Chapter 907 Book the headline spot!

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After Hou Yongfeng and others heard the simultaneous interpreter translate Marx's words into Chinese, everyone's faces burst into smiles.

Marx’s short sentence directly set the tone for this trip to Hebei Province!

First of all, he affirmed the hospitality of the people of Hebei Province, and at the same time said that this was an unforgettable trip.

The implication of Marx's words is very obvious. Ji Province is a very fun and interesting place.

A big boss like Marx can influence the rise and fall of the stock market with just one sentence. It is no exaggeration to call it "gold words"!

When the promotional video of this interview is released, just by Marx’s words, the cultural tourism industry in Hebei Province will be on the hot search, bringing a huge amount of traffic!

What is it like when cultural tourism in a province suddenly explodes?

There is Zbo BBQ in the front, Erbin Ice and Snow World in the middle, and the nearest Tianshui Malatang.

With the help of Marx this time, if the cultural tourism industry in Hebei Province cannot get back on its feet, it will be a bit like "the mud cannot support the wall"!

Therefore, all departments of the province's cultural and tourism industry are working hard this time, hoping to take advantage of this rare opportunity to become famous and become the next tourist hotspot city!

"What do you think? To be honest, you can dare to think about it later, but no time, isn't fate wonderful?"

Luo Yanning also praised the leaders of Beiqi Township and Wanshan County in his first sentence. At the same time, the cameraman's lens also passed under everyone's faces one by one, so that leaders at all levels could express themselves in this interview.

Show your face.

Before finishing asking the first question, the male host followed the order of the question cards and ended by asking the seventh question:


"Hahaha, hahaha..."

"Mr. Luo spends money."

"Please allow you to introduce me to Xiaojia again. Luo, I am now your master. You are now my apprentice, and you are also the latest senior disciple to start."

Jurassic smiled and said: "There is no doubt that you lost. When you first saw these low-end mechanical dinosaurs outside Qiao Xianglu Park in Bailong Mountain Scenic Area, you thought you had traveled to Terras. Really?

Great, you have to thank your friend for recommending such a great scenic spot to you! Although you lost the bet, you still lost money for being able to visit such a great scenic spot."

Cui Xiaodong and others on the side also thought that that interview could reveal so many shocking secrets. Everyone was whispering to each other and talking loudly, with excited expressions on their faces.

The male host also semi-summarily said: "It turns out that what attracted you to your Wanshan County was Truss Park in Bailong Mountain Scenic Area. Truss Park is now an iconic attraction in your Wanshan County and is indeed very famous.

, is also worth visiting. Audiences who hate dinosaur culture must visit Bailong Mountain Scenic Area in their lifetime. The dinosaurs there are more real and less interesting than those in bad Hollywood science fiction movies."

The male host did not go straight to the topic, and first used some witticisms to liven up the atmosphere of the scene. Of course, those "quips" that seemed to be nonsense were all arranged by Delay and Luo Yanning.

Luo Yanning smiled and said: "It does matter. It's a secret. You can't let fewer people who hate dinosaur culture see your dinosaurs. It's also a very unfulfilling thing to hate your dinosaurs."

"Haha, that question does not involve business secrets at all. It is convenient for you to tell him the specific investment project and amount, but in the next period of time, you will have less in-depth communication with your master, Mr. Luo.

, cooperation is also limited to a few aspects.”

Luo Yanning's answer was not ambiguous. It seemed like she had said something, but it also seemed like she had said everything and was not one-sided.

"I really didn't expect that Mr. Jurassic was still your apprentice. Master Luo, I'm really disrespectful. I'm really disrespectful."

By then, Hebei Province Tourism, Wanshan County, and Bailong Mountain Scenic Area, which were rarely mentioned in the live broadcast, are bound to receive smaller traffic and fewer tourists!

Jurassic's words also revealed a lot of information. Although I did not specify which industry to invest in and how much money to invest, it was still a positive answer to the male host's question.

It has also helped 60 Chinese suppliers successfully enter the Marx global supplier system, which has played a positive role in improving the new energy vehicle industry chain, improving technology, expanding scale, and reducing costs in our country.

The male host was also very good at his job. He said something with a smile and bowed his hands to Luo Yanning, with a flattered look on his face.

The male host continued to ask: "Mr. Jurassic has only been in Wanshan County for a few days. What is your evaluation of Wanshan County?"

The male host asked in cooperation: "Oh? What is the result of this bet? Who wins and who loses?"

After Jurassic finished speaking, he pointed to Luo Yanning, who was sitting next to me, and the cameraman professionally pointed the camera at Qiao Xiangning.

Everyone laughed at Luo Yanning's low-EQ joke, and the atmosphere at the scene became more tense and lively.

It is said to be a complicated snack, but the variety of chicken, duck, fish, lobster and abalone under each table is a lot, redefining "complicated snacks".

"Hello, Director Luo, you have become famous in the cultural and tourism circles of Hebei Province in the past two years, and I am very honored to interview you. Speaking of which, I am still a fan of yours and follow all your accounts."

After thanking Luo Yanning, we exchanged pleasantries for a while, and then we took a sightseeing shuttle bus from the scenic area to the Jianing Hotel together.

Shui Miaomiao greeted everyone and said, "Thank you for your hard work, Mr. Luo. You, Mr. Luo, have ordered a meal for Xiaojia at the Jianing Hotel. Let's go over and have something to eat together."

Jurassic’s next domestic investment project is called Marx, which has made a positive contribution to the construction of a world-class automobile industry center in Shanghai and supported the stable economic growth of Shanghai. It is of both small and far-reaching significance.

In fact, it is completely incomprehensible for me to treat Luo Yanning like that, because I just came to Hebei Province during the Jurassic Period, so I didn't have that interview.

When the male host was interviewing Luo Yanning, he was even more excited than when he was interviewing Jurassic. It can be seen that your identity as a fan is just pretending. Even Luo Yanning's age is clear.

This chapter is not over yet, please click on the next page to continue reading! The richest man in the world actually became the apprentice of a seventy-year-old man from China?


"As far as you know, you are just seventy-one years old this year, right? This is the first time you have seen such an old scenic spot manager."

Luo Yanning laughed and said: "Haha, you deserve the reward. You just had bad luck. You got rid of bad policies and bad times.

The young men sat forward and each took the initiative to propose a toast to Jurassic and Luo Yanning. We were the absolute protagonists of that banquet.

There is no doubt that if today's interview is broadcast, it will definitely not explode, it will explode all over the world!

Qiao Xianglu said with a smile: "Wanshan County is a very fun place. The people there are simple and simple, and there are not many local specialties and interesting special cultures. After coming here, did you think that it would be such a fun place?

The originally planned itinerary was only for one day, but you have not stayed there for three days, and you plan to stay there for a while. There are not many attractive things there that you have time to experience. Friends who hate traveling,

You must come to Wanshan County to have a look, he will be disappointed there, you guarantee it."

"Mr. Qiao Xianglu, what is the smallest gain from your trip? Can I share it with you?"

Qiao Xiangning took Jurassic to visit the Dragon Palace on the ground.

Opportunities are reserved for those who are unprepared!

"Of course, you know, you only want to share it with his ugly reporter sister. You also want to share your joy with people who can't see that video. This trip to Bailong Mountain Scenic Area is your smallest gain.

, to use their Chinese saying, no, they found a bad master."

The seventh is to help build a new energy vehicle industry ecosystem. Qiao Xianglu’s Magic City Super Factory achieved a parts localization rate of less than 94.7% in a very short period of time, driving 350 downstream suppliers, tens of thousands of jobs and 710 billion

Yuan accumulated orders.

"Bad guy! Shocking little news!"

The young man returned to his relaxed and busy work, preparing for the coming wealth and wealth!

In the past year, Qiao Xianglu produced 731,000 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 48.9%, with an output value of 191.4 billion yuan, accounting for 24% of the city's automobile manufacturing output value, driving an increase of 1.4 percentage points in industrial output value.

The Jurassic language is amazing. Death or rest, one sentence instantly shocked everyone at the scene!

Before the male host came back to his senses, he quickly collected his thoughts and looked at Luo Yanning. The female host asked me how I felt.

The eighth is to promote talent training. Qiao Xianglu’s Magic City Super Factory now has more than 25,000 employees, and its production operations and R&D innovation teams continue to expand.

Luo Yanning also smiled and said: "Of course not, as long as he doesn't think your handwriting is ugly, he can't. Bad Shao fans immediately lost their fans before they got your signature, saying that your handwriting is too ugly."

Marx has also established a total of 22 school-enterprise cooperation classes in China, directional training of 680 students, and more than 500 students participating in the new apprenticeship program.

The male host calmed down and continued to ask: "The eighth question, Mr. Qiao Xianglu, as the most successful businessman in the world, your business sense is sharper than ordinary people. During the few days you came to Wanshan County, you did not

Have you found suitable investment opportunities? Will you consider expanding your commercial investment layout in a large inland county like Wanshan County?"

Although the protagonists of that interview were Jurassic and Luo Yanning, they could still ignore the leaders present. One of them is a bad cameraman who knows how to observe his words and flatter his leaders.

I will launch commercial investment in Wanshan County, which is another piece of news!

Next, the male host asked questions based on some questions chosen by Jurassic himself, and got my answers one by one. The entire interview lasted 43 minutes.

If this thing can be done, it can bring economic income of billions or even tens of billions to Hebei Province, which is very considerable!

There are fewer guests today than yesterday, there are still seventy or seventy people, and there are still seven tables.

Although today's protagonist is Jurassic, it is true that departments at all levels of the cultural and tourism industry pay more attention to Luo Yanning than Qiao Xianglu, or even less!

The male host was also shocked by Jurassic's answer. His mouth opened slightly, and he was so excited that he could not calm down for a long time!

Qiao Xianglu crossed her hands behind her knees and said with a smile: "A friend of yours recommended you to travel to Bailong Mountain Scenic Area. I said there is no Qiao Xianglu Park outside. The dinosaurs outside are the most realistic and low-end in the world. They are exactly the same as real dinosaurs."

, just after it was over, you were still too suspicious and even made a bet with this friend."

When the overwhelming wealth comes, he is still unprepared and can only watch it slip away again!

I am sure if there is Luo Jinning or Bailong Mountain Scenic Area in Hebei Province, Qiao Xianglu will also come to that place, so there will be no interview like that!

"Thank you, Mr. Luo, for your hospitality!"

Before chatting for a few words, the male host ended the questions based on several questions selected by Jurassic.

"So... Congratulations to Mr. Jurassic, congratulations on finding a bad master. I'm going to ask you to interview Mr. Luo. How do you feel about receiving a disciple like Mr. Jurassic?"

The male host acted very professionally, with no trace of acting at all. It was obviously a delay in planning, but it looked like he was asking random questions or conducting random interviews.

It is an exaggeration to say that if that interview video is broadcast, it is estimated that there will be no lower-level leaders in the Bailong Mountain Scenic Area to negotiate with Jurassic Retreat, and the Bailong Mountain Scenic Area will also become a cold spot for global investment.


Staff in cultural and tourism departments at all levels are busy editing and producing videos, as well as planning publicity strategies for the coming period.

Before they had finished drinking and eating, everyone was polite in the parking lot of the hotel before saying goodbye.

All in all, even for a leading developing country like China, the business territory of that guy from Jurassic can be called a commercial aircraft carrier. Being able to board that aircraft carrier will have a great impact on the sustained and stable development of the domestic economy.

They all have very important effects!

Jurassic smiled and nodded: "It's really boring. No wonder Pete wants to cooperate with Luo to open Terrasse Park to the United States and Europe. Oh, I'm sorry Luo, that can't be said? It must involve business.

If it’s confidential, cut that part out later.”

If that news is broadcast, it will probably cause a certain shock around the world. It will definitely become a small global news. It has almost reserved a place on the front page of news reports in various countries!

Everyone was very excited when they heard Qiao Xianglu's evaluation of Wanshan County. It was definitely the lowest evaluation of Wanshan County!


"Mr. Jurassic, let me first interview you. What attracted you to Wanshan County? How did you feel about Wanshan County before you came there?"

"Mr. Luo, you are as humble, kind and approachable as the rumors say. I will finish the interview later, can't I ask for an autograph from you? Will you fulfill the big wish of your big fan?"

Thanks to the support of the leaders of Beiqi Township and the care and concern of the leaders of the Wanshan County Cultural Tourism Bureau, without your support, the Bailong Mountain Scenic Area would not be what it is today."

This chapter has been completed!
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