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I have a world of cultivating immortals

I have a world of cultivating immortals

author:Pure Nine Lotus Lantern

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:07-20 03:13

Latest chapter:Chapter 1,049: Welcome True Lord Chunyang out of seclusion

Chen Mobai, a third-year student of Xianmen No. 5 High School, is studying hard to prepare for the entrance examination of Daoyuan. The direction of his efforts is: to develop a new world

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《I have a world of cultivating immortals》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 1,049: Welcome True Lord Chunyang out of seclusion
Chapter 1,048 The Third Saint of the Immortal Sect is Born
Chapter 1047: The aftermath (8.5K)
Chapter 1,046 Sixth-Level Star Sword
Chapter 1,045 The Immortal Sects Catastrophe
Chapter 1044: The Five Tones
Chapter 1043: Shocking Song
Chapter 1042 Yuanyang Sword
Chapter 1041 Zidian comes out of seclusion
《I have a world of cultivating immortals》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Xianmen Fifth High School
Chapter 2 Turtle Shell
Chapter 3 Water House
Chapter 4 Back to the City
Chapter 5: The Technique of Raising Spiritual Roots
Chapter 6 Five Elements Gong
Chapter VII Compound Prohibition
Chapter 8 Blue Arrow Talisman
Chapter 9 East Desolation
Chapter 10 The Cunning Villain
Chapter 11 Harvest
Chapter 12 Interpretation
Chapter 13 Needle Box
Chapter Fourteen Wu Wan
Chapter 15 Fictional Transactions
Chapter 16 Black Water Technique
Chapter 17 Returning to the Primordial Spiritual Water
Chapter 18 Qinglong Carp
Chapter 19 Agent
Chapter 20 Qingping
Chapter 21: Spiritual Root Theory
Chapter 22 Mysterious Ice Art
Chapter 23 Sixth Level of Qi Training
Chapter 24 Replenishing Qi and Spiritual Water
Chapter 25 Tianhe Realm
Chapter 26 Turtle Immortal
Chapter 27 Immortal Art
Chapter 28 Yuanyang Sword
Chapter 29 Insufficient Points
Chapter 30 Spirit Stone Exchange
Chapter thirty one
Chapter 32 Chen Xinglan
Chapter 33 Building the Three Treasures of the Foundation
Chapter 34 Pick-up
Chapter 35 Yuhuang Opera Troupe
Chapter 36 Divine Consciousness
Chapter Thirty-Seven Dreams
Chapter 38 Asking for Support
Chapter 39 Jasper Indus
Chapter 40: Stepping into the Tianhe Realm
Chapter 41 Nanxifang City
Chapter 42: Raising Mind and Casting Divine Art
Chapter 43 The young girl
Chapter forty-four main medicine, auxiliary medicine
Chapter 45 Asking for directions
Chapter 46 Map
Chapter 47 The plan to make a fortune
Chapter 48 Wood Spirit Talisman Store
Chapter 49: 22 Spirit Stones
Chapter 50: Practicing Divine Consciousness
Chapter 51 The first day of setting up a stall
Chapter 52 Foundation Building Failure
Chapter 53 Expulsion from the Division
Chapter 54 Aftermath
Chapter 55 Forbidden Technique
Chapter 56 Zixiao Palace
Chapter 57 - God Swallowing
Chapter 58: Return to Fang Market
Chapter 59: Shenmu Sect
Chapter 60: Renshui Thunder Technique
Chapter 61 Four Qi Pavilion
Chapter 62 Spirit Extract
Chapter 63 Heavenly Spirit Root
Chapter 64 Agent Xianmen Net
Chapter 65 Sheng Ling San
Chapter 66 Collection of Zhenti Over the Years
Chapter 67 College Entrance Examination
Chapter 68 Fighting
Chapter 69 Ice Technique
Chapter 70 Five Elements Shop
Chapter 71 Teleportation Array
Chapter 72 The Blackwater System
Chapter 73 Purchase
Chapter 74 Scumbag
Chapter 75 Acting
Chapter 76 One Yuan Zhenjun
Chapter 77: Hone Your Skills
Chapter 78 Black Plague Bird
Chapter 79: No. 1 in the whole school
Chapter 80 Training
Chapter 81 Attention
Chapter 82 The Rules of Fighting
Chapter 83 The two women meet
Chapter 84: Experience in Making Talismans from the Shenmu Sect
Chapter 85 Dead
Chapter 86 Summoning Order
Chapter 87 Helmet
Chapter 88 Five Umbrellas
Chapter 89 Tianmu Divine Light
Chapter 90 Monster Beast Attacks the Island
Chapter 91 Spirit Leaf
Chapter 92 Black Feather Shield
Chapter 93: Three Swords of Light
Chapter 94: Orthodox Foundation Establishment
Chapter 95 Two-phase Gong
Chapter 96 Future Planning
Chapter 97: Jinguangya Ningleshan
Chapter 98 Red Flame Three Sword Talisman
Chapter 99 Mixed
Chapter 100: Match Table
Chapter 101 strive for the first
Chapter 102 The situation is good
Chapter 103 Fu Mo
Chapter 104 The first day of fighting
Chapter 105 One minute
Chapter One Hundred and Sixth Fame
Chapter 107 The final is waiting for you
Chapter 108: Win Again
Chapter 109 The third round
Chapter 110 Divine Rune Talisman
Chapter 111 Sapphire Talisman
Chapter 112 Finals
Chapter 113: Great ambition
Chapter 114 Dao Heart Broken
Chapter 115 Tactics
Chapter 116 Victory
Chapter 117 Lei Fa
Chapter 118 Breakthrough
Chapter 119 Ning Anning
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty - Drawing Rune Pen
Chapter 121 Foundation Building Treasure
Chapter 122 I will enter the final
Chapter 123: Thirteen Swords of Tianhai
Chapter 124 Ice Knife
Chapter 125 Tianxin Sword Talisman
The first chapter twenty-six is ??all in my calculations
Chapter 127 Reason
Chapter 128
Chapter 129: Fighting to win
Chapter 130 Persuasion
Chapter 131 Winning the championship
Chapter 132: Choosing a Taoist Academy
Chapter 133 Qingshan Village
Chapter 134 Taixu Temple
Chapter 135: Liu Jipei's Notes
Chapter 136 Life
Chapter 137 Return to Qingguang Island
Chapter 138 Revision of 'Pure Yang Scroll'
Chapter 139: Building Foundation Treasure Deduction
Chapter 140: White Jade Bells
Chapter 141: Fu Cheng
Chapter 142 Brass Ring
Chapter 143 Routines
Chapter 144: Calm God, Confuse God
Chapter 145: Half a Year
Chapter 146 Outlying Islands
Chapter 147: their respective futures
Chapter 148: Third-Order Monster Beast
Chapter 149: Casting the Sword Ring
Chapter 150
Chapter 151: The Body of One Yang
Chapter 152: Crossing the Spirit
Chapter 153 True Spiritual Roots
Chapter 154 Top talent
Chapter 155 It's broken, I'm a genius
Chapter 156 Hidden Love
Chapter 157 Reach a consensus
One hundred and fifty-eight chapters Yimu God Thunder Talisman
Chapter 159 Boiling Water House
Chapter 160 One Yang Cheng
Chapter 161 Taking Qinghuo Dan
Chapter 162 Flying Instrument
Chapter 163: Yulian, Luo Family Brothers and Sisters
Chapter 164: Three Gods Tree
Chapter 165: Choose Two-Phase Power
Chapter 166 on the road
Chapter 167 I'm from the Dance Academy
Chapter 168: Asking the Foundation Establishment Dan
Chapter 169 Is there a possibility
Chapter 170 Acquaintances
Chapter 171 Chicheng Mountain
Chapter 172 Just this building
Chapter 173 Critical Method
The first chapter seventy-four coincidence
Chapter 175: Chopping wood and swordsmanship
Chapter 176 Zhongli Tianyu
Chapter 177: Heartless Treasure Mirror
Chapter 178 The role of the puppet
Chapter 179 The cost of a deduction
Chapter 180 Open Book
Chapter 181 RBI
Chapter 182: Acting Puppets
Chapter 183 Private Order
Chapter 184 Identification
Chapter 185 Sleeper
Chapter 187 Acting
Chapter 187: All
Chapter 188 Farming
Chapter 189: Raising Mind and Casting Divine Skills
Chapter 190 Open the storage bag
Chapter 191: The same thing
Chapter 192 Harvest
Chapter 193 Sect Contribution to Farming
Chapter 194 Spirit Planting Department
Chapter 195 Lingbao Pavilion
Chapter 196 Secret
Chapter 197 End of the Period
One hundred and ninety-eighth chapter Yu Shenshu, enlightenment and enlightenment pill
Chapter one hundred and ninety-ninth thorough understanding
Chapter 200 Returning to the Taoist Academy
Chapter 201 Brewing
Chapter 202 The Awakened Sleeper
Chapter 204 Another Year of Harvest
Chapter 205 Nine levels of Qi training
Chapter 205 Out of the Mountain
Chapter 206 Chalcedony Dan
Chapter Two Hundred and Seven Talismans
Two hundred and eighth chapter turbulent
Chapter two hundred and ninth solicitation
Chapter 210 Liquid Spiritual Power
Chapter 211 The Inheritor
Chapter 212 A sword
Chapter two hundred and thirteenth sword training department
Chapter 214 Peerless Kendo Genius
Chapter 215 Raising the Sword
Chapter 216 Field Development
Chapter 217 Change of Attitude
Chapter 218 The Second Sword
Chapter two hundred and nineteen the weight of the first true biography
Chapter 220 Foundation Establishment
Chapter 221 Foundation Building
Chapter 222 Apprenticeship
Chapter 223 The real genius
Chapter 224 Sending a Moments
Chapter 225 Wanbao Cave
Chapter 226 Puppet Road
Chapter 227 Royal God Slash
Chapter 228 High-grade Spirit Stone
Chapter 229 This man's sword energy is too domineering
Chapter 230 Benefits of Foundation Establishment
Chapter 231 Xiaonan Mountain
Chapter 232 Accepting disciples
Chapter two hundred and thirty third exercises
Chapter 234 Longevity Tree Fruit
Chapter 235 Magic Tree
Chapter 236: Bimu Spiritual Heart, Qingyang Tinder
Chapter 237 Sword Rainbow Splitting Light
Chapter 238: Apprenticeship Ceremony
Chapter 239 Counting the harvest
Chapter 240 Another year
Chapter 241 The winner of life
Chapter 242: Refining the Bimu Spiritual Heart
Chapter 243: Ascension Teaching
Chapter 244 Sky Patching Team
Chapter 245: Indestructible Concrete Body
Chapter 246 A sword
Chapter two hundred and forty seventh bird's ambition
Chapter two hundred and forty-eight people behind the scenes
Chapter 249 Farewell
Chapter 250 The first lesson of the Swordsman Department
Chapter 251 Sword Demon Collection
Chapter 252: The Treasure
Chapter 253 Shaoyang Zhenren
Chapter 254 Fire Spirit Root 53
Chapter 255: Using the Wood Spirit Talisman
Chapter 256: Everyones Harvest from the Secret Realm
Chapter 257 Lonely Soul Ridge
Chapter 258: Fei Ming Daoist
Chapter 259: Hades Great Array
Chapter 260: Fighting hard and beheading him
Chapter 261: Empty Nether Stone
Chapter 262 Harvest
Chapter 263 Dan Fang for Tree Fruit
Chapter 264 Wanbao Map
Chapter two hundred and sixty fifth using longevity sap
Chapter 266 30 drops of longevity sap
Chapter two hundred and sixty seventh fusion of the gods
Chapter 268 Xuanyang Ding
Chapter 269 Qingyuan Treasure Pot
Chapter 270 Mingyu
Chapter 271 You moisten your throat first
Chapter two hundred and seventy-two means all out
Chapter 273 Do your part
Chapter two hundred and seventy fourth wandering god
Chapter 275 Little Chitian
Chapter 276 Akagi Orthodox in Chunyang
Chapter 277 Superior means
Chapter two hundred and seventy-eight of spiritual tools fellow practitioners
Chapter 279 Fire Spirit Body
Chapter 280 Lu Qiulong
Chapter 281 The strength of blue sea sky
Chapter 282 The probability of forming a pill
Chapter 283 Breaking the record
Chapter 284 The reaction of former classmates
Chapter two hundred and eighty fifth in the alley
Chapter 286: Entering out of the world, stepping into the void
Chapter two hundred and eighty seventh about life extension
Chapter 288 Bushou Pill, Longevity Pill, Turtle Shou Pill
Chapter 289 The first industry
Chapter 290 Homecoming
Chapter 291 Second-order spirit wine
Chapter 292: Changes in Shenmu Sect
Chapter 293 Favorites
Chapter 294 Comments
Chapter 295 Yinxiao School
Chapter 296 Third level medicinal herbs
Chapter 297: Recruiting another disciple
Chapter 298 Burning the lamp and transforming the spirit
Chapter 299 Small Moving Talisman
Chapter 300: Second Floor of Foundation Building
Chapter 301 Separation
Chapter 302: Industrial Talisman Making
Chapter 303: How to obtain the elixir of elixir formation at the Immortal Sect
Chapter 304: Heavenly Book Talisman Pen Holder
Chapter 305 Spring Sowing
Chapter 306: Golden elixir takes action
Chapter 307 Eight Blue Light Formation
Chapter 308: Pulse Breaking Bead
Chapter 309: Battle One
Chapter 310 Nine Ren Dharma Body
Chapter 311 The power of third-level magic weapon
Chapter 312: Harvest after the War
Chapter 313: Xuanyin Evil
Chapter 314 Earth Master
Chapter 315 Do your duty
Chapter 316 Solemn Statement
Chapter 317 Three Golden Pills
Chapter 318 Fu Zongjue
Chapter 319 Return to the city
Chapter 320: Face
Chapter 321 Breakthrough of Divine Consciousness
Chapter 322 The Result of the War
Chapter 323: The caring disciple
Chapter 324: Ten Thousand Dharmakayas
Chapter 325 Qing Yan Sword Evil
Chapter 326 Guidance
Chapter 327: Sects Reward
Chapter 328: The inheritance of the Immortality Sect
Chapter 329 I have a friend...
Chapter 330: Obtaining the Fruit of the Immortality Tree
Chapter 331 Taking Tree Fruit
Chapter 332 Five Elements Essence
Chapter 333 Foundation Building Completed
Chapter 334: Golden elixir realm
Chapter 335 Secret
Chapter 336: In front of the avenue tree
Chapter 337: Sword Light Transformed
Chapter 338 Five Elements Sword Evil
Chapter 339 Yin Yang, Five Elements and Seven Stars Sword Arm
Chapter 340 Breakthrough
Chapter 341 Fragments of the Bagua Mirror
Chapter 342: A Rich Family
Chapter 343: Above the God Transformation
Chapter 344 Gourd Sword Technique
Chapter 345 I will take action
Chapter 346: The Sword Demon Begins to Show Its Power
Chapter 347: Mending the Sky and Dance Instruments
Chapter 348 The Golden Boy
Chapter 349 Stargazing
Chapter 350: First on the Foundation List
Chapter 351 Reactions from all parties
Chapter 352: Use the sword, I lose
Chapter 353: Counting Opponents
Chapter 354 You have worked very hard
Chapter 355: Square Cun Book
Chapter 356 Goodbye Kong Feichen
Chapter 357: Sky-Swallowing Snake
Chapter 358: All Flaws
Chapter 359: Wood Spirit Talisman, Earth Vein Pill, Tianyi Spiritual Water
Chapter 360 Changchun Gong
Chapter 361: Invincible
Chapter 362: The gift of becoming a god
Chapter 363: The Sword Demon takes action
Chapter 364 Everyone bows their heads
Chapter 365 Two Sword Demons
Chapter 366 Enlightenment Tea
Chapter 367 The last scene
Chapter 368: I am very satisfied with this competition
Chapter 369: Quiet Small World
Chapter 370 Pure Yang Purple Qi
Chapter 371: The Purple Lightning Sword suits me very well
Chapter 372: Taking Enlightenment Tea
Chapter 373 Ten Thousand Swords Dharmakaya
Chapter 374: Resolving the knot (6k)
Chapter 375 Taiyi Five Yanluo
Chapter 376: Flame escape from the ground
Chapter 377: Full of Debt
Chapter 378: Its Real (8K)
Chapter 379: Transplanting the Vermilion Fruit Tree
Chapter 380 Ten times the price difference
Chapter 381 Return to Shenmu Sect
Chapter 382 Fairy Peach, Spiritual Tea
Chapter 383 Yuhufang City
Chapter 384: The Six Realms of the Eastern Territory
Chapter 385 Sales Meeting
Chapter 386 Lamp Holder
Chapter 387 Soul-nurturing Wood
Chapter 388 Three Light Divine Water
Chapter 389 The sword shows its power
Chapter 390 The Nether Messenger
Chapter 391 Huangquan Road
Chapter 392 Huge Harvest
Chapter 393: Underworld Reincarnation Technique
Chapter 394: New second-order spiritual rice
Chapter 395 Red River
Chapter 396 Im not targeting anyone
Chapter 397: Changes in Spiritual Roots
Chapter 398: Pill formation and heavenly calamity?
Chapter 399 Lingmi Plan (6k)
Chapter 400 Ten thousand acres of spiritual land
Chapter 401: Sowing
Chapter 402: Settlement after elixir formation
Chapter 403 The Ownership of the Purple Lightning Sword
Chapter 404: Dragon and Horse Phase, Bagua Xianlei
Chapter 405 The deal with Meng Huanger (12k)
Chapter 406 Great Satisfaction (8k)
Chapter 407 Lan Haitians reply (8k)
Chapter 408: The Solution to the Third Tribulation of the Golden Pill
Chapter 409: Income from Two Worlds
Chapter 410: Both rain and dew are touched
Chapter 411 Ideas
Chapter 412: Turn around (10k)
Chapter 413 A poem (8k)
Chapter 414: Working hard (8k)
Chapter 415: Resonance of the Purple Lightning Sword
Chapter 416 Shanhai Academy (8k)
Chapter 417 White Light Reincarnation
Chapter 418: Taking the blame
Chapter 419 Sword Tower
Chapter 420 Three acquaintances
Chapter 421 The last round
Chapter 422: Purple Lightning Sword Recognizes its Master
Chapter 423: Ziqing Demon Refining Book
Chapter 424 Secret
Chapter 425: Magical Embryo
Chapter 426 Meng Huanger builds the foundation
Chapter 427: Purple Flower Sword Code
Chapter 428: Immortality Puppet Technique (8k)
Chapter 429 Mannen Hot Ball
Chapter 430 Big Harvest
Chapter 431: Natural Academy (7k)
Chapter 432 Yan Bingxuan builds the foundation (8k)
Chapter 433 'Saint' (8k)
Chapter 434 Pure Yang Qi
Chapter 435 Pure Yang Treasure
Chapter 436 The war begins
Chapter 437: Heavenly Instrument
Chapter 438 Jiamu Taoist Soldiers
Chapter 439: Mysterious
Chapter 440: This is how the sword is used! (8k)
Chapter 441 The golden light of falling treasure
Chapter 442: The Fourteenth Level of the Sutra of Immortality (8k)
Chapter 443 I am the Holy Son of the Immortality Cult
Chapter 444: Result(7k)
Chapter 445: Experience of Conceiving a Baby
Chapter 446 Ji Zhenshis Death
Chapter 447 Mother Earth Stone
Chapter 448: Taking over the two countries
Chapter 449 Zhao Xuankang
Chapter 450: Planning to form an elixir
Chapter 451: Open the storage bag
Chapter 452 Yan Shaoyin
Chapter 453 Beiyuan Fairy City
Chapter 454 Graduation
Chapter 455 Goodbye Meng Huanger
Chapter 456: Light Sword
Chapter 457 Do you have any wishes?
Chapter 458 Morning Bell
Chapter 459 Are you free?
Chapter 460 Do you want fortune telling?
Chapter 461 The truth
Chapter 462 Selling a House
Chapter 463: Auction of Foundation Establishment Pill
Chapter 464 Returning to the Clan
Chapter 465: Master of Shenji Mansion
Chapter 466 Three years
Chapter 467 Millions of Spiritual Stones
Chapter 468: Holy Fetus
Chapter 469 Master Yuanxu
Chapter 470: New Dojo
Chapter 471 The third level spiritual field
Chapter 472: Zhuo Ming becomes famous
Chapter 473: Immortality Dew
Chapter 474 Two years
Chapter 475 Zhuo Ming builds the foundation
Chapter 476 All things are in harmony
Chapter 477 Preaching
Chapter 478: Realm Gate Management Bureau
Chapter 479: Five Peaks Fairy Mountain
Chapter 480: Level 4 all over the ground
Chapter 481: Pure Yin Body
Chapter 482 Unfamiliar
Chapter 483: Great Barrier Breaking Pill
Chapter 484 The Realm Gate Opens
Chapter 485 The Chosen One
Chapter 486: Open up a realm
Chapter 487 Void Blind Box
Chapter 488: Realm, Alchemy
Chapter 489: Demonic Monk
Chapter 490: The Formation of Immortality
Chapter 491 Before forming the elixir
Chapter 492: The belief in forming a pill
Chapter 493: Breakthrough of Divine Consciousness
Chapter 494: Pill Formation
Chapter 495: The elixir enters the abdomen, which is unusual. The yin and yang are stripped away and transformed into pure yang.
Chapter 496: Fifth Level Vermillion Fruit
Chapter 497: The Path to Conceiving a Baby at the Dance Instrument Taoist Temple
Chapter 498 Qingsang Academy
Chapter 499: Goodbye Qingnv
Chapter 500 An old case
Chapter 501: Returning to Hometown
Chapter 502 Return to Tianhe Realm
Chapter 503: Ruined Land
Chapter 504 Something happened
Chapter 505 The War in Iwa Country
Chapter 506 Goodbye Fu Zongjue
Chapter 507: Divine Sword Controlling Thunder
Chapter 508: Purple Lightning Sword comes out
Chapter 509: Sword Killing Golden Pill
Chapter 510 Mo Douguangs breakthrough
Chapter 511 Donghuangs reaction
Chapter 512 Zhou Shengqings Entrustment
Chapter 513: Third level talisman paper and ink
Chapter 514: The Secret Technique of Extracting the Sap of the Immortal Tree
Chapter 515 Guidance
Chapter 516 Ancestor Jinfeng
Chapter 517: Pill Formation Ceremony
Chapter 518: Shifang Palace
Chapter 519: The Past of Family Separation
Chapter 520: Lingmi Layout
Chapter 521 The most disciplined
Chapter 522: The First Order of the New Deal
Chapter 523: Transplanting the Fairy Peach Tree
Chapter 524 Pure Yang Demon Refining
Chapter 525 Golden Flame
Chapter 526: The first step to change the Eastern Wasteland
Chapter 527 Nan Xuanjings Storage Bag
Chapter 528: The order of practice
Chapter 529 Falling
Chapter 530: The Art of Reverse Immortality
Chapter 531: Dharmakaya Yuanying, Huiyang Lingshui
Chapter 532 Yellow Spring Soil
Chapter 533: Intent to visit
Chapter 534: Upgrading the Puppet Factory
Chapter 535: Goodbye Qingnv
Chapter 536: Master Narcissus
Chapter 537 The Road to Heaven
Chapter 538 The real goal
Chapter 539: The Master of the Flower Blooming Hospital
Chapter 540: Turning the tables
Chapter 541 Aurora Star Falling Talisman
Chapter 542: Three Swords Cut the Blossoms
Chapter 543: The Secret of the Flower Garden
Chapter 544: The Origin of Qingnv
Chapter 545: God Swallowing Technique
Chapter 546 The Peach Blossom Master
Chapter 547 Returning to the Sect
Chapter 548 Travel Team
Chapter 549: Classification of Teleportation Arrays
Chapter 550: Chen Mobais opportunity for enlightenment
Chapter 551: Completely See Through
Chapter 552: Completion of Square Cun Shu
Chapter 553 Hunyuan Stone
Chapter 554: The Magical Use of Hunyuan Dao Fruit
Chapter 555: Evolution of the Sword
Chapter 556 Earth Spirit Locust
Chapter 557 Panlong Spirit Rice
Chapter 558 The Qi of Dragon Veins
Chapter 559 Fairy Tea
Chapter 560 Mother of Locusts
Chapter 561 Heretic Golden Pill
Chapter 562: The Situation in the Eastern Wasteland
Chapter 563 The Ming Dynasty returns to Yuanshan
Chapter 564: Crescent Moon Blade
Chapter 565: Tianzun Hedao
Chapter 566: Retrieve the Apprentice
Chapter 567: Heavenly Lords Method
Chapter 568 Demonic Qi
Chapter 569: Sea-Swallowing Demon Technique
Chapter 570: Water Vein Nujiang
Chapter 571: Inspection of Six Countries
Chapter 572 School District Room
Chapter 573: Changsheng Academy
Chapter 574 Alchemy Sutra
Chapter 575: Black Wudan Sutra
Chapter 576: Preaching the Scriptures
Chapter 577 The Evil Giant
Chapter 578 Merit
Chapter 579 Return to the Avenue Tree
Chapter 580 Cutting the Sky, Sword of Immortality
Chapter 581: Willing to be a foster father
Chapter 582 Heavenly Tree God
Chapter 583: Second Level of Golden Elixir
Chapter 584 Earthly Immortal Sutra
Chapter 585: A flash of inspiration
Chapter 586 It is said to be a dragon
Chapter 587 The origin of Xiao Hei
Chapter 588: 60 Foundation Building Pills
Chapter 589: Sect Meeting
Monthly summary and challenge letter
Chapter 590 Five Elements and Three Meridians
Chapter 591 The Fairy Peach Tree Bears Fruit
Chapter 592: Fire Jade Heart Lotus, All Things Houde Cauldron
Chapter 596: The Jasper Wutong advances and feeds back vitality (4,000 monthly votes for additional updates)
Chapter 593 Three Great Immortal Sutras
Chapter 594: The First Void Blind Box
Chapter 595 Haotian Mirror
Chapter 596: Jasper Wutong advances to bring back vitality
Chapter 597 Qinglian Sword, Walking Ruler
Chapter 598 Chief Graduate
Chapter 599: The grand plan to open up the Eastern Wasteland Plateau
Chapter 600: Zong Hengs Theory: Rules
Chapter 601: Fire and Earth Fellow Cultivators, All Things Houde Cauldron
Chapter 602: Equal emphasis on power and virtue
Chapter 603 Desert Control
Chapter 604: Tide of Monsters
Chapter 605 The Battle of Windy Wood
Chapter 606 Steaming Yunmengze
Chapter 607: Kill, kill, kill
Chapter 608 Huanglong Cave Mansion
Chapter 609: Water Spiritual Roots Increase
Chapter 610: Sword Evil Thunder Sound
Chapter 611 Breakthrough
Chapter 612: Goodbye Qingnv
Chapter 613: The foundation of Tianlinggen
Chapter 614 Happy Time
Chapter 615: The person behind the fairy bud cultivation plan
Chapter 616 Bumps
Chapter 617: The Heretics Golden Pill is Completed
Chapter 618: The Third Generation Disciple
Chapter 619: The Opportunity of Heaven and Earth Spiritual Roots
Chapter 620 Two Great Techniques
Chapter 621 The technique is accomplished
Chapter 622: Incarnation outside the body
Chapter 623: Heavenly Essence
Chapter 624 Five Realms
Chapter 625: Evil Energy Company
Chapter 626: The Source of the Five Elements Essence
Chapter 627 Return Gift
Chapter 628: Three Great Skills
Chapter 629: Auspicious Blessing
Chapter 630 Yuanyang Sword Technique
Chapter 631 Luo Yixuan forms an elixir
Chapter 632: Caught on the spot
Chapter 633: Melting Fire Technique
Chapter 634: Three generations of facade
Chapter 635: Starting to level up
Chapter 636: Double Happiness
Chapter 637: Fourth-level Fairy Peach Tree
Chapter 638: Heretic Golden Pill is on the shelves
Chapter 639: Undercover in Mount Liujia
Chapter 640 Two big rivers
Chapter 641 Five-cornered Ancient Maple
Chapter 647 Yan Fusheng
Chapter 642: Refining Earth Veins Pill
Chapter 643: Suppress and Kill
Chapter 644: Im going to Mount Rokko
Chapter 645: Fourth-level mountain-holding stone
Chapter 646 Yan Fusheng
Chapter 647 Jade Slip: Dharmakaya Nascent Soul
Chapter 648: The Harvest of Destroying Mount Rokko
Chapter 649: Finally Obtained the Art of Immortality
Chapter 650: Grand Technique: Sound of the Empty Valley
Chapter 651 Flower of the Other Shore, Sophora Kok, Kowloon
Chapter 652 Dingyan Pearl
Chapter 653 Pluto
Chapter 654: Cause a sensation
Chapter 655 Agreement with Yuanxu
Chapter 656: Booming Development
Chapter 657: Fourth level of golden elixir
Chapter 658 The Returned Old Friend
Chapter 659: Fourth level celestial bead
Chapter 660: Flowers bloom instantly
Chapter 661: Surrendered to the State
Chapter 662: Promotion in status
Chapter 663 Taiyi Five Yanluo
Chapter 664 Treat her like your own daughter
Chapter 665: Another Nascent Soul with Dance Instrument Background
Chapter 666: The Art of Refining and Transforming the Fetus of the Heavenly Demon
Chapter 667: The Dharmakaya Nascent Soul is Completed
Chapter 668: Sky and Ground
Chapter 669: Undercurrent
Chapter 670: Extreme Yang Killed
Chapter 671 All parties appear on the scene
Chapter 672 Meeting Xuan Shu again
Chapter 673 Luo Yixuan takes action
Chapter 674: Battle at Changzhuan Mountain
Chapter 675: Beheading Two People in a Row
Chapter 676: The Destruction of Nanxuan Sect
Chapter 677: Open the bag and harvest
Chapter 678: The situation is tense
Chapter 679: Holy Land Taixu Miaomiao Palace
Chapter 680: The Grand Plan in My Heart
Chapter 681: Common Lord of the World
Chapter 682: Grand Technique: Yuan Xi Yanwo
Chapter 683: Fifth level of golden elixir
Chapter 684: Ten Thousand Transformations of Thunder Water, Divine Consciousness Light Saber Instrument
Chapter 685: News from Dongyi
Chapter 686: Ripening Peach Fruit
Chapter 687 Tea Tree Upgrades
Chapter 688 Hunyuan Five Elements Extinction Divine Thunder
Chapter 689: Sixth Level of Golden Elixir
Chapter 690: Soldier Elephant Sutra, Water Vein and Fire Vein Return
Chapter 691 Nirvana Pill, Gold Liquid Jade Return Pill
Chapter 692 The intersection of two rivers
Chapter 693: The mysterious heavy water, entering the fairy city to negotiate
Chapter 694 Obtaining the Hunyuan Dao Fruit
Chapter 695: Grand Technique: Transformation of Armor and Wood
Chapter 696 Five Elements Fellow Practitioners
Chapter 697: Try the Hunyuan Dao Fruit
Chapter 698: Submerged and submerged
Chapter 699: Taking Nirvana Pill
Chapter 700: Memories of Hades
Chapter 701 The One Yuan Secret Realm Opens
Chapter 702 Five Elements Spiritual Fruit, the Method of Hunyuan
Chapter 703 The answer to Pure Yang Dharmakaya
Chapter 704: The Secret of the Family Separation
Chapter 705: Dividing Pills
Chapter 706 Hunyuan Zhenqi is formed
Chapter 707: The Name of the Five Elements Sect
Chapter 708: The best path to pill formation
Chapter 709 Five Elements Spiritual Soil
Chapter 710: Improved Hades Formation
Chapter 711 Another Spring
Chapter 712 Holy Land Daozi
Chapter 713: Capture the Frost Kingdom
Chapter 714: Yinxiao Sect Ruins
Chapter 715 The Nine-headed Great Sage
Chapter 716 Dongtus terrifying strength
Chapter 717 Entering the ruins for the first time
Chapter 718: What is a ruin?
Chapter 719: The Origin of Corpse Cultivator
Chapter 727 Nineteen Counties in the Eastern Wasteland
Chapter 720: Fifth level magic weapon
Chapter 721: Massacre in all directions
Chapter 722: Evenly matched
Chapter 723 Farewell
Chapter 724: The Taoist Saint of the Three Holy Lands
Chapter 725: Counting Harvest
Chapter 726: Nineteen Counties in the Eastern Wasteland
Chapter 727 Mysterious Crypt
Chapter 728: Killing Kong Lingling
Chapter 729 Ten Thousand Years Warm Jade
Chapter 730: Dividing Pills (7k)
Chapter 731 Yin Qingmei forms a pill
Chapter 732: After all, he is an outsider
Chapter 733: Practice Hunyuan Zhenqi again (7k)
Chapter 734: The Spirituality of Magical Instruments (7k)
Chapter 735: The Crown of All Beings in Heaven and Earth (7k)
Chapter 736 Yuan Zhen arrives, Yuanying bows his head (7K)
Chapter 737: Fifth-level Qingyao Ice Heart Cord (7k)
Chapter 738 The Seventh Level of the Golden Elixir (7k)
Chapter 739: Looking inside ones body and looking at the world (7k)
Chapter 740: Her last name is 'Shi'? (7k)
Chapter 741: Talking along the way (7K)
Chapter 742 Confirmed to be daughter (7K)
Chapter 743: Call me 'Dad' (7K)
Chapter 744: Ancestor Qianxing
Chapter 745: Rules: The Fruit of Taoism
Chapter 746 Breaking the Barrier (9k)
Chapter 747: Fetalization Furnace (7K)
Chapter 748 Goodbye Chen Chun (7K)
Chapter 749: Listening Deeply
Chapter 750 Expressing Respect (7K)
Chapter 751: Know the Rules
Chapter 752: Files of Fairy Bud Cultivation Plan
Chapter 753: The Origin of the Ascended Cult Leader (7K)
Chapter 754 Void Stone (7K)
Chapter 763 Two Secretaries
Chapter 755 Xuanguang Soap Carved Flag (7K)
Chapter 756: Borrowing the Sword (7K)
Chapter 757 Lin Daomings defection (7K)
Chapter 758: The Ascension Sect and I are at odds with each other
Chapter 759: Saving Wu Jiao Gu Feng
Chapter 760: Appreciation(7K)
Chapter 761 Expressing ones feelings (7K)
Chapter 762 Two Secretaries
Chapter 763: Purple Green Canopy
Chapter 764: Immortal Spirit Root Related
Chapter 765 Pure Yang Qi
Chapter 775 Drinking with etiquette
Chapter 766: Eighth Level of Golden Pill
Chapter 767: Haotian Mirror Upgraded
Chapter 768 Pure Yang Qi
Chapter 769: Distribution of the elixir
Chapter 770: Completion of the Tongtong Contract
Chapter 771 The Arrival of Nascent Soul
Chapter 772: Nascent Soul Fight
Chapter 773: Refining Pure Bamboo
Chapter 774 Drinking with etiquette
Chapter 775: Heavenly Sign
Chapter 776 Lingxiao Jade Pendant
Chapter 777 Fairy Spirit Root: Purple Green Divine Flame Tushita Fire
Chapter 778: Tushita Eight Scenery Lanterns
Chapter 779 Beidou Conference
Chapter 780: The foundation of Butian
Chapter 781: Square Cun Book: Infinite
Three million words of speech
Chapter 782 Xingtian Dao Sect
Chapter 783 The Thatched Cottage
Chapter 784: Lord Biluo Palace
Chapter 785 Five Directions Divine Sand
Chapter 786: You are from Yiyuan Dao Palace
Chapter 787: Magical weapon unlocks its spirit
Chapter 788 Su Ziluo, Chen Qingdi
Chapter 789 Leaving
Chapter 790: The ninth level of golden elixir
Three million words of speech
Chapter 791 True King Taixu
Chapter 792 Tong Tianzhi
Chapter 793: Luo Yixuan forms an elixir
Chapter 794: Acquired Pure Yang Body
Chapter 795 The place where babies are born
Chapter 796: Really Cold
Chapter 808 Return to Donghuang
Chapter 797: Giving birth to a baby
Chapter 798: The ability to transform into a god is so terrifying
Chapter 799: Turn your hand into a cloud (10k)
Chapter 800: Covering your hands with rain
Chapter 801: Make one move and I lose
Chapter 802: God Transformation Edict
Chapter 803: Meeting the Transformation God
Chapter 804 Knowing the origin of the thread
Chapter 805 The number of monks
Chapter 806: Road Number Selection
Chapter 807 Return to Eastern Wasteland
Chapter 808 Re-entering Hunyuan Immortal City
Chapter 809 Five Extremes Tianxin Pei
Chapter 810: Carrying the fifth-level spiritual veins with you
Chapter 811: Preparing for the Tribulation
Chapter 812 Purple Lightning Upgrades
Happy New Year, New Years List Plan
Chapter 813: Meticulous Secretary
Chapter 814: The Bloodline of Longevity Immortal
Chapter 815: Little Peach Fruit, Fourth-Level Jade Zhang
Chapter 816 Fathers love is like a mountain
Chapter 817: Training the Five Elements Taoist Soldiers
Chapter 818 Master and Disciple Bathing in the Sun and the Sea
Chapter 819 Qianyuan Island
Chapter 820 The war begins
Chapter 821 Xuan Xiao Golden Armor
Chapter 822 Shooting Sun Arrow
Chapter 823 Jin Fengs Death
Chapter 824: Kill them all
Chapter 825 Fairy Book and Jade Slips
Chapter 826 Breaking through the Xuanhuo Dao Palace
Chapter 827 Ancestor Baiwus response
Chapter 828 Qianyuan Islands Request
Chapter 829 Jin Fengs Storage Bag
Chapter 830 Taiyuan Blue Pearl
Chapter 831 Zhou Yes ambition
Chapter 832 The Five Meridians of Burning Heaven
Chapter 833 Blue Emperor Daiko
Chapter 834 Return to Eastern Wasteland
Chapter 835: Refining Shuiyuan Jindan
Chapter 836 The Valley of My Childhood
Chapter 837 Treasure Gourd
Chapter 838 Loquat Fruit and the Last Great Technique
Chapter 839: Entering the Avenue Tree
Chapter 840: Practicing the God-Swallowing Technique
Chapter 841 Return to Immortal Sect
Chapter 842 The Beginning of the Little Immortal Sect
Chapter 843: Chuixue Palace surrenders
Chapter 844 Enlightenment and Formation of Pills
Chapter 845 Immortal Earth Spiritual Root
Chapter 846 Dealing with the Big Sun Purple Rice
Chapter 847: Magic-Breaking Divine Light
Chapter 848 Satellite
Chapter 849: Closing Xiao Chitian
Chapter 850 Meng Huang'er's affection
Chapter 851: The Origin of Master Yuxiao
Chapter 852: De Mo Bao Sword Mark
Chapter 853 Sword Evil Thunder Sound
Chapter 854 Chengxuan comes out of seclusion
Chapter 855: The flowers bloom in a moment
Chapter 856 Appointed as Deputy Master of Zhengfa Hall
Chapter 857 Obtaining Immortal Clothes and Treasure Cauldron
Chapter 858: How many people formed elixirs?
Chapter 859: A corner of peace
Chapter 860 Goodbye Honghe
Chapter 861 The experience of Honghe
Chapter 862 Luo Xueer forms a pill
Chapter 863 Ancient Teleportation Array
Chapter 864 Discovering the truth
Chapter 865 Killing Zhu Jun
Chapter 866 Return to Beiyuan City
Chapter 867: Someone from the Nine Heavens Dang Demon Sect comes
Chapter 868 The top strength of Tianhe Realm
Chapter 869 Obtaining the Sacred Fruit of the Sun, the Fifth Level Cave
Chapter 870: Betrothal Gift for a Young Girl
Chapter 871: Leave the stage to young people
Chapter 872: Resolving old feuds
Chapter 873 Before the ceremony
Chapter 874: The Theory of Tao and Fruit
Chapter 875 Taixu Taoist Zhang Pankong
Chapter 876 Ceremony
Chapter 877 The three foundation-building treasures are on the shelves
Chapter 878 Lottery
Chapter 879 The establishment of a large teleportation array
Chapter 880 Seven Heavenly Books
Chapter 881 The Heavenly Book of Taoism
Chapter 882: Reading through the Book of Heaven
Chapter 883: Understanding the Great Shift of the Void
Chapter 884 Positioning Permissions
Chapter 885 Obtaining the Seed of Taoism
Chapter 886 Transformation into an external demon
Chapter 887: Not bad at killing, temptation from the cult
Chapter 888: The Polite Master Qingping
Chapter 889 The Blood of the Dark Dragon, Talking about the Spirit Master
Chapter 890 We are true love
Chapter 891: Huang'er forms elixir, the ultimate Tao formation
Chapter 892: Hexagonal Development
Chapter 893 Meeting Yan Bingxuan
Chapter 894: Small meeting at the conference
Chapter 895: Small Pros and Cons, Xumi Nine Palaces Formation
Chapter 896: Eastern Wilderness Characteristics Small Immortal Sect Civilization
Chapter 897 Ten Thousand Transformations Immortal City
Chapter 898: Fifth-level Qinglong Wood
Chapter 899: Centennial Infrastructure
Chapter 900 The Six Dragons of Time
Chapter 901 Talking about the method of transforming into gods and the water talisman
Chapter 902 Yes, I have a daughter
Chapter 903: The polite Master Nascent Soul
Chapter 904: Dharma Realm
Chapter 905: The Demonic Traces of Soochow
Chapter 906 Void Sutra
Chapter 907: Square Cun Book·Printing
Chapter 908 Dinghai Sword
Chapter 909 Water Spirit Root 100
Chapter 910 Poison Dragon Ancestor
Chapter 911: The Purple Lightning Sword is Fully Powered
Chapter 912: Jie Tian, Slay the Dragon
Chapter 913 Tianxin Warning
Chapter 914: All Souls Sect
Chapter 915: Little Yellow Dragon Girl, Tai Sui Boy
Chapter 916: Baby Care Pill, Sword Washing Pond
Chapter 917 Interception of Yuanyang Sword Intent
Chapter 918 Blood God Fetus Transformation Technique
Chapter 919 Five Emperors Mountain
Chapter 920 Xiao Chi’s sky collapses and Ding Haizhu becomes
Chapter 921 Five Elements Coin
Chapter 922 Sword Embryo (14k)
Chapter 923 Gathering people to cultivate immortality, Bimu Yuanzhu
February summary
Chapter 924 Mo Douguang’s baby
Chapter 925: The Immortal Sects Background
Chapter 926: The Power of Xuanwu Dao Palace
Chapter 927: Dragon Star, Star Eater
Chapter 928 Various Researches on Immortal Sect Nascent Soul
Chapter 929 Zixiao Galaxy
Chapter 930 Ten years have passed
Chapter 931 White light comes out of seclusion
Chapter 932: Subtraction and Shortage
Chapter 933: Interception of Zhixuan, Dao Damage and Dao Destruction
Chapter 934: Starting a War
Chapter 935: Star-cutting Sword
Chapter 936 Immortality
Chapter 937: Fetal Membrane of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 938 Spirit Master
Chapter 939: Dividing Treasures
Chapter 940: Bai Guang’s explanation
Chapter 941: Danding Sect, Zixiao Palace
Chapter 942: Danding Yushu, Pure Yang Orb
Chapter 943 Human Puppet
Chapter 944: Appointed as the Master of Zhengfa Hall
Chapter 945 Five Elements and Nine Palaces Formed
Chapter 946 Three vaginal fruits
Chapter 947: Kill Bingyun
Chapter 948 I’m willing to surrender
Chapter 949 Immortal Sword Art
Chapter 950: The True Body of the Spiritual Lord
Chapter 951: The Formless Demon
Chapter 952: Breakthrough of Divine Consciousness
Chapter 953 The white light leaves
Chapter 954: The Alchemy Sect’s Weapon Refining Inheritance
Chapter 955: A Sect of Four Souls
Chapter 956: The Strongest Dharmakaya
Chapter 957 The Sixth Level of Nascent Soul
Chapter 958: The Great Mill of Destruction
Chapter 959 Xingxuan, Xingji
Chapter 960: Ming Zun returns and sees Ye Qing again
Chapter 961 The Secret of Ascension
Chapter 962: The top god in this world
Chapter 963: Xuanhuo Sect, Xuanyin Sect
Chapter 964 Master Yuanhuo
Chapter 965: Four Volumes of Taixu (9.7k)
Chapter 966: The Golden Chakra Hercules God and Demon Appearance
Chapter 967: Kill the Holy Envoy, Kill the Saint, and Kill the Mingzun (10k)
Chapter 968: Life and Death Disk, Hunyuan Body
Chapter 969 Yuan Qingque
Chapter 970: Innate Turbid Yin Qi
Chapter 971: Six Wonders of the World - Demon Lord
Chapter 972: Sword repair and apprenticeship
Chapter 973 The Realm Gate Fluctuates
Chapter 974 Tushita Eight Scenery Lanterns, Wuji Tianxin Pei (8k)
Chapter 975 The Battle of Transformation into Gods
Chapter 976 Treasure Ship
Chapter 977: Split the canyon with one sword
Chapter 978 Three Major Battlefields
Chapter 979: Little Demon Lord
Chapter 980 Above the Heavens
Chapter 981 Three Flying Swords
Chapter 982 Killing the Little Demon Lord
Chapter 983: Divine Thunder Killing
Chapter 984 Tianxin Warning
Chapter 985: Defeat the enemy with one word
Chapter 986: Wanchuan Guihai Formation
Chapter 987: The Fruit of the Law of Tao Takes Form
Chapter 988 Three Years of War
Chapter 989 The Nine Virtues of the Holy King
Chapter 990: Connecting to Heaven, Refining the Way
Chapter 991: The Patriarch of Nine Heavens Dang Demon
Chapter 992: Destruction of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 993 Soochow surrenders
Chapter 994: Inheritance of the Mantle
Chapter 995: The Power of Practicing the Void
Chapter 996: Ascension to Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 997 Wandering Mountain
Chapter 998: Sect Reform, Retirement Policy
Chapter 999 White Light Training
Chapter 1000 The Road to Stars
Chapter 1001: Transplanting the Five Elements Spirit Tree
Chapter 1002: The Situation of Yiyuan Dao Palace
Chapter 1003 Alchemy
Chapter 1004: Try the Dharma Realm
Chapter 1005 Everything in the palm of your hand
Chapter 1006 One Yuan Daozi (10K)
Chapter 1007: Immortal Killing Thunder
Chapter 1008: Return of the five internal organs to Yuan Gong
Chapter 1009 The new path to becoming a god
Chapter 1,010 The young girl completes her elixir formation
Chapter 1011: Huangji Swordsmanship
Chapter 1012 We are Taoists
Chapter 1013 Ninth Level, Yuanshi
Chapter 1014 Mobilizing Public Opinion
Chapter 1015 The offensive is reversed
Chapter 1016 Meeting
Chapter 1,017 Negotiation completed
Chapter 1018 The Truth
Chapter 1019: Going to Wudi Mountain
Chapter 1020: True Lord Wuchen takes action
Chapter 1020: True Lord Wuchen takes action
Chapter 1021 Obtaining One Yuan Inheritance
Chapter 1022 The Gift of Hunyuan Bell
Chapter 1023 Ten Years
Chapter 1024: Sect Matters
Chapter 1025 Donghuang Arsenal
Chapter 1,026 The truth about the three sacred trees
Chapter 1,027 Preparing for Retirement
Chapter 1028 Goodbye Meng Huanger
Chapter 1029 Yan Bingxuans text message
Chapter 1030: Its all touching (9K)
Chapter 1031: Arranging resources for childbirth
Chapter 1,032 News of White Light
Chapter 1033 The Ninth Level of Nascent Soul
Chapter 1,034 Half Sixth Level Pure Yang Qi
Chapter 1035: The Avenue of Chunyang Juan
Chapter 1036 Six Avenues
Chapter 1,037 Page 7 of the Heavenly Book of the Universe
Chapter 1,038 Six Years
Chapter 1,039 Theres Someone Up There
Chapter 1040 Qing Emperors Immortality Qi
Chapter 1041 Zidian comes out of seclusion
Chapter 1042 Yuanyang Sword
Chapter 1043: Shocking Song
Chapter 1044: The Five Tones
Chapter 1,045 The Immortal Sects Catastrophe
Chapter 1,046 Sixth-Level Star Sword
Chapter 1047: The aftermath (8.5K)
Chapter 1,048 The Third Saint of the Immortal Sect is Born
Chapter 1,049: Welcome True Lord Chunyang out of seclusion