0356, Xie Renyu is uncharacteristically

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"Article 1, the crime of participating in the organization of a mafia-type organization, the police department found that since 2510, Li Xiaofei has been a member of the notorious gang organization Yuntianshe..."

"Second, the crime of murder. There is evidence that since 2510, Li Xiaofei has killed, seriously injured, and maimed more than 1,000 people. In the past six months alone, there have been several gangs including the Dragon Claw Gang, Tian Yu Palace, etc. 500 innocent people from a legal organization died tragically under his butcher knife..."

In the live broadcast room, the judge's voice was sonorous, powerful and impassioned.

Shen Xiaoyan was in a state of excitement and activity in the live broadcast room on weekdays, and always remained silent.

The assistant in black silk stockings was right-handed, with a sullen face, clenched fists, and an angry expression as if someone had snatched her big pig elbow.

They were forced to start broadcasting.

As a staunch pro-Li faction and the official anchor of Hongqi High School, Li Xiaofei is the most loyal dog in the live broadcast industry. He was ordered by the top to participate in the entire trial live broadcast.

'Little White Dragon in Langli', the live broadcast room is the home of 'boxers' and 'baba'. .??.

Here are the largest number of Li Xiaofei fans.

Many of them are die-hard fans who have firmly supported Li Xiaofei since the first few rounds of the league.

At this time, the number of people in the live broadcast room exceeded 500,000.

This amount is one-third more than what Shen Xiaoyan usually does during live broadcasts.

"Li Xiaofei deserves to die."

"Strongly demand that this villain be severely punished."

"Kill him, kill this gangster."

A dense barrage of barrages flashed across the screen crazily.

Shen Xiaoyan had a sullen face. After watching for a while, he couldn't bear it anymore and said, "Xiaoyou, I will permanently ban all these rhythmic trolls."


Xiaoyou waved his pink fist and said forcefully.

She couldn't bear it any longer.

These extra people in the live broadcast room are obviously trolls who were hired to deliberately set the pace.

Those bullet screens kept refreshing the screen, even a fool would know what was going on.

Some people not only want to harm him, but also want to wrongly accuse him, and also want to make the city's former hero suffer injustice and lose his reputation.

"Eighth, he bullied men and women, insulted women, and countless innocent women died in his hands.
, built a special S room at Yuntianshe headquarters, humiliated and tortured innocent women, and the basement was full of corpses..."

The judge's voice continued to sound.

Everywhere in Liuhe Base City, in countless rooms, squares, streets, studios, factories... wherever there is a screen and a screen can be projected, you can see this public trial and hear the judge's voice clearly. .

In addition to the scenes from the public trial, there are also some shocking videos that show the evidence of Li Xiaofei's heinous crimes.

People were silent.

Hold your head up.

Look at the young man in the picture who is wearing a prison uniform and sitting on the trial bench.

This young man was no stranger to them.

Because just in the past six months, for a long time, he has been the most dazzling public figure.

Some people know him through the high school league.

Some people know him through government commendation meetings.

Some people know him through the fighting scenes on the Star Beast battlefield.

Especially the original scene of fighting the bull demon by oneself, after being edited by the military and government, it has been played on a loop countless times.

Almost all the citizens of Liuhe Base City know this boy.

He was the pride of this city.

He is the darling of countless citizens.

Now, it has fallen into dust from the clouds.

People were silent, heads raised, eyes confused, listening to the verdict in the live broadcast.

And that young man stood quietly from beginning to end, with a calm expression, as if everything had nothing to do with him.

He didn't say a word until the ten charges were completely pronounced.


"The verdict is over."

The judge took a deep breath and said, "Li Xiaofei, you can now defend yourself, but please note that every word you say will be used as evidence in court, or you can choose the official defense for you.

Appointed attorney to defend."

Li Xiaofei turned his head and looked at Su Yuncao sitting in the audience.

The initiator of everything, the one with the highest status and power in the room, he was not sitting at the front with the three giants, Xie Renyu, Wu Fohai and Mai Zixiong.

Instead, he sits among ordinary people.

Facing Li Xiaofei's gaze, Su Yuncao showed a look of regretful kindness and helplessness.

It was as if an enthusiastic old man was expressing his last mercy for a lamb that had gone astray.

Li Xiaofei smiled and raised his middle finger.

Then he said, "I ask for a fifteen-minute adjournment of the court."

According to the laws of Daxia, this is the most basic right of a suspect.

The old judge did not agree immediately.

Instead, he subconsciously glanced at Su Yuncao in the crowd.

After receiving a response, he shook his head and refused, saying, "You are guilty of serious crimes and do not deserve the right to adjourn the court." .??.??

Li Xiaofei's expression changed.

This adjournment is crucial in his plan.

He was about to say something more.

But at this moment, the city leader Xie Renyu suddenly said, "Your honor, as far as I know, no matter what crime the suspect has committed, he has the right to apply for an adjournment of the trial. If you do this, you are violating the laws of Daxia."

The old judge was stunned.

Su Yuncao, who was sitting in the crowd, had a look of surprise on his face.

At this time, Xie Renyu, who had always obeyed his advice, suddenly spoke for Li Xiaofei. What did it mean?

"Thank you, Mayor, what you said is wrong."

The garrison commander Mai Zixiong said, "For ordinary prisoners, they can indeed enjoy the right to rest in court, but for Li Xiaofei, a heinous, crazy, and evil trash, let him rest for one more second in this sacred court.

, are all blasphemy against the laws of Daxia, I think the judge is right."

Inspector Wu Fohai also nodded slightly and said, "What General Mai said makes sense."

I thought Xie Renyu would just let it go, but unexpectedly, he actually said very forcefully again, "The court is a place where the law is discussed, not a place where principles are discussed."

The old judge took a deep breath.

As an old bureaucrat, he immediately realized something. He immediately looked at the crowd and said with a smile, "Since the three of you are arguing about this issue,
Seriously, then we might as well ask Mr. Su to give some advice. As far as I know, Mr. Su is still the chief consultant of the Xia Jing Legal Aid Foundation."

The camera instantly focused on Su Yuncao.

The latter smiled and said, "Such a vicious criminal case with a major impact is related to the daily lives of all citizens. As the most direct victim, I think listening to their speeches may be more useful."

"Yes, there has been such a case before."

The old judge's eyes lit up.

So, he looked at the crowd in the audience.

"You must not get used to such a well-dressed beast."

"If I were a judge, I would immediately sentence this scumbag to death."

"Kill this bastard."

"This scoundrel does not deserve any rights as a human being."

"Haha, let's adjourn the court? Go ahead and eat shit and reject this scumbag."

In the crowd, someone shouted impassionedly and wanted to tear Li Xiaofei into pieces.

look carefully.

The people taking the lead were Du Longshan of the Du family and several of his sons.

Xie Renyu said calmly, "These people at the scene do not represent all the citizens of Liuhe City... Come and cast the screen, broadcast it one by one in the major live broadcast rooms, as well as the citizens watching the public trial on the spot, listen.

Listen to their voices."

Immediately, the projection screen at the scene was cut to an official

Fang Live Room.

The key point is to read the barrages in the live broadcast room.

Su Yuncao still had a faint smile on his face.

He suddenly felt that Xie Renyu was cooperating with him in a counter-intuitive way.

Because according to past experience, after a series of public opinion offensive operations on the Internet, and in conjunction with the evidence just released in the court, Li Xiaofei's reputation must be bad now, and those fooled people must be at this time.

I wish I could eat Li Xiaofei alive.

But the next moment, when the barrage from the official live broadcast room came into view clearly, Su Yuncao's expression suddenly froze.

There was an uproar at the scene.

Du Longshan and others, who were dancing the most happily, suddenly froze on the spot.

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