0443,There are no heroes

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 The boy's overly youthful and handsome face suddenly gave Hai Tiankuo, who was sitting high up in the sky, a new thought in his heart.

So he waved his hand.

The next moment, the Colonial Armored Division team, which was preparing to blast and advance, temporarily stopped its action, slowly pushed back, and spread its scattering equipment to seal the surrounding void.

"Are you the madman who shocked Qin Xiaotian to death with seven palms?"

Hai Tiankuo spoke condescendingly, as if giving alms, and said, "Strength at a young age is very rare. The leader of this gang loves talents, so I will make an exception and give you a chance. Kneel down and worship me as your adoptive father. Join the Haisha Gang and work for me. Not only will you be able to

I will spare your life and give you a chance to become famous in the ghetto."

Don’t young people do extraordinary things just to become famous?

Conquering this young man is more valuable than killing him.

More structured.

"Ha? Hahahaha."

When Li Xiaofei heard this, he couldn't help but look up to the sky and laugh wildly, "Old dog, if I just beat you to death, wouldn't it mean that you would become famous faster and higher?"

The laughter was full of disdain and contempt.

He also made no secret of his ridicule towards Hai Tiankuo.

The sound is like a tidal wave.

The sky is agitated.

Since arriving in the slums, Li Xiaofei's character has always been crazy and fierce.

This is the persona he created for himself.

An ambitious and crazy seeker of fame.

"Kill me?"

Hai Tiankuo couldn't help but laugh and said, "Young people don't know that the sky is high and that ambition and seeking death are two different things... This is the last chance, kneel down and surrender."

"Bah, how dare a spineless local dog speak such lies to a dragon in the sky?"

Li Xiaofei held his hand on the balcony railing, laughed suddenly, and said, "I was about to take your dog's head, but you couldn't wait to bring it to the door yourself. It's good, it saved me a lot of time."


Take action directly.

With a movement of his body, he flew hundreds of meters in an instant.

Everyone around him felt dazzled.

Li Xiaofei has already arrived on the wingsuit aircraft.

Raise your hands and release your palms.

Quick as lightning, angry as thunder.

Amidst the long roars of dragons that resounded throughout the sky, Li Xiaofei exploded with his palm force, and a golden dragon palm print was blasted towards the sea and sky at close range.

"The Eighteen Palms of Subduing the Dragon, haha."

Hai Tiankuo couldn't help but laugh and said, "Showing palm power with my gang leader? Young man, you are asking for your own death."

After saying that, he raised his thick arms.



His arms and palms were thicker than ordinary people. It was precisely because of his cultivation at the half-step Hedao realm that all his fighting power was devoted to his upper limbs.

Tiangang throws the monument hand.

The powerful Vajra Arm.

The two treasure-level ancient martial arts have been cultivated to the highest level by him for a long time, and they are combined into one, which is unparalleled in violence.

In the entire Haijingcheng slum, Hai Tiankuo is known as the best in palm power.

In a head-to-head fight, even Mr. Chi, who ranks first on the list of strongest men in the ghetto, would not dare to resist his edge.

The boy in front of me?


Hai Tiankuo's murderous intent has been determined, and the force of his palms is like the Milky Way bursting its banks, pouring out in an instant.

Boom boom boom!

The heavy palm force exploded continuously.

The night sky seemed to be shattered.

Ripples of black air swept wildly and radiated in all directions.

Faintly, the dynamics of the two people fighting in the air can be seen.

Li Xiaofei's inner energy exploded, and the two-color flames of ice and fire flowed and flickered all over his body, like a demon coming to the dust, fierce and arrogant, and kept blasting out one palm after another.

Hai Tiankuo met him forcefully, his body swayed, his face looked stunned, and he backed away.

Pick up again, quit again!

Pick up again, quit again!

Such three palms.

Like three thunderbolts in the sky.

The figures are suddenly separated.

Li Xiaofei stood in front of Hai Tiankuo, with his palms closed and his energy concentrated, his figure was like an abyss, standing tall and majestic.

It comes like thunder to calm down its wrath, and ends like the clear light of the river and sea.

Ten meters away from the opposite side.

Hai Tiankuo had been knocked out of the wingsuit aircraft and was suspended in the void, his arms kept raised and trembling slightly.

The battle is over.

The winner has not yet been announced.

The huge suspense made the air almost freeze.

Countless eyes focused on the two of them.

"If you can't even catch my three palms, you are worse than Qin Xiaotian."

Li Xiaofei looked disappointed and shook his head gently, saying, "I'm so disappointed. A waste like you can actually be on the list of strong men and dominate the slums? There are no heroes, so Zhuzi became famous!"

Sea and sky wide noodles floating.

Suddenly, countless rays of blood burst out from his body, and the injuries in his body could no longer be suppressed. His whole body exploded in the void.

Shattered to pieces.

The foam of flesh, blood and bones rises in the dust of the night sky.

At this moment, everything stopped.

Waves of horror.

This chapter has been completed!
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