The full-level fine-wearing group was used as a control group
author:moon meowThe full-level fine-wearing group was used as a control group
Su Yueling, a full-level actress, transmigrated into the ancient cub-raising and farming literature control group. The original owner abused her sister-in-law, framed her brother-in-law, and put a cuckold on her husband, which made people and gods angry. In contrast to her cousin Su Yuewei, who was kind and hard-working in raising cubs, everyone betrayed their relatives and ended up miserable. After passing through, the system said: You have to be more virtuous than Su Yuewei and kinder than her. Only by comparing her can you change the fate of your vicious female partner. Su Yueling blocked the system, as a master, it is impossible not to do it. She She doesn't wear anything other than silk and satin, and doesn't eat anything other than delicacies from mountains and seas. She has to be hugged when she walks. The whole village is waiting for Su Yueling's fine work to be laid off. As a result, Su Yueling's sister-in-law opened a chain cloth shop for her, because her sister-in-law's skin is delicate and can't bear it. Rubbing the coarse cloth. Su Yueling's uncle became a major general who opened up territories,
After we divorced, I was pampered by the prince
author:Ten millionAfter we divorced, I was pampered by the prince
A delicate and frail daughter-in-law came to the East Palace. At first, the Chumei of the East Palace didn't pay attention to this abandoned woman. Who knew that she had a cold today and would be sick tomorrow, so His Royal Highness took care of her day and night. She took care of her and took care of her on the couch. Zhongmei was so angry that she called her a stinky and shameless white lotus. As the person involved, Qin Zhao said: My ex-husband cheated on me, so I turned around and hooked up with the current prince and snatched away the mistress The son-in-law's prospective man, one marriage is higher than one marriage, isn't there a problem? ** The prince Xiao Ce spent half his life as abstinent until he met Qin Zhao. He thought Qin Zhao was pitiful and couldn't live without him, writing a novel So she was asked to live in the Eastern Palace temporarily, and she was pampered day and night. After being pampered, she took people as her own, and she knew the taste by eating. At night, I have to torture Qin Zhao's soul: Can Zhao Zhao be satisfied with my body?
Exile at the beginning: Farming with supernatural powers
author:HaruzenExile at the beginning: Farming with supernatural powers
d Fu Xinci, a space supernatural being in the end of the world, was hit by a black hand during a collection task. She was born with bad seeds just to seize her portable space. She kept her own space, and even snatched away the space and abilities of the bad species. Just opening her eyes, she became an eight-year-old girl on the road to exile. This article is empty, the heroine has space and abilities, and has many advantages. There are also many shortcomings, especially narrow-minded, straight-tempered, revenge will be revenged, otherwise I can't sleep well.
The Age of Rebirth: I became a small farm koi
author:juanjuan leavesThe Age of Rebirth: I became a small farm koi
Xin Yu wears it, and wears it into Liu Xinyu, a 16-year-old farm orphan girl. It is not terrible to be an orphan, and it is not a big deal to carry a marriage contract. It is terrible if you don’t have enough food and clothing. How does an urban beauty become a small farm koi in this poor age, and live a prosperous life.
Young Madam, she is poor and picky
author:when swallows returnYoung Madam, she is poor and picky
It was rumored that Mr. Zhou had countless daughters, but He Xiaoran was deeply suspicious! He Xiaoran thought he was hugging the thickest thigh in Nancheng, but it turned out... the young wife of the wealthy and wealthy Zhou family lived in the largest house and the most luxurious one. The car and wallet are empty, and the flesh is squeezed with both hands. The adoptive father is a scumbag, and the younger sister is sick. Every penny that was picked up has to be squeezed through the teeth. Punching south, kicking north, every day is not making money or on the way to making money. On Valentine's Day, Master Zhou waited for his wife to give a gift, but three days passed without waiting. According to insiders: Don't wait, Master Zhou! Young Madam is poor and picky, Maserati's bumper was knocked off, she still used a transparent glued.
I don't want to fight anymore after wearing an outer room
author:sum of both sidesI don't want to fight anymore after wearing an outer room
Yu Zhi, a senior salted fish in the cultivation world, passed through the outer room of the third son of Marquis Wu'an in the Daqing Dynasty. This girl is fair and beautiful, with a delicate body and a soft body. She was presented by a local official when the third son went out to investigate cases. What is the highest state of salted fish? ?That is to be able to lie flat no matter what the conditions are. After Yu Zhi figured out his own situation, his mentality was very stable. The outside room is the outside room, with food and housing included, high salary, less requirements, and the boss Good looking, good figure, generous hand, where can I find such a good job? Yu Zhi, a salted fish, is soaring in the waves of Daqing. Keep it up, the boss's eyes are getting hotter when he looks at her. Keep it up, The boss insisted on marrying her as the boss's wife regardless of the family's objection. Don't! A marriage with the wrong family has no future, and an office romance is a no-no. Yu Zhi, a salted fish, touched his chin, tempted! How about changing the map and continuing to hang on? A bolt from the blue, the young minister of Dali Temple, and the third son of Marquis Wu'an's mansion, were actually bewitched by a small foreigner from a lowly background. Want to marry her as the wife of the first wife. On the day of the wedding, Jingcheng Fang's heart was broken. Qi Dafei, no one believed that an outer room could secure the position of the third wife Wen, and everyone waited for Yu Zhi to be divorced, but a year or two passed Yes, not only was Yu Zhi not divorced, but she was spoiled more and more by her husband. Three years and five years have passed, and Yu Zhi still has not been divorced. She has both children and is embraced by her husband. She has become the most enviable woman in the capital! No one knows that Yu Zhi is the woman that Wen Jiuxiao married with all his means. He doesn't love this world, but for her, he is willing to treat the world kindly.

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