Chapter 1133 Mohist commander training

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 George III gasped violently, and was secretly angry in his heart. The Mohist organization was really too arrogant, but they could only be arrogant for a few more days. Because of the existence of the Mohist family, all nine of his pyramids had been basically built.

After that, although the Mo family withdrew the engineering team and materials, as long as he found enough people, it would take less than a few months to complete the subsequent part of the construction. It was nothing more than spending more money and finding more ways.

Do some hard work.

When he becomes the Black Emperor, he will be invincible on this land with the power of a true god. Only a true god can fight against a true god. At that time, the only role of the mortal empire is to provide faith to it. When he becomes a god,

, the Mohists can be destroyed with a flip of their hands.

This is also one of the reasons why the Mohist family has developed so prosperously, but has not received the attention it deserves. There is no true god-level existence behind the Mohist family. The highest estimate is that there is a king of angels behind the Mohist family.

In contrast, even the Witch Sect and the Aurora Society, even if they are cults, have the True God behind them. Even the Moss Ascetic Order has hidden sages who are almost equal to the True God behind them. These are worthy of attention.

In the face of these organizations, even if George III really became the Black Emperor, he must be treated with courtesy. Without the existence of the true god, it would be a completely different level.

After his anger subsided a little, someone finally knocked on the door, and a pretty girl in gorgeous clothes walked in. Although his face was that of a girl, his temperament gave people an intellectual and mature look.

With the charm of the room, the door slowly closed. No one knew what they talked about specifically, but there was no doubt that someone in the royal family would need to take the blame for the labor raising.

The Mohist family's ability to control the grassroots is too strong. Unless the royal family uses the army in a big way, it will not be able to recruit so many people to build the pyramid. Normal recruitment methods are no longer effective. Under the instigation of the Mohist Xuanyi Department

Under the current situation, the public was resistant to all recruitment efforts by the royal family. In addition, various emerging factories consumed a large amount of human resources, and there was almost no unemployment problem. As a result, conventional methods could not recruit people at all.

All that is left is to create natural disasters man-made, and then fish in troubled waters in the natural disasters, capture people, and use them as slaves.

Adam's plan is advancing steadily, but he can only interfere with the advancement of his plan. As for the final result, it still depends on strength. If there are two people of equal strength, the writer can rely on

The script written by oneself can control the outcome of the battle, but if the strength of the two sides is very different, then if you want to rely on the script to let the weak win, you need to arrange too many coincidences.

As soon as Zhou Mingrui arrived at Blackthorn Security Company to clock in for work, captain Dunn Smith called him to the office.

"You should try your best to go to the Mo family as little as possible in the recent period. If you must go, be careful. The current situation in the country is quite tense. The church still supports the royal family in name. If your relationship with the Mo family is too close, you may encounter problems in the future.

Got into some trouble."

Zhou Mingrui also heard about what the Mohists had done before. From his point of view, this kind of thing is actually relatively normal. Although his thoughts cannot be said to be radical, as a person who grew up in the 21st century, he has no idea about this kind of thing.

It is understandable for a huge organization to mobilize its troops and mobilize its troops for a seemingly insignificant person.

This is like evacuating overseas Chinese from an embassy. A responsible organization or country will try its best to be responsible to every citizen. Of course, if the Mohist family chose to settle the matter, he would also understand. After all, this kind of behavior in his era

There are a lot of things happening. Generally speaking, it is an era where many contradictions still exist and are spiraling.

Zhou Mingrui has been frequently visiting the Mohist headquarters recently, so it can be seen that this huge organization is preparing for war, and the extraordinary people who have joined it have begun to receive signs and undergo militarized training. This is actually a problem for him.

By chance, after being exposed to the legend of the ancient Sun God and many secrets, Zhou Mingrui realized one thing more deeply, that is, the importance of strength.

If you want to survive in a dangerous and complex environment, the simplest and crudest way is to make yourself stronger and stronger. Although Klein has different ideas, he believes that the way to survive is to become a useful person.

, as long as living is more useful than dying, the probability of survival will be quite high.

After all, no matter how strong you become, there will always be someone stronger than you. There is only one person who can become the strongest being in the world.

Although the two people have different ideas, they are both opposed to participating in the Mohist military training to improve their self-protection capabilities.

In the new week, they gradually accommodated the extraordinary characteristics of the loner and the instigator, and mastered the skills of observing words and emotions and the skills of inciting and instigating.

After being exposed to these two extraordinary characteristics, he also unlocked a branch of advanced professions in the Mo family. The promotion system of the Mo family is open and transparent. There is even a set of skill trees in the promotion system. If you want to be promoted to someone,

For each position, you need to first accommodate a certain extraordinary characteristic or learn a certain aspect of relevant knowledge.

For example, the profession that can be unlocked by Mind Readers and Instigators is the Propaganda Committee, which is affiliated with the Propaganda Department. However, these two extraordinary characteristics are only one of the prerequisites. If you want to join them, you must study Mohist thought in depth and have enough knowledge.

Grassroots practical experience.

And from a certain level, these two abilities are indeed suitable for use in propaganda, as a role similar to a political commissar.

As for the Mo family, if they want to participate in military training and become a commander, the prerequisite is to have at least four Sequence Eight extraordinary characteristics and possess the extraordinary characteristics of a machine.

The extraordinary characteristics of the machine are very special among many characteristics. It can make people think like a machine, think quickly, and have powerful computing power. This ability is not available even to many high-sequence experts.

It is most suitable for controlling complex mechanical equipment or commanding legions.

However, in addition to the machine's ability, many other extraordinary characteristics are needed to fight on the battlefield. After the machine's extraordinary characteristics are stripped away, very few bonuses can remain, and most of the computing power cannot be retained.

Therefore, in addition to setting aside some of these extraordinary characteristics for extraordinary people to accommodate, most of them are made into magical items that can be used with artificial spinal implants, that is, inserting magical items into the implanted spine, and use them like this

The user will be able to master the capabilities of the machine while possessing other extraordinary characteristics.

As for where the machine's extraordinary characteristics come from? It is naturally found through the law of extraordinary characteristics aggregation. Will, as the angel king of the destiny path, has already obtained the uniqueness, but it has not been accommodated.

The attraction of extraordinary characteristics of the same path is already very high. When this ability is actively used, the efficiency of searching for extraordinary characteristics is quite high, especially since it can interfere with destiny and allow people who hold these extraordinary characteristics to actively search for extraordinary characteristics.

When he comes to visit, he will encounter those wild and extraordinary characteristics by chance.

As a result, the machines of the Mo family have many extraordinary properties, and the total number of Sequence Eights is quite large. According to their statistics, the total number of Sequence Eights of different sequences that exist in nature is generally between five and one hundred thousand, but

Most of them were buried deep underground in history, or were in the process of being accommodated by a certain creature. After this creature was eaten in a short period of time, they existed in different individuals, because they were different from each other.

It cannot be fused and becomes the source of power in some extraordinary materials with weak mysterious power.

Many auxiliary materials for potions probably come from this way. Some of them contain a certain amount of extraordinary power, but the amount contained is very small, far less than the amount of an extraordinary property, but they themselves contain extraordinary

Power does have the property of self-regeneration, and is not a derivative of extraordinary properties.

It is difficult to collect these scattered Extraordinary characteristics. Perhaps only a true original recovery can recover these Extraordinary characteristics that have been mixed together and scattered in the world.

Zhou Mingrui and Klein took advantage of the Mo family's military training to borrow a magical item from the machine for free. The Mo family did not say how many similar magical items they had stored, but depending on what the Mo family meant, the machine's extraordinary characteristics, production

Magical items are standard equipment for every commander, and these extraordinary commanders are assigned directly to the company at least. From this point of view, the Mo family's reserves are definitely not small.

When conducting military training, the first thing to train is not combat and command, but the use of language and instructions, that is, standardizing the process of inputting instructions.

When Klein came out of the operating room, he felt like he was in another world. At this time, there were thirty-two more interfaces on his spine, and he could control these interfaces to flash regularly.

It was a little difficult to control it at first. It was like controlling your little finger and ring finger to make different movements. It can actually be done when you are extremely concentrated, but as long as you relax a little, the movements will be deformed. Exercise

The process of mastering this ability is also one of the processes of exercising personal willpower.

Those who can apply for mechanical implantation of artificial spine and complete the operation are already considered elite among the Mohists. Those who can do this are basically eligible to apply for military training and do not need to fulfill military obligations for the time being. But Klein

I feel that as long as I master the corresponding military skills, even if I don't sign any agreement, my chances of going to the battlefield in the future will be greatly increased.

This is just like veterans who have a greater probability of being drafted. Even if you are theoretically equal to others, but you have mastered the technology of war, when you are needed on the battlefield, the probability of being drafted will naturally be greater. This

In fact, it is certain knowledge, and just knowing it represents one of the dangerous natural science explanations.

Even so, he still participated in the training and showed considerable perseverance. Although he was not the fastest among the same group of trainers in mastering digital language, he was still in the first echelon.

Klein seems to have been like this since he was a child. No matter what kind of group he is in, he will ask himself to be among the top ten percent of the group. People like this will become better themselves if they get into the better group of people.

The better you will become, conversely, if you are mixed in a group of people who are just getting along, your talent will probably be lost to everyone else. This kind of person is generally called by us...the King of Volume.

Most of the people participating in the training have a basic foundation, that is, they have learned digital language before the training, and can master the use and reading proficiently. It is just that they have not personally used the artificial spine, so most people actually use it within a week.

Within a few seconds, you can complete the most basic reading and writing.

The next step is to practice the standardized language system. This process is as boring as learning eight-part essay, but whether you are controlling a mecha or commanding an army, this standardized language is necessary.

To order the army to perform what kind of mission at what time and where, the order must be accurate. If it is to control the mecha battle, then the control of which joint and how to rotate, and what the next output will be, must also be accurate. It is best to be able to

Develop conditioned reflexes so that you can control your body like your own.

The elimination rate of relevant training is actually very high, because perseverance and perseverance are themselves a kind of talent. When it is difficult to make progress after practicing many times, many people may give up subconsciously.

But Xiao Ke wouldn't... because he was really a master of scrolling. It took him two full rounds of Tarot meetings. He even gave up searching for the existence that interfered with his destiny and just relied on scrolling to death.

The proficiency of sentences has increased to a level sufficient to control mechas.

The so-called standard sentences are the few commands that can be most stably executed by the mecha after testing and coordination. This is like when the player controls the game character in the game, only a few keys on the keyboard can be used. The game

The character can only make basic moves, jumps and attacks, but can still complete various combat instructions.

Standard sentences are to standardize the sentences for controlling basic actions such as walking, jumping, attacking, rolling, etc. of a mecha. As long as you continue to input these sentences, you can make the mecha make corresponding actions. Of course, if you input them invariably, the mecha will fall over.

, just like a drone that only executes commands without a flight control will directly explode. The input of standard sentences needs to master a certain rhythm. For example, when walking and encountering obstacles, certain commands need to be delayed.

Input or slight adjustment, this is actually not too difficult to master after you become proficient. It is just like riding a bicycle. You will definitely fall at the beginning, but you will get better after falling a few times.

Among these standard sentences, in addition to the most basic attacks, there are also some skills, such as sliding shovel, roundhouse kick, strafing, etc. The mastering method is similar to walking and jumping. Once you master these abilities, you can control the mecha.

It is not as proficient as controlling one's own body, but it will definitely greatly amplify the individual's combat effectiveness.

When Klein received his first internship machine, he felt completely safe. On the way home, a three-meter-tall mecha followed him and walked with him, as if

I brought a super bodyguard.

[To be continued]

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