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Red Mansions: The Sky-shaking Fall

Red Mansions: The Sky-shaking Fall

author:Lin Yuenanxi

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:07-22 20:06

Latest chapter:Chapter 1577 Jia Heng: You can’t always linger in the land of gentleness

Thousands of reds cry, and thousands of beauties share the same sorrow. The mountains of bones and forgotten surnames are nothing more than the young master and Hongzhuang. In the world of Red Mansions, the souls of young people in the future are above the distant relatives of the Ning Kingdom. In order to avoid the fate of being implicated by the Jia family, they have no choice but to take care of themselves step by step. However, looking around blankly, they find that Troubles are coming for our country, our country, and the world. In order to prevent the land of China from sinking and the smell of smell everywhere, we have no choice but to carry a three-foot sword to wipe out the unruly ministers, destroy the bandits, defeat the Tartars, and save the world! All this begins with the interception of Hu Qin Keqing...

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《Red Mansions: The Sky-shaking Fall》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1577 Jia Heng: You can’t always linger in the land of gentleness
Chapter 1576 Daiyu: What else can be done? Sheep Che Wang Xing
Chapter 1575 Jia Heng: The road to Shu is difficult, it is difficult to reach the sky
Chapter 1574 Zhen Qing: That being the case, there is no need to worry
Chapter 1573 Gao Zhongping: The desire for power fills the heart, and the desires are hard to fill!
Chapter 1572 Zhen Qing: No one can!
Chapter 1571 Jia Heng: The emperor controls the nine states, and there are five ministers
Chapter 1570 Jia Heng: There’s no way around chess, right?
Chapter 1569 Jia Heng: Laner understands him
《Red Mansions: The Sky-shaking Fall》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Jia Heng
Chapter 2 Some of them are scumbags
Chapter 3 This body's relatives and friends
Chapter 4 Troubled Times?
Chapter 5 Qin Keqing
Chapter 6 Is there any difficulty in this matter?
Chapter 7 The only death through hardships through the ages
Chapter 8 Coax you to sing, I'll come on stage
Chapter 9 Is it too little?
Chapter 10 I don't know what to lift!
Chapter 11 The Calligraphy
Chapter 12 Linjiang Immortal
Chapter 13 Bargaining
Chapter 14 Han Hui
Chapter 15 The Book of Wencui Pavilion
Chapter 16 Men are afraid of entering the wrong profession, women are afraid of marrying the wrong m
Chapter 17 According to 'The Law of the Great Han'
Chapter 18 Jia Zhen's Wrath
Chapter 19 Archery
Chapter 20 The Bow of Two Stones
Chapter 21 Unwilling to submit to others
Chapter 22 Feng Tang, the general of Shenwu
Chapter 23 Inquiry
Chapter 24 I'm just afraid that things won't make much trouble!
Chapter 25: See Jia Zhen
Chapter 26 The red candle shines in the dark night, Gu Lengfeng in green shirt
Chapter 27 The body was swollen just after a while?
Chapter 28 Jia Zhen: If you don't breathe like this, I swear I will not be human!
Chapter 29 Jia Heng Enters Rongguo Mansion
Chapter 30: Show it with rigidity, press the sword and ignore it
Chapter 31 Heng, feel ashamed!
Chapter 32 Peace of Mind
Chapter 33 Jia Zhen: This is not over!
Chapter 34: Heart is higher than the sky, and a lowly person
Chapter 35 A big man can't be without power for a day, and a small husband can't be without money fo
Chapter 36 The Depressed Qin Keqing
Chapter 37 It's just reading and martial arts
Chapter Thirty-Eight
Chapter thirty-ninth
Chapter 40 Guozijian
Chapter 41: Jin Ge added to Yuyu
Chapter 42 A thousand words are worse than silence
Chapter 43 If you have poetry in your heart, time will never defeat a beauty
Chapter 44 The talent of governing affairs
Chapter 45: The world is well-informed and knowledgeable;
Chapter 46 Qingwen: I wrote this?
Chapter 47: Princess Jinyang
Chapter 48: A White Ding, but No Humbleness
Chapter forty-ninth maid
Chapter 50 Request Period
Chapter 51 After three days, the Mid-Autumn Festival welcomes you!
Chapter 52: No Ya's Writings
Chapter 53 Fighting the Autumn Wind
Chapter 54 Jia Rong: Uncle Heng, my father hasn't been idle lately
Chapter 55 Jia Zhen is in action
Chapter 56: Jia Zhen: Let that Jia Heng welcome her, and I will be the bridegroom!
Chapter 57: Misfortune can lead to misfortune
Chapter 58 People treat me with kindness, and I will treat others with kindness
Chapter 59: See Princess Jinyang
Chapter 60
Chapter 61 Longfu Inn
Chapter 62 Initiative
Chapter 63: Thinking and Fearing
Chapter 64: Seeing a Leaf and Knowing Autumn
Chapter 65 The Eve of Mid-Autumn Festival
Chapter 66 Jia Mu: The family just needs to be neat and tidy
Chapter 67 Shuiyue Nunnery
Chapter 68 Life is better than death
Chapter 69 Jia Zhen: Is there any king law?!
Chapter 70 The beauty of the hairpin and the hairpin
Chapter 71 The Wedding Night
Chapter 72: Since you are willing to be poor and humble, I am willing to share wealth and honor
Chapter 73 The Emperor does not hesitate
Chapter 74 Touched
Chapter 75 Jia Heng Enters Rongguo Mansion
Chapter 76 Jia She: Sure enough, he has a backside of his head!
Chapter 77 Jia Heng: This is the Rongxi Hall, the heroic spirit of the first Rong Guogong is watchin
Chapter Seventy-Eighth Political Dad Ranzhi.
Chapter 79: The Human Heart Has Its Own Public Theory
Chapter 80 Jia Heng: I hope you do it well!
Chapter 81: Emperor Chongping's Mind
Chapter 82: Bright and unpredictable
Chapter 83: Jia House Running
Chapter 84 After the political struggle, ask for the moon
Chapter 85: Step into the Body
Chapter 86: Emperor Chongping reads 'Linjiang Immortal'
Chapter 87: Emperor Chongping: What about next?
Chapter 88 Before the Holy Face
Chapter 89 Ask the Right
Chapter 90: Emperor Chongping: This son has the talent of Wang Zuo!
Chapter 91 Give Su Jin twenty horses
Chapter 92 This is a big event
Chapter 93 World affairs are like a chess game
Chapter 94: Husband and wife night talk (thanks to the leader of book friend cool91!)
Chapter 95 Jia Rong, who is standing up
Chapter 96 Jia She: Who allowed you, the excommunicated person, to worship the ancestors of my Jia f
Chapter 97 Left and right are just a battle of wills
Chapter 98 Jia Heng: Tear it up and mount it
Chapter 99 Dai Quan: This is the edict
Chapter 100 Qin Zhong
Chapter 101 'List of Resignations'
Chapter 102: Heng Ben's foolishness
Chapter 103: Sister Feng: Talking about yourself, can't be true
Chapter 104 In the Daming Palace
Chapter 105 The emperor sighs, all the ministers are startled
Chapter 106 Qingwen: Is that what you mean, son?
Chapter 107 The words of the heart
Chapter 108: Living in the middle again, it doesn't make sense
Chapter 109: Master, the angel in the palace is here again
Chapter 110 Jia Enhou moved to Ningguo overnight, Dai Nei jokingly made a prophecy
Chapter 111: Court Meeting
Chapter One Hundred and Twelve
Chapter 113 Rongqing Hall
Chapter 114 Jia Zheng: I'm afraid my brother won't agree
Chapter 115 The power of ghosts and gods
Chapter 116 It's just a coincidence
Chapter 117 Jia She: Is the old lady confused?
Chapter 118: There is no beginning, but there is no end
Chapter 119: Sister Feng: The dog that bites doesn't bark
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty If this scorpion is not removed for a day, the Jia people will be res
Chapter 121 Reluctance
Chapter 122: Chongwen and Wushu
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Three Like a Mourning Treasure's Jade
Chapter 124 The speaker has no intention, the listener has intention
Chapter 125 Sister Feng, who spent a long time talking (seeking a monthly ticket)
Chapter 126 Jin Yiwei Commander's Affair
Chapter 127 Rong and Amnesty Confluence
Chapter 128 Jia Heng enters Rongguo Mansion three times
Chapter 129 Who is Mu Guiying?
Chapter 130 Entering the Beijing Camp
Chapter 131 Dead End
Chapter 132 Cloud Light
Chapter 133: Suppressing Bandits Cuihua Mountain
Chapter 134 Never tolerate rape!
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-fifth of the Plan
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Sixth
Chapter 137: Collusion with thieves and bandits, intending to rebel
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Eighth
Chapter 139 Published by the Three Kingdoms
Chapter 140 Jia Heng returns to Beijing
Chapter 141: Emperor Chongping: Xuan
Chapter 142: The Lord
Chapter 143 Jia Heng enters the Rongguo Palace at night
Chapter 144: Celebrating the triumph of victory, the Rong Mansion arranges a family banquet, and see
Chapter 145: You Heng is here, no words are precious
Chapter 146 Sister Feng: I'm glad you are tall! (Seeking the moon
Chapter 147 Jia Heng returns to the house
Chapter 148 Fu Qiufang
Chapter 149: Interrogation of Lai Da
Chapter 150 Jia She also has to check the accounts
Chapter 151 Checking Lai's House
Chapter 152 Eyeballs are red
Chapter 153: Not afraid of being bad, but afraid of being stupid
Chapter 154: The Third-Class General Yunhui
Chapter 155: Two high and low sentences
Chapter 156 Go to Yingtianmen!
Chapter 159: Faden Wen Drum
Chapter One Hundred and Sixtieth No Controversy
Chapter 161: The handwriting of the cabinet ministers is too selfish
One hundred and sixtieth chapters Tianhuang nobles
Chapter 164 Don't say it's not a word!
Chapter 165 The minister, Qiu Liang received the decree.
Chapter 166 Recorded
Chapter one hundred and sixty seventh
Chapter one hundred and sixty-eight
Chapter 169: Grab time
Chapter 170: Tricky
Chapter 171: Fake and not crazy
Chapter 172: Having a child is like Jia Ziyu
Chapter 173 Martyrs
Chapter 174 Everything has nothing to do with the prince!
Chapter 175 There is no enemy under the sword?!
Chapter one hundred and seventy-six leaps on the paper, ready to come out
Chapter 177 is a friend, not an enemy
Chapter 178 King Qi: Solitary Rewrite!
Chapter 179 No servility
Chapter 180: I'm Guilty
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty-One
Chapter 182: It should be killed, it should be sentenced
Chapter 183 Jinyi Mansion
Chapter 184 Jia Heng: Master Lu, you have to take care of the overall situation.
Chapter 185: Exploring the Spring: She Knows
Chapter 186: Concubine Zhao: I don't want to learn from other people's Dongfuli
Chapter 187 Makeup cry, it doesn't look good
Chapter 188: Piercing the Veil of Baoyu
Chapter 189 What is the Sword of the Son of Heaven?
Chapter 190: Mother and Son Crying
Chapter 191: Sister Feng: Is this the fourth one?
Chapter 192 Baoyu, what do you think?
Chapter 193 Wu Xindeng, no star stamp!
Chapter 194: The Pinger of the Orchid Heart
Chapter 195: You can't corrupt people, right? (Thanks to book friend Niema's leader
Chapter 196: Emperor Chongping, who also wants to raid his house
Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Seven Golden Ducks
Chapter 198: Sanhe Gang's Response
Chapter 199 Elegant, intellectual and youthful
Chapter 200 Only in my mind!
Chapter 201 What a dead thing!
Chapter 202 Two Ways for You
Chapter 203 Dare to Love Dare to Hate
Chapter 204 Sister Feng: Let him go
Chapter 205 Sister Feng: Is this the second master's hair?
Chapter 206 People are in Dongcheng, and they lose contact with whoring
a little emotion
Chapter 207 Jia She: Disaster!
Chapter 208 The arrow is on the string, I have to send it! (Thanks to the book friend who draws the
Chapter 209: One person draws a bow, arrows fall like rain
Chapter Two Hundred and Ten
Chapter 211: Beijing battalion transfer troops
Chapter 212 One or two will not act rashly
Chapter 213 Don't let the brocade clothing preemptively report
Chapter two hundred and fourteen as a son and nephew
Chapter 215 Supervising the Military Equipment Supervisor
Chapter 216: King Qi: No matter how many, there will be no one or two.
Chapter 217 Back to Ningguo
Chapter 218 Would you like to write a book?
Chapter 219 When I am a three-year-old child
Chapter 220 Jia Mu: Brother Heng, this is your sister Yun
Chapter 221: The One Side
Chapter 222 Tianxiang Tower
Chapter 223 A little sticky
Chapter 224: Qingxu Guan Dajiao
Chapter 225 Love
Chapter 226 Seeing the road ahead and recognizing myself
Chapter 227 Some grievances.
Chapter 228 Fu Shi's visit
Chapter 229 Zijuan: This Uncle Heng is really respectable.
Chapter 230 Baoyu: She now sees Uncle Heng in her eyes.
Chapter 231 Jia Zheng: What an evil beast! Bring a stick!
Chapter 232 Lan Gui Qi Fang
Chapter 233: The Old Story of Seizing the Inheritance
Chapter 234: Persuading to explore the spring
Chapter 235 Want to guard Youyan, the first heavy thistle town
Chapter two hundred and thirty sixth court meeting
Chapter 237 Are you teaching this official to do things?
Chapter 238 It's not so bad anymore
Chapter 239 At that time, the bridge returned to the bridge, and the road returned to the road!
Chapter 240: The Burned King Qi
Chapter 241 But for the big Han to conquer the North, I am content to take advantage of it!
Chapter 242 You must make great contributions to the society!
Chapter 243 Not a Raider, but a Raider
Chapter 244 Kind Reminder
Chapter 245 is me
Chapter two hundred and forty sixth coming to Japan
Chapter two hundred and forty seventh no difference between descendants
The 248th chapter is not rewarded for the number of pirates, but for the merit of suppressing the ch
Chapter two hundred and forty-ninth, do not dare to take credit
Chapter 250 I'm here to find sister Lin
Chapter 251 Vaguely coincide
Chapter 252 Baoyu: He would rather die!
Chapter 253 seems to be reluctant
Chapter 254 Jia Yucun: It was her!
Chapter 255 Xue Family Three
Chapter 256 In the East but not in the West
Chapter two hundred and fifty seventh tip off
Chapter 258 Humans are fish, I am a knife, why rush?
Chapter 259 There are pictures
Chapter 260: The Thriller of the Prophecy
Chapter two hundred and sixty-one
Chapter 262 First-class General Yun Hui
Chapter 263 Xue Pan: Cousin Heng, I am Wenlong
Chapter 264 I don't see you very much
Chapter 265 Cousin has a heart
Chapter 266 Baochai: I can't tell you I'm sneering in my heart
Chapter 267: Outside the City of Shenjing
Chapter 268 Baochai: Loyalty and bravery, the hero of the general
Chapter 269 Princess Jinyang: That's it, it's pretty good.
Chapter two hundred and seventieth loss of bias
Chapter 271 Baochai: Which pot can’t be opened and lifted? (Seeking the moon
Chapter 272 Stop in time, before the chaos (seeking the moon)
Chapter 273 Jia She: I'm going to kill you!
Chapter 274: Misfortunes lead to the east
Chapter 275: Baochai: It is true to say that both Wen and Wu are perfect.
Chapter 276 deliberately avoid
Chapter 277 Daiyu's Crazy Literature
Chapter 278 malicious persuasion
Chapter 279: Crystal Snow, Lonely Forest, Aspirations, Rich Flowers
Chapter 280 The correct way to open Lin Xiaoran
Chapter 281 This is good
Chapter 282 Sweet and rich, as before (seeking the moon)
Chapter 283 Princess Jinyang: Stop making trouble
Chapter 284 The troubles of Princess Jinyang
Chapter 285: Living quietly in Beijing, waiting for an opportunity
Chapter 286: Knowing the general, knowledgeable Baochai
Chapter two hundred and eighty-seven favor one over the other, this West Palace is not to wait!
Chapter 288 Daiyu: Is this for you? (Thanks to the leader of the book friend Weapons 01!)
Chapter 289 The Wang Family Posts
Chapter 290 Come, see off!
The 291st chapter bears the pain of separation of flesh and blood
The 292nd chapter is a disaster rather than a blessing
Chapter 293 There is no competition
Chapter 294 Serving parents with full filial piety
Chapter 295 This strategy is very good
Chapter 296 There is no good or bad, only people call themselves
Chapter 297 Protect him a future!
Chapter 298 Once there is a change, report it quickly
Chapter 299 Qingwen: I want to learn a musical instrument
Chapter 300 If its profit is damaged, there will be resentment
Chapter 301 Field visits, generally backward
Chapter 302 Daiyu: Brother Heng
Chapter 303 Sister Lin is a valuable person, why can't she be considered?
Chapter 304: I don't know the whole picture, I sneer
Chapter 305 has its own rules and regulations, not much to say
Chapter 306 He, Xue Pan, also has today? (Seeking the moon
Chapter 307 This is the opposite!?
Chapter 308 As long as the rebellion is quickly quelled, everything will be fine
Chapter 309: The prince is eager for quick success, and he misses the country and misses the army!
Chapter 310 Need to focus on the overall situation
Chapter 311: What is the intention of gathering troops?
Chapter 312 Really worthy of being a descendant of Ning Guo, a disciple of a general, a good trick!
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirteen The First Set of Chaos
Chapter 314 I'm afraid it's already a hell on earth
Chapter 315 Baochai: Can you still blame others for not succeeding?
Chapter 316 Aunt Xue: After all, there is a layer
Chapter 317: Concern is chaos, excusable
Chapter three hundred and eighteen showing favor to the above
Chapter 319: The Son of Heaven is in trouble, and the minister bears the blame
Chapter 320 Princess Jinyang: Do you think he is tired of this palace?
Chapter 321 Just aggrieved Your Highness
Chapter 322 Xue Pan: This is a good gift!
Chapter 323: Intentionally moving the Xue family
Chapter 324: The Lost Treasure Hairpin
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty-Five The Madam
Chapter 326: I dream of it, others can get it at my fingertips
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Seven: Success is not enough, failure is more than enough
Chapter 328 is really a strong army
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Nine Really Until then
Chapter 330 Princess Xianning: That Word is Set
Chapter 331 It was originally a sister
Chapter 332 It's just a pity
Chapter 333 Come, tie it up!
Chapter 334 Who gave them the courage!
Chapter 335 The acquaintance of people is the most important thing
Chapter 336 Yuan Chun: Brother Heng, I'm fine
Chapter 337 Used to do these scenes
Chapter 338: The pose of the dragon and the phoenix, the sky
Chapter 339: Emperor Chongping: It can be rectified!
Chapter 340 Jia Mu: The white-haired person sends the black-haired person
Chapter 341 Jia Rong's unwillingness
Chapter 342 Even if there are one or two rumors, there is no serious problem
Chapter 343 Avoid him and let him go, see him again in a few years
Chapter 344 Are there such shameless people in the world?
Chapter 345 If you feel uneasy
Chapter 346: Autumn Moon in the Han Palace, Three Lanes of Plum Blossoms
Chapter 347 The head of the Jia family
Chapter 348: There are many ideas for exploring spring (seeking the moon at the beginning of the mon
Chapter 349: Miaoyu: Stopping at Skills, Far From Dao (Seeking the Moon
Chapter 350 Jia Heng: The teacher is too good to practice (seeking the moon)
Chapter 351: Miaoyu: Are you talking about human words?
Chapter 352: Keqing's life experience is full of doubts
Chapter 353 Keqing: A few days ago, I went home very late
Chapter 354 Old thing! Such a cruel heart!
Chapter 355 The benevolence of women!
Chapter 356: Sister Feng: She is both envious and angry
Chapter 357 Rabbit's tail can't grow!
Chapter 358: There is an unforeseen danger.
Chapter 359 The Holy Family is Long, the monarch and ministers are not suspicious
Chapter 360: Shi Ding: Young people do not know the importance, blindly greedy for power
Chapter 361: Daiyu: It seems that I have too many things to do, and I am disgusting
Chapter 362 Jia Heng: Sister Lin, please bear with me
Chapter 363 The title is too low, so that women are strong and men are weak
Chapter 364 Yuanchun: Fortunately, I didn't find it
Chapter 365 Xue Pan: Cousin Heng, has a vision
Chapter 366 Yuanchun A Dream
Chapter 367 Yuanchun: I don't know the body of Brother Heng
Chapter 369 Jia Heng: Big sister's marriage, it's all up to me
Three hundred and seventieth chapters shoot themselves in the foot
Chapter three hundred and seventy-first feast of all hairpins in Tianxianglou
Chapter 372 Empress Song: Although she is a mother in the world, she is also a woman
Chapter 373 Jia Yucun Rong Guofu
Chapter 374 Does Jia Fuyin still quibble and deny?
Chapter 375 Aunt Xue: Why not?
Chapter 376: Sister Xue, rest assured, everything has me
Chapter 377 Jia Heng: Big sister thinks I did something wrong?
Chapter 378: In the Hall of Xihe, the political struggle re-emerges
Chapter 379 'Pinglu Policy'
Chapter 380 In the Hall of Xihe, five questions to Yang Guochang!
Say a few words (I made a mistake, don't
Chapter 381: Empress Song's Worries
Chapter 382 Chonghua Palace, Supreme Emperor
Chapter 383: The Emperor Taishang: The descendants are terrifying
Chapter 384 Baoyu: Sister Bao also has words on her collar?
Chapter 385 Bao Chai: If Brother Heng wants to see it
Chapter 386 Baochai: Are you telling her that he and she can only avoid people?
Chapter 387: Emperor Chongping: This is his army!
Chapter 388 The first-class male of Jin Jue!
Chapter 389 Aunt Xue: Kissing and kissing is also good
Chapter 390 The joy that can't be hidden
Chapter 391 Still want to take the imperial examination Jia Ziyu
Chapter 392 Is there a certain number in the dark?
The three hundred and ninetieth chapters do not avoid relatives
Chapter 394 This is the daughter of the Jia family, I have to add money!
Chapter 395: Welcome Spring and Siqi
Three hundred and ninetieth chapters of slave generation
Chapter 397 The wine is not intoxicating and people are self-intoxicating (at the end of the month,
Chapter three hundred and ninety-eight, the five city soldiers and horses, goodbye to the king of We
Chapter 399 Wind, frost, rain and snow, probably so
Chapter 400 Piercing the Veil of Miaoyu
Chapter 401 The ominous man
Chapter 402 Good start and good end
Chapter 403: The Deputy Envoy of Jiedu in Beijing
Chapter 404: Li Chanyue: I'm annoyed that he's too late
Chapter 405: Mother Jia: Is it the imperial edict of Jin Jue again?
Chapter 406 Sister Lin, you don't want to either
Chapter 407 He suddenly wanted to give her a promise
Chapter 408: Not afraid of not knowing the goods, but afraid of comparing goods
Chapter 409: Mother Jia: This is to beg Brother Heng
Chapter 410 Still unconvinced
Chapter 411: Sister Feng: She is also a woman, why is she
Chapter 412 How old is Baoyu, why is it floating like this?
Chapter 412 The palpitating Mrs. Wang
Chapter 415 Jia Zheng: As a result of his dog's life, he will never come
Chapter 416 Jia Heng: If he dies, he will die
Chapter 417 Mrs. Wang: I admit that I just spoke a little bit
Chapter 418 Jia Heng: Baoyu's reputation, is it still an influence?
Chapter 419 Madam Wang: Listen to me!
Chapter 420: The subordinate is reckless
Chapter 421 Daiyu: Yes, not when I was a child
Chapter 422 How dare they go wild!
Chapter 423 Adjusting the Ministry of Jinyi
Chapter 424 Princess Jinyang: She is not too young, she should be
Chapter 425 Baochai: I listen to Big Brother Heng
Chapter 426 The skin is fresh and moist, and the color is delicious
Chapter 427 Jia Lian: Everyday people, people, why are you not in harmony
Chapter 428 This Prince Teng is making an assertion again!
Chapter 429
Chapter 430 Knowing the book and honoring the ceremony, Wen Wan Shu Ning
Chapter 431 Yuan Chun: Brother Heng
Chapter 432
Chapter 433: Shangyuan Festival
Chapter 434 The ceiling of the fat world
Chapter 435: Shanxi Merchant's Plan
Chapter 436 Emperor Chongping: I don't want you to think, I want me to think
Chapter 437
Chapter 438 Jia Heng: Sister, let me look at the golden lock again
Chapter 439 Jia She: Rong House's female family members, all villains
Chapter 440 If you want to make it perish, you must first make it crazy
Chapter 441 Mandarin Duck: If you force it again, it will only be death
Chapter 442 Jia Mu: She's Old, Not Blind
Chapter 443 Jia Heng: Big Sister, what is wronged? What is wronged
Chapter 444 Jia Heng: Or go to the ancestral hall
Chapter 445 What is the difference between husband and wife?
Chapter 446 King Zhongshun: It is best for him to supervise the beheading himself!
Chapter 447 Jia She: I just wish I didn't regret it!
Chapter 448 Xing Xiuyan: I'm afraid it's the uncle Heng from the Dongfu
Chapter 449 King Zhongshun: Interrogate Jia She, and step on the Rong Kingdom!
Chapter 450 Your Majesty, the minister has the original performance! (Thanks to Yan Mo's love for th
Chapter 451 Arrest and Interrogation
Chapter 452 Jia Mu: Baoyu, my Baoyu!
Chapter 453 The fault lies with your father and son!
Chapter 454 Jia Heng: You should kill yourself and thank Junen, so as not to delay the disaster
Chapter 455: Assassination
Chapter 456 Aunt Xue: Didn't he get bored?
Chapter 457 I can't help myself
Chapter 458 What is inside the threshold and outside the threshold?
Chapter 459 Daiyu: It's nothing if I don't give it away
Chapter 460 Tangchun: My mother treats me as if I were her own
Chapter 461: Emperor Chongping: Immediately punished
Chapter 462 Mrs. Wang: It seems that the pain has eased a lot?
Chapter 463 Jia Heng: He is very pleased
Chapter 464 Jia Mu: I'm not dead yet!
Chapter 465 Daiyu: Hurry, hurry up and wipe it for me
466 Grinding his temper
Chapter 467 The heat poison hides, the outside is cold and the inside is hot
Chapter 468
Chapter 469 Don't be in a hurry, play with him
Chapter 470 Duanrong Concubine: You know it better than anyone else
Chapter 471 Jia Lian: He must do everything possible to save himself!
Chapter 472: Sister Feng: Such a good Lian Er, let her
Chapter 473 Yuanchun: The eldest princess is too deceiving!
Chapter 474 Jia Heng: Does it look good?
Chapter 475 Jia Heng: Master, are you pretending to be asleep?
Chapter 476 Jia Heng: Red Mansions on the tip of your tongue?
Chapter 476: The lesser of two evils
Chapter 477 Jia Heng: Master, do you want to raise your legs?
Chapter 479 Code Name Zhongshan Wolf
Chapter 480 Yuanchun: Is there just some?
Chapter 480: Mrs. Wang: Can't he still stop him?
Chapter 482: The Second Dream of Yuanchun
Chapter 482 Yuanchun: You touched my hand just to say this?
Chapter 483 Jinyang: Would you like this palace to help you?
Chapter four hundred and eighty-fourth Shenjing Earthquake
Chapter 485 This is a natural disaster, what does it have to do with him?
Chapter 486: The Supreme Emperor: Go to Prison
Chapter 487 Jia Heng: Take it all!
Chapter 488 Shoot to kill!
Chapter 489 Kneel down and clap!
Chapter 490 Search the palace!
Chapter 492 Want an imperial decree?
Chapter 492 Seeing that I am getting older every day
Chapter 493: The place where the lights shine, the stormy night returns
Chapter 494: Is this going to leave her?
Chapter 495: Emperor Chongping: How dare you do this, how can you do this!
Chapter 496 Abandoned as a commoner!
Chapter 497 Yuanchun's palace scheming?
Chapter 498 Baoyu's Complaint
Chapter 499 Xichun: She has seen it all
Chapter 500 The Rongguo Mansion
Chapter 502 Jia Heng: I have a good idea
Chapter 502 Jia Heng: The grace and punishment come from the top (seeking the moon)
Chapter 503 Yuanchun: Tossing and turning, thinking about serving
Chapter 504 Wait for him to take the throne, the Jia family will not stay!
Chapter 505 Check Zhongshun Palace!
Chapter 506 Jia Heng: Big Sister is always
Chapter 508 Is it a relief, or is it boring?
Chapter 509 Jia Heng: I just want to look at the Jade Tiger
Chapter 510 Although Yunyuan is good, is it not a place to stay for a long time? (please guarantee the end of the month)
Chapter 511 An empty joy?
Chapter 511 Yuanchun: Although she is also very happy, that's all
Chapter 513 Mrs. Wang: Is it the will of the master to be promoted
Chapter 513 Baoyu: Brother Heng, did you forget me?
Chapter 514 Qin Keqing: Husband and Sister Xue
Chapter 515 But Xia Jingui, there is only one
Chapter Five Hundred and Sixteenth Ancient times traitorous, best at eloquence and deceitful people!
Chapter 518 Jia Heng: The minister dare not speak ill
Chapter Five Hundred and Eighteen Jia Heng: It is a public heart, not a private exchange!
Chapter five hundred and nineteenth telling the truth failed
Chapter 521 Qin Ye: It's just two words.
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty-One After all, we still have to look at the Sacred Heart
Chapter 523 Qin Keqing: Either she is jealous or she is looking at the west wing
Chapter 524 Qin Keqing: This smell of cold scented pills
Chapter 525 Jia Heng: He is worthy of his conscience!
Chapter 526 Jia Zheng: Well, from the fourth grade
Chapter 527 Jia Heng: How does eldest sister want to serve me?
Chapter 528 Mrs. Wang: A third-grade imperial edict is better than a fourth-grade imperial edict.
Chapter 529 Yuanchun: Big deal
Chapter 530 Hanyuan Palace Court Recommendation
Chapter 531 Emperor Chongping: Can I do that?
Chapter 532 Mrs. Wang: She knew it!
Chapter 533 The chaos in Henan appears
Chapter 534 Jia Heng: Easy to teach others
Chapter 535 Jia Heng: Mrs. Wang is a monster, he needs to fight Yuan Chun
Chapter 536 Yuanchun: What is the birth? What is the birth?
Chapter 537 Jia Heng: What does the unknown imperial concubine have to say?
Chapter 538: Suffering the common people and infamy for the cabinet ministers
Chapter 539 Xianning: Why is she so stupid?
Chapter 540: Very few responders
Chapter 541 How dignified is the imperial palace?
Chapter 542 Emperor Chongping: The tree wants to be quiet but the wind doesn’t stop
Chapter 543: Jia Heng’s son has been suffering from civil and military hardships for a long time!
Chapter 544 King Wei: Is the fourth uncle also in Henan?
Chapter 545 There is no room for failure in Luoyang!
Chapter 546 Jia Heng: It’s not necessary to be in a state of panic.
Chapter 547 General, you can report your victory to the court!
Chapter 548: The government of a province was destroyed by a civil uprising. Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, no one has
Chapter 549 Emperor Chongping: I, I regret not listening, I regret not listening to Ziyu
Chapter 550 Is this mountain about to collapse?
Chapter 551 Emperor Chongping: All parties are guilty, and I am the one to blame
Chapter 552: Kill first and tell later, do it for the sake of convenience?
Chapter 553 These civil and military officials seemed to be kneeling on him...
Chapter 554 The lion fights the rabbit with all his strength
Chapter 555 Qin Keqing: Why is she so evil?
Chapter 556 Without further ado, it’s now!
Chapter 557 It’s hard for a clever woman to make a meal without rice
Chapter 558 Jia Heng: Capture this beast!
Chapter 559 Cut the mess with a sharp knife!
Chapter 560 Jia Heng: The water that capsized the boat is the tears of the common people and cannot flow horizontally.
Chapter 561 The career of king can be expected
Chapter 562 Emperor Chongping: The sins of the Ten Evils will not be pardoned, barbarians
Chapter 563 Emperor Chongping: Ziyu prepared for a rainy day and had a clear target...
Chapter 564 Xichun: Monks don’t lie
Chapter 565: Kill the black-faced thief, the commander will be rewarded with ten thousand taels of silver, and he will be promoted to three levels
Chapter 566 Jia Heng: Report victory to the court!
Chapter 567 Queen Song: Even Ran'er has this kind of favor
Chapter 568 Emperor Chongping: When did I say that Sishui Pass fell into the hands of thieves?
Chapter 569 Sister Feng: These rewards come one after another, and everyone
Chapter 570 Daiyu: How many boudoirs are there in the world?
Chapter 571 Jia Heng: This woman must not be kept
Chapter 572 Queen Song: It was an unintentional mistake
Chapter 573 Emperor Chongping: I think it is feasible to do both
Chapter 574 Jia Heng: If the inner force is available, the city will be destroyed tonight!
Chapter 575 Kaifeng City at night
Chapter 576: This is nothing more than a rout!
Chapter 577 Jia Heng: He was injured several times and was bleeding, but he still held the knife
Chapter 578: A man who is handsome and brave is invincible in the world?!
Chapter 579 Princess Xianning: Why do you still bring something like this?
Chapter 580 Jia Heng: Now I have everything.
Chapter 581 Emperor Chongping: Kaifeng Mansion is back in the hands of the imperial court!
Chapter 582 Princess Jinyang: After all, she has wronged Zhier
Chapter 583 Emperor Chongping: What does Zhao Qing mean by this?
Chapter 584 The great god Jing is excited about it!
Chapter 585: Concubine Duanrong: This really makes Chan Yue right.
Chapter 586 Queen Song: My sister-in-law is too difficult to deal with
Chapter 587 Jia Mu: Is this a big victory?
Chapter 588 Xichun: It seems that even though he is a monk
Chapter 589 Mr. Cai, is he thirsty?
Chapter 590 Jia Heng: I am extremely handsome because I delayed the plan of suppression.
Chapter 591 Jia Heng: Therefore, Your Highness is better off for the sake of your daughter.
Chapter 592 Princess Xianning: In fact, she has had this idea for a long time
Chapter 593 Jia Heng: Well, I made a gaffe before
Chapter 594: Serving as an official for one term brings benefit to one party (Thanks to the book friend Gua
Chapter 595 Emperor Chongping: Six Memorials?
Chapter 596: Promoted to Yongning Bo!
Chapter 597 Sister Feng: Night owls come into the house and come for anything!
Chapter 598 Yuanchun: Eternal, eternal, this is a long-lasting thing
Chapter 599 Daiyu: Passionate but annoyed by ruthlessness
Chapter 600 Baochai: She was the one who felt sorry for Sister Qin in the first place
Chapter 601 Tanchun: What’s the big deal, will she also become a monk?
Chapter 602 Xianning: So, Chanyue and she are coming?
Chapter 603 Emperor Chongping: My dragon body is fine!
Chapter 604 Jia Heng: Feeling sad when writing a pen, feeling confused when writing a book
Chapter 605 Jia Heng: Cut the candle and talk to the west window with my sister again
Chapter 606: Looking at each other across the threshold, just like the stars shining on the autumn water
Chapter 607 Jinyang: I can give it away, but she can’t take it away!
Chapter 608 Jia Heng: She has hugged you, someday you will hug her too?
Chapter 609 Xiangyun: Luoyang Peony is the Best in the World
Chapter 610 'The Story of Chen He'
Chapter 611 Nowadays, it is not an exaggeration to say that the power is growing day by day.
Chapter 612 Xianning: It was that person who made her panic...
Chapter 613 Jinyang: Just say that I am taking a nap and have no time to see him
Chapter 614 Jinyang: Chanyue is right next door
Chapter 615 Jia Heng: This is the only last resort
Chapter 616 Yuanchun: I said what I just said
Chapter 617 Jinyang: I was not born before you were born, but you are already old after you were born.
Chapter 618 Jinyang: There is no big or small rule on the bed, there are rules under the bed
Chapter 619 Is she the little princess?
Chapter 620: Pay special attention to farming and water conservancy
Chapter 621 The eldest princess of Jinyang: Wouldn’t it be better to have Xianning without her?
Chapter 622 Emperor Chongping: People say that once I was bitten by a snake, it would last ten years
Chapter 623 Emperor Chongping: In addition to asking for money, the Ministry of Revenue still wants money!
Chapter 624 Jia Heng: Leave a door open, just want to flee the world
Chapter 625 Emperor Chongping: I and Jia Ziyu have long had an agreement to enter the summer
Chapter 626: The top and bottom share the same desires and share the joys and sorrows
Chapter 627 Emperor Chongping: Jia Ziyu is sitting in Henan, so it should be unreasonable
Chapter 628 The governor’s camp was stationed on the river bank for more than half a month
Chapter 629 The big man will no longer have to worry about hunger and famine. This is the great power of the world.
Chapter 630 Jia Heng: It’s late at night, everyone is here
Chapter 631 Gao Bin: How could Sizhou’s embankment burst? How long did it take?
Chapter 632 Emperor Chongping: The civil and military forces of the entire dynasty are not as good as a Jia Zi
Chapter 633 Parrot: It’s over, it’s all over.
Chapter 634: The envoys are in the same boat, and the feelings between the military and the people are like fish
Chapter 635: Isn’t it true that the power has fallen to one side and Tai Ah is holding it back?
Chapter 636 Use thunderous means to show the bodhisattva’s heart!
Chapter 637 Ten miles of towers, thousands of lights, Yangzhou has been prosperous since ancient times
Chapter 638 Emperor Chongping: This daughter of mine is not worthy of being retained in the female university.
Chapter 639 Jia Heng: Hold back and settle the score.
Chapter 640 Jia Heng: You can’t talk in vain
Chapter 641: Hongze Lake seems to be in danger of bursting its embankments. I’m afraid you should be early
Chapter 642 Qin Keqing: Sister Xue, what did the newspaper say?
Chapter 643 Jia Heng: He is not alone, he is surrounded by others
Chapter 644: The prince was displeased and made an unannounced visit with his retinue.
Chapter 645 Jinyang: I miss him, don’t you?
Chapter 646: Concurrently with three bedrooms and Ningrong with two bedrooms, isn’t that Baochai?
Chapter 647 Jia Heng: I have no skills at all times, but that’s all
Chapter 648: The officialdoms of the two rivers are at odds with each other, how can they ignore death?
Chapter 649 Officials: The emperor personally came out of the city gate to greet him?
Chapter 650 Jia Heng’s three glasses of wine, the teacher returns to Beijing!
Chapter 651 Jia Heng: I am willing to drive a horse and drive a horse for the Holy Sage, and wear a strong sword.
Chapter 652: Promoted to the First Class!
Chapter 653 Jia Heng: Is Daiyu shy?
Chapter 654 Miaoyu: Uncle Heng, I am a monk
Chapter 655 Jia Heng: Master is very good at flirting
Chapter 656 Baochai: Brother Heng, don’t, don’t say
Chapter 657 Jia Heng: So, Xiangyun Wanwan is like Qing?
Chapter 658 Daiyu: Why does he like her? (Please
Chapter 659 Jia Heng: Sister-in-law Feng feels so miserable(
Chapter 660 Baochai: As a mother, you are strong. Even if she is not for herself,
Chapter 661 Jia Heng: A real man is born between heaven and earth and does not serve the country
Chapter 662 Jia Heng: There is no room for failure in this battle!
Chapter 663 Emperor Chongping: If you fail me, I will certainly fail you!
Chapter 664 Zhen Xue: My sister is still thoughtful
Chapter 665 Jia Heng: Xianning, you are serious
Chapter 666 Jia Mu: I didn’t give you anything, why are you laughing?
Chapter 667: If you can't do anything, you can seek appointment as a vassal
Chapter 668 Jia Heng: Those who argue that all the mining profits will be paid to other companies will bring disaster to the country.
Chapter 669 Emperor Chongping: If Jiaheng forms a party, it is also my party
Chapter 670 Jia Heng: At this point, adding these two sentences is enough.
Chapter 671 Jia Heng: Just because you are so hot and sweaty
Chapter 672 Princess Jinyang: From now on, she will be loved by two people
Chapter 673 Zhen Qing: Brother Heng, is this wine not to your liking?
Chapter 674 Jia Heng: Princess, why are you leaving in such a hurry?
Chapter 675 Jia Heng: Who does this poisonous woman call a dog?
Chapter 676 Zhen Xue: Sister, stop it
Chapter 677 Yuanchun: Brother Heng saw that he stayed up all night last night.
Chapter 678 Sister Feng: Oh my God, it’s broad daylight and there are so many people coming and going.
Chapter 679 Qin Keqing: He knows better than anyone else
Chapter 680 Jia Heng: I have already treated him yin and yang before.
Chapter 681 Qin Keqing: Otherwise, who else would give it to me except Sister Xue?
Chapter 682 Jia Heng: Fortunately it’s not too late now
Chapter 683 Jia Heng: Just test it again
Chapter 684 Jia Heng: Miss Xiao, you said you don’t know martial arts?
Chapter 685 Jia Heng: What if something is really found out?
Chapter 686 Chen Xiao: You can be
Chapter 687 Queen Song: This Jia Ziyu is really a coward
Chapter 688 Zhen Qing: She is really crazy and blames that bastard
Chapter 689 Sister Feng: Brother Heng, how can he be so ridiculous?
Chapter 690 Ping'er: You can't have two ends every three days.
Chapter 691 Zhen Qing: Sister, thanks to Ziyu
Chapter 692 Qin Keqing: She has nothing to fear
Chapter 693: Ask Miaoyu to visit Hongmei in the snow
Chapter 694 Jia Heng: Even if Buddha comes, he can’t stop him
Chapter 695 Jia Heng: The princess seemed to enjoy it that day too
Chapter 696 Zhen Xue: Ziyu, I didn’t bother you, did I?
Chapter 697 Zhen Xue: She is shaking her face while talking?
Chapter 698 Jia Heng: Sister-in-law Zhu has not tolerated anyone in these years.
Chapter 699 Baoyu: Sister Lin is gone, gone, never again
Chapter 700 Daiyu: Keep talking, I’m listening
Chapter 701 Daiyu: He must have seen it! From now on, she will...
Chapter 702: Mud Melts and Flying Swallows
Chapter 703 Daiyu: The enemy cannot move, I cannot move
Chapter 704 Jia Heng: You’ve already helped expel people, so why are you pretending?
Chapter 705 Zhen Qing: Jia Ziyu, do you know how precious I am today?
Chapter 706 Lin Ruhai: This is the way of sages and music, and the wisdom of the world
Chapter 707 Jia Heng: However, I will compensate her well.
Chapter 708 Zhen Qing: This bastard is always good at putting on airs
Chapter 709 Daiyu: It’s like this every time
Chapter 710 The people beside you are like the moon, and the bright wrists are covered with frost and snow
Chapter 711 Daiyu: Who is the leader?
Chapter 712 Daiyu: Brother Heng, why?
Chapter 713 Zhen Qing: He just wants to take advantage of her!
Chapter 714 Zhen Qing: Who cares about your favor!
Chapter 715 Zhen Xue: Ziyu, I, I am a bad woman
Chapter 716 Jia Heng: It seems that this Duduo warrior is not among them
Chapter 717 Tiqi came out in all directions, driving all over the city
Chapter 718 Jia Heng: Mr. Wang wants evidence?
Chapter 719 Jia Heng: Xu is getting better
Chapter 720 Zhen Xue: My sister is really crazy, the two of them haven’t
Chapter 721 Jia Heng: In the heart of the princess, who is me or the King of Chu?
Chapter 722 Zhen Xue: No, has she heard this?
Chapter 723 Shui Xin: I’ll sleep among you
Chapter 724 Jia Heng: Sister, I just want to take a look at the sheep talisman given to you.
Chapter 725 Daiyu: It’s okay to ask and beg like that
Chapter 726 Jia Heng: I have three strategies: upper, middle and lower
Chapter 727 Zhen Qing: No, she is also doing it for the Zhen family!
Chapter 728 Jia Heng: Who is kissing whom on this millstone?
Chapter 729 Zhen Xue: She is worried about hurting him
Chapter 730 Liu Jixian: Commander, it’s a killing cry!
Chapter 731 Jia Heng: Come here, drag him down and torture him!
Chapter 732 Jia Heng: Hanging the head at the camp gate alerts all the troops
Chapter 733 Zhen Qing: Speaking of which, I also want to go now
Chapter 734 Zhen Qing: Don’t call me Qing’er in the future
Chapter 735 Zhen Qing: Do you still need to tell me?
Chapter 735 Zhen Qing: She just didn’t say anything
Chapter 736 Chen Xiao: Did you already have a plan to be soft and strong?
Chapter 737 Zhen Xue: Just respond to him once and say what he wants.
Chapter 738 Duduo: Make that despicable kid pay the price!
Chapter 739 Zhen Xue: All good things come in hard times
Chapter 740 Jia Heng: This is a good idea
Chapter 741 Chen Xiao: It’s not unusual for her to be squeezed dry by two demon concubines someday.
Chapter 742 Zhen Lan: Sister, look, Uncle Yongning is here
February summary monthly pass
Chapter 743: Zhen Zhu: The pirates were defeated with just one blow!
Chapter 744: Duduo: Cut off his head and hang it on the flagpole!
Chapter 745 Shen Fang: This idiot, Zhen Zhu, misled me!
Chapter 746 Jia Heng: Anyone who encounters an enemy and flees will be subject to military law!
Chapter 747: Enemies are extremely jealous when they meet!
Chapter 748 Jia Heng: This time, even the millstone won’t work!
Chapter 749 Emperor Chongping: This idiot!
Chapter 750: Queen Song: It was slightly cold that night and it was hard to sleep alone.
Chapter 751 Jia Heng: Defend the enemy at the gate of the country and defeat the bandits at sea
Chapter 752 Yong Ningbo accepts the order!
Chapter 753 Zhen Qing: Is he tired of it?
Chapter 754 Zhen Qing: If she hadn’t married the prince
Chapter 755 Shen Fang: Sir, Shen Fang accepts the order! (Please give me the moon)
Chapter 756 Jia Heng: This is a bad idea!
Chapter 757 Chen Xiao: It’s not too late to say this again after you…
Chapter 758: Emperor Chongping: Appoints Jia Heng as the Crown Prince’s Taibao
Chapter 759 Baochai: Sister Qin, what do you want her to do with you?
Chapter 760 An Nanhou: I admire Uncle Yongning’s magnanimity!
Chapter 761 Jia Heng: My condolences to Brother Zhenlin
Chapter 762 Jia Heng: But, his Emperor Sword is not a decoration!
Chapter 763 Jia Heng: I am the Minister of Military and Aircraft, and I am the Privy Councilor. Is it possible that I am not allowed to read it?
Chapter 764 Qingwen: Humph, this is what you wear underneath!
Chapter 765 Yuanyang: How can a man be so inferior to others?
Chapter 766 Chen Xiao: If the Jiangnan Camp is also in his hands, then
Chapter 767 Zhen Qing: The Crown Prince’s Taibao, this is to teach the East Palace
Chapter 768 Zhen Qing: Sister Xi'er, you, why are you here?
Chapter 769 Zhen Xue: Somehow, this is how fate should be
Chapter 770 Zhen Qing: Do you still want her to remember... It’s like meeting each other, and it’s been ten months since my beloved concubine went south?
Chapter 771 Jia Heng: Then you can’t be the queen
Chapter 772 Jia Heng: Have you been jealous in the past two days?
Chapter 773 Emperor Chongping: Forty to fifty million taels, the treasury will not have to collect taxes for three years.
Chapter 774 Emperor Chongping: It doesn’t matter, Ziyu will take care of it! (Qiuyue
Chapter 775 Queen Song: I congratulate Your Majesty!
Chapter 776: Those who do not plan for the overall situation cannot plan for a region.
Chapter 777 Chen Xiao: People always change
Chapter 778 Jia Heng: Look, it scares the child
Chapter 779: The east wind blows thousands of flowers into bloom at night, and blows them down like stars like rain.
Chapter 780 Jia Heng: See your grandma’s smile?
Chapter 781 Only those who dare to fight can stop the war!
Chapter 782 Jia Heng: From the Xue family? Which Xue family?
Chapter 783 Xue Baoqin: It’s all thanks to Brother Heng this time
Chapter 784: Don’t say you didn’t predict what you said!
Chapter 785 Jia Heng: You can’t say that your cousin is already with me, right?
Chapter 786 Bao Qin: Brother Heng, eat grapes
Chapter 787 Chen Xiao: He has the appearance of a Holy Emperor!
Chapter 788 Jia Heng: It is people who determine the outcome of a war
Chapter 789 Chen Xiao: Just a whim
Chapter 790 Jia Heng: According to my Han law, he will be executed
Chapter 791: The title of Censor of Jiadu, isn’t this...Governor?
Chapter 792: There are no heroes, only Zhuzi became famous!
Chapter 793 Baochai: It’s just belongs to someone else after all.
Chapter 794 Zhen Qing: Humph! It’s so pathetic.
Chapter 795 Jinyang: Is the camp in Jiangnan and Jiangbei prepared for war? (Please give me the moon)
Chapter 796 Baochai: Brother Heng taught her this?
Chapter 797 Jia Heng: Even a first-class lord!
Chapter 798 Chen Xiao: Aren’t you afraid that I will tell Xianning?
Chapter 799 Emperor Chongping: These sweet potatoes are so high-yielding, they are like a divine gift from God to the great man!
Chapter 800 Emperor Chongping: The merit lies in the country, and the benefit lies in the future!
Chapter 801 Yuanchun: But what’s going on with Sister Lin?
Chapter 802 Zhen Qing: Only you can hold it down!
Chapter 803 Jia Heng: It can be broken
Chapter 804 Such results are eye-opening!
Chapter 805 Jia Heng: Just imagine how happy the emperor would be?
Chapter 806 Jinling City was shocked three times in one night
Chapter 807: The world is shaking and the sea is boiling
Chapter 808 Zhen Qing: Does my sister still hate me now?
Chapter 809: I congratulate you, the Holy One, and the great man!
Chapter 810 Shenjing City with Different Minds
Chapter 811 Jia Heng: Gather talents for the country, and the world will be filled with peaches and plums
Chapter 812 Baochai: You can’t let Yan’er also be your legal wife, right?
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Chapter 813 Dorgon: Third brother, no no!
Chapter 814 Jurchen’s Response
Chapter 815: Throw me peaches and give me Qiongyao in return
Chapter 816 Chen Xiao: A man of integrity can be used to straighten things up
Chapter 817 Jinyang: I know it
Chapter 818 Jia Heng: The unparalleled elegance of Jinyang can only be given to the queen
Chapter 819 King Chu: He and Jia Ziyu are now considered brothers-in-law
Chapter 820 Zhen Qing: Well, the prince is still here
Chapter 821 Jia Heng: He...he's not suspicious, right?
Chapter 822 Jia Heng: You can’t be too thick and thin.
Chapter 823 Zhen Qing wants to change the world
Chapter 824 Jia Heng: Child? What child?
Chapter 825 Jia Heng: Power, still power
Chapter 826: Changing a wife into a concubine is simply appalling!
Chapter 827: All dismissed, questioned, and imprisoned!
Chapter 828 The true court eagle ears!
Chapter 829 This is bloodline suppression!
Chapter 830 Sudden ladylike demeanor
Chapter 831 The King of Chu was assassinated
Chapter 832 Zhen Qing: Chun'er, her Chun'er
Chapter 833 She, Zhen Qing, can’t just admit defeat like this!
Chapter 834 Chen Xiao: The main focus is to turn against the guests, and the offensive and defensive momentum is different.
Chapter 835 Jia Heng: It’s unknown whether he is thinking about it in his heart
Chapter 836 Zhen Xue: That’s her...talking nonsense (please pray for the moon)
Chapter 837 Zhen Lan: Sister Xi’er is weird!
Chapter 838 Emperor Chongping: It turned out to be his plan
Chapter 839 Zhen Qing: Ziyu, it’s great to have you here (please give me the moon)
Chapter 840 Zhen Qing: Gods and Buddhas bless you, but it must be a boy
Chapter 841 Shui Rong: He is dying, the rest is up to Ziyu
Chapter 842 King Chu: He is going to be a father again! (Qiuyue
Chapter 843: Shui Rong: I borrowed it from him (please ask for the moon)
Chapter 844 Chen Xiao: She, she must be sick
Chapter 845 Zhen Xue: The prince asked her to dress up well (please ask for the moon)
Chapter 846 Zhen Qing: Isn’t this just what you want? (Qiu Yue)
Chapter 847 Jia Heng: Double Standard Xiao?
Chapter 848 Jia Heng returns to Beijing
Chapter 849 Emperor Chongping: These people are really my good ministers!
Chapter 850: Whoever makes peace again will be a traitor to the country, and the whole world will attack him together!
Chapter 851 Emperor Chongping: Dear lords, please follow me down to the city to greet you.
Chapter 852: Become a Marquis, be a Marquis! (Please give me the moon)
Chapter 853 Jia Mu: First-class Marquis (please ask for the moon)
Chapter 854 Emperor Chongping: I’ve been tired of it for a long time!
Chapter 855 Sister Feng: If she were the head wife
Chapter 856 Qin Keqing: No, why did you suddenly call her madam?
Chapter 857 Mrs. Wang: Baoyu still has to study and become an official!
Chapter 858 Qin Keqing: It’s my fault
Chapter 859 Li Wan: What Wan'er? It's so embarrassing
Chapter 860 Jia Heng: But Qing is obviously very sleepy right now.
Chapter 861 Daiyu: Don’t come to me anymore, I’m afraid Brother Heng will misunderstand
Chapter 862 Jia Zheng: This evil beast cannot be kept for a long time.
Chapter 863: This jade seems to have been broken
Chapter 864 Qin Keqing: My husband’s vision is really extraordinary
Chapter 865 Jia Heng: What kind of hatred or grudge is this?
Chapter 866 Zhen Qing: Assist the young master, regent of the country, she takes charge of the court
Chapter 867 Qin Keqing: She can only compromise and seek perfection.
Chapter 868: Jia Heng: I ask you to kill the prince of Nan'an County to bring peace to the world!
Chapter 869 Duduo: scold Jin Luan and leave his name in history!
Chapter 870: The Supreme Emperor: The Imperial Ancestral Temple offers prisoners, which is very satisfying!
Chapter 871 Emperor Chongping: Auspicious snow heralds a good harvest
Chapter 872 Xianning: Sir, you are so courageous!
just came back
Chapter 873 Qin Keqing: Third sister, I used to serve
Chapter 874 Jia Heng: Do you call this convenience?
Chapter 875 Even if Qingwen is just a maid
Chapter 876 King Wei: Then, let’s wait for next time
Chapter 877 Li Chanyue: Don’t you ever try to imitate other people’s words again!
Chapter 878 Bao Qin: Just now was the car shaking a little?
Chapter 879 Jia Heng: Not by the plum blossoms, but by the willows
Chapter 880 Bao Qin: She can no longer be sorry to her second sister
Chapter 881: Such harmony is the way to cause disaster
Chapter 882: I can help him find an official position in the future
Chapter 883: Follow the emperor’s old wisdom!
Chapter 884 Mrs. Wang: It’s been a year and I still haven’t received an explanation!
Chapter 885 Baochai: It’s like she did something wrong
Chapter 886 Zhen Qing: Sister, do you think he thinks we are a burden?
Chapter 887 Bao Qin: I just like the body
Chapter 888 Jia Heng: It doesn’t have to be like this
Chapter 889 The death of the king of Xining County
Chapter 890 Jia Heng: The Queen, please give me your instructions (Please give me the moon)
Chapter 891 Jia Heng: Of course, I was in a daze just now
Chapter 892 The disaster of Xiao Qiang is inevitable (Qiuyue
Chapter 893 Sister Feng: Brother Heng, who do you think... do you think I am? (Qiu Yue)
Chapter 894: Sister Feng: While the aura just now is still 20,000 words long, please give me the moon
Chapter 895 Miaoyu: Did the poor nun say she was not happy?
Chapter 896: Living in the same quilt, dying in the same acupuncture point
Chapter 897 Qin Keqing: She can afford ten or eight more
Chapter 898 Qin Keqing: My husband has always doted on her, where is she? (Qiu Yue)
Chapter 899 Li Wan: Then...thank you so much Ziyu
Chapter 900 Jia Heng: It’s just this once, it won’t happen next time (please ask for the moon)
Chapter 901 Li Wan: She is really crazy (please ask for the moon)
Chapter 902 Xianning: She doesn’t play mahjong anyway
Chapter 903 Chen Xiao: Damn it, damn it
Chapter 904 Jinyang: The two princesses of the Zhen family were pregnant at the same time
Chapter 905 Zhen Qing: If that bastard dares to make her angry again, she...she will beat his children (Qiu Yue
Chapter 906 Jia Heng: Is Zhen Qing here?
Chapter 907 Jia Heng: They are all in our three-foot sword! (Please give me the moon)
Chapter 908 Zhen Qing: When the child is born, he will be your eldest son
Chapter 909 Zhen Xue: Sister is slandering her (Please give me the moon)
Chapter 910 Jia Heng: The wan sister-in-law may have to host a banquet for him again
Chapter 911 Zhen Qing: I clearly said I didn’t want it at the beginning
Chapter 912 Jia Heng: Son? Mopan is really becoming more and more confident.
Chapter 913 Jinyang: Look how wronged you are
Chapter 914 Marquis Yongning has arrived!
Chapter 915 Shen Fang: And Fang Yaochun is especially hateful!
Chapter 916: Is this the style of a king? (Thanks to book friend Masked Man for losing the weak leader
Chapter 917 Li Wan: Her color isn’t too bad, right?
Chapter 918 Li Wan: Is this... is this because of her?
Chapter 919 Qin Keqing: Are you mocking her?
Chapter 920 Jia Heng: If I ask you, you won’t know
Chapter 921 Jia Heng returns to Shenjing at night (asking for the moon)
Chapter 922 Jia Heng: Why are you wearing Ke Qing’s clothes?
Chapter 923 Sister Feng: Still a dream within a dream? Bah!
Chapter 924 Jia Heng: Why does Empress Song miss him?
Chapter 925 Queen Song: Actually, she also wants to go back to Jiangnan
Chapter 926 Xianning: Sir, why are you peeking today?
Chapter 927 Lin Ruhai: How old was Yu'er last year?
Chapter 928 Li Wan: What do you mean just for her sake?
Chapter 929: The Mongolian War Begins
Chapter 930 King Chu: I wonder if Jiahou has ever met the princess?
Chapter 931 Jia Heng: Can I fully appreciate the beauty of the garden?
Chapter 932 Emperor Chongping: Ziyu, don’t let me down (please pray for the moon)
Chapter 933 Jia Heng: It must be the slave chief who personally leads the troops, and the Eight Banners come out
Chapter 934: Killing the general soldier of a town is like killing a chicken!
Chapter 935: The frightened Shanxi merchants (please ask for the moon at the end of the month)
Chapter 936 Jia Heng: He can obviously rob directly, but he still has to pay
Chapter 937: Sun Shaozu: How could this Yongning Marquis be so cruel?
Chapter 938 Jia Heng: Let’s take a look at that thing with the generals of Datong (please ask for the moon at the end of the month)
Chapter 939 Huang Taiji: Ten thousand people are enough, I guess we won’t be able to use them all
Chapter 940: The Storm of Xuan Mansion
Chapter 941 Jiang Quan: The traitors in the imperial court framed Zhongliang
Chapter 942 Emperor Chongping: For such a rebellious general, Marquis Yongning beheaded him for favor.
Chapter 943: Because of this, Monan is so powerful (please ask for the moon)
Chapter 944 Jia Heng: Report victory to the court.
Chapter 945 The Worried Emperor Chongping
Chapter 946 Emperor Chongping: I don’t know how many people want to see the jokes of their monarch and his ministers... their son-in-law!
Chapter 947 Prince Nan’an: It’s more uncomfortable than killing me
Chapter 948 Sister Feng: Bah, bah, what is she thinking about?
Chapter 949 Jia Heng: Huang Taiji is here
Chapter 950 Fan Xiandou: I have three strategies: upper, middle and lower
Chapter 951 Chen Xiao: If Peiping is attacked, Shenjing will inevitably be in an uproar (please ask for the moon)
Chapter 952 Huang Taiji: In the land of Han, no one can touch a hair on my head!
Chapter 953 Emperor Chongping: The chance of victory is within ten days!
Chapter 954: Xie Zaiyi: Use more to attack less, wait for work with ease, how can you not win?
Chapter 955: King Chu: Pure nonsense
Chapter 956: Jierhalang: Brother Emperor, Ping'an Prefecture has arrived
Chapter 957 Jia Heng: Fire, fire! Fire
Chapter 958 Jia Heng: There is no doubt that he is the Duke of the country
Chapter 959 Emperor Chongping: How kind God is to him!
Chapter 960: Empress Song: Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, this has never happened before
Chapter 961: The Supreme Emperor: God bless the man
Chapter 962 Jia Heng: Try your best to find something, don’t force it
Chapter 963 Prince Qi: After this battle, who can control me?
Chapter 964: Jia Heng: Raise the bandits to respect themselves? When did he have this idea?
Chapter 965 Li Zan: Looking at this head, you can drink two kilograms of wine!
Chapter 966 Emperor Chongping who urged the class teacher to return to Beijing
Chapter 967 Zhen Xue: You are only allowed to have a boy, right?
Chapter 968 Dorgon: The emperor's body is not cold yet, how could he
Chapter 969 Discussing titles and titles
Chapter 970 Aunt Xue: Baby girl should be right here
Chapter 971 Emperor Chongping: Huang Taiji’s Head
Chapter 972: The third-class Duke of Wei!
Chapter 973 Qin Keqing: My husband smells like alcohol
Chapter 974 Li Wan: This person just likes to see her make a fool of herself, right?
Chapter 975 Sister Feng: What if I bully her again?
Chapter 976 Jia Heng: Why are everyone so confident?
Chapter 977 Emperor Chongping: Duke Wei is with me
Chapter 978 Baochai: I am not worthy.
Chapter 979 Zhen Qing: I don’t know what the wedding will be like
Chapter 980 Baochai:, Qi'er?
Chapter 981 Sister Feng: It’s all for this reason, how can you do it?
Chapter 982: Sister Feng: As a prince, he has to admit his fault (please pray for the moon)
Chapter 983 Jia Heng: Can’t be completely nepotistic
Chapter 984 Jia Heng: Not that big, right?
Chapter 985 Jia Mu: This is such a talented man and beautiful woman.
Chapter 986: Holding a candle and stepping on the moon, visiting Miaoyu at night
Chapter 987 Emperor Chongping: I don’t doubt my son-in-law, why does my son-in-law need to resign?
Chapter 988 Dai Quan: Half a son-in-law.
Chapter 989 Chen Xiao: Do ??you want to be the Guanyin again?
Chapter 990 Jia Heng: Is this the Xue family’s style?
Chapter 991 Queen Song: It’s so good, why is she suddenly thinking about giving birth to a child?
Chapter 992 Emperor Chongping: There is suspected fraud in the current examination!
Chapter 993 Queen Song: What a little fox (March
Chapter 994: Concubine Duanrong: What is this Bachelor Lu doing telling Ze'er this?
Chapter 995: Empress Song: What Ziyu just said seemed to be the study of emperors?
Chapter 996: Sister Feng: Why did we meet this enemy again?
Chapter 997: Sister Feng: Did this person do it on purpose? (Qiuyue
Chapter 998: Sister Feng: Anyway, a slap can’t make a sound! (Please give me the moon)
Chapter 999: Sister Feng: I was just being sentimental when I co-authored it.
Chapter 1000 Emperor Chongping: This is what Ping Luce said, how could I not know?
Chapter 1001 Emperor Chongping: He is truly my good son-in-law
Chapter 1002 Jia Heng: She is just like a little woman
Chapter 1003 Queen Song: dare he?
Chapter 1004 Princess Xianning: It’s really worrying.
Chapter 1005: Such a talent is unmatched by others
Chapter 1006: General Taxation Department of Customs
Chapter 1007 Queen Song: Who can control what she thinks in her heart?
Chapter 1008 Jia Heng: After all, Baoyu’s crime will not lead to death
Chapter 1009: Mrs. Wang’s emotional breakdown
Chapter 1010 Xing Xiuyan: How can you agree to be so cheerful?
Chapter 1111: Yingchun: Will she get married again in this life?
Chapter 1,112 Li Wan: This man is cheating on her again!
Chapter 1113 Li Wan: There is a seal on it, but you still have to ask
Chapter 1114: If we apply it to the whole country, how can we solve the disadvantages?
Chapter 1,115 This Duke of Wei is so yin!
Chapter 1116 Jia Heng: Are you here to watch?
Chapter 1,117 Jia Heng: Yes, there is someone jealous here
Chapter 1,118 Xiren: Are she the same as Zijuan?
Chapter 1,119: Jia Heng: Just two words: Feng Yan
Chapter 1020: Queen Song: I really can’t think nonsense anymore
Chapter 1021: Emperor Chongping: Wait a minute, where is I, Zitong?
Chapter 1022 Nan'an: Send reinforcements as quickly as possible to the northwest!
Chapter 1023 Jin Xuan: Report to Shenjing and send out heavenly troops for rescue immediately!
Chapter 1024 Jia Heng: Really, one person is missing from inserting dogwood all over the place?
Chapter 1025 Chen Xiao: One day the eighteen princes will challenge Dong
Chapter 1026: Still able to live peacefully and move forward with a heavy load
Chapter 1027 Qin Keqing: The tiger will not fall even if it dies, and the enemy will not lose the battle if it loses
Chapter 1028 Qin Keqing: No, you are quite proud, right?
Chapter 1029: Surrender and be a coward
Chapter 1030 King Chu: Duke Wei and I can still have children and in-laws
Chapter 1031 Nan'an: Isn't this the joy of Jiangnan's outstanding people?
Chapter 1032 Jia Heng: No wonder Feng Wan
Chapter 1033 Jia Heng: If you want to become dark and strong, there is no way
Chapter 1034 Chen Xiao: You dog official, take your life!
Chapter 1035 Jia Heng: How hateful is the emperor?
Chapter 1036 Queen Song: That little fox dares to peek at her next time
Chapter 1037 Jia Heng: The ancient inkstone is slightly concave and contains a lot of ink
Chapter 1038 It is bound to be filled with resentment and slander, and will shine brightly in the annals of history!
Chapter 1039 Duke Wei is in Henan (please ask for the moon)
Chapter 1040 Xianning: Is that person that good? Let Mr. Nian Nian never
Chapter 1041 Queen Song: I want to go back to see my father
Chapter 1042 Holding the bright moon, holding the Feixian monthly ticket, the moon
Chapter 1043 Return to Yangzhou
Chapter 1044 Zhen Qing: Now Qin is also pregnant
Chapter 1045 Xianning: Sir, were you beaming with joy just now?
Chapter 1046 Xianning: Her Taoism is still far behind
Chapter 1047 Jia Heng: I am lucky to have your favor in this life
Chapter 1048 Zhen Xue: Well, it’s not like she even scolded herself
Chapter 1049 Zhen Qing: Why don’t you kick? Aren’t all boys naughty?
Chapter 1050 Jia Heng: One person’s sound, Chen Han’s lamentation! (
Chapter 1051 Zhen Qing: Sister Lan, help me keep an eye on him
Chapter 1052 Jia Heng: That would be too brain-burning
Chapter 1053 The situation in the northwest has collapsed and is in danger! (At the end of the month,
Chapter 1054 The Prince of Nan'an: Is the Nan'an lineage extinct?
Chapter 1055 Emperor Chongping: A man mistook me. A man mistook me.
Chapter 1056 Emperor Chongping: The cabinet drafted an order to summon Duke Wei back to Beijing immediately
Chapter 1057 Concubine Duanrong: Your Majesty, Your Majesty actually cried? (Please give me the moon)
Chapter 1058 It’s really wrong for this big man not to have Duke Wei take charge of the overall situation.
Chapter 1059 Jia Heng: If Emperor Chongping wants to regain his position immediately(
Chapter 1060 Jia Heng: Empress Song can’t bear it anymore
Chapter 1061 Duke Wei returns to Beijing!
Chapter 1062 Emperor Chongping: What would Ziyu be like if he were his son?
Chapter 1063 Emperor Chongping: Nan'an and others are still alive?
Chapter 1064: Concubine Nan'an: If you pick anyone off, you can always get her back
Chapter 1065 Jia Heng: Fork them all out!
Chapter 1066 Jia Heng: The whole army shows filial piety and marches to the northwest again
Chapter 1067 Jia Heng: Xianning can’t be counted on at all
Chapter 1068 Nan'an: How dare these Tatars insult him like this?! (Please
Chapter 1069 Jia Heng: Come here, push it out and chop it down!
Chapter 1070 Jia Heng: General Jin, are you trying to teach me how to run an army?
Chapter 1071 Jia Heng: Of course, this move is both murderous and heartbreaking!
Chapter 1072 Yue Tuo: Duke Wei, Jia Heng! Despicable!
Chapter 1073 King Wei: Ziyu is not a bad person
Chapter 1074 Fang Jin: It turns out it’s just mediocre!
Say a few words
Chapter 1075 Yue Tuan: Who threw the firecrackers?
Chapter 1076 Emperor Chongping: Yan and Liu are both in the same boat!
Chapter 1077 Jia Heng: Where are the guards of Jinyi Mansion? Get the lower part for me
Chapter 1078 Jia Heng: All armies obey orders and do not let Yue Tuo and Dorji
Chapter 1079 Jia Heng: Now you can report your victory to the emperor!
Chapter 1080 At this point, Huangyuan is restored!
Chapter 1081: Only a brave general can do this!
Chapter 1082 Nan'an: The sky has no eyes, the sky has no eyes! (Please
Chapter 1083 Dai Quan: Your Majesty, this is the good news and memorial from Duke Wei.
Chapter 1084 Emperor Chongping: This Ziyu’s achievements were achieved too quickly (
Chapter 1085 Queen Song: That little fox won another victory
Chapter 1086 Jinyang: Just bully her for being heavy
Chapter 1087 Baochai: He can give it, but I can’t take it.
Chapter 1088 Gao Zhongping: This Jia Ziyu uses troops and does not move.
Chapter 1089 Chen Xiao: How about I avoid it?
Chapter 1090 Jia Heng: If you are still weak, just follow the trend
Chapter 1091 Jia Heng: He is the father
Chapter 1092 Emperor Chongping: To this day, Qinghai and Mongolia are generally peaceful
Chapter 1093 Jia Heng: No one can do this except me
Chapter 1094 Xie Zaiyi: The dangers of Junggar in the future will be no less severe
Chapter 1095: The morale of the army is fluctuating, and the camp is about to be robbed!
Chapter 1096 A devastating defeat
Chapter 1097 Jia Heng: In the future, there will be thick ink on the glorious history
Chapter 1098: How did the Han army arrive at Hami? (At the end of the month, please
Chapter 1099 Jia Heng: So far, there are no Junggars east of Hami
Chapter 1100 Chen Xiao: You can talk
Chapter 1101 Emperor Chongping: If Ziyu can still win the battle, then
Chapter 1102 Jia Heng: He has been a native of Han since ancient times!
Chapter 1103: The war continues for three months, and a letter from home is worth ten thousand gold (at the end of the month, please
Chapter 1104 What a victorious general!
Chapter 1105 Die for the Khan! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 1106 Jia Heng: Escort the capital together! (At the end of the month, please give me the moon
Chapter 1107 Hauge: I, Hauge, will kill this person!
Chapter 1108 Jia Heng: It’s not too late to wait
Chapter 1109 Emperor Chongping: He will not vomit blood and faint. The dragon body will not
Chapter 1110 Emperor Chongping: With ulterior motives, where are the guards of Jinyi Mansion?
Chapter 1111 Emperor Chongping: Is Jia Ziyu more capable than me?
Chapter 1112 Xianning: When it comes to a last resort, one
Chapter 1113 Li Wan: How to persuade him? (130,000 words, please
Chapter 1114 Jia Heng: The road to becoming a prince is long and long
Chapter 1115 Emperor Chongping: Ziyu has had a hard journey.
Chapter 1116 Promoted to the First Class Duke!
Chapter 1117 Emperor Chongping: How many other women have you ended up with?
Chapter 1118 Jia Mu: The Xue family is a small family after all
Chapter 1119 Qin Keqing: I seem to be giving birth.
Chapter 1120 Zhen Qing: How could she give birth to a girl?!
Chapter 1121 Emperor Chongping: Ziyu’s ambition is also my lifelong wish
Chapter 1122 Jia Heng: You are like Kong Rong giving in to pear.
Chapter 1123 Emperor Chongping: This Qin family is really serious.
Chapter 1124 Jinyang: Dragon and Phoenix twins, how did they become obsessed with each other?
Chapter 1125 Jia Heng: Jiezi, with the character of Songzhu
Chapter 1126 Baochai: Now it seems like she is begging for help
Chapter 1127 Daiyu: How will you tease Sister Bao in the future?
Chapter 1128 Sister Feng: What do you think he thinks?
Chapter 1129 Zhen Qing: Then Mrs. Qin gave birth to a daughter?
Chapter 1130 Baochai: Does this mean she is the only one holding the title?
Chapter 1131 Jia Heng: Do you also want to have a boy?
Chapter 1132 Queen Song: Wait until Jiangnan, and then think about how to make that
Chapter 1133 Sister Feng: I owed you my last life!
Chapter 1134. Did she just help others?
Chapter 1135 Jia Heng: I am happy here and don’t think about the Song Dynasty.
Chapter 1136 Zhen Qing: No etiquette was done, just confused
Chapter 1137 Zhen Qing: Humph, her mother is more valuable than her son!
Chapter 1138 Jia Heng: He is close to nature
Chapter 1139 Chen Xiao: Needless to say, he probably just went to see Li Wan
Chapter 1140 Jia Heng: The mysterious destiny
Chapter 1141 Chen Yuan: That witch is here with her little cub!
Chapter 1142: Almost as good as the Han military god!
Chapter 1143 Jinyang: Are you just focused on seducing men?
Chapter 1144 Queen Song: It’s just that the phoenix is trapped in a cage and can’t cry
Chapter 1145: Water-soluble: What Ziyu said is that it is good to communicate with Jia
Chapter 1146 King Liang: How unfair God treated him!
Chapter 1147 Jia Heng: I can recommend it to the court
Chapter 1148: With the Hongyi cannon in hand, why fear the army?
Chapter 1149 Jia Heng: It’s not easy to torture in the first place
Chapter 1150 Jia Heng: Take back the big island and turn the desert into summer!
Chapter 1151 Jia Heng: If the Empress of the Song Dynasty is in danger, he is really a leader.
Chapter 1152 Hauge: What’s unusual about this?
Chapter 1153 Jia Heng: Xueer? Can you call me?
Chapter 1154 Chen Xiao: Are you really doing such a disgraceful thing?
Chapter 1155 Queen Song: What does she want to do with all this mess?
Chapter 1156 Zhen Qing: I’m afraid he is really cruel and cruel
Chapter 1157 Emperor Chongping: Civil and martial arts, powerful to all barbarians for a generation
Chapter 1158 Bao Qin: She can’t refuse
Chapter 1159 Queen Song’s maiden name (at the end of the month, please vote for me!)
Chapter 1160 Queen Song: What’s the point of blaming others at this time?
Chapter 1161 Jia Heng: Where are the thieves? (At the end of the month, please vote
Chapter 1162 Queen Song: Isn’t that little fox always resourceful?
Chapter 1163 Queen Song: Did God want her to be buried here? (
Chapter 1164 Queen Song: Are you still calling Tian Niuer addicted to you?!
Chapter 1165 Queen Song: Crazy, crazy!
Chapter 1166 Queen Song: It seemed like she was threatening him?
Chapter 1167 Queen Song: That’s really crazy (please vote for me!)
Chapter 1168 Queen Song: I have to say, people are more delicate than flowers.
Chapter 1169 Chen Xiao: That’s it, why don’t you admit it?
Chapter 1170 Jia Heng: After all, the old house is on fire and there is no way to save it (please
Chapter 1171 Queen Song: Maybe he didn’t mean it?
Chapter 1172 Jia Heng: It’s actually an egg that flies can’t bite
Chapter 1173 Queen Song: Ziyu, why are you here?
Chapter 1174 Jia Heng: I’m afraid of wandering around in rivers and lakes all my life, and my beauty will be miserable.
Chapter 1175 Emperor Chongping: Granted his previous request, because military merit is no longer
Chapter 1176 Aunt Xue: Princess Le'an? Who is this?
Chapter 1177 Chen Xiao: Did you bully her before?
Chapter 1178 Jia Heng: Otherwise, I really want to hold him in my arms
Chapter 1179 Jia Heng: It can only be said that it is indeed a trick of fate
Chapter 1180 Emperor Chongping: Mother, wait a minute!
Chapter 1181 Jia Heng: Can’t watch the title promotion anymore
Chapter 1182 Sister Feng: Who can say that she is jealous?
Chapter 1183 Jinyang: Are they all talking about the same person?
Chapter 1184 Jinyang: Do you think I am too old?
Chapter 1185 Jia Heng: He has no other extravagant wishes, let Li Xiaowan
Chapter 1186 Sister Feng: Is Sister-in-law Zhu a child? (Please give me the moon)
Chapter 1187 Queen Song: And that little fox dares
Chapter 1188 Queen Song: Let’s see if she doesn’t deal with him!
Chapter 1189 Jia Heng: That’s really a lie.
Chapter 1190 Jia Heng: There is no duke here, only one husband and two
Chapter 1191 Jia Heng: The strange yin and yang qi has been transmitted from person to person.
Chapter 1192 Jia Heng: He will settle the matter today
Chapter 1193 Queen Song: She wants to be alone
Chapter 1194 Queen Song: If there is a dark knot in the bead again, God
Chapter 1195 Jia Heng: My wish has come true, no more extravagant wishes
Chapter 1196 Jia Heng: Sweet girl, I won’t mess around (please give me the moon)
Chapter 1197 Queen Song: How could you do this to her?
Chapter 1198 Jia Heng: Do you know the holy will?
Chapter 1199 Queen Song: I didn’t come to see her on purpose!
Chapter 1200 Queen Song: So ruthless.
Chapter 1201 Queen Song: No, how could he? No, no
Chapter 1202 Queen Song: Is he trying to manipulate her again?
Chapter 1203 Queen Song: What should we do after returning to Beijing?
Chapter 1204 Queen Song: Humph, she even feels so beautiful
Chapter 1205 Baochai: Then he would be his eldest son.
Chapter 1206 Daiyu: What is all this?
Chapter 1207 Zhen Qing: I still have this virtue.
Chapter 1208 Queen Song: Everything is for Ran'er
Chapter 1209 Jia Heng: But at that time, I couldn’t control my life, death or wealth.
Chapter 1210 Jia Heng: Well, successfully changed the topic
Chapter 1211 Jia Heng: We are all one family, Princess Wei doesn’t have to be polite
Chapter 1212 Yuanchun: You, you can figure it out yourself.
Chapter 1213 Yan Yiliu: Why is her life so miserable? (
Chapter 1214 Jia Heng: Sweet girl, this is what I have been thinking about, sweeping the bed
Chapter 1215 Queen Song: Don’t even think about that
Chapter 1216 Jia Heng: Who is His Majesty and me? (Please give me your monthly vote!)
Chapter 1217 Song Yan: Turns out I heard it wrong (please vote!)
Chapter 1218 Queen Song: You are not allowed to mention it to Qianer in this palace (please ask for the moon)
Chapter 1219 Queen Song: In the past thirty years, it has been (Qiyue
Chapter 1220 Emperor Chongping: He is also old (please vote for me!)
Chapter 1221 Queen Song: Especially the absurdity along the way,
Chapter 1222 Queen Song: I can’t think about it anymore, I can’t think about it anymore.(
Chapter 1223 Qin Keqing: It’s good that your husband knows what’s going on.
Chapter 1224 Jia Heng: Of course he has the antidote, but Tianniuer probably
Chapter 1225 Qin Keqing: Are you hiding out?
Chapter 1226 Jia Heng: I really can’t stay in this house (please vote for me)
Chapter 1227 Third Sister You: Second Sister is here all the time (please vote for me)
Chapter 1228 Youshi: She is a bit redundant.
Chapter 1229 Jia Heng: He is now afraid that Tian Niuer will get pregnant first (please
Chapter 1230 Baoyu: He still hasn’t said anything about taking away his sister Lin (please pray for the moon)
Chapter 1231 Bao Qin: She will stop causing trouble to Brother Heng (please
Chapter 1232 Bao Qin: Marriage is not necessarily limited to just two people?
Chapter 1233 Jining’s sudden change, Shandong’s chaos!
Chapter 1234 Ministers: No, where is Duke Wei?
Chapter 1235 Emperor Chongping: The cabinet drafted a decree to fight against the rebellion of Duke Wei
Chapter 1236 Jia Heng: What if something happens in Beijing?
Chapter 1237 Jia Heng: Just try your best
Chapter 1238 Queen Song: Is she wrong that she is less than forty years old?
Chapter 1239 Jia Heng: What a white lotus saint, just a witch
Chapter 1240 Jinan Attack and Defense!
Chapter 1241 Queen Song: I’m afraid she is really pregnant with the little fox
Chapter 1242 Chen Xiao: Not to be underestimated
Chapter 1243 The matter is urgent, so we should use cruel methods to serve the king!
Chapter 1244 Probably, this is the behavior of the human master!
Chapter 1245 Emperor Chongping: Only Jia Ziyu is foolproof!
Chapter 1246 Queen Song: Wait for him to come back! (
Chapter 1247 Jia Heng: After half a month of confrontation, it’s time to defeat the enemy
Chapter 1248 Jia Heng: Hauge, Yanzhou is your burial place
Chapter 1249 Jia Heng: Send the order, the whole army is in silence, sending condolences from afar
Chapter 1250 Emperor Chongping: Don’t alert the enemy
Chapter 1251 I ask the Holy One to abdicate in order to calm the hearts of both China and foreigners!
Chapter 1252 Queen Song: That little fox, is he back? (
Chapter 1253 Jia Heng: This is a family matter of the Holy Majesty and cannot be discussed by any of my subordinates.
Chapter 1254 Mrs. Wang: This girl Yun, what’s wrong with her precious jade?
Chapter 1255 Jia Heng: How can I defeat you?
Chapter 1256 Jia Heng: Put sticks on the two of them
Chapter 1257 Jia Heng: Let nature take its course, don’t force it
Chapter 1258 Emperor Chongping: The cabinet drafted a decree and named Jia Heng, the Duke of Wei
Chapter 1259 Emperor Chongping: Is this Zitong happy?
Chapter 1260 Baochai: Master, is this one of the three princes? (Qiuyue
Chapter 1261 Jia Heng: Just say that I know. (Please give me your monthly vote!
Chapter 1262 King Wei: The Queen Mother seems to be happy over there.
Chapter 1263 Queen Song: Only then can he obey her obediently.(
Chapter 1264 Jinyang: Is the child in her belly yours?
Chapter 1265 Jia Heng: After all, I just made you Grand Master, you
Chapter 1266 King Zhongshun: Lao Si, I’m waiting for you on Huangquan Road
Chapter 1267 Emperor Chongping: Zitong, you are pregnant and cannot move.
Chapter 1268 Jia Heng: What succeeded?
Chapter 1269 Queen Song: This is your eldest son, you have to do something good
Chapter 1270 Queen Song: That position belongs to Ran'er! It must be
Chapter 1271 Jia Heng: Your Majesty, I will set off on a certain day
Chapter 1272 Jia Heng: I’m tired of it.
Chapter 1273 Jia Heng: It’s not that it’s just that I’m tired (blessings in advance)
Chapter 1274 Li Wan: How could Brother Heng treat her like this? (Please
Chapter 1275 The life experience of Duke Wei!
Chapter 1276 Jia Heng: If you insist on thinking like this, I can’t help it.
Chapter 1277 Jia Heng: How can I not remember? I dare not or forget it for a day.
Chapter 1278 Jia Heng: Is it still satisfactory? (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 1279 Jia Heng: Why are they all competing to have a son? This is family
Chapter 1280 Jia Heng: Are all women in the grassland so direct?
Chapter 1281 I really asked you three times a day, Brother Heng, what are you doing?
Chapter 1282 Duke Wei inspects the nine sides
Chapter 1283 Jia Heng: I can only wait for the opportunity.
Chapter 1284 Du Du is dead! Du Du is dead!
Chapter 1285 King Wei: At this time, King Chu is really good at joining in the fun.
Chapter 1286 Jia Heng: Your Highness, the time has come to send troops (please vote for me)
Chapter 1287 Jia Heng: From now on, it will be a horse riding on Edo forever.
Chapter 1288 Jia Heng: It seems like a female emperor? (Please vote for me)
Chapter 1289 Jia Heng: The most important thing in using troops this time is stability.
Chapter 1290 King Wei: Ziyu, Edo Castle has fallen
Chapter 1291 Jia Heng: Only then can he be crowned a prince, add Jiuxi, and assist in national affairs
Chapter 1292 Emperor Chongping: Duke Wei’s meritorious service in the war is what the ministers think
Chapter 1293 Emperor Chongping: Confessing two daughters the same title as Duke and Duchess, both
Chapter 1294 Jia Heng: The world is not the world of one family and one surname
Chapter 1295 Jia Heng: Actually, he was worried that it might be Immortal Dance
Chapter 1296 Jia Heng: This wind must not rise!
Chapter 1297. Sweet, the Xue family almost fainted from the sweetness.
Chapter 1298 Xiangyun: Sister Baoqin, you don’t want Sister Bao to know
Chapter 1299 Xing Xiuyan: She also has one?
Chapter 1300 Duke Wei leads his army back to Han
Chapter 1301 It’s because of Jia Heng’s son! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 1302 Emperor Chongping: The Northern Expedition to Pingliao should be on this day or two
Chapter 1303 It should be the big fat boy, she only gives birth to sons.
Chapter 1304 You just like to see her happy, don’t you? (Please vote for me!
Chapter 1305 Qin Keqing: My daughter is almost two years old and she calls her mom
Chapter 1306 Sister Feng: Is this enemy really going to have trouble with heirs?
Chapter 1307 Chen Xiao: When did the second wife of King Xing,
Chapter 1308 Jia Heng: Is there anyone in this city?
Chapter 1309 Sister Feng: This enemy finally agreed to give her a child
Chapter 1310 Li Wan: Girl Feng, don’t judge others by yourself
Chapter 1311 Miaoyu: Momo, this is your Uncle Heng
Chapter 1312 Jia Heng: This is a long story
Chapter 1313 Jia Heng: He is really being controlled by this little girl
Chapter 1314 Jia Heng: You should have your whole heart (please give me your monthly vote!)
Chapter 1315 Jia Heng: There are really some empowering and ecological things
Chapter 1316 Youshi: This person is clearly under control (Qiuyue
Chapter 1317 Jia Heng: Is this such a familiar line? (Please vote for me!
Chapter 1318 Zhen Qing: She is really a bad woman.
Chapter 1319 Jia Heng: I’m not making trouble now.
Chapter 1320 Jia Heng: You hurry up and have a child so that I can have a rest.
Chapter 1321 Gu Ruoqing: Maybe, it attracts bees and butterflies.
Chapter 1322 Jia Heng: We are finally husband and wife
Chapter 1323 Queen Song: Well, I can’t mention this too much (please vote for me)
Chapter 1324 Baochai: This is too calculated (New January,
Chapter 1325 Xiangyun: Humph, I’ll catch her later.(
Chapter 1326 Jia Heng: The little fat girl probably fell in love with him.
Chapter 1327. Who doesn’t want the position of the Ninth Five-Year Master?
Chapter 1328 Jia Heng: This is really hard to guess.
Chapter 1329 Queen Song: The love between father and daughter is so deep that blood is thicker than water
Chapter 1330 Jia Heng: Madam, has the little prince chosen a name? (
Chapter 1331 Jia Heng: Madam, Daci’en Temple has arrived (please vote for me)
Chapter 1332 Jia Heng: After getting sweet girl, I have no regrets in this life!
Chapter 1333 Queen Song: What do you think? (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 1334 Chai Dai’s wedding, Baoyu shattered (please vote for me!)
Chapter 1335 The so-called powerful person should have great desires
Chapter 1336 Jia Heng: The Beauty of Hairpin and Dai (please vote for me!)
Chapter 1337 Xiangyun: This is so embarrassing outside (please vote!
Chapter 1338 Jia Heng: You think too much, right? (Wish you all a happy New Year’s Eve
Chapter 1339 Chen Xiao: Like the story of Japan? (Wish all readers a new chapter
Chapter 1340 Emperor Chongping: Can I go all out to kill women in this trip?
Chapter 1341 Zhen Qing: Isn’t it a human tragedy?
Chapter 1342 Concubine Duanrong: Xianning, why didn’t you tell me this earlier?
Chapter 1343 Jia Heng: It’s too early to go
Chapter 1344 Jia Heng: Cuicui Temple continues to recruit new people
Chapter 1345 Ping'er: Grandma is really not afraid of attracting wolves?
Chapter 1346 Emperor Chongping: Is the child Ziyu’s?
Chapter 1347 Emperor Chongping: Isn’t it enough to give him a child?
Chapter 1348 Shui Rong: Ziyu, my child is yours, right?
Chapter 1349 It is both a battle of revenge! It is also a battle of annihilation!
Chapter 1350 Jia Heng: This is a bit eye-catching
Chapter 1351 Queen Song: She is better than Jinyang no matter what
Chapter 1352 Li Hao: Future generations are unfilial
Chapter 1353 Chen Xiao: Something happened between you and the eldest princess
Chapter 1354 Report victory to the Duke of Wei! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 1355 Jia Heng: Probably he wished he could take his place.
Chapter 1356 Jia Heng: Miss Gu, is this the first time? (Qiuyue
Chapter 1357 Li Wan: He owns his own child, but he says he picked it up
Chapter 1358 Gu Ruoqing: What did this person call her? Ruoqing?
Chapter 1359 Chen Xiao: There really is a road to the mountain.
Chapter 1360 Chen Xiao: Senior sister, are you having trouble?
Chapter 1361 Jia Heng: Using one’s own shortcomings to attack the enemy’s strengths
Chapter 1362 Chen Xiao: I am enjoying it now and can’t extricate myself(
Chapter 1363 Queen Song: She is the main palace, huh
Chapter 1364 Zhen Qing: It’s just the heartless one who will kill our sister
Chapter 1365 Jia Heng: Probably not acting.
Chapter 1366 This is so good, why is our Qing Dynasty about to fall?
Chapter 1367 Chen Xiao: It seems that he is getting what he wants?
Chapter 1368 Jia Heng: Ruoqing, don’t you still believe me?
Chapter 1369 Gu Ruoqing: Don’t junior sisters usually dislike him? (
Chapter 1370 Duke Wei comes in person and can serve as a hundred thousand soldiers! (
Chapter 1371 Gu Ruoqing: This person does this every time
Chapter 1372 Gu Ruoqing: There is no clear matchmaker to marry, but what can you say?
Chapter 1373 Jia Heng: Be patient and don’t be impatient. Attacking a city cannot be accomplished in a day (
Chapter 1374 Gu Ruoqing: Maybe this person has ambitions for Wei Wu? (Third update
Chapter 1375 Jia Heng: This is indeed a fighter opportunity
Chapter 1376 Oboi: Jia Heng, son, please accept your fate!
Chapter 1377 Jia Heng: The old thief with the long beard is so shameless!
Chapter 1378 Emperor Chongping: Good, good, Ziyu is really a victorious general
Chapter 1379 Queen Song: That little fox is more than just a lustful woman (
Chapter 1380 Sister Feng: Then you really gave birth to a little prince.
Chapter 1381 Jia Heng: So who is it (please vote!)
Chapter 1382 Chen Xiao: Senior sister has won it, right? (Third update, please vote for me)
Chapter 1383 Jia Heng: You are the senior sister, you should let the junior sister
Chapter 1384 Jia Heng: Or if you know the cold and the hot
Chapter 1385 Queen Song: She also wants to go to Da Ci’en Temple to drop incense
Chapter 1386 Queen Song: I wonder if she is greedy for her body (Qiuyue
Chapter 1387 Jia Heng: Xianning, I’m really hungry (please vote for me!)
Chapter 1388 Daiyu: Are these words igniting her?
Chapter 1389 Jia Heng: It seems that none of them are as good as Tian Niuer (Please give me the moon)
Chapter 1390 Jia Heng: When you are young, you should be careful about sex, but you should be careful
Chapter 1391 Jia Heng: Don’t worry, a filial son will emerge from under the stick
Chapter 1392 Zhen Qing: She is really a bad woman. (Qiuyue
Chapter 1393 Jia Heng: Everything is in the hands of His Highness the King of Wei
Chapter 1394 Chen Xiao: Sometimes, she is worried about him
Chapter 1395 Queen Song: Your Majesty can’t praise him too much, this little (
Chapter 1396 Jia Heng: Sweet girl, can you finally bear it?
Chapter 1397 Chen Xiao: Can you handle it?
Chapter 1398 Jia Heng: How come you guys have made appointments one by one?
Chapter 1399 Queen Song: Is she also a ruthless and unjust person?
Chapter 1400 Song Yan: Marry your beloved and you will have a peaceful life
Chapter 1401 Emperor Chongping: A generation of holy emperors?
Chapter 1402 Chen Xiao: What a loser
Chapter 1403 Chen Xiao: Everyone who should be seen has met and we will go to battle tomorrow!
Chapter 1404 Jia Heng: The army goes north to wipe out the Jurchens! (Please give me the moon
Chapter 1405 Jia Heng: No matter how hard you resist, you can’t defend Ningyuan.
Chapter 1406 Jia Heng: It is not appropriate to rely on the grand trend and follow the steps step by step
Chapter 1407 Is this a delaying strategy?
Chapter 1408 Jia Heng: I don’t want casualty numbers, I just want Ningyuan
Chapter 1409 Dorgon: It’s still unclear who will win!
Chapter 1410 It’s all the fault of Jia Heng!
Chapter 1411 King Beijing: Once Liaoyang is broken, Shengjing is right in front of us
Chapter 1412 Jia Fang: Even a common man dares to block me!
Chapter 1413 Jia Heng: Soldiers will enter Jinzhou tomorrow!
Chapter 1414 Jia Heng: As a commander-in-chief, he is in charge of the central army and controls the army.
Chapter 1415 Emperor Chongping: Once Liaoyang is defeated, only Jinzhou will be left
Chapter 1416 Chen Xiao: Where should we take the city? Can we use it together? (Please
Chapter 1417 Mu Sheng: No one can escape!
Chapter 1418 Jia Heng: The city of Jinzhou is destroyed, you are enough to be granted a first-class title!
Chapter 1419 Dorgon: God treated him so poorly!
Chapter 1420 Queen Song: No matter how you get promoted to a higher position (please give me the moon)
Chapter 1421 Queen Song: This is truly a couple given to her by God
Chapter 1422 Jia Fang: Who dares to stop me?
Chapter 1423 Chen Xiao: After this battle, the Han Dynasty will be rejuvenated in a century
Chapter 1424 Bombardment of Shengjing City! (Please vote for me!)
Chapter 1425 Jia Heng: The Jurchens flourished vigorously but also died suddenly (please
Chapter 1426 The Qing Dynasty can still be saved! (At the end of the month, please vote for me!)
Chapter 1427 No, this is a trap!
Chapter 1428 Xia Yushi, family (Jia) world
Chapter 1429 Zhen Xue: Can you not play well? The same bloodline
Chapter 1430 Queen Song: At that time, the East Palace should be established
Chapter 1431 The Han army’s food road will never have peace!
Chapter 1432 Jia Heng: Making a fuss about the granary.
Chapter 1433 This Qing Dynasty is really coming to an end.
Chapter 1434 At this point, Shengjing City is destroyed!
Chapter 1435 Jia Heng: Who is in charge of the ups and downs of these thousands of miles of mountains and rivers?
Chapter 1436 Jia Heng: The Emperor probably won’t survive this winter
Chapter 1437 Queen Song: Imperial Physician, Imperial Physician
Chapter 1438 Emperor Chongping: No less important than the founding of the country
Chapter 1439 Emperor Chongping: I have never heard that the monarch and his ministers are suspicious, but the country has gained
Chapter 1440 Li Wan: If you want a child, you can have one yourself.
Chapter 1441 Zhen Xue: She also misses Ziyu a little bit
Chapter 1442 Jia Heng: Except for the sweet girl thing
Chapter 1443 Come, escort! Escort!!!
Chapter 1444 Queen Song: Is Your Majesty planning to determine the ownership of the East Palace?
Chapter 1445 Emperor Chongping: Dismiss the commander of Jinyi Mansion and imprison him
Chapter 1446 King Wei: The issue of heirs must be resolved.
Chapter 1447 Jia Heng: I am happy and pity him
Chapter 1448 The County King! The County King!!! (Monthly Ticket! Monthly Ticket!!
Chapter 1449 Jia Heng: No, are you serious? (Third update, please
Chapter 1450 Zhen Lan: Brother Heng should give her a concubine
Chapter 1451 Queen Song: This little fox is really crazy.
Chapter 1452 Jinyang: Isn’t that the same as me?
Chapter 1453 Jia Heng: You are such a naughty kid, you know how to irritate people.
Chapter 1454 Baochai: Is she too good a wife and mother?
Chapter 1455 Jia Heng: I’m just wandering around outside the threshold.
Chapter 1456 Jia Heng: Is this little girl going to become a sperm?
Chapter 1457 Zhen Lan: Why is Brother Heng’s side concubine Xi’er?
Chapter 1458 Jia Heng: Li Wan really misses him.
Chapter 1459 Jia Heng: Bao Qin is really amazing.
Chapter 1460 Qin Keqing: Fuer is talking about you.
Chapter 1461 Jia Heng: Are you ready to answer questions?
Chapter 1462 Jia Heng: It’s really not enough.
Chapter 1463 Queen Song: This is Kunning Palace, don’t do anything wrong.
Chapter 1464 Queen Song: Come on, he’s calling me.
Chapter 1465 Jia Heng: That’s probably when he really becomes the most powerful person in the world.
Chapter 1466 Therefore, one after another followed suit
Chapter 1467 Emperor Chongping: Next letter
Chapter 1468 Jia Heng: Li Qi probably didn’t do it on purpose
Chapter 1469 Li Wen: It’s so good. Brother Heng asked her what she did.
Chapter 1470 Impossible, absolutely impossible (at the end of the month, please vote
Chapter 1471 Fan Yi: Jia Gong is the hero of the world (at the end of the month, please give me the moon
Chapter 1472 Queen Song: Jia Ziyu, stop for me! (
Chapter 1473 Queen Song: No man is good!
Chapter 1474 Queen Song: She, Song Tian, will never be captured without mercy!
Chapter 1475 Emperor Chongping: Deciding the name of the temple during his lifetime, I’m afraid he will be
Chapter 1476 Jia Heng: Jinyang, do you know what you are talking about?
Chapter 1477 Zhen Qing: He may not be able to sit in that position for long (please
Chapter 1478 Queen Song: She just makes him look good!
Chapter 1479 Emperor Chongping: This is the way to create chaos!
Chapter 1480 Queen Song: No matter what happens, right?
Chapter 1481 Jia Heng: Sister Feng, she is really hungry
Chapter 1482 Jia Heng: Second wife, you don’t want the second master’s official career either.
Chapter 1483 King Wei: Everyone in the world knows that King Chu is the crown prince. This is
Chapter 1484 King Wei: Father, this is all because of you! (Qiuyue
Chapter 1485 King Wei: If a man is alive and does not have five cauldrons to eat, death will be five cauldrons.
Chapter 1486 Tan Chun: What does it mean to be even? Can this be the same?
Chapter 1487 Jia Heng: When will Keqing have an aunt?
Chapter 1488 Jia Heng: Should soldiers from the capital camp be dispatched to the city to assist?
Chapter 1489 Xianning: She is really afraid of Mr.
Chapter 1490 Princess Xianning: Why, are you still reading?
Chapter 1491 Princess Jinyang: I really let you enjoy all the blessings.
Chapter 1492 Zhen Qing: Then will the King of Wei jump over the wall in a hurry?
Chapter 1493 Princess Jinyang: You know it in your heart
Chapter 1494 Emperor Chongping: Now that the crown prince has been established, he should oversee the country
Chapter 1495 Chapter 1495 King Chu: Otherwise, really
Chapter 1496 Li Zan: Prince Fang Li made no mistakes, why should he be abolished?
Chapter 1497 King Chu: Ziyu, save me! Ziyu, save me!
Chapter 1498 Queen Song: She is simply not a human being!
Chapter 1499 The mountain collapsed, and the emperor died
Chapter 1500 Discussing temple names and posthumous titles
Chapter 1501 Chen Xiao: The late emperor’s bones are not yet cold
Chapter 1502 Jia Heng: Madam, please forgive me and obey.
Chapter 1503 King of Chu: He Chen Qin will carry out his great father’s legacy and fulfill it
Chapter 1504 Queen Song: Don’t leave!
Chapter 1505 Jia Heng: He and Tian Niuer are indeed a little bit different.
Chapter 1506 Jia Heng: The flowing emperor, the iron-clad King Wei.
Chapter 1507 Prince Wei is bound to be ruined!
Chapter 1508 King Wei: After all, I was the one who got my mother into trouble
Chapter 1509 Jia Heng: Sooner or later this thunder will explode
Chapter 1510 King Chu: This matter indeed brings disgrace to the Tian family
Chapter 1511 The First Year of Jianxing
Chapter 1512 Jia Heng: Come to think of it, the death of King Chu is approaching
Chapter 1513 Jia Heng: He doesn’t seem to have visited Yingchun.
Chapter 1514 Jia Heng: As for that?
Chapter 1515 Queen Song: Today’s shame, Song Tian wants to wash it with her own hands
Chapter 1516 Jia Heng: Sweet Girl is going to be dethroned?
Chapter 1517 Jia Zheng: He is truly a great and distinguished ancestor!
Chapter 1518 King of Chu: The prince of Wei County is loyal to the country, although he is romantic and lustful
Chapter 1519 Zhen Qing: Ziyu, I want him dead! (End of the month a
Chapter 1520 Zhen Qing: I also agree to this matter. (Please vote for me)
Chapter 1521 Chen Xiao: Those bullshit things are totally irrelevant
Chapter 1522 King Chu: Zitong doesn’t know what’s going on, so don’t say more.
Chapter 1523 Jia Heng: Spreading branches and leaves, that’s about it (please vote for me)
Chapter 1524 Jia Heng: Today, I became a father twice in one day
Chapter 1525 Qiu Liang: The undercover minister wants to expose, expose Prince Wei and the former
Chapter 1526 Chen Xiao: If you keep cutting off, you will suffer chaos instead
Chapter 1527 Jia Heng: No, does Keqing have a son?
Chapter 1528 Zhen Qing: That bastard must give her an explanation
Chapter 1529 Jia Heng: He should be able to stay here all the time.
Chapter 1530 Li Wan: God bless him, he must be his son
Chapter 1531 Chen Xiao: Is this an affair with Dragon and Phoenix?
Chapter 1532 King Chu: He has many good generals and talents, and there is no shortage of them.
Chapter 1533 King of Chu: He was the emperor of the Han Dynasty, but he died in assassination
Chapter 1534 Is the country about to perish and chaos abound?
Chapter 1535 Queen Song: Maybe, put on mourning clothes
Chapter 1536 Chen Xiao: Now, who else would you rather me!
Chapter 1537 Queen Song: Talking now means nothing, right?
Chapter 1538 Zhen Qing: The throne belongs to Jier, no one can take it away!
Chapter 1539 Jia Heng: The imperial court has its own established system, how can it be changed?
Chapter 1540 Jia Heng: They had to agree
Chapter 1541 Zhen Qing: The new king is his son, where is he?
Chapter 1542 Jia Heng: Do I want to deprive the king of the county title? In order to secure the dynasty
Chapter 1543 Baochai: The title of prince? Your lord, he is going to become a prince.
Chapter 1544 Jia Heng: It won’t be in front of King Chu’s coffin
Chapter 1545 Jia Heng: King Chu is really going to raise his coffin
Chapter 1546 Queen Song: Another cliché!
Chapter 1547 Jia Heng: They are all just like chickens and dogs, vulnerable to a single blow
Chapter 1548 Miaoyu: Just like his father
Chapter 1549 Li Zan: King Wei should also reciprocate.
Chapter 1550 Jia Heng: The foundation of the prosperous age was laid before the emperor was alive
Chapter 1551 Miaoyu: You think her child is getting in the way, right?
Chapter 1552 Jia Heng: When the late emperor was dying, I held my hand to support the country.
Chapter 1553 Queen Song: This bastard, there is someone outside
Chapter 1554 Jia Heng: Sleeping with the second queen, as a man should do!
Chapter 1555 Jinyang: Stop pretending, I don’t know you yet
Chapter 1556 Chen Yuan: He wants to see what happens to the child in the future
Chapter 1557 Queen Song: This Zhen family is really bullying others!
Chapter 1557 Zhen Qing: The Ai family doesn’t need you to visit! (At the beginning of the month, please
Chapter 1558 Jia Heng: We have to get together sooner or later
Chapter 1559 Xu Lu: Only one family can do such meticulous things!
Chapter 1560 Lu Jiang: The despicability of King Wei is known to both the government and the public!
Chapter 1561: Gentlemen, follow me to punish the traitors in the country!
Chapter 1562 Jia Heng: Your slanderous remarks are really bloody words.
Chapter 1563 Jia Heng: The Queen Mother calms down her anger
Chapter 1564 Lu Jiang: Yuan Fu, Xiaguan Cheng didn’t know about it
Chapter 1565 Jia Heng: Then take it out!
Chapter 1566 Jia Heng: If Zhilan is in charge, then we have to hoe!
Chapter 1567 King Wei: Is he worthy of Xianning? Is he worthy of his father?
Chapter 1568 Jia Heng: Needs to be sharpened and sharpened
Chapter 1569 Jia Heng: Laner understands him
Chapter 1570 Jia Heng: There’s no way around chess, right?
Chapter 1571 Jia Heng: The emperor controls the nine states, and there are five ministers
Chapter 1572 Zhen Qing: No one can!
Chapter 1573 Gao Zhongping: The desire for power fills the heart, and the desires are hard to fill!
Chapter 1574 Zhen Qing: That being the case, there is no need to worry
Chapter 1575 Jia Heng: The road to Shu is difficult, it is difficult to reach the sky
Chapter 1576 Daiyu: What else can be done? Sheep Che Wang Xing
Chapter 1577 Jia Heng: You can’t always linger in the land of gentleness