with son-in-law, daughter quarrels with father
Chapter Eighteen: An Embarrassing Family Dinner
Chapter Nineteen: The Plan Begins
Chapter 20: Ask Zhong Yi for help
Chapter 21: Are Zhong Yi and Tian Yulan reconciled?
Chapter 22: Nan Li was surprised when the royalties were received
Chapter 23: Thriving
Chapter 24: Yan Peng, a foolish man
Chapter 25: ‘Proud’ Tian Yulan
Chapter 26: Leaping like thunder Tian Yulan
Chapter 27: It’s a blessing, not a curse, it’s a curse that cannot be avoided
Chapter 28: Yan Peng comes to ask for help, and the domineering Mr. Fang
Chapter 29: Busy Days
Chapter 30: Cai Juying comes to the door
Chapter Thirty-One: Speechless
Chapter 32: Mars collides with the earth, imminent
Chapter Thirty-Three: The War
Chapter 34: Mother and daughter go into battle together, Nan Jianlong is stunned
Chapter 35: Nan Jianlong is hospitalized
Chapter 36: Zhou Chen's Awakening
Chapter 37: Looking for trouble and resigning
Chapter 38: Decisiveness, Nanli’s comfort
Chapter Thirty-ninth: Wronged Huanhuan
Chapter 40: Angry at Tian Yulan and fighting
Chapter 41: The mother-in-law who hates iron
Chapter 42: ‘Clear Logic’ Tian Yulan
Chapter 43: Curse Tian Yulan
Chapter 44: Tian Yulan: I killed someone?
Chapter 45: Nan Jianlong comes to the door
Chapter 46: Shocked old husband
Chapter 47: Selfish Nan Jianlong
Chapter 48: Looking for Zhong Yi to discuss cooperation
Chapter 49: Crazy Tian Yulan, furious Yan Peng
Chapter 50: Yan Peng Fried Hair
Chapter fifty-one; foresighted Nan Li
Chapter 52: Specialization in the art industry
Chapter 53: Goodbye Mr. Fang
Chapter 54: The long-winded Mr. Fang, an opportunity
Chapter 55: Nan Li is demoted
Chapter 56: Zhou Chen's Counterattack
Chapter 57: Video Fermentation
Chapter 58: The way men solve problems
Chapter 59: Mother Mi Tao's request
Chapter 60: Cai Juying is making trouble again
Chapter 61: Self-inflicted humiliation
Chapter 62: The old husband in the eyes of the son-in-law
Chapter 63: Chenxing opens for business, half a year later
Chapter 64: Donation, Yan Peng asks for help
Chapter 65: Yan Peng angered Tian Yulan
End of volume summary!
Chapter 67: Return
Chapter 68: Preparation for crossing
Chapter 69: Let's Get Married
Chapter 70: Windfall
Chapter seventy-one: plan and move
Chapter 72: Lonely Spring Festival
Chapter 73: The invitation comes true, killing potential threats
Chapter 74: Mother Yang, who is not easy to fool
Chapter 75: Zhou Chen's Calculation
Chapter 76: Satisfied Xue Sumei
Chapter 77: Rent, bargain
Chapter 78: The Helpless Starfruit
Chapter 79: Finally Meet
Chapter 80: The Hesitant Starfruit
Chapter 81: Self-righteous mother and daughter
Chapter 82: Xue Sumei training her daughter
Chapter 83: Contradiction
Chapter 84: Jiao Yang, farmhouse
Chapter 85: Opportunity to make money
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Chapter 86: A man’s mouth (please order first)
Chapter 87: The journey of love (first order requested)
Chapter 88: The veteran plastic flower sisters (first order requested)
Chapter 89: Who is better at boasting about their skills? It depends on my mother-in-law (Added update for Xiaoguai 1312)
Chapter 90: I am very happy (Additional update for those who love oranges the most)
Chapter 91: Accident, Injury (Additional updates for Xiao Shulang’s ten thousand rewards)
Chapter 92: Warmth and Warmth
Chapter 93: Watching the Sunrise
Chapter 94: Xue Sumei comes to the door
Chapter Ninety-Five: Little Thoughts (Additional update for the reward of black, white and gray r)
Chapter 96: The first visit (additional update for the Luck Golden Dragon’s reward)
Chapter 97: Money clears the way
Chapter 98: Punishing the Scum
Chapter 99: Tangled Peaches
Chapter 100: Ending (Additional update!)
Chapter 101: Ring (more updates!)
Chapter 102: Opening of the bridal shop
Chapter 103: Engraved Ring, Dispute
Chapter 104: Birthday as expected
Chapter 105: Mistress, mistress again (more updates!)
Chapter 106: Promise (more updates!)
Chapter 107: Xiaosan makes trouble
Chapter 108: Shameless people, invincible in the world
Chapter One Hundred and Nine: Unpredictable Disaster
Chapter 110: Decision, Divorce (more updates!)
Chapter 111: Preparing to propose marriage (more updates!)
Chapter 112: Sky-high gift list
Chapter 113: Old Versailles
Chapter 114: Fuck him
Chapter 115: Evil people will be tortured by evil people (additional update)
Chapter 116: Wedding, countdown (more updates!)
Chapter 117: Return, God-level Skills
Chapter 118: Sister’s request, strange girl
Chapter 119: Abnormal Li Luo
Chapter 120: Please call me, Neptune!
Chapter 121: New World: Everything is fine
Chapter 122: Su Mingyu, Su Mingzhe
Chapter 123: Siblings, Brothers
Chapter 124: Angry Big Brother Su
Chapter 125: Dialogue between siblings (more updates!)
Chapter 126: Su Mingcheng, Julie (more updates!)
Chapter 127: Holding my head and crying, Mingyu’s disdain
Chapter 128: Su Daqiang begins to perform
Chapter 129: Putting on airs and loving to preach
Chapter 130: If you say do it, do it (more updates!)
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty One: The Spring Breeze Is Proud Su Daqiang
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Two: The Great Cowardly
Chapter 133: Instructions, the cause of everything
Chapter 134: Incompetent Fury Su Mingcheng
Chapter 135: The happiness that Mingyu wants
Chapter 136: Precious gift, Voldemort is possessed
Chapter 137: Dream wedding, strange woman
Chapter 138: Shocking the audience
Chapter 139: Zhou Chen's advice
Chapter 140: Su Mingzhe is disappointed again
Chapter 141: Su Daqiang: I can't do it
Chapter 142: Zhou Chen’s proposal, Daqiang started to do it again
Chapter 143: The way to complete the task
Chapter 144: Star Invitation Song
Chapter 145: The broken dream of the powerful, Lao Meng’s plan
Chapter 146: Tragic past, settling accounts
Chapter 147: Su Mingzhe: Face is the most important
Chapter 148: Difficulties for foreign Chinese
Chapter 149: The Elusive Woman
Chapter 150: Reaching consensus, angry Mingyu
Chapter 151: Yes, excited Zhou Chen
Chapter 152: Mingyu is injured and returns
Chapter 153: Beat Su Mingcheng violently, beat him once, count as a meal
Chapter 154: Xiao Meng, Zhou Chen’s warning
Chapter 155: My daughter, the consequences of everyone in the Su family
Chapter 156: The future, the queen and the legendary musician behind her
Chapter 157: Twenty years, return
Chapter 158: The Next World: The Golden Years
Chapter 159: Boring life, time travel again
Chapter 160: Bonuses at the start
Chapter 161: Conquest
Chapter 162: Zhu Suosuo: I am so happy
Chapter 163: Only send warm Ye Jinyan
Chapter 164: The first step to contact Jiang Nansun
Chapter 165: A man who has been professionally gnawed for decades
Chapter 166: Jiang Nansun and Zhu Suosuo
Chapter 167: Another resignation, Ye Jinyan’s enemy
Chapter 168: Negotiation, Zhou Chen’s confidence
Chapter 169: Reaching cooperation and meeting Jiang Nansun for the first time
Chapter 170: Zhu Suosuo from Heaven to Hell
Chapter 171: Falling out and engaging in abuse
Chapter 172: Angry Zhu Suosuo
Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Three: Draw Salary from the Bottom of the Pot
Chapter 174: The first confrontation
Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-fifth: Another torture of Zhu Suosuo
Chapter 176: Fan Jingang, you can’t do it!
Chapter 177: Actions against Jiang Nansun
Chapter 178: Offensive and defensive alliance, meeting Zhu Suosuo again
Chapter 179: Yuan Yuan’s methods, Nansun collapses
Chapter 180: The miserable Jiang Nansun, Jiang’s father asks for help
Chapter 181: Jiang's father sells his daughter
Chapter 182: Shocked Jiang Nansun
Chapter 183: The Jiang family is full of martial arts, locking the door and begging for mercy
Chapter 184: Come on, be my personal assistant
Chapter 185: Boring, return!
Chapter 186: The master architect turned into a mason?
Chapter 187: Quiet girls can also smoke people
Chapter 188: Pick up the car
Chapter 189: Xiao Huanxi was confused at the beginning
Chapter 190: Qiao Yingzi
Chapter 191: Dinner with Qiao Yingzi
Chapter 192: Banhua Huangzhi Pottery
Chapter 193: Old Versailles
Chapter 194: Yingzi who is addicted to Lego
Chapter 195: Eighteen-year-old youth
Chapter 196: The Little Prince of Piano
Chapter One Hundred and Ninety-Seven: Fights That Can't Be Escaped
Chapter 198: The proud Fang Yifan
Chapter 199: He is here, that man is here
Chapter 200: Come Again
Chapter 201: My uncle, the fierce mother Wang Yidi
Chapter 202: Sensitive Song Qian
Chapter 203: You are a pair, we are a pair
Chapter 204: Accident at the Oath-taking Conference
Chapter 205: Zhou Chen’s persuasion to let your dreams fly
Chapter 206: Watching Movies
Chapter 207: Treating guests to dinner
Chapter 208: Dance master warns Qiao Yingzi
Chapter 209: The first sports car, the disgusting Song Qian
Chapter 210: Transfer Student Lin Leier
Chapter 211: Fang Yifan and Ji Yangyang are arrested
Chapter 212: Zhou Chen angry at Li Tiebang
Chapter 213: Tong Wenjie angered Fang Yifan
Chapter 214: Gentle and generous Yang Yangma
Chapter 215: There is no shortage of licking dogs in this world
Chapter 216: The make-up exams are all out
Chapter 217: Yingzi’s worries, Taozi’s complaints
Chapter 218: Licking to the end, nothing left
Chapter 219: Song Qian: Don't play with that Zhou Chen
Chapter 220: The sneaky Qiao Yingzi (two in one)
Chapter 221: Planning, Basketball Court
Chapter 222: Let's go together
Chapter 223: Cowardly Lin Leier
Chapter 224: their own wishes
Chapter 225: Lei'er's Cell Phone
Chapter 226: Fight
Chapter 227: Angry Lin Lei'er, Zhou Chen's warning
Chapter 228: The Second Palace
Chapter 229: The entanglement of Wang Yidi
Chapter 230: Zhou Chen’s plan, Yingzi’s hesitation
Chapter 231: Not going well, gossip and rumors
Chapter 232: Scammer Fang Yifan, is the Fang family really happy?
Chapter 233: Qiao Weidong, please have dinner
Chapter 234: Factory Negotiation
Chapter 235: ‘The Great Transformation of Beauty’ Qiao Yingzi
Chapter 236: Qiao Weidong’s wishful thinking, turning into brothers in seconds
Chapter 237: Going to University Together
Chapter 238: Scumbag mistress, bloody plot?
Chapter 239: Fight and slap the mistress
Chapter 240: Shocked Fangyuan
Chapter 241: Uncle takes action, threatens and warns
Chapter 242: Qiao Weidong: I can do anything for Yingzi
Chapter 243: It Happened
Chapter 244: Qiao Yingzi skips class
Chapter 245: The aggrieved Yingzi, Zhou Chen comes up with an idea
Chapter 246: Awakening, Gambling
Chapter 247: Angry Quarter Chief
Chapter 248: District Chief Ji slaps his son, Ji Yangyang borrows money
Chapter 249: Truth or Dare
Chapter 250: Zhou Chen fell into the water, an excessive joke
Chapter 251: Performance, Tucao Conference
Chapter 252: Lei'er famous scene
Chapter 253: Lin Leier: I want to be with Wen Jie
Chapter 254: Hesitant Fangyuan, Yingzi’s impatience
Chapter 255: Fourth place, Fangyuan is looking for a job
Chapter 256: Tong Wenjie’s emotion: struggle is not as good as birth
Chapter 257: The optimistic Fang family father and son
Chapter 258: Bringing up old matters again, Zhou Chen gets angry
Chapter 259: Cold and fever, nervous Yingzi
Chapter 260: Extremely unlucky, Qiao Weidong’s threats
Chapter 261: Crazy Song Qian, collapsed Qiao Yingzi
Chapter 262: Zhou Chen’s singing, Yingzi’s elixir
Chapter 263: Qiao Yingzi is diagnosed with depression
Chapter 264: Meeting Ding Yi and preventing him from jumping off the building
Chapter 265: Saving a life is better than building a seven-level pagoda
Chapter 266: Fighting against the cheap father, New Year’s party
Chapter 267: Separate paths, marriage
Chapter 268: Life is always not perfect, Zhou Chen’s ruthlessness
Chapter 269: Meeting old classmates, daughter Nannan
Chapter 270: Pity must be hateful, secret lover
Chapter 271: Huang Zhitao, the system’s reaction
Chapter 272: New Skill: Martian
Chapter 273: Dad’s ‘car accident’, traveling through time again
Chapter 274: New World: Spring breeze is not as good as you
Chapter 275: Military camp, military training
Chapter 276: Instructor, obey orders
Chapter 277: Zhou Chen is a thorn in the side
Chapter 278: Self-introduction, each has his or her own merits
Chapter 279: Military training begins, writing poems
Chapter 280: Excited Autumn Water
Chapter 281: Zhao Yingnan asks for help
Chapter 282: Selection of performances
Chapter 283: Ways to make money, my old profession
Chapter 284: Zhu Xian, Three Gates
Chapter 285: The fight caused by a bag of biscuits
Chapter 286: Qiu Shui is scared, Zhou Chen takes the stage
Chapter 287: Happy Chief, Dormitory Relationship
Chapter 288: Against the Instructor
Chapter 289: Punishment, topic of girls dormitory
Chapter 290: Creeping forward, Zhu Xian writes
Chapter 291: The leader’s mission makes everyone envious
Chapter 292: Classic Sketch, Satisfied Chief
Chapter 293: Novel published, consensus reached
Chapter 294: Zhou Chen evaluates the girls in the class
Chapter 295: Girls block the door and deal with it calmly
Chapter 296: Who are you calling idiots? Instructor Dai who lost his temper
Chapter 297: The squad leader takes action, instructor Dai is scared
Chapter 298: Sensitive girl Wang Xiuyu
Chapter 299: Instructor Dai's Tragedy
Chapter 300: One day off, each planning a trip
Chapter 301: Different Zhao Yingnan
Chapter 302: Knowledge Contest, What You Can Do
Chapter 303: Military training is over, goodbye to instructor Dai
Chapter 304: The chief’s warning, finally going back to medical school
Chapter 305: Looking for a house and preparing for parents
Chapter 306: Treat, first party
Chapter 307: Go home, parents
Chapter 308: Returning to Beijing, the ‘ugly’ daughter-in-law meets her parents-in-law
Chapter 309: Time flies, two years and two years
Chapter 310: Scumbag Qiu Shui, jealous Zhao Yingnan
Chapter 311: Negotiation of engagement, financial crisis, demonic sword
Chapter 312: Brotherhood (Additional update for the leader ‘Your Uncle of the Heavens’)
Chapter 313: Chatting in the dormitory, Zhao Yingnan’s care
Chapter 314: Engagement, dinner, going to the bar
Chapter 315: Zhou Chen, Zhou Chen, quarreling Qiu Shui and Xiao Hong
Chapter 316: Two songs full of love, explosive
Chapter 317: Interesting new song, New Year’s Eve, reunion dinner
Chapter 318: New Year’s Eve, Millennium, New Year’s Eve
Chapter 319: Oolong, a few years later
Chapter 320: Ten years later, my son’s dream
Chapter 321: Final Chapter
Chapter 322: Return, new skills
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty-Three: Thirty Only
Chapter 324: Say I illegally occupy a parking space?
Chapter 325: The wronged Zhong Xiaoqin, philanthropist mission
Chapter 326: See a psychiatrist, target Wang Manni
Chapter 327: Wang Manni wants to post backwards
Chapter 328: From a big family? Looking forward to Gu Jia
Chapter 329: Wang Manni as a nanny
Chapter 330: Showdown, bottom line, first meeting Gu Jia
Chapter 331: The cheating mission, the conversation with Gu Jia
Chapter 332: Wang Manni who feels humiliated
Chapter 333: Wang Manni’s compromise, Zhong Xiaoqin’s experience
Chapter 334: Gu Jia and Zhong Xiaoqin talk about Zhou Chen
Chapter 335: Gu Jia’s plan to beat Wang Manni
Chapter 336: Moving to a new house, new mission
Chapter 337: Inviting Chen Yu, the scheming woman comes to the door
Chapter 338: Just trade, don’t talk about feelings
Chapter 339: Beating Mr. Wan
Chapter 340: This woman is too good at playing
Chapter 341: Wife Circle, Rehabilitation Center Started
Chapter 342: Chen Yu joins, century-old ginseng
Chapter 343: The mysterious Zhou family comes to ask for medicine
Chapter 344: Long-awaited, Gu Jia comes to visit
Chapter 345: Gu Jia’s face, everything comes true
Chapter 346: Neptune appears and confronts each other head-on
Chapter 347: Treat the other person in his own way, Zhao Jingyu
Chapter 348: Plot changes, falling into arms
Chapter 349: Capture Zhao Jingyu and leave Hong Kong Island
Chapter 350: Xu Huanshan complained, Gu Jia won the order
Chapter 351: The plan starts from Chen Yu
Chapter 352: Invite Gu Jia
Chapter 353: Arrangement, Scumbag and Tea Artist
Chapter 354: Angry Neptune, looking for excitement
Chapter 355: Gu Jia’s charm, Wang Manni’s choice
Chapter 356: Neptune’s retribution, Zhou Chen and Gu Jia’s gossip
Chapter 357: Quarrel between Gu Jia and Xu Huanshan
Chapter three hundred and fiftieth eight: the self-loving Xu family couple
Chapter 359: The Wang family talks about cooperation, the new deputy store manager
Chapter 360: Dinner, embarrassment, trouble
Chapter 361: A wine bottle is knocked down and the tea master arrives
Chapter 362: Pregnancy, birthday wishes
Chapter 363: The inheritance of the Zhou family, shameless people
Chapter 364: Gather the crowd to make trouble
Chapter 365: Entering the police station and Gu Jia’s showdown
Chapter 366: Caught cheating, Xu Huanshan, let’s get a divorce!
Chapter 367: Gu Jia’s divorce, the mastermind behind it
Chapter 368: Dinner with Gu Jia
Chapter 369: Taking Gu Jia home, fatal temptation
Chapter 370: Awakening, troubled Gu Jia
Chapter 371: The miserable child, watching a movie
Chapter 372: Chance encounter, tea master’s provocation
Chapter 373: Underhanded tactics, factory explosion
Chapter 374: Take down Gu Jia
Chapter 375: Tenderness, Child Terminator
Chapter 376: Progress is going well, sensible child
Chapter 377: Pregnancy, getting the certificate
Chapter 378: Neptune drowned, gave birth to a son, and Wang Manni returned
Chapter 379: Wish comes true, the circle of wives reunites
Chapter 380: Confrontation, the malice of the wife circle
Chapter 381: Exposed, Gu Jia’s despair
Chapter 382: Gu Jia wants a divorce
Chapter 383: Rebellious best friend, compromise
Chapter 384: Women’s War, Return
Chapter 385: Reward: Shuttle Card
Chapter 386: Let's get married again, the world
Chapter 387: Goodbye Carambola
Chapter 388: Reunion of acquaintances, Xue Sumei’s urging
Chapter 389: Carambola is pregnant and something happens to Lan Weiwei
Chapter 390: Lan Weiwei gets divorced and Yang Tao gives birth
Chapter 391: Both children and a new decision
Chapter 392: Self-driving trip, return
Chapter 393: There is a problem with the way of crossing
Chapter 394: Welfare Institute, the beginning is a little fool
Chapter 395: Days in the orphanage, the Zhou family and his wife
Chapter 396: Adopter, fiasco at Go
Chapter 397: Genius, meet
Chapter 398: Ode to joy, like stars
Chapter 399: New family, new room, register
Chapter 400: Tears running, saying mother, top scorer in the college entrance examination
Chapter 401: Two years later, financial crisis, Ode to Joy Community
Chapter 402: Eight years later, Guan Juer and Qiu Yingying
Chapter 403: The three sisters on the 22nd floor, Fan Shengmei’s little thoughts
Chapter 404: Dating with a strange girl and meeting Guan Qiu by chance
Chapter 405: Qu Xiaoxiao appears, the low-quality Qu family
Chapter 406: Ignore, Qu Xiaoxiao inquires about Zhou Chen
Chapter 407: Five Beauties Gathering, Weird System Mission
Chapter 408: Confrontation, plan to deal with the task
Chapter 409: Human life is at stake, elevator accident
Chapter 410: Inviting Wu Mei to dinner, the girls were shocked
Chapter 411: Another plan to complete the task
Chapter 412: If you want to wear the crown, you must bear its weight. Please have a meal.
Chapter 413: Concert, Confession to Guan Juer
Chapter 414: Punish corruption and make an appointment with Guan Ju'er again
Chapter 415: The omnipotent Zhou Chen, two boxes of hairy crabs
Chapter 416: Love affair exposed, shocked Andy and Fan Shengmei
Chapter 417: Zhou Chen is my boyfriend
Chapter 418: Ugly people often cause mischief, you are the one to be scolded
Chapter 419: Establishing relationship and officially dating
Chapter 420: Singularity, the frightened Qu Xiaoxiao (two in one)
Chapter 421: Flattery, news about my younger brother
Chapter 422: Preparing to meet his parents, Andy is looking for relatives (two-in-one)
Chapter 423: Losing control of Zhou’s mother, calming Zhou’s father
Chapter 424: Let’s talk again, ‘mother-in-law and daughter-in-law’ meet
Chapter 425: Andy is hacked, Lao Tan comes forward
Chapter 426: Finally meeting, shocked Andy and Lao Tan
Chapter 427: Life experience, collapsed Andy (Supplement)
Chapter 428: The cruel truth, the scandal broke
Chapter 429: Zhou Chen’s identity, the frightened Guan Ju’er
Chapter 430: The troubled Guan Juer shocked the trio
Chapter 431: Qu Xiaoxiao apologizes, Zhou Chen treats again
Chapter 432: A few women’s discussion and galloping horses
Chapter 433: Dinner at Tan Palace, living together
Chapter 434: Shocked parents and parents
Chapter 435: Meeting with in-laws, Wei Wei’s doubts
Chapter 436: Guan Guan’s Awakening, Zhou Chen’s Gift
Chapter 437: Guan Juer's daily life
Chapter 438: Zhou Chen’s favor, Andy’s rumored boyfriend
Chapter 439: Invitation to a Private Villa
Chapter 440: Decide to set off for a private villa
Chapter 441: Compliments (Happy New Year!)
Chapter 442: Arrival, Villa Owner, Wang Baichuan’s Feelings
Chapter 443: Lunch, Qu Xiaoxiao’s actions
Chapter 444: Wei Wei’s temptation, wine cellar
Chapter 445: Gathering, private customization
Chapter 446: Revealing the truth and falling out at dinner
Chapter 447: Angry Wang Baichuan and Doctor Zhao
Chapter 448: Qu Xiaoxiao treats the bar
Chapter 449: Drinking, Concert Invitation
Chapter 450: Dog Blood Plot
Chapter 451: The fight between the rich second generation, just do it
Chapter 452: Zhou Chen takes action
Chapter 453: New mobile phone, peacemaker
Chapter 454: Guan Juer’s misunderstanding and learning the truth
Chapter 455: Fan's father and mother's attack
Chapter 456: Guan Juer, who was forced to move
Chapter 457: New Year’s Plan, Fan Family Disruption
Chapter 458: Concert, Zhou Chen invites Andy
Chapter 459: Andy rejects Wei Wei, Wang Baichuan asks to come
Chapter 460: Support, the show-off Wang Baichuan
Chapter 461: Out-of-control Andy and Zhou Chen’s engagement
Chapter 462: Dissatisfied Fan Shengmei and Andy celebrate the New Year together
Chapter 463: Life experience exposed, causing uproar
Chapter 464: The ‘biological father’ comes to visit
Chapter 465: Whimsical, Zhou Chen’s response
Chapter 466: Press conference, Zhou Chen controls the pace
Chapter 467: The Buried Truth
Chapter 468: The Fourth Generation of Chenxing, Free Advertising
Chapter 469: Moving back to Ode to Joy, Bao Yifan
Chapter 470: Big Wedding!
Chapter 471: Wedding, five girls reunited
Chapter 472: Another son, return
Chapter 473: New Skill: Big Stomach King
Chapter 474: Rent a house and open a company
Chapter 475: New World: Children of the Qiao Family
Chapter 476: 1980s, Shamao Alley
Chapter 477: Save Sanli and overthrow Li Heman
Chapter 478: ‘Menacing’ Qiao Zuwang
Chapter 479: The Qiao sisters, the four interesting beauties
Chapter 480: Issei’s only selfish act, three years later
Chapter 481: Qi Weimin, Xiang Nanfang
Chapter 482: Notes to Sanli and Nanfang, College Entrance Examination
Chapter 483: The top scorer in the college entrance examination, parents’ work
Chapter 484: Ambition, the beauty of first love
Chapter 485: An angry Yi Cheng uses Yue Lao’s skills
Chapter 486: Sun Xiaomo, goodbye Xiang Nanfang
Chapter 487: The daily life of He Xiangnan
Chapter 488: Plan, coming from the south
Chapter 489: The eager Simei and the calm Sanli
Chapter 490: Visiting the Xiang family and talking
Chapter four hundred and ninety-one: pretending not to be the opposite and being beaten
Chapter 492: Shameless Joe Zuwang
Chapter 493: Singing and harmonizing, Qiao Zuwang falls out
Chapter 494: Friends, drinking, and romance
Chapter 495: Drunk Qiao Yicheng, lively Qiao family
Chapter 496: Qiao Zuwang: Treason, treason!
Chapter 497: Date with Sanli
Chapter four hundred and ninety-eight: yin and yang strange Qi Qiao Zuwang
Chapter 499: Yi Cheng becomes a reporter, everyone sends blessings
Chapter 500: Uninvited Joe Zuwang
Chapter 501: Qiao Simei commits a crime
Chapter 502: Qiao Simei, who doesn't know the good or the bad
Chapter 503: Expelled, Zhou Chen was sapped
Chapter 504: With the bricks in hand, I own the world
Chapter 505: Qiao Simei who lost his mind, Qiao Simei
Chapter Five Hundred and Six: Study Abroad? Fate
Chapter 507: Ye Xiaolang, marriage, engagement
Chapter 508: Qiao Sanli’s worries, Zhou Chen’s methods
Chapter 509: First Love and Current Girlfriend, Shura Field
Chapter 510: On the wedding day, ready to go
Chapter 511: Angry Qiao Yicheng, the show begins
Chapter 512: Wen Ju'an's Sao Operation
Chapter 513: Going abroad, Nobel Prize, returning home
Chapter five hundred and fourteen: two years of change
Chapter 515: Dinner party, Qiao Yicheng’s gratitude
Chapter 516: Another year passed in the blink of an eye, and Xiang Nanfang visited the Zhou family again
Chapter 517: Regretful Xiang Nanfang, big wedding
Chapter 518: Hongmen Banquet, the Lion Opens His Mouth
Chapter 519: Dispute, Zhou Chen’s idea
Chapter 520: Ma Suqin, the Qiao family is in chaos again
Chapter 521: Sun Xiaomo came to the door, and the angry Simei
Chapter 522: July 1st, meeting the South again
Chapter 523: The first hug, Qiao Simei asks for a room
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty-Four: Qiao Simei, who began to bite
Chapter 525: Time flies, Xiang Nanfang asks for help
Chapter 526: Surgery, the evildoer Qiao Simei
Chapter 527: Qiaoqiao’s ownership, Zhou Chen is infected with the virus?
Chapter 528: Xiang Nanfang’s determination, searching for love from thousands of miles away
Chapter 529: Going home, my son’s composition
Chapter 530: End, return!
Chapter 531: Daily
Chapter 532: New World: Beginning
Chapter 533: Cycle, Li Shiqing’s excitement
Chapter 535: Entering the Bureau, Interrogation Room
Chapter 536: Fight against Jiang Feng, Bureau Du wants a drug test
Chapter 537: Stop the car accident and explode again
Chapter five hundred and thirty eight: Zhou Chen's routine: robbery
Chapter 539: Determine the location of the bomb and the real culprit
Chapter 540: Failure, Zhou Chen was seriously injured
Chapter 541: The tenth cycle, the bomb gets off the vehicle
Chapter 442: Failed mouth escape, serial collision
Chapter five hundred and fortieth: final success
Chapter 544: Main mission completed, live broadcast brother
Chapter 545: End, return!
Chapter 546: Traveling again to the human world
Chapter five hundred and forty seventh: each has a scheming
Chapter 548: The Zhou family breaks up, work decisions
Chapter 549: Zheng Juan, Shao Jingwen
Chapter 550: The job is set, Zheng Juan’s heart is moved
Chapter Five Hundred and Fifty First: Name Moving Light Words
Chapter 552: The first salary payment, Zheng Juan blushed
Chapter 553: Persuading mother to engage in matchmaking, Tu Zhiqiang
Chapter 554: Confirming the relationship, the old lady’s plan
Chapter 555: Reject Qiao Chunyan and take Zheng Juan home
Chapter 556: Lying, death penalty, plot begins
Chapter 557: Save Ma Shouchang and show Zheng Juan the house
Chapter 558: Qu Xiuzhen, visiting Lao Ma’s house
Chapter 559: Shameless You Cao Debao
Chapter 560: Buying meat and preparing to get married
Chapter five hundred and sixty-one: kick Luo Shibin
Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty Second: Trading with Water Artesian
Chapter 563: Gong Weize, the unbalanced Zhou Rong couple
Chapter 564: Zhou Rong’s ridicule, marriage
Chapter 565: Finally married, six gentlemen?
Chapter 566: Operation to eliminate Luo Shibin begins
Chapter 567: Threat, warning
Chapter 568: Luo Shibin’s end, Shui Ziliu took refuge
Chapter 569: Zheng Juan is pregnant and comes to rent a house
Chapter 570: Zheng Juan gives birth, Qiao Chunyan comes to borrow a room
Chapter 571: Follow-up on borrowing a house, 1976, the Zhou family is about to be reunited
Chapter 572: Zheng Juan is here again, Zhou Bingyi returns home
Chapter 573: Returning home, talking to brothers, sad Hao Dongmei
Chapter 574: Zhou Zhigang returns home, the unruly father and son
Chapter 575: Tit-for-tat confrontation between father and son, noisy New Year’s Eve dinner
Chapter 576: On the first day of the new year, the sensible Zheng Juan has a party
Chapter 577: Apology, Sensitive Light, Family Heirloom
Chapter 578: Something happened to Zhou Rong, Feng Yue concealed it
Chapter 579: Zhou Rong asks for help, Zhou Chen is implicated and arrested
Chapter 580: Zhou Chen is released from prison, Zhou Rong asks Cai Xiaoguang for help
Chapter 581: College Entrance Examination Resumes, ‘Idiot’ Zheng Juan
Chapter 582: After being admitted to college, the entire Zhou family goes home to celebrate the New Year
Chapter 583: The Chinese New Year is not peaceful. Zhou Rong comes home and makes a fuss when she enters the door.
Chapter 584: Sever the relationship? No mercy, just do it
Chapter 585: Angrily slap Zhou Rong, get out!
Chapter 586: Expelled from the house, Zheng Juan angrily attacked Zhou Rong
Chapter 587: Angry Mother Zhou, is Zhou Rong a public enemy?
Chapter 588: Cai Xiaoguang asks for help and prepares to go to college
Chapter 589: Official resignation and departure for the capital
Chapter 590: Arrival in the capital, mother’s request
Chapter 591: Gathering in Yanjing to confront Zhou Rong again
Chapter 592: Fighting, two months passed in the blink of an eye
Chapter 593: Summer vacation, selfish and realistic Zhou Bingyi
Chapter five hundred and ninety fourth: heart to heart
Chapter five hundred and ninety-fifth: slap and kick Zhou Rong
Chapter 596: Mother Zhou is furious, get out
Chapter 597: 1980, the Zhou family went home to celebrate the New Year
Chapter 598: Zhou family father and son reconcile, Hao Dongmei angrily criticizes her mother
Chapter 599: Meeting with in-laws? Qiao Chunyan comes to the door
Chapter 600: Raising the banner, failed in-laws meeting
Chapter 601: Rushing to the shelves and deliberately stirring up trouble
Chapter 602: Parting on bad terms, visiting the Hao family
Chapter 603: Zhou Chen angrily scolded Hao’s father and made him angry
Chapter 604: People are from the Zhou family, and their hearts are from the Hao family
Chapter 605: Zhou family’s reaction, invitation from old friends
Chapter 606: Refusal, Farewell, Return to Yanjing
Chapter 607: Two years later, with his reputation rising, Guangming went to Hong Kong
Chapter 608: In 1983, the vengeful Zhou Bingyi and his wife
Chapter six hundred and ninth: Zhou Bingyi made another moth
Chapter 610: Zhou Bingyi’s plan, New Year greetings
Chapter six hundred and eleven: to find a way out
Chapter 612: How can you take me?
Chapter 613: Death, in 1987, Yao Lisong took action
Chapter 614: Shocked Zhou Bingyi, the light returns
Chapter 615: Hao family meeting, Yao Lisong’s visit
Chapter 616: Cooperation, at the end of 1987, preparing to return to Jichun
Chapter 617: Feng Yue’s growth and coming to Beijing as a child
Chapter 618: Personal encounters, returning home in glory
Chapter 619: New house, goodbye brother
Chapter 620: Zhou Zhigang retires and the Zhou family reunites
Chapter 621: New Year, another moth, meet the in-laws?
Chapter 622: The downtrodden Fa Xiao and the excessive Wu Qian
Chapter 623: Past events, going to Pengcheng
Chapter 624: Zhou’s father, whose child is sick, starts work
Chapter 625: Relying on the old and betraying the old horse. Trouble comes to your door.
Chapter 626: An unexpected surprise, Zheng Juan is happy
Chapter 627: Twins, Hao Dongmei is thinking about it
Chapter 628: Zhou Rong returns, the tough Zheng Juan
Chapter 629: Adoption? No way, blink of an eye 97 years
Chapter 630: Children’s future, eve of return
Chapter 631: Live in the same quilt and die in the same coffin
Chapter 632: Without Zheng Juan, I feel like I have lost my soul
Chapter 633: Under the Zhengyang Gate, the beginning
Chapter 634: Educated youth return to the city, family background
Chapter 635: Longevity begins with health preservation
Chapter 636: Han Chunming borrows money from the villain Cheng Jianjun
Chapter 637: Lazy Zhou Chen gets the copper coins
Chapter 638: The most precious carving mother, systematic treasure appraisal, Mr. Guan
Chapter 639: Uncle Guan’s conditions and new job
Chapter 640: Leisure life in the library
Chapter 641: Changing positions, the plot begins
Chapter 642: Sister Han looks at Zhou Chen
Chapter 643: Party, Han Chunming’s temptation
Chapter 644: Help Su Meng? Go as far as you can
Chapter 645: Two years later
Chapter 646: Birthday, a rare antique
Chapter six hundred and forty seventh: educated youth gathering
Chapter 648: Han Chunming is going to be slapped in the face when he meets a girl for the first time
Chapter 649: Slap Cheng Jianjun
Chapter 652 The blessing of all people? Fighting chicken cup
Chapter 653 Three-legged Washing in Ru Kiln, Four Years Later
Chapter 654 Zhou Chen sets the stage, intending to post the box
Chapter 655 The treasure is covered in dust, Han Chunyan has been waiting for seven years
Chapter 656 Little lazy cat, Su Meng takes the bait
Chapter 657: Get the note box and start your career
Chapter 658 Distribution, Marriage
Chapter 659 Acting, Cheng Jianjun and Cai Xiaoli get married
Chapter 660 The eldest son’s first birthday party, jealous Cheng Jianjun
Chapter 661 The Han family has a dinner together and is troubled
Chapter 662 No rules, no rules
Chapter 663 Han Chunming’s stupidity, the upcoming showdown
Chapter 664: Drinking Fight, Shapohou
Chapter 665: Falling out, Han Chunyan gets angry
Chapter 666: Big mistake at the opening ceremony
Chapter 667: Zhou Chen’s conditions for coming to your door
Chapter 668 The perfect plan, Chabalou rises again
Chapter 669: Opening a supermarket in partnership, seven years later
Chapter 670 Seven years, respective development
Chapter 671 Educated Youth Reunion
Chapter 672 The Han family’s aunt and sister-in-law fight again
Chapter 673 The identity of the rich man is exposed, Mr. Guan is hospitalized
Chapter 674: Disrespecting the daughter-in-law, Uncle Guan is missing
Chapter 675: Fake Death, Planning the Old Man’s Antiques
Chapter 676 Is there someone outside Zhou Chen?
Chapter 677: Getting caught instead of catching someone
Chapter 678 A false alarm, but the charm remains
Chapter 679 Gambling, Treasure Room Selection
Chapter 680 Eye-catching, big scene, Mr. Guan’s ‘resurrection’
Chapter 681 The End of the Zhengyang Sect
Chapter 682 New skills, daily life
Chapter 683 Crossing the window together
Chapter 684 New students register and the class gathers
Chapter 685 Conflict, Military Camp
Chapter 686 Self-mutilation, ruthless Zhou Chen
Chapter 687: Reported, fight
Chapter 688 Confrontation, Night Chat
Chapter 689 Girls are looking for trouble, military training is over
Chapter 690 Awkward dinner, the official start of school
Chapter 689: Zhou Chen's Charm
Chapter 690: Lin Luoxue borrows money to take revenge?
Chapter 691: Knock on the door and use force to suppress others
Chapter 692: Dunk, bloody torture, tea club
Chapter 693: Watching a Movie with Lin Luoxue
Chapter six hundred and ninety-four: Ren Yifan's new friend
Chapter 695: Good friends, autumn outing, buying a car
Chapter 696: Autumn outing accident, victims come to visit
Chapter 697: Borrowing money, the group of ten reunites
Chapter 698: Lin Luoxue Special
Chapter 699: An Unforgettable Night
Chapter 700: Birthday Party, December
Chapter 701: Foreign exchange, intrigue in the girls dormitory
Chapter 702: Feifei’s awakening and conflict resumes
Chapter 703: New Year’s Eve, Time Management Master
Chapter 704: Smart woman, the holiday is coming
Chapter 705: Holiday Activities: The Game Is Black
Chapter 706: Tragic past, sudden arrival of Lin Luoxue
Chapter 707: Spring Festival with Lin Luoxue
Chapter 708: Shopping and gathering in Suzhou City
Chapter 709: Rich man Zhou Chen gathers at the Zhou family
Chapter 710: Lin Luoxue leaves, the three of them become drunk and lose their temper
Chapter 711: Ren Xiaoyu, who died in society, Xiao Haiyang’s sister
Chapter 712: Tit for tat, Zhou Chen vs Xiao Yu
Chapter 713: Xiao Yu is completely defeated and visits the Xiao family
Chapter 714: If the brain is not enough, the body will help
Chapter 715: Xiao Yu’s legs are weak, He Feifei prepares a big surprise
Chapter 716: A man’s little dream, the first day of school
Chapter seven hundred and seventeen: fallen life
Chapter 718: Applying for excellence in class, Bi Shisan asks Zhou Chen for advice
Chapter 719: Secrets to Chasing Girls, Luo Xue’s Request
Chapter seven hundred and twentieth: the attack of the thirteenth
Chapter Seven Hundred and Twenty One: Turn Your Face
Chapter 722: Zhou Chen’s suggestion frightens Xiao Haiyang, goodbye Xiao Yu
Chapter 723: Zhou Chen’s woman, failed performance
Chapter 724: Summer Plan, New Song: Tomorrow Will Be Better
Chapter 725: Luo Xue’s shock, Grandma Yu Hao
Chapter 726: Together forever, Gu Yixin wants to go abroad
Chapter 727: Thirteen and Yixin, Luo Xue’s generosity
Chapter 728: Sophomore year begins, new classmates
Chapter 729: Shooting: Battle on the Top of the Forbidden City
Chapter 730: Feng Cuicui, head-on conflict
Chapter 731: Five lazy people hospitalized, ancient town photography exhibition
Chapter 732: Ancient Town Thief, Ye Jiping Goes Abroad
Chapter 733: Bidding farewell to the old and welcoming the new, the new semester begins
Chapter 734: The struggle between the class teacher and the students
Chapter 735: Lin Luoxue's ambition
Chapter 736: Campus Guild, the Beginning of Entrepreneurship
Chapter 737: Recruiting troops and getting on the right track
Chapter 738: Zhou Chen fights and destroys Feng Cuicui
Chapter 739: The green and lush greenery is bleak and a moth appears again
Chapter 740: He Feifei’s little thoughts and exciting methods
Chapter 741: Bet, go through the back door
Chapter 742: Zhong Xiao quarrels, Ren Yifan suffers serious consequences
Chapter 743: End of sophomore year, travel, return
Chapter 744: I am not Yu Huanshui
Chapter 745: Furious Gan Hong, Zhao Juemin, Liang Anni
Chapter 746: Slap the unfilial man and slap the unfaithful wife.
Chapter 747: Paternity test, on the road to debt collection
Chapter 748: Teach Lu Fumeng a lesson and get the money
Chapter 749: Gan Hong’s ex-boyfriend’s illness
Chapter 752: Coming to find trouble, preparing to take revenge on Gan Hong
Chapter 753 Punishment, beating brother-in-law
Chapter 754 Report and Resign
Chapter 755 Teachers without a sense of responsibility are scary
Chapter 756 Angry Teacher Li, Frightened Gan Hong
Chapter 757 Divorce, Yu’s father is a father in vain
Chapter 758 A nice woman cheats Yu’s father
Chapter 759 Yu’s father is hospitalized and Zhou Chen takes advantage of him
Chapter 760 Father Yu enters the trap and meets Ziming’s mother again
Chapter 761 Playing, Old Man Yu’s Weird Wife
Chapter 762 The miserable old man Yu
Chapter 763 Night
Chapter 764 Slapping Gan Hong in the face is revenge
Chapter 765 The End of Yu Huanshui
Chapter 766 Want to give advice to Zhou Chen’s future father-in-law
Chapter 767 Uncle Li was tricked
Chapter 768 Chicken Feathers Flying to the Sky
Chapter 769 Relatives in Chenjia Village
Chapter 770: Blood brother? Shameless villain
Chapter 771 Going to college and meeting Qiu Yingjie on the way back
Chapter 772 We will still be together in the next life!
Chapter 773 Returning to hometown, looking for Luo Yuzhu
Chapter 774 Young Luo Yuzhu and Qiu Yingjie visit
Chapter 775 Meeting Chen Jianghe on the train
Chapter 776 Taking Chen Jianghe to the Capital
Chapter 777 Three Years Later
Chapter 778 Chen Jianghe returns, Zhou Chen returns
Chapter 779 Zhou Chen’s businessman friends and relatives meet
Chapter 780 Chen Jinshui reprimanded Zhou Chen and visited the Malu Department Store
Chapter 781 Reunion Three Years Later
Chapter 782 Giving gifts, investors arrive
Chapter 783 Cooperation reached, Chen Jianghe’s decision
Chapter 784 One year, preparation for marriage
Chapter 785: Marriage, trouble comes
Chapter 786: Fan out the door, mud can’t hold up the wall
Chapter 787 Arrange Chen Daguang and prepare to take action
Chapter 788 Punishing Zhou Yong, Chen Daguang is gone
Chapter 789 Qiu Yingjie gets married, Father Luo comes to visit
Chapter 790 Shameless Father Luo, son is born
Chapter 791 Help Chen Jianghe, Shameless Father Luo
Chapter 792 Angry Yuzhu, two years later
Chapter 793 The second son returns home in glory
Chapter 794 In the 1990s, Yang Xue appeared
Chapter 795 Qiu Yan, a few years later
Chapter 796: Qiu Yingjie and Qiaogu? Chen Jianghe Returns
Chapter 797 After the millennium, the children have grown up
Chapter 798 Mission accomplished, return
Chapter 799 Traveling again, Nirvana in Fire
Chapter 800 Bloody battlefield, red flame is invincible
Chapter 801: A sneak attack after the big victory
Chapter 802 Meiling, the Soul Valley in a desperate situation (Happy New Year)
Chapter 803 Burning the Valley of Souls and Falling into the Cliff
Chapter 804 Red Flame’s Loyal Soul, Survive at the Bottom of the Cliff
Chapter 805 Fire-cold poison, life-saving skills
Chapter 806 Escape from desperate situation and meet again
Chapter 807 Toxic outbreak, blood-sucking, hair growth
Chapter 808 Chi Yan’s Unjust Case, Master of Langya Pavilion
Chapter 809: Antidote, one year later
Chapter 810 The lively Lin Chen can finally speak
Chapter 811 Extraordinary talent, rebuilding internal strength
Chapter 812 Pure Yang Jue, two years later, coming down the mountain
Chapter 813 Jiang Zuo Alliance, Xiao Feiliu
Chapter 814 Mei Changsu’s request, Miss Gong Yu
Chapter 815 A few years later, Xiao Jingrui and Gong Ziyu
Chapter 816 Making friends, Mid-Autumn Festival, No. 1 in the world
Chapter 817 Entering Nanchu, Princess Nihuang
Chapter 818: Don’t talk about martial ethics, just compete in martial arts, and the iron rope connects the boat
Chapter 819 Listening to music on the hook, two years later, the plot begins
Chapter 820 Zhou Chen breaks through and returns to Jinling
Chapter 821 Xia Dong warns Zhou Chen, Nihuang goes shopping in Goulan at night
Chapter 822 Women’s War, Nihuang VS Gong Yu
Chapter 823 Sneak into Jinling and see Mei Changsu again
Chapter 824 Princess Pingyang, Zhou Chen VS Meng Zhi
Chapter 825 Miaoyinfang, Gong Yu’s sincerity
Chapter 826: In front of Yingfeng Building, son-in-law selection meeting, friends meet again
Chapter 827 Mu Qing turns against the Queen Mother, unexpectedly
Chapter 828: Showdown, dead man of Zhou family, unexpected choice of son-in-law
Chapter 829 Emperor Liang’s decree, Daliang Palace, and Zhou Chen’s plan
Chapter 830 Red Sleeve Moves, Zhou Chen’s Assassination, Directed and Acted by Himself
Chapter 831 Shocking the Capital City, the Wise Nihuang
Chapter 832: Settled in the capital, where is General Gale?
Chapter 833 Human life is worthless, assassination by Xie Mansion
Chapter 834 Gathering in Zhou Mansion, a gust of wind
Chapter 835: Sudden attack, Prince Jing was defeated, Xiaogushan Savage
Chapter 836 Surprise, Nie Feng and Xia Dong recognize each other, the truth
Chapter 837 The Girl Wan Bo by the Qinhuai River, Four Books and Five Classics
Chapter 836: Lin Chen, who knows the truth, and Nihuang, who knows the truth
Chapter 837: Hurt each other, New Year’s Eve
Chapter 838: Shopping in the market, I decide my world
Chapter 839: Pattern, duel between top players
Chapter 840: Zhuo family father and son, Mei Changsu’s panic
Chapter 841: Private Artillery Workshop Incident, Mei Changsu Banquet
Chapter 842: Small game, the plan to eliminate Xie Yu begins
Chapter 843: Assassination of Xie Yu, everything is ready
Chapter 844: Pregnant, April 12, Jingrui’s birthday
Chapter 845: Birthday Banquet, Nirvana in Fire Master Showdown
Chapter 846: Hidden feelings in the past, ruthless betrayal, Zhou Chen takes action
Chapter 847: Cruel and ruthless, chaos in the Xie Mansion
Chapter 848: Capture the thief first, capture the king, and capture Xie Yu
Chapter 849: The end of a generation of heroes, Xie Yu
Chapter 850: Rescue and enter the palace again
Chapter 851: Grandma, the painful Mei Changsu
Chapter 852: King Yu becomes suspicious, Qin Banruo uses tricks, and beauty Juan Niang
Chapter 853: Beauty Trap, Prince Jing becomes Prince, and the Empress Dowager dies
Chapter 854: Peace of mind, return to Langya Pavilion
Chapter 855: Two months later, God’s calculations will be worse than those of others
Chapter 856: Returning home, Qin Banruo goes offline
Chapter 857: Xia Jiang was plotted, Gong Yu gave birth to a son
Chapter 858: Twins, Dabao and Xiaobao
Chapter 859: The final blow, the end of Xia Jiang
Chapter 860: Old case from that year, death of Xia Jiang
Chapter 861: Turmoil in the capital, Lin’s incense
Chapter 862: Adoption, excited Mei Changsu
Chapter 863: Zhou Yuan, Lin Xin, Full Moon Banquet
Chapter 864: Showdown, true identity
Chapter 865: Excited Jamel Xiao and Jingrui’s return
Chapter 866: Change plan, reveal the truth
Chapter 867: Shocking Facts
Chapter 868: The birthday banquet begins and the drama begins
Chapter 869: The Golden Palace complains, Emperor Liang loses his composure
Chapter 870: The clown, forced into the palace
Chapter 871: The injustice is redressed and the main mission is completed
Chapter 872: Crisis in Daliang, invasion from five countries
Chapter 873: Side Mission, Army Departure
Chapter 874: Bloody battlefield, return to homeland
Chapter 875: Killing Emperor Liang with his own hands, a few years later
Chapter 876: Mei Changsu is seriously ill and on his deathbed
Chapter 877: Buried in Meiling, Lin Shu! Lin Shu!
Chapter 878: Life and death, return!
Chapter 879: Daily life, time travel again!
Chapter 880: Arriving at the courtyard for the first time!
Chapter 881: Xu Damao, the foul-mouthed idiot
Chapter 882: Lou Xiaoe and Qin Huairu
Chapter 883: Mission progress, street office
Chapter 884: Taking over the shift at the steel rolling mill, meeting Qin Huairu again
Chapter 885: Mr. Yi Zhonghai’s little thoughts
Chapter 886: Qin Huairu comes to visit, I want to change my position
Chapter 887: Successful job transfer, return to old business
Chapter 888: Duel with a fool, the first hospital meeting
Chapter 889: Want to punish me? Dreaming!
Chapter 890: He Yushui came to find fault
Chapter 891: Silly Zhu shouts, Thief Saint appears, the plot begins
Chapter 892: A cross-cutting attack, Qin Jingru enters the city
Chapter 893: Qin Jingru’s little thoughts, the excited third uncle
Chapter 894: The First Master’s Test, Ran Qiuye
Chapter 895: Qin Huairu made a mistake and Xu Damao was impatient
Chapter 896: Another slap in the face, the embarrassed Deputy Director Li
Chapter 897: Qin Huairu delivering dumplings on New Year’s Eve
Chapter 898: New Year, half a year later
Chapter 899: Meet the big leaders
Chapter 900: Silly Zhu’s hostility, borrowing money
Chapter 901: The First Master steps down and Qin Jingru enters the city again
Chapter 902: Team leader Liu is embarrassed in front of the door and discusses how to deal with Zhou Chen
Chapter 903: Home search, slapping the second uncle
Chapter 904: The factory director and director arrived to conduct a search
Chapter 905: The humiliating second uncle, whip again
Chapter 906: Lou Xiao'e's fate, a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye
Chapter 907: Reaping the consequences, Liu Haizhong goes to jail
Chapter 908: One year later!
Chapter 909: The leader talks about marriage and plots against Xu Damao
Chapter 910: Blind Date, Silly Zhu’s Provocation, Zhou Chen’s Killing
Chapter 911: Foolish Zhu with no long memory, another year
Chapter 912: Liu Haizhong Gets Out of Prison
Chapter 913: My girlfriend returns, Zhou Chen buys a car
Chapter 914: Xu Damao has a ‘son’, Sha Zhu’s jealousy
Chapter 915: Chen Lin comes to visit, does Zhou Chen have a partner?
Chapter 916: Ruining Silly Zhu’s good deeds and getting married
Chapter 917: A few years later
Chapter 918: The Yan family opens a restaurant and Sha Zhu becomes the chef
Chapter 919: Stick: I don't want to be a fool
Chapter 920: Silly Zhu and Sticky Fight
Chapter 921: A few more years, changes in the courtyard
Chapter 922: Tragic stick story, Jia Zhang lost her temper
Chapter 923: The End of the Siheyuan, Time Travel Again!
Chapter 924: New World
Chapter 925: Long season, frustrating plot
Chapter 926: Silence
Chapter 927: Class meeting, Victoria
Chapter 928: Conflict, take action
Chapter 929: Give Shen Mo a social lesson
Chapter 930: Teaching Shen Mo to play the piano, rumors and rumors
Chapter 931: Resolve, Shen Mo’s work, little gangster
Chapter 932: I have my eye on Shen Mo!
Chapter 933: Murder!
Chapter 934: Eye of Appraisal, Investigation
Chapter 935: Shen Mo begs to come
Chapter 936: Recruit a younger brother and open an Internet cafe?
Chapter 937: New hearing aid, uncle appears
Chapter 938: Shen Mo's Nightmare
Chapter 939: Falling out and brutalizing Shen Dongliang
Chapter 940: The miserable Shen Dongliang, the cross-dressing boss
Chapter 941: Threat, Shen Mo’s madness
Chapter 942: The matter is over, Zhou Chen graduates
Chapter 943: Destroy the place and kill at the door
Chapter 944: God of War, Severed Finger
Chapter 945: Wang Xiang pleads for mercy, waste utilization
Chapter 946: Combination of kindness and power, prelude to action
Chapter 947: The last resort: blackmail, the aggrieved Shen Dongliang
Chapter 948: Evil comes with evil consequences, Shen Dongliang’s miserable night
Chapter 949: The tragic fate of the three members of the Shen family
Chapter 950: Gong Biao, Lu Wenzhong
Chapter 951: Abolish Lu Wenzhong
Chapter 952: Wang Xiang is laid off, Yin Hong
Chapter 953: In a world of two, Lao Ma asks for help
Chapter 954: Rejection, anonymous letter, Song Yukun was arrested
Chapter 955: Good Development, Yin Hong Becomes a Demon
Chapter 956: Sowing discord and achieving positive results
Chapter 957: End, return
Chapter 968: New World, Menghualu
Chapter 959: The prosperous city of Tokyo, taking the throne
Chapter 960: Zhao Paner, you deserve it
Chapter 961: Zhao’s Teahouse, Countrywoman Zhao Paner
Chapter 962: Inoculate Zhao Pan'er
Chapter 963: Gu Qianfan appears, frightened Pan'er
Chapter 964: Unequal identities, Song Yinzhang
Chapter 965: Love Brain, Elopement, Capture, Assassination
Chapter 966: Zhou Chen’s method, skin-to-skin contact
Chapter 967: The shameful and angry Pan'er, the whereabouts of the night banquet picture
Chapter 968: Regret and return to Tokyo
Chapter 969: To Tokyo
Chapter 970: Let’s go to Tokyo together and get separated halfway
Chapter 971: Zhao Paner is heartbroken when Wen Chao Gong comes online
Chapter 972: Goodbye Pan'er, Gu Qianfan returns to Beijing
Chapter 973: Summoned by officials, casino overlord Zhao Paner
Chapter 974: Peerless Zhang Haohao
Chapter 975: New residence, Zhou Chen’s token
Chapter 976: Pan'er shows off his power, Ouyang Xu flees in fear
Chapter 977: Gu Qianfan gets promoted and the teahouse opens
Chapter 978: The teahouse goes bankrupt and Ouyang Xu’s end
Chapter 979: The Death of Ouyang Xu
Chapter 980: The period of filial piety ends and Zhou Chen becomes an official
Chapter 981: Famous in Tokyo, express your feelings
Chapter 982: Pan'er: I was taken advantage of again
Chapter 983: Confirmation of love, sad Song Yinzhang
Chapter 984: Gao Hui, the wife of the Gao family, and Gu Qianfan visit
Chapter 985: Layout, marriage proposal
Chapter 986: Deportation, revenge, meeting Xiao Qinyan
Chapter 987: Conspiracy
Chapter 988: Alliance, deregistration by citing a chapter
Chapter 989: Shocked Pan'er, thoughtful Zhang Haohao
Chapter 990: Performance, meeting with officials, Queen Liu Wan
Chapter 991: Marriage? True Love
Chapter 992: The hero saves the beauty, Commander Si Cui in front of the palace
Chapter 993: Bait, Birthday Banquet Experience
Chapter 994: Birthday banquet begins, inexplicable hostility
Chapter 995: Song Yinzhang's Highlight Moment
Chapter 996: Ke Gong’s inscription, Qi Mu’s thoughts
Chapter 999: Meeting in Miyagi City, Pan'er is surrounded by onlookers
Chapter 1000: True and False Night Banquet Pictures, Zhou Chen’s Plan
Chapter 1001 Zhou Chen’s ambition, listening to music on the hook
Chapter 1002 Oiran Zhang Haohao recommends himself to the pillow mat
Chapter 1003 Staying overnight, the storm is coming
Chapter 1004: Use your power to bully others, open a brothel if you want
Chapter 1005: Getting married, the matchmaker is marrying, Fengguan Xiapei
Chapter 1006: Accompanying you is like accompanying a tiger, Pan'er's satisfaction
Chapter 1007: Capture, Zhang Haohao deregistered
Chapter 1008 New Year, the deadline is approaching
Chapter 1009: The situation changes suddenly, the official family entrusts the orphan
Chapter 1010 The emperor dies and the female dominates the world
Chapter 1011 Taking Concubines Song Yinzhang
Chapter 1012 Happy ancient life, eldest son
Chapter 1013: Giving birth to children and taking concubines?
Chapter 1014 Gao Hui enters the Marquis Mansion and Xiao Qinyan comes to an end
Chapter 1015 Ten years later, we are on the battlefield again
Chapter 1016 Destroy Xixia and defeat the Liao army
Chapter 1017: The monarch and his ministers are obsessed with peace talks, and the officials are suspicious
Chapter 1018 Mission accomplished, return to Beijing, crowned king
Chapter 1019: Palace Change, Zhou Chen Proclaims Emperor
Chapter 1020: Never Separate, The Last Farewell
Chapter 1021 Daily life, auction
Chapter 1022 New World: Police Honor
Chapter 1023 Bali River, first time here
Chapter 1024 The first day of Balihe
Chapter 1025 A man who owns a house
Chapter 1026 The decadent newcomer, the target of the diaper case
Chapter 1027 Zhou Chen’s Master
Chapter 1028 Hello Master, work: reading
Chapter 1029 Rumors, the police are called out again
Chapter 1030 Magical power at the snap of a finger? Classic hit?
Chapter 1031: Shameless, invincible; painful Xia Jie
Chapter 1032 Wang Shouyi’s persuasion to rent a house
Chapter 1033: Harmony and jealousy
Chapter 1034 Something happened to Li Dawei, the murderer was crouching
Chapter 1035 Arrested and brought to justice, busy Balihe
Chapter 1036 Looking for Yue Wei, Xia Jie was beaten
Chapter 1037 Relief, Zhou Chen has a tough attitude
Chapter 1038. Bad idea, pull Cao Jianjun to mount a horse
Chapter 1039 The Yue Wei case is launched, and the director is rarely tough
Chapter 1040 Yue Wei is arrested
Chapter 1041 Weird case, power and power
Chapter 1042 Second-class merit, Cao Jianjun has nowhere to vent
Chapter 1043: Advice, disputes caused by children
Chapter 1044 Beat up the scumbag
Chapter 1045: Vent your anger and leave the dungeon temporarily!
Chapter 1046 She disappeared
Chapter 1047 The Best Li Muzi
Chapter 1048 The beautiful world of two people
Chapter 1049: Played for Li Muzi, Annoying Gambling Debt
Chapter 1050: Explosive force, missing out in foreign countries
Chapter 1051 Best friend Shen Man returns to China
Chapter 1052 Resigning on the first day of work, Brother K attacks
Chapter 1053 Violence solves problems
Chapter 1054 Twenty-two million, casino confrontation
Chapter 1055: Let’s do it when we meet, shoot Brother K
Chapter 1056: Something happened, friends came to the door
Chapter 1057: Shen Man is going back to China, my friend who is gathering wool
Chapter 1058 The first New Year’s Eve, Shen Man appears
Chapter 1059 ‘Jealousy’, teasing Shen Man
Chapter 1060: Pushing the limits, seeking death, daughter is born
Chapter 1061 Li Muzi was moved, Huo Ran was about to die
Chapter 1062 Huo Ran offline, Shen Man’s script
Chapter 1063 Killing your wife? Killing your husband? Father Huo and Mother Huo come to the door
Chapter 1064 He Fei’s parents, evil guests come to visit
Chapter 1065: Shameless parents, Li Muzi with outstanding acting skills
Chapter 1066: The old couple who were frightened suddenly suffered a cerebral infarction
Chapter 1067 Conflict transfer, two years later
Chapter 1068 ‘Fake Li Muzi’, Reunion Two Years Later
Chapter 1069 Return, special new skills
Chapter 1070 New World: Lotus Tower
Chapter 1071 Sigumen, Golden Yuan Alliance, and the East China Sea War
Chapter 1072 Li Xiangyi, mission activated
Chapter 1073 There is no more Li Xiangyi in the world
Chapter 1074 Lotus Tower, return the favor
Chapter 1075 Nine out of ten bets are lost, every bet must be won, Gu Qingqing
Chapter 1076 Jianghu road, two people walking together
Chapter 1077 Whirling Steps, Xiangyi Taijian, Mu Shen Villa
Chapter 1078 Qiao Wan's delivery and Zhou Chen's reunion
Chapter 1079 Yangzhou Slow, a few years later, the plot will begin
Chapter 1080 In Yucheng, no one loves Yu Qiu Shuang
Chapter 1081 Yucheng undergoes great changes, and a troubled young man becomes sick.
Chapter 1082 Goodbye Li Lianhua, Golden Yuan Alliance appears
Chapter 1083 Zhou Chen VS Di Feisheng
Chapter 1084 Baichuan Courtyard, Goodbye Qiao Wanchan
Chapter 1085 Li Xiangyi is still alive, Guanyin sheds tears
Chapter 1086 Fighting Di Feisheng again, enlightenment
Chapter 1087 Fang Duobing is looking for abuse
Chapter 1088 Debate, unforgivable mistake
Chapter 1089 Sword Appreciation Conference, Qiao Wanyuan’s showdown
Chapter 1090 Lovers finally get married
Chapter 1091 Young Master Sword, beating Yun Biqiu violently
Chapter 1092: Sneak attack, Shan Gudao couldn’t bear it anymore
Chapter 1093 Exposing Shan Gudao’s fake death
Chapter 1094 Acting, Li Lianhua knows the truth
Chapter 1095 Start taking action, Su Xiaoyou
Chapter 1096 Two Strange People, Manshan Hong
Chapter 1097: Female house, murder to seize the throne, Bihuang
Chapter 1098 Brave Otaku Girls
Chapter 1099 Rescue, two ice flakes in a row
Chapter 1100 Qiao Wanyuan is captured, the final battle
Chapter 1101 My son is the emperor, the Lotus Tower is completed
Chapter 1102 New World: Do you know it?
Chapter 1103 Departing from Yangzhou and visiting Sheng Mansion
Chapter 1104 Sheng Hong, Wang Ruofu, Mrs. Sheng
Chapter 1105 Meeting Hualan for the first time, the six brothers and sisters of the Sheng family
Chapter 1106 Farewell to Sheng Mansion, Return of Marquis Zhongjing
Chapter 1107 Paranoid personality, everything is for the family
Chapter 1108 Zhou Chen proposes marriage, palace banquet
Chapter 1109 Become famous early, be both civil and military, Long Yan is happy
Chapter 1110 Departing for the Frontier, Mother’s Marriage Promise
Chapter 1111 Promise, command in the army, furious Zhongjinghou
Chapter 1112 The God of Killing Zhou Chen, hired by the Sheng Mansion
Chapter 1113: Conquering two states in a row, Mrs. Wang gets angry
Chapter 1114 Returning to Beijing, the Hou Mansion is preparing to welcome him in person
Chapter 1115 The matchmaker is getting married, Shili Hongzhuang
Chapter 1116: Forever united, a moment of spring night
Chapter 1117 The frightened Hua Lan, Guiningri, Aunt Kang
Chapter 1118 The shrewdness of the old lady and the shameless Aunt Kang
Chapter 1119 Hua Lan is pregnant and the Hou Mansion is in chaos
Chapter 1120 Hua Lan gives birth and the legitimate son is born
Chapter 1121 The new Marquis Zhongjing, the bold maid
Chapter 1122 Hualan’s awakening, Xixia coup
Chapter 1123: Marriage, several years later
Chapter 1124 The plot begins on the second day of the first lunar month
Chapter 1125 Remind Minglan, punish, warn
Chapter 1126 Sheng Hong trains Hua Lan, the exam begins in Chunwei
Chapter 1127 Minglan, who doesn’t listen to advice, listens to music on the hook
Chapter 1128: Innocent implicated, Sheng Hong was detained
Chapter 1129: No danger, just care
Chapter 1130 The Gu family’s father and son beg each other, polo club
Chapter 1131 The Storm on the Polo Ground
Chapter 1132 Zhou Chen ends up invincible
Chapter 1133 Valanti takes a concubine, the Zhou siblings fight Mo Lan
Chapter 1134 Slapping Mo Lan, Hua Lan gets angry
Chapter 1135 Sheng Hong is aggrieved because he refuses to give face.
Chapter 1136: Secretly attacking, Gu Er’s trajectory changes
Chapter 1137 Gu Tingye gets engaged, the plot changes drastically
Chapter 1138: Fighting the Rebellion in the South, Going South to Youyang
Chapter 1139 The tragic Lin Sushuang mother and daughter, Youyang rescue
Chapter 1140 Sheng Shulan, run Minglan
Chapter 1141 The halo of the protagonist, promotion of official position and salary
Chapter 1142 The shocked Zhou Chen becomes a parent
Chapter 1143 Aunt Kang comes to visit, shameless
Chapter 1144 Angry Aunt Kang and the frightened Wang Ruofu
Chapter 1145 Lantern Festival, Rong Feiyan was kidnapped
Chapter 1146 A reminder about Gu Tingye, the battle between the two kings
Chapter 1147 Gu Er gets married, Qi Heng meets Minglan privately
Chapter 1148 Make suggestions and change the plot
Chapter 1149 Grandparents and grandson discuss, Shulan becomes concubine
Chapter 1150: The Prince’s Dispute, Chaos Will Begin
Chapter 1151 King Yan rebelled and the imperial palace changed
Chapter 1152: The Emperor’s Bloody Edict, the King of Assassins comes to his rescue
Chapter 1153 Ending, Follow-up
Chapter 1154 Duke Jingguo, the new emperor ascends the throne
Chapter 1155 Zhou Chen becomes a fragrant steamed bun
Chapter 1156: Chaos in the Gu Mansion, Proposal to the Sheng Mansion
Chapter 1157: Marriage, the return of the evil mother and daughter
Chapter 1158 Lin Sushuang’s plan, the confrontation between the official queen mother
Chapter 1159 Aunt Kang comes again
Chapter 1160: Slap Aunt Kang, chaos in the court situation
Chapter 1161 Mo Lanyu Qingguan’s affair
Chapter 1162: Father and daughter quarrel, Sheng Hong catches a concubine, and the Sheng Mansion is in chaos
Chapter 1163: Can’t recognize his own Sheng Hong, becomes a nun
Chapter 1164 Desperate Mo Lan inspects the salt tax
Chapter 1165 The two don’t help each other to save the old lady
Chapter 1166 Sheng Hong was sprayed all over and the Sheng Mansion was in turmoil
Chapter 1167: The frightened crowd and the paralyzed Madam Wang
Chapter 1168 Interrogation, the most poisonous woman’s heart
Chapter 1169 Telling the truth, mother-in-law’s beating
Chapter 1170 Crazy Aunt Kang, Zhou Chen ‘wakes up’
Chapter 1171: Treat others with their own medicine.
Chapter 1172 Aunt Kang who refuses to rest in peace
Chapter 1173 The official plan, the eve of the palace change
Chapter 1174 Palace Change, Imprisoned Emperor
Chapter 1175: Decades later, the world returns to Zhou
Chapter 1176 Return and Engagement
Chapter 1177 New world, go to the windy place
Chapter 1178 Encounter with Xu Hongdou
Chapter 1179 Yunmiao Village, Xie Xiaochun
Chapter 1180 The windy courtyard makes Hongdou feel sad
Chapter 1181 Mr. Ma, Nana, Damai
Chapter 1182 Horse riding, playing, and learning wood carving
Chapter 1183 The destined person, Hongdou sets out
Chapter 1184 Meeting Xu Hongdou again, fate is destined
Chapter 1185 Playing with Hongdou, Hongdou’s happiness
Chapter 1186 Everyone in the small courtyard is gathered, and Hu Youyu is depressed
Chapter 1187 Swimming in Erhai together, Xie Zhiyao’s blind date
Chapter 1188 Talking about blind date, apprentice wants to run away
Chapter 1189 Dinner in the courtyard, the first step to help Hongdou
Chapter 1190 Pants pocket, liar incident
Chapter 1191 Do me a little favor, Xu Hongdou records a video
Chapter 1192 Xu Hongdou’s family, toast
Chapter 1193: Their respective embarrassments, Hongdou’s comfort
Chapter 1194 Sharing love, meditating trio
Chapter 1195 Xie Zhiyao’s request to give birth to a pony
Chapter 1196 Damai’s Birthday
Chapter 1197 Xu Hongdou, I want to pursue you
Chapter 1198 During the pursuit, Xie Zhiyao asked for help
Chapter 1199 Fungus Poisoning Incident
Chapter 1200 Future girlfriend, team building
Chapter 1201 Establishing a relationship under the starry sky
Chapter 1202 Sleeping in each other’s arms and traveling together hand in hand
Chapter 1203 Hongdou flinches, bloodline is suppressed
Chapter 1204 Surprised Red Rice, Traveling to the Farm
Chapter 1205: Good at raising children, sisters quarrel
Chapter 1206: Energetic, new tenant
Chapter 1207: Take the wind and wash away the dust, bid farewell to Yunmiao Village for the time being
Chapter 1208 A moment of spring night is worth a thousand pieces of gold
Chapter 1209: Fear of being close to home, prospective son-in-law comes to visit
Chapter 1210 First impression, living in harmony
Chapter 1211 Good son-in-law, leisurely days
Chapter 1212 Return to Yunmiao Village
Chapter 1213 Nana was raped online and returned to the capital
Chapter 1214 The wind is over and returns
Chapter 1215 New Year, New World
Chapter 1216 Xie Qiao, Qin Chuan, He Xiaozhou
Chapter 1217 A small reunion, a big event
Chapter 1218 Zhou Chen treats Wang Ying with intention
Chapter 1219 The first step to contact Wang Ying
Chapter 1220 Bragging? Yang Cheng’s displeasure
Chapter 1221 Yang Cheng, sad Xie Qiao
Chapter 1222 Game session, proposal and kiss
Chapter 1223: Get the car, improve the relationship
Chapter 1224: Going to the Magic City, Opportunities to Make a Fortune
Chapter 1225 Invite Wang Ying to dinner, I like a girl
Chapter 1226 Confession, Wang Ying was scared away
Chapter 1227 Wang Ying’s shock and incomplete rejection
Chapter 1228 The relationship takes a further step, Qin Chuan returns
Chapter 1229 Qin Chuan vs Yang Cheng, first date
Chapter 1230 Wang Ying with weak legs, ugly photos
Chapter 1231 A Valentine’s Day Gift Traveling Thousands of Miles
Chapter 1232 New Year’s Gift, Wang Ying’s Shock
Chapter 1233 Qin Chuan: Brother Chen, sister-in-law
Chapter 1234 The dispute between girls, Wang Ying’s troubles
Chapter 1235 Girlfriend, achieve success in cultivation
Chapter 1236 White Valentine’s Day, Wang Ying’s gift
Chapter 1237 Qin Chuan: I should be under the car; let go
Chapter 1238 Wealth and wealth are overwhelming, and the gap between people
Chapter 1239 Wang Ying’s acute appendicitis attack
Chapter 1240 Hospitalization, Elder Wang Ying’s Test
Chapter 1241 Wang Ying, who has difficulty moving, makes a fussy sound
Chapter 1242 Immortal Fortune Telling, World Cup Peak
Chapter 1243 Interrupted Intimacy, Scumbag Yang Cheng
Chapter 1244: Lock up or not, love goes deep
Chapter 1245 A small act of kindness, sapphire necklace
Chapter 1246 Wang Yang’s dispute and chance encounter on the plane
Chapter 1247: Men are fickle, parting for the first time
Chapter 1248 A sudden surprise
Chapter 1249 The genius of settling accounts, traveling together
Chapter 1250 The fish slipped through the net, Wang Ying did not pretend
Chapter 1251 Ordinary morning, birthday party
Chapter 1252 Conflict, the domineering Wang Ying who protects her husband
Chapter 1253 Miss Yingying, the first New Year’s Eve
Chapter 1254 The joy and sorrow during the Spring Festival
Chapter 1255 Xiao Qianxi’s request, Zhou Chen’s return
Chapter 1256 Wang Ying’s warning, King Zhou living together
Chapter 1257: When meeting parents, pay attention to the method of giving gifts
Chapter 1258: The first meeting went well, both good and fun
Chapter 1259 Yang Cheng had a car accident, parting moment
Chapter 1260 Missing is like a horse, love is like a tide
Chapter 1261 Friends get together, Wang family banquet
Chapter 1262 Another New Year’s Eve, investing in Facebook
Chapter 1263 Wang Ying goes to the United States to meet her parents
Chapter 1264 Wang Ying’s happy life
Chapter 1265 Boudoir, preparing to study abroad
Chapter 1266 Trip to Shanghai, Qin Qian and Yihui
Chapter 1267 Eternal happiness, go their separate ways
Chapter 1268 Tears of farewell
Chapter 1269 Wang Ying enters school and beats up Xiaobao
Chapter 1270 The second generation’s deterrence and decisive killing
Chapter 1271 Graduation season, their respective futures
Chapter 1272 Profit and inducement, Xiao Qianxi’s choice
Chapter 1273 Two years later in the blink of an eye
Chapter 1274 Qin Chuan gives gifts and friends reunite
Chapter 1275 A different New Year’s Eve, the Qin family goes bankrupt
Chapter 1276 Something happened to the Wang family, and Wang Ying was left without a master.
Chapter 1277 The Lost Wang Ying, money strategy?
Chapter 1278 From now on, I will be your confidence
Chapter 1279 The eldest lady who fell into the mortal world
Chapter 1280 Marriage, Wang Ying emerges from the haze
Chapter 1281 Huge donation, sharp increase in reputation
Chapter 1282 Zhou Chen is on the list, the world is boiling
Chapter 1283 Mother and son are safe and return to their hometown.
Chapter 1284 Interview with Zhou Chen, the man who shows off his wife
Chapter 1285 Advertising, Zhou Chen’s influence
Chapter 1286 The Yang family showed goodwill, three years later
Chapter 1287 Wang Ying’s day, friends reunited
Chapter 1288 Gather on the rooftop to wish you happiness!
Chapter 1289 The End of Young Master Zeng
Chapter 1290 Blossoms! Mr. Bao is here!
Chapter 1291 Start-up capital, I want to go to sea
Chapter 1292 Resignation, Acquisition of Stocks
Chapter 1293 The face of first love, Betty
Chapter 1294 News on the Yellow River Road, evil guests come to the door
Chapter 1295: Pure Love God of War, Convincing People with Reason
Chapter 1296: The Road to Advancement, Mr. A collapses and his body is collected
Chapter 1297: Capture, return to the Yellow River Road
Chapter 1298 To add fuel to the fire, the mysterious woman
Chapter 1299 Li Li, the popular Mr. Zhou in Shanghai
Chapter 1300 Stirring the storm, the venture capital meeting begins
Chapter 1301 The Yellow River Road is prosperous, and reputation is a treasure.
Chapter 1302: One person attains enlightenment, chickens and dogs ascend to heaven
Chapter 1303 The plot begins, Zhizhen Garden opens!
Chapter 1304 Mr. Zhou is here! Go through the back door
Chapter 1305 An instant success, Miss Wang
Chapter 1306 Return to the True Garden, Zhou Chen’s gift
Chapter 1307 I’m not interested in money
Chapter 1308 The landlady’s words, power outage
Chapter 1309 A small bet, Li Li comes to visit
Chapter 1310 Battle of Yellow River Road
Chapter 1311 Come to an end, small talk
Chapter 1312: Mention Miss Wang, the heart-warming Zhou Chen
Chapter 1313 The restaurant opens and first love reunites
Chapter 1314 Returning to the Yellow River Road, Conflict between Jin Meilin
Chapter 1,313: Stand out and be blessed, win it
Chapter 1314: Two people traveling together, frustrated Miss Wang
Chapter 1315 Mingzhu Company, the fear of the strong boss
Chapter 1,316 Crazy Stocks, Inquiry
Chapter 1,317 Arrogance, Abao borrows money
Chapter 1318: The prosperity is gone, the song ends and everyone disperses
Chapter 1,319 New World: Zhou Shengru as before
Chapter 1,320 The time is right for the Miao family, the first meeting in life
Chapter 1321 Apprenticeship Banquet, Master, November
Chapter 1,322: I have the biggest rules, teach at the right time
Chapter 1323: Nurture, Birthday Ceremony
Chapter 1324 Journey to the West, Parting
Chapter 1,325 Returning one year later, Shi Yi speaks
Chapter 1,326 King Guangling, another birthday
Chapter 1327: Martial Arts Competition, Qinglong Temple, Ignore
Chapter 1,328 Entering Zhongzhou and removing Liu Zixing
Chapter 1,329 The Death of Liu Zixing, the Master of Palace Transformation
Chapter 1,330 It’s the Right Time to Be Jealous
Chapter 1331 The first hug, Zhou Chen’s warning
Chapter 1332: Meeting again in the flames of war
Chapter 1333: Trip to Nanxiao, Madam
Chapter 1,334 The Complete Return
Chapter 1,335 New World: Traveling from South to North
Chapter 1336: Reporting by the police team, Niu Dali and Yao Yuling
Chapter 1,337 The first time following a car, trivial matters for the police officer
Chapter 1,338 Doctor Shen, the new year has arrived
Chapter 1,339 Spring Festival Transport, Old Blind Man Meng Qingshan
Chapter 1,340 Wang Xin joins the police force and the plot begins
Chapter 1341 Fighting bravely against Ma Kui, Wang Xin was injured
Chapter 1,342 Yao Yuling takes the initiative and Ma Wanger fights
Chapter 1,343 Should the rules be followed? There is an Egg King
Chapter 1,344 Yao Yuling fainted and the peacock opened its tail
Chapter 1345: Death of Egg King, Wang Xin made a mistake
Chapter 1,346 Watch incident, I like to watch it
Chapter 1,347 Niu Dali goes crazy with alcohol and a woman trafficker appears
Chapter 1,348: Take action and arrest the traffickers
Chapter 1,349: Interrogation, cruelty
Chapter 1,350 Promotion, Abandoned Baby
Chapter 1351: Tips on Ma Kui
Chapter 1,352 The sky is falling, hospital visit
Chapter 1353: Treatment, meeting the old blind man again
Chapter 1354 The Ma family moves into the compound
Chapter 1,355 One Year, Love Letter Incident
Chapter 1,356 Gangsters and Gossip in the Car, Temporary Transfer
Chapter 1,357 Conflict in the carriage, Wang Xin was framed
Chapter 1,358: Encountering a gangster, shameless and shameless
Chapter 1,359 Suspension, Wang Xin breaks up
Chapter 1,360 The Farmer and the Snake, Happy Captain Hu
Chapter 1,361 Another Two Years
Chapter 1,362 Transferred to Interpol, New Team Members
Chapter 1363: Meeting on the train, that girl
Chapter 1,364 The girl who can make Zhou Chen gentle
Chapter 1365: The target comes to visit, goodbye Lili
Chapter 1366: The powerful Zhou Chen, date
Chapter 1,367 First Date, Surprised Yao Yuling
Chapter 1,368 The old father’s vigilance, Lili’s first visit
Chapter 1369 Painting, Lili lives in the compound
Chapter 1,370 Wang Xin, the bad guy and good guy, is officially dating
Chapter 1,371 Two years later, the mission is completed
Chapter 1,372 Niu Dali is proud of the spring breeze, the case of dismemberment
Chapter 1373: Transferred to the Criminal Police Team as Squadron Leader
Chapter 1,374 Analysis of the Dismembered Corpse Case, and Getting on the Ningha Line Train
Chapter 1,375: Killing relatives for justice? Advising father-in-law to surrender?
Chapter 1,376 Zhou Chen’s plan ends with Jia Jinlong
Chapter 1,377 The frightened Yao Yuling and Wang Sufang died
Chapter 1,378 Ma Yàn is about to go to the sea, and Dali is emotionally hurt
Chapter 1,379 Ma Kui becomes furious if he doesn’t save the licking dog
Chapter 1,380 Plot deviation, another year
Chapter 1,381 Zhou Chen’s wedding, Niu Dali’s return
Chapter 1,382 The arrogant Niu Dali and Peng Yongli give birth to a baby
Chapter 1,383 The truth of the year, the downtrodden Niu Dali
Chapter 1,384 The journey from south to north is over, return!
Chapter 1,385 New World, Different Beginning
Chapter 1,386 Six Paths Hall, Negotiation
Chapter 1,387 The deceived Zhao Ji, Yu Thirteen
Chapter 1,388 Six Paths Hall, fooling, and then fooling
Chapter 1,389 Emperor Wu is captured and the plot begins
Chapter 1390: Instant Kill of Zhao Ji, Close Contact with Ren Ruyi
Chapter 1391 Ning Yuanzhou, delicate and weak Ren Ruyi
Chapter 1,392 Leaving the city, ambushing outside the city
Chapter 1,393 Assassin Ren Xin, the protagonists gather together
Chapter 1,394 Join the mission and invite Ren Ruyi
Chapter 1,395 Ren Ruyi’s straightforwardness and display of force
Chapter 1,396 Serving as a female master, the story of the princess’s transformation
Chapter 1,397: Give birth to a child, let Ruyi tease
Chapter 1,398 Intimate Contact, Confused Ruyi
Chapter 1,399 True and False, Accident
Chapter 1,400: Save Yuanlu and enter Anguo
Chapter 1401: Identity Exposed, Battle in the Post House
Chapter 1,402: Prioritizing sex over friends, frustrated Qian Zhao and Sun Lang
Chapter 1,403 Trip to Jinsha Tower
Chapter 1404: Romance, Master and Servant Meet
Chapter 1,405: Introducing envoys and beating up Li Tongguang
Chapter 1,406: Against the scales, angrily reprimanding Du Changshi
Chapter 1,407 Let’s get married!
Chapter 1,408 A simple wedding, arriving in Andu
Chapter 1,409 Detonating Andu and Assassinating the First Prince
Chapter 1,410 The death of Emperor An, the end of Guanshan in one thought
Chapter 1411: New World, Celebrating More Years!
Chapter 1414 Self-created martial arts, reaching ninth level in three years
Chapter 1415 Dadongshan! The old man who went to Beijing to take the exam
Chapter 1416 Born to Death, Grand Master: Zhou Chen!
Chapter 1417 Killing, next stop: Northern Qi!
Chapter 1418 Princess of Northern Qi
Chapter 1419 Kidnapping the Princess, Empress of the Northern Qi Dynasty, War Letter
Chapter 1420 The happy princess, Jin Yiwei
Chapter 1421 The Terror of the Grand Master, Everyone in the Literary World
Chapter 1422 The Empress and the Grand Master, Saint Begonia Duoduo
Chapter 1423 On a full moon night, at the top of the Forbidden City, fight!
Chapter 1424: Sacred in the world, the battle of the great masters!
Chapter 1425 The naive princess, the little emperor’s solicitation
Chapter 1426 Farewell, Dongyi City, Sigu Sword
Chapter 1,425 Returning to Kyoto, Wang Qinian, Chen Pingping
Chapter 1,426 Tonight, I want to bloodbath Kyoto!
Chapter 1,427 Waving the flag, ninth-grade swordsman, the storm is surging
Chapter 1,428 Carrying the coffin, Emperor Qing plots
Chapter 1,429: Blood debt must be paid with blood, and evil must be used to fight evil.
Chapter 1,430: Killing people and killing people, a palm that shatters the world
Chapter 1,431 The End, Famous in Kyoto, Ignoring Emperor Qing
Chapter 1,432: Debate at court, Emperor Qing professing marriage, and listening to music on the hook
Chapter 1,433: Drunken Immortal Residence, the Beauty of the World, Si Lili
Chapter 1,434 Listening to music on the hook, the prince comes to visit
Chapter 1435: Eldest Princess Li Yunrui, Duke of Feng Guo
Chapter 1,436: Redemption, capture Sang Wen
Chapter 1,437 In the fourth year of Qingli, Fan Xian enters Beijing and the plot begins
Chapter 1,438 The second prince’s doubts, was it a coincidence or intentional?
Chapter 1,439 The dispute between Fan Xian and Guo Baokun reminds Si Lili
Chapter 1,440 The first formal meeting with Fan Xian
Chapter 1,441 Zhou Chen’s special Qi: Spring comes out of dead trees
Chapter 1,442: The Grand Master is so terrifying, evil guests come to his door
Chapter 1,443 Disowning relatives? Assassination at Niulan Mountain
Chapter 1,444: Resurrection from the Dead, Eighty Thousand Liang, Si Lili Farewell
Chapter 1,445 Confrontation, Ye Qingmei can do it, I can do it too
Chapter 1,446 Crouching Tiger, Panlong, Zhou Chen and Emperor Qing Confronted
Chapter 1,447 Guilty Fan Xian, Crazy Woman Li Yunrui
Chapter 1,448 Lin Gong’s death, Chen Pingping returns to Beijing
Chapter 1449: Qing Qi starts war, goodbye to the Princess of Northern Qi
Chapter 1,450: Marriage Proposal, Visit to the Inspection Institute
Chapter 1,451 The Devil Sean, goes shopping with the princess and meets Fan Xian
Chapter 1,452 The generous Wang Qinian, Shadow challenges Zhou Chen
Chapter 1,453 Beating the Shadow, Night Banquet at the Hall of Prayer
Chapter 1,454 The banquet begins and Fan Xian is besieged
Chapter 1,455 Fan Xian’s Hundred Drunken Poems, Hundreds of Thousand Years Ago
Chapter 1,456 White Lies, Temple Messenger, Lin Xiang Returns
Chapter 1457 Zhou Chen VS Ye Liuyun
Chapter 1458: On a mission to the Northern Qi Dynasty, Haitang practiced Ruyi Jin
Chapter 1,459 Wu Zhu VS Ku He, breaking into the Northern Qi Palace again
Chapter 1,460 Goodbye Si Lili, the little emperor’s plan to leave his father and keep his son
Chapter 1,461 Taking Two Women in a Row
Chapter 1,462 The Humiliated Empress, Fan Xian Arrives in Beijing
Chapter 1463: There is trouble in the post house, the Grand Master takes action
Chapter 1,464: The marriage is done, chaos in Beijing
Chapter 1,465 Si Lili is pregnant, and so is the little emperor
Chapter 1,466 Leaving Northern Qi, the wedding day
Chapter 1,467: On the great day, Emperor Qing’s decisive attack
Chapter 1,468 The furious Emperor Qing, Zhou Chen VS the three great masters
Chapter 1,469 The flaw is Emperor Qing, chaos in Kyoto
Chapter 1,470 Loyal Guard, Life and Death in a Moment
Chapter 1,471: A desperate counterattack, Emperor Qing is blinded
Chapter 1,472 The wind is rumbling, but if you are alive, the future is long.
Chapter 1,473 Zhou Chen’s counterattack and the death of the Queen Mother
Chapter 1,474: The happy women have recovered from their injuries
Chapter 1475: Scheming Chen Pingping, husband and wife finally meet
Chapter 1,476 Everything is ready, murderous intent in the Hanging Temple