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Hospital No. 444

Hospital No. 444

author:black tinder

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:10-03 03:04

Latest chapter:Chapter 17 Lu Mange (9)

Dai Lin became a surgeon in a strange hospital. Here, what is treated is not diseases, but all kinds of terrifying and mysterious curses! Do you think you may have been hit by evil spirits? Let's do a soul ultrasound first, or maybe a CT scan. Cursed...

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《Hospital No. 444》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 17 Lu Mange (9)
Chapter Sixteen: Li Zhixiao (8)
Chapter Fifteen: Lu Mange (8)
Chapter Fourteen: Li Zhixiao (7)
Chapter Thirteen: Lu Mange (7)
Chapter Twelve: Li Zhixiao (6)
Chapter Eleven: Lu Mange (6)
Chapter Ten: Li Zhixiao (5)
Chapter Nine: Lu Mange (5)
《Hospital No. 444》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 The hospital at night
Chapter II Recruitment
Chapter 3 Onboarding
Chapter 4 Devil's Eye
Chapter 5 Outpatient Clinic
Chapter 6 Registration and Ambulance
Chapter 7 The Eyeless Woman
Chapter 8 Hospitalization
Chapter IX On Duty
Chapter 10 Here Comes
Chapter Eleven Zhao Amnesty
Chapter 12 Shadows and Fingers
Chapter 13 Capture and Devour
Chapter XIV Interrogation
Chapter 15 Factions
Chapter 16 Surgery Fees
Chapter 17 ICU Ward
Chapter 18 Training
Chapter 19 Medical Ethics
Chapter 20 Karma
Chapter 21 Strengthening
Chapter 22 Children
Chapter 23 Possession
Chapter 24 Please enter the urn
Chapter 25 Desperate
Chapter 26 The Devil
Chapter 27 Banned
Chapter 28 Demon Branch
Chapter 29 Ouyang Rui
Chapter 1 Ouyang Rui
Chapter 2 Pictures
Chapter 3 Outpatient Service
Chapter 4 Weird Sleepwalking
Chapter 5 The Mysterious House
Chapter 6 Prophecy
Chapter 7 Death and Disappearance
Chapter VIII Difficult Cases
Chapter 9 First Auscultation
Chapter 10 Controlling the Spirit
Chapter Eleven Wake Up
Chapter 12: The Check and Balance of the Curse
Chapter 13 Death Amount of Patients
Chapter Fourteen I'm a Doctor
Chapter 15 The Evolution of the Eyes
Chapter 16 Soul
Chapter 17 The Past
Chapter 18 Auditory Hallucinations
Chapter 19 The Mysterious Man
Chapter 22 Excel table
Chapter 21 Emergency Physician
Chapter 22 Excel Forms
Chapter 23 Bronze Box
Chapter 24 Cemetery
Chapter 25 Ghosts
Chapter 26 Everything is ready
Chapter 27 The storm is coming
Chapter 28 Coming
Chapter 29 Life and Death
Chapter 1 Going Home
Chapter 31 Gao Heyan's Past
Chapter 1 Going Home
Chapter 2 Parents and Brother
Chapter 3 David's love affair?
Chapter 4 Night
Chapter 5 Tracking
Chapter VI Emergency Center
Chapter 7 Demon Branch
Chapter 8 The White House (available tonight at 0:00
Chapter 9 The Returning Yang's Ying Ziye and the Woman in Black Kimono
Chapter 10 The New Interns
Chapter Eleven Forbidden Curse
Chapter 12 Serial Murder Cases
Chapter Thirteen 666
Chapter 14 Exploration
Chapter 15 Some kind of terrifying existence
Chapter 16 Dangerous Search
Chapter 17: Escape from the Dead
Chapter 18 Misfortunes Never Come Alone
Chapter Nineteen Wei Shiling
Chapter 20 Forensic Medicine
Chapter 21 Queue
Chapter 24: Curses and Demons
Chapter 23 Transactions
Chapter 24 Spells and Demons
Chapter 25 Tang Li's Entrustment
Chapter 27 No one will be left
Chapter 27 Not a single one will be left
Chapter 28 Contracts
Chapter 1 The Disappearing Husband
Chapter 3 Confusing
Chapter 3 Bewildering
Chapter 4 Raw Meat and Knocks
Chapter 5 Dolls
Chapter VI Expert Clinic
Chapter 7 Outside the Door
Chapter Eight
Chapter 9 Girls
Chapter 10 Boys
Chapter 11 The Doctor
Chapter 12 The Curse
Chapter 13 Rescue
Chapter Fourteen Lu Yuqing
Chapter 15 The Faint Hope
Chapter 16 Warning
Chapter 17 Shadow
Chapter 18 Living is Victory
Chapter 19 Serious Situations
Chapter 20 Left Hand
Chapter 21 We Are Not Doctors
Chapter 22 The things that were forgotten by Dai Lin, things that were recalled by Dai Lin
Chapter 24 Three Cracks
Chapter 24 The Three Cracks
Chapter 25 of the first rule
Chapter 26 Awakening
Chapter 27 The Secret of the Hospital Business Card
Chapter 28 Waiting for four in the morning
Chapter 30 Escape from the Nightmare Building
Chapter 30: Escape from the Nightmare Building
Chapter 31 Executive Vice President
Chapter 32 Han Ming and Dai Lin
Chapter 33 Deep in the Rabbit Hole
Chapter 34 Pretend not to see them
Chapter 35: The Mystery of the Death of Vice President Lu Yuan
Chapter 36 Eden Hotel
Chapter 2 Sisters
Chapter 2 Sisters
Chapter 3 Diary
Chapter 4 October 24
Chapter 5 Sister's Secret
Chapter 6 Nightmare
Chapter 7 Attic
Chapter 8 The Curse
Chapter 9 Windows
Chapter 10 October 25
Chapter 11 Origami
Chapter 12 Missing
Chapter Thirteen The Fierce Shadow
Chapter Fourteen Visitors
Chapter 15 October 26
Chapter 16 Rebirth
Chapter 17 Reunion
Chapter 18 Mistake
Chapter 19 The Disappearing Alan
Chapter 20 October 30
Chapter 21 Coming
Chapter 22 Scalpel
Chapter 23 October 31st
Chapter 24 Devil, Yin Wu Que
Chapter 25 Closing
Chapter 26 Predicting Dreams
Chapter 27 Instructions in Scarlet
Chapter 2 Black Marsh Village
Chapter 1 The old man's advice
Chapter 2 Black Marsh Village
Chapter 3 Check-in
Chapter 4 The Mirror
Chapter 5 Brother
Chapter 6 A Yuan
Chapter 7 Beauty and Ugly
Chapter 8 What is a goat?
Chapter 9 Eavesdropping
Chapter 10 In the Mirror
Chapter 11 Black Blood Ancestor
Chapter 12 The Black Goat
Chapter Thirteen Entering the Village
Chapter 14 The True Image of the Goat
Chapter 15 The Village Chief
Chapter 16 We may not be able to leave
Chapter 17 Dark Night
Chapter 18 Escape
Chapter Nineteen Why Kill Me
Chapter 20 Return
Chapter 21 The Magician and the Dream
Chapter 22 The Disqualified Magic Show
Chapter 1 The future death
Chapter 2 The Ark
Chapter 3 Must go to the magic show
Chapter 4 Black Outlines
Chapter 5 Belief and Existence
Chapter 6 Clues
Chapter 7 Consultation
Chapter 8 Reason
Chapter 9 Liang Zhigao, Li An, and instructions written in blood
Chapter Ten Can't Let Her Come Out!
Chapter 11 The Oronne Hotel
Chapter 12 Lu Wen
Chapter 13 Unsealed Status of Curses
Chapter Fourteen Letters
Chapter 15 Darkness
Chapter 16 Pray
Chapter 17 Cause and Effect
Chapter 18 The Two Directors
Chapter 19 The Disappearing Patient
Chapter 20 Crisis
Chapter 21 Lehman Harland
Chapter 22 Give it back to me
Chapter 23 Cabinet Magic
Chapter 24 The Devil
Chapter 25 The Lost Magic
Chapter 26 Blood Curses and Fierce Spirits
Chapter 27 Escape
Chapter 28 I Believe Him
Chapter 29 Nileloga Paradise
Chapter 30 Equivalent Exchange
Chapter 31 Hell Apartment
Chapter 32 Christmas Eve
Chapter 33 The Magic Show
Chapter 34 The storm is about to come
Chapter 35 The Magic Cabinet
Chapter 36 My Most Precious
Chapter 37 Whoever asks us for help is guilty of me
Chapter 1 Whoever seeks our help is guilty of me
Chapter 2 Hospital No. 666 does not exist
Chapter 3 Nilushaw
Chapter 4 Tang Li
Chapter 5 Director of the Demon Section
Chapter 6 Do you want this blessing for you?
Chapter 7 Possession
Chapter 8 Painting
Chapter 9 Cousins
Chapter 10 The Woman at the Bottom of the Sea
Chapter Eleven She's looking at me
Chapter 12 Another Painter
Chapter 20 Medical Treatment
Chapter Fourteen She's Getting Scary
Chapter 15 Training?
Chapter Sixteen Pan Yizhen
Chapter 17 Registration
Chapter 18 Reservation
Chapter 19 Mother Purple Clothes
Chapter 20 Treatment
Chapter 21 Ultra-thin layer soul scanning
Chapter 22 You don't come here!
Chapter 23 Trials
Chapter 24 Single Ward
Chapter 25 Curse Painting
Chapter 26 Can I draw her?
Chapter 27 Drawing the Evil Spirit
Chapter 28 Azur Island
Chapter 29 Isolation Ward
Chapter 37 The Reincarnator
Chapter 31 Yin Wu Que's Conspiracy
Chapter 32 The Curse of Language
Chapter Thirty-Three Sea Cold
Chapter 34 The Island's Secret
Chapter 35 Burial at Sea
Chapter 36 Grandpa
Chapter 37 The Reincarnated
Chapter 38 The Mysterious Woman in the Painting
Chapter 39 The Mystery of the Past Life
Chapter 40 Outside the Window
Chapter 41 The Concealment
Chapter 42 Murder
Chapter 43 Give you a chance
Chapter 44 Leng Mu
Chapter 45: The Past
Chapter 46: Martyrdom
Chapter 47 Shadow
Chapter 48 Resurrection
Chapter 49 Siren
Chapter 50 Blessing or Cursing
Chapter 51 Cruel Choice
Chapter 52 The Storm is Coming
Chapter 53: Dai Lin's Potential
Chapter 54 Despair
Chapter 55 I will definitely come to rescue you
Chapter 1 David
Chapter 2 White Mist
Chapter 3 Porcelain Dolls
Chapter 4 The Temple
Chapter 5 Patrol
Chapter 6 My Brother?
Chapter 7 Murderer
Chapter 8 The Depths of the Mist
Chapter 9 The Tenth Person
Chapter 10 Crisis
Chapter 11 The Helper
Chapter Twelve Shen Lisheng
Chapter Thirteen Who are you?
Chapter 14 More and Less
Chapter 15 Who are the ten people?
Chapter 16 End of Patrol
Chapter 17 The Village Chief
Chapter 18 Hospital No. 666
Chapter Nineteen Intricate
Chapter 20 The New Patrol Captain
Chapter 21 Uninvited Guest
Chapter 22 The Powerful Dai Lin
Chapter 23 The Demon Doctor
Chapter 24 Single Kill
Chapter 25 The Spread of Fog
Chapter 26 Fierce Eyes
Chapter 27 Interrogation
Chapter 28 The Shadow in the Fog
Chapter 29 The Terrible Han Ming
Chapter 30 Shadow
Chapter 294 Memory
Chapter 295 The Vice President Who Is About to Die
Can't hold it anymore
Chapter 296 Feng Xiao
Chapter 297 Crazy Villagers
Chapter 298: An Unprecedented Monster
Chapter 299 The Harsh Reality
Chapter 300 Nine Suspects
Chapter 301 Battle Royale
You don't want your face in Germany!
Chapter 302: Humans and Nonhumans
Chapter 303 Memory and Emotion
Buy and leave! Guess who is the evil spirit!
Chapter 304 Conflict
Chapter 305: The Object of Dai Lin's Suspicion
Chapter 306
Chapter 307 Li Dongshan
Chapter 308 Abyss Invasion
Chapter 309 Vice President
Chapter 310 Becoming Our Family
Chapter 311 Observation
Chapter 312 Red Balloon
Chapter 313 Jiang Licheng and Feng Xiao
Chapter 314 Wish and Price
Chapter 315 Terrible Curse Ability
Chapter 316 Blue Eagle
Henry Cavill's replacement has become the largest in the American Premier League today
Chapter 317 Jiang Licheng's Wish
Chapter 318 Wishing
Chapter 319 Wanted
Chapter 320 Realization and Repayment
Chapter 321 Signing a contract with the devil
Chapter 322 Shared Tenancy
Chapter 323 Witch
Chapter 324 Unbearable Price
Chapter 325 Demon Curse Object
Guys, I guess I've become a Condor Hero
I'm sure I've become a Condor Hero
I wish you all a happy new year
Chapter Fifteen Seven Days to Go
Chapter 327 The Dairen Family
Chapter 328 Milan
Chapter 329 Faust
I really haven't had a good rest recently.
Chapter 330
resume tonight
Chapter 331 Surveillance
Chapter 22 A Story
Chapter 23 The Threat of Blood
Chapter 24: Wanted
Chapter 25 Another Wisher
Chapter 26: The True Face of Yin Wuque
Chapter 27 Host
Chapter 28: The Horror Moment Is Coming
Chapter 340 Divination
Chapter 30 The Devil Appears
Chapter 31 Predation and Symbiosis
Chapter 32 Returning to the Hospital
Chapter 344 Seven Children
Chapter 2 The Strange Manor
Chapter 3 Classes and roll call
Chapter 347 Voice and Hair
stop for a day
Chapter 348 The First Class
Chapter 349 Weird Family
Chapter 350 The Taboo of Tears
Chapter 351 Envelope
Chapter Nine Let It Hear
Chapter 10 The Farmer Theory
Chapter Eleven Invasion
Chapter 355 Father
Chapter 356 The Ark
Chapter Fourteen Evil and Chaos
Chapter 358 No such person
Chapter 359 Location of City W
Chapter 360 Don't Answer!
Chapter 361 They Are Demons
Chapter 362 Soul Fall
Chapter 363 Cthulhu Mythos
Chapter 365 Disappear
Chapter 366 Imprisonment
Chapter 367 Infiltrating
Chapter 368 Awakening
Chapter 369 You Will Completely Disappear
Chapter 370 It
Chapter 371 Dai Lin's Lecture
Chapter 372: Ape
Chapter 373 Horror
Chapter 374 Hospital and Apartment
Chapter 375 Spiritual Symbiosis
Chapter 376 The Last Class
Chapter 377: Su Yuanshan's Blood Characters
Chapter 378: Xia Li and Dai Xiyan
Chapter 379 Faust's Manor
Chapter 380 Virgil
Chapter 381 Blind date
Chapter 382 Lusa Medel
Chapter 383 The Bizarre Disappearance
Chapter 384: The Thirteenth Passenger
Chapter 385: The Same One
Chapter 386 Level 5 Abyss Invasion
Chapter 387 Milan's Inference
Chapter 388 Absolute Order
Chapter 389 Not a Slave
Chapter 390 Stair Steps
Chapter 391 Revenge on the Dean?
Chapter 392 Tools
Chapter 393 Two Levels
Chapter 394 The Strange Doctor
Chapter 395 Dark soul point
Chapter 396 Devil's Curse Item
Chapter 397 Patrol Night
Chapter 398 Li An
Chapter 399 I Know Everything
Chapter 400 The Truth About Thirty Years Ago
Chapter 401 Devil's Eye and Level 6 Abyss Invasion
Chapter 402 Hotel Orone
Chapter 403 Virgil and Lelia
Chapter 404 The Medel Family
Chapter 405 Family interests above all else
Chapter 406 Soul Possession
Chapter 407 Doppelg?nger
Chapter 408 For All Humanity
Chapter 409 Yin Wuque's True Face
Chapter 410 How Can We Win?
Chapter 411 Hope of Resurrection
Chapter 412 Will I go to eighteen levels of hell?
Chapter 413 The Pianist's Finger
Chapter 414 The Teachings of the Two Fathers
Chapter 415 Dong Xie
Chapter 416 Goodbye
Chapter 417 Mo Meige
Chapter 418 My answer is no
Chapter 419: A Patient Who Has No Longer Time
Chapter 420 Terrifying Land
Chapter 421 Threat
Chapter 422 I don't want what you don't give
Chapter 423 The real devil is in the morgue!
Chapter 424 We all hate the Faust family
rest for a day
Chapter 425 We, stop here
Chapter 426 Agreement
Chapter 427 Record, start
Chapter 428 Lu Yuan's Advice
another day off
Chapter 429 Helpless
Chapter 430 The first and second paragraphs of the contract
Chapter 431 The Scariest Haunted House in the World
Chapter 432 Raven Kerry
Sadly Eryang
Chapter 433 The Bound Evil
Chapter 434 What Is The Real Purpose Of The Demon Section?
another day off
Chapter 435 Night on Duty
Chapter 436 Morgue Seventh Duty Rules
Chapter 437: The Night Watch Begins
Chapter 438 Mary Faust
Chapter 439 The Devil of Annihilation
Chapter 440 Nightmare Worm
Chapter 25: The person in charge of the mortuary
Chapter 26 No one left alive
Chapter 27 The Long Night (1)
Chapter 28 The Long Night (2)
Chapter 29 The Long Night (3)
Chapter Thirty: The Long Night (4)
Chapter 31 The Long Night (5)
Chapter 32: The Long Night (6)
resume tomorrow
Chapter Thirty-Three: The Long Night (7)
Chapter Thirty-Four: The Long Night (8)
Chapter 35: The Long Night (9)
Chapter Thirty-Six: The Long Night (10)
Chapter Thirty-Seven: The Long Night (11)
Chapter 38: The Long Night (12)
Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Long Night (Thirteen)
Chapter 40: The Long Night (14)
Chapter 41: The Long Night (15)
Chapter 42: The Long Night (16)
Chapter Forty-Three: The Long Night (Seventeen)
Chapter 44 Wake up
Chapter 45: The Faceless Nurse
Chapter 46 Hallucinations and Lies
Chapter Forty-Seven I Received Treatment
Chapter 48: The Inverted Cross on the Forehead
Chapter 49: Gao Heyan's Gambling
Chapter 50 Our Master is the Dean
Chapter 51 Where is it!
Chapter 52: The Death of Dai Lin
Chapter 1: Lu Mange (1)
Chapter Two: Li Zhixiao (1)
Chapter Three: Lu Mange (2)
Chapter Four: Li Zhixiao (2)
Chapter Five: Lu Mange (3)
Chapter Six: Li Zhixiao (3)
Chapter Seven: Lu Mange (4)
Chapter Eight: Li Zhixiao (4)
Chapter Nine: Lu Mange (5)
Chapter Ten: Li Zhixiao (5)
Chapter Eleven: Lu Mange (6)
Chapter Twelve: Li Zhixiao (6)
Chapter Thirteen: Lu Mange (7)
Chapter Fourteen: Li Zhixiao (7)
Chapter Fifteen: Lu Mange (8)
Chapter Sixteen: Li Zhixiao (8)
Chapter 17 Lu Mange (9)