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 Quanye High School exploded and defeated Qishen College.

The news spread across the Internet.

Together with the result of Hongqi High School crushing Blue Mountain High School, a huge tsunami of public opinion was formed on the optical network.

In one day, two of the top five schools were overthrown by the schools that ranked last season.

Qi Gao's overturn was something that none of the parties expected before the game.

After all, they have an excellent record this season, creating a highlight moment when they defeated the league hegemon, Duxing High School, 4:1 in single-player mode.

Compared with previous years, the strength of Qi High School has not diminished, but has increased, and it still maintains absolute competitiveness in the league.

But they lost miserably to Quanye High School.

The single player mode failed miserably at 1:4.

The team mode failed miserably 0:3.

Like Blue Mountain High School, they were also crushed by "weak opponents".

The reason why he was crushed was that Du Ziteng, the team spirit figure in Qi High School and the league's number one doctor, was beaten head-on by Jie Peng Woman Yue Hua Blade in both single player mode and team mode.

Without any warning, the female student Jiepeng showed her strength far beyond what she had seen before.

She single-handedly crushed the entire high school.

The final results of the two games caused an uproar in Liuhe Base City.

"In the past, Hongye High School was a challenger to the top five prestigious schools, but every time it fell short and failed to break into the top five."

"This season, Hongye High School has absorbed the super rookie Little Swordsman Gu Haochen. I thought it could go a step further and pose the strongest challenge to the monopoly of the five major schools in history. But I didn't expect that the first two to break the monopoly were the two cranes from last season.


"The key to the rise of Quanye High School and Hongqi High School is the emergence of internal super-star students."

"Li Xiaofei and Yuehua Ren are the supernovas that have emerged this year."

"Their strength is so amazing that they have the potential to crush opponents of the same level."

"This marks that Liuhe Base City's education has reached a new level."

“This is all thanks to the wise leadership of Mr. Gao Changlin, Director of Education.”

The heroic article published on the official website of the Education Department aroused heated discussions from all sides.

Putting aside the flattering part, the other content is indeed to compare the two games in this round with the upper hand.
The significance of the results is clearly explained.

In short, three words——

Things have changed.

Zinc High School, the former league hegemon, also felt tremendous pressure.

"I will crush Li Xiaofei head-on."

Xiong Zhigang, the captain of Duxing High School and the top star in the league rankings, responded on Weibo.

After the game, the Hongqi High School bus returned.

Before the bank officially closed, the tens of millions of star coins donated by Li Xiaofei arrived in the account.

Chen Pi and Qin Dewei, together with several other teachers, immediately held a small meeting to discuss the use of funds.

At the same time, Li Xiaofei received many congratulatory messages on his computer.

"Congratulations, it's up to you to break the monopoly of the five prestigious schools."

This is news from Wang Siyu, the Soul of Red Leaves.

"Idol, your sword fighting skills are incredible. Can you give me some pointers?"

This is the message from Gu Haochen.

"Let's get together some time."

This is a message from Liu Yao, "You haven't forgotten me, have you?"

"Classmate Li, what is your optical brain super account? I'll add you and let's compete online."

This is Huang Yueru's news.

"Classmate Li, congratulations to you and keep up the good work."

This is a message from Gao Changlin, Director of Education.

"Little brother, congratulations, your net worth has increased again. Remember to come shoot commercials on weekends."

This is a message from agent Xiao Hongye.

Li Xiaofei slapped his forehead.


I forgot that I had sold myself.

If I had known that robbery gangs were making so much money, why would they have sold themselves to advance advertising fees?

The two of them agreed on a time and place.

"To celebrate today's big victory, I'm going to treat you to a treat. How about we go out and get together?


Bai Longfei made suggestions.

The eyes of Fang Buyi and others instantly fell on Yan Chiyu.

Matters involving discipline within the team have to be decided by the captain.

Yan Chiyu hesitated slightly and said, "Okay."


Bai Longfei suddenly jumped three feet high, "The captain agrees, it's settled."

After saying that, he patted Li Xiaofei on the shoulder and said, "Xiao Li, it's settled, you can't spoil the fun."

Li Xiaofei said, "I'm afraid that my big belly will make you poor."

At this moment, the micro optical computer suddenly popped up to request a call.

Li Xiaofei took a look and found that it was Tan Qingying, so he picked up the call.

"Hey, what are you doing? Come out and have dinner with me."

The eldest lady's voice sounded.

Li Xiaofei said, "I just made an appointment with my teammates to celebrate the victory, but I can't get away for the time being."

"Ah? Is there a team gathering? Isn't it convenient for you to bring me along?"

The eldest lady said pitifully, "Just say that I am your girlfriend, so I should be able to bring my family, right?"

Li Xiaofei looked at Bai Longfei.

Then I was shocked.

Because this guy, along with Fang Buyi and others, were all staring at him with gossipy eyes.

Before Li Xiaofei could say anything, Bai Longfei had already said with disdain, "You can bring your family members, you must. Are they younger siblings?"

Li Xiaofei rolled his eyes at him, and then said to Guang's mind, "Okay, then I'll pick you up?"

"Okay, I'm at the city hall."

Tan Qingying said happily.

After hanging up the phone, Li Xiaofei said, "I have a friend who wants to come over. I'll pick her up first. You can book a place for the dinner and send it directly to me."

Bai Longfei nodded and said, "That's it."

Substitutes Liu Xiao, Du Heng and others were also invited.

Li Xiaofei got on his motorcycle, which would never be stuck in a traffic jam, and roared away.

"Damn handsome man."

Bai Longfei looked at the motorcycle's retreating figure and couldn't help but say.

Everyone else nodded.

br> Yan Chiyu said nothing.


The roar of the locomotive came from far to near.

Tan Qingying stood on the street with a smile and waved repeatedly.


The black warrior-shaped motorcycle stopped in front of him with a beautiful tail flick.


Li Xiaofei threw her a helmet.

Tan Qingying is wearing a pure black leather jacket and leather pants today, which outlines Xiao Hecai's sharp waist, which is quite eye-catching.

She put on her helmet, jumped into the car, and without hesitation put her hands around Li Xiaofei's waist.

"Set off."

Li Xiaofei said loudly.

The locomotive sped out like an arrow from the string.

The winter sunset stretches the backs of two people in a car very long...

at the same time.

Two figures stood under the bus stop sign in the distance, watching this scene quietly.

They are a young man and woman.

The man is tall and straight, wearing a well-tailored expensive suit.

The woman is wearing ancient Han Dynasty clothing and looks charming.

"Master, the daughter of the Tan family seems to have a sweetheart."

The woman smiled and said, "Your family mission this time seems to be a bit troublesome."

"My fair lady, a gentleman is so kind."

The man had a fair face and handsome features and smiled gently, "It would be strange for an outstanding girl like Qingying to not have many suitors around her."

The woman raised her delicate eyebrows and said, "Master, do you want me to help you keep an eye on it?"

The man nodded and said, "It's okay to go and have a look. Remember, no matter what you see, don't show up and disturb him. We are here to visit Uncle Tan in Liuhe Base City this time. When you are a guest, you must have the consciousness and courtesy of a guest. You can't

make trouble."

"Okay, Master."

The woman laughed like a silver bell.

Immediately, the whole person disappeared in place like thin ice melting into the void.

It’s actually invisibility!

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