Chapter 2604 Vanessa’s Arrival

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Chapter 2603 Vanessa’s Arrival

Miss Winslet's question was very direct. Shade shook his head:

"I don't know, but I'll make sure about it."

He put the cat on his shoulder:

"As for Adele Isabella, yes, the Adele who looks more powerful is indeed the Adele of a different time."

He took out the pocket watch from his pocket and handed it to the two ladies. The pocket watch chain was the same as the one on Miss Winslet's wrist at this time, and the silver lady's pocket watch even had a cursive name engraved on the back. Of course they had seen it before.


"I can't say more. I don't want to fight the Paradox Bug again. Please forget this matter and just pretend that I don't know Adele Isabella now."

Miss Danister nodded. This incident had no impact on her. At most, she just sighed that Shade's methods were stronger than she thought.

But Flora Winslet looked at the pocket watch in her hand with a dark expression. This thing was enough to explain everything. She knew her Speaker very well, and if she was just a friend, she would never give away the personal pocket watch.

But what she was thinking about at the moment was not that Shade could get along well with the Speaker in the "future", which might cause some problems in the Witch Council; she was just thinking about how, besides her and Carina,

, other witches can actually accept it

From this, a little unhappiness appeared in my heart. First I complained that the Speaker was so unreserved, and then I realized that my mind seemed to have changed unknowingly.

Shade did not leave the hotel immediately. Too many things happened today, and they still needed to sort it out. Moreover, it was also necessary to let the two ladies know about the book he found in James Cumming's bedroom in the morning.

Therefore, when Shade stood up to say goodbye to them, it was already eight o'clock that evening.

It was Miss Bell who sent Shade downstairs, because Miss Winslet was too tired after remaining in human form for a day.

"What do you think of Miss Isabella?"

The bold black-haired girl asked when she and Shade went down the stairs together. Neither of the two ladies just asked this.

"She is a very responsible person."

Shade then replied.

"Is that all?"

The black-haired girl asked again, looking at Shade very curiously, but he did not answer the question until Shade waved away.

In fact, both Miss Winslet and Miss Danist now know that Shade should have used some means to go home directly. The reason why he did not throw the glass slipper in the room was not because he was worried about exposing the secret, but simply because he did not want the hotel waiter to find out.

He would come in through the door every morning, but never go out at night.

In short, when the glass slipper was thrown out and landed on the floor of the stairwell at home, Shade's busy Wednesday finally came to an end.

After stretching and transforming little Mia back, she ran upwards. Shade knew that it smelled the tempting smell of dinner, because he also smelled it.

When we got to the second floor, there were indeed lights on.

In the kitchen, Tifa was busy with the maids, Sirius stood by the wall with his hands behind his back, looking at the portrait of Shad in the snow that was painted by Haela Oxenfurt in the dining room, while Carina was talking to Fan

Nisha sat across from each other at the dining table.

Seeing Shade walking into the living room, the two witches stood up with a smile. The red-haired duchess winked at Shade, and then deliberately took a step back so that the beautiful blond witch could hug Shade:

"Shad, long time no see. Flora didn't give you any trouble in Ximu Town, right?"

As he spoke, he let go of Shade's neck, then held his hand and looked at him carefully with golden eyes, as if he was worried that Miss Winslet had made Shade lose three pounds:

"I didn't see you at the Tobesk train station in the evening, so I knew something must have happened there. Flora didn't tell Carina exactly what happened just now, she just said that you guys encountered an ancient evil. Oh.

, sit down quickly, Flora said you haven't had dinner yet, and we are waiting for you to come back and eat together."

Shade hugged her gently:

"It took a lot of effort for you to come to Tobesk. I was supposed to greet you and prepare the restaurant."

He was quite embarrassed, but the considerate Vanessa smiled and shook her head, then pulled Shade to the dining table.

As expected, they hadn't had dinner yet, so Carina, Sirius and Vanessa sat down together. Shade's experience this Wednesday was so fulfilling that his story didn't end until after dinner.

"So the Miss Isabella who appeared today is the same one from the Battle of Moon Bay?"

Carina asked after Shade finished telling the story. Shade nodded, so the two witches looked at each other, not knowing what they meant.

And Shade asked about Vanessa and the others:

"Where did Vanessa, Siris, and the Golden Dawn Opera Company stay during their stay in Tobesk? At Carina's estate?"

"It's too far from the city, and I can't reveal that I'm so close to Carina."

Vanessa replied, and Sirius added:

"The Duke lent us Duke Rod's estate. The address is No. 19, Dinner Street, south of Tobesk."

Shade knew this place. He had been there in the summer when he and Emilia were investigating the [Malicious Serial Cursing Letters]. And Duke Rhodes was Carina's brother. After his death, he left the manor to him in his will.

He became "Aunt Nymph's little daughter", and later the manor was leased to Carina, allowing her to have a place to hold banquets in the city (Chapter 2114)

"Next, we plan to spend the entire autumn in Tobesk. I have never spent an autumn here."

Miss Vanessa said with a smile. Shade noticed the "moonlight ring" on her hand. Of course he understood what it meant.

Probably because Vanessa had just arrived in Tobesk, Carina actually took the initiative to leave with the maids that night, leaving time for her, but this kind of "generosity" would probably only happen once.

Not long after dinner, Sirius also covered his mouth with a smile and said that he was going to see if everyone was settled in Rhodes Manor, so he left with Carina and his party, which resulted in the fact that Xia was the only one at home that night.

German, blonde opera singer and little Mia.

Vanessa also understood that everyone was leaving time for her. After seeing off the others in the downstairs foyer with Shade, she was still a little shy when she and Shade went upstairs again:

"Although I have been here before using a projection, but actually stepping onto the stairs of your home is a bit unreal."

"How does my home feel?"

"Although it's not a big building like a manor, I like it here."

When the two returned to the second floor, when Shade wanted to kiss her to express his longing for her, Vanessa, who was a little shy, pushed Shade again:

"You go take a shower first, don't be in a hurry."

And when Shade finished his shower and returned to the living room in slippers, the blonde witch was no longer there.

Little Mia lay on the back of the sofa with an unhappy look and said "meow" to Shade, and Shade walked to the bedroom.

The bedroom window was opened, and the night breeze caused the curtains on both sides to sway slightly. Vanessa Benenice, who was wearing a nightgown, put her hands on the window sill and faced the window. The weather was good tonight, and her golden face was under the moonlight.

Her long hair was swaying with the wind, and the silver ring on her finger was shimmering.

"What are you looking at?"

Shade stepped forward and asked, hugging her from behind, and Vanessa leaned on Shade's chest:

"Look at the scenery here. I want to see what it's like when I'm not with you, saying good morning, good afternoon and good night to you every day."

"Then during your stay in Tobesk, have you considered living directly with me?"

Shade asked, and Vanessa shook her head:

"That's not okay. I have to consider other people's feelings, right?"

She looked at the scenery of the square in front of her under the moonlight with peace of mind:

"Carina told you, I used to be a non-marriage person, but I didn't expect that one day I would be hugged by my beloved in my pajamas, blowing the night breeze and looking at the scenery outside the window. Sometimes I would make some changes.

That's right, Shade."

Shade thought she was going to say some emotional words of love, but he didn't expect her to lower her voice and ask:

"If I guess correctly, when you and Carina had sex, it was on the bed in this room, right?"



She turned to look at Shade, her bright golden eyes filled with indescribable smiles and tenderness. At this moment, even the three moons in the night sky were not as moving as her:

"Then don't waste tonight's time, you can't imagine how much I missed you during the train journey and wished I could be by your side right away.

Now I have to say: What Carina can do in this house, I can do too.”

She smiled and hugged Shade's neck:

"I want this room to smell like me."

As she spoke, she kissed Shade on the cheek. Shade had already noticed that her body temperature was rising:

"Actually, you don't need to compare with Carina. You are not the same person."

But the witch did not accept this sentence:

"I heard privately that Carina is no match for you even at the twelfth level. Hum~ Although my level as a magician is still at the twelfth level, my witch level has basically reached the thirteenth level. Shade

, I challenge you this time. I bet that although your romantic affairs are spread throughout the entire fifth era, I am definitely the first thirteenth-level witch to do this!"

The window closed automatically, and then the curtains closed with a swipe. The smiling witch took Shade's hand very boldly and challenged him. Of course, Shade would not refuse Vanessa's enthusiasm, just when he wanted to

When he first took off the ring on the witch's right hand, he was rejected by the other party:

"I'm going to wear this."

After saying that, she pushed Xia De and made him sit on the bed. She frowned and said:

"But it seems a little inconvenient to wear a ring, so why don't you do this!"

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