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Whispering Poems

Whispering Poems

author:salty fish pilot

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:06-13 00:13

Latest chapter:Chapter 2619 Time Sharing Potion

Come to the new world where the steam industry is booming, inherit the three-story apartment in the capital square of the kingdom, take someone else's cat with you, listen to the whispers in your ears, and witness this mysterious and bizarre era. The epic of the sixth era is about to begin. , behind the curtain, the chosen one will step into the legend. Old gods, relics, steam, witches, detectives, ancient mysteries, the glory of the era... Do you want to play a game of Rhodes? Time is etched in time. , the silver moon shines on the shadows. I compose legends for you, and you whisper poems for me. (There is also an old book with five million words, which is updated twice a day. 6:50 a.m., 5:50 p.m., salty The reputation of fish products is guaranteed.)

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《Whispering Poems》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 2619 Time Sharing Potion
Chapter 2618: Files and Cowardly People (please vote for more updates)
Chapter 2617 The Reversed Tree
Chapter 2616 Farewell and Rebirth
Chapter 2615: Ximu Town Weaving Time (Please vote!)
Chapter 2614: Tough Mortal
Chapter 2613 The Baron’s Story
Chapter 2612 The “Druids” in the Snow Forest
Chapter 2611: Skilled Time Traveler
《Whispering Poems》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 The Dying Man
Chapter 2 The Detective’s Last Words
Chapter 3 Funeral
Chapter 4 The Detective’s Mission
Chapter 5 The Real World
Chapter 6 Correspondence Education
Chapter 7 God and the Church
Chapter 8 Rhodes Cards
Chapter 9 Suspected to be extraordinary
Chapter 10 Confused Men and Women
Chapter 11 St. Barons Comprehensive College
Chapter 12 Enrollment
Chapter 13 Ring Warlock and Life Ring
Chapter 14 Four Elements
Chapter 15 [Relic] Level
Chapter 16 Invitation for Admission to Correspondence Education
Chapter 17 Major Classification of Higher Education Institutions in the Steam Age
Chapter 18 The Forged Philosopher’s Stone
Chapter 19 Female Writers and Tuition Fees
Chapter 20 Founding Silver Moon
Chapter 21 The Entrance Test with the Characteristics of the Times
Chapter 22 Elements, bells, ignitions, pushes, hymns
Chapter 23 Time Traveler
Chapter 24 The Word of Ascension
Chapter 25 Cat Searching Commission
Chapter 26 The Sun, the Cat, and the Light
Chapter 27: Meeting La Soya Again
Chapter 28 Remnants of the Old God
Chapter 29 Gamblers
Chapter 30 Lucky Southern Cross
Chapter 31 - Captain Eight Guns Ladders
Chapter 32 Cheating
Chapter Thirty-Three Relics Out of Control
Chapter 34 The Lady Behind the Door
Chapter 35 Sage Grade Relic [God Gift Box]
Chapter 36 The Returning Doctor
Chapter 37 The Doctor's Appreciation
Chapter Thirty-Eight: Priest Augustus of the Church of Dawn
Chapter 39 A Respectful and Merciful World
Chapter 40: Shade's Compulsory Courses
Chapter 41 Special Notice
Chapter 42 Twenty o'clock
Chapter 43 The Past at No. 6 St. Teresa Place
Chapter 44: Increased Power
Chapter 45 The Professors of St. Byrons
Chapter 46: Inheriting the ancient lunatics
Chapter 47 The increasingly complex conspiracy
Chapter 48: Problem-Filled Groups
Chapter 49: Shade's Past
Chapter 50 The Mystery of Time
Chapter 51: Fifth Age 1068
Chapter 52 Sin God
Chapter 53: Inner Desires
Chapter 54 The Society of Prophets
Chapter 55 The Luck of Beginners
Chapter 56 Special Treatment
Chapter fifty-seven rich
Chapter 58 New Commission
Chapter 59 Mrs. Lawrence
Chapter 60 The Persistent Woman
Chapter 61 Study Meeting
Chapter 62: The Value of Literary Knowledge
Chapter 63: The Attempt of Incantation
Chapter 64 Silver Moon Orb
Chapter 65 Lake View Manor
Chapter 66 The Ring Warlock Squad That Passed By
Chapter Sixty-Seven Lawrence and La Soya
Chapter 68: Lord's Card and the Doctor
Chapter 69: Unusual Good Luck
Chapter 70 Victory
Chapter 71 Her Power
Chapter 72 Antique Revolver
Chapter 73 The Witch Council
Chapter 74 Miss Anat
Chapter 75 Rewards Received
Chapter 76 Dead Road
Chapter 77 The Gun of Kindness
Chapter 78 Blood Mist
Chapter 79 Coming
Chapter 80 Seriously Injured People
Chapter 81 The Hound of Light
Chapter 82 The Dream of the Silver Moon
Chapter 83 She and him
Chapter 84: Under the Silver Moon (End of this Volume)
Chapter 85 Moon Marks
Chapter 86 Wake Up
Chapter 87 The Unfortunate Doctor
Chapter 88 ''
Chapter 89 Shade and the Diviner
Chapter 90 Legacy and Spies
Chapter 91 Treatment and Injury
Chapter 92 Holy Water
Chapter 93 Reports Submitted
Chapter 94 Characteristics of the Spear of Kindness
Chapter 95 The Library and the Sage's Stone
Chapter 96 The Sorceress's Divination
Chapter 97 The Thaumaturgy of [Gluttony]
Chapter 98: The Way to Acquire Divinity
Chapter 99 Old John and Civilization
Chapter 100: The Hiccupping Cat
Chapter 101 Baron and Captain
Chapter 102 Steam Bird Daily
Chapter 103 Afternoon
Chapter 104 Professor Manning
Chapter 105 Afterglow
Chapter 106: The Flame and the Frozen Dead
Chapter 107 The cat and the professor
Chapter 108 Brightness
Chapter 109 The Professor's Sealing Fee
Chapter 110 Terrible guess
Chapter 111 The second meeting
Chapter 112 Children's Wishes
Chapter 113 The first wish
Chapter 114 The Writer of the Fairy Tale
Chapter 115 The Power of Story
Chapter 116 Tobesque's Newspaper
Chapter 117 Named police officers and crappy detectives
Chapter 118: The Death of the Innocent
Chapter 119: Beas's Entrustment
Chapter 120 Meeting again
Chapter 121 The extravagant commission
Chapter 122: Invitation by Rhodes
Chapter 123 The King's Aunt
Chapter 124 Special Skills
Chapter 125 The accident that arrived as scheduled
Chapter 126 Balance
Chapter 127 Sunshine Gun
Chapter 128: Shade's words
Chapter 129 Big City Players
Chapter 130 Vientiane Impermanence
Chapter 131 Ancient God [The Upside-Down Judge]
Chapter 132 Receiving the goods
Chapter 133 Battle on the Bridge
Chapter 134 Out of Control Murloc
Chapter 135 Fish scales, bombs and maids
Chapter 136 The Writer and the Princess
Chapter 137 Normal cat
Chapter 138 God descends the body
Chapter 139 Future Vision
Chapter 140 Echoes and Jumps
Chapter 141 The Price of Growth
Chapter 142: Their respective origins
Chapter 143: Hidden Walls
Chapter 144 Ancient God - Primordial Fissure
Chapter 145: Exploration Log
Chapter 146 Peeping through the crack of the door
Chapter 147 Fast Sleep
Chapter 148: Murlocs in the Darkness
Chapter 149 Enlightenment - The Little Match Girl
Chapter 150 Mystery Lock
Chapter 151 Miss Luysha's Request
Chapter 152 Princess Laixia
Chapter 153 Preparations before the game
Chapter 154: Shiraishi Crystal and the Maid
Chapter 155 I wish you victory
Chapter 156 Card Game
Chapter 157 The Great Witch
Chapter 158 MI6
Chapter 159 Meeting with Galina
Chapter 160 Kidnapping and Interrogation
Chapter 161 Information and Rewards
Chapter one hundred and sixty-two phalanx
Chapter 163 Four Questions
Chapter 164: Infernal Corpse Remains
Chapter 165 carbon paper
Chapter 166 Blackstone Security Company
Chapter 167 Onboarding
Chapter 168 MI6 Intelligence
Chapter 169 The three people in the rainy night
Chapter 170 The man with the knife
Chapter 171 Eyeballs
Chapter 172 The location of the relic
Chapter 173 Safe
Chapter 174: Commissioned by Mrs. Le Maire
Chapter 175 The Knight's Prophecy
Chapter 176: Cold Afternoon
Chapter 177 and Beas
Chapter 178 Disposable Sunshine Gun
Chapter 179 Holy Prayer Commemorative Coins
Chapter 180 The Wall of Unbelievers
Chapter 181 The lawyer playing cards
Chapter 182 The missing child
Chapter 183: The Rotating Dice
Chapter 184: Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Chapter 185 Guns, Assassinations, Detectives and the Street
Chapter 186 Waiting to be summoned
Chapter 187 and Miss Jia Lina
Chapter 188: Metamorphosis Ring
Chapter 189 [Another face]
Chapter 190 The third time 1068
Chapter 191: Potions and Potions
Chapter 192 Growth and Strength
Chapter 193 God's Gift
Chapter 194 Those secrets
Chapter 195: Five Letters
Chapter 196 'The Kiss of the Tree'
Chapter 197 Youth is not old leaves
Chapter 198 Abnormal emotions
Chapter 199 Dawn Church
Chapter 200 Room 2 on the second floor
Chapter 201 Academic Lectures in the Age of Steam
Chapter 202 The Glowing Page
Chapter 203 The final whereabouts
Chapter 204: Go to the Academy
Chapter 205 Red Moon Witch Denister
Chapter 206 The Moon and the Library
Chapter 207 Soul Echoes
Chapter 208 Night Lessons
Chapter 209 Night visit to the cemetery
Chapter 210 Major Rewards
Chapter 211 The Eve of the Dinner
Chapter 212 Knight Title
Chapter 213 The Witch and Shade
Chapter 214 Rejed's Hamilton
Chapter 215 Interviews, Cards and Beas
Chapter 216 The meeting of the three
Chapter 217 Mutual trust
Chapter 218 Pirates' Blood Money
Chapter 219 Rhodes Card Betting
Chapter 220 Another Anat
Chapter 221 Potions, Mirrors and Labyrinths
Chapter two hundred and twenty second dance
Chapter 223 The second road sign
Chapter 224 Cave
Chapter 225 Lengshuigang City
Chapter 226 Warehouse Scheduler
Chapter 227 The Scarlet Room
Chapter 228 The Curse of the Mermaid
Chapter 229 pass by
Chapter 230 Fish
Chapter 231 Ragley's Jump
Chapter 232 Doors and Relics
Chapter 233 Bordeaux Candles
Chapter 234 The Witch's Necklace
Chapter 235 Preparation of the Orthodox Church
Chapter 236 The Entrustment of the Old Woman
Chapter 237 Funeral and Cats
Chapter 238 Ghosts at the Funeral
Chapter 239 The truth of the murder
Chapter 240 The Ghost's Request
Chapter 241 Moon Dance Festival
Chapter 242 The Gift of Regret
Chapter 243 and Sparrow Hamilton
Chapter 244: Staying Over
Chapter 245: Understanding of Balance
Chapter 246 Charity Dinner
Chapter 247 Long skirts, books and paintings
Chapter 248: Greedy Ring
Chapter 249 The Great Sword and the Doctor
Chapter 250 Strong unease
Chapter 251 Infiltrate
Chapter 252 Ghost Mist and Sun Fist
Chapter 253 Blood Spirit School Appears
Chapter 254 The Last Order
Chapter 255 Giant Soldier and Mirror Fragments
Chapter 256 Labyrinth
Chapter 257 Prayer and Sarcophagus
Chapter 258: Silver Eyes
Chapter 259 Vampires
Chapter 260 Bloody Twilight
Chapter 261 Moonlight Greatsword
Chapter 262 Eight Swords Chain
Chapter 263 Promotion to the Second Ring (Tanabata
Chapter 264 The Chosen Ceremony
Chapter 265 Their Story
Chapter 266 Founding Balance
Chapter two hundred and sixty seventh toy production
Chapter 268 Opening of the second banquet
Chapter 269 Fifth Epoch 3002
Chapter 270 Teacher
Chapter 271 The wise man under the tree
Chapter 272 Sacrifice
Chapter 273 Quiet Moonlight
Chapter 274 The power of impermanence
Chapter 275 Left Eye
Chapter 276 Shadow on the Wall
Chapter 277 Lament and harvest
Chapter 278: Notes on the Anti-God
Chapter 279 The Wounded Duchess
Chapter 280 The Attribution of the Ring
Chapter 281 Complete trust
Chapter 282 The Ring and the Cat
Chapter 283 Booty
Chapter 284 The Big Robbery
Chapter 285 Balance is in all things (end of this volume)
end of volume 1
Chapter two hundred and eighty sixth unexpected power
Chapter two hundred and eighty seventh normal cat
Chapter 288 The use of mercury
Chapter 289 Memory is amazing
Chapter 290 Invitation to the Opera
Chapter 291 Cat in a Bottle
Chapter two hundred and ninety second week
Chapter 293 Mysticism Exam with the Characteristics of the Steam Age
Chapter two hundred and ninety fourth busy exam
Chapter 295 Opera
Chapter 296: Police and Special Agents
Chapter 297 The Gamble of the Ring Warlocks
Chapter 298 Out of Control Darkness
Chapter 299 Legacy
Chapter 300 The Diary of the Ring Warlock
Chapter 301 The Old God of Space and Time
Chapter 302 Moon Witch
Chapter 303 The Witch's Trouble
Chapter 304 The Light Guiding Monastery
Chapter 305 The key to the door
Chapter 306 The Apple and the Professor
Chapter 307: Go to Cold Water Port
Chapter 308 Mermaid Statue
Chapter 309: Conflict on the Street
Chapter 310 encounter
Chapter 311 Cold Water Harbor Holiday
Chapter 312 Social Workers
Chapter 313 Prince's Diary
Chapter 314 Nursery Rhymes and the Return of the Sea
Chapter 315 Mr. Darkness
Chapter 316: Players Who Changed Cards
Chapter 317 Sea Cliff Lighthouse
Chapter 318: The Cursed Girl
Chapter 319 Shade's guess
Chapter 320 The Story of the Sea
Chapter 321 Sea Auction
Chapter 322 Fishbone Pirate Ship
Chapter 323 Dark Seas
Chapter 324 The cook on the ship
Three hundred and twentieth chapters hungry soup
Chapter 326 Convergence
Chapter 327 The power of greed
Chapter 328: Afterglow again
Chapter 329 The Duel of Sailors
Chapter 330 Mermaid Tattoo
Chapter 331 Murloc's Elixir
Chapter 332 Extra cards
Chapter 333 Beans
Chapter 334 The power of gluttony
Chapter 335 Wishes, jumping into the sea and planks
Chapter 336 Shade's Gift
Chapter 337 Writer's Diary
Chapter 338 The most intimate soul
Chapter 339 The Most Unfamiliar Two
Chapter 340 New relics and spells
Chapter 341 Oil Painting of Holy Prayer
Chapter 342 The second elect
Chapter 343: Clouds in Cold Water Harbor
Chapter 334 Distribution of coins
Chapter 335: Three to Cold Water Harbor
Chapter three hundred and thirty sixth rainy day visit
Chapter three hundred and thirty seventh ancient house accident
Chapter 338 Oil Paintings in the Safe
Chapter 339 Scarlet Esoteric Sect
Chapter three hundred and fortieth fierce battle in the rain
Chapter 341 Sophia Mansion
Chapter 342 Big Event - Shadow of Cold Water Harbor
Chapter 343 School of Political Economy
Chapter 344 The arrival of August
Chapter 345 Iluna and Elixir
Chapter 346 The Death of the Painter
Chapter three hundred and forty seventh fear before death
Chapter 348: Friends' Ancient Paintings
Chapter 349 Oil Paintings and Bandage Puppets
Chapter 350 Puppet Making
Chapter 351: Inside and outside the picture
Chapter 352 The power of cats
Chapter 353 Madman Sean's Oil Painting Home
Chapter 354 Yiluna's Harvest
Chapter 355 The Judge's Court
Three hundred and fiftieth chapters three tasks
Chapter 357 The Lonely Man
Chapter three hundred and fifty eight ace agent gray eagle
Chapter 359 The darkness of the heart
Chapter 360 Xiacheng Anthem Square
Chapter 361 Groceries and Spices
Chapter 362: The Inherited Wish
Chapter 363 Miss Gothe's Letter
Chapter 364 Second Grade Courses
Chapter 365 The Priory's Transaction
Chapter three hundred and sixty-six high price
Chapter three hundred and sixty seventh wash the cat
Chapter 368 The Second Witch
Chapter 369: Forgotten Things
Chapter 370 God and Shade
Chapter 371 The Light of the Three
Chapter 372 The stunned truth
Chapter 373 Feilianna Notes
Chapter 374 Leaves and Gems
Chapter 375 Pink Rose Hotel
Chapter 376 Demon Scholar
Chapter 377 The meeting on the roof
Three hundred and seventieth eight chapters palm mouth
Chapter 379 Abnormal Diviner
Chapter 380 Report
Chapter 381 The Course taught by Garcia
Chapter 382 Mystery and the Witch
Chapter 383 Silver Badge
Chapter 384 The rainy day before the storm
Chapter 385 Mystery Locks - Barren Wilderness
Chapter 356 Time Perception
Chapter 357 Bubble
Chapter 358 Rainy Night Lighthouse
Chapter 359: Undersea Giant Corpse
Chapter 360 The Professor in the Tavern
Chapter 361 Eavesdropping
Chapter 362 The Detective Unlocking
Chapter 363 The manor in the confrontation
Chapter 364 The detective in the closet
Chapter 365 Shade's Sneeze
Chapter three hundred and sixty-six words and gold ring
Chapter three hundred and sixty seventh wine cellar
Chapter 368: Wet Chapel
Chapter 399 Corpse Bomb
Chapter 400 Talking Devil
Chapter four hundred and first arm in the pool
Chapter 402: Shade's Desire
Chapter 403 The real desire
Chapter 404 Big Sin
Chapter 405 The Red Sea
Chapter 406: The Sea Returns
Chapter 407 The Church's Countermeasures
Chapter four hundred and eighth tattoo on the hook
Chapter 409 Murloc Temple
Chapter 410 Witch, Demon, Murloc
Chapter 411: The Prophecy of the Murlocs
Chapter 412 The Demon Bewitching the Darkness
Chapter 413 Gold Pearl
Chapter 414 Moonlight Grand Cross
Chapter 415 Sunrise Cold Water Harbor
Chapter 416 The restaurant outside the banquet
Four hundred and seventeenth chapter Avrora's gift
Chapter 418 Mermaid, Kiss and Moon
Chapter 419 The sea and the cat
Four hundred and twentieth chapter thirteen shelters
Chapter 421 Lai Xia's ambition
Chapter 422 The Princess in the Prophet Association
Four hundred and twentieth chapters trained cat
Chapter 424 The cat, the sunset and the banknotes
Chapter 425 Letter from the Princess
Four hundred and twentieth chapters means against the devil
Chapter 427 Hanged Ghost Path
Chapter 428 The cemetery mystery
Chapter 429 Corpse Explosion
Chapter 430: The Power of Sin Karma
Chapter 431 wings
Chapter 432 Administrator Candidate
Four hundred and thirtieth chapters brave heart
Chapter 434 House Maintenance
Chapter 435 Time Curse
Chapter 436: Fifth Epoch Year 1784
Chapter 437: God of Gamblers' Gaming Table
Four hundred and thirtieth eight chapters magical life
Chapter 439 The meaning of spanning time
Chapter 440 Furniture
Chapter 441 Decoration trivia
Chapter 442 Luvia's middle name
Chapter 443: The Wrong Way
Chapter 444 The Witch's Song
Chapter 445 [Witch Council]
Four hundred and fortieth chapters power
Chapter 447 Old God [Earth Shaking Worm]
Chapter 448 The Last Priest
Chapter 449 [Vibration]
Chapter 450 Mind Blast
Chapter 461 Crystals, professors and gods
Chapter 462 New World News
Chapter 463 Degraded Relics
Chapter 464 Unidentified hidden dangers
Chapter 465: The Promise of Delivery
Chapter 466 The God of Gambling and the Seal of Hunting Demons
Chapter 467 Wishing Coins
Chapter 468 The invitation to the banquet card game
Chapter 469 The trace of the seal
Chapter 470: The Death of the Blind
Chapter 471 Music Score Before Death
Chapter 472 Detective Assistant Tifa Servette
Chapter 473 [King's Secret Order]
Chapter 474 The maid who shakes the dice
Chapter 475 Technical workers
Four hundred and seventieth chapters enhancement of the potion
Chapter 477 Doctor Alfred
Chapter 478: The Secret Servant
Chapter 479 The way to kill the devil
Chapter 480: Echoes of Shade's Blood
Chapter 481 Waiting
Chapter 482: Meetings, Plans and Street Lights
Chapter 483 Error
Chapter 484 Kidnapping
Chapter 485 The Cavendish
Chapter 486 The gaming table and the impermanence of Vientiane
Chapter four hundred and eighty seventh cat search
Chapter 488 Adventure with the doctor
Chapter 489 Dream of Fire
Chapter 490: Fire and Murderers
Chapter 491: The Duel in the Basement
Chapter four hundred and ninety-two hidden objects in the dream
Four hundred and ninetieth chapters dream gift
Chapter 494 Crystal Ring
Chapter 495: The Method of Obtaining Light
Chapter 496 The price of eavesdropping
Chapter four hundred and ninety seventh writer friend
Four hundred and ninetieth eight chapters contemporary knight
Chapter four hundred and ninety-ninth with Lai Xia
Chapter 500 Founding Darkness
Chapter 501 Multiplayer Poker Game
Chapter five hundred and second dance
Chapter 503: Dancing, Fireworks and Priests
Chapter 504 The Difference Engine
Chapter five hundred and fifth hostage
Chapter 506: Confrontation in the Darkness
Chapter 507: Pursuit
Chapter Five Hundred and Eighth Unexpected Landing
Chapter five hundred and ninth blood cry Hermons
Chapter 510 Reconciliation with each mind
Chapter five hundred and eleventh combat readiness
Chapter Five Hundred and Twelve The People Who Saved the World
Chapter 513 Eternal Darkness
Chapter five hundred and fourteen sleepy Luvia
Chapter five hundred and fifteen cornfields
Chapter five hundred and sixteen the demon of the past
Chapter 517 Crossed Moonlight
Chapter 518 Gaming Table Props
Chapter five hundred and nineteenth ring
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Blessings and Souvenirs
Chapter 521: The Blessing of the Tree
Chapter five hundred and twenty second faint lights
Chapter 523: Necklaces, Talismans and Horses
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty-Four Words of Ascension and Spiritual Religion
Chapter 525 Crystal Forest
Chapter 526: The Fate of the Chosen
Chapter five hundred and twenty seventh not alone
Chapter five hundred and twentieth eight out of control dark box
Chapter 529: The Chosen Darkness
Chapter 530 Become me
Chapter 531 The Witch's Light
Chapter five hundred and thirty second suicide flip
Chapter 533: Mysterious Locks, Human Pus and Rings
Chapter five hundred and thirty fourth meteor shower
Chapter 535: Shade and the Witch
Chapter 536 Singing Shade
Chapter five hundred and thirty seventh kicked down candlestick
Chapter 538 Moon, Window and Purple Eyes
Chapter five hundred and thirty-ninth sleepless night
Chapter 540 The Witch and Iluna
The five hundred and fortieth chapter of the return of human pus
Chapter 542: The Man Who Devoured the Darkness
End of volume two
Chapter 543: The College Urgently Calls
Five hundred and fortieth chapters five people's divination
Chapter five hundred and forty fifth delayed departure
Chapter 546 Princess and Shade
The five hundred and fortieth chapters of the respective harvest
Chapter five hundred and forty-eight the door of darkness
Chapter 549 The Mission of MI6
Chapter five hundred and fiftieth letter from afar
Chapter five hundred and fifty first corpse case
Chapter five hundred and fifty second bad criminal
Chapter 553 Corpse and Wedding Dress
Five hundred and fiftieth chapters fiancee
Chapter 555: The Bride under the Moon
Chapter Five Hundred and Fifty-Sixth 'Golo Winston Marriage Contract'
Chapter five hundred and fifty seventh evil spirits attack
Five hundred and fiftieth eight chapters new key
Chapter 559 Tifa Cat
Chapter 560 Letter and Password
Chapter five hundred and sixty first gray eagle's final mission
Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty-two Ayutthaya Players 1853
Chapter 563 Opening
Five hundred and sixtieth chapters autumn time
Five hundred and sixtieth chapters Vampire Duke
The 566th God's Reception
Chapter five hundred and sixty seventh their respective blood brew
Chapter 568 Star Whale and Gemini
Chapter 569 Starry Eyes
Chapter 570 The departed priest
Chapter 571 Virgil Cameron
Chapter five hundred and seventy-two card game trivia
Five hundred and seventieth chapters detoxification technique
Chapter five hundred and seventy fourth promoted detective
Chapter 575 Final
Chapter 576 Information Exchange
Chapter five hundred and seventy seventh win-win
Chapter five hundred and seventy-eight kingdom, spies, substitutes
Chapter five hundred and seventy-ninth priest last words
Chapter five hundred and eighty crossing death
Chapter five hundred and eighty first rescue plan
Chapter 582 Crystals, coins and blood
Chapter 583 Abandoned Tower
Chapter 584 Midhill Fort City
Chapter five hundred and eighty fifth blind house
Chapter 586 Blindness and Prophecy
Chapter five hundred and eighty seventh ghouls in the catacombs
Chapter 589: Volcano, Haza, Death
Chapter 589: The Great Witch Cassandra
Chapter five hundred and ninetieth letter
Chapter 591: Sister Daveline
Five hundred and ninetieth chapters the moon
Five hundred and ninetieth chapters erected coins
Chapter 594: The Second Kind of Blood
Chapter 595 The Doctor's Bet
Chapter 596: White Mist Forest
Chapter 597 Russell Manor
Chapter 598 The ceremony begins
Chapter five hundred and ninety-ninth life and death
Chapter 601 False Immortality
Chapter 602: The Church in the Narrow Room
Chapter 603 Before Death
Chapter 604: Crossing the Gate of Death
Chapter 605: The Disaster of Fort Midhill
Chapter 606 The First Angel
Chapter 607 The Second Reception
Chapter 608 Wine Tasting
Chapter 609 Poisonous Wine
Chapter 610 Moon Wine
Chapter 611 Blood Wine Brewing
Chapter 612 The third form
Chapter 613 Successful rescue
Chapter 614 Cannibalism
Chapter 615 Fruit Wine
Chapter 616 Sikar Hotel
Chapter 617 Captain and Lieutenant
Chapter 618: Folklore Investigation of Fort Midhill
Chapter 619 The Order of Worshiping the Moon
Chapter 620 Receiver
Chapter 621 Phoenix
Chapter 622: Itching Curse
Chapter 623 The cat in the closet
Chapter 624 Princess in the Morning
Chapter 625 The Priest's Thaumaturgy List
Chapter 626 Cassandra's Mission
Chapter 627: Meeting Captain Lades Again
Chapter 628: The Undead Behind
Chapter 629 Castle Secret Room
Chapter 630: Prophecy of Death
Chapter 631 Bad Luck and Good Luck
Chapter 632 Gemini Worship
Chapter 633 [Hidden corpse mirror]
Chapter 634 Mr. Copps' Big Business
Chapter 635 Red Butterfly in the Rain
Chapter 636 Thanks
Chapter 637 Demon Blood and Crow Club
Chapter 638 The Nun and the Cat
Chapter 639 The Last Reception
Chapter 640 The departed guests
641 See you next time
Chapter 642 Souvenir of the Time Key
Chapter 643 Dorothy's Promotion Ceremony
Chapter 644 Dorothy's Middle Name
Chapter 645 The fate of the mirror ghost
Chapter 646 The Fragment of the Poem
Chapter 647 Legacy and Miss Black
Chapter 648 Abnormal Client
Chapter 649 The Reappearing Twins
Chapter 650: The Impact of Earthquakes
Chapter 651 Lescia's Arms Business
Chapter 652 Spies and Vampires
Chapter 653 Blood Conflict
Chapter 654 Strengthened Evil Spirit
Chapter 655 The progress of civilization (1)
Chapter 656 The Progress of Civilization (2)
Chapter 657 Mibao Railway Station
Chapter 658: Reappearing Grey-Headed Eagle
Chapter 659: Agent's Remuneration
Chapter 660 Reappearing Star Whale
Chapter 661 The old friend of the wind path
Chapter 662 Traveler and Rhodes Card
Chapter 663 Devil Story (Part 2)
Chapter 664 Captain Eight Guns
Chapter 665 Lost in the Moon
Chapter 666 Sword Slaying Demons
Chapter 667 The Doctor and the Flame Demon
Chapter 668 The Secret of the Righteous God
Chapter 669 [Traveler's Travel Door]
Chapter 670: Fifth Era in 3024
Chapter 671 An old friend who meets again
Chapter 672 Yellow Moon, Red Dragon and Glasses
Chapter 673 The Poem of Summoning God
Chapter 674 The Enlightenment of the First Era
Chapter 675 Silver Moon and Yellow Moon
Chapter 676: Moonlight, Final Payment and the Nun
Chapter 677 Death
Chapter 678 Priest's Talent
Chapter 679 Candidates
Chapter 680 Draw the Sword
Chapter 681
Chapter 682 The seal on the mountainside
Chapter 683 [Forgiveness of the Moon Goddess]
Chapter 684 Autumn Time
Chapter 685 [Sin Mansion]
Chapter 686 The Nun Holding the Fire
Chapter 687 Fire Worship Festival Charity Dinner
Chapter 688 Indecent Vampire Species
Chapter 689 The twins who are about to meet again
Chapter 690 The Stolen Sword
Chapter 691 Moonlight Sword Yellow
Chapter 692 Oil painting and metal coffin
Chapter 693 Lucky Bernhardt
Chapter 694 Bonfire Ball
Chapter 695 Miss Avrolla's Invitation
Chapter 696
Chapter 697: A Terrifying Home
Chapter 698 Boundary Entrance
Chapter 699: Weakened Seal
Chapter 700 Shade's Sin
Chapter 701 Abnormalities in the Sin Mansion
Chapter 702 Lost
Chapter 703 Blood-sucking quest
Chapter 704: The Enemy We Meet Again
Chapter 705 The nun who pursues sinful karma
Chapter 706 The Mermaid Meets Again
Chapter 707 Mermaid's Mission
Chapter 708 Unjust Poker Game
Chapter 709 The Son of the Mountains
Chapter 710 The Power of Resurrection
Chapter 711 The Gift of Desire
Chapter 712
Chapter 713 Physical Examination
Chapter 714 Diviner and Diviner
Chapter 715 Heroes and the Sun
Chapter 716 [Founding Death]
Chapter 717 Three Candidates
Chapter 718 Leisure
Chapter 719 Black Snow
Chapter 720 Thaumaturgy - False Immortality
Chapter 721 The Sleeping Dragon and the Runaway Witch
Chapter 722 Torture Tools
Chapter 723 'The Jaeger Scroll'
Chapter 724: The Attribution of Wishes
Chapter 725 Unfinished Story
Chapter 726 Story and Time
Chapter 727: The Adventure Begins Again
Chapter 728 Mountain Stream Girl
Chapter 729 Red Butterfly in the Forest
Chapter 730: Desolate Village
Chapter 731: Someone Who Shouldn't Appear
Chapter 732 Deep in the Mine
Chapter 733 Red Butterfly
Chapter 734 Strange Gift
Chapter 735
Chapter 736 Urgent situation
Chapter 737 The Story of Red Butterfly
Chapter 738 The normal past
Chapter 739 All things are equal and all living things die
Chapter 740 The past of the rebellious man
Chapter 741 Conversation between the Chosen
Chapter 742 The Power of the Church
Chapter 743 Trackers in the thick fog
Chapter 744 Fierce fight on the ice
Chapter 745 Barton is leaving
Chapter 746 Priest, Truth Society and Rhodes Card
Chapter 747
Chapter 748 The cave in the mountainside
Chapter 749 Gift from the Witch Emperor
Chapter 750 The Witch's Reverberation Violet
Chapter 751 Continuously growing deposits
Chapter 752 Flowers, Fog and Shade
Chapter 753 The Third Nail
Chapter 754 The Card Game with the Earl
Chapter 755 A Miracle That Will Not Appear
Chapter 756 Swordsmen in the Mist
Chapter 757 Ritual Sword and Sun Ray
Chapter 758 Shade's Anxiety
Chapter 759 Le Maire Racecourse
Chapter 760 Three Flowers
Chapter 761 Elf's Riding
Chapter 762 Blood-sucking and Sleeping
Chapter 762 Dandelion Coin
Chapter 763: The Ceremony of Death of the Chosen One (Additional update please vote)
Chapter 768 Searching in Dreams
Chapter 769 The mountain city dancing with evil spirits
Chapter 770 Ice and Demon
Chapter 771 Crazy Moth Fighting the Fire
Chapter 772 Mysterious Lock-The Narrow Room of Life and Death
Chapter 773 Ferryman
Chapter 774 Flowers Thank You Gift
Chapter 775 Hazamas resistance
Chapter 776 The Trembling City
Chapter 777 Teardrops, Correspondence Education, and Owls
Chapter 778 Ghost-faced Spider and the Blood-sucking Festival
Chapter 779 Bone Dragon
Chapter 780 Before the Church
Chapter 781 The Bloody Bride
Chapter 782 Sister of Thorns
Chapter 783 Luvias preparation
Chapter 784 The Fourth Candidate for Death
Chapter 785 Big Melee
Chapter 786 Re-entry into death
Chapter 787 The protagonists of the epic
Chapter 788 Price and Punishment
Chapter 789 Chixue
Chapter 790 The Cat and the Sun (please vote for more updates)
Chapter 791 The Sun and the Moon
Chapter 792 Enlightenment-Sleeping Princess
Chapter 793 The Kiss of Resurgence
Chapter 794 A passing reunion
Chapter 795 Respective Blessings and Sha Des Promotion
Chapter 796 Demigod Hero and Destined Protagonist
Chapter 797 Under the Dark Moon
Chapter 798 Bone, Flesh, Soul
Chapter 799 Trial
Chapter 800 The door of No. 6 Saint Teresa Square
Chapter 801 It should not be pure death
Chapter 802 The Chosen One of Death
Chapter 803 Echoes of Blood Thorns
Chapter 804 The meaning of good deeds
Chapter 801 The Escaped Butterfly
Chapter 802 The Coming Blood God
Chapter 803 The Guardian of Children
Chapter 804 God and God
Chapter 805 Moon and Moon
Chapter 810 Broken Light Path and Lakeside Mia
Chapter 811 Despicable nun
Chapter 812 Thanks
Chapter 813 The Sealed [Red Moon]
Chapter 814 Traces of the Holy Tree
Chapter 815 The end of the long night
Chapter 816 Breakfast in the Morning Light
Chapter 817 Follow-up
Chapter 818 [Soul Cemetery]
Chapter 819 Harvest
Chapter 820 The end of autumn
Chapter 821 The coming guests
Chapter 822 Sha Des big plan
Chapter 823 'To Dorothy' (Part 1)
Chapter 824 'To Dorothy' (Part 2)
Chapter 825 Double Butterflies
Chapter 826 The Unfindable Soul
Chapter 827 All mortals are mortal
Chapter 828 All things will eventually perish (end of this volume)
Chapter 829 The Tragedy at No. 6 Saint Teresa Square
Chapter 830 Eye of Death
Chapter 831 The Impermanence Card of the Prophet Association
Chapter 832 Dreams, Puzzles and Flowers
Chapter 833 Free Butterfly
Chapter 834 Xia De and Hongdie
Chapter 835 The Sacrificial Site on the Top of the Mountains
Chapter 836 'Water of Wisdom'
Chapter 837 Relative Relationship
Chapter 838 The Life of a Detective
Chapter 839 Ceremony, Opera and Princess
Chapter 840 Yellow Moon Night
Chapter 841 The Returned Priest
Chapter 842 The rush of time
Chapter 843 Shades Holiday
Chapter 844 Waiting in Yodel Palace
Chapter 845 Shades secret mission
Chapter 846 Three Coins
Chapter 847 Pantanal
Chapter 848 The key to postponement
Chapter 849 [Golden Lucky Rabbits Foot]
Chapter 850 White River Valley Vineyard (please subscribe)
Chapter 851 Huntington City
Chapter 852 White King Club
Chapter 853 The Princess and Wine
Chapter 854 Margaret Anjou
Chapter 855 The boastful foreigner
Chapter 856 Murder Case
Chapter 857: Count Sagia on the Pillar of Shame (please vote for more)
Chapter 858 Tree Vine and Witch
Chapter 859 Thirteen Seats-Emma Sylvia
Chapter 856 The witch who is short of money
Chapter 857: The Ambition of the Parliament
Chapter 858 Early Winter Morning
Chapter 859 Apprentice
Chapter 860 Invitation
Chapter 861 The Story of Professor Drake
Chapter 862 Curse and Swamp Witch
Chapter 863 Lesias Prank
Chapter 864 Huntingtons Banquet
Chapter 865 The vampires at the banquet
Chapter 866 Income Issues
Chapter 867 Divination, Princess and Agent
Chapter 868 Apprentice and Banquet Game
Chapter 869 Coins and Dance
Chapter 870 Moon, Locks and Snakes
Chapter 871 Snake Skin and Temple Oil Painting (please vote for me)
Chapter 872 The evil things in the Pantanal (please vote for me)
Chapter 873: Punishment of Fury
Chapter 874: Sha Des Greed
Chapter 875 Arc
Chapter 876 The Witch Emperor
Chapter 877 The Witchs Pursuit
Chapter 878: The Value of Xia De
Chapter 879 Three Tests of the Wise Man
Chapter 880 Crystallization of Wisdom
Chapter 881: Pursuing Power
Chapter 882 Huntington Country Story
Chapter 883 Knight and Wolf
Chapter 884 The role of affinity
Chapter 885: The Gray Eagles New Mission
Chapter 886 The Witch of Time
Chapter 887 Peace and Era
Chapter 888 Lucky Roland
Chapter 889 The Burden of Luck
Chapter 890 The gifted card
Chapter 891 The Test of the Lady of the Lake
Chapter 892 Dinner at the Auction House
Chapter 893 [Magicians Escape Box]
Chapter 894 Wedding Gift
Chapter 895 The Eve of the Wedding
Chapter 896: Seat Problem
Chapter 897 The wedding is in progress
Chapter 898 Return to Lakeview Manor
Chapter 899 The 'big guy' in the middle of the lake
Chapter 900 Banquet Game
Chapter 901 The Knight and the Princess
Chapter 902 Agelinas Promise
Chapter 903 Economic Talks at the Banquet
Chapter 904 Raisins and Darts
Chapter 905 Shades Riddle
Chapter 906: The lost penny (please vote for more)
Chapter 907 Agelinas Ambition
Chapter 908 'The Secret Keeper'
Chapter 909: Lakeview Manor Early Winter Rhodes Tournament
Chapter 910 Different opponents
Chapter 911 Cheater
Chapter 912 Duel under the grape trellis
Chapter 913 The Fallacy of Probability
Chapter 914 The foggy lake
Chapter 915: Ceremony of the Chosen - Wise Man's Pyroxene
Chapter 916 The Reappearance of the Cultist
Chapter 917 Thunder and Cat
Chapter 918 Thunder Gun
Chapter 919: Vinals Trial
Chapter 920 The first snow
Chapter 921 Dance under the Moon
Chapter 922 Simple Proof
Chapter 923 Busy after the banquet
Chapter 924 The Road on the Lake
Chapter 925 Barefoot Nun
Chapter 926 Professor Drakes Clues
Chapter 927: Interview with a Vampire at Night
Chapter 928 The Slate of Time
Chapter 929 The Invisible Man
Chapter 930 [Jack the Thief]
Chapter 931: Folklorists Inspiration
Chapter 932: Old Johns Commission
Chapter 933 Detectives Treatment Methods
Chapter 934 White Holy Tree
Chapter 935 Containment of Sirkses Relics
Chapter 936: Flying Head
Chapter 937: Head cutting surgery
Chapter 938: The Witch Visited at Night
Chapter 939 The Unknown Chosen One
Chapter 940 High Reward
Chapter 941 Handover of the Cemetery
Chapter 942 'Hide and Seek'
Chapter 943 The real academic spy
Chapter 944: The Witch Emperor and the Cat
Chapter 945 Food Pocket
Chapter 946 Climbing the Tower
Chapter 947 The Blessing of the Wise Man
Chapter 948 Miss Danisters Alchemy Tools
Chapter 949: Stolen Security Company
Chapter 950 Another Angel
Chapter 951 The Stolen Dorothy
Chapter 952 The Thiefs Goal
Chapter 952 The Thiefs Goal
Chapter 953 [Aiken'ola's Arrow of Knowledge]
Chapter 954 Rust Alley
Chapter 955 The Rat in the Cage
Chapter 956 The real stronghold
Chapter 957 Amazing Profits
Chapter 958 The Devils Coin
Chapter 959: Library Transaction
Chapter 960 The arrow in hand
Chapter 961 Knowledge chases people
Chapter 962 The Curse of Knowledge
Chapter 963 The Third Trial of the Lady of the Lake
Chapter 964 The Angel with Four Rings
Chapter 965 Bow and Arrow
Chapter 966 [Power]
Chapter 967 The final trial of the Lady of the Lake (please vote)
Chapter 968: Rumors of Cherubim
Chapter 969: Heaton Seal
Chapter 970 Snowy Winter Day
Chapter 971 Reading Salon
Chapter 972 Private Meeting
Chapter 973: Margaret Anjous Commission
Chapter 974 Games and Girls on the Street
Chapter 975 Street Fight on Silver Cross Avenue
Chapter 976 Dice Stories Collection
Chapter 977 'Ordinary Man' Xia De
Chapter 978: Dice and Words
Chapter 979 Forced Investigation
Chapter 980: A group of cats in the middle of the night
Chapter 981: Bad luck brings
Chapter 982 The real misfortune is coming
Chapter 983: Gun fight at night
Chapter 984: Quiet Home
Chapter 985 The power of everyone
Chapter 986: Equal Confrontation
Chapter 987 The Power of Cats
Chapter 988: The obtained pyroxene and the thiefs treasure
Chapter 989 A wonderful night
Chapter 990: The Witchs Reward
Chapter 991 The confusing chosen one
Chapter 992 'Legendary Player'
Chapter 993 Priest Augusts Gift
Chapter 994: Sacrifice to the Old God
Chapter 995 Poetry and Pre-Test Anxiety
Chapter 996 The final adventure in Fifth Epoch 5177
Chapter 997 The Missing Witches
Chapter 998: The Witches Sacrifice
Chapter 999 The Third Floor
Chapter 1000 Gods Final Trial
Chapter 1001 A story destined to be extraordinary
Chapter 1002 The time connected by the sword
Chapter 1003 The Sealed Slate
Chapter 1004 Water and Fire
Chapter 1005 Early Morning Visitors
Chapter 1006 New Client
Chapter 1007 Detective Assistant and Writers Assistant
Chapter 1008 'For Delrayon'
Chapter 1009 Burning
Chapter 1,010 Miss Writers Words
Chapter 1011: An acquaintance on the second floor
Chapter 1012 News of the Chosen One
Chapter 1013 The Fourth Chosen One
Chapter 1014 'Master Alchemist'
Chapter 1015 The Demon Reappears
Chapter 1016 Exorcism
Chapter 1,017 The Demon of Proliferating Desire
Chapter 1018 Letters and Photos
Chapter 1019 Regent's Park
Chapter 1020: The Witchs Joke
Chapter 1021 The Third Test of the Secret Keeper
Chapter 1022: Days of Waiting for the Devil
Chapter 1023 St. Byrons at night
Chapter 1024 Academic Discussion
Chapter 1,025 Bomb Attack
Chapter 1026 MI6 and Gray Gloves
Chapter 1027 The Devil and the Chosen One
Chapter 1028 [Knowledge and Wisdom] The Talents of the Chosen
Chapter 1029: The Aura of Acquisition
Chapter 1030 Preparation for the end of the semester
Chapter 1031 Snow Mountain in Blizzard
Chapter 1,032 The Witch of the Sanctuary
Chapter 1033 Snow Mountain Evil Spirit
Chapter 1,034 The Witch Who Turns into a Cat
Chapter 1,035 Special Three People
Chapter 1036: Night Visit to the Concert Hall
Chapter 1037 The desire to be questioned
Chapter 1038 Weeping Angel
Chapter 1039 The Proliferating Demon
Chapter 1040 Bard
Chapter 1041 The Fourth Form
Chapter 1042 Miracle-Rage (please vote for more updates)
Chapter 1043 [Calm gesture]
Chapter 1044 Jazz and Angels
Chapter 1,045 Reward for defeating the devil
Chapter 1046: Ceremony of the Chosen
Chapter 1,047 The Devils Legacy
Chapter 1,048 Miss Sylvias Investment
Chapter 1,049 Hand Crossbow
Chapter 1050: Preparations for the Witch Council
Chapter 1051: Nun, Fire and Two Butterflies (asking for votes)
Chapter 1052 The sorceress is about to visit
Chapter 1053: Chance Encounter
Chapter 1,054 The Agent Pursuing Art
Chapter 1055 The Princess, the Maid and the Secret Agent
Chapter 1,056 MI6s pursuit
Chapter 1,057 True Love
Chapter 1058 Chivalry
Chapter 1,059 Escape
Chapter 1,060 The Anchor of Civilization
Chapter 1,061 Re-entering the Snow Mountain
Chapter 1,062 The Fountain of Sobriety
Chapter 1,063 The 'people' outside the tent
Chapter 1,064 The incomplete witchs reverberation
Chapter 1065 Thirteen people in the snow mountain
Chapter 1066: Respective Invitations
Chapter 1,067 Teachers Teachings
Chapter 1,068 Collector Mr. Booker
Chapter 1,069 'The Book of Fools' and [Source of Chaos]
Chapter 1,070 Desire for Knowledge
Chapter 1,071 The Sick Duchess
Chapter 1,072 The Witch's Reverberation: Oranod
Chapter 1,073 Apprentice and Another Identity
Chapter 1,074 Farewell Banquet
Chapter 1,075 Story in the Snow
Chapter 1,076 The Princesss Thousand Pounds
Chapter 1077 Blood and Snow
Chapter 1078 Winter Fire
Chapter 1,079 Crazy seeker of knowledge
Chapter 1080 [CreationKnowledge]
Chapter 1081 Yellow Moon and Red Moon
Chapter 1082 Return to Huntington City
Chapter 1083: Hotel in the slums
Chapter 1084: Damaged Rhodes Card
Chapter 1085 Demon Story (Part 3)
Chapter 1086 Prophecy, Sighs and Moonlight Night
Chapter 1087 Xia De and March
Chapter 1088 Astrologer Euclid
Chapter 1,089 The full name of the witch
Chapter 1,090 Ice Wine in Winter
Chapter 1091 'The Sword of Justice at Dawn'
Chapter 1092 'Informer'
Chapter 1093 The Devil and Dreaming
Chapter 1094: Angel and Hourglass (please vote for more updates)
Chapter 1095 'Beggars'
Chapter 1,096 Xia Des lies
Chapter 1097 The Great Swamp
Chapter 1098: Riding in the Snow (please vote for more updates)
Chapter 1099 Books, Stories and Dragons
Chapter 1,100 Viewers and Questions
Chapter 1,101 Attack on a blizzard night
Chapter 1,102 Lair, Mirror and Encounter
Chapter 1,103 Death Fear
Chapter 1,104 The Swamp Witch Leading the Way
Chapter 1,105 The number of pyroxene
Chapter 1,106 The Last Fifth Era Year 903
Chapter 1,107 Blood Brewing from the Snowy Mountains
Chapter 1,108 Winter Blessings
Chapter 1,109 The Path of the Witch
Chapter 1110: Teardrop Ice Crystal and the Road of Demigods
Chapter 1,111 The 'Mermaid' in the Dark Lake
Chapter 1,112 Perfume Vial
Chapter 1,113 The Light of Confinement and the Flying Flower Curse
Chapter 1,114 Ten Thousands Gather Together
Chapter 1115 Library Maze
Chapter 1,116 The Last Keeper of Secrets (please vote for more updates)
Chapter 1,117 Mutual Containment
Chapter 1,118 Falling from the Tower
Chapter 1,119 Their Gifts
Chapter 1120: Reverberation, Immortality and Blessing
Chapter 1,121 Enlightenment spread in the light
Chapter 1,122 The Fourth Chosen One
Chapter 1,123 Five Rings (asking for votes at the beginning of the month)
Chapter 1,124 Mysterious Lock-Water of Wisdom
Chapter 1,125 Sacred Duel
Chapter 1,126 Stone Tablets and Clay Tablets
Chapter 1,127 Aiken'ora-Arrow of the Chosen
Chapter 1,128 The Bell of Doom
Chapter 1,129 The reverberation of time and space, the power that shakes slumber
Chapter 1130: Lifting skirt, bending knees, smiling
Chapter 1,131 The story no one knows
Chapter 1,132 They left
Chapter 1,133 The morning of waking up
Chapter 1,134 The departing moon and the mad seeker of knowledge
Chapter 1,135 The magic potion in the room
Chapter 1,136 The fifth road sign
Chapter 1,137 'Burned Wood'
Chapter 1,138 Soul, Old Wooden Boat and Holiday Blessings
Chapter 1,139 The Witch and Shade
Chapter 1,140 Lonely Afternoon
Chapter 1,141 The Princess and the Teacher
Chapter 1,142 Temporary Parting
Chapter 1,143 Palace, Gifts and Festivals
Chapter 1,144 The Eve of the New Years Day
Chapter 1,145: Their respective gifts and Shades bonus
Chapter 1,146 Carinas Ice Curse
Chapter 1,147 The Return of Iluna
Chapter 1,148 The Gate of Knowledge
Chapter 1,149 The Hall of Secret Keepers
Chapter 1151 Those gifts
Chapter 1152 The last day of 1853 (Part 1)
Chapter 1153 The end of the year 1853 (Part 2)
Chapter 1154 Princesss Dream
Chapter 1155 Ruined House
Chapter 1156 The Dead Key and the Living Witch
Chapter 1157 The Last Gift
Chapter 1158 Bell Tower on a Snowy Night
Chapter 1159 The truth of time
Chapter 1160 Knowledge is power (end of this volume)
Chapter 1161 Winter Examination
Chapter 1162 Academic Year Evaluation and Philiana Medal
Chapter 1163 Priest August and the Randall Valley
Chapter 1164 Nightmare Carriage at Midnight
Chapter 1165 The Crazy Omniscient
Chapter 1166 Crazy talk
Chapter 1167 Ritual and Sublimation Words and Differences
Chapter 1168 Holiday Life
Chapter 1169 Pocket Money and Plans
Chapter 1170 Oaks Potion and Writers Commission
Chapter 1171 Special Professionals
Chapter 1172 Integrating into the Earth
Chapter 1173 Flowerpot, Check and Broken Arm
Chapter 1174 Tragic Comedy
Chapter 1175 Heading towards the crazy land
Chapter 1176 The fortune teller on a business trip
Chapter 1177 Worm Cave
Chapter 1178 Butterfly, Witch and Nun
Chapter 1179 The Feast of Butterflies
Chapter 1180 A song dedicated to God
Chapter 1181 Farewell
Chapter 1182 Medal and Abandoned Church
Chapter 1183 The Invisible Church
Chapter 1184 Earl Granger
Chapter 1185 The Story of Silver Cube and Randall Valley
Chapter 1186 Mithril
Chapter 1187 Church of the Forgotten
Chapter 1188 Randall Valley
Chapter 1189 Forest Story Series
Chapter 1190 Girl under the Moonlight
Chapter 1191 The Emerald Dream and the Power of the Earth
Chapter 1192 Nightmare Black Market and Eye Coin
Chapter 1193 Miss Grande and the Golden Dawn
Chapter 1194 The Polluted Earth
Chapter 1195 Clay Holy Grail
Chapter 1196 The Great Witch of Randall Valley
Chapter 1197 Witches Gathering
Chapter 1198 The Ballad of Butterflies
Chapter 1199 The late witch
Chapter 1200 Crazy Puppet Theater
Chapter 1201 Puppet Show
Chapter 1202 Forest Giant and Evil Wizard
Chapter 1203 Royal Knight
Chapter 1204 The Princess Who Saved the Knight
Chapter 1205 Cat Knight
Chapter 1206 Puppet Show-'The Dragon Fights the Evil Cat'
Chapter 1207 Puppets Gift
Chapter 1208 Big Event-The Crazy Land of Randall Valley
Chapter 1209 Crossing the Silver Moon Gate
Chapter 1210 Library and the Power of the Earth
Chapter 1211 The Origin of Xia De
Chapter 1212 'Saint Perry'
Chapter 1213 The Feast of the Earth Mother Goddess
Chapter 1214 Puppetry
Chapter 1215 The function of the Holy Grail
Chapter 1216 The Golden Stage of Acura Glory
Chapter 1217 The Second Year 4791
Chapter 1218 Everyones Song
Chapter 1219 The Generous God
Chapter 1220 Gods Creation-Butterfly Summoning Flute
Chapter 1221 Horse Racing and Mounts
Chapter 1222 Song of the Forest
Chapter 1223 Small beasts in the forest
Chapter 1224 Fruit
Chapter 1225 Clues from the Cemetery
Chapter 1226 The Past of the Golden Dawn
Chapter 1227 Blood Spirit Soul and Nun
Chapter 1228 Church Tomb
Chapter 1229 Mysterious Lock, Holy Grail and Pink
Chapter 1230 Side Effects
Chapter 1231 Guardians
Chapter 1232 Elf
Chapter 1233 The Power of the Earth
Chapter 1234 Thomas Granger
Chapter 1235 Randall Valley Exploration
Chapter 1236 Rich Businessman and Prince
Chapter 1237 Blackjack and Blackjack
Chapter 1238 The past of Pantanal Lake Island
Chapter 1239 Prince Assassination Case
Chapter 1240 Story Bloodline and Oxenfurt
Chapter 1241 Oxenfurt Manor
Chapter 1242 The man who always wins
Chapter 1243 The covered up problem
Chapter 1244 The earth that swallows souls
Chapter 1245 The growing Iluna
Chapter 1246 The same old story
Chapter 1247 An encounter that has already happened
Chapter 1248 Ouija Board, Stone Statue and Camera
Chapter 1249 Dating
Chapter 1250 Miss Elf
Chapter 1251 Commission Hair and Masons Association
Chapter 1252 Identity Investigation and Blood Testing
Chapter 1253 The Sky on Fire
Chapter 1254 Tasks and Ignored Facts
Chapter 1255 Funeral Report
Chapter 1256 'Fountain'
Chapter 1257 Shadow of the Earth
Chapter 1258 The final adventure of 4791 years
Chapter 1259 The so-called banquet
Chapter 1260 The promised farewell
Chapter 1261 The Second Guardian
Chapter 1262 The Crying Girl
Chapter 1263 Demon, elixir and morning
Chapter 1264 Crown
Chapter 1265 Lazy Thaumaturgy
Chapter 1266 The words of sublimation in Central
Chapter 1267 The Moon, Shadows and Guardians
Chapter 1268 'Heart of the Earth'
Chapter 1269 The Witchs Invention
Chapter 1270 Gold Mine and Silver Mine
Chapter 1271 Action Plan and Dragons Dinner
Chapter 1272 Letter Elf and Key
Chapter 1273 Randall Valley Masons
Chapter 1274 Rumors of Stone Statues
Chapter 1275 Time and Hatred
Chapter 1276 Interrogation and Confusion
Chapter 1277 Pendulum Safe and Contract
Chapter 1278 Unlucky Soul
Chapter 1279 Soul, Secret Chamber and Test
Chapter 1280 Broken Arm
Chapter 1281 The Third Guardian
Chapter 1282 The Returned Duchess
Chapter 1283 Maid and Dress
Chapter 1284 Full of Fruit
Chapter 1285 Magic Potion
Chapter 1286 Thaumaturgy-[Visual Demon]
Chapter 1287 The Eve of the Banquet
Chapter 1288 Mission Birthday and Gifts
Chapter 1289 Victim Candidates
Chapter 1290 Four Seasons
Chapter 1291 Yoder Palace Murder Incident
Chapter 1292 Suspects
Chapter 1293 Closing Statement
Chapter 1294 Fifth Era Year 3028-Eternal Night City
Chapter 1295 Cafe Menu Transaction
Chapter 1296 Fiona Drago
Chapter 1297 Pepper Shaker and Teaspoon
Chapter 1298 Night
Chapter 1299 The Sands of Time
Chapter 1300 The whereabouts of the auction items
Chapter 1301 Revisiting Oxenfurt Manor
Chapter 1302 Manor Snow Scenery and Women
Chapter 1303 The Gardener and the Shovel
Chapter 1304 Letters Statues and Relics (please vote for more updates)
Chapter 1305 Moon Worship and Investigation
Chapter 1306 Countryside Wedding
Chapter 1307 Fallen Soul (please vote)
Chapter 1308 Wedding Variations
Chapter 1309 Immortality, Demons and Judgment
Chapter 1310 Night and St. Byrons
Chapter 1311 Moon Dream
Chapter 1312 Moon Sacrifice Site
Chapter 1313 Miracle-Thorns of the Moon
Chapter 1314 Night Temple
Chapter 1315 Sunset by the Lake (please vote)
Chapter 1316 Bloody Ghost
Chapter 1317 Rain Praying Golem (please vote)
Chapter 1318 The Power of the Earth Witch
Chapter 1319 The Guardian Appears for the Third Time
Chapter 1320 The Devils Trap (please vote)
Chapter 1321 Sacrifice and Battle of the Colossus
Chapter 1322 Moonlight Wheel
Chapter 1323 The Chosen One of the Earth
Chapter 1324 Three Cats Hotel in the Morning
Chapter 1325 Plague Merchant
Chapter 1326 Earth Runestones and the Panic Old Man
Chapter 1327 Demonic Curse
Extra 2 Banquet Story
Extra 3 The Nun and the Hero
Chapter 1328 The identity of the devil
Chapter 1329 Gardeners Dream
Chapter 1330 Saturdays meeting
Chapter 1331 Conversation in front of the Fireplace
Chapter 1332 River Valley and Mountains
Chapter 1333 The Night Temple and the Legend of the Gold Mine
Chapter 1334 Afternoon in Parliament
Chapter 1335 The Earth, Night and Time
Chapter 1336 Memories of past lives buried deep in the earth
Chapter 1337 Peeping
Chapter 1338 Tail and Fire
Chapter 1339 Difference and Sameness
Chapter 1340 Dragon, Cat and Fire
Chapter 1341 Glowing Cat
Chapter 1342 Little Mias Ability
Chapter 1343 Poetry Clues
Chapter 1344 Purified Water and Dust
Chapter 1345 New Card Group and Original Sin of Pride
Chapter 1346 Stone Mirror Demon-Goethe
Chapter 1347 The Devils Commission
Chapter 1348 Idol, Devil and Gold
Chapter 1349 Blasphemy-Arrogance
Chapter 1350 Intelligence and Noble House
Chapter 1351 Restaurant nonsense
Chapter 1352 Nightfall
Chapter 1353 The Unspeakable Past
Chapter 1354 Relief
Chapter 1355 Angels Finger Bones
Chapter 1356 Encounter on the road
Chapter 1357 Rumors in the Academy
Chapter 1358 The Priests Advice
Chapter 1359 Doctors Preparation
Chapter 1360 Woman, Couple and Earl
Chapter 1361 The Key to the Earth
Chapter 1362 Angry Witch
Chapter 1363 Thaumatology-Praise to the Sun
Chapter 1364 Agents and Salary
Chapter 1365 The Secret Agent of the Stonemasons Guild
Chapter 1366 Secret Talk in an Alley
Chapter 1367 The First Step of Reconciliation
Chapter 1368 Elfs Prophecy
Chapter 1369 Honorary Degree in History
Chapter 1370 Visiting the Night Temple Again
Chapter 1371 Tiger in the Forest
Chapter 1372 Scholars Soul
Chapter 1373 Clues from the top of the mountain
Chapter 1374 Underground Cracks
Chapter 1375 'Butterfly Family: My Life'
Chapter 1376 Heavy Memory
Chapter 1377 Her apology
Chapter 1378 Confrontation at the door of the church
Chapter 1379 Noon Ceremony
Chapter 1380 [The Emperors Banquet Copper Coins]
Chapter 1381 The Grave of Love
Chapter 1382 Eavesdropper
Chapter 1383 Sigh
Chapter 1384 Moonlight Soul and Girl
Chapter 1385 Glass Slippers
Chapter 1386 The Devil and the Captain
Chapter 1387 The Origin of Demons
Chapter 1388 Farewell Lunch
Chapter 1389 Ilunas Farewell Gift
Chapter 1390 Three Entries into Eternal Night City
Chapter 1391 The Sleeping Dragon and the Greedy Soul
Chapter 1392 Dark Night and Dragons Blood
Chapter 1393 The Dragon that Broken its Shell
Chapter 1394 The location of St. Byrons
Chapter 1395 The place of dusk
Chapter 1396 Undead Guards and Laboratory
Chapter 1397 The fifth story
Chapter 1398 The girl in the ward
Chapter 1399 With Miss Danister
Chapter 1400 Before the Storm
Chapter 1401 Special preparations
Chapter 1402 The Fallen Elemental Djinn
Chapter 1403 The fossil is an ascetic in mud and linen
Chapter 1404 Preparation for the coming of God
Chapter 1405 The Bloodweeper appears again
Chapter 1406 'I am not alone'
Chapter 1407 Gaze
Chapter 1408 Poison and Fever
Chapter 1409 Dangerous Situation
Chapter 1410 Divination Lunch and Net Worth
Chapter 1411 Margarets Plan
Chapter 1412 Telescopic Sword
Chapter 1413 Eye Drops and Ghost Town
Chapter 1414 Ilunas Mission
Chapter 1415 Rural Life
Chapter 1416 The Flower Girls Clues
Chapter 1417 Iluna and the Flower Girl
Chapter 1418 Summer Flowers
Chapter 1419 Contents of the Ceremony
Chapter 1420 Portal
Chapter 1421 Gathering
Chapter 1422 Chips and Potions
Chapter 1423 Petrified Mason Street
Chapter 1424 Counter Curse and Uncurse
Chapter 1425 The Final Chapter of the Masons' Guild
Chapter 1426 Sturgeon Tavern
Chapter 1427 CreationEarth
Chapter 1428 Scholars, Detectives and Magicians
Chapter 1429 Demon Story (Part 4)
Chapter 1430 Miss Gaodes package
Chapter 1431 Armor Lion and Dagger
Chapter 1432 Arrangements before the war
Chapter 1433 Physical Examination and Emerald
Chapter 1434 Watchtower
Chapter 1435 Devils Deal
Chapter 1436 Warning from the past
Chapter 1437 Justice and Distortion
Chapter 1438 The Story of the Stable
Chapter 1439 Enriquez Love Story Ending
Chapter 1440 Divergence of Destiny
Chapter 1441 The Banquet of Reconciliation
Chapter 1442 The Eve of the Earthquake
Chapter 1443 Departure
Chapter 1444 'War' Mobilization
Chapter 1445 Everyones Preparations
Chapter 1446 Preparation for Parliament
Chapter 1447 Three Divination Cards
Chapter 1448 Confession Room
Chapter 1449 The final farewell
Chapter 1450 Night Banquet
Chapter 1451 Inside and outside the city
Chapter 1452 The cards obtained
Chapter 1453 Oxenfurt Love Story
Chapter 1454 Wedding Night
Chapter 1455 Broken Heart
Chapter 1456 No one is unjust
Chapter 1457 The Death of the Demon
Chapter 1458 The Moon on a Moonless Night
Chapter 1459 The Devils Reward
Chapter 1460 Chase
Chapter 1461 The Devils Game Rules
Chapter 1462 Maze
Chapter 1463 Different worries
Chapter 1464 Snake and Bear
Chapter 1465 The answer
Chapter 1466 Miracle-Shadow of the Moon
Chapter 1467 The fate of Oxenfurt
Chapter 1468 Winter Flowers and Autumn Flowers
Chapter 1469 A short rest
Chapter 1470 Big Earthquake
Chapter 1471 The last time in 3028
Chapter 1472 God of Night
Chapter 1473 The Story of Night and Blessing
Chapter 1474 'Court Painter'
Chapter 1475 Night Road
Chapter 1476 The girl holding up the earth
Chapter 1477 St. Byrons in the middle of the night
Chapter 1478 Excited Elf
Chapter 1479 Love and Unicorn House
Chapter 1480 Night Tunnel and Stones
Chapter 1481 Fionas Gift
Chapter 1482 Promise and Prayer
Chapter 1483 Mysterious LockCinderella
Chapter 1484 Goodbye Witches
Chapter 1485 Teachers
Chapter 1486 The final action
Chapter 1487 The Tomb of the Butterfly Family
Chapter 1488 The Center of the Earth
Chapter 1489 Heart of the Earth
Chapter 1490 Ilunas Heart of Stone
Chapter 1491 The Spirit of the Earth and the Earths Core Furnace
Chapter 1492 The Divinity of the Earth
Chapter 1493 The long dark night
Chapter 1494 Luvia and Siris
Chapter 1495 The Story of Complete Change
Chapter 1496 Father and Daughter Garland and Joy
Chapter 1497 Sacrifice and Red Butterfly
Chapter 1498 Sixth Ring
Chapter 1499 Sha Des Magic Potion
Chapter 1500 The Power of Gluttony
Chapter 1501 Ilunas Power of the Earth
Chapter 1502 The gods under the snowy night
Chapter 1503 Three Gods
Chapter 1504 The Feast of the Earth Mother Goddess
Chapter 1505 Thaumaturgy-Heart of Stone
Chapter 1506 The oath under the snow
Chapter 1507 Planning and Questioning
Chapter 1508 God and Shade
Chapter 1509 Crystal Slippers and Mysterious Locks
Chapter 1510 Harvest
Chapter 1511 Damaged Eyepatch
Chapter 1512 Mithril and Blood Spirit School
Chapter 1513 Fragmentation and Visit
Chapter 1514 Part of the truth
Chapter 1515 Luvia returns home
Chapter 1516 Breakfast, Gifts and Cemetery
Chapter 1517 Lassus Funeral
Chapter 1518 The solution to the plague
Chapter 1519 Rune Stones, Holy Grail and Performance
Chapter 1520 Dance
Chapter 1521 The Black Key
Chapter 1521 Carina Cavendishs Commission
Chapter 1522 Five Treasures
Chapter 1523 Detective and Maid
Chapter 1524 The Knights Audience
Chapter 1525 Elena
Chapter 1526: Rainy morning
Chapter 1527 Randall Valley Dawn Church
Chapter 1,528 Huas Bet
Chapter 1529 May the earth be with you and me (end of this volume)
Chapter 1530 Serious Illness
Chapter 1531 Evolution, Breakfast and Degree
Chapter 1532 Special Body Mechanism
Chapter 1533 Green Lake and the Wool of Doom
Chapter 1534 Group Meeting
Chapter 1535 Dinner Date
Chapter 1536 The Three Cavendish
Chapter 1537 Red Butterflys Magic Potion
Chapter 1538: Afternoon with Butterflies
Chapter 1539 [Spiritual Cult Order] Ceremony
Chapter 1540: Thaumaturgy - Moon Dream
Chapter 1541: Shades rest plan
Chapter 1542 [Earth's Core Furnace]
Chapter 1543 Green Lake and the Edwards Family
Chapter 1544: Thaumatology-Shadow Ball
Chapter 1545 'Lovers in the Bell Tower'
Chapter 1546 Audrey Edwards
Chapter 1547 Hamilton and the Actress
Chapter 1548 Mirror and Monster
Chapter 1549 [Mirror of the Brave] and Orichalcum
Chapter 1550 The Pigs of Willondale
Chapter 1551 Registration (asking for votes)
Chapter 1552: Humanoid Angel-Level Relic
Chapter 1,553 The Second Background Investigation
Chapter 1,554 Warning from the Academy
Chapter 1555 A new fairy tale
Chapter 1556 The Knights Banquet
Chapter 1557 Handkerchief
Chapter 1558 Mission
Chapter 1,559 Assassination and the Fulen Brothers
Chapter 1560 Three-person card game
Chapter 1561 [Words of the Times] and Mounted Shooting
Chapter 1562 Spring Outing
Chapter 1563 Horse Racing and Handkerchief
Chapter 1564: The Dead in the Competition
Chapter 1565 Commission and New Victims
Chapter 1566 The final day of the competition (seeking votes)
Chapter 1567 Spring Worries
Chapter 1,568 The replaced contestant
Chapter 1569 Urgent Mission
Chapter 1570 The Knight Under the Blue Sky (please vote)
Chapter 1571 Romantic Banquet
Chapter 1572 The Chosen One of Space
Chapter 1573 Descendants of Edwards
Chapter 1574 Hide and Seek
Chapter 1575 Edwards and Green Lake
Chapter 1576 Whisper-The End
Chapter 1577 The meaning of whispers (please vote)
Chapter 1578 Keys and Staff
Chapter 1579 Space and Space
Chapter 1580 [Twin Lovers]
Chapter 1581 Angelic Relic-[Key to Yggdrasil]
Chapter 1582 Lesias Mission
Chapter 1583 Green Lake Hotel
Chapter 1584 Kingfisher Tailor Shop
Chapter 1,585 An unexpected reunion of old friends
Chapter 1586 Confrontation between North and South
Chapter 1587 Glass Blast Furnace
Chapter 1588 Fifth Era Year 923
Chapter 1589 Lost Forest
Chapter 1,590 Stories around the campfire
Chapter 1591 Seven Days Travel
Chapter 1592 Candy House and Ferry
Chapter 1593 'Cyclops' and Devil's Gold Coin
Chapter 1594: Magic Potion, Snowflakes and Sugar
Chapter 1595 The Sorceress of Green Lake
Chapter 1596 'Ms. Pharmacist'
Chapter 1597 Island in the Fog
Chapter 1598 Root Family Tree
Chapter 1599 Immortality and the Enemy in the Mist
Chapter 1,600 The corpse is on fire
Chapter 1601 Exile and Mist
Chapter 1602 The Blacksmith and the Key
Chapter 1,603 Recognition, Agreement and Escape
Chapter 1604 Space Stability Halo
Chapter 1,605 Carinas Guess
Chapter 1,606 Candlelight and Report
Chapter 1607 Black Moon Talisman
Chapter 1,608 Attack at the doorstep
Chapter 1609 Banquet at Willard Manor
Chapter 1610: Appreciation of Vase
Chapter 1,611 A series of accidents
Chapter 1612 Xia Des Sigh
Chapter 1,613 Asking Yourself
Chapter 1614: Information about the Fulun Brothers
Chapter 1615 Water Ghost
Chapter 1616 Green Ridge Ore
Chapter 1,617 Group Mission and Cursed Mirror (please vote)
Chapter 1,618 The Doctors Past
Chapter 1,619 The Witchs Potion and the Princesss Date
Chapter 1,620 Chengbei Theater
Chapter 1621: Fusion of Souls
Chapter 1,622 Divination and Angels
Chapter 1,623 Jasmine Opera Troupe
Chapter 1,624 The Petrified Cat
Chapter 1,625 Witches
Chapter 1,626 Coins and the Second Landing on the Island
Chapter 1,627 The Old Tomb of the Lighthouse
Chapter 1,628 The Unknown Thirteen Rings
Chapter 1,629 The Prophecy of Bloodline
Chapter 1,630: The Demonic Witch Revealed
Chapter 1631 Cemetery and Ossuary
Chapter 1,632 Thirteen Rings: Mirror Hidden Man
Chapter 1,633 Head-to-head confrontation
Chapter 1,634 Escape
Chapter 1,635 Megan Edwards
Chapter 1,636 The Thirteen Rings Diviner
Chapter 1,637 Journey, Ice, Snow and Space
Chapter 1,638 The seven-day journey begins again
Chapter 1,639 The genie in the bottle
Chapter 1,640 River of Death
Chapter 1641: Cards that can break through space
Chapter 1,642 Night Song and Sandstorm
Chapter 1643: Seal and Cat
Chapter 1,644 Seeking help
Chapter 1645: The Nun, the Butterfly and Shade
Chapter 1646: Transfiguration-Cat
Chapter 1647 Bad Eyed Barry
Chapter 1,648 Water Ghost and Black Rat
Chapter 1,649 Traveling Merchant in the Tavern
Chapter 1,650 Angel-Level Relic Derivatives
Chapter 1651 Remains, Coffin and Promise
Chapter 1,652 The Wolf and the Factory
Chapter 1,653 Fierce Battle and the King of Demons
Chapter 1654 Desert, Cemetery and Maid Skirt
Chapter 1,655 Nothingness
Chapter 1656: Meeting of Witches
Chapter 1,657 'Winter Singer'
Chapter 1,658 The 'What If' Game
Chapter 1,659: Indebted Heart
Chapter 1,660 Gangster Casino and the Last Grave Robber
Chapter 1,661 Madman, Water Ghost and Clues
Chapter 1,662 The Drowned Believer
Chapter 1,663 Infiltration
Chapter 1,664 Warning and Candidates
Chapter 1,665 Iron Money and Shield
Chapter 1,666 Dorothys Experiment (please vote and subscribe for more updates)
Chapter 1,667 Angry Kiss (please vote!)
Chapter 1,668 'Punishment'
Chapter 1668: Sunday Date
Chapter 1,669 The Sorceress and the Witch
Chapter 1,670 Investigation on a rainy day
Chapter 1671: Breeding Water Ghosts
Chapter 1,672: Refining the Human Body
Chapter 1,673 Pale Heart
Chapter 1674: Kinship
Chapter 1,675 Yacht, Sleep and Accident
Chapter 1,676 Three Secret Texts
Chapter 1677 The Second Island
Chapter 1,678 'Sweetheart'
Chapter 1,679 The Blood of the Witch
Chapter 1680: A group of water ghosts in the night rain
Chapter 1,681 The relic is out of control-Heart
Chapter 1,682 The Resurrected Water Ghost
Chapter 1,683 Falling into the Deep Sea
Chapter 1,684 The Divinity of the Drowned
Chapter 1,685 Indifference, the Moon and the Thirteen Rings
Chapter 1,686 Gentle Smile
Chapter 1,687 The Crimes of the Soothsayer
Chapter 1,688 Angel Halo and Second Death
Chapter 1,689 Passion and Ice
Chapter 1690: Chaotic Situation
Chapter 1691 Dinner
Chapter 1,692 Ilunas Gold Bracelet
Chapter 1,693 Chaotic Bloodline
Chapter 1,694 Ilunas plan
Chapter 1,695 [The Ring of Mind]
Chapter 1,696 'Aunt'
Chapter 1,697 Durut Giles (additional update)
Chapter 1,698 Tomb Robbery Past (please vote)
Chapter 1,699 Skull and Demonic Curse
Chapter 1,700 The soul that will eventually return
Chapter 1,701 Ice and Snow Visitors
Chapter 1,702 The final 'seven-day trip'
Chapter 1,703 Ice Crystals in the Snow
Chapter 1,704 Angels, Witches and Clues
Chapter 1,705 Hot Springs and Night Phantoms
Chapter 1,706 Snow Mountain Dragon
Chapter 1,707 The Reappearance of Chloe
Chapter 1,708 Avalanche
Chapter 1,709 The Temple of 'Mr. Huan'
Chapter 1,710 The starting point of the journey
Chapter 1,711 Two Souls in One Body
Chapter 1,712 The end of the journey (additional update)
Extra 4 Ice and Dragon
Chapter 1,713 Thaumatology-Powerful Spatial Perception
Chapter 1,714 God of Love
Chapter 1,715 Rosicrucian Order (please vote)
Chapter 1,716 Matchmaking and Banquet
Chapter 1,717 Farewell Ball at Yodel Palace
Chapter 1,718 Late Shade
Chapter 1,719 The Ring I Obtained
Chapter 1,720 Cooperation
Chapter 1,721 The Demon Reunion
Chapter 1,722 The Devils Tips
Chapter 1,723 Special Treatment
Chapter 1,724 The Devils Conjecture (please vote)
Chapter 1,725 Farewell and Aftertaste
Chapter 1726: Spying into the Soul
Chapter 1,727 'The Door in the Bottle'
Chapter 1,728 Destiny and Soul
Chapter 1,729 The Disloyal Man
Chapter 1730: Thaumaturgy - Connecting Hearts
Chapter 1,731 Mermaid Oil Painting
Chapter 1,732 Love and Desire
Chapter 1,733 Dangerous Plan
Chapter 1,734 The third landing on the island
Chapter 1,735 Red and Red
Chapter 1,736 Transaction
Chapter 1,737 Mineralogist
Chapter 1,738 The Witch’s Dream
Chapter 1,739 Two Witches in One
Chapter 1,740 The Devil in the Dream
Chapter 1,741 The Labyrinth and the Witch’s Spirit Rune
Chapter 1,742 The Demon of the Labyrinth - Yalu
Chapter 1,743 and the Mirror Hidden Man
Chapter 1,744 Night of Lunar Eclipse
Chapter 1,745 Light and Light
Chapter 1,746 The Mermaid at the Bottom of the Lake
Chapter 1,747 Charm, Feathers and Perfect Posture
Chapter 1,748 The Living Moon
Chapter 1,749 The Second Form of Moonlight Wheel
Chapter 1,750 Parasitic Fetus
Chapter 1,751 Reeds
Chapter 1,752 Elders’ Love and Black Moon Ceremony
Chapter 1,753 The Witch’s New Skill
Chapter 1,754 The posture of the ancient god
Chapter 1,755 Moon, Dreams and Letters
Chapter 1,756 Fifth Era 1576
Chapter 1,757 Black Mist Camp
Chapter 1,758 The Chains and Transactions of Greed
Chapter 1,759 The Chain of Promotion
Chapter 1,760 The Missing Conch
Chapter 1,761 Dragon, Glasses and Crystal Ball
Chapter 1,762 Temporary departure
Chapter 1,763 Thaumaturgy-The Thorn of Love
Chapter 1,764 and Carina
Chapter 1,765 Pink Crystal Spell
Chapter 1,766 The Power of Existence
Chapter 1767: Eternal thoughts and the eve of the banquet
Chapter 1768: Rich Businessmen in the Steam Age
Chapter 1769 Blessing
Chapter 1,770 Familiar People and Strange People
Chapter 1,771 The Current Situation of the Witches
Chapter 1,772 The outpouring of anger
Chapter 1,773 The Agreement between the Witch and the Witch
Chapter 1,774 Dream and Saturday Meeting
Chapter 1,775 Everyone’s Preparations
Chapter 1,776 The family roots unite as one
Chapter 1,777 Visiting the Grave
Chapter 1,778 Cemetery Legend
Chapter 1,779 Sheep
Chapter 1,780 The Ghoul in a Broken House
Chapter 1,781 The story of the reunion of the witch and the corpse
Chapter 1,782 Doomsday, Gate and Thirteen
Chapter 1,783 The Gathering of Witches
Chapter 1,784 The Sixth Age of the Second Past Life
Chapter 1,785 Flamel and the Dark Murloc
Chapter 1,786 [Shadow of the Deep Sea]
Chapter 1,787 Disaster Solitaire
Chapter 1,788 The Power of Girard Stone and Cards
Chapter 1,789: Love Lock and Warning
Chapter 1,790 The Earl and the Mushroom
Chapter 1,791 The Bliss Behind the Crack
Chapter 1,792 Rainy Day and Thunder (Pictures Included - Tifa)
Chapter 1,793 Loyalty and Reporting
Chapter 1,794 The whereabouts of the Holy Grail and the corpse
Chapter 1,795: Fight between corpses and ghosts
Chapter 1,796 For the Motherland
Chapter 1,797 A Tipsy Afternoon*
Chapter 1,798 The Gray Eagle’s Mission*
Chapter 1801 Shadow of the Skull
Chapter 1802 Entering the Black Mist Camp Again
Chapter 1803 The Face of the Devil
Chapter 1804 Card Game at the Market
Chapter 1805 [Destiny Base]
Chapter 1806 The Road to Demigod
Chapter 1807 Sunny Memories
Chapter 1808 Attack by the Fire
Chapter 1809 Demons, Gods and Soothsayers
Chapter 1810 The Fishing Doctor
Chapter 1811 Helper
Chapter 1812 Acquaintances in the Circus
Chapter 1813 Circus and Tigers
Chapter 1814 Flying Knives and Flying Cards
Chapter 1815 The fortune teller of the circus
Chapter 1816 Divination by three people
Chapter 1817 Family and Family
Chapter 1818 The long hair reappears
Chapter 1819 Changes in the Thorn of Love
Chapter 1820 A Centenary Story
Chapter 1821 Fire and Roots
Chapter 1822 Cat Laundering and Parliament’s Rewards
Chapter 1823 Cigarette Butts and Boys
Chapter 1824 The Door to Any Request
Chapter 1825 Creating Space
Chapter 1826 Disaster
Chapter 1827 Doctor’s sense of humor
Chapter 1828 Sauron Green’s Dream
Chapter 1829 Underground
Chapter 1830 The secret that cannot be told
Chapter 1831 Dragon and Dragon
Chapter 1832 Demonic Black Dragon
Chapter 1833 Song of the Dragon Slayer
Chapter 1834 Candidates and the Second Game
Chapter 1835 Red Hair and Iluna
Chapter 1836 The troubles of seventeen years old
Chapter 1837 The Harvest of Demon Hunting
Chapter 1838 Preparations for the decisive battle (Silver Alliance
Chapter 1839 Iluna’s information
Chapter 1840 Kiss and Golden Apple
Chapter 1841 Margaret’s Apprentice Life
Chapter 1842 Murder in the Opera House
Chapter 1843 Night of Chaos
Chapter 1844 Luvia and the Twin Witches
Chapter 1845 Mechanical Prayer
Chapter 1846 The Secret of the Ceremony
Chapter 1847 Strong Enemy and the Missing Princess
Chapter 1848 Hongdie’s help
Chapter 1849 The Night of the Dead
Chapter 1850 Space Distortion
Chapter 1851 Fireplace Chat
Chapter 1852 Amazing Talent
Chapter 1853 Afterglow after the Era
Chapter 1854 Breakfast at Rose Manor
Chapter 1855 Green Lake and the five people in the group
Chapter 1856 Danister by the Lake
Chapter 1857 Men’s Chat
Chapter 1858 Red and Green
Chapter 1859 Rocking the Ship and Bad News
Chapter 1860 The final goal
Chapter 1861 The writer’s thoughts and the princess’ worries
Chapter 1862 Miss Danister’s Night Talk
Chapter 1863 Believers of the Old God
Chapter 1864 The Declined Orders
Chapter 1865 A gift to Hongdie
Chapter 1866 World Overlap
Chapter 1867 The Last Fifth Era 1576
Chapter 1868 The Gamble with the Devil
Chapter 1869 Camp Photos
Chapter 1870 Their Questioning
Chapter 1871 The Sharp Knife of Words
Chapter 1872 Top of the Bell Tower
Chapter 1873 Miles Love Story
Chapter 1874 His Existence
Chapter 1875 Deal with God
Chapter 1876 The balance between sin and virtue
Chapter 1877 Enlightening the Bell Tower Lovers
Chapter 1878 Knowledge of the Philosopher’s Stone
Chapter 1879 Sentimental Girl
Chapter 1880: Bound by Spell Oath
Chapter 1881 The four levels of authority of [Silver Moon Library]
Chapter 1882 Parliament Space Study Room
Chapter 1883 Bad News from Parliament
Chapter 1884 The Process of History
Chapter 1885 The arrival of Granny Cassandra
Chapter 1886 Facing fate
Chapter 1887 The Secret of Light and the Advanced Witch
Chapter 1888 The Grave in Big Flynn Village
Chapter 1889 Inquiry and Trap
Chapter 1890 The story of the group’s past
Chapter 1891 The Banquet of the Dead
Chapter 1892 Skull and Invitation
Chapter 1893 Edwards Dinner Party Invitation
Chapter 1894 Lavender Field
Chapter 1895 The Oath with the Soul
Chapter 1896 The Shadow Beyond Time and Space
Chapter 1897 Cracks and Banquet
Chapter 1898 The Garden of Roses
Chapter 1899 Island landing plan
Chapter 1900 Six Witches
Chapter 1901 The Dance of the Witches
Chapter 1902 Sunny Sunday
Chapter 1903 Civilization and Conflict Green Lake Incident
Chapter 1904 Chaotic City
Chapter 1905 [Crack]
Chapter 1906 [Hide and Seek Wardrobe]
Chapter 1907 Lost Road and Test
Chapter 1908 Nadia Foran
Chapter 1909 The pursuit of wisdom and demonologists
Chapter 1910 [Sad Opera Lehman Manor Wedding]
Chapter 1911 Demon Story (Part 5)
Chapter 1912 The call in the dream
Chapter 1913 Morning in the Rain
Chapter 1914 Disobedient Students
Chapter 1915 Convocation
Chapter 1916 Return Spell
Chapter 1917 The Witches’ Night Banquet
Chapter 1918 The invitation from the witch and the nun
Chapter 1919 The Fire of Return
Chapter 1920 Doppelg?nger
Chapter 1921 Ladies’ Night Talk
Chapter 1922 The Monster of Green Lake
Chapter 1923 The dog’s request for help
Chapter 1924 Rainy Day, Explosion and Farewell
Chapter 1925 [Creation Space]
Chapter 1926 Hotel Guard
Chapter 1927 Saturation Attack and Star Boundary Meteorites
Chapter 1928 The Witch’s Fear and the Color of the Stars
Chapter 1929 Sea View Window
Chapter 1930 Countdown
Chapter 1931 The disappearing second floor
Chapter 1932 Fire in the Mist
Chapter 1933 The Disappearing People
Chapter 1934 Another Island
Chapter 1935 The isolated hotel
Chapter 1936 Stronghold
Chapter 1937 Edwards Brothers
Chapter 1938 Blood, Roots and Flames
Chapter 1939 The meaning of blindness
Chapter 1940 Contact
Chapter 1941 Supplies
Chapter 1942 Cross and Blood
Chapter 1943 Symbolic Ceremony
Chapter 1944 Special Supplies and Red Moon Projection
Chapter 1945 Teacher’s Help and Praise to the Tree Father
Chapter 1946 The Fulan Brothers and the Manor Sword Fight
Chapter 1947 The truth about the princess and the writer
Chapter 1948 The savior who has failed
Chapter 1949 Hotel separation
Chapter 1950 The Church’s Promise
Chapter 1951 You are the secret technique of dragon and witch
Chapter 1952 Hotel Horror
Chapter 1953 Helper Coffin and Machinery
Chapter 1954 [Sleeping in a Cold Dream]
Chapter 1955 The reappearance of Miss Paavo
Chapter 1956 The final divination
Chapter 1957 The Sigh of the Chaos Witch
Chapter 1958 Door and Key
Chapter 1959 The banquet begins
Chapter 1960: Treetop Melee (Leader)
Chapter 1961 The sun and the moon clash
Chapter 1962 Bloody Fruit
Chapter 1963 Edwards
Chapter 1964 The departing and sacrificial soul
Chapter 1965 Red Butterflies
Chapter 1966 Mature Girl
Chapter 1967 Promotion to the Seventh Ring
Chapter 1968 The Mysterious City of the End, Tobesk
Chapter 1969 The Lovers Locked in the Bell Tower
Chapter 1970 [Poetic Cards] and Beyond Time and Space
Chapter 1971 The illegal candidate and the last resort
Chapter 1972 Butterfly
Chapter 1973 The Chosen One of Space
Chapter 1974 Trinity
Chapter 1975 Time and Space Guard
Chapter 1976 The ashes of the fire
Chapter 1977 People who save the world
Chapter 1978 The Inherited Cards
Chapter 1979 The Origin of the Successor and the Foreigner
Chapter 1980 Breaking and Healing
Chapter 1981 The Cat Under the Skirt and the Great Witch of Time
Chapter 1982 The Absolutely Loyal Witches (Leader)
Chapter 1983 The Princess and the Writer’s Progress
Chapter 1984 The ownership of the island
Chapter 1985 Renewed Oath
Chapter 1986 Iluna’s Birthday
Chapter 1987 Three people
Chapter 1988 The Adventure of the Butterflies (Part 1)
Chapter 1989 The Adventure of the Butterflies (Part 2)
Chapter 1990 The Night Talk of Witches
Chapter 1991 The Awakening Princess
Chapter 1992 A brief farewell
Chapter 1993 Afternoon Tavern
Chapter 1994 Teaching and Returning Home
Chapter 1995 The Year Without Summer
Chapter 1996 Chasing Butterflies
Chapter 1997 The dance of twin red butterflies
Chapter 1998 'Red Butterfly Solitaire' and the attached room
Chapter 1999 The Essence of Red Butterfly and Agelina’s Spiritual Rune
Chapter 2000 Interrupted Dinner
Chapter 2001 The Loyal Maid
Chapter 2002 [Star Trace]
Chapter 2003 The Last Edwards Family Dinner
Chapter 2004 Their respective endings
Chapter 2005 Departure and Departure
Chapter 2006 The Balance of Life and Death
Chapter 2007 'The Undertaker'
Chapter 2008 Edwards “Legacy”
Chapter 2009 Huge gains and new thaumaturgy
Chapter 2010 Invitation at Night
Chapter 2011 'Invitation' under the Starlight
Chapter 2012 The Witch’s Joke and Changing Destiny
Chapter 2013 The furthest distance (end of this volume)
Extra 5 Luvia's Dream
The end of volume six
Chapter 2014 Iluna returns home
Chapter 2015 The Third Game
Chapter 2016 Secret Words
Chapter 2017 New Collectibles
Chapter 2018 The harvest of three people
Chapter 2019 Holiday
Chapter 2020 Lesia’s Confession
Chapter 2021 Yuewan Area and Birthday
Chapter 2022 Reunion in Parliament
Chapter 2023 The Reappearance of Miss Feliana
Chapter 2024 Taking Blood
Chapter 2025 Adele Isabella
Chapter 2026 The Hope Diamond and the Witch’s Pocket Watch
Chapter 2027 Fishing and the World Tombstone
Chapter 2028 People returning home
Chapter 2029 Detective Hamilton’s Summer
Chapter 2030 Sunshine Moon’s Rest
Chapter 2031 Funeral Rumors
Chapter 2032 The Priest’s Problem
Chapter 2033 Detective’s Birthday Celebration
Chapter 2034 The whereabouts of the Diamond
Chapter 2035 New Adventure
Chapter 2036 The alien race in St. Byrons
Chapter 2037 New clues and the key to reopening
Chapter 2038 The summoned witch
Chapter 2039 Ghost Bernhardt
Chapter 2040 Dark Moon and Silver Moon
Chapter 2041 Witch Reverberation Isabella
Chapter 2042 Preparation before departure
Chapter 2043 Time stands still
Chapter 2044 Dragon Altar
Chapter 2045 Yuewan City, the City of Fortune
Chapter 2046 'Eternal Light'
Chapter 2047 An unexpected neighbor
Chapter 2048 Event relics of cognitive rewriting
Chapter 2049 Real things in Yuewan
Chapter 2050 Fifth Era Year 5180
Chapter 2051 'The Unsinkable Ship'
Chapter 2052 Childhood Wish
Chapter 2053 Fishing
Chapter 2054 Half alive (please vote for more updates)
Chapter 2055 Under the Sea
Chapter 2056 Searching for someone
Chapter 2057 Tsukiwan old friend
Chapter 2058 Spider Hotel
Chapter 2059 Autopsy
Chapter 2060 Princes Trading Partner
Chapter 2061 City of Fortune Wealth Matters
Chapter 2062 Black Hand Gang
Chapter 2063 Detective’s Work
Chapter 2064 Parsifal Club
Chapter 2065 Where the target is
Chapter 2066 The Witch of Moon Bay
Chapter 2067 [The only existence]
Chapter 2068 Shipwreck
Chapter 2069 Horseback Riding The Elf and the Girl in the Night
Chapter 2070 [Dragon Cult] and [Light Worshipers Training Meeting]
Chapter 2071 Gray Gloves Contact Person
Chapter 2072 The Reappearance of 'Dice Stories'
Chapter 2073 Chasing the murderer during the day
Chapter 2074 The special abilities of “Miss Charlotte”
Chapter 2075 City Anecdotes
Chapter 2076 Stealth and Charm
Chapter 2077 Sealed Investigation
Chapter 2078 The Blessing of the Sun and the Mystery of Time
Chapter 2079 Paper Balls and Paper Balls
Chapter 2080 Extra Action Round
Chapter 2081 First encounter on Herring Street
Chapter 2082 Throbbing under the sunset
Chapter 2083 Parliamentary Story
Chapter 2084 'Bribery'
Chapter 2085 Miss Elisetris
Chapter 2086 Dragons and Legends
Chapter 2087 The Great Witch’s Commission
Chapter 2088 Letter Clues and Steam Bathhouse
Chapter 2089 Miss “Glorious”
Chapter 2090 The God Who Swallowed the Dragon
Chapter 2091 Women and men under street lights
Chapter 2092 Miss Lisa’s Story
Chapter 2093 Emilia’s Arrival
Chapter 2094 The Elf’s Summer Vacation
Chapter 2095 'Cousin'
Chapter 2096 Invitation, Long Sword and Night Action
Chapter 2097 Werewolf
Chapter 2098 Scales
Chapter 2099 Hunters in the Forest
Chapter 2100 Turn into light
Chapter 2101 The Origin of Time
Chapter 2102 Sagyoya
Chapter 2103 The feeling of being alive
Chapter 2104 Adele’s Regression Principle
Chapter 2105 Fusion of Relics and [Gravel Worms]
Chapter 2106 Gentle Night
Chapter 2107 Moon, Dreams and Home
Chapter 2108 Letter from the Plague Area
Chapter 2109 Card Game Invitation
Chapter 2110 Detective’s Investigation
Chapter 2111 Dragon Egg Fossil
Chapter 2112 Tampered memory and the girl in the dream
Chapter 2113 The Legend of Moon Bay and the Visit of the Elves
Chapter 2114 Curse Letter
Chapter 2115 Witch and Elf
Chapter 2116 Agelina’s new friend
Chapter 2117 Failed Spellcasting
Chapter 2118 Prejudice
Chapter 2119 Vampire Monster
Chapter 2120 The Blessing of the Sea
Chapter 2121 Pier Father and Son
Chapter 2122 Identity of the Chosen One
Chapter 2123 Ancient God Dragon Scales
Chapter 2124 Return to the Sunless Sea
Chapter 2125 Ladies Story
Chapter 2126 Reasoning
Chapter 2127 Maid’s Wish
Chapter 2128 The purpose of the mission and the professor’s dream
Chapter 2129 Farewell
Chapter 2130 Miss Danister’s help
Chapter 2131 Sir Donald
Chapter 2132 Folklore and History
Chapter 2133 Father and Son, Pistol and Professor
Chapter 2134 Afternoon with the Witch
Chapter 2135 [The Fool’s Story Lightning Strikes the Madman] (Additional update please vote!
Chapter 2136 Their own special cards
Chapter 2136 Different Lucks
Chapter 2137 True Memory
Chapter 2138 Stargazing at Night
Chapter 2139 Persistence and Bottom Line
Chapter 2140 The Egg and the Vampire Killer
Chapter 2141: Shade’s request for help and the witch’s speculation
Chapter 2142 The Coroner’s Past
Chapter 2143 Stockings and the Werewolf Family
Chapter 2144 An unexpected gain
Chapter 2145 Storm
Chapter 2146 The Dragon and the Order (seeking for subscription)
Chapter 2147 Two people on a rainy night
Chapter 2148 Holding Hands
Chapter 2149 Drawing the Sword
Chapter 2150: Shade’s Regression Principle (please vote for me)
Chapter 2151 The Divinity of Dragon
Chapter 2153 Silver Moon Dragon
Chapter 2154 Out-of-control Transformation
Chapter 2155 Cruise Ship and Flesh Transfiguration
Chapter 2156 Two Cats
Chapter 2157 The cat asks for help
Chapter 2158 Ghost in the Afterglow
Chapter 2159 The Elf’s Method
Chapter 2160 Morning for four people
Chapter 2161 No longer an ordinary relationship
Chapter 2162 The story that begins
Chapter 2163 Abnormal bad luck
Chapter 2164 The Order of Doom
Chapter 2165 Cemetery Woods and Crows
Chapter 2166 Temporary 'tenant'
Chapter 2167 The Neighbor Reappears
Chapter 2168 Head, Staff and Sword
Chapter 2169 'The Hamilton Family'
Chapter 2170 The night finally ends
Chapter 2171 Girls’ Night Talk
Chapter 2172 Various Dragon Scales
Chapter 2173 Yuewan City Sewer
Chapter 2174 Sewer Monsters and Wraith Black Cats
Chapter 2175 The waiting cat
Chapter 2176 Farewell Cat
Chapter 2177 Xia De’s Justice
Chapter 2178 Sword and Light
Chapter 2179 Sword of Light
Chapter 2180 Joking and Dreams
Chapter 2181 Complex Mystery
Chapter 2182 Another verification and new secret medicine
Chapter 2183 The departing elf
Chapter 2184 'Holy Sword'
Chapter 2185 Riding a Dragon
Chapter 2186 Temporary Farewell
Chapter 2187 Banquet at Yuewan
Chapter 2188 The Oath of the Past (please vote)
Chapter 2189 Dancing
Chapter 2190 The Disaster of Light
Chapter 2191 The Demon Appears
Chapter 2192 [World Travel Manual]
Chapter 2193 Moon Bay and Elves
Chapter 2194 and Belindel
Chapter 2195 Looking for cards
Chapter 2196 Gilot’s Story
Chapter 2197 Contradictory Commission
Chapter 2198 'A ray of light'
Chapter 2199 The final commission
Chapter 2200 The last 5180 years
Chapter 2201 Professor Evans’ Regret
Chapter 2202 The [Dragon Feast Order] of the Fifth Era
Chapter 2203 Miss Malone’s memory
Chapter 2204 Existence and Death
Chapter 2205 'Oil Painting'
Chapter 2206 True Identity
Chapter 2207 Your name
Chapter 2208 New Blessings
Chapter 2209 Escape and the Witch Fleet
Chapter 2210 The story is temporarily over
Chapter 2211 Warm Home
Chapter 2212 Corruption and Dragon Roar
Chapter 2213 Calm Saturday
Chapter 2214 Night Talk in the Study
Chapter 2215 The Arrival of the Unicorn
Chapter 2216 Emilia and Yuewan
Chapter 2217 Vampire Secret Technique
Chapter 2218 'Fishing' at night
Chapter 2219 Enemies that keep appearing
Chapter 2220 Brawl
Chapter 2221 Scarlet Breath
Chapter 2222 Troubled Thoughts
Chapter 2222: The Soothsayer and the Soothsayer
Chapter 2223 Exploding Cards and Lifespan Theory
Chapter 2224 The Suspected Chosen One
Chapter 2225 [Blood Sorrow]
Chapter 2227 Black Dragon Scales
Chapter 2227 [Footsteps in the middle of the night]
Chapter 2229 Emilia’s Dream
Chapter 2230 Childhood Dream
Chapter 2231 Dreams, Kisses and the Eve of the Banquet
Chapter 2232 Opera Mermaid Princess
Chapter 2233 Behind the stage
Chapter 2234 Sister and Sister
Chapter 2235 Frequent Accidents
Chapter 2236 The New Holy Grail
Chapter 2237 Confession
Chapter 2238 Sparrow Hamilton’s Notes
Chapter 2239 How to draw the sword
Chapter 2240 Doctor’s Weapon
Chapter 2241 “Hunting” preparation
Chapter 2242 Happiness and Farewell
Chapter 2243 'Big-billed Bird'
Chapter 2244 Maid Costume and Crow
Chapter 2245 Looking for someone on a rainy day
Chapter 2246 The Countess’ Secret (please vote for more)
Chapter 2247 Elevator, Fog and Reef
Chapter 2248 'Old Friend' Appears
Chapter 2249 'Mermaid' Prompt (please vote for more updates)
Chapter 2250 Bathtub
Chapter 2251 Rainy Afternoon
Chapter 2252 Cursed Relic
Chapter 2253 The Story of Vincent Taylor
Chapter 2254 Shade’s “disease” and murder trap
Chapter 2255 Silver Moon VS Death (please vote for more updates)
Chapter 2256 Whispering Prejudice
Chapter 2257 One-hit killer gun
Chapter 2258 Demon Hunting in the Rain
Chapter 2259 [Corpse in the Wall]
Chapter 2260 Chase
Chapter 2261 Xia De’s “Death”
Chapter 2262 Crow Man
Chapter 2263 Sword and Tower
Chapter 2264 Success
Chapter 2265 Farewell and Arrival
Chapter 2265 Funny Quotes about Carriage
Chapter 2267 True Identity
Chapter 2268 Bedside Talk
Chapter 2269 The harvest of the ladies of the manor and the doctor
Chapter 2270 The doctor’s wish
Chapter 2271 An unexpected guest
Chapter 2272 Coins and Eggs
Chapter 2273 Fifth Era Year 4260
Chapter 2274 Elf and Mermaid
Chapter 2275 People trapped in the sand sea
Chapter 2276 God of Mist
Chapter 2277 Dragon Language Spell: Sword of Light
Chapter 2278 Bone Pit
Chapter 2279 Desert Illusion
Chapter 2280 White Bones Girl and Flower Crown
Chapter 2281 Compass Fragments
Chapter 2282 Cooling down
Chapter 2283 [Madeline’s Love]
Chapter 2284 Manor Talks
Chapter 2285 Others’ Knights
Chapter 2286 Vampire investigation concluded
Chapter 2287 Captain Rudolph
Chapter 2288 Tavern Game
Chapter 2289 The Second Information Exchange
Chapter 2290 Mathematical Problems
Chapter 2291 Inquiry under the tree
Chapter 2292 Luo Ye brought news
Chapter 2293 Mrs. Jude
Chapter 2294 'Justice'
Chapter 2295 'Heart of Oasis'
Chapter 2296 Margaret Manor Banquet
Chapter 2297 Inspection Letter and Moonlight
Chapter 2298 “Glory”
Chapter 2299 The Fourth Holy Sword
Chapter 2300 Heart Curse
Chapter 2301 Comparison and Crow’s Nest
Chapter 2302 [Eye of Crow]
Chapter 2303 Giant Sword and Giant Sword
Chapter 2304 [Bone Sacrifice Sword]
Chapter 2305 Holy Sword and Divination
Chapter 2306 The Powerful Old God and the Guidance of Dreams
Chapter 2307 Church Morning and Travel
Chapter 2308 Vulture Mountain Creek Land
Chapter 2309 The Mysterious Sea of Lightlessness
Chapter 2310 Way to Defeat “Angel”
Chapter 2311 Angels and Angels
Chapter 2312 The eve of the exam
Chapter 2313 Summer Examination of 1854
Chapter 2314 Burning Moon Bay
Chapter 2315 Yuewan Rebellion
Chapter 2316 The battle of witches
Chapter 2317 Silver Dragon and Blue Dragon
Chapter 2318 Dragon with Sword
Chapter 2319 The Third Form of Moonlight Wheel
Chapter 2320 Night of Chaos
Chapter 2321 About Justice
Chapter 2322 Confusing
Chapter 2323 The scales of the space-time dragon
Chapter 2324 Egg Incubator
Chapter 2325 The second time in 4260 years (additional update please vote)
Chapter 2326 The Cat and the Sun
Chapter 2327 Set off again
Chapter 2328 Desert Tomb
Chapter 2329 The power of the earth protects all things
Chapter 2330 Sacrifice and Perseverance
Chapter 2331 Collapse and Demon
Chapter 2332 The inherited power
Chapter 2333 Glowing Helmet
Chapter 2334 Legacy
Chapter 2335 The aftermath of the turmoil
Chapter 2336 A walk on the beach
Chapter 2337 Iluna’s warning
Chapter 2338 New clues
Chapter 2339 'Ceiling'
Chapter 2340 Two Divinations
Chapter 2341 Red Moon in Dream
Chapter 2342 About Luvia
Chapter 2343 Bloody Prophecy
Chapter 2344 Flawless Moonstone
Chapter 2345 Investigation of three people
Chapter 2346 Bloody Marquis
Chapter 2347 Horse’s Heart
Chapter 2348 Joke and Covenant
Chapter 2349 [Noble blood red]
Chapter 2350 The Card Game at Parsifal Club
Chapter 2351 [Ancient Alchemy Dragon Stone]
Chapter 2352 Captain’s Information
Chapter 2353 Red Heart Orphanage
Chapter 2354 'Richard's Notes'
Chapter 2355 'Night Banquet'
Chapter 2356 Trial and Justice
Chapter 2357 'Richard'
Chapter 2358 Ancient Story
Chapter 2359 The Second 'Guidance'
Chapter 2360 The Responsibility of the Maid
Chapter 2361 New Deal
Chapter 2362 A strong team
Chapter 2363 Two-tailed Cat (please vote for more updates)
Chapter 2364 Gathering Dinner
Chapter 2365 Bright Night
Chapter 2366 [Star Sword Stone]
Chapter 2367 Worry
Chapter 2368 Gift from the Ocean
Chapter 2369 Whetstone and Bronze Whistle
Chapter 2370 Fresh Cream Scones and Calling the Devil
Chapter 2370: Receiving Goods and Becoming a Hero
Chapter 2371 [Ocarina of Time]
Chapter 2373 Fairy Tale Speculation
Chapter 2374 Letter from Gao De
Chapter 2375 'Experiment'
Chapter 2376 The tryst and the traces of the priest
Chapter 2377 The whereabouts of [Star Sword Stone]
Chapter 2378 Death Restlessness
Chapter 2379 'Light Bulb Man'
Chapter 2380 The Returned Nun
Chapter 2380 [Ocarina of Time] First Battle
Chapter 2381 The Bridge in the Fog
Chapter 2382 Death Butterfly
Chapter 2383 The Sword of the Wind King
Chapter 2384 Dragonborn Knight
Chapter 2385 [Pale Justice]
Chapter 2386 The Priest’s Fairy Tale
Chapter 2387 The Priest’s Promise
Chapter 2388 The last time in 4260
Chapter 2389 Lion of Light Armor
Chapter 2390: Sand Sea under the Moon
Chapter 2391 Sand Sea Worm
Chapter 2392 The Seal of the Ancient Witch
Chapter 2393 The Final Escape
Chapter 2394 Sacrifice and Fossils
Chapter 2395 Story Characters and Audience
Chapter 2396: Persistence (please vote for more)
Chapter 2397 Reversing Time (asking for votes at the beginning of the month)
Chapter 2398 The New Mystery Lock and the Knight Drawing the Sword (please vote for more updates)
Chapter 2399 Hero
Chapter 2400 Choice and Return
Chapter 2401 [Truth Crystal] and [Holy White Auditorium]
Chapter 2402 The Power of Armor
Chapter 2403 Perfume
Chapter 2404 Necessary for the Ceremony
Chapter 2405 Candidate Ranking
Chapter 2406 Frowning
Chapter 2407 Death Divination
Chapter 2408 Opera Invitation
Chapter 2409 The Origin of Dragon Soul
Chapter 2410 The Four Sons of God
Chapter 2411 The Unknown in the Catacombs
Chapter 2412 Time Suspension and Hypnosis
Chapter 2413 White Dragon Scales
Chapter 2414 The Dragonborn Witch and the Royal Flower
Chapter 2415 Hidden Ambition
Chapter 2416 The 'fierce battle' between the sun and the moon
Chapter 2417 and Matilda
Chapter 2418 [Eternal Light] Mutual Aid Association
Chapter 2419: Non-Absolute Justice
Chapter 2420 Fog Bridge and Strangers
Chapter 2421 'Pious Practitioner'
Chapter 2422 Scars
Chapter 2423 Melis Book Club
Chapter 2424 Demonologist and Cats and Dogs
Chapter 2425 Demon Story (Part 6)
Chapter 2426 Countdown to God’s Descendance
Chapter 2427 The Studying Maid
Chapter 2428 Preparations for War
Chapter 2429 The Story of Ptolemy Albert
Chapter 2430 Life Trajectory
Chapter 2431 Night Interlude
Chapter 2432 Deterioration
Chapter 2433 Bad News and Bad News
Chapter 2434 Sunlight Healing
Chapter 2435 [Moon in the Water]
Chapter 2436 Ring Warlock and Ordinary People
Chapter 2437 Siege, Ring and Threat
Chapter 2438 Dance and Interrogation
Chapter 2439 Ferlinga
Chapter 2440 'Defecting Agent'
Chapter 2441 Convenient Identity
Chapter 2442 War and Peace
Chapter 2443 [Creating Light]
Chapter 2444 The Contract with Light
Chapter 2445 Final preparations
Chapter 2446 Pre-war Banquet
Chapter 2447 Iluna, Emilia and Agelina
Chapter 2448 Waiting all night
Chapter 2449 Light Angel
Chapter 2450 The Sword of Black Fire of Death
Chapter 2451 With Adele Isabella
Chapter 2452: The Entered Heart
Chapter 2453 [Disaster Solitaire: Petitioner of Light]
Chapter 2454 The Last Dragon Scale
Chapter 2455 Despair, Hope and Light
Chapter 2456 The Third 'Guidance'
Chapter 2457 [Reminder from the Truth Society]
Chapter 2458 'Light' Chosen Ceremony
Chapter 2459 Regulations on the use of unknowable relics
Chapter 2460 Lifting the Moon
Chapter 2461 The Battle of Yuewan Port
Chapter 2462 The Beginning of the War
Chapter 2463 The arrival of the sacrificial site
Chapter 2464 Dome
Chapter 2465 Mortal Power
Chapter 2466 Giant Sunshine Gun
Chapter 2467 The Evil God [Dragon Devouring Demon] appears (request for more updates)
Chapter 2468 Miracle Guidance
Chapter 2469: Promotion to the Eighth Ring (please vote for additional updates)
Chapter 2470 The Mysterious Doomsday City Tobesk
Chapter 2471 Death of Xia De
Chapter 2472 Cat of the Sun
Chapter 2473 In front of Ming Yue
Chapter 2474 Blessing, Shadow and Resurrection
Chapter 2475 Miracle: Night falls
Chapter 2476 The Battle of the Five Gods
Chapter 2477: The one who enforces justice (please vote for more)
Chapter 2478: Going Back, Life, Death and Evolution
Chapter 2479 Ancient Dragon Language Spell
Chapter 2480 They came from afar
Chapter 2481 God descends again
Chapter 2482 The Divine Body Transforms into a Sword
Chapter 2483 Luvia, the Witch and the Maid Fiona
Chapter 2484 Cat
Chapter 2485 Harvest
Chapter 2486 The Witch’s Clink
Chapter 2487 Dragon and Portal
Chapter 2488 The aftermath of the spread
Chapter 2489 A gift from a friend
Chapter 2490 The answer to the Silmaril
Chapter 2491 The Legend of Moon Bay
Chapter 2492 The Elves under the Starry Sky
Chapter 2493 Time and Destiny
Chapter 2494 The Twelfth Level of Destiny
Chapter 2495 Monday Night Incident
Chapter 2496: Sha De’s Miracle Night Seal
Chapter 2497: Seal, Miracle and Saint
Chapter 2498 The Principal and the Librarian
Chapter 2499 Teacher and Teacher
Chapter 2500: Teachers’ magic tricks
Chapter 2501 Friendship lasts forever and the opera begins
Chapter 2502 Casting light as a warning
Chapter 2503 The End of the Moon and the Earth
Chapter 2504 Dance under the Moon
Chapter 2505 The new thirteenth level
Chapter 2506 The Gift of the Moon
Chapter 2507 Debt Collection Entrustment
Chapter 2508 Request
Chapter 2509 Promise, Punishment and Shared Life
Chapter 2510 The Soul and Time in a Foreign Land
Chapter 2511: Farewell at Yuewan
Chapter 2512 If you give me a ray of light (end of this volume)
Extra Chapter 2513: Drinking Game
End of Volume 2514
Chapter 2515 Homecoming and Visitors
Chapter 2516 Dating
Chapter 2517 [Holy White Auditorium]
Chapter 2518 The Blessings of the Gods
Chapter 2519 Tail
Chapter 2520: The Day of Departure and the People Returning Home
Chapter 2521 The Duke’s Complaints
Chapter 2522 New Relics
Chapter 2523 The Inherited College
Chapter 2524 'School Director' Hamilton and the Interrupted Clues
Chapter 2525: Ximu Town and Invitation Letter
Chapter 2526 Maid and Punishment
Chapter 2527 Reading Salon
Chapter 2528: Royal Family Affection
Chapter 2529 Late Summer Holiday
Chapter 2530 Detective Story and Arrival of Rewards
Chapter 2531 The Crazy Moon
Chapter 2532 Tree Hole
Chapter 2533 The Queen’s Due Date
Chapter 2534 A tense night
Chapter 2535 Time Loop (please vote)
Chapter 2536 The Fourth Candidate of Time
Chapter 2537 Noble Status
Chapter 2538 Two Princes
Chapter 2539 Umbilical Cord
Chapter 2540: Gaode Visiting
Chapter 2541 Normal and Abnormal
Chapter 2542 [Instant] and [Lucky Soy Milk]
Chapter 2543 The Missing Sorceress
Chapter 2544: Vista Woodland and Tree Hole
Chapter 2545: Sea of flowers and elves under the moon
Chapter 2546 Reasonable Suspicion and the Black Market in Photo Studio
Chapter 2547 'Crystal Light'
Chapter 2548 Three Divinations
Chapter 2549 Elf Arrow and Journey to Vesta City
Chapter 2550 Bennett and the Haunting Rumors
Chapter 2551 Red Butterfly and Cabinet
Chapter 2552 Time Traveler
Chapter 2553 The Witch and the Owl
Chapter 2554 The eighteen-year-old teacher
Chapter 2555 Miss Owl
Chapter 2556 Flora Winslet
Chapter 2557 Death and Art
Chapter 2558 Danister’s Story
Chapter 2559 A newspaper that travels through time
Chapter 2560 “Threat” and Temperature
Chapter 2561 'Succubus'
Chapter 2562: Spiritual Potion and New Night Class
Chapter 2563 The Fifth Era 2025
Chapter 2564 Fire Man and Boatman
Chapter 2565 The Story of First Fire
Chapter 2566 Ferry Ticket (please ask for more votes)
Chapter 2567 Filling in Death
Chapter 2568 Mysterious Old God
Chapter 2569: Former residence of the group
Chapter 2570 Treasures and Time Rules
Chapter 2571 Speedster
Chapter 2572 Tree Hole Association
Chapter 2573: Out-of-control Psychic Technique
Chapter 2574 Soul Fire
Chapter 2575 Adele and Ximuzhen
Chapter 2576 The Curious Owl and the Doctor’s Help
Chapter 2577 The Witch’s Perfume
Chapter 2578 [Family Stabilizer]
Chapter 2579 Father-son relationship
Chapter 2580 Charlotte Bell
Chapter 2581 The teacher’s praise and the all-out poker players
Chapter 2582 The Failed Visit and the Cemetery in the Forest
Chapter 2583 The Centennial Demon and the Hermit
Chapter 2584 An unexpected surprise
Chapter 2585 The teacher who shouldn’t appear
Chapter 2586 Dominance
Chapter 2587 The Second Tree Hole
Chapter 2588 Musicians’ Banquet
Chapter 2589: Unmarried Couple and Cousins
Chapter 2590 A peek into time
Chapter 2591 The Devil in the Forest
Chapter 2592 The Third Tree Hole and Time Communication
Chapter 2593 Elf Antique Arrow
Chapter 2594 Danister and the Illusion (please vote for more updates)
Chapter 2595 The Teacher of 1821
Chapter 2596 Time Travel Rules
Chapter 2597 Signature Fog and Call
Chapter 2598 The Narrow Space of Time
Chapter 2599 Adele and Adele
Chapter 2600: The Stability Principle of Ancient Elves
Chapter 2601 Adele’s reminder and the ladies’ tea party (end of month
Chapter 2602 Paradox
Chapter 2603: Emilia starts school (asking for votes at the end of the month)
Chapter 2604 Vanessa’s Arrival
Chapter 2605 Breakfast with the Elf (please vote at the beginning of the month)
Chapter 2606: Restrictive Means
Chapter 2607 With the Ladies
Chapter 2608 Intensive Courses and the Adopted Lady
Chapter 2609 The Timeline of the Cumming Family
Chapter 2610 Missing
Chapter 2611: Skilled Time Traveler
Chapter 2612 The “Druids” in the Snow Forest
Chapter 2613 The Baron’s Story
Chapter 2614: Tough Mortal
Chapter 2615: Ximu Town Weaving Time (Please vote!)
Chapter 2616 Farewell and Rebirth
Chapter 2617 The Reversed Tree
Chapter 2618: Files and Cowardly People (please vote for more updates)
Chapter 2619 Time Sharing Potion