Chapter 1,548 The emperor is in the sky, please give me some advice from the Thunder Flame God!

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Whether the Yum Emperor is the most powerful person below a god is impossible to ascertain.

But there is one thing.

They are certain.

The strength of the Yum Emperor must not be weak.

Otherwise, how could they unite so many God-Emperors and sweep across hundreds of millions of miles of territory of the Chaos Emperor with the power of thunder.


There is no doubt that there are shadows of other gods behind Emperor Yum.

Otherwise, how could the Chaos Emperor not be able to deal with the Yum-Victorious God Emperor if he took action himself?

No matter how powerful the God-Emperor is, he is still just a God-Emperor.

So what if God Emperor Yum Sheng is really the most powerful person below the god.

In the presence of God.

The God-Emperor is just an ant.


The strength of the Yum Sheng God Emperor may not be comparable to the current Heavenly God Emperor.

In addition, the Chaos Emperor is not an ordinary emperor. As the leader of one of the four great imperial dynasties, his strength is not ordinary.


If it weren't for a strong man of the same level taking action, there would be no way for the Emperor Yum to resist.

As for the mysterious death of the other party later, it was because of Thunder Flame God Lord.

It is estimated that the powerful people behind Yum Sheng God Emperor did not expect that the Chaos Emperor could actually have a second god.

These things should have been kept secret, but now with the appearance of Lord Thunder Flame, the so-called secrets have been exposed to the sight of all the monks.

the other side.

The Blue Sea God Emperor looked firm and gritted his teeth and said: "Please ask the Thunder Flame God Lord to take action to suppress this beast. This matter is regarded as the second condition of the God Lord!"

The token is a means of communicating with the Thunder Flame God, and it is also the backup plan left behind by the Chaos Emperor.

Unless absolutely necessary, the Blue Sea God Emperor does not want to use this trump card.

after all.

It goes without saying how precious it is to have a condition that the deity can personally agree to.

If it can be used properly, it will definitely play a great role.

It's like how many troublesome things were avoided when the Thunder Flame God was allowed to guard the frontiers of the Chaos Empire for thousands of years.


The Blue Sea God Emperor had no intention of letting the Thunder Flame God Lord take action at first. Instead, he gathered the power of fifty God Emperors and wanted to kill the God Emperor of the Sky at all costs.


The strength and foundation of the Divine Emperor of the Sky are beyond the imagination of the Divine Emperor of the Blue Sea.

Now that most of the fifty God-Emperors have fallen, the remaining God-Emperors of the sects and ancestral courts have also evacuated, leaving only the God-Emperors belonging to the Chaos Emperor.

But none of the fifty God-Emperors were able to kill the Supreme God-Emperor, let alone the Chaos Emperor, who only had less than ten God-Emperors present.

With such a force, it is naturally impossible to kill the Emperor of Heaven.

Don't say he was beheaded.

Even if you want to compete with the other party, you probably won't have the chance.

When things have developed to this point, the Blue Sea God Emperor can only use the means left by the Chaos Emperor and ask the Thunder Flame God to take action himself.

Hear the words.

Thunder Flame God nodded: "There is no problem for me to take action in this battle. When this battle is over, I will only owe the Chaos Emperor one last favor."

"Thank you Lord Thunder Flame!"

The Blue Sea God Emperor bowed.

Although he is a minister of the Chaos Emperor, he is just a junior in front of the Thunder Flame God.

There is no priority in practicing, the one who has mastered it is the teacher.

Even if the young God is in front of him, the God-Emperor can only be regarded as a junior in front of him.

not to mention.

Thunder Flame God is an ancient god and has existed for several ancient eras. Naturally, he is not comparable to the Blue Sea God Emperor.


Only then did Lord Thunder Flame God look at the Emperor of Heaven again.

"Logically speaking, you are the God Emperor and I am the God Sovereign. We shouldn't bully the small ones with the big ones. It's a pity that I was entrusted by the Chaos Emperor. I can only fulfill my promise."

The words fell.

The God of Thunder and Flame waved his sleeves, and he saw monstrous power sweeping through the void, as if outlined by thunder and fire from the sky. The terrifying power caused all the God-Emperors to change their expressions drastically.

For many God-Emperors, although they have heard about the reputation of the God, they rarely see the God himself do it, let alone feel it so close.

Now, the Thunder Flame God Lord's random strike is like the sky falling apart in their eyes, as if he will fall on the spot at any time.

How could such a feeling not shock the God Emperor?

Even the top ancient God Emperors such as the Blue Sea God Emperor were secretly frightened when they witnessed the power of Thunder Flame God Lord's attack.


After being frightened.

More of it is ecstasy.

In their opinion, the God of Thunder and Flame was so terrifying that no God Emperor could resist it.

If the opponent can take action personally in this battle, then the God Emperor of the Sky will definitely die.

In the void.

Heavenly thunder and earthly fire intertwined, turning into world-destroying thunder flames and falling suddenly. The Divine Emperor of the Sky was the first to bear the brunt of such terrifying power.

Such momentum made his whole body, blood, and soul tremble.


However, the fighting spirit in the eyes of the Emperor of Heaven became even more intense.


The vast divine kingdom suddenly appeared, and the Divine Emperor of the Sky stepped into the divine kingdom. The divine power accumulated over countless years was now gathering crazily towards him.

Infused with divine power.

It's like dew coming after a long drought.

The depleted divine power of the Shangqiong God Emperor was completely restored almost instantly.

Seeing the world-destroying thunder flames bombarding him, the God Emperor of the Sky stepped on the golden chariot formed by the condensed divine power, and turned around with his war spear.

The cyan spear was imbued with infinite divine power, as if it were made of gold. It pierced into the world-destroying thunder flames and exploded with shocking power, stirring up the heaven and earth.

The road collapsed.

The rules are rolled back.

The world-destroying thunder flames that originally filled the world were torn apart in full view of everyone.

When the Kingdom of God soared into the sky and the God-Emperor of the Upper Vault appeared on his golden chariot amidst the world-destroying thunder flames, the entire Chaos Empire fell silent.


The Blue Sea God Emperor roared in anger and could no longer maintain his original demeanor.

What did he see?

A god emperor actually withstood a blow from the god.

Especially the golden and dazzling Kingdom of God is particularly dazzling in the eyes of the Blue Sea God Emperor.

this moment.

Only then did the Blue Sea God Emperor suddenly understand.

It turns out that from the beginning, the other party never really showed its full power.

He thought he could summon fifty God-Emperors to kill the opponent, but now it seems that it is just a joke.

Shinto monk!

The biggest trump card among them is the coming of the Kingdom of God!

But the Blue Sea God Emperor forgot about this matter.

no way.

In a fight between life and death, who can truly think about so many things calmly?

not to mention.

The God-Emperor of the Sky was severely injured and could die at any time. The God-Emperor of the Blue Sea would not have expected that in such a situation, the opponent would retain such a big trump card.

Only now, Thunder Flame God Lord has taken action personally, has revealed all the opponent's trump cards.

Even the Thunder Flame God raised his eyebrows slightly when he saw that the God Emperor of Shangqiong was able to block his blow.

"It seems that I have underestimated you. You are not an ordinary half-step god. Maybe you don't need to wait until this battle is over before you can step into the realm of god!"

At the beginning, Thunder Flame God Lord thought that the other party had not been able to open the door of God Lord.

But looking at it now, it is clear that the opponent has already opened the gap, and is only a little short of completely opening the way to the god.

at this time.

The Divine Emperor of the Sky is as powerful as a rainbow. His eyes when he looks at the Lord Thunder Flame are filled with fighting intent. His war spear is as sharp as a world-destroying blade.

"The emperor is in the sky, please give me some advice from Thunder Flame God!"

Hear this.

Thunder Flame God laughed angrily: "What a junior, you actually want to use my hands to prove the truth, then let me see if you have this ability.

If you use the deity as a whetstone, you have to look at whether you are strong enough!"

Even if the Thunder Flame God really admires the Emperor of Heaven, when he heard the other party's invitation to fight, there was a surge of anger in his heart.

The god is the god.

The superior existence will never allow the God-Emperor to be disrespectful.


The God-Emperor in front of him clearly wants to regard himself as a whetstone so that he can achieve enlightenment.

at this point.

Thunder Flame God Lord will not tolerate it.

If he took action before, it was only because of the Chaos Emperor, then at this moment, the Thunder Flame God really wanted to kill the Emperor of Heaven.

In an instant.

Thunder Flame God Lord takes action again.

But what is different from the previous one is that this time, the God of Thunder and Flame did not hold back any more. His palm covered the void, heaven and earth, and the light of the sun, moon and stars was completely covered. Only destruction is eternal.

The power of this palm does not contain the power of any rules, but only the ultimate destruction.

Strike out with one palm.

The sky is falling and the earth is falling.

Even in the capital of the Chaos Empire, a protective formation was raised at this moment, and many strong men who had been secretly watching the battle hurriedly retreated.

After all, even if the aftermath of the God Lord's angry attack escaped, they were not able to withstand it.

If it really hurts Chi Yu, he might die on the spot.

No one wants to watch a show and end up risking their lives in it.


While the other God-Emperors were retreating, the God-Emperor of Shangqiong showed no fear.

That fatal pressure suddenly hit him, making his fighting spirit seem to sublimate and transform in another direction.

The door to the Godhead, which was already slightly open, is now even more shaky.

The Emperor of Heaven knows clearly.

This was the opportunity for him to become enlightened.

After all, the pressure put on oneself by the powerful God Emperors such as the Blue Sea God Emperor was not enough. Only by truly confronting the God Lord could one break through that layer of barriers.

This is both danger and opportunity.


When the Thunder Flame God Lord took action, the God Emperor of the Sky let out a long roar, and all his power was exploding, blasting towards the palm with the force of a Kunpeng that shook the sky.


The heaven and earth shook.

Even outside the Chaos Empire, this extremely powerful fluctuation can be clearly heard.

at the same time.

Outside the Chaos Empire, somewhere in the void, there were powerful divine thoughts intertwined and talking.

"That old guy Lei Yan took action himself. It seems that the one in the heavens made a lot of noise, but the God-Emperor is still only the God-Emperor and cannot be the opponent of the God.

But now that Lei Yan has gone to the capital of the Chaos Empire, the frontiers of the Chaos Empire will inevitably be empty. This is our opportunity."

"That's right, let's let the originally prepared backhand take action directly. This battle must capture as much of the Chaos Empire's territory as possible in a short period of time, in order to weaken its luck."

"Hmph, the four great emperors are colluding together. They actually believe in the so-called Dark Forbidden Lord and attempt to disrupt our Netherworld. He really deserves to be killed." "The origin of the Dark Forbidden Lord is not trivial. Solve the problems of the four great emperors first, and then worry about the others..."

This chapter has been completed!
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