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The Barefoot Doctor in the Siheyuan

The Barefoot Doctor in the Siheyuan

author:two-handed pen

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:04-19 20:11

Latest chapter:Chapter 834 Liu Haizhong is also watching

Traveling back to that passionate era, I was a barefoot doctor.

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《The Barefoot Doctor in the Siheyuan》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 834 Liu Haizhong is also watching
Chapter 833 The third uncle’s thoughts
Chapter 832 Brave MCA
Chapter 831 Surprised Liu Haizhong
Chapter 830 Factory Director Liu was beaten
Chapter 829 The small police are dispatched
Chapter 828 Director Wang of the Subdistrict Office’s Thoughts
Chapter 827 Qin Huairu joins forces with Liu Haizhong
Chapter 826 Moved MCA
《The Barefoot Doctor in the Siheyuan》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 I'm a Barefoot Doctor
Chapter 2 Sorghum jelly
Chapter 3 Entering the capital for the first time
Chapter 4 Hello, Cousin
Chapter 5 Master Ding
Chapter 6 This master can lick
Chapter 7 Da Mao's Walnut
Chapter 8 Mice
Chapter 9 Body Type
Chapter 10 The Silly Pillar Who Eats Alone
Chapter 11 Caught a Big Mouse
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14 Fishing Noodles
Chapter 15 Wang Wu
Chapter 16 Two Steps
Chapter 17 Teacher Ran
Chapter 18 Belief in Science
Chapter 19 Fried Eggs
Chapter 20 Homework
Chapter 21 Silly Column Beaten
Chapter 22 Yi Zhonghai's Mutiny
Chapter 23 Witness Li Donglai
Chapter 24 Silly Zhu admits his son
Chapter 25 Xu Damao was beaten
Chapter 26 Yan Bugui's Little Abacus
Chapter 27
Chapter 28 Stir-fry, remember to put salt
Chapter 29 Silly Pillar Borrowing Money
Chapter 30 Tavern
Chapter 31 Tacit understanding
Chapter 32
Chapter 33 Li Xiaomei's New Friend
Chapter 34 No Tuition Fee
Chapter 35 Small saplings thrive
Chapter 36 Free Ran Qiuye
Chapter 37 Silly Zhu stares at Ran Qiuye
Chapter 38 Registration
Chapter 39 Injections
Chapter 40 Xue Ru Tailor Shop
Chapter 41 Little Hat
Chapter 42 Little Heroes and Two Dogs
Chapter 43 He Yuyu's Mind
Chapter 44 Xu Da Mao's Teeth
Chapter 45
Chapter 46
Chapter 47
Chapter 48 Gastric lavage 1
Chapter 49 Gastric lavage 2
Chapter 50 Projects
Chapter 51 Silly Pillar's Meat
Chapter 52 Buying Meat
Chapter 53 Eating Meat
Chapter 54 Want a hat
Chapter 55 Gu Shen is here
Chapter 56
Chapter 57 Returning Home 1
Chapter 58 Returning Home 2
Chapter 59 Trees
Chapter 60 Silly Zhu blind date
Chapter 61
Chapter 62
Chapter 63
Chapter 64 Li Donglai divides the meat
Chapter 65 Deaf old lady
Chapter 66
Chapter 67 Trouble at the Food Station
Chapter 68 Women's Director
Chapter 69 Yi Zhonghai's Plan
Chapter 70 Jia Zhang's Complaint
Chapter 71 Master {xml}amp; Wife
Chapter 72
Chapter 73 The Traitor Jia Zhang
Chapter 74
Chapter 75 Planning
Chapter 76 The Poor Gu Shen
Chapter 77 Old hat
Chapter 78 Xu Damao's Action
Chapter 79
Chapter 80
Chapter 81
Chapter 82 The so-called leader
Chapter 83 Silly Zhu Silly Mao CP was arrested
Chapter 84 Watching a Movie
Chapter 85 Yi Zhonghais little thoughts
Chapter 86 Paper Published
Chapter 87 Is this called a mortal enemy?
Chapter 88 Conference
Chapter 89 The celebration party went astray
Chapter 90 Buying a Bicycle
Chapter 91 He Yuyus Difficulties
Chapter 92 Silly Zhu steals money
Chapter 93 He Yuyu borrows money
Chapter 94: Boil the Eagle.
Chapter 95 Certificate of Award Comes to the Door
Chapter 96 Captured
Chapter 97 Lou Bancheng
Chapter 98 Lou Xiaoe wants to be hospitalized
Chapter 99 The trouble caused by Lou Xiaoe
Chapter 100 Lou Banchengs plan
Chapter 101 Damao visits the patient
Chapter 102 Go and expose it
Chapter 103 Dragon Boat Festival
Chapter 104 Lou Banchengs actions
Chapter 105 Infertility Xu Damao
Chapter 106 Yan Buguis plan
Chapter 107 Xu Damaos new goal
Chapter 108 One hundred dollars
Chapter 109 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
Chapter 110 College student Zhou Zheng
Chapter 111 Practice
Chapter 112 Journal Club
Chapter 113 Discussion with Chen Xueru
Chapter 114 Transaction
Chapter 115 Jia Zhang fell into the water
Chapter 116 Jia Zhangs medical treatment
Chapter 117 Medical Trouble
Chapter 118 Medical Department
Chapter 119 Two hundred dollars
Chapter 120 Private Room
Chapter 121 Grand Courtyard
Chapter 122 Firecrackers
Chapter 123 Qin Huairus actions
Chapter 124 Visiting
Chapter 125 Persuasion
Chapter 126 People coming from the steel rolling mill
Chapter 127 Choose a day
Chapter 128 Trust Store
Chapter 129 The Great Throne
Chapter 130 Brothers from the East
Chapter 131 Promotion
Chapter 132 Xu Huizhens scheming
Chapter 133 Xu Damaos ventriloquism
Chapter 134 Are you in trouble?
Chapter 135 Yan Bugui was beaten
Chapter 136 Jeep
Chapter 137 Beating
Chapter 138 Preparing for Marriage
Chapter 139 Damaos Gift
Chapter 140 Jia Xudong is injured
Chapter 140 Jia Zhang beats Yi Zhonghai
Chapter 141 Crippled
Chapter 142 Blackmail
Chapter 143 30000
Chapter 144 The distressed Yi Zhonghai
Chapter 145 Disobedient Silly Zhu
Chapter 146 Xu Damao rises up
Chapter 147 Trip to Beijing University
Chapter 148 Jia Zhangs generosity
Chapter 149 Jia Maotian
Chapter 150 Iron Leg Kung Fu
Chapter 151 Jia Zhang was arrested
Chapter 152 Director Yang takes advantage of the situation
Chapter 153 The frightened Yi Zhonghai
Chapter 154 Discussion
Chapter 155 Qin Huairu was taken away
Chapter 156 Beating up Fan Jinyou
Chapter 157 Fan Jinyou moves reinforcements
Chapter 158 What can you do?
Chapter 159 Framed out of thin air
Chapter 160 Removal from Office
Chapter 161 Silly Zhu pleads for mercy
Chapter 162 Yi Zhonghais Troubles
Chapter 163 Busy
Chapter 164 District Committee Certificate of Commendation
Chapter 165 Yi Zhonghais plan
Chapter 166 The discovery of Silly Pillar
Chapter 167 Xu Damao under duress
Chapter 168 Praise
Chapter 169 A small park at night
Chapter 170 Uncle Qin enters the city
Chapter 171 Food Station
Chapter 172 Yu Juhua
Chapter 173 Selling Pigs
Chapter 174 Return to the Village
Chapter 175 Wild Boar
Chapter 176 Divide the Meat
Chapter 177 Real Wild Boar Boar
Chapter 178 Preparing for the Wedding Banquet
Chapter 179 Li Xiaomeis Box
Chapter 180 Good luck, lets eat chicken later.
Chapter 181 Qin Huairu is pregnant
Chapter 182 Preparation
Chapter 183 Motorcade
Chapter 131 Promotion
Chapter 185 Xu Damaos criminal past
Chapter 186 Shared Money
Chapter 187 Wedding Night
Chapter 188 Qin Huairus work implementation
Chapter 189 Jia Xudong learns that Qin Huairu is pregnant
Chapter 190 Xu Damaos promotion
Chapter 191 Double Happiness
Chapter 192 Yi Zhonghai is dissatisfied
Chapter 193 Xu Damao was punished
Chapter 194 Returning
Chapter 195 Family Banquet
Chapter 196 Planning
Chapter 197 Crushing the Field
Chapter 198 Finalized
Chapter 199 Framed?
Chapter 200 Trouble
Chapter 201 Director Gong
Chapter 202 Catching the Thief
Chapter 203 BangGeng was caught
Chapter 204 Scapegoat
Chapter 205 Teach Qin Huairu a lesson
Chapter 206 Investigation
Chapter 207 Pig Raising
Chapter 208 Lock Changing Troubles
Chapter 209 Theres news
Chapter 210 Tong County
Chapter 211 Action
Chapter 212 Arresting People
Chapter 213 Pregnancy
Chapter 214 Joy
Chapter 215 Xu Ganzi
Chapter 216 Milk Powder
Chapter 217 Xu Damao was beaten
Chapter 218 Yi Zhonghai is partial
Chapter 219 Xu Ganzi pleads for mercy
Chapter 220 Alliance
Chapter 221 The grief-stricken Xu Damao
Chapter 222 Lu Ping
Chapter 223 Ding Boren joins the steel rolling mill
Chapter 224 Deputy Director Lis background
Chapter 225 The generous Yi Zhonghai
Chapter 226 Silly Zhu buys meat
Chapter 227 Qin Huairu takes over
Chapter 228 Canteen
Chapter 229 Deputy Director Lis happy event
Chapter 230 Past events and theater viewing
Chapter 231 Shock
Chapter 232 Yi Zhonghais decision
Chapter 233 All senior executives are present
Chapter 234 Lu Zheng takes the blame
Chapter 235 Liu Lan Backstabbed
Chapter 236 Li Huaide was captured
Chapter 237 Yi Zhonghai has no love in life
Chapter 238 Changes in the steel rolling mill
Chapter 239 Xu Damao pleads for mercy
Chapter 240 Zhong Yuemin
Chapter 241 The generous Xu Damao
Chapter 242 Xu Damao borrows money
Chapter 243 Liu Haizhong wants to be a leader
Chapter 244 The old hat was robbed
Chapter 245 Li Kuiyong
Chapter 246 The traces of the little bastard
Chapter 247 Li Yuanchao
Chapter 248 Qin Huairu borrows money
Chapter 249 The wheel is lost
Chapter 250 Qin Huairu and Jia Xudong break up
Chapter 251 Yi Zhonghais strategy
Chapter 252 Mutation
Chapter 253 Beating
Chapter 254 The mystery of the wheel
Chapter 255 Silly Zhu was caught
Chapter 256 The awakening of the licking dog
Chapter 257 Qin Huairu was arrested
Chapter 258 Yu Juhua falls in love with Silly Zhu
Chapter 259 Yu Juhuas request
Chapter 260 New Cook
Chapter 261 Make a Price
Chapter 262 The generous deaf old lady
Chapter 263 The Conflict between Yi Zhonghai and the Deaf Old Lady
Chapter 264 Silly Zhu prepares for a blind date
Chapter 265 Yu Juhua Kills a Pig
Chapter 266 Pig urine bubble
Chapter 267 Silly Zhu and Yu Juhua have a blind date
Chapter 268 Confused Qin Huairu
Chapter 269 Silly Zhu PKs at Chrysanthemum
Chapter 270 He Yuyus sister-in-law
Chapter 271 The Deaf Old Ladys Methods
Chapter 272 Lots of doubts
Chapter 273 Silly Zhu who has no love in life
Chapter 274 Narisong
Chapter 275 Dormitory
Chapter 276 Human Computer
Chapter 277 Monitor
Chapter 278 Repairing the Radio
Chapter 279 Finalized
Chapter 280 Jia Xudongs plan
Chapter 281 Qin Huairu returns to the village
Chapter 282 Excited Qin Jingru
Chapter 283 Xu Damaos Thoughts
Chapter 284 Xu Damaos plan to seduce Qin Jingru
Chapter 285 Seafood
Chapter 287 The frustrated Yi Zhonghai
Chapter 288 Xu Damaos Matchmaker
Chapter 289 Twenty units
Chapter 290 Small Mountain Village
Chapter 291 Exam
Chapter 292 Something big happened
Chapter 293 Interrogation
Chapter 294 Foreign Visiting Team
Chapter 295 Blackmail?
Chapter 296 Release
Chapter 297 Yan Buguis thoughts
Chapter 298 Xu Damao wants to be a master
Chapter 299 Yi Zhonghai reports Xu Damao
Chapter 300 Xu Damao steals the chicken but loses the rice
Chapter 301 Wishful Qin Huairu
Chapter 302 Liu Haizhong gets an education
Chapter 303 Yu Juhua fights Yi Zhonghai
Chapter 304 Graduation Examination
Chapter 305 Operating Specifications
Chapter 306 Big Dinner
Chapter 307 Jia Zhang is released from prison
Chapter 308: Stealing meat with a stick
Chapter 309 Jia Zhangs family is deflated
Chapter 310 Nanyi Dishes
Chapter 311 Liang Ladis thoughts
Chapter 312 Vacation
Chapter 313 Qin Jingru is pregnant
Chapter 314 Qin Huairus plan
Chapter 315 Qin Huairu is in action
Chapter 316 Xu Damao is back
Chapter 317 Xu Damao, who wants to cry but has no tears
Chapter 318 Xu Damaos Good Brother
Chapter 319 Its almost the New Year
Chapter 320 Watching TV
Chapter 321 New Years greetings
Chapter 322 The so-called cousin
Chapter 323 Return to the Laboratory
Chapter 324 Electron Microscopy
Chapter 325 Investigation
Chapter 326 Must be the first
Chapter 327 Arrival
Chapter 328 Asli Research Institute
Chapter 329 The experiment was frustrated
Chapter 330 On the verge of breaking out
Chapter 331 People coming from the capital
Chapter 332 Success
Chapter 333 Undercurrent
Chapter 334 Returning Home
Chapter 335 New Workshop
Chapter 336 Labor Dispatch
Chapter 337 Qin Fen enters the city
Chapter 338 Butterfly Reappears
Chapter 339 Strange Liu Feng
Chapter 340 Angry Xu Damao
Chapter 341 The non-existent dynasty
Chapter 342 Project Plan
Chapter 343 Michosheng
Chapter 344 Review Meeting
Chapter 345 Siheyuan Car God
Chapter 346 Ding Qiunan gives birth
Chapter 347 Twins
Chapter 348 Recruiting troops
Chapter 349 Continue the investigation
Chapter 350 Departure, Port City
Chapter 351 Arrival
Chapter 352 Hero saves beauty
Chapter 353 Goodbye Lou Xiaoe
Chapter 354 Yan Tong
Chapter 355 The so-called loyalty
Chapter 356 Naval Battle
Chapter 347 Bomb
Chapter 303 Yu Chrysanthemum vs. Yi Zhonghai
Chapter 349 Set off a big firework
Chapter 350 Trisomy 21 Gene
Chapter 351 Buffetts decision
Chapter 352 Major Events in Hong Kong City
Chapter 353 Ma Bing
Chapter 354 Yan Tong is here
Chapter 355 Press Conference
Chapter 356 Mr. Hua
Chapter 357 Hua Ting
Chapter 358 Return to Beijing
Chapter 359 Xu Damaos Thoughts
Chapter 360 Silly Zhus Milk Powder
Chapter 361 Xu Damao assassinated Qin Jingru
Chapter 362 Qin Huairu takes advantage of every opportunity
Chapter 363 Yi Zhonghai persuades Xu Ganzi
Chapter 364 Qin Huairus conspiracy
Chapter 365 Xu Ganzi fights Yi Zhonghai
Chapter 366 Death of Jia Dongxu
Chapter 367 Jia Zhang makes a big fuss in the hospital
Chapter 368 Yi Zhonghais strategy
Chapter 369 Gu Shens Spring
Chapter 370 Transformer
Chapter 371 The Jia Zhang family was defeated
Chapter 372 No evidence
Chapter 373 Jia Zhangs Compromise
Chapter 374 Qin Huairu borrows money
Chapter 375 Difficulties
Chapter 376 Yu Qiuhua
Chapter 377 Vegetable Thief
Chapter 378 The experiment was successful
Chapter 379 Yu Juhua is about to give birth
Chapter 380 To protect the elder or to protect the child?
Chapter 381 Giving birth
Chapter 382 He Wenyuan was arrested
Chapter 383 Qin Huairu meets He Wenhui for the first time
Chapter 384 Ancestral Porcelain Bowl
Chapter 385 Jia Family vs. He Family
Chapter 386 Review
Chapter 387 Yi Zhonghais Thoughts
Chapter 388 Conference
Chapter 389 Winning the jackpot
Chapter 390 Treat
Chapter 391 119 people
Chapter 392 Koinu Ichiro
Chapter 393 Qin Huairus choice
Chapter 394 Letter Reappears
Chapter 395 Interrogation of Jia Zhang
Chapter 396 Jia Zhangs Battle with Yi Zhonghai
Chapter 397 Relocation
Chapter 398 New Project
Chapter 399 Nanyis request
Chapter 400 He Wentao is blind
Chapter 401 Noisy
Chapter 402 Jia Zhangs Letter of Guarantee
Chapter 403 Iron Factory Complex
Chapter 404 Lost Files
Chapter 405 Hu Lais brothers-in-law
Chapter 406 New Discovery
Chapter 407 Continue to pursue
Chapter 408 Security Gate
Chapter 409 Feng Linqing
Chapter 410 Confused Silly Zhu
Chapter 411 Impossible Possibility
Chapter 412 Liu Zhen who wants to cry but has no tears
Chapter 413 New Ideas
Chapter 414 Poverty Alleviation Workshop
Chapter 415 Temporary Workers
Chapter 416 Qin Huairus plan
Chapter 417 Liu Haizhong is hospitalized
Chapter 418 Acting
Chapter 419 Selling Goods
Chapter 420 Cui Dake
Chapter 421 Reporter
Chapter 422 Planning
Chapter 423 Glass Ball
Chapter 424 Installing a Phone
Chapter 425 The stick is in action
Chapter 426 He Wentao was beaten
Chapter 427 Solution
Chapter 428 Vocational Skills Class
Chapter 429 Qin Huairu must work hard
Chapter 430 Liu Haizhong reports the crime
Chapter 431 Two brothers who love each other
Chapter 432 Jia Zhangs Erdan Ge
Chapter 433 Elopement
Chapter 434 Qin Huairu was criticized
Chapter 435 Awesome Girlfriend
Chapter 436 Banggengs plan
Chapter 437 Cloth Tickets
Chapter 438 Qin Huairu blocks the road
Chapter 439 Huang Yanlings Past
Chapter 440 A clever joke
Chapter 441 If you fail to steal the chicken, you will lose the rice.
Chapter 442 Ma Laoer fights against the courtyard
Chapter 443 Exam
Chapter 444 100% pass rate
Chapter 445 Qingpi vs. Siheyuan
Chapter 446 Stockholm
Chapter 447 Airport Troubles
Chapter 448 Silly Pillar Travel
Chapter 449 Silly Pillar vs. Vampire Warrior
Chapter 450 Therese
Chapter 451 Commission
Chapter 452 The so-called hero
Chapter 398 New Project
Chapter 454 Jia Zhang is back
Chapter 455 Traditional Chinese Medicine
Chapter 456 Vampire
Chapter 457 Debt collection?
Chapter 458 Conventional
Chapter 459 Choice
Chapter 460 Chance Encounter
Chapter 461 Noble Ideal
Chapter 462: The appearance of all living beings in the Siheyuan
Chapter 463 Awarding
Chapter 464 Dinner Party
Chapter 465 Only by mastering the core technology can we counterattack others
Chapter 466 Returning to China
Chapter 467 Qin Huairus ultimate kill
Chapter 468 Yan Buguis matchmaking
Chapter 469 Li Xiaomeis ideal
Chapter 470 Bad Habits
Chapter 471 He Wenhuis Money
Chapter 472 Tracking
Chapter 473 Choice
Chapter 474 Importance
Chapter 475 New Years Goods
Chapter 476 Theft
Chapter 477 Tracking
Chapter 478 Strategy
Chapter 479 The sad He Wenhui
Chapter 480 Drama
Chapter 481 No solution
Chapter 482 The adaptable Yu Qiuhua
Chapter 483 A thousand yuan gift
Chapter 484 Yu Juhua vs. Yu Qiuhua
Chapter 485 Beijing Spring Festival Race Around the City
Chapter 486 Lao Wangtou takes action again
Chapter 487 Breaking the door
Chapter 488 Old Wangtous Troubles
Chapter 489 What are you looking at?
Chapter 490 Liu Guangdes little thoughts
Chapter 491 Yan Bugui has no professional ethics
Chapter 492 The infatuated Jia Zhang
Chapter 493 The Magic of the East
Chapter 494 Hong Kong Citys Reaction
Chapter 495 Broadcast
Chapter 496 Whirlpool
Chapter 497 The so-called preferential treatment
Chapter 498 Investigation
Chapter 499: Having evil intentions
Chapter 500 Yu Haitangs rejoicing
Chapter 501 Horse Show
Chapter 502 Hex Technology
Chapter 503 Competition
Chapter 504 Unexpected results
Chapter 505 Awesome Chicken Legs
Chapter 506 One vs. Two
Chapter 507 New Years Eve Conference
Chapter 508 Old Wangtou is in action
Chapter 509 Qin Huairus Backstab
Chapter 510 Take them all away
Chapter 511 Deputy Director Wang, who was stuck with a fishbone
Chapter 512 Aunt Zhou
Chapter 513 Chen Zuonan
Chapter 514 Beef Cream
Chapter 515 This is not cooking, but magic
Chapter 516 Hex Technology Company
Chapter 517 Yu Lis Troubles
Chapter 518 The worried Yan Bugui
Chapter 519 Angry Yan Jiecheng
Chapter 520 Yan Jiecheng enters the hospital
Chapter 521 The third aunt reported the crime
Chapter 522 The so-called divorce
Chapter 523 Buying a Seasoning Factory
Chapter 524 The incident at the seasoning factory
Chapter 525 Yu Lis wrist
Chapter 526 The Yan familys plan
Chapter 527 Director Yangs request
Chapter 570 Liu Zhenshan
Chapter 529 Open Struggle
Chapter 530 Yu Lis first appearance
Chapter 531 The so-called mediation
Chapter 532: Learn from others
Chapter 533 Movie Tickets
Chapter 534 Asking for help late at night
Chapter 535 Dog bites dog
Chapter 536 Irritated Zhou Dao
Chapter 537 Twenty Ton Machine
Chapter 538 Bailey GBU15
Chapter 539 Wang Weidong and Huang Yanling
Chapter 540 Wang Ergou
Chapter 541 Attack Team
Chapter 542 The Jia family was attacked
Chapter 543 Fighting
Chapter 544 Cleanup
Chapter 545 Yan Buguis little plan
Chapter 546 Angry Yan Jiecheng
Chapter 547 Gift
Chapter 548 Fishing
Chapter 549 He Yuyu gets married
Chapter 550 Liu Haizhongs Little Plot
Chapter 551 Successful Operation
Chapter 552 Zhang Hongling
Chapter 553 The Jia Zhang family blackmails the Yan family
Chapter 554 Li Xiaomei is going to travel far
Chapter 555 Jia Zhangs wedding banquet
Chapter 556 Silly Zhu makes a big fuss at the wedding banquet
Chapter 557 Twists and turns
Chapter 558 Battle
Chapter 559 Traditional Martial Arts Performance
Chapter 560 Dispute
Chapter 561 Sun Yanzi
Chapter 562 Yan Buguis request for help
Chapter 563 Method
Chapter 564 Yan Jiechengs Thoughts
Chapter 565 Literary Youth Zhou Rong
Chapter 566 Journey
Chapter 567 Zhou Bingyi
Chapter 568 Goodbye Zheng Juan
Chapter 569 Liu Datou
Chapter 570 Liu Zhenshan
Chapter 571 Liu Zhenshan is in action
Chapter 572 Park
Chapter 573 Catch
Chapter 574 The Zhou familys quarrel
Chapter 575 Zhou Bingkuns Thoughts
Chapter 576 Encounter with Qiao Chunyan
Chapter 577 Cao Debao
Chapter 578 Zhou Rong makes trouble in the Zheng family
Chapter 579 The Zhou familys counterattack
Chapter 580 Zhao Youcai
Chapter 581 Zhou Bingkun breaks off the relationship
Chapter 582 Zheng Guangmings Eyes
Chapter 583 Hao Dongmei
Chapter 584 Return to the Capital
Chapter 585 Go Home
Chapter 586 New Journey
Chapter 587 Goodbye Huang Yanling
Chapter 588 Huang Yanling writes a review
Chapter 589 Yan Jiechengs Work
Chapter 590 New Plan
Chapter 591: The stick gets beaten
Chapter 592 Silly Zhu who was wronged
Chapter 593 Zhang Prison
Chapter 594 Firecrackers
Chapter 595 Preemptive Strike
Chapter 596 Liu Haizhongs Thoughts
Chapter 597 Visiting Son-in-law Liu Guangqi
Chapter 598 Helping in times of need
Chapter 599 Hunting Plan
Chapter 600 Ding Qiunans Thoughts
Chapter 601 Liu Guangqis work
Chapter 602: Yan Jiecheng is given a big package
Chapter 603 Thief Yan Jiecheng
Chapter 604 Lucky Yan Bugui
Chapter 605: Yan Jiecheng, the cheater
Chapter 606 Negotiation
Chapter 607 Yan Jiechengs new idea
Chapter 608 Total
Chapter 609 Huang Yanling fights against the Yan family
Chapter 610 The cooperation between Bang Gang and Yan Jiecheng
Chapter 611 Xiao Dangs Object
Chapter 612 Ma Zhengshao first entered the courtyard
Chapter 613 Ma Zhengshao fled
Chapter 614 Yan Buguis new idea
Chapter 615 Yan Jiecheng is in action
Chapter 616 Helpless Ba Laoer
Chapter 617 Hunting
Chapter 618 Zhao Youcais Thoughts
Chapter 619 The stick is in action
Chapter 620 Bangges trip to the pigeon market
Chapter 621 A clever joke
Chapter 622 Bangge enters the pigeon market again
Chapter 623 Signing the Agreement
Chapter 624 Huang Yanlings little moves
Chapter 625 Yan Jiecheng and Xiaodangs first date
Chapter 626 Dinner
Chapter 627 Thunder
Chapter 628 Huang Yanlings discovery
Chapter 629 What everyone in the Jia family thinks
Chapter 630 Goodbye Zhao Youcai
Chapter 631 The Attacking Huang Yanling
Chapter 632 Zhao Youcai moves into Jias house
Chapter 633 Unhappy cooperation
Chapter 634 Southeast Chemical Materials Research Institute
Chapter 635 Conversation
Chapter 636 Accident
Chapter 637 Progress
Chapter 638 Tracking
Chapter 639 The snail girl of Wang Erdan
Chapter 639 The black-hearted snail girl
Chapter 640 Sudden
Chapter 641 Licking the Dog
Chapter 642 The Rising Bastard Erdan
Chapter 643 Its over
Chapter 644 Eating Rice Noodles
Chapter 645 The Yan family is sick
Chapter 646 Yu Qiuhuas Thoughts
Chapter 647 Beijing Bicycle Factory No. 1
Chapter 648 Mergers and Acquisitions
Chapter 649 Electric Bicycle
Chapter 650 Silly Zhu beats Yu Qiuhua violently
Chapter 651 Quarrel
Chapter 652 Director Wangs Thoughts
Chapter 653 Yan Jiecheng and Huang Yanling
Chapter 654 Result
Chapter 655 Huang Yanlings sharp tongue
Chapter 656 Reason
Chapter 657 Sensation
Chapter 658 Huang Yanling takes action
Chapter 659: Going to steal the cabbage from Silly Zhus family
Chapter 660 Zhao Youcai was driven away
Chapter 661 Awesome celebration
Chapter 662 The people from Zhaojiazhuang are coming
Chapter 663 Farce
Chapter 664 Jia Zhangs bankruptcy
Chapter 665
Chapter 666 Chen Huas Trouble
Chapter 667 Zhang Heng
Chapter 668 Brave Chen Hua
Chapter 669 Zhang Shantong
Chapter 670 Chen Hua visits the Li family
Chapter 671 Yan Buguis ambition
Chapter 672 The first press conference in Beijing
Chapter 673 Huang Yanlings wish
Chapter 674 Qin Huairu is in action
Chapter 675 The deflated Jia Zhang family
Chapter 676 Jia Zhangs sudden whim
Chapter 677 Liu Haizhongs plan
Chapter 678 The Liu family is holding a wedding banquet
Chapter 679 Buying groceries in Liu Haizhong
Chapter 680 Still need to buy meat
Chapter 681 Liu Haizhong was caught
Chapter 682 Hard-earned meat
Chapter 683 Yan Bugui wants to cry but has no tears
Chapter 684 Liu Haizhong holds a banquet
Chapter 685 The second uncle in bangs was exempted
Chapter 686: Xiao Dang
Chapter 687 Qin Huairus actions
Chapter 688 Innocent Liu Quansheng
Chapter 689 Director Bais thoughts
Chapter 690 Love Liu Guangfu
Chapter 691 Ding Qiunans suggestion
Chapter 692 Zhang Qingcuis classmates
Chapter 693 Excited Team Liu
Chapter 694 Jia Zhangs vote
Chapter 695 He Yuyus troubles
Chapter 696 Yan Jiecheng dates Huang Yanling
Chapter 642 The Rising Bastard Erdan
Chapter 698 Jia Zhangs plan
Chapter 699 Yan Bugui was blackmailed
Chapter 700 Li Donglai breaks the situation and Jia Zhang is defeated
Chapter 701 Yan Jiecheng is marrying Huang Yanling
Chapter 702 Banggeng makes a big fuss at the street office
Chapter 703 Bangs interruption case
Chapter 704 The Third Master Treats Me
Chapter 705 Whooping Cough
Chapter 706 New Project Determined
Chapter 707 Huang Yanlings methods
Chapter 708 Liu Haizhong holds a conference
Chapter 709 Depressed bangs
Chapter 710 Zhang Renfei
Chapter 711 Zhou Baiyun
Chapter 712 Trip to Jichun
Chapter 713 Buying groceries
Chapter 714 Capturing the Thief
Chapter 715 Qin Huairus expectations
Chapter 716 He Yuyu is pregnant
Chapter 717 Yan Buguis actions
Chapter 718 Yan Jiefangs Awakening
Chapter 719 Yan Jiefang wants to separate the family
Chapter 720 Triple vaccine is successful
Chapter 721 Nanyi was poached?
Chapter 722 Silly Zhu is holding a conference
Chapter 723 Helpless Yan Bugui
Chapter 724 The unexpected Yan Jiekuang
Chapter 725 Yan Jiefangs family is separated
Chapter 726 Confused Smith
Chapter 727 Bullying Agreement
Chapter 728 Little Sophora Flowers Object
Chapter 729 Zhang Daxing
Chapter 730 Jia Zhang takes action
Chapter 731 Zhu Xiaohong
Chapter 732 Depressed Zhu Xiaohong
Chapter 733 Jia Zhang was arrested
Chapter 734 Ding Qiunan buys clothes
Chapter 735 Ding Qiunans cheongsam
Chapter 736 Qin Huairus little plan
Chapter 737 He Yuyu wins completely
Chapter 738 Depressed Qin Huairu
Chapter 739 Liao Yucheng is online
Chapter 740 Conflict
Chapter 741 Excited Liao Yucheng
Chapter 742 Pushing the envelope
Chapter 743 Liao Yucheng commits murder
Chapter 744 Liao Yucheng was arrested
Chapter 745 The second Jia Zhang family
Chapter 746 Poor Households
Chapter 747 The distressed Director Zhang
Chapter 748 Little Sophora Flowers Thoughts
Chapter 749 Xiaohuaihua vs. Jia Zhang
Chapter 750 Angry Jia Zhang
Chapter 751 He Yuyu gives birth to a child
Chapter 752 Xiaopian Policemans Family, Nanyis Request
Chapter 753 Yan Jiefang and Xiaodang are dating
Chapter 754 Yan Jiefang is injured
Chapter 755 Acupuncture
Chapter 756 The third uncle asks for an explanation
Chapter 757 Yan Bugui snatches the radio
Chapter 758 Li Xiaomei returns to Beijing
Chapter 759 Xiaodang surrenders
Chapter 760 The Yan Family Dispute
Chapter 761 Silly Zhu takes action
Chapter 762 Li Donglais new idea
Chapter 763 Xiaodang wants to elope
Chapter 764 Qin Huairu was punished
Chapter 765 Huang Yanling and Yan Jiecheng are divorcing
Chapter 766 Awesome Thoughts
Chapter 767 The thoughts of the third uncle and Jia Zhang
Chapter 768 Two Partnerships
Chapter 769 Depressed Silly Zhu
Chapter 770 Yu Juhua shows off his power
Chapter 771 The third uncle wants to cry but has no tears
Chapter 772 Xiaodang wants to buy a house
Chapter 773 Transistor Radio
Chapter 774 Yan Jiefangs house was robbed
Chapter 775 The embarrassment of Xiao Dang
Chapter 776 Ownership of the House
Chapter 777 Zhang Sanxi
Chapter 778 Zhang Sanxis Dilemma
Chapter 779 Rejected
Chapter 780 Zhang Sanxi was set up
Chapter 781 Li Donglais true purpose
Chapter 782 Zhang Sanxi joins
Chapter 783 Twenty-three Researchers
Chapter 784 Deputy Director Lius Panic
Chapter 785 What is the mob?
Chapter 786 Fighting
Chapter 787 Director Liu is executed
Chapter 788 The battle between Qin Huairu and Jia Zhang
Chapter 789 Jia and Zhang are causing trouble
Chapter 790 Qin Huairu wants to marry off Jia Zhang
Chapter 791 Matchmaker Yan Bugui
Chapter 792 Jia Zhangs blind date
Chapter 793 Qin Huairu is the matchmaker
Chapter 794 Jia Zhangs Betrothal Gift
Chapter 795 Regret
Chapter 796 Captain Lius Marriage
Chapter 797 Asking for help from Teacher Liu
Chapter 798 Qin Huairus response
Chapter 799 Jia and Zhang hit a tree
Chapter 800 Silly Zhu borrows money
Chapter 801 Radio Factory
Chapter 802 Recruiting people
Chapter 803 The third uncles evil idea
Chapter 804 Li Dong is the matchmaker
Chapter 805 Little Sophora Flowers Intention
Chapter 806 Jia Zhang’s
Chapter 807 Jia and Zhang failed to steal the chicken but lost the rice
Chapter 808 Third-tier factory
Chapter 809 Fire
Chapter 810 Tracking
Chapter 811 Flour Mill Compound
Chapter 812 Uncle Shi
Chapter 813 Brother Niu
Chapter 814 Director Liu was executed
Chapter 815 Liu Guangfu is getting married
Chapter 816 Xiaodang is pregnant
Chapter 817 The third uncle’s thoughts
Chapter 818 Huang Yanling takes action
Chapter 819 Liu Haizhong wants dowry
Chapter 820 Li Donglai teaches Liu Haizhong a lesson
Chapter 821 Huang Yanling was born prematurely
Chapter 822 Qin Huairu borrows money from Shazhu
Chapter 823 Liu Haizhong forms an alliance with Qin Huairu
Chapter 824 Qin Huairu comes up with an idea
Chapter 825 Silly Zhu wants to buy a radio
Chapter 826 Moved MCA
Chapter 827 Qin Huairu joins forces with Liu Haizhong
Chapter 828 Director Wang of the Subdistrict Office’s Thoughts
Chapter 829 The small police are dispatched
Chapter 830 Factory Director Liu was beaten
Chapter 831 Surprised Liu Haizhong
Chapter 832 Brave MCA
Chapter 833 The third uncle’s thoughts
Chapter 834 Liu Haizhong is also watching