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My scenic spot is a hit

My scenic spot is a hit

author:Eating lotus root will make you ugly

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:04-19 20:16

Latest chapter:Chapter 923 Fierce battle!

From an unknown scenic spot on the 28th line that is about to close down, to a world-renowned online celebrity travel check-in place. Starting with the scenic spots with various attributes rewarded by the [Super Scenic Spot System]. [Bixia Yuanjun Niangniang Temple] building Attribute 1: Gong Xi Fa Cai. (Every tourist who checks in to the Empress Temple will bring at least 100 yuan in cash rewards to the host. The amount of critical strikes is random, with an upper limit of 100 million.) Building attribute 2: Sincerity leads to spirit. (The system will feel The sincerity of the worshipers, and give the worshipers a 10%~100% pregnancy/conception rate.) [Peach Blossom Island] attribute 1: sense of direction - 100%. Attribute 2: attracting bees and butterflies. (Summon and communicate within 2 kilometers Bees and butterflies inside.) [Panlong Dao]: Attribute 1: Life Comprehension 30% Attribute 2: Constitution 1%, upper limit 20%. (The host has no upper limit

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《My scenic spot is a hit》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 923 Fierce battle!
Chapter 922 New opponent!
Chapter 921 Special Mission [Purge 3!]
Chapter 920 Bering Strait, flight restricted area!
Chapter 919 Air rescue!
Chapter 918 Unlock the ability to fly!
Chapter 917 A glimmer of hope in the air crash!
Chapter 916 Set off!
Chapter 915 Zhang Qian’s suitor!
《My scenic spot is a hit》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 A scenic spot on the verge of bankruptcy!
Chapter 2 Super Scenic Spot System!
Chapter 3 S-level system attractions!
Chapter 4 Mirror construction!
Chapter 5 Intangible rewards for loyal employees!
Chapter 6 Now and then!
Chapter 7 The difference between traveling and going to the grave!
Chapter 8 Beiyuanjun, Nanmazu!
Chapter 9 The first wave of tool people came to punch in!
Chapter 10 A new high, 200,000 daily income!
Chapter 11 Thinking about money is crazy!
Chapter 12 China's good buddies!
Chapter 13 People are still addicted to vegetables!
Chapter 14 Pretend without a trace!
Chapter 15 The end of medicine is theology!
Chapter 16 Kind-hearted and good-hearted!
Chapter 17 The Gratitude Feedback Event Begins!
Chapter 18 Daily income exceeds 100,000 again!
Chapter 19 The clown is actually me!
Chapter 20 A sudden kiss!
Chapter 21 Recruit new employees!
Chapter 22 Ten out of ten!
Chapter 23 Zhang Banxian yyds!
Chapter 24 Abandoning Wife and Son to Beside Rich Woman!
Chapter 25 The car was hit by a female driver!
Chapter 26 Feng Shui takes turns!
Chapter 27 Forced to open business!
Chapter 28 Recruit 10 more employees!
Chapter 29 Heilongshan Nursing Home!
Chapter 30 Walking hormones!
Chapter 31 Set a small goal and earn him 100 million!
Chapter 32 Dumpling Restaurant Opens!
Chapter 33 5A Scenic Spot, Childhood Vision!
Chapter 34 Linked Infertility Hospital!
Chapter 35 Everything can be marketed!
Chapter 36 Medicine is the main, theology is supplemented!
Chapter 37 Initial results!
Chapter 38 It feels right!
Chapter 39 The lion speaks loudly!
Chapter 40 National Anti-Fraud Center!
Chapter 41 Another member of the publicity specialist!
Chapter 42 Don't forget the well digger!
Chapter 43 Develop quietly!
Chapter 44 Isn't it 200,000!
Chapter 45 Reasons to eat rice +1!
Chapter 46 Trigger special missions!
Chapter 47 Everything is for system tasks!
Chapter 48 The car is a man's wife!
Chapter 49 The brainstorming meeting!
Chapter 50 A loving plan!
Chapter 51 Unlock the skill [Water Control]!
Chapter 52 The Law of True Fragrance!
Chapter 53 Crouching dragon and phoenix chick!
Chapter 54 All the drunkards are drunk!
Chapter 55 There are people outside!
Chapter 56 The Legend of Black Dragon Mountain!
Chapter 57 A new high, 2 million daily income!
Chapter 58
Chapter 59 Money is hard to buy, I like it!
Chapter 60 Girlfriend from nowhere!
Chapter 61 CP is locked!
Chapter 62 I am superficial!
Chapter 63 Operation Autumn Harvest!
Chapter 64 The boss is playing a big game of chess!
Chapter 65 Lele alone is not as good as everyone!
Chapter 66 Index Five Stars!
Chapter 67 Our scenic spot is on fire!
Chapter 68 Tourists come in droves!
Chapter 69 Daily income breaks one million again!
Chapter 70 Tea is not cold when people leave!
Chapter 71 Roll Up!
Chapter 72 Tenants who come to the door on their own initiative!
Chapter 73 The legendary scroll king!
Chapter 74 Missing a Mermaid!
Chapter 75 Give away everything that should be delivered!
Chapter 76 Peers are enemies!
Chapter 77 Forced by the assistant to open the room!
Chapter 78 Don't we sleep together?
Chapter 79 Fatty's troubles!
Chapter 80 Forced to be a good person!
Chapter 81 Call for Papers!
Chapter 82 Laziness is the driving force for progress!
Chapter 83 The Marketing Manager is in place!
Chapter 84 Fool's Mission!
Chapter 85 Get through the Black Dragon Waterfall!
Chapter 86 Lu Xun really said it!
Chapter 87 Rich is Dad!
Chapter 88 The darkness of the Mingxiu plank road is Chencang!
Chapter 89 Don't Blow White, Don't Blow!
Chapter 90 President Luo's Charm! (2 in 1 chapter)
Chapter 91 Expose the name of this scenic spot! (2 in 1 chapter
Chapter 92 The famous scene of Teacher Meng!
Chapter 93 The first system task is complete!
Chapter 94 SS-level new attractions!
Chapter 95 Sister-in-law's troubles!
Chapter 96 Qiao fuck open the door for Qiao!
Chapter 97 Another sister-in-law's troubles!
Chapter 98 Don't leave a name for good deeds!
Chapter 99 It's not just prostitutes, let's post it!
Chapter 100 Gratitude and Feedback Activity Version 2.0!
Chapter 101 Trigger the special mission again!
Chapter 102 Unlock new skills, attract bees and butterflies!
Chapter 103 The Peach Blossom Island project starts!
Chapter 104 Face the bees!
Chapter 105 Hidden merit and fame!
Chapter 106 Severe medicines are given! (2 in 1 chapter
Chapter 107 Another SS-level attraction! (2 in 1 chapter
Chapter 108 The first experience of Yujingxuan!
Chapter 109 Four birds with one arrow!
Chapter 110 An advertisement for a meal in the toilet!
Chapter 111 My Boss Doesn't Love Money!
Chapter 112 Drilling the loopholes in the system!
Chapter 113 The big guy who opened the red flag L5!
Chapter 114 Young man, are you polite!
Chapter 115 The Three British Fight against Lu Bu!.)
Chapter 116 Money spent is money! .)
Chapter 117 The people are blocking the way!.)
Chapter 118 The golden hoop is hard to sweep the world!.)
Chapter 119 You block my way, I cut your water!.)
Chapter 120 Did I Scroll Today? (2 in 1 chapter.)
Chapter 121 Pinduoduo in the tourism industry! (3 in 1 chapter
Chapter 122 Social Brother and Pretending Sister! (3 in 1 chapter)
Chapter 123 Customize the Black Dragon Card!
Chapter 124 This is a trouble shooting system!
Chapter 125 Angry blood!
Chapter 126 The Black Dragon Card is officially launched!
Chapter 127 Some people are happy and some are sad!
Chapter 128 Earn 10 million a day!
Chapter 129 Confirmed Eyes!
Chapter 130 Rumors originate from conspirators and flourish from fools!
Chapter 131 You treat, I pay!
Chapter 132 Rectify Luo Zhiqiang!
Chapter 133 Rain and dew are covered!
Chapter 134 The effect is remarkable, the progress is accelerated!
Chapter 135 The boss is too smart!
Chapter 136 Offending someone who shouldn't be offended!
Chapter 137 The boss's little secret!
Chapter 138 Save 10 million by the way!
Chapter 139 Mission Completed!
Chapter 140 Unlock new attractions, the Wishing Pool!
Chapter 141 The price of world peace!
Chapter 142 The prototype of the wishing pool girl!
Chapter 143 The first experience of the wishing pool!
Chapter 144 How can this Nima play!
Chapter 145 Planning the Landscape Avenue!
Chapter 146 The hidden dragon is in the abyss!
Chapter 147 Chicken soup is not poured for nothing!.)
Chapter 148 Give you a suite!.)
Chapter 149 Love is a light, so green that you panic!.)
Chapter 150 Sky-high mattress!.)
Chapter 151 Is this what I can feel?
Chapter 152 Trigger a new special mission!.)
Chapter 153 True Treasure Girl!
Chapter 154 Really an inch of time and an inch of gold!.)
Chapter 155 This is too arrogant!
Chapter 156 One-day tour of the Black Dragon Mountain Scenic Area!
Chapter 157 The hope of the whole village!.)
Chapter 158 Impulsive consumption of 1.5 million!
Chapter 159 Unlock New Skills [One Benefit]!
Chapter 160 Malicious salary increase?
Chapter 161 A Benefit Skill Takes Effect!
Chapter 162 I have a friend.
Chapter 163 Brotherhood 3!
Chapter 164 Create conditions without conditions!
Chapter 165 The bad move of Baiyun Mountain Scenic Spot!
Chapter 166 The crying child has milk to eat! (Happy New Year's Eve
Chapter 167 Wind turbines! (Happy New Year!)
Chapter 168 Coming and not being indecent!
Chapter 169 The thunder of the sky stirs the fire!
Chapter 170 New skills, [one-hundred responses]!
Chapter 171 I want to be a godfather!
Chapter 172 The legendary flash marriage!
Chapter 173 The collapse of adults is in an instant!
Chapter 174 How can you lower the price casually!
Chapter 175 Kill three birds with one stone!
Chapter 176 The cat-hunting notice!
Chapter 177 Hurry up and call the police!
Chapter 178 It's still good for Vice President Shui to speak!
Chapter 179 What is rich and powerful?
Chapter 180 Invite guests!
Chapter 181 My boss Luo is amazing!
Chapter 182 The peach tree that can flirt with girls!.)
Chapter 183 You Licking Tree!
Chapter 184 Contribute to Rural Education!
Chapter 185 The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility!
Chapter 186 Peach Blossom Island is out of the circle!
Chapter 187: Lin Suqing, please
Chapter 188 New task brush
Chapter 189 The vulnerability was patched by the system!
Chapter 190 All challenges failed!
Chapter 191 Reversing the form!
Chapter 192 Shui Miaomiao's best friend wants to dig a foot in the wall!
Chapter 193 From the end of the crane to the head!
Chapter 194 The image spokesperson of the scenic spot!
Chapter 195 Unlock new skills [ingenuity]!
Chapter 196 Establish a new department, the manual department!
Chapter 197 Boss Luo!
Chapter 198 The hand speed of being single for 28 years is not as fast as Mr. Luo!
Chapter 199 The scenic spot has been hacked!
Chapter 200 Hard Black and Advanced Black!
Chapter 201 Those who come are not good and those who are not good will not come!
Chapter 202 What kind of hatred, what kind of hatred!
Chapter 203 Lucky Draw [Delicious Restaurant]!
Chapter 204 The perfect solution!
Chapter 205 Self-taught Boss Luo!
Chapter 206 The boss is really a treasure boy!
Chapter 207 Watching the fun is not too big of a deal!
Chapter 208 One stone creates a thousand waves!
Chapter 209 Recruiting the Queen's Anchor!
Chapter 210 Kindness of the County Cultural Bureau!
Chapter 211 I really don't want to be an internet celebrity!
Chapter 212 This person can handle it!
Chapter 213 Someone pretended to be a big one!
Chapter 214 Special quest [Passing on the Fire]!
Chapter 215 The first lesson!
Chapter 216 Grandma's illness!
Chapter 217 Can't eat grapes and say grapes are sour!
Chapter 218 The nephew is so authentic!
Chapter 219 The success rate of the operation is prompted to 100%!
Chapter 220 Please take your place!
Chapter 221 Fertilizer water does not flow to outsiders' fields!
Chapter 222 The operation was successful!
Chapter 223 The delicious restaurant is completed!
Chapter 224 Emergency!
Chapter 225 New skills in the lottery!
Chapter 226 Helping good buddies!
Chapter 227 The ceiling of the dumpling world!
Chapter 228 The mysterious pastry master!
Chapter 229 Support and Platform!
Chapter 230 When did you learn to cook?
Chapter 231 The price is far from the original price!
Chapter 232 The famous scene of the old woman reappears!
Chapter 233 You are jealous of the boss's good looks!
Chapter 234 I feel targeted!
Chapter 235 Digging the Wall!
Chapter 236 Hard corners that can't be digged!
Chapter 237 Everyone who should come is here!
Chapter 238 Hidden quest [All expectations]!
Chapter 239 Lottery SSSS-level super attraction!
Chapter 240 True youth forever!
Chapter 241 You can go home!
Chapter 242 Don't leave a name for good deeds!
Chapter 243 There are pictures!
Chapter 244 The mission of the Cultural Bureau to help farmers!
Chapter 245 The task of helping farmers has been successfully completed!
Chapter 246 Bad luck only finds the poor!
Chapter 247 Luo's Sublime Quality!
Chapter 248 Special task [Plan for a rainy day 2]!
Chapter 249 Big action in the scenic spot!
Chapter 250 The Road Killer Female Driver!
Chapter 251 There is no harm without comparison!
Chapter 252 The Golden Scales Are In The Pool!
Chapter 253 I was cut off!
Chapter 254 New attractions in the lottery!
Chapter 255 A day full of European energy!
Chapter 256 The low-key Buddhist youth!
Chapter 257 The most handsome uncle in the world!
Chapter 258 Trigger a special mission [Fan Raising Maniac]!
Chapter 259 The stunned crowd eating melons!
Chapter 260 The King of Black Dragon Mountain!
Chapter 261 Pretending to be X is not the opposite!
Chapter 262 The urge to promise each other!
Chapter 263 The old classmate's way is a bit wild!
Chapter 264 Treasure UP Master!
Chapter 265 [The Fountain of Life] Completed!
Chapter 266 Somewhat unsuitable for children!
Chapter 267 The guinea pig who tried to drink the [Fountain of Life]!
Chapter 268 I am snowing in the northern sun!
Chapter 269 A Beautiful Uppercut!
Chapter 270 Small video and small composition!
Chapter 271 Gaining more help and losing less help!
Chapter 272 Please don't insult my personality!
Chapter 273 I just like the truth!
Chapter 274 Catch all the rumour-mongers!
Chapter 275 Don't be afraid to spend more money!
Chapter 276 How good are you!
Chapter 277 Sibling Love!
Chapter 278 A thousand cups are few when you meet your confidant!
Chapter 279 Don't want to leave without sworn to me!
Chapter 280 A Terrible First Impression!
Chapter 281 Stunned by President Luo's shamelessness!
Chapter 282 Be Prepared!
Chapter 283: The Son of Luck!
Chapter 284 A Liar Without Limits!
Chapter 285 There is no harm without comparison!
Chapter 286 He Can Magic!
Chapter 287 Temporary attractions, McLaren P1!
Chapter 288 Good water and good food!
Chapter 289 Your price is too low!
Chapter 290 Won't your conscience hurt!
Chapter 291 Luo Yuning's First Batch of NC Fans!
Chapter 292 Do you call this stingy?
Chapter 293 TO-level high-end bottled water!
Chapter 294 Heart of Compassion.
Chapter 295 Special mission [Legend of Fire 2]!
Chapter 296 This is magic!
Chapter 297 A bucket of water costs 4,000 yuan!
Chapter 298 The first big customer!
Chapter 299 The video explodes again!
Chapter 300 Recognized by fans!
Chapter 301 A meal of sheep soup for a painting!
Chapter 302 200,000 for a painting!
Chapter 303 Special quest [Things for talent]!
Chapter 304 Whoever pleases the eye can be the leader!
Chapter 305 This nephew is not in vain!
Chapter 306 The new department is established!
Chapter 307 The third video has officially started filming!
Chapter 308 The ceiling of the snowman!
Chapter 309 A big star has come to the scenic spot!
Chapter 310: No Sister Li!
Chapter 311 What kind of hand speed is this!
Chapter 312 Special reward, system-level Wing Chun!
Chapter 313 I was so scared!
Chapter 314 Kung Fu Tea is a Waste of Kung Fu!
Chapter 315 Falling flowers are intentional, flowing water is affectionate!
Chapter 316 True Destiny!
Chapter 317 The last thing to be afraid of is to compare goods!
Chapter 318 Change the way of cooperation!
Chapter 319 Fantasy linkage!
Chapter 320 There is no happiness without comparison!
Chapter 321 Materials delivered to your door!
Chapter 322 You're Hidden Deeply!
Chapter 323 Looking too insecure!
Chapter 324 The showdown between the fanatics!
Chapter 325 Who dares to say that Wing Chun is a sleight of hand in the future!
Chapter 326: Let's listen to the teacher first!
Chapter 327 The Magical Use of Heilong Mountain Spring!
Chapter 328 Visit the factory!
Chapter 329 The truth of the medical miracle!
Chapter 330 The video explodes again!
Chapter 331 Ask Li Guohua if you are indecisive!
Chapter 332 This line of water is too deep, you can't hold it!
Chapter 333 The more active, the more passive!
Chapter 334 I Will Be Your NC Fan For Life!
Chapter 335 Realistic Magicism!
Chapter 336 The pride of the whole village!
Chapter 337 Special task, save money and avoid disaster!
Chapter 338 Quest Reward [Panlong Road] Blueprint!
Chapter 339 Life Insight +100%!
Chapter 340 The irreplaceable Black Dragon Spring!
Chapter 341 Luo Yuning's status in the rivers and lakes!
Chapter 342 Invest in B{xml}Bs!
Chapter 343 God is chasing after feeding!
Chapter 344 Destiny to meet, to meet by fate!
Chapter 345 Absolutely Acting!
Chapter 346 Delicious Food Co., Ltd.!
Chapter 347 The sweet pastry in the blind date market!
Chapter 348 Fairness and selflessness!
Chapter 349 Help the poor!
Chapter 350 The scenic spots in the world are generally dark!
Chapter 351 Fighting fakes and putting myself in!
Chapter 352 Pity each other!
Chapter 353 System-level makeup technology!
Chapter 354 Unpacking Cullinan!
Chapter 355 The automatic avoidance attribute of luxury cars!
Chapter 356 Condolences!
Chapter 357 Climbing high branches!
Chapter 358 Shen Xueli's Little Secret!
Chapter 359 The number of fans exceeds one million!
Chapter 360 Pick up the big star!
Chapter 361 Confused attribute points are full!
Chapter 362 He Really Knows Wing Chun!
Chapter 363 The local tyrant couple comes to repay their wishes!
Chapter 364 I am superficial!
Chapter 365 This is too sudden!
Chapter 366 I didn't expect you to be a Celestial Master!
Chapter 367 Scientology VS Theology!
Chapter 368 I can do it too!
Chapter 369 The beauty is in her arms!
Chapter 370 You are too Versailles!
Chapter 371 Black Dragon Mountain Primary School!
Chapter 372 Special tourist souvenirs!
Chapter 373 !
Chapter 374 The agency of Heilong Mountain Spring!
Chapter 375 Hold the Junior Brother's Thigh!
Chapter 376 Save me!
Chapter 377 Talking Hearts!
Chapter 378 Quit the entertainment industry!
Chapter 379 When did you become Teacher Luo!
Chapter 380 The Price!
Chapter 381 Digging the Wall!
Chapter 382 Open a gallery!
Chapter 383 Suspected car without evidence!
Chapter 384 Confident men are the most attractive!
Chapter 385 Happy little apprentice!
Chapter 386 Unique souvenirs in the world!
Chapter 387: Once you see it, you will learn it and you will lose it!
Chapter 388 What a straight man of steel!
Chapter 389 Special mission [respect teachers and teach]!
Chapter 390 The first Internet celebrity in Wanshan County!
Chapter 391 Special Mission [Treasure Girl]!
Chapter 392 This completes the mission?
Chapter 393 The Great Writer!
Chapter 394 The first meeting!
Chapter 395 The scenic spot is in trouble!
Chapter 396 Found the den of thieves!
Chapter 397 Construction drawings of the cozy house!
Chapter 398 Randomly generate drawings again!
Chapter 399 Approaching Unscientific!
Chapter 400 Pleading!
Chapter 401 Night Watch Security Team!
Chapter 402 The scene of spreading dog food in seconds!
Chapter 403 The first art class!
Chapter 404 Punishment Decision!
Chapter 405 Special mission
Chapter 406 The world of high-end customers!
Chapter 407 The boss, the staff
Chapter 408 A special door-to-door gift!
Chapter 409 You call this a hobby?
Chapter 410 Cooperation!
Chapter 411 Physique +1!
Chapter 412 This scenic spot is too good!
Chapter 413 Sister Ding, I don't want to work hard!
Chapter 414 [Character Card]!
Chapter 415 Professional people do professional things!
Chapter 416 The first experience of the cozy cabin!
Chapter 417: Batch Generate Warm Cottage Drawings!
Chapter 418 The third resident of the cozy cottage!
Chapter 419 I'm with you for 10 million!
Chapter 420 Your friend is quite powerful!
Chapter 421 Sour, really sour!
Chapter 422 The relationship between the locomotive and the rails!
Chapter 423 The blood is gone!
Chapter 424 Kung Fu Master, Chairman Zhao!
Chapter 425 Learn the arts of literature and martial arts, goods and the emperor's family!
Chapter 426 The pattern is opened!
Chapter 427 Everyone rolls together!
Chapter 428 The mother is more expensive than the child!
Chapter 429 Sanda VS Wing Chun!
Chapter 430 The whole person is numb!
Chapter 431 A confidant is rare in life!
Chapter 432 Special mission [Rising Star]!
Chapter 433 The bar scene!
Chapter 434 I'll buy as much as you drink!
Chapter 435 Wine: Are you polite!
Chapter 436 There is no one before and no one hereafter!
Chapter 437 Whoever sees it has a share!
Chapter 438 The stunt of passing on men but not women!
Chapter 439 Terminate the contract!
Chapter 440 I will solve it for you!
Chapter 441 Just out of the wolf's den and into the tiger's mouth!
Chapter 442 Gain status【Intense momentum】!
Chapter 443 This Is Too Vigorous!
Chapter 444 This Is Too Fake!
Chapter 445 Isn't this material already there!
Chapter 446: Liu Hu Who Was Ordered!
Chapter 447 Cat and mouse!
Chapter 448 Xu Kejing's death scene!
Chapter 449 Dream linkage!
Chapter 450 Start worrying about his opponent!
Chapter 451 A bold money-making plan!
Chapter 452 Encounter unexpectedly!
Chapter 453 Sudden Feeling Sour!
Chapter 454 Seriously Underestimated!
Chapter 455 The Clown Is Actually Myself!
Chapter 456 It's better to be alone than to be happy together!
Chapter 457 Let the big bosses look up to you!
Chapter 458 What's the use of being handsome!
Chapter 459 The game time is over!
Chapter 460 10 Years Less Struggle!
Chapter 461 Special Mission【Show your sharpness】!
Chapter 462 A single lottery ticket worth over 100 million yuan!
Chapter 463 Could it be my Welfare Bureau?
Chapter 464: I'm Too Narrow-minded!
Chapter 465 I have made this friend!
Chapter 466 The Fourth Round of Lottery!
Chapter 467 Break the record again!
Chapter 468: A Powerful Punch!
Chapter 469 You Are My God!
Chapter 470 Please give up!
Chapter 471 Head-on!
Chapter 472 Happy to mention a new apprentice!
Chapter 473 My junior brother is a genius!
Chapter 474 Pure Friendship!
Chapter 475 Is it my illusion?
Chapter 476: The Law of the Dark Forest among Sects!
Chapter 477: No reward for no merit!
Chapter 478: God's will in the dark!
Chapter 479 Don't even know it was sold!
Chapter 480: Unconscious!
Chapter 481 Unexpectedly, you are also a warm-hearted person!
Chapter 484 Similar cases!
Chapter 483 Don't eat any meat brought to your mouth!
Chapter 484 Arriving in Beijing!
Chapter 487 Family Harmony Prospers!
Chapter 488 Luo Ying Visits!
Chapter 489 Resolute behavior style!
Chapter 490 Live in the present!
Chapter 489 Thought it was a medical dispute!
Chapter 492 Awakening!
Chapter 493 A role model for contemporary youth!
Chapter 492 New World!
Chapter 495 Treating Guests to Dinner!
Chapter 494: One person is one person, one pig is a pig!
Chapter 495 A Failed Supervisor!
Chapter 496 A Special Gift!
Chapter 497 There are more good people in the world!
Chapter 498 Mom's Difficulties!
Chapter 499: 100 million retirement funds!
Chapter 500 He is handsome again!
Chapter 501 Take the flight directly! (I wish everyone a happy Chinese New Year and all the best!)
Chapter 502: That Time, That Scene!
Chapter 503 No matter how much money you give!
Chapter 504 Smoke rises from the ancestral grave!
Chapter 505 Break up meal.
Chapter 506 Won't Your Conscience Hurt!
Chapter 507 Envious!
Chapter 510 Gossip!
Chapter 511 I'm Not Dreaming!
Chapter 510 Classmate Meets Classmate!
Chapter 513 Retire early!
Chapter 512 I'm Just Playing!
Chapter 515 Friendship lasts forever!
Chapter 516 I Know His Dad!
Chapter 517 Apprenticeship process!
Chapter 516 A handsome and temperamental guest!
Chapter 517 Special Mission [Blockbuster]!
Chapter 518 There are people beyond people, and there is a sky beyond the sky!
Chapter 519 Everyone is mortal, sooner or later!
Chapter 520 Concert!
Chapter 523 Come on girl!
Chapter 524 System-level sculpture skills!
Chapter 525 Legendary Character!
Chapter 526 A Heavy Snow!
Chapter 527 Am I embarrassing the Chinese?
Chapter 528 Salted Fish Master!
Chapter 529 Peers with the same name and surname!
Chapter 530: A Relic of the Sea!
Chapter 529 Special Mission [Rise to Fame 1]!
Chapter 530 Let's Watch Master Luo Next!
Chapter 531 Yang Family Hot Pot!
Chapter 532 Breakfast for a month!
Chapter 535 Delicate Charcoal Red Hearth Furnace!
Chapter 536 Bad news!
Chapter 537 Trigger two special missions at once!
Chapter 538 What an enmity!
Chapter 539 Heaven and man are separated forever!
Chapter 540 Big Backer!
Chapter 541 Pick a house!
Chapter 542 The Best Weapon!
Chapter 541 Completing a mission inexplicably!
Chapter 544 Steal half a day's leisure from floating life!
Chapter 545 The urge to cry!
Chapter 546 My backer has become someone else's licking dog!
Chapter 547: Enlightenment!
Chapter 548 A special mission has been triggered again?
Chapter 549: Long way to go!
Chapter 550 Poor and Ambitious! Thank You Lighter Than a Feather
Chapter 551 Buy a car!
Chapter 552 Let me open an order for you!
Chapter 553 Prepare to watch a play!
Chapter 554 You are cheating!
Chapter 555 Conflict and Lonely!
Chapter 556: What Are You Afraid Of?!
Chapter 557 Today's dinner is amazing!
Chapter 558: Lucky Draw!
Chapter 559 Feed a Mouth of Dog Food!
Chapter 560 You Are Our Pride!
Chapter 561 Fandom 2!
Chapter 562 Unexpected situation at the concert!
Chapter 563 Choose a song!
Chapter 564 Dreams are always there!
Chapter 565: A Hundred Years of Solitude!
Chapter 566 What's the big deal?
Chapter 567 First appearance.
Chapter 568 The Curtain Ends Perfectly!
Chapter 569 Disguise!
Chapter 570 Four Women in One Drama!
Chapter 571: Being Followed!
Chapter 572 Difficult to enter, even harder to exit!
Chapter 573 Don't like being taken advantage of!
Chapter 574 The annual salary is 12 million, I invite you to be a bodyguard!
Chapter 575 Female Bodyguard!
Chapter 576 Straight Man of Steel Tag!
Chapter 577: Wang Zha Slapped His Face!
Chapter 578 Jiajie is wise and powerful!
Chapter 579 Fighting in martial arts!
Chapter 580 Feeling Void!
Chapter 581 Listening to Jun's words is better than ten years of practice!
Chapter 582 Barbecue Freedom!
Chapter 583 Just for peace of mind!
Chapter 584 Heart-pounding effect!
Chapter 585 Do You Like Me?
Chapter 586 Your family is all good!
Chapter 587 The sour smell of love!
Chapter 588 Fighting in martial arts, lightning five consecutive whips!
Chapter 589: Using Dreams as Horses, Living Up to Your Youth!
Chapter 590 Making money is easier than breathing!
Chapter 591 You are the most beautiful in my heart!
Chapter 592 'I'm Really Not a Big Star'!
Chapter 593 Chapter 591: Making pornographic rumors!
Chapter 594 The strongest UP master of BL station!
Chapter 595 Brother Ning's failure to be popular is unreasonable!
Chapter 596 Lottery drawing skills [Lingbo Weibu]!
Chapter 597 Sprinkle dog food along the phone line!
Chapter 598 [Fan Rising Demon 3]!
Chapter 599: Maxima Running Group!
Chapter 600 Run away that kid!
Chapter 601: Someone Else Runs First and Collapses!
Chapter 602
Chapter 603 Look at me again and I have pink eye!
Chapter 604 The layout is opened at once!
Chapter 605 It's Not Love Words, But It's Better Than Love Words!
Chapter 606 Headlines again?
Chapter 607 The consequences are a bit serious!
Chapter 608 What kind of genius are you!
Chapter 609 Don't listen to the old man's words, you will suffer in front of your eyes!
Chapter 610 Special mission national honor!
Chapter 611 I am painting the Great Wall on the Great Wall!
Chapter 612 An hourly salary of 600,000?
Chapter 613 Meeting an old friend by chance!
Chapter 614: A Shangfang Sword!
Chapter 615 Jiajing Pure Wine!
Chapter 616 I don't want to be a fool here!
Chapter 617 Visiting Shang Lao!
Chapter 618 I am the real person!
Chapter 619 Respecting Fate
Chapter 620 Call Auntie!
Chapter 621 It's Hard To Be Popular!
Chapter 622 The seniority is completely messed up!
Chapter 623 Xiong Lingyun subdued!
Chapter 624 Impulsive consumption of 600 million!
Chapter 625 A Treasure Land!
Chapter 626 Clarify the video!
Chapter 627 I'm here to win the championship!
Chapter 628 This brother knows marketing!
Chapter 629 The most satisfying meal of dog food!
Chapter 630 Witness to History!
Chapter 631 The most humble UP master!
Chapter 632 A live broadcast earns tens of millions!
Chapter 631: Global Hot Discussion!
Chapter 632 Humans have no limits!
Chapter 633 A highly targeted persuasion plan!
Chapter 634 Global Spokesperson!
Chapter 635 How dare you ask for it!
Chapter 636 On Fire!
Chapter 637 Special Mission【Race against time】!
Chapter 638 You Are a Superhero!
Chapter 639 The reason why I like Luo Yuning!
Chapter 640 I should be under the car
Chapter 641 Hmph, man!
Chapter 642 Lottery drawing skills 【Make money properly】!
Chapter 643 [Sea of Clouds Weather] Attractions!
Chapter 644: Someone Really Can Hit Ten!
Chapter 645 I have been practicing martial arts since I was 6 years old!
Chapter 646 I love you!
Chapter 647 No sleep tonight!
Chapter 648 Special Mission【A Friend in Adversity】!
Chapter 649 I, Luo Rongning, are back!
Chapter 649 I, Luo Rongning, are back!
Chapter 650 It's better to use your own scenic spot!
Chapter 650 It's better to use your own scenic spot!
Chapter 651
Chapter 652 Shen Xueli's Purchase Request Plan
Chapter 653 The posture of spending money like water is so handsome!
Chapter 654 [System Level Basketball Skills]
Chapter 655 Not playing in the NBA is too inferior
Chapter 656 Dinner at a Delicious Restaurant!
Chapter 657 Do You Like My Sister?
Chapter 658: The Beginning of the Price Increase
Chapter 659 Shopping Frenzy
Chapter 660 Grandma's Meeting Ceremony
Chapter 661 Ten times the salary
Chapter 662 Bingbing is Coming!
Chapter 663 The Boss Is a Person with Upright Views!
Chapter 664 Over 30 Online Dating Experiences!
Chapter 665 Quickly bless me!
Chapter 666: The First Experience of the Black Dragon Mountain Scenic Area
Chapter 667 The First Big Donor!
Chapter 668 It's a dragon, you have to coil it for me!
Chapter 669 Unsubscription wave!
Chapter 670 Give President Dong a million points of shock!
Chapter 671 Special Missions, All Roads Lead to Scenic Spots
Chapter 672 Mr. Luo, I Love You
Chapter 673
Chapter 674 You are not authentic!
Chapter 675 Special Mission 【Punish Dissenters】!
Chapter 676 [Wonderful Hand Rejuvenation] Skills!
Chapter 677 Three little mice!
Chapter 678 Demonstrate a unique skill!
Chapter 679: Variations in Life!
Chapter 680 Enchanting Attributes?
Chapter 681 Gather together!
Chapter 682 Do you believe in Buddhism?
Chapter 683 Pigeon Egg Diamond Ring!
Chapter 684 Tired and Not in Love!
Chapter 685 Warm Invitation!
Chapter 686 Carrian Hotel!
Chapter 687 The ugly daughter-in-law meets her in-laws!
Chapter 688 Want to Change to Big House!
Chapter 689 [Donor] Chrissie Zhou!
Chapter 690 The idea of forming a club!
Chapter 691 Receiving a big star!
Chapter 692 What big move does your scenic spot have!
Chapter 693: They Are All Joyful People Who Pick Things Up!
Chapter 694 A Promise!
Chapter 695 Sudden situation on the mountain road!
Chapter 696 Special Mission [Hanging Pot to Help the World]!
Chapter 697 Recruiting troops!
Chapter 698 Different Choices!
Chapter 699 Jiang Yi's Choice!
Chapter 700 Recruitment is in progress!
Chapter 701: Lottery drawing skills [green out of blue]!
Chapter 702 Learning comes trueTai Chi!
Chapter 703 Am I Proud?
Chapter 704 Plowing and Harvesting!
Chapter 705: Everyone Understands!
Chapter 706 The opening ceremony of Jia Ning Hotel!
Chapter 707 Special Mission [Guangsha Tens of Millions]!
Chapter 708 Lottery Skill [Heat Vision]!
Chapter 709 Start the construction of [Space-time Tunnel]!
Chapter 710: Study now and teach disciples now!
Chapter 711 Beast attack incident!
Chapter 712 A sign of the end?
Chapter 713 Conflict in the parking lot!
Chapter 714 Lottery skills [Create something out of nothing]!
Chapter 715 A plan to make money!
Chapter 716 Joining the Academy of Fine Arts!
Chapter 717 How to lose when flying dragon rides on the face?
Chapter 718 Special Mission [Famous]!
Chapter 719 An unexpected situation!
Chapter 720 The mysterious old man!
Chapter 721 A meeting gift for everyone!
Chapter 722 300 rounds of battle!
Chapter 723 Thankless!
Chapter 724 Calculating the year-end bonus!
Chapter 725 Planning a marathon!
Chapter 726 You can be brave for the boss!
Chapter 727 [Time and Space Tunnel] First experience!
Chapter 728 Dead Zone!
Chapter 729 Explode the troops!
Chapter 730 Lottery Skill [Fusion]!
Chapter 731 There is a Loli named Luo Li!
Chapter 732 Lottery [Any Door] Skill!
Chapter 733: My master is so good!
Chapter 734 The enemy of my enemy is my friend!
Chapter 735 Art Performance!
Chapter 736 Annual meeting lottery!
Chapter 737 New Year’s Eve, Happy New Year!
Chapter 738 The first sunrise of the new year!
Chapter 739 Business delivered to your doorstep!
Chapter 740 Black Dragon Security Company!
Chapter 741 Family dinner!
Chapter 742 New Year red envelope of 8888888!
Chapter 743 Reincarnation is much more important than hard work!
Chapter 744 The first visitor of [Time and Space Tunnel]!
Chapter 745 The 'lazy guys' in the cozy cabin!
Chapter 746 The experience of surviving a disaster!
Chapter 747 Prove your strength!
Chapter 748 The 'tap water' people in the scenic spot!
Chapter 749 The black scenic area has become politically correct!
Chapter 750 There are many doubts about the combination of fat and thin!
Chapter 751 Special mission [Her saves beauty]!
Chapter 752 The side effects of [Unstoppable]!
Chapter 753 Rescue!
Chapter 754 Item reward 'Tianxin Dan Bottle'!
Chapter 755 Extracting Items [Black and Yellow Fist Gloves] 1
Chapter 756 Marathon encounters obstacles!
Chapter 757 Luo Yanning’s personal influence!
Chapter 758 Don’t show off your dog food in public!
Chapter 759 Sudden situation!
Chapter 760 Refreshing Gao Yaling’s worldview!
Chapter 761 Special Mission [Legend of the Fire 5]!
Chapter 762 I am such a shameless person!
Chapter 763 The temptation of the Rejuvenation Club!
Chapter 764 Lottery [Jurassic Park] construction drawings!
Chapter 765 Tourist’s Suggestions!
Chapter 766 Special mission [Happy to miss Shu]!
Chapter 767 Hong Shuxin’s insomnia!
Chapter 768 Mission accomplished!
Chapter 769 Lottery Skill [Object Control]!
Chapter 770 Testing the results in actual combat!
Chapter 771 Triggering a special mission [famous]!
Chapter 772 Accepting Prince Muwei as a Disciple!
Chapter 773 Challenge letter, but electronic version!
Chapter 774 Triggering a special mission [Famous Overseas]!
Chapter 775 The double click triggers a special mission again!
Chapter 776: Is my team okay?
Chapter 777 Shopping in the mall!
Chapter 778 A luxurious gift of 26.66 million!
Chapter 779 I’m so envious!
Chapter 780 Ready to go!
Chapter 781 Palace Hotel!
Chapter 782 The magical effect of Tianxin Pill!
Chapter 783 Special Mission [100 million bits of shock]!
Chapter 784 Cleanup operation!
Chapter 785 Control Skill [Sunflower Acupuncture Hand]!
Chapter 786 Lottery Skill [Heaven Moves Everything]!
Chapter 787 The mysterious and powerful oriental man!
Chapter 788 Mu Wei: Have I become a master too?
Chapter 789 No match at all!
Chapter 790 A project worth hundreds of billions!
Chapter 791 Noble title and reward!
Chapter 792 Overflowing with pride!
Chapter 793 Turning the tide!
Chapter 794 Hua Che’s thanks!
Chapter 795 Dimensionality reduction strike!
Chapter 796 The live broadcast room is full of Mr. Luo’s legend!
Chapter 797: Defeat the many with the few!
Chapter 798 Security Cooperation Project!
Chapter 799 The golden sign!
Chapter 800 An investment in Yang Xiaolan!
Chapter 801 Lottery of the Black and Yellow Vestments!
Chapter 802 Lin Jianlong was injured!
Chapter 803 Panacea, bring the dead back to life!
Chapter 804 The hidden rich man!
Chapter 805 The calm before the storm!
Chapter 806 Let’s start to reveal our trump card!
Chapter 807: Strong alliances, tens of billions of projects!
Chapter 808 10 daily limit!
Chapter 809 Strange car accident!
Chapter 810: Understand the threat and avoid future troubles forever!
Chapter 811 A gift for my uncle’s family!
Chapter 812 The net worth suddenly increased to 57.3 billion!
Chapter 813 Acquisition of Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area!
Chapter 814 Officially promoted to 5A scenic spot!
Chapter 815 The responsibility of a large company!
Chapter 816 Complete the mission and trigger a new mission!
Chapter 817 Shocked the students!
Chapter 818 Don’t let the wealth go to outsiders!
Chapter 819 [Jurassic Park] Completed!
Chapter 820 The king is the ceiling for Internet celebrities!
Chapter 821 Alma Mater Celebration!
Chapter 822 Jurassic Park officially opens!
Chapter 823 The Chinese version of Jurassic Park!
Chapter 824 I don’t want to be taken advantage of!
Chapter 825 The lingering Zhong Xin!
Chapter 826 It feels very different this time!
Chapter 827 Special Mission [Future Science Fiction]!
Chapter 828 The hero and heroine are finalized!
Chapter 829 Inspiration from the movie script!
Chapter 830 Hotly discussed on the entire Internet!
Chapter 831 I will fund it myself!
Chapter 832 It’s time to give birth!
Chapter 833 Wu Nian!
Chapter 834: Gain followers for female classmates!
Chapter 835 Too much is not enough!
Chapter 836 Li Ruijia returns to China!
Chapter 837 Special mission [Respect the Elderly]!
Chapter 838 Lottery, receiving the ring!
Chapter 839 Conflict in the underground parking lot!
Chapter 840 Fighting between gods!
Chapter 841 Lottery [Free Ultimate Intention Kung Fu]!
Chapter 842 The actual combat effect of [Free Ultimate Intention Kung Fu]!
Chapter 844 I’ll give you a 20% discount!
Chapter 845 Special Mission [Rescue]!
Chapter 846 Departing for Tokyo!
Chapter 847 Is this... still a human being?
Chapter 848 Two draws in a row, a bumper harvest!
Chapter 849 The problem is solved!
Chapter 850 The spirit of vegetation!
Chapter 851 It’s really not expensive and worth buying!
Chapter 852 A sudden change in the lake!
Chapter 853 Special mission [Cleaning up]!
Chapter 854 The wonderful use of crystal nuclei!
Chapter 855 It’s better to teach a man to fish than to teach him to fish!
Chapter 856 Passive skill [Power of Faith]!
Chapter 857 Strengthening plan for Yang Fei!
Chapter 858 Let’s brush our own, whether he likes it or not!
Chapter 859 Escape!
Chapter 860 The Inspector of the Martial Arts School!
Chapter 861 Uninvited guest!
Chapter 862 Ask Fellow Daoist Luo for help!
Chapter 863 Special Mission [Rescue 2]!
Chapter 864 Lottery [Cosmic Original Energy Guidance Technique]!
Chapter 865 The threshold of formal practice!
Chapter 866 Correct practice method!
Chapter 867 Fist strength 1500KG!
Chapter 868 Transform the gravity training room!
Chapter 869 A birthday gift worth 1 billion!
Chapter 870 Handsome guy confesses!
Chapter 871 All the limelight was stolen!
Chapter 872 A low-key and luxurious hotel!
Chapter 873 Mr. Zhang Jingyuan.
Chapter 874 Show your strength!
Chapter 875 It can be called the miracle medicine of “rejuvenating”!
Chapter 876 Morning exercises and sports!
Chapter 877 [Gravity Training Room] with a price tag of 200 billion!
Chapter 878 Hearing is false, seeing is believing!
Chapter 879 It only sold for 110 billion!
Chapter 880 Meeting with Lao Ma!
Chapter 881 The boxing strength testing machine must be broken!
Chapter 882 The net worth skyrockets!
Chapter 883 Foreign friends are visiting!
Chapter 884 A trip to the scenic spot!
Chapter 885: Probably more than 180 billion!
Chapter 886 First experience in the gravity training room!
Chapter 887 Good news!
Chapter 888 A gift for my goddaughter!
Chapter 889 Huge changes in Zhang Qian!
Chapter 890 Just like you, a ghost!
Chapter 891 Dinner!
Chapter 892 Is this offensive?
Chapter 893 Appointment!
Chapter 894 Want to catch me? Then come and try!
Chapter 895 The sense of security is overwhelming!
Chapter 896 Multiple friends, multiple paths!
Chapter 897 The world’s richest man visits the scenic spot!
Chapter 898 It’s finally Wanshan County’s turn to be rich and wealthy!
Chapter 899 A good master from China!
Chapter 900 Kryptonian’s advantage!
Chapter 901 [Legend of the Fire 6]!
Chapter 902 Different people have different fates!
Chapter 903 Hospitality!
Chapter 904 The magnificent underground dragon palace!
Chapter 905 Special Task [Cultivating Talents]!
Chapter 906 Exclusive interview!
Chapter 907 Book the headline spot!
Chapter 908 The feeling of being proud!
Chapter 909 Shui Leilei’s changes!
Chapter 910 The ugly duckling turns into a white swan!
Chapter 911 Give you a chance to steal my wool!
Chapter 912 One live broadcast gained 4.7 million followers!
Chapter 913 Trigger two special tasks at once!
Chapter 914 Reality is more magical than movies and TV shows!
Chapter 915 Zhang Qian’s suitor!
Chapter 916 Set off!
Chapter 917 A glimmer of hope in the air crash!
Chapter 918 Unlock the ability to fly!
Chapter 919 Air rescue!
Chapter 920 Bering Strait, flight restricted area!
Chapter 921 Special Mission [Purge 3!]
Chapter 922 New opponent!
Chapter 923 Fierce battle!