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After exchanging contact information, Li Xiaofei turned around and left.

"What did he say to you?"

In the VIP box, Yue Hua Ren greeted him warmly.

Li Xiaofei casually said, "I hope I can make friends."

Yuehua Ren said, "You agreed?"

Li Xiaofei asked, "Why not?"

Yue Hua Ren bit her red lips with her white teeth and snorted softly.

The surrounding bodyguards and guards of the Yuehua family immediately lowered their heads.

Only in this way can the uncontrollable expression of obsession on his face be concealed.

I don't know since when, the charm of the family owner became irresistible.

Every frown and every smile makes people addicted.

So this slight snort just now will make the people around you lose their temper and become uncontrollable in a few years.

"Humph, multiple friends, multiple paths."

Li Xiaofei came to the recliner and sat down gently.

Yue Hua Ren waved his hand.

The people in the VIP box immediately exited sensibly.

Her palms were open.

A small and exquisite mechanical dragonfly, with a light red light flashing in its compound eyes, buzzed and fluttered its wings, and as its thin wings entered a certain vibration frequency, it released a strange shielding force field.

Therefore, any monitoring and listening devices in the entire VIP box were blocked.

Yuehua Ren gently walked to Li Xiaofei's legs, knelt down and gently rubbed his legs.

Li Xiaofei said nothing and closed his eyes to rest.

There are several more battles to come.

In the past, Yue Hua Ren used public opinion to continuously show weakness. In fact, many of the reports that criticized Li Xiaofei and her were published by herself, which is why some reports are so accurate and contain inside information about the Yue Hua family.

This arrangement allowed big forces such as the Sequoia Consortium to place crazy bets in the final martial arts gambling pool, hoping to completely dismember the Yuehua Family Mikami Consortium.

But now, this self-destruction plan has been mostly successful.

The bets that the major families put into the gambling pool cannot be withdrawn before the gambling battle is over.

The Yuehua family only needs to match according to needs and choose at will from the gambling pool, and then they can win back these resources, wealth, contracts or other treasures through gambling.

With the death of Yaohui Jieyi, there may be a battle of saints in the next battle.

"If we can kill a few saints, it will be a huge reduction in the strength of the Jie Peng Empire."

After all, Jiepeng is not as vast as Daxia, with abundant resources and a large population.

As long as we die, there will be no one left.

Yuehua Ren rubbed it for a while, his eyes flashed, and he said, "You seem to be okay."

After saying that, he had to sit down.

Li Xiaofei said directly and roughly, "I'm not interested."

Yue Hua Ren grumbled, "I'm not interested in being so big and hard."

Li Xiaofei said sternly, "That's just a natural reaction. I am upright, how can I do it in broad daylight... Hey? You woman, in broad daylight, do you have any shame?"

But Yuehua Blade doesn't care.

She rode up, sat down slowly, and swayed her waist briskly.

Li Xiaofei had no choice but to say nothing and work overtime to practice his marksmanship.

The Yuehua Blade twisted for a while, and thin beads of sweat appeared on the forehead.

The graceful white jade-like lotus-rooted arms wrapped around Li Xiaofei's neck. She panted slightly and said, "This morning, news came from within the royal family that His Majesty Akihito wants to marry me as the queen."

Li Xiaofei was afraid of slapping her buttocks, so he pushed it hard and said, "That's a good thing."

Although the whole body of this 'Flower of Jie Peng' has been fully developed.

But because of the abnormal self-healing of the bloodline of the 'Golden Lizard King', she can return to her original state every other day. No matter how detailed the inspection is, no flaws will be found.

"You think this is a good thing?"

Yuehua Ren said dissatisfiedly, "I am your woman..."

"Stop it."

Li Xiaofei interrupted directly.

He corrected him extremely seriously, "We are just a cooperative relationship. We will improve our strength through such training and solve each other's physiological needs. That's all. Don't talk about who belongs to whom. How disgusting."

Yue Hua Ren's charming face immediately showed an expression of grievance.

"Are you really a stone-hearted person?"

While she was panting, she complained, "I have been with you for so long, and I have always obeyed you and allowed you to do whatever you want. Have you really never had any thoughts? Even a little bit."


Li Xiaofei said categorically, "I advise you that it's best not to have any."

Tsukihana Rensara looked like he was about to cry, "Is it true that the hatred of family and country is so important in your heart that you cannot tolerate the slightest trace of love between children?"

Li Xiaofei sneered and said, "Don't do this to me. Where did the love between you and me come from... Hey, let's give our children back, then you call me daddy?"

Yue Hua Ren gritted his teeth angrily and twisted his waist violently.

"You really want me to marry into the royal family?"

she questioned.

Li Xiaofei nodded, "It's not me who thinks about it, it's you who thinks about it."

"I do not want."

Yue Hua Blade Way.

"No, you want to."

Li Xiaofei pointed out directly and ruthlessly, "Don't think I can't see it."

He held her waist, exerting force, and said with a sneer, "If you didn't want to, you wouldn't secretly prove your innocence to the royal family and prove that you are a virgin. Otherwise, with the scandal you had with me during this period, Akihito

The emperor would only think of marrying you if he was crazy. The first requirement for the emperor to marry the queen must be that she is a virgin, right? If you didn't want to, you wouldn't have heard the news from the palace before the royal family actually made a decision.

If you didn't want to, you wouldn't have tried so hard to test my opinion just now."

Yuehua Blade was stunned.

Immediately he lowered his head feeling a little guilty.

It feels really bad to be seen through.

The young man in front of him is not the kind of person who has strength but no scheming.

"How did you tell?"

"No, I feel it."


"Every time you
When you lie, your lower body suddenly tightens."


Yue Hua Ren simply stopped talking.

She never expected that despite her perfect expressions and line design, it would be the person below who showed her flaws in the end.

He never thought that such subtle features would be caught by Li Xiaofei.

Pervert him.

"I want revenge, and if I want to help you, I need a higher authority."

She was worried that Li Xiaofei would be angry, so she explained sincerely, "But even if you become the strongest among the top ten financial groups, you are still a lackey under the royal family. If you can become a queen, you can grab more rights, and even let the emperor."

Be my puppet."

At the end of her speech, her expression became fanatical.

Li Xiaofei felt that her body was like a hot wildfire.

Burning like crazy no matter the cost.


Yue Hua Ren suddenly chuckled and became charming. He came closer and almost licked Li Xiaofei's ear with his lips, saying, "You hate the Jie Peng people so much, don't you want to try the feeling of wantonly trampling and humiliating the Queen of the Jie Peng Empire?"


Damn it.

Li Xiaofei was stimulated by this sentence and suddenly felt a strong feeling.

This woman is really perverted!

Completely blackened.

If she really gets married, it will probably give the Jipeng royal family a headache.

After a while.

Another game begins.

Li Xiaofei stepped into the ring again and killed a Half-Saint named Yazhenchuan.

Therefore, according to the rules of gambling, the Yuehua family threw six bottles of ninth-generation pure star power reagent into the gambling pool from the Yinyue family where Yamanagawa was located.

In the next whole day, Li Xiaofei experienced a total of ten battles.

Killed ten peak magical powers and semi-saints from the Jie Peng Empire.

But unfortunately, I never faced a true saint.

Because Yue Hua Ren selects matching partners in the gambling pool, and they are all medium and large financial groups.

We did not choose those large consortiums with staggering bets and huge profits.

After acquiring the super fat piece of Sequoia Consortium's 'Distillation Research Institute', Yuehua Ren's strategy has changed. It mainly focuses on annexing some medium and large consortiums and fills up the base of the Mikami Consortium little by little. It does not want to

He immediately fell out with the other eight major consortiums.

And after these dozen or so martial arts arena battles, the name Master Shenjin shocked the whole Jie Peng with lightning speed.

One day, one person, thirteen fights to the death.

Thirteen battles and thirteen wins.

Killed the opponent thirteen times.

The fastest kill record in a single game is 0.4 seconds.

The slowest kill time is four minutes and fifty-six seconds.

The total duration of the thirteen games is less than ten minutes.

Terrifying and efficient killing rhythm.

Absolutely invincible and powerful momentum.

A powerful gun that is invincible.

Subsequent game videos were continuously analyzed and decomposed by various super optical brains.

In the end, they all came to the same conclusion——

Kenshi Shenzu is a truly peerless genius.

His inner energy cultivation has not truly entered the realm of a saint.

But he has the fighting power of a saint.

Being able to fight across large realms is the sign of a martial arts genius.

Then ‘Retrograde Conquering the Saint’ is a peerless genius, the sign of a genius among geniuses.

The Jie Peng Empire has not seen a genius of this level for a long time.

Even Yuehua Tianshuang, who shocked the whole country with his martial arts talent, could not achieve such amazing talent and beauty at this age.

Official information shows that Master Shenjin is only 22 years old this year.

He still has an unlimited future.

Before today, this young man who had been wildly ridiculed and belittled by various media, with titles such as 'Constipation Bodyguard', 'The No. 1 Soft Rice King in History', 'Jie Peng's Shame', and almost being hacked, has no need.

Within 24 hours, the counterattack was completely successful.

The light of Jie Peng!

The great imperial cub!

Imperial Martial Arts Star!

The nickname of perfect praise has become synonymous with Shenjin Xuanshi.

Matsui Ishigen, the editor-in-chief of "Jiepeng Daily" who had been madly mocking him before, turned into a dog that everyone wanted to beat overnight, and was frantically insulted by all parties.

"You almost destroyed Jie Peng's martial arts light!"

"I apologize to the great Master Shenjin."

"What kind of shameless and despicable deal is there behind letting such a shameless mad dog become the editor-in-chief of Jie Peng Daily?"

"get out of class is over!"

"Resign, or I will never subscribe to "Jie Peng Daily" from now on."

"Will anyone join me in throwing poop in Matsui's yard?"

"Matsui, you scumbag, go to hell."

Countless true fans of Kenshi Kamizu suddenly appeared on the optical network and attacked Matsui Ishisara crazily. Some radicals actually took action and surrounded Matsui Ishisara at the entrance of the office building of "Jie Peng Daily" and threw them at him.


The headquarters of "Jiepeng Daily" in the optical brain virtual world was attacked and destroyed dozens of times by countless warriors.

In the end, Ishigen Matsui had to publish an apology letter on his own account.

He no longer talks harshly.

He directly posted a video of kneeling down to apologize, crying and begging for forgiveness.

Matsui Ishi was even more afraid.

Offending a promising supernova for the sake of traffic and a little money was the biggest mistake in his life.

Just imagine that if one day, Kenshi Shenzu successfully grows to the height of the strongest man in the empire, then it will be easy to kill him as the editor-in-chief of the newspaper.

You don’t even need to do it yourself, Kenshi Kamizu.

Just the actions of those forces who wanted to make friends with Master Shenjin were enough to kill him ten thousand times.

But some mistakes don’t mean apologizing

can be forgiven.

On that day, the Yuehua family broke their silence for the first time and spoke out.

Directly sue Matsui Isara and others, as well as the Jie Peng Daily newspaper behind them.

Some other major media outlets that had previously joined forces with "Jipeng Daily" to jointly request the royal family to investigate Yuehua Ren and the Yuehua family are also among those being prosecuted.

These major media outlets suddenly became very embarrassed.

They had to apologize on their official website one after another.

At the same time, he promised to compensate the Yuehua family and Shenjin Xuanshi.

Li Xiaofei unexpectedly discovered that in just a few days, he, an undercover agent, had become the idol of countless young warriors in Jiepeng, and was wildly sought after.

There are many idiots popping up on the Internet who claim to be die-hard fans for decades.

As Kamizu Kenshi's reputation improved, the reputation of Tsukihana Ren, who had previously been criticized for being promiscuous in his private life and unclear about him, also immediately skyrocketed.

After all, stories about pretty boys and rich women are usually full of low-level nastiness.

But the story of the Light of Martial Arts and the Flower of Jie Peng can become an eternal legend.

Between the beautiful female head of the family who is knowledgeable and kind, and the loyal and talented guard, even if they have already had sex in private, it is definitely true love. Why should we be harsh?

This kind of cynical argument has gradually become the mainstream of public opinion.

Many people enjoy it.

The Yuehua family pursued the victory and issued a public statement.

The content of this statement is not complicated.

It is the inspection report of the top ten domestic hospitals in Jie Peng.

And the content of every inspection report has the same meaning——

Yue Hua Ren is still a flawless virgin body.

In today's era, medical skills are far ahead of what they were 500 years ago.

The physical examination is more detailed, and no matter how clever the repair surgery is, it is impossible to conceal the truth.

What's more, these ten hospitals are all domestic technical authorities, and it is impossible for any of them to be bribed at the same time.

In other words, all evidence shows that Yuehua Ren was wrongly accused.

This 'Flower of Jie Peng', who was criticized by countless media for supporting a pretty boy and whose private life was confusing, and was later firmly believed by countless fans to have been secretly engaged to Shenjin Xuanshi for the rest of his life, actually has not experienced even this so far.

One time life.

She is still as pure as a snowdrop.

How severe the previous attack was, how strong the shock was now.

Those disappearing halos returned to Yuehua Blade again at an incredible speed.

Let me ask, what else can make people crazier than a young, pure, beautiful, flawless and perfect goddess?

And such a goddess, whose abilities and personal ethics are both perfect, and the peerless genius Kamizu Kenshi, who has an unlimited future, are truly a perfect match.

Fairy couple!

Public opinion heated up again.

But this time, c fans were not able to climax for long.

Because another piece of news swept through the entire Jie Peng Empire like a nuclear bomb, shocking the entire network.

The royal family speaks out.

His Majesty, His Majesty the Supreme Emperor Akihito, has decided to marry the 'Flower of Jie Peng' Gekuka Ren.

And the wedding date has been set.

Just half a month later.

The whole country was in uproar.

No one thought that the beauty and talent of Tsukuka Ren would actually attract the attention of the great Emperor Akihito.

This emperor is the god in the hearts of countless Jie Peng people.

Fifteen years ago, Emperor Akihito ascended the throne.

This emperor, who was rated as the most handsome man in Jie Peng when he was a prince, has not married or taken any concubines for fifteen years. He has given up his personal desires and is famous for his simplified life and high energy. He is known as the one who wants to

Dedicate yourself to your country and enjoy great prestige among free people.

Even without the blessing of the emperor's status, many people still think that he is a god-like figure.

If this god actually has a mortal heart and wants to descend to the mortal world.

In other words, Yue Hua Ren will soon become the queen of the Jie Peng Empire.

If in normal times, this news would have caused countless people to celebrate.

It is a great good thing for the whole empire.

But at this time, many people felt strange in their hearts.

After careful investigation, people suddenly discovered that this strange thing originated from the great martial arts genius Shenzu Xuanshi.

The fairy couple C had only lasted a few days before it ended in such an unexpected way.

Many fans unconsciously began to sympathize with him.

Such a great martial arts genius has a heartbreaking fate.

Just when he became famous, he lost the woman he loved most in his life.


Why are you so sure that Master Jinxuan’s favorite woman is Yuehua Ren?

Are you a fool?

If Master Shenjin didn’t love the Moon Flower Blade deeply, then given his strength, why would he willingly follow the Moon Flower Blade and do what he did when there were countless financial groups rushing to recruit him and what kind of power and position he couldn’t get?

A close bodyguard who has been unknown for so long?

This is irrefutable proof.

The news spread and the discussion soared.

People are very curious about what the attitude of the young and vigorous martial arts genius Shenjin Xuanshi will be when faced with the most powerful man in the Jie Peng Empire trying to win his love.

Walking away from home in despair?

A common man gets angry and shoots?

Surrender to the royal family, or become an enemy?

The answer did not keep the public waiting for too long.

In an interview, Kenshi Kamizu publicly expressed his blessings for the wedding of the Emperor and Tsukuka Ren, and said that he would definitely attend the wedding. He only has a brother-like affection for Tsukuka Ren and does not have the slightest affection between men and women.

Countless people felt disappointed.

It's natural if you think about it carefully.

After all, Tsukihana Ren, one of the parties involved, has expressed her determination to marry His Majesty the Emperor through silence.

Amidst such a noisy public opinion frenzy, this time the annual meeting of the consortium finally came to an end.

The execution of Daxia officials and flag worship, which had been temporarily canceled before, was once again put on the agenda.
r> night.

Yuehua Family Manor.

The lights flicker.

"Haven't you found any clues yet?"

Li Xiaofei asked anxiously.

Yue Hua Ren shook his head, "I have activated all the channels and energy that I can activate, but I have achieved nothing. Once it involves the temple, it is not an area that the consortium can intervene in. Within the Jie Peng Empire, the temple even has more power than the Starry Sky."

The higher authority of the Council, rumor has it that there is a real god sitting in the temple."

Real God?

Li Xiaofei touched his neck.

He slaughtered saints.

But I haven't killed a god yet.

Yuehua Ren said again, "And I have received some news that the temple and the Inquisition have deepened their cooperation and want to eradicate all members of the Dragon Group in the territory. In the past few days, there have been many hidden members of the Dragon Group across the country.

He was secretly captured and sent to Tokyo's Death Prison 'Castle of Hades', and it is said that he will be used as material for new surgery experiments."

Li Xiaofei knocked on the table, "Give me the details."

Yue Hua Ren hesitated and took out the electronic file that he had prepared.

It records in detail the information of the captured Dragon Group members, their prison number, appearance and strength level, which is very comprehensive.

Li Xiaofei took one look at it, remembered it firmly, and destroyed it immediately.

"Get ready for your wedding."

Li Xiaofei stood up slowly and said, "To be honest, I'm looking forward to your wedding night."

"What? When the time comes, are you going to replace His Imperial Majesty and exercise his first night power?"

Yuehua Ren blinked and said, "The wedding dress selected by the royal family has been delivered to your home. Do you want me to wear it for you? We can practice it in advance."

Li Xiaofei looked at the time.

Ten p.m.

There is still some time.

He nodded and said, "Go and change quickly."

Yue Hua Ren directly took his hand and said, "I want you to watch me change."

The two came to the cloakroom of more than 200 square meters.

A huge mirror fits the entire wall.

Yuehuaren stood in front of the mirror, took off his clothes, and then began to put on the wedding dress sent by the royal family.

Li Xiaofei crossed his arms and looked at the stunningly beautiful woman in front of him.

Ever since the Golden Lizard King's bloodline was fully activated, he felt that the Moon Flower Blade was undergoing some wonderful changes every minute and every second.


To be precise, it is evolution.

It seems to be evolving from a low-level creature to a high-level creature.

The aura and charm she exudes are also rising at an incredible rate.

If before coming to Tokyo, Tsukihana Ren was just a stunningly beautiful CEO who could be chosen one out of ten thousand, then now she really seems to be a goddess from the Kingdom of Gods above the Nine Heavens, combining nobility, elegance, and

Pure, charming and other temperaments are perfectly blended together to form a unique and fatal attraction.

Li Xiaofei touched his chin.

Such changes are the result of his hard work.

He is not sure what the final result will be.

Obviously, Emperor Jie Peng, who claimed to never marry and dedicated himself to the empire, suddenly had his heart set on marrying Yue Hua Yan. I am afraid that he was not just coveting her beauty, but must have other more important purposes.

If you can control the Jie Peng royal family with the help of the Moon Flower Blade...

Thinking of this, Li Xiaofei shook his head.

Too much trouble.

Intrigue and intrigue are not in line with his style.

It's best to kill them all in one go.

It also saves the waste of air on the earth.

"I'm dressed."

Wearing a luxurious wedding dress, Yue Hua Ren stood in front of the mirror and rotated gently, showing off her beautiful figure. She turned around and looked at Li Xiaofei with a bright smile, her eyes full of desire.

Li Xiaofei laughed.

What is certain is that after reaching 100 bloodline purity, dual cultivation with himself can still bring certain benefits to this woman that she cannot let go of.

That's why she releases her charm so crazily.

In this case...

He walked over quickly, holding Yuehua Ren's slender waist from behind with one hand, and grabbing her with the other hand. After returning to Jipeng, he deliberately grew her waist-length black hair into a high ponytail.

shape, pull it back.

Let her beautiful face rise slightly.

Press tightly against the mirror in front of you.

Can clearly see her own face in the mirror.

"Open your eyes and take a good look."

Li Xiaofei's actions were a bit rough.

(8,000 words will be deleted after subsequent review)

Two hours later.

The cloakroom was already a mess.

The carpet in front of the mirror was wet, as if it had been washed.

Yuehua Ren was lying on the white wedding dress, her whole body was like a fish out of water, breathing heavily, but the memories in her mind were those scenes where she was forced to see herself in the mirror before.

The aftertaste of unprecedented stimulation was constantly bombarding her brain.

She felt that the strange power condensed from the blood in her body began to grow crazily after the stimulation just now, as if it had broken some kind of bottleneck and achieved another breakthrough.


My guess is correct.

Absolute blood purity is not everything.

And it's just the beginning.

If you want to gain the absolute power to dominate the Jie Peng Empire, you must continue to stimulate this power.

So far, it seems that only Li Xiaofei can help him achieve this kind of stimulation.

What a dangerous, rude yet charming man.

I hope he can continue to be so useful.

Otherwise, I wouldn't be willing to kill him.

Yuehua Ren slowly sat up and looked at the cloakroom where he was alone.

The smell is still in the air, but there is no trace of Li Xiaofei.

She knew what he was doing.

This chapter has been completed!
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