0389,This classmate, are you not sick?

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Yuntianshe announced to the public that it has established a student aid fund.

All senior high school graduates in Liuhe Base City are open to apply for a six-year interest-free student loan.

Assessments are made based on region, university, major and family wealth, with quotas ranging from 100,000 to 5,000,000 per semester.

When the news spread, countless families of graduates rejoiced.

Especially those graduate families from poor families almost cried with joy. They regarded Yuntianshe as a place where thousands of families could be born into Buddhas, and submitted their application materials as soon as possible.

Yuntianshe's service efficiency is very fast.

Those who pass the review will receive the payment notification soon.

Then check again.

Sure enough, there is money in the account.

There are thirty-two high schools in Liuhe Base City, and the average number of senior high school graduates in each high school ranges from about 500.

Based on the admission rate of 48%, even if all applicants are loaned the minimum amount, they will still be close to a small target.

What's more, not everyone lends money at 10,000 star coins.

In a short period of time, Yuntianshe had to spend a huge amount of money.

"Boss, all the money is your own money."

Yang Cheng didn't quite understand, and asked, "Why do we need to lend money in the name of the society?"

Li Xiaofei said, "Damn, you are stupid. If you lend money in the name of a society, those college students will not dare to default on the repayments. Otherwise, they will arrange for someone to kill their whole family. If it is issued in my name, they will default on the repayments."

, do you still want me to violently collect debts one by one? It will make everyone’s faces look ugly. I am also a person who pays great attention to reputation, okay?”

Yang Cheng "..."


As long as the boss is happy.

But this reason...

You're lying to a fool.

It's obvious that he wants to do good things, but he still doesn't leave his name behind.

Boss, you are so kind and generous.

The graduates of this class of Liuhe Base City will be lucky enough to meet such a good person like their boss in a lifetime.

Speaking of which, I don't know how many lifetimes of merit it took for me and others to meet such a big boss.

If there were no bosses, today's slums would probably still be the same hell on earth that smells so bad, people die every day, everyone is hungry, and people die of hunger everywhere.

Li Xiaofei added, "There is one more thing. Lao Yang, you also need to pay more attention."

Yang Cheng said seriously, "Big Brother, please tell me."

Li Xiaofei said, "Let us spread the word and let the industries of the major gangs under the Wulin Alliance try to take care of those high school students who failed during the recruitment process, and be kind to the newcomers, especially the companies and teams that go out for hunting adventures, and protect them."

You newbies, if you let me know which gang is exploiting the newbies, bullying them, and deducting their wages, I will destroy them."

Yang Cheng hurriedly said, "Boss, don't worry, we have always been doing this. Now not only our Yuntian Club, but also the major gangs are doing things more formally. Everything is in accordance with the law. Everyone's income is good, no


Li Xiaofei nodded and said, "That's good... I'm leaving the base city, and there are still many things I can't let go of. I'll have to rely on you to support this place from now on. Thank you for your hard work."

"Boss, where do you want to go?"

Yang Chengdao, "You will always be our boss. No matter where you go, the entire Yuntian Society will always be ready to listen to your call, boss."

Li Xiaofei nodded and said, "In my name, please send an invitation to all prospective college students. Just say that tomorrow afternoon, I will hold a college entrance banquet at Hongqi High School to say goodbye to everyone."


Yang Cheng stood up immediately and said, "I'll do it right now."

The second day.


Hongqi High School playground.

The entrance banquet is going on in a lively atmosphere.

Li Xiaofei has a lot of face,

All the students who were invited came to the scene without exception.

Among them is Xiong Zhigang, Zheng Shou's former enemy.

Good wine and good food,
Unprecedented abundance.

Many principals and famous teachers also came.

"The campus has never been so lively."

Principal Qin was filled with emotion and murmured to himself.

Many teachers at Hongqi High School are also very excited and proud.

In the past ten years, Hongqi High School has been the target of ridicule and ridicule. Anyone who talks about Hongqi High School will always have a sense of superiority and look down on it.

By the way, those teachers who insisted on staying also felt that they were dwarfs.

If they hadn't still had the last vestige of faith in their hearts and were still reluctant to let go of the students at the school, maybe they would have changed careers long ago.

Nowadays, when talking about Hongqi High School, who doesn’t give a thumbs up?

Amid applause and cheers, Li Xiaofei was invited to the high podium.

"Everyone, meeting each other is fate."

"Today, everyone is wearing glory and will embark on a journey to become stronger."

"The spring breeze brings joy to the horse's hoofs, and I can see all the flowers in Chang'an in one day."

"The endless journey to the end of the world, the endless practice of ancient Zhenwu."

"No matter what the future holds, please remember that in the vast Gobi Desert in the northwest of our motherland, there is our hometown, our fellow villagers, and our alma mater."

"I have prepared a gift for everyone."

As Li Xiaofei spoke, dozens of beautiful female staff members from Yuntian Club walked over, carrying exquisite wooden trays and swaying.

On the wooden tray, there are identical small glass bottles with numbers.

It looks extremely delicate and beautiful.

All graduates received one each.

Wang Siyu, Liu Yao, Huang Yueru, Xiong Zhigang, Zheng Beast, Gu Haochen and others were all curious about what gifts the boss of the first gang in Base City would give them.

At this time, Li Xiaofei revealed the answer.

"The bottle is filled with the loess of our hometown. The soil and water support each person, and the mother is worried when her son travels thousands of miles away. If you feel homesick when you go out, just smell the smell of this soil. Liuhe Base City is our forever home!"

The graduates were all moved.

The teachers who attended the entrance banquet were also very surprised.

This gift is very special.

At first glance it looks as light as a feather.

In fact, it is as expensive as Mount Tai.

I have to admit that Li Xiaofei was very careful.

"Everyone, one day, Liuhe Base City will be proud of us... Cheers."

Everyone raised their glasses high.

Li Xiaofei shouted, "Practice for the rise of Daxia."

"Practice for the rise of Daxia."

"Practice for the rise of Daxia!"

Everyone jumped up, stood on chairs, on the table, on the heads of their friends, and shouted at the top of their lungs.

Under the setting sun, there are faces of energetic boys and girls.

At this moment, the air is filled with the atmosphere of youthful ideals.

Long live the young man!


Yuntianshe President's Office.

Bang bang bang.

The rhythmic and rhythmic sound is continuous.

Perhaps because of the farewell, Principal Hu was particularly wild tonight, performing the extremely difficult last three movements of the Yin-Yang Sympathy and Great Compassion.

Li Xiaofei gradually became a little unable to resist.

(Eight thousand words have been deleted after review here).

The next day, Li Xiaofei held his waist and went to the Wulin League for a meeting.

At noon, I had a private dinner with Bai Qiqi, Fang Buyi, Yan Chiyu and other school team friends at the Qingyaxuan restaurant. By the end, they all drank a lot.

"Nothing else to say, no matter where we go from now on, we will always be good brothers.

younger brother


Bai Longfei drank too much, slapped the table and shouted.

"Good brother, show loyalty!"

Everyone was shouting, hoarse.

Yan Chiyu sat quietly, drinking one cup after another.

He looked at Li Xiaofei with bright eyes.

Her elegant and refined fair-skinned face seemed to be stained with a hint of pink, and she did not speak.

"Huh? Captain, you have long hair."

Bai Longfei suddenly seemed to have discovered a new world, and said, "Haven't you always had short hair? Why do you suddenly want to grow it? Tsk, tsk, tsk, there's something going on."

Yan Chiyu glared at him and said nothing.

"When my hair reaches my waist, will my brother marry me?"

Li Xiaofei also ridiculed the thin-skinned and cold captain, saying, "Isn't Lao Bai right? Captain, we are all our own people, don't be shy, tell me, whose boy is this? Let's go and help you."

Tie him over."

Bai Qiqi, Fang Bujie, Liao Dong and others also followed suit.

Yan Chiyu just didn't speak.

But her eyes are much gentler.

She was still drinking one cup after another, biting her red and plump lips, her bright eyes seemed to be rippling with water, revealing a rare little daughter's attitude.

Under the light of the private room, everyone was stunned.

When did the captain behave like this?

So amazing.

It turns out that the usually fierce captain, a little more feminine, is actually so beautiful and attractive.

If she really had long hair, how gorgeous would she be?

Yan Chiyu didn't care about other people's eyes.

Her eyes were always focused on Li Xiaofei.

When my hair grows to my waist...


She raised her head slightly, her red lips were slightly open due to the wine, and she was about to say something.

At this time, Li Xiaofei's phone rang.

He took a look, got up and went outside the box to answer the phone.

After a while, he opened the door and came in, picked up his coat, and said, "Commander Ye of the garrison has asked me to do something... Brothers, eat first, I will withdraw."

"Damn, I value sex over friends."

"Goddess Ye actually took the initiative to date a scumbag like you? Ah, this is more uncomfortable than killing me."

"The little plum will be made drunk and castrated."

Several male voices cried like ghosts and howled like wolves.

A hint of disappointment flashed through Yan Chiyu's clear eyes.

But she didn't say anything else.

City wall, the evening breeze is slightly cool.

Li Xiaofei stood with his hands on the female wall, and couldn't help but think of the moment when he first climbed onto this magnificent wall.

In the blink of an eye, it has been years.

Standing beside him was the Valkyrie Ye Liuying.

Neither of them spoke.

The Valkyrie has her own pride and has always had a cold personality.

And Li Xiaofei was not interested in talking.

After a long time, Valkyrie said, "I can't survive outside anymore, so I'll come back and give you an officer to do it for you."

Li Xiaofei nodded.

The Valkyrie stretched out her hand.

In the palm of her delicate and white palm, a Qinling badge lay quietly.

"The property returns to its original owner."

she said.

This badge was once awarded to Li Xiaofei by Ding Longao.

Later, it was illegally taken away by Mai Zixiong.

Li Xiaofei thought for a moment and took the badge.

The skin touches each other, and the little hands feel slightly cold.

Li Xiaofei put the badge on his chest and smiled.

"I thought you would refuse."

Way of the Valkyrie.

Li Xiaofei said, "This is a certificate of honor awarded to me by the army of the motherland. How can I refuse it?"

The Valkyrie stopped talking again.


Li Xiaofei looked at her, her graceful profile looked like a perfect work of art, and said, "Brothers in the city, please take care of me, Commander Ding."

Valkyrie said, "I will act impartially."

"That's best."

Li Xiaofei left directly.

In the night wind, the Valkyrie stood alone against the wind.

The cool breeze ruffled her long hair.

She just stood quietly on the city wall. She was not a majestic figure. She seemed to be integrated with the entire city wall, separating the wilderness outside the city from the lights of thousands of houses inside the city.

Ten days later.

Xia Jingcheng.

Li Xiaofei and Li Xiaofei were sitting on the bus, looking at the high-rise buildings outside the window.

As the capital of Daxia, the prosperity here is unimaginable to country people.

Neat and spacious street planning.

Buildings hundreds of meters high rising from the ground.

There are also low-flying maglev vehicles...

This place, to Li Xiaofei, seemed like the real future world.

Li Junjie looked like Grandma Liu had entered the Grand View Garden. His eyes widened, looking here and there. If Li Xiaofei hadn't been staring at him, he would have screamed.

Soon, the light rail tram will arrive at the station.

As soon as Li Xiaofei and Li Xiaofei walked out of the station, they saw a lot of young people outside, holding high electronic projection signs with different names flashing and floating on them.

Among them were several girls wearing antique school uniforms, holding signs with Li Junjie's name on them.

"Here, here..."

One of the girls with short-cut hair immediately recognized Li Junjie in the crowd. She immediately jumped up like a little white rabbit and said, "Junior Junior, we are here and have been waiting for you for a long time."

Waiting for me?

Li Junjie was stunned.

But several girls in antique school uniforms had already rushed over and surrounded Li Junjie enthusiastically.

"Junior, let me help you carry your bag."

"Junior, come and have an ice cream bunny."

"Junior, these muscles are awesome."

"Yes, you are worthy of being born with a body that even the old principal admired."

Several young and beautiful girls surrounded him and were so attentive that Li Junjie was completely stunned.

You can't just say to the enthusiastic beautiful girls with a sullen face, 'Don't touch me, believe it or not, I will chop you to death with a knife, right?'

And Li Xiaofei, whose appearance is obviously several times better than that of Li Junjie, felt for the first time the feeling of being left alone in front of the door, with only a few cars and horses.

However, this is also good.

The feeling of being the protagonist and being shrouded in the spotlight all the time was very refreshing at first, but as time went by, it just became that way. On the contrary, the low-key pretense made it more immersive.

A group of beautiful girls surrounded Li Junjie and walked towards the reception car.

The leader wanted to tell Li Xiaofei's identity several times, but Li Xiaofei stopped him with his eyes.

I had already warned you on the way here.

This time, I want the top horse to continue to live up to his reputation as a 'genius' with a high profile, perform well, and enjoy the admiration and attention of the whole school.

But this time, Li Xiaofei just wanted to have a low-key relationship with the eldest lady.

"This fellow student, you are not sick...are you okay?"

At this time, a weak voice came, stammering, "Would you like some help... uh, I'll help you carry your luggage... I'm also responsible for delivering babies... uh, welcoming new students."

Li Xiaofei turned his head.

I found a girl with a pretty face, also wearing the uniform of White Deer Academy, looking at me in a panic. When she spoke, her tongue and mouth seemed to be fighting.


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