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Adorable baby with a black belly, the president's daddy loves him

Adorable baby with a black belly, the president's daddy loves him

author:a small white flower

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:11-24 16:59

Latest chapter:Chapter 829 You Killed Your Brother!

Wen Jiujiu loved Fu Sichen for ten years, but after marriage, Fu Sichen chose another woman because of a misunderstanding. When he came back with Lin Rourou with a big belly, Wen Jiujiu was extremely disappointed and decided to divorce. With a big belly, Wen Jiujiu had a dead body and three lives. Five years later, Wen Jiujiu returned as a boss with two cute babies. Fu Sichen, who had been insane for five years, took her home: We haven't divorced yet, you were born It is also mine, and death is also mine! When Fu Sichen saw the two imitation cute babies, who were you? Don't snatch my wife!

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《Adorable baby with a black belly, the president's daddy loves him》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 829 You Killed Your Brother!
Chapter 828 Your Wife and Daughter Have Been Using You
Chapter 827 Go Show Him Something
Chapter 826 Jiang Lei, Your Boss Is Angry!
Chapter 825 Mommy Saves Blizzard
Chapter 824 My dear, we meet again!
Chapter 823 Of course it is a hard grab
Chapter 822 Mommy Exposes Her Vest
Chapter 821: Network-wide notification
《Adorable baby with a black belly, the president's daddy loves him》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Okay, We Divorce
Chapter 2 Who dares to take away her corpse!
Chapter 3 She's Alive
Chapter 4 Look, it's you or me who will die first!
Chapter 5 She's been lying to you
Chapter 6 He found out that she was still alive!
Chapter 7 Mr. Fu, she wants to approach you
Chapter 8 She doesn't know him anymore!
Chapter 9 No one wants to steal her child!
Chapter 10 He's here
Chapter 11 Mr. Fu, we don't know each other well!
Chapter 12 You are also Mrs. Fu when you die!
Chapter 13 Can't Let Madam Leave Half a Step
Chapter 14 Madam Escapes
Chapter 15 Cooperate with his nemesis
Chapter 16 A Woman Wants to Coax
Chapter 17 Dangerous People
Chapter 18 Investigate her
Chapter 19 Mr. Fu, don't provoke me
Chapter 20 Please forgive me
Chapter 21 How deep is the love, how deep is the injury
Chapter 22
Chapter 23 Xiao Mengbao took over the task of Fu Sichen
Chapter 24 He Doesn't Know That The Child Is Still Alive
Chapter 25 Friends
Chapter 26
Chapter 27
Chapter 28 Where's Your Child?
Chapter 29 Do you like our wine?
Chapter 30 Are you in the entertainment industry?
Chapter 31 Xiao Yuyu came to find Daddy?
Chapter 32 You will regret it
Chapter 33 Huo Ye's Girlfriend?
Chapter 34 He Has a Engagement
Chapter 35
Chapter 36 Don't You Get Hurt When I Like You?
Chapter 37 What are they doing in the room!
Chapter 38 Who Are You Hers!
Chapter 39 The relationship ends
Chapter 40
Chapter 41 Full Maintenance
Chapter 42 She's gone!
Chapter 43
Chapter 44 Fu Sichen is injured
Chapter 45 You Can't Take Care Of Your Woman, You Touch My Wife?
Chapter 46 The President regrets it
Chapter 47 You are such a beast!
Chapter 48 She is worth more than you
Chapter 49 Do You Want To Steal My Wife?
Chapter 50 It's Better To Match Them
Chapter 51 Feeling sorry for him?
Chapter 52 Deadly Breath
Chapter 53 Are They Sleeping?
Chapter 54 The three big bosses in Qicheng are all close to her
Chapter 55 International Superstar
Chapter 56
Chapter 57 Use this card first
Chapter 58 He is good to you, for me
Chapter 59
Chapter 60: It's Not Like, But She Is Himself
Chapter 61
Chapter 62 You Can't Match Her At All
Chapter 63 Are You So Lonely?
Chapter 64 Birthday Party Invitation
Chapter 65 She Stole Her Song
Chapter 66 You have no evidence!
Chapter 67
Chapter 68 The woman who was robbed by the boss
Chapter 69 Are you still going to deliver clothes?
Chapter 70 Are they going to get back together?
Chapter 71 Will Hook Up Men!
Chapter 72 You Are From the Wen Family
Chapter 73 The Vulnerability Only She Can Solve
Chapter 74 Mr. Fu, Do You Have Children?
Chapter 75 What is Her Child?
Chapter 76 The group pet of the brothers
Chapter 77 I Don't Think You Are My Sister
Chapter 78 Since it's him, we won't help
Chapter 79
Chapter 80 She has lived well without him for five years
Chapter 81 I Don't Want To Lose Her Again
Chapter 82 And his gifts?
Chapter 83
Chapter 84 Meeting Fu Sichen
Chapter 85 My wife and I are always acquainted
Chapter 86
Chapter 87 Huo Ye: If you are short of money, take it with me
Chapter 88 Shooting yourself in the foot
Chapter 89 His wife is so powerful
Chapter 90 He Waited For Her All Night
Chapter 91
Chapter 92 I am looking for my wife
Chapter 93 I Don't Love Him Anymore
Chapter 94 Please be Mrs. Fu
Chapter 95 She is not easy to bully
Chapter 96 Big Red Packet
Chapter 97 Do you want to ask the Wen family for a warning?
Chapter 98 Peeling Shrimp for Her
Chapter 99 You Are My Family
Chapter 100 Let her play with him
Chapter 101 He's gone with her
Chapter 102 The child is sick, you don't ask the doctor to find me?
Chapter 103 The young master and the young lady are reconciled
Chapter 104 I Don't Want To Kill You
Chapter 105 Temper at her
Chapter 106 She Seduces Me!
Chapter 107 You should call her sister-in-law
Chapter 108 This horse is very strong
Chapter 109 Daddy saw the twins
Chapter 110 Does Mommy Like Him?
Chapter 111 Dangerous
Chapter 112
Chapter 113 Did Fu Sichen teach it?
Chapter 114 Who Said I Wouldn't Like You
Chapter 115 Miss Wen was kidnapped
Chapter 116 It was them
Chapter 117 Why Not Let Her Sacrifice?
Chapter 118 Don't let her take me away
Chapter 119 He Can Stand Up!
Chapter 120 She's Not Simple
Chapter 121 Two men facing each other
Chapter 122 Owe me a favor
Chapter 123 Please don't ask if you can't afford it
Chapter 124
Chapter 125 Swipe my card
Chapter 126 He Didn't Give Her Anything
Chapter 127 She is not qualified to come in
Chapter 128 The rules set by the big boss
Chapter 129 Good, wait for me
Chapter 130 He panicked
Chapter 131 He doesn't know his wife at all
Chapter 132 Could it be that you want to escape the order?
Chapter 133 She Has Card 0
Chapter 134 Lest they don't even know the big boss
Chapter 135 She pulled him out of hell
Chapter 136
Chapter 137 Mrs. is a bit black-bellied
Chapter 138 She is still so protective
Chapter 139 You can slowly torture me
Chapter 140
Chapter 141 She Has No Home
Chapter 142 Give Her Medicine
Chapter 143
Chapter 144 Soft-hearted
Chapter 145 She was hugged
Chapter 146
Chapter 147 Are you the boss?
Chapter 148
Chapter 149 Pain?
Chapter 150 Murder My Husband?
Chapter 151 He Has Responded
Chapter 152 Mommy, don't feel guilty
Chapter 153
Chapter 154 Shameless Nanny
Chapter 155 Your girlfriend is waiting for you
Chapter 156 Bring your own children home
Chapter 157 Huo Ye, I'm Aggressive
Chapter 158 They are so close, they have an affair?
Chapter 159
Chapter 160 Do you have an illegitimate child?
Chapter 161 Rebirth
Chapter 162
Chapter 163 Who gave you the courage?
Chapter 164 It Wasn't She Was Eliminated
Chapter 165 You don't like me?
Chapter 166 Return the card to me
Chapter 167 Sick Beauty
Chapter 168 Renmei's Cooking Skills
Chapter 169 I Support Your Decision
Chapter 170 You're Just Afraid
Chapter 171
Chapter 172
Chapter 173 Mommy and President Fu
Chapter 174 I'm Not Familiar With You
Chapter 175 Why Don't You Go Home
Chapter 176 Daddy is a scum
Chapter 177 He was called Daddy!
Chapter 178
Chapter 179 They Are Twins
Chapter 180 His wife is their mommy?
Chapter 181 Too Much Information!
Chapter 182 Should I explain it to me?
Chapter 183 They like Daddy very much
Chapter 184 Do You Want To Be The Boss?
Chapter 185 Black Heart
Chapter 186 The big star is here
Chapter 187
Chapter 188
Chapter 189 Is She a Stupid Bird?
Chapter 190
Chapter 191 Did you steal the design?
Chapter 192 Poisoned you?
Chapter 193 The money I gave you ran out so quickly?
Chapter 194 How much did he give you to buy your body
Chapter 195 She Was Abducted
Chapter 196 The heart is made of meat
Chapter 197 She is a million times more heartbroken than them
Chapter 198 How sincere are you?
Chapter 199
Chapter 200 I Won't Check You
Chapter 201 Only pamper mommy alone
Chapter 202
Chapter 203 It's Disgraceful to Come Here
Chapter 204 Father's Threat
Chapter 205 She looks so pretty!
Chapter 206 Why are you so kind to me?
Chapter 207 Be Careful
Chapter 208 Dignified President, Do You Like Being an Assistant?
Chapter 209 You are like a mad dog
Chapter 210 She was raised by me, not you
Chapter 211
Chapter 212
Chapter 213 How did you spend those five years?
Chapter 214 Is One Billion Enough?
Chapter 215 I Can Pay For A Lifetime
Chapter 216: The Design Drawing Was Stolen
Chapter 217 Search
Chapter 218 She made him addicted
Chapter 219 I can't stand loneliness
Chapter 220 You Just Forgive Her
Chapter 221 Mommy! Xiao Yuyu brought Daddy back!
Chapter 222 Reunion of a family of four
Chapter 223 Daddy admits defeat on purpose
Chapter 224 Daddy abuses little cute baby, and abuses it badly!
Chapter 225 The little cute treasures assist
Chapter 226 Did she forget such an important day?
Chapter 227 Mommy, Daddy celebrates his birthday in Lanting
Chapter 228 She Bought the Same Gift
Chapter 229 Do you still need her?
Chapter 230 Embarrassed
Chapter 231 Daddy still has a child?
Chapter 232 Mommy must never be wronged!
Chapter 233 Surprised, Daddy has been hiding such a secret!
Chapter 234 In the past five years, Daddy has only three empty tombs
Chapter 235 Are they unable to reunite for the rest of their lives?
Chapter 236 The children are so old, they don't know!
Chapter 237 The old man is arrogant again
Chapter 238: Only Little Junior Sister in My Eyes
Chapter 239 She Wants To Be His Wife
Chapter 240
Chapter 241 I'm at the door, you come out!
Chapter 242 Mr. Huo steals his wife
Chapter 243 Threatening her
Chapter 244 The big boss behind the scenes!
Chapter 245 Don't Always Give Me Money
Chapter 246: Kicked Her Out But Replaced Himself
Chapter 247 The President Misunderstood
Chapter 248 The President's First Humble
Chapter 249 I really didn't hurt her in vain
Chapter 250 Little Adorable Baby Teaches You To Be A Man
Chapter 251: Does Mommy know the password of Xiao Yuyu's card?
Chapter 252 Daddy and Mommy are locked in a room
Chapter 253 Daddy and Mommy's Misunderstanding Solved
Chapter 254
Chapter 255 Lord, she has children, do you still like it?
Chapter 256 Three Eagles with One Arrow
Chapter 257 Mommy was sold
Chapter 258 Daddy Breaks In
Chapter 259 The Days Daddy Lived In These Five Years
Chapter 260 Abortion
Chapter 261 Boss, help me!
Chapter 262 Fu Sichen: Dare to touch my wife, let him go!
Chapter 263 President Fu: Introduce me to your mommy!
Chapter 264
Chapter 265 It's over, Daddy has a big misunderstanding!
Chapter 266 Give her a grand wedding
Chapter 267 Revenge is really cool
Chapter 268 The President's Grumpy Invitation to Dance
Chapter 269 I underestimate you, I turned around and married my nemesis
Chapter 270
Chapter 271 She has memorized it all!
Chapter 272 His mother came to the door!
Chapter 273 The President's Fury
Chapter 274 Super Calf Protector
Chapter 275 Bitch, did you find him?
Chapter 276
Chapter 277 This is the grave he dug with his bare hands
Chapter 278 Mommy Knows All Daddy's Secrets
Chapter 279 He is going to the darkest place!
Chapter 280 Xiao Mengbao: Are you running naked?
Chapter 281 Look at me not to strip you!
Chapter 282 The actor was seduced
Chapter 283 My Husband Tells Me Everything
Chapter 284 Little cute babies, I am your aunt!
Chapter 285 Is Your Father Really Dead?
Chapter 286 As for what, I can even give you my life!
Chapter 287 President He Wants To Die!
Chapter 288 President's Will, Leave Everything to Her
Chapter 289 The action is ahead, and the lady can't catch up!
Chapter 290 I will save my man
Chapter 291 Madam is not so simple!
Chapter 292 He is my man, I will save him!
Chapter 293 She is here to rob property
Chapter 294
Chapter 295 I won't let you die
Chapter 296 The madam is here!
Chapter 297 Do You Dare To Die, Dare To Reunite With Me?
Chapter 298 The arm doesn't hurt, it's just heartache
Chapter 299 The person behind her can't afford to offend
Chapter 300 The life and death of the CEO is uncertain, you still feed others?
Chapter 301 President He Woke Up
Chapter 302 The boss is very angry!
Chapter 303 The President Wants To Sleep In Separate Rooms
Chapter 304: Tsundere President, Different Words and Deeds
Chapter 305 President Ba: You must be responsible to me!
Chapter 306 I can give everything for you
Chapter 307
Chapter 308 Why, you want to distance yourself from me?
Chapter 309 Why did they leave together
Chapter 310 The president is heartbroken and discharged!
Chapter 311 Women can't grab him, and career can't handle him
Chapter 312 The CEO was misunderstood by the cute babies
Chapter 313: Little Adorable Cries
Chapter 314 Who asked you to fight, I can't bear to fight them!
Chapter 315 Mommy is super domineering
Chapter 316 Daddy, Mommy, All Misunderstandings Explained
Chapter 317 So, Was She Rejected by Him?
Chapter 318 The actor actually spoke for her!
Chapter 319 She has nothing to do with her!
Chapter 320 It can't be him, he's already dead
Chapter 321 You wait, I won't let you go
Chapter 322 President Ba: I'm dirty!
Chapter 323 I am the one who really saved you
Chapter 324
Chapter 325 Grandpa supports you!
Chapter 326 Participate in variety shows and meet super idols
Chapter 327 I met the actor's girlfriend
Chapter 328 He Has Been Helping Her
Chapter 329 She Seduces My Brother
Chapter 330 Superstar is very pet
Chapter 331 Special existence
Chapter 332 The male god's perfunctory
Chapter 333 Mommy is in danger
Chapter 334 The president suddenly arrived at the construction site
Chapter 335 Husband is here to help!
Chapter 336 He likes her, to the point of death
Chapter 337 It's him, the little brother who protected her with his life
Chapter 338 Is She Isolated?
Chapter 339 Mommy was drugged
Chapter 340
Chapter 341 When the most dangerous time comes, he is here!
Chapter 342 Nothing is more important than Mrs.
Chapter 343 They are so sweet
Chapter 344 Someone instructed
Chapter 345 The president was attacked, and the car crashed and injured people
Chapter 346 Are You Worth It?
Chapter 347 Take a bath, I can't help myself
Chapter 348 An exciting night
Chapter 349 She was robbed by two men
Chapter 350 Daddy's Vinegar Turned Over
Chapter 351 Don't be angry, President, there are still you!
Chapter 352 The genius mom slaps her face like crazy
Chapter 353 Really big guy, kneel!
Chapter 354 Mommy suddenly became popular
Chapter 355 Mommy knows the super boss
Chapter 356 Mommy Got Her Big Shot Number
Chapter 357 I'm not your little brother, don't contact me in the future
Chapter 358 I just miss you so much
Chapter 359 They have something to hide from it!
Chapter 360 Her background is powerful and terrible
Chapter 361 I have his child in my stomach!
Chapter 362 Little Adorable Treasure Was Caught
Chapter 363 Attending Their Wedding
Chapter 364 Mommy Can't Be Offended, Her Background Is Terrible
Chapter 365 Her background is strong or her background is strong
Chapter 366 Mummy was slandered
Chapter 367 Three Questions
Chapter 368
Chapter 369 The goddess is black-hearted
Chapter 370
Chapter 371 I don't want her to see the embarrassment
Chapter 372 I want to take him away, can you stop me?
Chapter 373 President: I never believed in my wife
Chapter 374 How good is the relationship?
Chapter 375 Madam, it's a blessing to have you as the president!
Chapter 376 He is not the person she cares about the most!
Chapter 377 The Wife Lied
Chapter 378
Chapter 379 Daddy is heartbroken
Chapter 380 She Lost All His Trust
Chapter 381 His wife, of course, can only be spoiled
Chapter 382 Don't Kill Me, Little Brother!
Chapter 383 Everyone Betrayed Her
Chapter 384 The dead woman is back
Chapter 385 Disobey him
Chapter 386 Promise my last request
Chapter 387
Chapter 388
Chapter 389 The woman he once protected
Chapter 390 She will die soon
Chapter 391 You are the poorest
Chapter 392 Brother Chen, is the person you like here?
Chapter 393 Complete an Asura Field
Chapter 394 The person that President Fu likes is not me!
Chapter 395: Her Position Was Taken Over
Chapter 396 Remember the agreement between us?
Chapter 397 Her brother is dead
Chapter 398 The property is mine, and so is he!
Chapter 399 She has another man!
Chapter 400 She really can't afford to lose
Chapter 401 I Had To Hurt You For Her
Chapter 402 Little Adorable Babies Begin to Create Opportunities for Mommy and Daddy
Chapter 403 Daddy Buys Flowers For Mommy
Chapter 404 So handsome and so kind to his wife!
Chapter 405 President Daddy has two boats
Chapter 406
Chapter 407 Little Adorable Arranges Daddy and Mommy to Take Wedding Photos
Chapter 408 Midnight Surprise Prepared by Little Adorable Babies
Chapter 409 Daddy and Mommy are ashamed
Chapter 410 Daddy's Affectionate Confession
Chapter 411 She had a car accident!
Chapter 412 Mommy, act like a spoiled brat!
Chapter 413 He doesn't like you, you should avoid suspicion
Chapter 414 Daddy, you have to be careful!
Chapter 415 Uninvited guests at the banquet
Chapter 416 The whole group protects mommy, slaps Jiang Yunsi in the face
Chapter 417: Scumbags Recognize My Sister
Chapter 418
Chapter 419 I can only find that person!
Chapter 420 The little brother stole the most important thing from Daddy!
Chapter 421 Mummy is in trouble!
Chapter 422 At this time, he still thinks about how to protect her and what she cares about
Chapter 423 Mommy: Let me go to jail
Chapter 424 Here, here! They are here!
Chapter 425 Daddy's aura is full, fighting for Mommy!
Chapter 426 Tonight, She Will Be Flawed
Chapter 427 You'll have to endure this beating no matter what
Chapter 428 An accident happened to the ancestors' ancestors, that's not bad!
Chapter 429 Mr. Huo, here he is!
Chapter 430 The big guys are all here!
Chapter 431 Move my daughter, the old lady will kill you!
Chapter 432 He turned himself in
Chapter 433 I don't want to help you
Chapter 434 You Misunderstood, I Don't Like Her At All
Chapter 435 Daddy needs to be tested by three uncles
Chapter 436 Can You Leave Brother Chen?
Chapter 437: No, I'm Not Short of Money or People
Chapter 438 Look at her unpromising appearance!
Chapter 439 Kneel down for her!
Chapter 440 Mommy made him cry
Chapter 441 The old, the weak, the sick and the disabled are more powerful than you!
Chapter 442 Mommy's Big Brother Nature Is Exposed
Chapter 443 What does she have to do with me when she lives and dies?
Chapter 444 Daddy came with that woman!
Chapter 445 Little Adorable Treasure: It was dung!
Chapter 446
Chapter 447 The boss is forced to sleep with the brothers
Chapter 448 Mr. Pa's Daddy is messed up
Chapter 449 She is not unreasonable
Chapter 450
Chapter 451 Is it possible that the fish also look at their faces?
Chapter 452 It is enough to have a powerful son-in-law!
Chapter 453 The president has fried the kitchen!
Chapter 454 Daddy won't force us?
Chapter 455 Daddy has no confidence
Chapter 456 Is She Spending Brother Chen's Money Like This?
Chapter 457 The Madam Turns Out To Be A Tyrant!
Chapter 458: Just throwing a vest can kill you
Chapter 459 You don't even know her status in the painting world!
Chapter 460 Daddy is domineering and protecting his wife, I don't allow anyone to say that she is not at all!
Chapter 461 She is my choice, the woman I love, and I risk my life
Chapter 462
Chapter 463 What to do with Mr. Fu, this clingy spirit?
Chapter 464 I can't see you for a minute
Chapter 465 Does this party seem to have not invited you?
Chapter 466 Look, he doesn't care about you that much!
Chapter 467 Pay the price for what you did
Chapter 468 She Wants To Make Her The Biggest Ugly
Chapter 469
Chapter 470 Find a chance to be her!
Chapter 471
Chapter 472 The voice of doubt
Chapter 473
Chapter 474 The boss is on the stage!
Chapter 475 Crazy Training
Chapter 476
Chapter 477 I Only Have That Kind Of Feeling For You
Chapter 478 President Ba: Please focus on yourself!
Chapter 479 Don't hold us back!
Chapter 480
Chapter 481 She's a Genius
Chapter 482 Nails were put in the shoes
Chapter 483 Unexpected situation!
Chapter 484
Chapter 485 The president is uneasy: You are mine!
Chapter 486
Chapter 487 Daddy is the number one fan
Chapter 488 Since I've been hacked, it's better to take a wave of heat
Chapter 489 She is the existence I can't even offend
Chapter 490 give you a way to live
Chapter 491 Her magic medicine
Chapter 492 Too Shocking!
Chapter 493
Chapter 494 Little cute babies: Are we a little redundant?
Chapter 495 Daddy buys a shopping mall for Mommy
Chapter 496 Mommy was splashed with sulfuric acid!
Chapter 497
Chapter 498 Unacceptable!
Chapter 499 Desire, it exploded!
Chapter 500 Mommy is super sweet!
Chapter 501 Daddy's vinegar jar is about to be turned over
Chapter 502 The person she invited turned out to be him!
Chapter 503 She invited the god of the entertainment industry!
Chapter 504 Retribution is coming too fast
Chapter 505
Chapter 506 Daddy accuses Mummy, why are you not careful!
Chapter 507 She's Weak, She's Reasonable
Chapter 508: Disqualification of Her
Chapter 509 You like her too!
Chapter 510 She committed suicide
Chapter 511 Mommy was hammered by the official show team!
Chapter 512
Chapter 513 Don't want such a daddy!
Chapter 514 I am her background!
Chapter 515 He has a terminal illness
Chapter 516 I will let you live to old age
Chapter 517: We Are the Master for Mummy and Don't Want You
Chapter 518 Mommy doesn't want to see you
Chapter 519 He doesn't believe her
Chapter 520
Chapter 521 Let's Divorce
Chapter 522 The children are not his own!
Chapter 523 They drank a glass of wine
Chapter 524 He hugged her so intimately
Chapter 525 You always give up!
Chapter 526 Daddy's Misunderstanding Is Deeper
Chapter 527 He should know I'm still alive!
Chapter 528 The scumbag is here!
Chapter 529
Chapter 530: Outstanding Comprehension Ability
Chapter 531 She looks down on you
Chapter 532 Mommy, that person is here!
Chapter 533 I will teach her a lesson!
Chapter 534 Mommy turned out to be an investor!
Chapter 535 Mummy was designed
Chapter 536: Mummy Daddy's Nightclub Encounter
Chapter 537 Does his woman know how to play like this?
Chapter 538 The second time, it is still painful
Chapter 539 Take off your clothes, it's mine!
Chapter 540 Can anyone sleep with you except me?
Chapter 541 Daddy is on the set
Chapter 542
Chapter 543 Daddy was wronged
Chapter 544
Chapter 545
Chapter 546
Chapter 547 Mr. Fu is too petite!
Chapter 548 Who said I love her, why should I chase her!
Chapter 549 Then why didn't she post me?
Chapter 550
Chapter 551 She Sleeps Him
Chapter 552 Don't make this drama
Chapter 553 Are You Going Against President Fu?
Chapter 554 Daddy Can't Take It Anymore
Chapter 555 How many identities are there that cannot be exposed?
Chapter 556 It turns out that she has a recording in her hand!
Chapter 557
Chapter 558 It turns out to be framed by design
Chapter 559 She Eats Others!
Chapter 560 Is it fun to play dead?
Chapter 561
Chapter 562 No matter what I do, he will forgive me!
Chapter 563 She asked me to get out, so I got out
Chapter 564 The President Lives Next Door
Chapter 565
Chapter 566 Come Prepared
Chapter 567
568 Luckily it's not you
Chapter 569 The president begged for mercy
Chapter 570 Mommy, we spoil you
Chapter 571 If she wants to jump off the building, let her jump
Chapter 572 Dad, I Can't Live Without Him
Chapter 573 I'm afraid she has to ask herself about this matter
Chapter 574 wait for me
Chapter 575 The Last Warmth
Chapter 576 It's my fault to condone you, it's your fault to hurt her!
Chapter 577 He should be responsible for you!
Chapter 578 President Fu: Don't mess with her!
Chapter 579 What are you excited about, she is my wife!
Chapter 580 You are not afraid of trouble, I will come to you!
Chapter 581 If I suppress you, you will be useless in this life
Chapter 582 Sorry, I really don't like it!
Chapter 583 Dress up like her!
Chapter 584 Learn from you, abandon your wife and children?
Chapter 585 You Like You To Marry
Chapter 586 This man aroused her interest
Chapter 587 Want to harm Mommy? Waiting to be slapped in the face!
Chapter 588 He has been waiting for her
Chapter 589 Is there a possibility that it doesn't belong to you?
Chapter 590 President Fu, you seem to be ignored!
Chapter 591: Adorable Babies Rage
Chapter 592 She will ruin the crew
Chapter 593 Whose money did you take to spread rumors?
Chapter 594
Chapter 595 Don't worry about Mommy, we'll slap you in the face
Chapter 596 President Ba: Go, go with Daddy to avenge Mommy!
Chapter 597 What is it? It's just like their mommy
Chapter 598 Daddy is domineering, there is no need for the Jiang family to exist, right?
Chapter 599 Daddy wants to kill them all
Chapter 600 She Wants Two Adorable Babies To Beg Him To Be Mommy
Chapter 601
Chapter 602 The big bosses at home and abroad collectively support!
Chapter 603 You still want to sign a contract?
Chapter 604 Spit out my money!
Chapter 605 Isn't it the slut's fault?
Chapter 606 I am the president's person, of course listen to him!
Chapter 607 How Much Trust Still Have?
Chapter 608 She is the mastermind behind the scenes
Chapter 609 Isn't it enough for you to kidnap him for so long?
Chapter 610 Do you know how I survived?
Chapter 611 I will never let go of anyone who hurts her
Chapter 612 Why are you willing to let me die?
Chapter 613 She apologized unwillingly
Chapter 614 She Can't Come Back
Chapter 615 You have a thick skin
Chapter 616 A marriage certificate can't bind anyone
617 Please forgive us
Chapter 618 The third uncle is back, they are saved
Chapter 619 I'm not asking her out, I'm asking you out
Chapter 620 She is our big boss, if you don't ask her, who?
Chapter 621 Who did he offend?
Chapter 622 She Wants To Tie Back Two Little Adorable Babies
Chapter 623 Did Madam jump off the building?
Chapter 624 Madam, are you in a hurry?
Chapter 625: Dark Night Auction House
Chapter 626 He is just a fool
Chapter 627 Little Adorable Treasures Appear
Chapter 628 Can you take off your mask and take a look?
Chapter 629 This woman is a bit scary
Chapter 630: Just Met a Little Rogue
Chapter 631 Mommy: I called back long ago
Chapter 632 Adorable Baby: Ugly Woman, We Have Nothing To Talk About With You
Chapter 633 Your proposal is very good, but I don't accept it!
Chapter 634 Move anyone, don't move my son!
Chapter 635
Chapter 636
Chapter 637 Two old men bickering wildly
638 Of course I protect my wife
Chapter 639 Uncle Fu Can't Convince His Son?
Chapter 640 Both sons are disobeying him
Chapter 641 Free gift from the boss
Chapter 642 President: Is this boss a man or a woman?
Chapter 643 This auction is a living thing
Chapter 644 This is clearly her childhood pet!
Chapter 645 The master it wants is her
Chapter 646
647 The winner is her
Chapter 648 Son, have you ever seen someone slapped by a dog?
Chapter 649 No matter what the price is, she will protect him
650 Putting it in your hands is useless
651 Only I can protect it
Chapter 652
Chapter 653 The boss of the night auction house!
Chapter 654 Your life is given to you, what is it to help you?
Chapter 655 It's very late, should I let people go back to rest?
Chapter 656 I will always wait for you
Chapter 657
Chapter 658 I want to see how long he can last
Chapter 659 Mom, my sister is on fire!
Chapter 660 I Only Have Your Daughter!
Chapter 661 Do you regret it? What did you think when you hurt her?
Chapter 662 I just want to be closer to you
Chapter 663: Hard-to-Eat Trick
Chapter 664 In her eyes, she is the treasure, she is trash thrown away at will
Chapter 665 Are You Courageous?
Chapter 666 Jiu Jiu: You may have misunderstood
Chapter 667 There is a limit to joking
Chapter 668 I won't be merciful
Chapter 669 Do you know what happened to the last person who couldn't memorize it?
Chapter 670: Force Suppression
Chapter 671 Well, you are dead.
Chapter 672 Walking on a single-plank bridge with your arms in your arms?
Chapter 673 Mummy With A Strong Boyfriend
674 Found him
Chapter 675 Why only hug him and not me!
Chapter 676 Daddy's Little Wife
Chapter 677 President Fu, your character is not like this!
Chapter 678 No one loves Mr. Fu the most pitiful!
Chapter 679 Don't eat it? Forget it!
Chapter 680 Yujiefeng's wife is so pretty!
Chapter 681 Daddy: I ??have this realization!
Chapter 682 You have a daddy, you can be tough
Chapter 683 Live with Daddy
Chapter 684 Are You Reconciled?
Chapter 685 Even if I tie me up, I have to get him!
Chapter 686 It turns out that Daddy is so happy to protect it!
Chapter 687 Waiting for my husband to come, let you kneel and beg for mercy
Chapter 688 They are wild species, I let you have no species!
Chapter 689 The president brought the children!
Chapter 690 The young masters have a meeting with President Fu!
Chapter 691 You rascal, can't you wear more clothes?
Chapter 692 You can't refuse
Chapter 693 My fault, my wife will punish
Chapter 694 Reaction after the broadcast
Chapter 695 As expected of my husband, he is so handsome
Chapter 696 The same variety show, what about your face?
Chapter 697 Don't waste money on her
Chapter 698 When she is famous, find someone to marry her
Chapter 699 Where are you going?
Chapter 700 Of course Mommy is happy
Chapter 701 Daddy's Adorable Baby Takes a Bath
Chapter 702 You are so handsome, you look like my son's father
Chapter 703 Daddy stole Mommy!
Chapter 704
Chapter 705
Chapter 706 I have never seen them so happy
Chapter 707 simple sleep
Chapter 708 The president loves her miserably!
Chapter 709 She Can't Be the President's Wife!
Chapter 710 I Can't Comfort You
Chapter 711 I am the master here, please get out
Chapter 712 Mummy Complains
Chapter 713 She Inspired Her!
Chapter 714 Chasing you to the ends of the earth with a bazooka
Chapter 715 You deserve it
Chapter 716 I don't accept her apology
Chapter 717 No one welcomes you here
Chapter 718 Did you know that your wife and wife killed your son?
Chapter 719 Would you believe me if I said it was a toy gun?
Chapter 720 This woman is complicated
Chapter 721 I have a deep love for her
Chapter 722 You are following my sister-in-law
Chapter 723 Mr. Fu and Jiu Jiu missed it
Chapter 724
Chapter 725 They Are All Injured
Chapter 726 Master, you only love her!
Chapter 727 Her life was bought by them!
Chapter 728 I will let Hades protect you
Chapter 729 What kind of chastity can he have?
Chapter 730 Daddy and Mommy don't know each other
Chapter 731 I don't like you weak chicken
Chapter 732 Is he here to rob his precious apprentice?
Chapter 733 This bit of protection makes him angry
Chapter 734 He was angry, but she didn't come to coax him?
Chapter 735 The big revenge has not been avenged, you still have the heart to fall in love?
Chapter 736 What did you do to our mommy?
Chapter 737 Daddy and Mommy Depart from Hell City
Chapter 738 That's not your business
Chapter 739 It turns out that he already knew she was Jiu Jiu!
Chapter 740 The little cute treasures were kidnapped
Chapter 741 Find you to play while your daddy and mummy are away
Chapter 742 Crazy woman, don't touch Xiao Yuyu!
Chapter 743 The young masters are missing!
Chapter 744 Blizzard found them!
Chapter 745 Xiao Yuyu was injured, and Xiao Ruirui was almost strangled to death
Chapter 746 Blizzard Hurry, It's Dangerous!
Chapter 747 Blizzard is anesthetized!
Chapter 748 He Tianhe Di was arrested
Chapter 749 You can't even match her hair
Chapter 750
Chapter 751 Need to determine the physical condition of the young masters
Chapter 752 Broken the arms of those two children
Chapter 753
Chapter 754 Sorry, We Betrayed Him
Chapter 755 Xiao Yuyu captures the thief first
Chapter 756 What did you do to me back then, of course I will give it back to you!
Chapter 757 Qicheng is going to be in chaos
Chapter 758 A dog is a stray without an owner
Chapter 759 The president will be back soon
Chapter 760 Do you want to betray the president too!
Chapter 761 I just want him to regret
Chapter 762 Xiao Mengbao's life hangs by a thread, domineering rescue in August
Chapter 763 Friendship in exchange for life
Chapter 764 Xiao Ruirui is so powerful
Chapter 765 Why does he treat her better than her!
Chapter 766 The King of Hell does not believe in me, but believes in surveillance
Chapter 767
Chapter 768 Let This Woman Die
Chapter 769 She is my life!
Chapter 770 Is She His Wife?
Chapter 771 You are Fu Sichen!
Chapter 772 You even have children?
Chapter 773 Please protect her safety
Chapter 774 I am interested in this woman
Chapter 775 Hell, you need to calm down
Chapter 776 She reminded him of an old friend
Chapter 777 Who is she and why she looks exactly like her!
Chapter 778 She is the first city owner
Chapter 779 Are you planning to rob Hades' woman?
Chapter 780
Chapter 781 Have You Sent Five Women To My Husband?
Chapter 782 The things left by the first city lord
Chapter 783 I just want to take care of you
Chapter 784
Chapter 785 Mommy fell into the crocodile pool
Chapter 786 Don't be afraid, I'm here!
Chapter 787 Mummy is ruthless, crocodiles are afraid
Chapter 788 You are the young master!
Chapter 789
Chapter 790 Mommy is the daughter of the city lord!
Chapter 791 Mother is the richest man in the world
Chapter 792 Who is her father?
Chapter 793 Is Your Chest Flatter Than Me?
Chapter 794 It's Not the Children on the Phone
Chapter 795 Everyone is in Trouble
Chapter 796 Make him look good
Chapter 797 Want? Take it yourself!
Chapter 798 She was forced to be the city lord?
Chapter 799 They all know you
Chapter 800 I save my people, it has nothing to do with you
Chapter 801 Don't scare the eldest lady
Chapter 802: They Are All Dangerous Elements
Chapter 803 Dr. Homan is an acquaintance
Chapter 804 Who dares to hurt my wife!
Chapter 805 The little cuties are in a bigger crisis
Chapter 806 Mommy and Daddy Don't Stop Rescuing People
Chapter 807 Why is she so bad!
Chapter 808 Draw on her face with a knife
Chapter 809 Seeking help from the Wen family
Chapter 810 Trade them for cooperation!
Chapter 811 August: Old man, you will regret it!
Chapter 812 Never Treated Her as a Daughter!
Chapter 813 Do you know who your boss is?
Chapter 814 The wife's aura crushed him
Chapter 815 Don't Treat Him as a Grandpa
Chapter 816 So His Wife Is
Chapter 817 Warming the Wine: I'll Take care of the Rest
Chapter 818 It's not that she is scheming, it's that he is too stupid
Chapter 819 Xiao Ruirui Spits Blood
Chapter 820 Are you willing?
Chapter 821: Network-wide notification
Chapter 822 Mommy Exposes Her Vest
Chapter 823 Of course it is a hard grab
Chapter 824 My dear, we meet again!
Chapter 825 Mommy Saves Blizzard
Chapter 826 Jiang Lei, Your Boss Is Angry!
Chapter 827 Go Show Him Something
Chapter 828 Your Wife and Daughter Have Been Using You
Chapter 829 You Killed Your Brother!