Chapter 2653 Warm Sun, Blazing Fire and Fragments of Poems

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Chapter 2652 Warm Sun, Blazing Fire and Fragments of Poems

The semi-finished "warming" potion took on an ointment state with a dull gray color in the crucible. Miss Winslet brewed the potion in the bathroom of her room. At this time, the bottles and jars had already

Put it away, just waiting for Shade to take the final step.

Miss Danister also followed, curious about what Shade would do. But she didn’t see Shade use any fancy skills. He just surrounded his hands on both sides of the flames under the crucible, and then integrated his own flames into it.

Into the flames.

The rising heat made the room steamy in the late autumn evening. And the magic potion in the crucible quickly changed from an ointment to a golden liquid as bright as the color of the sun. The surface of the liquid continued to explode.

One bubble after another, the sound is also very beautiful.

Miss Bell then handed over a spoon, and Miss Winslet took half a spoonful of the potion and shook it, then brought it to her mouth and took a sip.

"How about it?"

Everyone was curious, but the witch just frowned slightly, and then handed the spoon to her apprentice. Then Miss Charlotte Bell also took a sip of the potion, and her pale complexion turned rosy almost immediately.

.The young witch apprentice looked at the crucible in surprise:

"It's really effective. I now feel a heat that seems to be pouring out of my soul."

The curious red-haired girl also took a sip. The "warming" potion has the effect of maintaining body temperature for people other than the "Death" series of great witches.

"The citrus-flavored potion tastes really good. It does feel very warm, like taking a hot bath."

She commented, handed the spoon to Shade again, and then asked:

"Flora, do you feel it's not working?"

"No, it works. It's indeed very warm."

She hesitated for a moment and looked at Shade, who was smacking his lips to taste the potion, while the cat was jumping at his feet:

"However, the temperature of this potion can only be regarded as the warm sun of late autumn, which is enough to make cold souls yearn for it; but I have touched the blazing fire of the sun in midsummer that is enough to burn me up. Compared with that, this

Potions can only be considered desserts."

"Fire of the Sun? Oh, you mean the Fire of the Sun? I still have some of these flames, will this work for you?"

Shade asked curiously, and the witch shook her head slightly:

"It's not a specific flame. I already know where the temperature is. I'll get it."

The rosy-faced Miss Bell took the spoon and looked at Shade quietly. Miss Danister looked at Shade and then at the witch, showing a meaningful expression.

But no matter what, this potion is at least very effective for Miss Bell, so the witch will prepare some more in the future. She also admitted that although she pursues a warmer temperature, this potion is enough to warm her body when she is the coldest.

, but that’s all.

Compared with Flora Winslet, little Mia likes this citrus-flavored potion very much, but Shade just let it taste. It has been left in the hotel today and seems to be doing well.

.However, Shade did not plan to stay for dinner with the cat. He just handed the purchased jewelry box to the witch and planned to leave:

"This looks like an antique used by ancient witches. There seems to be something hidden inside."

Press the small bump on the front of the silver jewelry box, and the lid will open automatically with a click. There is a mirror embedded in the lid, which is convenient for users to use when wearing jewelry.

The witch stopped Shade who was about to leave:

"Wait a minute, I know what this is. This is a little trick popular among witches in the late Fifth Age. They can use mirrors to hide and transmit messages. It is said that when those proud witch emperors have an affair with beautiful commoner witches, they

Do this often.”

She pressed her fingers on the mirror and muttered a few spells in a low voice. Shade and Miss Denister both came closer, and then they saw black pen marks on the neat mirror.

"It's the mark left by the eyebrow pencil."

Miss Denister reminded.

The black eyebrow pencil marks left a short sentence on the mirror:

[When time begins to flow, the secrets buried in the forest are the stone steps to obtain the highest honor.]

"Fragments of a psalm?"

Miss Danister asked uncertainly, Shade nodded:

"It looks like a fragment of a poem. It seems to mean that the time chosen person can become the chosen person, ultimately relying on the secret of the Vesta Grove."

"Then what's the biggest secret here? The tree hole?"

The witch asked, if it was before today, Shade might think this was the case, but obviously things are different now:

"No, the biggest secret here is the countless paradox insects sealed here!"

The fragmentary psalm about the Chosen One of Time is the smallest part that has been excavated. The information about the Chosen One in the hands of St. Byrons is not even as valuable as this discovery.

But even with such a surprising discovery, Shade still did not stay for dinner. He even said that he might not come until the afternoon or even not come at all tomorrow. He was thinking about discussing the new angel bones with Priest August.

And it seems that there is currently no part of the City of Vista investigation that requires his participation.


Whether it's the origin of the dragon beast, news about the Nightsong elves, Margaret's tracking of the professors who participated in the study of the Tree Father Temple, the elves' paradox insect potion, or the search for a new local "time"

"Travelers", these all require time to investigate.

So Shade wanted to take care of his own affairs in Tobesk tomorrow, and the two ladies in the Accordion Hotel had no objections to this. It was only when Miss Bell sent Shade downstairs that they stood at the window

They talked about Shade's plan under the sunset:

"Although we always say that he handles things a little too hastily, if he really doesn't come for a day, I will probably be very uncomfortable."

The witch did not hide her thoughts.

"Flora, I see your attitude towards Shade. Don't you have thoughts about him?"

Seeing that the witch was noncommittal and even turned into an owl and stood on the window sill, Miss Danist handed her the "time anchor" again:

"We bought this in the afternoon. It can suppress the curse of time. The effect on me is that I am still eighteen years old and my level is still seven rings, but the total amount of spirit has restored to one-twentieth of what it was at the peak of thirteen rings.

This is the bill that Shade paid for you, remember to return it to him."

"You really don't want your students to suffer."

Miss Owl said, controlling the rope hanging the ring around her neck:

"It feels pretty good. The spellcasting restrictions in the owl form have been further lifted, and the consumption in the human form has also been reduced a lot."

"That means you don't have to stand on Shade's shoulders anymore?"

"No, no, it's just that the consumption has been reduced, it doesn't mean that there is really no consumption."

The chubby round-faced owl was pressed against the window glass, and from the window he saw Shade walking into the crowd of people in front of the hotel:

"Danister, are you saying that he is really not the chosen one of time?"

"Since he said it's not true, it's definitely not the case. I believe him. Why, are you still doubting this? Or do you think I deliberately told you this because I want to protect my students?"

Owl didn't say anything else, she just wanted to see clearly what kind of secrets that man had.

After throwing the glass slipper in the alley and returning home, he found that it was still evening, but Tobesk outside the window was gloomy and terrifying. The violent storm was still hitting the city, so that when Shade changed little Mia back, suddenly outside

There was a loud thunder, which frightened the cat into jumping up.

"Wait a minute, since when are you afraid of thunder?"


The reason why he didn't stay in the hotel for dinner was because Shade wanted to visit Priest Augustus that evening. But seeing that the weather was so bad, he gave up the plan after thinking about it. But also because the weather was so bad, he couldn't go out from now on.

Luvia, who was off work at the Prophet's Association, did not return to her own apartment in the rain, but came to Shade:

"Shade, you are at home. Are you making dinner? I'd better do it. Just think of it as paying for my stay tonight."

After kissing Shade's side face, she went to make dinner.

Except for Luvia, no other lady came to visit tonight. And the violent autumn rain continued into the night and became even more terrifying.

At 7:30 in the evening, a purple-eyed girl wearing a pink nightgown stood in front of the window glass of the study, holding her own tea cup.

The gas lamp light in the rainy night was so dim that it was almost impossible to see. The difference in light between indoors and outdoors made her face and the indoor scene clearly reflected on the glass. But behind the glass, she could clearly see layers of raindrops.

Slide down on the glass.

It was as if someone was standing in the air and pouring water down, but the sound of the violent rain made the people staying in the warm and comfortable room feel particularly at ease:

"According to the weather predictions, this extreme rainstorm may not stop tonight. The weather conditions this year have been very strange. The few snows and hailstorms in the summer have just passed. I am afraid that the problem this autumn will continue like this.

It’s raining heavily.”

Shade, who was sitting at the desk, was looking at her back:

"Although the sewer system of St. Teresa Square is very good, I think I have to prevent the problem of water intrusion on the first floor. Luvia, didn't you say last week that this year's college's autumn astrology activities will start again? Recently

Do you want to live here forever?”

The fortune teller lady turned around and looked at him with a smile:

"What, you want me to stay here this fall like last year? Will this prevent you from connecting with other girls?"

Shade answered the question with a question:

"Louvia, don't you want to live here?"

"Okay, cunning man, I'll clean it up and move it here. I just hope Dorothy and the others won't complain."

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