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Super Star Martial Arts

Super Star Martial Arts

author:Crazy Sword in Troubled Times

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:07-10 05:51

Latest chapter:0936,Postscript

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《Super Star Martial Arts》The latest nine chapters
0935, the one who escaped
0934,What is the place behind the door?
0933, that door
0931, Imperial War
0930,The weakest you
0929, Immortal Emperors Gather
0928, guard
《Super Star Martial Arts》Chapter Contents
0001,Moonlight Treasure Box
0002, Secret Palace of Time
0003,The God of Death comes out of his cage
0004, Invincible Divine Fist
0005, aunt is not aunt
0006,I'm back
0007,I satisfy you
0008, improve cultivation level
0009, changes in the community
0010, seems like a different person
0011,Why are you forcing me?
0012, Tiger Roar Breathing Technique
0013, Xingli reagent
0014,Martial God Arena
0015, not simple
0016, pretend to be fat
0017,The battle begins
0018, Do you still have the courage?
0019, kill the invincible hand with one punch
0020,Strength increased sharply
0021,I am invincible from here on
0022,Uncle with peach blossom eyes
0023, I didn’t expect you to be quite sensible.
0024, extinguish the fire
0025, you are so weak
0026, one punch is enough to defeat you
0027, there really is only one punch
0028, please give me your advice.
0029, The battle between new martial arts and ancient martial arts
0030,Be a dog for me
0031, hopeless
0032,King Kong's divine power to counterattack
0033, aunt’s methods
0035, Distribute practice secrets
0036, Go to the brain room and have fun
0037, your uncle
0038, all parties were shocked
0039,It’s actually you?
0040,The forum is in turmoil
0041, One thought is super divine
0042,increase efforts
0043, 100% hit
0044, let’s play a game
0045,Are you kidding me?
0046, Covenant of Five Spirits
0047, Lingbo Weibu
0048, super god
0049, Make money and make money
0050, I can’t find an angle to comfort you.
0051, three absolute wishes
0053, open challenge
0054, let me try
0055,He is your uncle
0056, I want to join Hongqi High School
0057, take flight
0058,Little White Dragon in the Waves
0059, league first game
0060,This man is too fast
0061, ancient medical skills of suicide
0062, really good at pretending
0063,I believe you
0064, so crazy that there is no limit
0065, unstoppable
0066, be more restrained
0067,become a star
0068, Acquisition of land
0069, major discovery
0070, genius decision
0071,pressed under me
0072, top big shot
0073, bad girl
0074,Old Chen Chop Sui Shop
0075,This girl is amazing
0076, be sensible and sit back
0077, don’t leave if you have the guts
0078, see president
0079, Jianghu is not just about fighting and killing.
0080, Friend (rewards for the leader of the Bandit Brotherhood)
0081, it must be legal
0082, little trick
0083, one move
0085, a mistake
0086, I didn’t expect it
0087, the tenth level is nothing more than this
0088, Tianren City
0089, burning flames
0090,It's your turn
0091, tit for tat
0092,hear my story
0093, fighting spirit rising
0094, RUSH tactics again?
0095, all waiting
0096, fell down and stood up again
0097,The true meaning of stick technique
0098, Honeysuckle’s counterattack
0099, Being handsome lasts a lifetime
0100, was defeated
0101,Facing temptation
0102, You don’t know how to praise, right?
0103, I’ll give you one night to think about it.
0104, help in the battle
0105,Level 3
0106, One sword breaks the sky
0107,Rewards and subsidies
0108,new rhythm
0109, It’s not too late to regret now
0110,This is what you should do
0111, soft food but hard food
0112,male sex
0113,I have a good idea
0114,your thoughts
0115, don’t say you didn’t predict what you said.
0116, Enemies meet on a narrow road
0119,It’s actually her
0120, I can still sit still
0121,Aren't you leaving yet?
0122,Kunlun badge
0123,Kunlun Badge(2)
0124, Do I still need to hurry up and run?
0125, Qinling emblem
0127, sudden heat
0126,Xinwu surgery
0127,I’m afraid you won’t succeed
0130, I will kill you with this knife
0131, what is supposed to come finally comes
0132, bet
0133, Appreciation from the big guys
0134, too few
0135, True Dragon Breathing Technique
0136,Can you give me a hug?
0137, it’s not that enemies don’t get together
0138, decisive killing
0139,Someone is jealous
0140,New exercises
0141,Eighteen Palms of Subduing the Dragon
0412, super hot spot
0413,Be a dog
0144, Take action
0145, sign up for a million dollars
0146,I'm sorry, I didn't know it was you
0147,want to be friends
0148,Sister is doing it for your own good
0149, Candidate replacement
0150,look forward
0151, legendary woman Xiao Hongye
0152,This little girl
0153,Soul of Red Leaves
0154, the biggest suspense
0155, palm technique
0157, make sure to make substitutions
0158, called Ba Ba
0159,The biggest challenge
0160, crushing in all directions
0161, three remaining health
0162,Superstar Li Xiaofei
0163,The outcome is decided
0164, Demonstration in the air
0165, handsome but a bit foul
0166,talented fan
0167, you are your uncle
0168, you have original sin
0169,sage family
0170, three secrets
0172,I am a master
0172, flash kill
0174, gang talk
0175, ancient books used today
0176, half asleep and half awake
0177, condensed version
0179, hold up
0180, gang talk
0181, huge amount of money
0182, first warning
0183, unprecedented eighty
0185, Six Meridians Divine Sword
0186, mind-telling technique
0187,The power of the life and death talisman
0188, mutation
0189, The Six Meridians Divine Sword Appears in the Mortal World
0190, strong explosion kill
0191, invincible means
0193, kill you to fear
0194, life and death status
0195, who else?
0196, invincible push
0197, so majestic
0198,Do I need to explain to you?
0199,Don’t blame me for being rude
0200,The eldest lady is drunk
0201,Beautiful girls don’t have bad mouths
0202,What kind of boy is he?
0203,Blue Mountain High School
0204, invincible punch
0205, you win if you block a sword
0206, Yan Chiyu’s terror
Remarks on the launch
0207,Champion’s Ambition(1/10)
0208,destroying (2/10 please subscribe)
0209, damn handsome man (please subscribe on 3/10)
0210,Bai Longfei, the king of soft rice (4/10)
0211, Uninvited Guest (Please subscribe on 5/10)
0212, people are numb (please subscribe on 6/10)
0213, blocking the bathroom door (7/10)
0214, plenty of feces (8/10 please subscribe)
0215, super big event (please subscribe on 9/10)
0216, Northwest Eye (10/10 please subscribe)
0218, the pilot chapter of Five Qi Chaoyuan Jue
0220,He is my brother
0221, Weird practice route
0222, the realm of no leakage
0223,Death on a snowy night
0224,Waiting in the shop
0225,you know what I want to see
0226,Snowy night,murderous night
0227, Killing God Squad, see above
0228, Half-animal transformation·Lightning speed
0230,a very important person
0231,Ultimate Demon King Form
0232,Kill God for you
0233,I have a good idea
0234, the city leader’s awakening
0235, your uncle has something to say
0236, hidden murderous intent
0237,horror legend
0238, Aunt’s changes
0239, ten days period
0240, returned to Zhenyi, and his strength skyrocketed
0241,break out of cocoon and become butterfly
0242,Are you here to attend the wedding too?
0243,Someone objects
0244,arrogant and domineering Li Xiaofei
0245, try it if you are not convinced
0246, horizontal push
0247, storm of public opinion
0248, space theft point
0249, Fixed point and timed transmission
0250, show your edge
0251, Level 5 Bull Demon
0252, the most bloody battle
0253, strong and invincible
0254,walking bird
0255,Five amazing people
0256, The magical effect of armor control
0257, Instant kill of Five Spirit Realm
0258, grinding an angle into a knife
0259, A stick in the sky·Eight Heavenly Sword Techniques
0260, a great knife
0261. Anyone who blocks his path will be killed with a single blow.
0262, the secret behind the scenes
0263, unbearable murderous intention
0264,Bright future
0267,Excellent sword skills
0268,Great Summer Knife
0268, Ye family removed
0269,You are an ant in front of me
0270,Frightened and silenced
0271, fox girl Ahri
0272,you may die
0273,It turns out she is a beauty
0274, top experts are in charge
0276, Yuntianshe Children’s School
0277, the promise of the past
0278,three knives
0279, one sword ends
0280, blast away with one punch
0281, bloodline warrior
0282, The arrival of the devil·The wrath of mortals
0284, Guwu’s spring?
0285,Don’t blame me for being cruel
0287, Zhong Kui reappears
0287, mechanical creature
0288, first encounter with the golden body
0289, Yin-Yang Sympathy and Great Compassion
0290,I seem to have forgotten something
0291, merit value -1
0292, new goal
0293,leave and want to leave
0294, Lao Tan’s advice
0295, see through
0296, speed of life and death
0298,Tree Demon
0299,Destiny Silkworm
0300, Do you dare to go?
0301,Finish all your efforts in one battle
0302, the first master of the fantasy sword style
0303, invincible posture
0304, Bah, traitor
0305, the most precious treasure
0306, also for you
0307,Martial God Competition
0308, humiliation and targeting?
0309, so arrogant
0310, Xie Renyu is uncharacteristically
0311, an exciting program
0312,big upset
0314,Li Xiaofei was scrambled
0315,Changes on Little New Year’s Eve
0316, the realm of tracking
0318,Yi Jin Jing
0319,snatch the enemy
0320,Is everything going well?
0321, pressure and hints
0322, Communication between heaven and earth bridge
0323,Who is this girl?
0324,explosion kill
0325,This vixen is sick
0326,The meaning of cheating
0327,Somewhat different
0328, I don’t move, you move
0329, phaseless sword bone
0330,Ice Age
0331, the stars change
0332, successive changes
0333, innocent heart
0334, you don’t know?
0335, finally understand!
0336,New Year's Eve storm
0337, the sound of happiness
0338,Education Master
0339,Sacrifice one's life in national disaster
0340, Sword and Double Holy Body Technique
0341, my other identity
0342, it turns out it’s his fault
0343,Get out of here
0344, are you worthy?
0345,cannot live to be twenty
0346, new rhythm
0347, born animal soul body
0348,This is just the prelude
0349, Seven Star Begonia
0352,action begins
0353,Destroy her
0354, Detonating public opinion on optical network
0355,Test-public trial?
0355,Teacher is tolerant and kind
0356, Xie Renyu is uncharacteristically
0357, Poor mountains and rivers bring out unruly people?
0358, active duty lieutenant colonel
0359, the day finally arrived
0360, met the saint
0361,Aunt’s secret
0362,Chun Meng Wuhen
0363,reject admission
0364,Feng Junzi
0365, Competition for talents
.0366, national influence?
0367,You call this bad luck?
0368, let me see how you die
0369, Confusing right and wrong
0370,Master is here
0371,worth betting
0372,He is ignorant
0373, it exploded immediately
0375, the leader and the junior uncle
0376, Fallen God Sword Palm
0378, fell down before exerting any force.
0379,Who is Little Red Riding Hood?
0380,The ancestor of hundreds of soldiers
0381,create record
0382,Nine Yang Magic
0383, Taixuan Sword Body
0384, She is actually my girlfriend
0385,I am such a resourceful genius
0386,White Deer College
0388, Vice General and Graduation Season
0389,This classmate, are you not sick?
0390,Two or three things in university reports
0391,dormitory cave
0392,Hit a ghost
0393, abandon thirteen
0394,he is coming
0396,The sword on the butt
0397,Double Holy Body of Swords
0398,Revisit the Cemetery of the Sages
0399,White Lotus Killing Sword
0400, the real savior
0401, Go to Tan’s house
0402, cruel and ruthless
0403,Finally meet you
0404,Who is the real head of the family?
0406, double kill
0407,Declaration of war
0408, Kill the Saint with One Sword
0409, transfer skills
0410,Never doubt Master
0411, really can’t afford to offend
0412,There is trouble
0413, Dragon Group asks for help
0414, Daxia Dragon Group, codenamed Jade Emperor
0415,Are you okay?
0416, something big happened
0417,Some secrets
0418,You seem to be in trouble
0419,useless waste
0420,How could it be you?
0421,The real traitor
0422, Is this old Bai Mao very cool?
0423,What went wrong?
0424, I thought it was so strong
0425, Beichen uses sword energy to cut pulses
0427, are you there?
0428,Three Grass Sword
0429,Leave it to me
0430,Drink for you
0432, far-reaching plan
0433, still can’t help it
0434,a good official
0435,Who is the force behind you?
0436,disappeared into thin air
0437, one city, two worlds
0438,The truth and the connector
0439,arrogant and domineering young man
0440,smart man
0441,Who are you?
0442, just in time to warm up
0443,There are no heroes
0445, Clouds move in all directions
0447,Three powerful men
0448, palm reading is extremely accurate
0449, like an immortal
0450, just me
0451,I'm serious
0452,Ten Saints
0453,Little Dragon Girl
0454, a word of comrade
0455,God of Death
0456,Why is it her?
0457, Friendship between old friends?
0458,Sincerity behind the glass window in the sun
0459, petals falling
0460, he saw
0461,Those who cross the line will die.
0462, the fourth saint
0463,I am the invincible in the world
0464, made a lot of money
0465, Night of blood rain in slums
0466, numb
0467,bloody night
0468, one death and one rise
0469, soaring strength, three major forms
0470, you may not lose money, but I will gain with blood
0471, Contraceptive magic
0472,new function
0473, Meeting an old friend in a foreign land
0474,This boy is not simple
0475,I like you
0476, blocked
0477, Dare to be the first in the world
0478, Caught in bed?
0479,new student
0480,What a smart genius
0481, great things have happened
0482, book of life and death
0483,three kills
0484, nine deaths without regrets
0485, Any last words?
0486,He has been here
0487, the purest woman
0488,I don’t like it
0489, Shanjing Gumi makes a comeback
0490, the leader of beauty
0491,Three major gangs
0492,Gift from Brother Dog
0493, horror strengths
0495, you disappoint me very much
0496, Done
0497,The unexpected beauty of self-healing
0499, Sacrifice one's life in national disaster
0500, three funerals
0501, the new queen
0502,want to hit him
0504,lucky guy
0505, looking back in time
0506, The most beautiful girl in history?
0507,The performance begins
0508,Have you not eaten?
0509,marriage news
0510, subspace god
0511,Why don’t you laugh?
0512, Spear of Hades
0513, high-risk occupations
0514, that’s Bajie
0515,appear in public
0516, restraint
0517,The wedding day is coming
0518,You asked for this.
0519,You want to kill me?
0520,stab and kill
0521, Jie Peng great changes
0522,dog dog
0523, Daxia represents danger
0524,This time I will cut off the queen
0525, the desperate situation of reincarnation
0526, why are you driving so fast?
0527,How can you say that martial arts practitioners are stealing?
0528,Brother Pig and Little Pig
0529, a big gift
0530, full of martial virtue
0531,Crazy harvest
0532,waiting for you
0533,Liuhe City was destroyed
0534,I’d rather go without myself
0535, the time and place are wrong
0536,Kill them all
0537,The trial begins
0538,The flames of revenge
0540,Road to escape
0541, invincible
0542,Behead the ancestor
0543, absolute control
0544,Seven Kills-Ten Thousand Swords Return to the Clan
0545, weird clues
0547, Disciples of Tongtian
0548, a killing spree
0549,Who is that person?
0550,Destroy the Great Sage in a snap of the fingers
0551,Who else?
0552, Summon Invincible
0554,I don’t want to see you
0555,see you again
0556,Father and daughter and father and son
0557,Heroes of the past?
0558,Invite to join
0560, traveling through the years, never regretting nine deaths
0561, divine magic initiation
0563, Borrowing Troops Plan
0564, Star Sea Holy War
0565,It turned out to be her
0566, See you on the bridge with a knife
0567,Cosmic battlefield
0568,Welcome to Earth
0569, strange development route
0570, Weakness
0572,Human trafficking?
0573,polar reversal
0574, try again
0576,A simple contract
0578, immortality
0579, one knife
0580,Big dream comes to nothing
0581,gene lock
0582,Liu Earth
0583, Tower of God
0584, too weak
0586, also said you don’t know martial arts
0589, camp
0590, you will definitely thank me
0592,Darkest hour?
0593,An old friend reappears
0595,Who is he?
0599, turn things around
0600, One sword breaks destiny
0601, ultimate goal
0602, the second time
0604,Why don’t you tell me my name?
0605,Man, don’t be pretentious
0606, doesn’t it mean there is no backstage?
0607, Auntie is in a good mood
0608, before leaving
0609, Ascension
0610, these peach blossom eyes look a bit like
0611, it’s a weird thing
0612, this is a trap, right?
0613,Demon-breaking hand
0614,died again
0615,His life is mine
0616,shooting like a god
0617, Elbow and armpit changes
0618, unstoppable
0620, Even a promiscuous woman knows her kindness
0621,Frustrated Li Xiaofei
0622,The Immortal in White
0623,I admire you
0624,A new ruthless man is born
0625,get rich
0626, Reunion after a long separation
0627,lucky dog
0628,dare to do anything
0629, use your best strength
0630,This fat man
0631,Face is not enough
0632,Help me help you
0633,Three Guns of Wind and Cloud
0634, Already a dead man
0635,Two magnificent men
0636,last words
0637, third shot
0638,I will bury you at the highest place
0639,I'm going to die
0640,Don’t make him unhappy
0641, Captivity
0643, Sanqiu Wangdi Peak
0644,Mysterious man
0645,more and more plump
0647,Moonlight Night Beauty
0648,Girl’s ambition
0649, such a request
0650, enter the world
0651, making a fuss about his woman
0652, Lots from the Earth
0653, Such contraband
0654, reckless man
0656,Special mission
0657,Tsu City in 2008
0658, the same self
0660, your little connections are ridiculous
0662, you don’t deserve it
0663, above the heaven level
0664,Meet the boy again
0665, protective heart
0666, first meeting
0668,playing in water
0669,Aqing's sword
0670, a legend
0671, Zhang Yi’s decision
0672,Exchange meeting (1)
0673,Exchange meeting (2)
0674,Exchange meeting (3)
0675, Exchange Meeting (4)
0676,Exchange meeting (5)
0677, Exchange Meeting (6)
0678, Exchange Meeting (7)
0679, Exchange Meeting (8)
0680, Exchange Meeting (9)
0681, Exchange Meeting (10)
0682,I object
0683, Qingdian rebirth
0684,change the rules
0685, heaven level
0686,Peach Blossom Sword
0687,Crazy invitation to fight
0688, A story from the past in three breaths
0689,This sword is unprecedented
0690,Jie Jian
0691, invincible suppression
0693, a bamboo leaf
0694,Girl A Qing
0697, stunned
0698, super big melon
0699, Brother Chen
0701,coming to the door
0703,Dragon King
0708,executive officer
0709, give you a piece of advice
0710,turning over clouds and rain
0711,Second brother
0712,kneel down
0713,evolutionary selection
0714,The road of evolution
0719, bold plan
0720, I will come back
0722,illegitimate child?
0723, Killing chickens to scare monkeys
0724, pattern of mutation
0726, signed on
0727,Global Chineseization
0728, appears again
0729, the world of mortals refines the heart
0730, the original god
0731, realized
0732,reply soon
0733, Safety and security
0734, the night before
0736,I want to try
0737,beat to death
0738,It’s actually her
0740, heart hanging
0741, approx.
0742, there is the sixth child
0743, test
0745,Luo Ge
0746,master and servant
0747, lost contact
0750,Who is that guy?
0752,no visitors
0754, Arrogant at first and respectful at the end
0755,coming in droves
0756,The last party
0757,Take me with you
0758,The soul wakes up
0759, Ceremony Cemetery
0760,I've been waiting for you for a long time
0761,so ugly
0762, agreed
0765, realm
0766,battle array
0767, complete
0768, entropy fish
0771,dog bite
0772, mountain of corpses and sea of ??blood
0773, giant zombie
0775, Tianhe has arrived
0777, beloved thing
0778, Seeing is deceiving?
0780, light source changes
0781, Dan furnace
0782, one word to die
0783,meet you
0785,Night Demon
0787, wake up
0789, Crane
0790, not a hero
0791, Bagua furnace
0792,Peach and girl
0793, aunt
0794, great luck
0795,Lao Liu
0796, Sanyuan Boundary
0797, the legendary place
0798,I know a secret
0799, soul sound
0800,Say death
0802, the moment of life and death
0803, tritone
0804, that person, that light
0805, six drawers
0807,Three drops of blood
0808, rebirth
0810,The evolution of the eldest lady
0811,The real purpose
0813, four poles
0814, lure the snake out of its hole
0815,Do you know who I am?
0816, say goodbye
0818, repay kindness with hatred
0820, bloody revenge
0821,Isn’t it good to be alive?
0823,Chu Yili
0824, clue
0825, found
0827,Give me my head back
0829,It’s actually him
0830,nine kills
0831, the sixth human race
0833, occupied area
0834,Halloween Fairy Gate
0835,The secret of immortality
0837, Ten Thousand Immortals Conference
0838, ten levels
0839, fisherman’s song
0840,Ten passes completed
0841,Calling the spirit
0842,I am invincible in the world
0843, body of twin saints
0845, Six Changes of Divine Consciousness
0846, Holy Market
0848, strange mixing
0849,Knife of Darkness
0850, not over yet?
0851,Are you poor?
0852,I am very interested in you
0854, Jade of Time
0856,Silver sword piece
0858,because I like you
0859,scientific research
0860, Holy Ruins Secret Realm
0861,survival rate 100%
0863, Immortal Burial Ice Cliff
0864,Mutual calculations
0865,Sword Fairy Lin Beichen
0866, counterattack
0867, soft food but hard food
0868,Strength soars
0869, chaser
0870, Endless Flame
0871,White Lotus Killing Sword
0872, Blade Ruin
0873,Ling family
0874,Guardian Heart
0875, Chief Priest Qin
0876,Bone Dragon
0877, Chaos White Fish
0878, let one fish benefit the human race
0879, true identity
0880, fishing, or fishing for people
0882,The Legend of Two Ancestors
0883, Sword Immortal Enlightenment
0883, Guardian Heart evolves
0884,Evolution Temple
0885,Wasteland Temple
0886, Temple of Wisdom
0887, ancient scroll
0889, underground prison
0890,The cost of evolution
0891,Several big mysteries
0892,The reversal of the battle situation
0893, the ancient people
0894,The fish is about to take the bait
0896, duel
0898,Keep everything simple
0899, perfect bloodline
0900, the race that suddenly disappeared
0901,Finally meet you
0902,Goodbye beauty
0903, little hands are cold
0904, being a mother is strong
0905, It’s time to hug me
0906,Secret Paradise
0907, Return to Chongque City
0908,I'm back
0909,Revisit the old place
0910,Who are you?
0912,I’m coming
0913,return to heaven
0915,The Legend of Titan
0916,Tree King
0917,Thirty-three days outside the sky
0918, becoming emperor
0919, first target
0920,Ancestor of Beasts
0921, Zhuang Zhou Mengdie?
0922, God of Evolution
0923,prehistoric secrets
0924,Death of Beast Ancestor
0925,meet you
0926,The imperial war is coming
0927,Land of Desolation
0928, guard
0929, Immortal Emperors Gather
0930,The weakest you
0931, Imperial War
0933, that door
0934,What is the place behind the door?
0935, the one who escaped