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 These five people are Li Guorui, Xue Hedong, Zhang Hongjing, Zhao Guoqiang and Chang Zheng.

Among them, Li Guorui, Zhang Hongjing and Zhao Guoqiang were all those who participated in the outstanding exchange meeting and showed powerful superpowers.

Xue Hud was the biggest beneficiary of the Taishan Bolide Incident, receiving a huge amount of [Energy Spore] impact and unlocking the light superpower.

On that day, he was at high altitude and used [Ultimate Day] to annihilate the Igus aircraft carrier formation, making Xue Hud famous in one battle.

Chang Zheng, on the other hand, is a gifted superpower who subsequently emerged. He masters the art of space teleportation and his ultimate skill [Warp Mirror Leap], which can teleport Igus's nuclear bomb to outer space for detonation.

These five people are the strongest superpowers in Daxia today.

He is also an Omega-level superpower according to Western classification standards.

In the division of Daxia, above the previous three levels of heaven, earth and people, there are three realms of destruction, underworld and god.

These five people are all god-level now.

That is six awakenings.

In addition to their own hard work and talent, being able to achieve such a level of cultivation today is of course mainly due to Li Xiaofei's infusion and guidance.

In addition, there are currently a total of 137 million registered superpowers in Daxia, accounting for about one-tenth of the total population.

This number is officially top secret.

Once word spreads, it will definitely cause a global uproar.

Oh, by the way, it no longer matters whether the world is in an uproar or not.

Because Daxia is now the only official state power in the world.

After nearly two years of research and comparison, Li Xiaofei has now completely mastered the method of using [energy spores] to stimulate ordinary people's superpowers.

Now, he can put the energy in an [Energy Spore] into the bodies of a specific number of ordinary people without any waste, causing them to awaken superpowers.

You don't even have to do it yourself, you can achieve it with the help of other superpowers and some specific instruments.

Basically it is [directed admission].

Moreover, Li Xiaofei has also completely mastered
Learn how to guide junior superpowers to awaken multiple times and enter the god-level realm.

The so-called god level is exactly the universe level life form.

In other words, mass production of cosmic-level life forms has become a reality.

However, Li Xiaofei doesn't want to implement it yet.

Because in that case, Chongque City would immediately start recruiting troops to Base Planet No. 1818, and countless Daxia people would be forced to go to the Galaxy Battlefield.

Li Xiaofei's purpose was not to simply make Daxia a recruiting ground for unlimited demands.

However, the achievements achieved so far are enough to explain to Chongque City.

"Team leader."

Zhang Hongjing and others saluted.

The eyes looking at Li Xiaofei were full of fanatical admiration.

Because they knew that the person who really changed the world structure, changed the destiny of Daxia, and made Daxia a global ruler was this ordinary young man in front of them.

He seems to be a god, coming to the world and changing the world.

"Next, I will be practicing in seclusion on Rebun Island. Please don't disturb me with trivial matters."

Li Xiaofei said.

Two years ago, after a young girl named Ah Qing got tired of practicing square dancing in the morning, she set foot on Mount Emei and studied swordsmanship in a retreat at the Golden Summit of Emei. She has not left the retreat to this day.

As for Li Xiaofei himself, he had the 'Secret Palace of Time' so he did not retreat, and his cultivation progress was also extremely amazing.

Now, he is already a pulse-star cosmic life form, only one step away from the black hole level.

Strength is always the guarantee of everything.

What Li Xiaofei needs to do now is to advance to the black hole level in the shortest possible time.

In this way, he can be invincible in the entire Chongque City and become one of the few top powerhouses standing at the top.

That would be extremely beneficial to his next plan.

After some instructions, Zhang Hongjing and the other five god-level superpowers left.

Li Xiaofei stood up slowly.

He planned to go back to Chongque City first, sort out all the relationships, and then start to retreat after receiving the evolution and cultivation materials.

But at this moment, familiar footsteps came.


Li Xiaofei's face showed a trace of laughter and tears, and said: "You are really not afraid of death."

Angelus's voice sounded: "I said, I will come back."

"Are you really not afraid of giving up your life and sending it to me so that I can finally find your true identity?" Li Xiaofei said.

Angelus came over.

His steps were light, as if he was attending an appointment with an old friend, and he said, "You seem to be about to succeed."

Li Xiaofei knew that this guy had probably been hiding in Daxia, secretly observing his plans.

Perhaps, he has already seen some clues.

This made Li Xiaofei's heart become filled with murderous intent.

Angelus obviously sensed Li Xiaofei's emotional changes and said quickly: "Don't get me wrong, I really have no ill intentions towards you, I'm just here to remind you."

"Reminder of what?"

"When a person is closest to success, it is also when failure is about to knock on the door. It is not uncommon for someone to fall short of success. You must be careful."

"Are you here to give me poisonous chicken soup?"

"It's not poisonous chicken soup. I'm just telling you that there are many people in Chongque City who are watching you and want to pick the peaches you planted. Don't think that just by controlling a few second-generation nobles, you can really settle everything. Once it is involved,

When it comes to real benefits, even the city lord Song Jinglun himself may not be able to cover up the sky with one hand, let alone his son."

When Li Xiaofei heard this, he was suddenly shocked.

He looked at the man beside him.

Although using life and death talismans and handles to control Song Shiyan and others is not completely
It is a top-secret matter, especially since there are so many people in the second generation, it is understandable that some information should be revealed.

But Angelus actually knew this?

The feeling in Li Xiaofei's heart became clearer and clearer - Angelus, the God of Eden, was probably someone he was very familiar with in Chongque City.

He vaguely felt that he was about to find this guy who was hiding deep inside.

"Don't guess who I am, think more about what I said. This kind of thing is not a precedent. There are many outstanding and talented evolutionary executives who did not die on the galaxy battlefield, but died in the hands of their own people, like

There are more than one evolutionary executive like you who have your own plans, but in the end they all fell down and were picked off. You have to be careful. This is my advice to you."

Angelus reminded again.

"Thank you, is there anything else you want to say?"

"Can you please not kill me this time?"


"Fuck you."

Then, Li Xiaofei took action and directly killed the 'Angelus' next to him.

The next moment, he returned to Chongque City through special channels.

Everything is as before.

Sikong Xue is one year and seven months pregnant and has not yet given birth. She has a big belly and looks radiant.

Such experiences are not uncommon in Chongque City.

The pregnancy of the cosmic life form takes longer than that of ordinary people, and the new life produced is naturally powerful, so the pregnancy period is four to five times that of ordinary people, which is reasonable.

Li Xiaofei stayed with Sikong Xue for three days.

Then he went to the Military Health Department, reported his work, and received the planned share of [Energy Spores], evolution resources, and various training resources.

Then he withdrew a large amount of Immortal Chalcedony from the Explosive Star Gang to prepare for the next retreat.

Afterwards, he returned to Earth 1818.

Start to retreat.

This time, the retreat time was beyond his expectation.

This chapter has been completed!
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