0432, far-reaching plan

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 The movement attracted the attention of many people.

There was a commotion among the refugee ranks.

Li Xiaofei noticed that there were still some people sneaking through the crowd, constantly fanning the flames.

Amid the torment of despair, death, and the threat of star beasts, the refugees were already agitated, grieving the loss of their loved ones, coupled with the instigation of these people...

So there was some confusion in the crowd.

"President Shen, I am responsible for my own decisions, but now, please abide by the order and do not intensify conflicts."

Huang Fulai persuaded patiently.

The bald middle-aged man, also known as Xu Xingji in Xucheng, is Shen Congyun, the president of the Inscribed Bone Recycling Association.

He sneered and said, "I'm not planning a conflict, but saving myself. The team can't let a dim-witted leader like you continue to make the decision. We ask you to take the blame and resign immediately and give up your leadership position."

"That's right." .??.

Tang Shunzhi, a member of the Xucheng Flying Car Trading Center, also raised his arms and shouted, "A failed and cowardly decision-maker will definitely lead us to destruction and death. He will hand over command power and wait for judgment and punishment."

"Step down."

"If you drag us to play hide and seek in the wilderness, sooner or later we will be killed by you, an incompetent and corrupt official."

"We need stronger leadership."

"Speed ​​up the march and reach Haijing City as soon as possible."

Some other wealthy people also shouted loudly.

The situation gradually became violent.

"I'm sorry, I can't agree to your request."

Huang Fulai looked at the wealthy people who were taking the lead in making trouble, and the last trace of tolerance flashed across his tired face, but his tone was already tough, and he said, "This is an extraordinary moment, and what is being enforced is wartime discipline. Please withdraw from the meeting immediately and maintain your integrity." Order, otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude."

He is not the kind of person who follows city rules.

There is also great courage at critical moments.

Otherwise, he would not have ignored all opinions and led the people to abandon the city and break out of the siege.

So facing these stupid rich people, Huangfu Lai's attitude was very firm.

While he was talking, the soldiers around him had already moved closer.

The leader was none other than Battalion Commander Feng of the ‘Steel Knife Camp’.

The soldiers were armed with live ammunition and looked at the troubled rich men with angry eyes.


Shen Congyun's expression changed, and he said with a stern expression, "Huang, just wait. When you get to Haijing City, you will pay the price for your words and deeds."

"We will definitely complain, no, we will sue you."

Tang Shunzhi also echoed.

This time the storm subsided quickly.

The city leader's tough attitude made the wealthy very dissatisfied.

But faced with angry soldiers armed with live ammunition, they did not dare to risk their lives and cause further trouble.

Return to the camping tent.

Mr. Kong, the man surnamed Huang is a bastard who eats weights - he is determined, we can't touch him."

"Yes, those stinky Qiuba all helped him."

"And those stupid people are actually grateful to Huang, and their cooperation with us is very low. They all deserve to die."

Tang Shunzhi and others were indignant.

Sitting in the middle of the tent was an old man with thinning gray hair.

He has a goatee, a triangular face, muscles sticking to his face like orange peel, and high cheekbones.

Under the pair of slightly drooped eyelids, the cloudy eyes emitted a faint light like poisonous snakes.

He is the talker left by the Kong family, the top martial arts family in Xucheng City.

"If the person named Huang was easy to deal with, we would have eliminated him long ago."

Kong Xuanzhong smiled slightly and said, "A skinny camel is bigger than a horse. The man named Huang lost his city and his land. He also had to be skinned off when he went to Haijing City. Let's just make a scene on the road and cause him some trouble."


The Kong family is the largest family in the base city of Xucheng.

For more than a hundred years, it can be said that Xucheng’s local

Emperor, if the wind prevails and the rain prevails, no one in the white, underworld, political or military circles will dare to go against the Kong family as long as they want to gain a foothold in the base city of Xucheng.

But since Huang Fulai took office as the city leader, the good days of the Kong family have come to an end.

As soon as Huang took office, he carried out drastic reforms to improve people's livelihood, lower prices, ensure low-priced food supply, adjust the tax system, rectify police discipline, promote civilian officials, and ruthlessly suppress the influence of big families.

For more than a year, the Kong family suffered heavy losses.

They made many counterattacks against Huang Fulai.

But they were all resolved.

Gradually, the Kong family discovered that the Xucheng base city, which was their basic base, began to lose control. The untouchables who had been extremely obedient to the Kong family in the past began to oppose and resist the Kong family.

The double-counterfeiting is already going on forever.

"What I can tell you is that the head of the Kong family and the elders have made careful plans for a long time. After arriving at Haijing City in advance, they have planned everything. Huang is thinking of bringing these untouchables safely to Haijing.

Capital City, little did he know that the current Haijing City is Huang Fu Lai's tomb. If there is only one move, he will definitely die, and even the gods will not be able to save him."

Kong Xuanzhong narrowed his eyes and smiled, giving everyone another reassurance.

When Shen Congyun, Tang Shunzhi and others heard this, they were immediately overjoyed.

"That's great. If I can work for the Kong family as before, I, Shen Congyun, will be obliged to do so."

"It's still the same glory as when I followed Mr. Shen. As soon as Huang arrived in Xucheng, he caused chaos in the base city. Now he is finally going to die."

"Those of us are all dogs of the Kong family, we just

If I ask you to say the same thing, we will move forward courageously and without any ambiguity."

A group of people rushed to show their loyalty.

Outside the tent, in the distance.

Li Xiaofei's ears twitched.

He was determined to kill all these thieves with one sword strike.

But then I thought, killing these people was just a piece of cake, but if you want to keep Huang Fulai, a good official, simple and violent killings cannot completely solve the problem, and this matter needs to be considered in the long term.


The refugees set up camp again.

With Li Xiaofei's kind of protection, the night was very peaceful.

The star beasts seemed to have disappeared and did not attack the camp.

early morning.

The refugees who had recovered their strength continued on their way.

In such a dangerous environment, traveling with family and friends is a huge test.

"At the top of the city, it was too quiet last night. There were no sporadic attacks from the star beasts. I'm a little worried."

Secretary An Xiaohu said.

Huang Fulai nodded and said, "Yes, from yesterday to now, the frequency of the appearance of star beasts has decreased. Our journey has been so smooth. This is not normal. The wisdom of high-level star beasts is not low. I'm afraid it will happen again."

No matter what conspiracy is being planned, everyone must cheer up and make sure no mistakes are made again. We cannot afford the consequences of any mistakes, because once a mistake is made, citizens will pay the price with blood."

The secretary hurriedly made further arrangements.

What no one expected was that the next two days went smoothly beyond expectations.

Along the way, no large-scale animal tide was foreseen.

Advanced star beasts above level four have never appeared.

It was as if the god of fate suddenly favored these refugees who were fleeing the country.

"Look at the head of the city, it's right here."

Battalion Commander Feng took Huang Fulai and others to a valley.

In the distance, hundreds of land-horned lizards lay scattered in a pool of blood, completely dead.

Huang Fulai looked closer, with a look of shock on his face.

"Twenty-one were level 4, six were level 5, two were level 6, and one was level 7... Hiss, they were all slaughtered. Who did this?"

"The blood is not yet stiff, they died half an hour ago."

"It's not a fight between star beasts, it's a strong human being who took action, it was a sword wound..."

"For those level five and above, all the inscribed bones and star cores have been removed."

"There is still sword energy left in the air."

The more everyone looked at it, the more shocked they became.

"Could it be the unknown swordsman?"

Huang Fulai's heart moved and he looked at Battalion Commander Feng.

The latter said, "Are you saying that the dragon that took action in the Xucheng blockade was nowhere to be seen?"
A strong ancient martial artist?"

Huang Fulai nodded and said, "Yes. I was still wondering why the man who helped us didn't meet with us before. I thought he had left for other important matters. Now it seems that this may not be the case. He may have been there all along.

They are all secretly protecting us."

Secretary An Xiaohu said, "Are you saying that the reason why we have been traveling smoothly these past two days without encountering any danger is because that star beast secretly scared away the star beast?"

Huang Fulai nodded.

Battalion Commander Feng said excitedly, "At the beginning of the city, the land horned lizards entrenched in the Wind Roaring Valley are in danger, so there is no danger. We can skip the detour and go directly through the valley, which can save at least one day."

journey time.”

Huang Fulai clapped his hands together and said, "Battle Commander Feng, lead your people to search the other side carefully. After confirming the safety, we will change the route through the valley."


Battalion Commander Xu slapped a military salute.

It took an hour for the refugee team to pass through the valley, and it was very safe.

The dead monitor lizards were also cut up and decomposed.

In this way, the food problem is partly solved.

In the next two days, similar things happened four more times.

Some medium and large star beast groups that were originally entrenched on the refugees' escape route were all killed in advance, eliminating the danger.

Huang Fulai led the refugees through many dangerous areas smoothly, without any casualties.

And a piece of news also spread among the refugees.

There is a peerless swordsman who protects everyone in secret.

The news spread and people were excited.

Confusion and worry were swept away.

After all, there were rumors about this sword fairy. When they were fleeing through the city, someone said that it was this sword fairy who made it possible for Commander Xu and the others to come back safely.

The journey has been uneventful these past few days, which also confirms this point.

People's hearts unite.

The refugee team is more united.

"If we continue like this, in one more day, we can reach Haijing City."

Huang Fulai's brows, which had been frowning tightly, slowly relaxed and he let out a long breath.

Under night.

It's quiet and peaceful in the refugee camp.

The only thing that made him uneasy was that several flying warriors had been dispatched before to go to Haijing City as quickly as possible to ask for help again, but why had there been no response from Haijing City until now?

Even if his political career is doomed, will the officials in Haijing City completely ignore the more than 300,000 people of Daxia?

At night.

Huang Fulai was about to take a short rest.

"Sir, something happened."

Secretary An Xiaohu walked over quickly and said angrily, "Something happened in the camp. The guards of the Kong family killed an old teacher..."

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