0139,Someone is jealous

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 After Li Xiaofei sent Zhong Ling to the entrance of Qishen College, he watched her walk into the school before riding home.

When we returned to the slum, it was already half past twelve in the evening.

Push the door open and go in.

The lights are still on in the living room.

My aunt was sitting at the dining table, pounding the medicine with slow movements.

Under the dim light, my aunt's side face seemed as gentle as time.

"came back?"

She looked towards the door.

"why are not you sleeping?"

Li Xiaofei said in surprise, "Didn't I send a message saying there was a banquet today?"

The aunt put down the medicine pestle in her hand and said, "Go to bed."


Li Xiaofei took off his clothes and lay down obediently on the bed in the back room.

The aunt was wearing cotton wide-leg pants and a wraparound short-sleeved upper body, and she was riding on Li Xiaofei's body.

He rubbed his hands skillfully to warm them up, took another breath, and started massaging.

"Your physical condition has improved a lot recently."

While pressing, the aunt said, "Your Xingqi cultivation has improved, so the damage caused by boxing to the physical body is decreasing. However, correspondingly, the increase in the strength of your physical body has also begun to decrease."

Li Xiaofei was thoughtful.

It seems that it is imperative to extract new techniques.

As his cultivation strength increased, the 'Powerful Vajra Fist' could no longer give him an absolute advantage.

The aunt's hands were flexible, like magic, and her slender jade fingers pressed the acupuncture points all over Lin Beichen's body.

"Turn over."

she said.

Li Xiaofei turned his head to the sky obediently.

Auntie gave me another massage.

All the major points on the body were pressed.

Li Xiaofei only felt that with the aunt's fingertips rubbing and pressing, the acupuncture points all over his body felt like needles pricking at first.

Then the stinging pain turned into a warm current and spread out along the acupuncture points.

It's like clearing a cave that has been blocked by sand for a long time.

The whole massage process
It's over, a full hour has passed.

My aunt's breathing was rapid and she was slightly panting.

She got off him.

Take the medicine jar placed aside.

Inside were the herbs she had mixed and mashed into a paste.

The dark green medicinal paste exudes a faint herbal aroma.

The aunt kneaded these medicinal pastes into pills of different sizes, and then pressed them one by one on Li Xiaofei's pressed acupuncture points.

A burning tingling sensation instantly penetrates the skin and pours into the acupuncture points.

This is more exciting than the previous massage.

Then, she used bandages to wrap Li Xiaofei and the pills together, and stuck them together tightly.

President Li was almost turned into a mummy.

"Go to sleep."

The aunt said, "When you wake up and the medicine is absorbed, you can remove the bandage."

Her words seemed to have a hypnotic power.

Li Xiaofei felt that his eyelids were getting heavier and heavier.

Before I knew it, I fell into a deep sleep.

At the last moment when he was unconscious, he felt like a body lying gently beside him.

He fell asleep next to him.


Li Xiaofei woke up suddenly.

The sunlight outside the window shines in.

A touch of gold, as warm as a lover's first kiss.

He got up from the bed and took off the bandages one by one.

The herbs attached to the acupuncture points have turned white, like white cotton wool, and fall off with the slightest movement.

He felt lighter than ever before.

An unprecedented sense of power spread throughout my body.


It's like being reborn.

Today is the weekend.

No need to go to school.

Li Xiaofei put on his clothes and came to the living room.

There is a hot breakfast on the table.

There was also a note left.

Xiaojie has already had dinner and went to practice with her friends.

My aunt went to apply for medicine.

Li Xiaofei finished his breakfast and wiped and disinfected the tableware. ??

Then he rode his modified motorcycle to the headquarters of Yuntian Society.

This street has become bustling with traffic and extremely prosperous.

And it's clean and hygienic.

Compared with a few months ago, it was like heaven or underground.

What makes Li Xiaofei most satisfied is that the slum renovation project went very smoothly.

Many buildings are hundreds of years old, and if they are renovated, it will be like traveling back to 500 years ago.

This kind of scenery and atmosphere gave Li Xiaofei a deep sense of immersion.

This may be the last bit of the world that he could try to hold on to five hundred years ago.



Along the way, people greeted the young club boss one after another.

Due to the sequelae of the beast tide incident, the base city is currently in a state of closure and control.

Therefore, the slum hunting team cannot go out and are practicing enthusiastically in the club's training ground.

The arrival of Li Xiaofei made every member of the hunting team work harder and strive for performance.

And those young people who were selected as outstanding young people and were accepted as disciples by Li Xiaofei, when they saw Li Xiaofei's appearance, they worked harder than the last one.

He walked around and said a few formal words, which made these young people's blood boil.

After a while.

Li Xiaofei sat in the conference room.

Yang Cheng, Li Junjie, Chu Yuntian and others
The senior members of the group were prominently among them.

Nowadays, President Li's prestige is as high as the sky, and everyone looks at this young boss who has rebuilt the slums with eager and admiring eyes.

The content of the meeting was compact.

The first is the Ye family’s aggressive acquisition of land in slums.

Yuntianshe used this incident to expel some bad elements with evil intentions in the slums. Now all the remaining owners follow President Li's will and refuse to sell an inch of land even at a sky-high price.

Therefore, the Ye family's acquisition progress can be described as slow.

"Boss, the Ye family's acquisition team has not been here in the past two days."

Fatty Yang Cheng, as the club's chief steward, always pays attention to all aspects of information and reports, "But there is news from the outside that they have become a real estate company called 'Paradise Island', and are working with the 'Dragon Claw Gang', 'Flying Bird Gang'

The five registered societies, Yunjian Pavilion, Daxing Gang, and Iron Palm Co., Ltd., have reached an agreement on joint development. I suspect that they are here for us."

The five gangs mentioned by Yang Cheng are all major forces in the base city.

Among them, the 'Dragon Claw Gang' and 'Feiyun Sword Hall' are the strongest.

They are the sixth and eighth registered gangs in the city. They have a century-old history, strong strength, and masters of the Acupuncture Realm. Their influence has penetrated into every aspect of the base city.

What is even more worth mentioning is that judging from the projection of the optical computer virtual map, the sphere of influence controlled by these five gangs happens to surround the entire slum from all directions.

"It seems that the Ye family is too soft, and they are going to be hard."

Chu Yuntiandao.

The faces of the other hall masters and incense masters who were doing this all showed indignation.

The Ye family goes too far in bullying others.

The slums finally came out of the dire straits of the past and saw some light. Everyone could barely eat enough and engage in some legitimate businesses to support their families.

Just a few days after the good days, some people became jealous.


This chapter has been completed!
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