Chapter 819 Liu Haizhong wants dowry

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The old lady glanced at Liu Haizhong and said angrily: "You look quite energetic and the clothes you wear are quite clean. Why don't you have any manners?"

Her face was red and her neck was thick from the bangs.

If he had already quarreled with the old lady in the past.

But now he wanted to find Wang Yanzi's house as soon as possible, so he could only take a deep breath to suppress his anger.

"Madam, I'm really sorry. I don't know. I am Liu Guangfu's father, the young man who is going to marry Wang Yanzi. The reason why I went to Wang Yanzi's house today is because I want to meet Wang Yanzi's mother.

one side!"

After hearing this, the old lady's expression relaxed a lot.

Liu Guangfu often runs into the compound these days. Liu Guangfu is particularly polite and enthusiastic.

If anyone has any difficulties, he is always the first to lend a helping hand.

A while ago, the old lady suddenly fell down at the door, and Liu Guangfu sent her to the hospital without hesitation.

Because of the timely treatment, the old lady was able to save her life.

Moreover, Liu Guangfu also helped the old lady advance her medical expenses.

The old lady was filled with gratitude to Liu Guangfu.

Now he heard that Liu Haizhong was Liu Guangfu's father, so he took Liu Haizhong's arm and sent him to the door of Aunt Wang's house.

"This is Wang Yanzi's house. I have something to do and I'll leave first. You can knock on the door yourself!"

Liu Haizhong felt guilty as a thief and did not want others to hear this.

He nodded and waited until the old lady left before gently knocking twice on the door.

After a while.

A gray-haired lady opened the door.

This aunt is Wang Yanzi's mother, Aunt Wang.

Liu Haizhong took the initiative to introduce himself: "You must be Yanzi's mother. I am Liu Haizhong, Liu Guangfu's father."

Aunt Wang also knew the situation of the Liu family, and now that Liu Haizhong came to the door, he felt a little strange.

But Liu Haizhong was Liu Guangfu's father after all, so he still enthusiastically let Liu Haizhong into the house and poured a bowl of tea for Liu Haizhong.

"Liu Guangfu is a kid. You should be an honored guest when you visit today. He should inform me in advance so that I can prepare meals and entertain you well!"

Hearing Aunt Wang address Liu Guangfu in a very intimate tone, Liu Haizhong suddenly became unhappy.

But now he still has very important things to do, and he is not in the mood to care about so much.

After drinking a bowl of tea, Liu Haizhong said directly: "Aunt Wang, the reason why I came to you today is because of the marriage between Liu Guangfu and Wang Yanzi."

"That's right. You are Liu Guangfu's father. As parents of both parties, we should have a good talk, but you also know that the matter is quite special.

That’s why those etiquettes are waived. If you have any ideas, you can tell me directly!"

Despite her age, Aunt Wang was an educated young woman back then and had been a teacher for a period of time.

It was only after she got married that she took care of her husband and raised her children at home. Who knew that Wang Yanzi’s father would pass away young later on.

Aunt Wang spoke in a polite and courteous manner, which made Liu Haizhong feel very uncomfortable.

He originally thought that Aunt Wang was an old rural woman who was easier to fool.

Now I have to cheer up.

Liu Haizhong put down the tea bowl and said slowly: "Aunt Wang, since you know that Liu Guangfu has a bad relationship with me and that he has severed ties with his family, you should also understand that once Liu Guangfu marries Wang Yanzi, he may

He will become your son.

From this aspect, Liu Guangfu is almost like a son-in-law."

Listening to Liu Haizhong's words, Aunt Wang nodded slightly.

Although he couldn't understand Liu Haizhong's thoughts.

However, Aunt Wang really likes Liu Guangfu. This boy is honest, filial, and hard-working.

A large part of the reason why Aunt Wang tried her best to facilitate the affair between him and Wang Yanzi was that Aunt Wang already regarded Liu Guangfu as her son.

Therefore, Aunt Wang did not deny the statement that Liu Guangfu was the son-in-law.

Liu Haizhong continued: "Since Liu Guangfu is going to be a son-in-law, which means I have lost a son, should you prepare a generous dowry for Wang Yanzi according to the old rules of a son-in-law, and then give the dowry to me?

Consider it my compensation!"

As soon as these words came out, Aunt Wang was a little confused. He frowned and asked: "There is no dowry for the son-in-law who comes here. Liu Haizhong, are you confused?"

Liu Haizhong said coldly: "Aunt Wang, I think you are also a well-educated and polite person. Why are you so ungrateful? Although I have three sons in my family now, all three sons are very precious. Each of them is very precious.

When one of us becomes a son-in-law, the other party will send some money to our family."

"You also have a son who has become your son-in-law?" Because Liu Guangfu rarely talked about his past affairs, Aunt Wang didn't know much about the situation of Liu Haizhong's family.

Liu Haizhong said: "My Liu Guangqi is now a son-in-law in Baoding.

When he got married, he gave our family thirty yuan as a gift! That was a full thirty yuan."

Seeing Liu Haizhong's glorious look, Aunt Wang understood why Liu Guangfu wanted to sever ties with Liu Haizhong.

Who can tolerate such an old man?

When Liu Haizhong saw that Aunt Wang didn't answer, he thought that Aunt Wang had accepted his statement, and then said: "Aunt Wang, thirty yuan back then was much more valuable than thirty yuan now. You also

I know that prices have increased a lot in recent years, so I don’t ask you much, I just want you to give me an extra two hundred yuan!”

Of course, the bangs are not like a lion's big mouth.

But after observing the situation of Mrs. Wang’s family, I decided to pay this price.

Although the furniture in Mrs. Wang's house is relatively old, it is all made of Qingyishui mahogany furniture, and there is a radio in the house.

The clothes Aunt Wang wears are also clean and tidy, and you can tell from a glance that she comes from a wealthy family.

In this case, if he didn't ask for more money, how could it be possible?

Aunt Wang was so shocked that she couldn't even close her mouth.

Nowadays, even if you want to marry a wife, you only need a gift of three to five yuan. Liu Haizhong actually asked his family for two hundred yuan.

Isn't this robbery?

Aunt Wang can bring Wang Yanzi up, and she is not a soft-tempered person.

She said with a straight face at that time: "Liu Haizhong, my Wang Yanzi and Liu Guangfu got together through dating. They are in free love, so our family will not ask Liu Guangfu for a bride price, and of course we will not

I will give you a dowry, let alone the dowry money. You can leave now!"

Liu Haizhong never expected that Aunt Wang would be so unreasonable.

Liu Haizhong shouted at that time: "Old woman, you stole my son, you are so shameless!"

Aunt Wang didn't expect Liu Haizhong to be so rude. She slammed the table and stood up: "Liu Haizhong, what are you talking about? You leave now, we don't welcome you here, you leave immediately!"

How is it possible for bangs to go away?

He hasn't gotten the money yet.

At this time, the residents in the compound heard the commotion and gathered around.

This compound is much quieter than the courtyard house. It is rare to see people quarreling on weekdays.

So the big guy came very quickly.

Seeing Liu Haizhong and Aunt Wang arguing, they immediately started talking.

"Who is this person? Why does he look so strange!"

"It seems that Liu Guangfu's father came to Aunt Wang to discuss the marriage of Liu Guangfu and Wang Yanzi!"

"Hasn't Liu Guangfu already severed ties with his father? Why is he here?"

"Looking at what you said, although the relationship has been severed, Liu Guangfu is his son after all!"

Seeing the residents gathered around, Liu Haizhong not only did not feel ashamed, but felt that the opportunity had come.

He knew very well that even though educated people like Aunt Wang were very clear-minded and difficult to be fooled, they had one biggest shortcoming, that is, they were particularly concerned about face.

Sometimes, for the sake of so-called face, they will not speak out even if they suffer a loss.

So Liu Haizhong had a good idea. He walked outside the gate and cried loudly: "Everyone, come and take a look. This old woman robbed my son, and he didn't even pay me a penny. He

It’s really abominable!”

Upon hearing Liu Haizhong's words, the residents all frowned.

"What do you mean by robbing his son? How do you start talking about this?"

Liu Haizhong continued: "After my son married Wang Yanzi, he became his son-in-law. In this case, his family should compensate my family with some money!"

After hearing this, the residents finally understood, and everyone who came over burst into laughter.

"It turns out that this old man wants money. No wonder he came to make trouble!"

"I think he is crazy about money. Liu Guangfu doesn't regard him as his father at all, and he still comes to ask for money."

"But it's not a problem to let him cause trouble here. Let's find a way to notify the street office!"

"It's not appropriate to notify the sub-district office for such a trivial matter. I saw it and asked Liu Guangfu to come back first!"

Although everyone thinks what Liu Haizhong did is wrong, Liu Haizhong is Liu Guangfu's father after all. If the street office is involved and Liu Haizhong is arrested, maybe Liu Guangfu will be dissatisfied.

So after some discussion, the guys sent a young man to ride a bicycle to the steel rolling mill.

Liu Guangfu is working in the workshop now.

His salary was about to be paid. After he got his salary, he decided to buy Wang Yanzi a new set of clothes, and then he and Aunt Wang also bought a new set of clothes.

Although Aunt Wang could only be regarded as Liu Guangfu's mother-in-law, Liu Guangfu regarded her as his biological mother.

At this time, Liu Guangfu learned that someone was looking for him and wanted to call him back to the compound.

Liu Guangfu expressed his refusal at that time.

Because it would definitely take at least two hours to go back and forth. With these two hours, he could earn more than one yuan.

The man said that Liu Haizhong was causing trouble in the compound and wanted to ask Wang Yanzi's mother for money.

Hearing this, Liu Guangfu couldn't bear it anymore.

Following the young man, we hurried back to the compound.

At this time, Liu Haizhong was complaining to the people in the compound in order to win the support of the residents of the compound.

"You may not know yet, how much effort I put into raising Liu Guangfu.

Over the years I have been reluctant to eat or drink, and I have finally brought Liu Guangfu up. Now he is getting married, but he is going to become someone else's son.

In this case, if you don't give me some compensation, how can it be possible?"

I have to say that people from the courtyard are very good at performing.

Liu Haizhong's acting skills are also very superb, and he fooled many residents almost instantly.

"This old comrade does look aggrieved!"

"Yes, Liu Guangfu is older now, and he has to provide for others when he joins the work. It would be uncomfortable for anyone else."

"I think their request is not excessive, but two hundred yuan is a bit much. I think twenty yuan is about the same."

Although Aunt Wang also knew that Liu Haizhong was lying.

But after all, she was not the party involved, and she had no way to reveal the truth about Liu Haizhong, so she could only let Liu Haizhong perform there.

At this time, Liu Guangfu rushed back. He rushed forward and pointed at Liu Haizhong's nose and said: "Liu Haizhong, I have severed ties with you. You used my marriage to go to other people's homes to extort money. Why don't you still

Do you want to save some face?"

"Unfilial son, come and take a look. This is my unfilial son. I raised him so big and he dared to scold me!"

Liu Haizhong also knew that if he could not control Liu Guangfu today, he would never get the money.

So Liu Haizhong started to continue performing.

"Have you forgotten, Liu Haizhong? How did you treat me when you were a child? Now you are so embarrassed and aggrieved. Why didn't you think about it when you whipped me with a belt?" Liu Guangfu said angrily.

Liu Haizhong said loudly: "Liu Guangfu, I educated you for your own good. Look at you now as a big worker, which proves that my stick education is effective."

"Bangs, stop confusing right and wrong here!"

Liu Guangfu didn't expect Liu Haizhong to be so shameless, and for a moment he didn't know how to explain it.

Liu Haizhong was overjoyed when he saw this scene.

"Guys, take a look and you now know how wronged I feel. Do you think the Wang family should give me the dowry money? As compensation?"

Although the onlookers felt something was wrong, they still nodded.

After all, Liu Guangfu is indeed almost the same as his son-in-law.

To a certain extent, Liu Haizhong's family did lose a son, while Mrs. Wang's family gained a son.

No matter what age you are, it is not easy to raise your children.

Moreover, it is normal for parents to beat their children. In this compound, almost all the adults have used sticks to teach their children.

"Yes, Liu Guangfu's beating is nothing at all. It is particularly inappropriate for him to cut off relations with Liu Hai because of these things."

"Liu Guangfu is a good boy, but how could he do such an outrageous thing?"

"I think the Wang family should indeed give money to Liu Haizhong."


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