0292, new goal

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 The eldest lady turned her head and glanced, frowned, and said, "Why are you here?"

The middle-aged man spoke in a bad tone, accusingly, "As the goddess of the Tan family, I shouldn't be exposed in a place like this, let alone be so close to such a low-class gangster."


Li Xiaofei was startled.

Where did this little gangster come from?

However, when he discovered that the middle-aged man looked at him with eyes full of disgust and contempt, like a superior noble looking at a pile of shit, Li Xiaofei realized that the little gangster was referring to him.

He couldn't help but smile.

I have been showing off in Base City for so long, and this is the first time someone has called me that.

An angry look appeared on Tan Qingying's pretty face, and she reprimanded unceremoniously, "I call you uncle, not to show off your power in front of my friends. Tan Tianwei, please be polite to my friends."


The middle-aged man named Tan Tianwei looked cold and said, "Is this kind of person worthy of being friends with me, the goddess of the Tan family?"

Tan Qingying smiled.

Take action suddenly.


A slap hit Tan Tianwei directly on the face.

The latter was caught off guard and took a step back.


Tan Tianwei was furious.

"This palm is a warning to you not to bring the same tactics you used to dominate the Tan family to Liuhe Base City."

Tan Qingying slightly raised her snow-white arrogant chin and said in a cold tone, "This is my father's territory. It is the administrative city of Daxia, not the private residence of the Tan family."

When she is angry, the eldest lady has a suffocating majesty.

This is her true side.

Only Li Xiaofei can enjoy the shyness of rubbing one's ears and temples together to the point of death.

In front of others, she is a high-ranking goddess from an aristocratic family.

He is a top bloodline person.

"I will discuss today's events with your father."

Tan Tianwei gritted his teeth and said with a serious expression, "Now, please come back with me immediately, the etiquette teacher and martial arts teacher of the family."
, are all waiting for you to go back to class. All the missed classes today must be made up before twelve o'clock."

Tan Qingying turned around and looked at Li Xiaofei.

Show a sweet smile.

"Goodbye, idol."

She originally wanted to hug the boy in front of her, but she thought of other things, so she could only wave her hands in a pretentious manner and said, "I'll wait for you."

Li Xiaofei nodded.

He can understand what the eldest lady means.

After breaking through the forbidden zone of love, there seemed to be a clear understanding between the two.

The sun sets in the west.

The last ray of red gradually disappeared on the thin snow in the wilderness in the distance.

Li Xiaofei stood at the top of the city wall in Area B12, watching the figure of his sweetheart disappear at the elevator entrance of the city wall in the distance, and his heart suddenly felt empty.

The middle-aged man named Tan Tianwei just now should be the one who came to take Tan Qingying back from the Tan family headquarters.

As a member of the top bloodline, she also has responsibilities towards the family.

Obviously, the eldest lady will leave in a few days.

Xia Jing!

Li Xiaofei clenched his fist.

After graduating from high school, I must apply to go to university in Xia Jing.

In this way, I will have another chance to be with the eldest lady.

Li Xiaofei thinks this is not difficult.

He has this confidence.

With his current strength, he is completely outstanding in the high school world.

Applying to the top domestic universities will be very easy.

It’s just that I have to live up to Teacher Li’s hard work.

I can’t go to Aurora University on my own.

With this thought in his mind, he stood alone on the top of the city, watching the sunset finally shine through.

The bottom sank below the horizon before turning around and leaving.

the next day.

Boss, the school’s recruitment has ended.”

Yang Cheng came to the office and said, "The teachers in Zidi Primary School and Junior High School are all full. They have been carefully screened and evaluated, especially the principal candidates... This time, we are lucky and have recruited a real talent. Boss, you can interview in person."

one time?"

Li Xiaofei waved his hand and said, "You can just make the decision on these matters. I can rest assured that you can do the work."

Yang Cheng's chubby face showed gratitude.

If it were any other club, useless people like him might have been abandoned long ago.

But the boss spent a lot of money to tailor-make the most advanced prosthetic limbs for him, and still entrusted him with important tasks.

Now, he is already one of the ‘Four Heavenly Kings’ of Yuntian Society.

He is also a well-known figure in the gang circles of the entire Liuhe base city.

And half a year ago, he was just picking up food in the slums and living in danger.

Everything today was given by the boss.

He once swore that he would be loyal to his boss even if his body was broken into pieces.

"Boss, I can decide on the other candidates, but for the principal of the junior high school, you'd better meet in person."

Yang Cheng bought a pass.

Li Xiaofei said, "Okay, let him come to me."

Yang Cheng got up and went out.

After a while, there was a knock on the door.

"Please come in."

Li Xiaofei said.

The door opens.

Someone walked in.

Li Xiaofei looked up and suddenly looked surprised.

The candidate for the principal of the junior high school turned out to be a woman.

A cold and charming lady.

He is about 1.75 meters tall, has long legs, wears a suit and skirt, wears black, black high-heeled shoes, and a white shirt tied under a short skirt. He has phoenix eyes and sharp eyebrows, exquisite makeup, dignified and dignified, and wears black-rimmed glasses.

His whole body exudes a rare seriousness and ability.

This is a typical cool and strong woman in the office.

And she also has this stunning appearance that most strong women don’t have.

That kind of cold temperament can easily make men have an evil impulse to completely conquer her and ravage her.

"Hello, Mr. Li."

The woman nodded slightly, her voice was cold and crisp, and said, "My name is Hu Yu'er. I graduated from the 2516th class of Aurora University with a master's degree in administrative resource management. I have been working in the education industry for four years. I have reached the 89th level. My last job was at the Lanfu base.

I worked as the dean of the Municipal High-tech Middle School. Due to family reasons, I resigned and came to Liuhe Base City... This is my academic certificate and work history."

With that said, hand over a very detailed paper resume.

Li Xiaofei took it and glanced at it.

It is indeed a very honorable resume.

Coming to Yuntianshe Children's School to act arrogant is considered condescension.

"Why did you choose our school?"

Li Xiaofei asked curiously.

Hu Yu'er adjusted her black-rimmed glasses and said, "Two reasons. The first is that I am optimistic about the school's background and development prospects. The second is that the price offered by your school is high enough, and I happen to be in need of money."

Li Xiaofei put down his resume and said, "You passed the interview."


Hu Yu'er was a little surprised and said, "Aren't you going to do some other tests?"

Li Xiaofei said, "You are the one chosen by Yang Cheng. I believe in his vision. As for me... I won't put too much thought into school, so we are just going through the process now. My opinion is not important."

"All right."

Hu Yuer nodded.

Just before she turned to leave, the woman suddenly said, "But regarding many things about the children's school, I still hope that you can participate in them as the chairman. After all, education is not a trivial matter, and I

His teaching and management methods may be different from others.”

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