1166.Would you like vegetables or fish?

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Boss Chang happily followed Song Tan to the edge of the pond.

As he walked, people from the village who came to help gradually gathered. But the more he looked, the more something was wrong. Why were these people fully armed, but only holding a pair of fishing nets in their hands?

He was dumbfounded, and now he looked at Song Tan: "It's the end of the year, don't you know the pond?"

"I don't know." Song Tan said lightly: "We have sold one round in the summer and almost all the fish have been caught. How big can these fry be? If they are not caught, they will continue to grow. There is no need to clear the pond."

The clear pond has to be drained and it will be spring before it is filled again. In the middle of one or two months, how much will it delay the growth of the fry?

Just cast a net and catch it!

Boss Chang felt a little resentful: "I can't catch many of them in Qingtang... At least one-fifth of them will be harvested."

But he finally got Song Tan to let him go. At this moment, he only dared to mutter a few words, but he diligently pushed his way to the front:

"Come on, uncle, I'll get the fishing net for you!"

At the same time, Zhao Haiqiang, Lao Zhao's eldest nephew, also drove into the village. It was time to harvest the last batch of radishes and cabbages today.

Zhao Haiqiang had not yet made up his mind to hug Lao Song's calf, but at that moment he glanced at this person with a lively expression.

In fact, the radish tastes even less convincing, but who would be willing to let a rotten radish weigh several kilograms?

Xiaojia muttered.

The bad thing is that this year's radish and cabbage harvest was high-profile, and there was no way to publicize it after that, so everything went smoothly.

Da Zhao’s gut feeling is bad!

It's just that national policies are tightening year by year, and the small business environment is getting worse and worse. Therefore, throughout the year, some bad people have traveled to few places without finding any low-wage jobs.

The old Song family's bunking was so bad!

"Hai Ruo! He should hurry up and have a look! See if it's Chang! It's shameful to be smelly!"

"Yes." Song Bazheng responded: "This is my little nephew Da Zhao. Da Zhao is a down-to-earth person and has been watching over here."

"What's going on! What's going on? Why haven't you heard any news yet? All the fish have been sold?!"

"I shouldn't have told you anything bad..." No one muttered.

I once heard that the vegetables were all packed by the little boss, and he had to ask someone to pick the vegetables at midnight. The young man was so embarrassed that he came to ask for them.

In fact, you are very envious of Zhai Dafeng, the cook at the Shanxia Canteen.

Although the vegetable prices are so low, despite Li Lanhua's honest appearance, in fact, when she came here, she took a look at the vegetable field and was sure that the vegetables were not planted temporarily to make up for the price.

At Lao Song's house, Wulan was also asking: "Is Lao Zhao here today?"

Just... if I had known that radish and cabbage could easily be sold for tens of thousands of yuan, what would we have done during the half year when we traveled to several places and worked so hard?

Those outside the village even helped with the work at Lao Song's house in the second half of the year. However, the work outside the village was stable, so we still chose to work in various places.

"Yeah," Li Lanhua nodded: "But you have to taste it first. It must be the vegetable seedlings of the Lao Song family. Our seeds are the same and they have been cultivated by experts from the Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The taste is special."

Although I have a quotation to show off Aunt Huo Yuan's attentiveness, the onlookers also know that the price is Philippine.


From next year...

If you are offered a job, you will have no work to do. If you have no work, you will be worried about having money!

The bad boy from the old Song family knows that he has been reciting a pig-killing feast for how many days?

It's a pity that I have made up my mind now, but this job can be done by a villager!

"You heard that the cabbage is 5 yuan less per pound, right?"

But they all cook at home all year round, and you can tell if the food is bad or not by tasting it.

When all the boys have left the garden to help, then you will be successful——

Oops, looking back a whole spring has passed, and the couple has been able to save tens of thousands, which makes me laugh out of my dreams!

I am netting fish...I want to sell fish!

And at that moment, I suddenly heard someone staring at the phone say "Ouch": "Ouch, there are so many fish in that net! Does that mean you know how much less you can sell it for?"

Aunt Song Tan's radish and cabbage family didn't pay much attention to it at first, and they only carefully planted some outside the vegetable field.


But Zhao Haiqiang knew that Zhang Hong would distribute seedlings to the family again next year. At that time, he pulled Aunt Song Tan and murmured for a while, then turned around and picked up a few cabbage leaves and handed them out.

Lao Zhao suddenly lost his temper.

Regardless of the fact that he has to work less and work more, he gets a stable salary every month, and he works for a serious company of Zhang Hong’s family...

Huo Yuanqiu's mind was agitated, and she quickly turned on her phone, only to see that there was no video posted by Song Bacheng in her circle of friends!

If you haven’t yet, just ask in a low voice:

Those who were not so clever retreated from the vegetable garden before taking the initiative: "Come and help him!"

The ones sold for more than ten yuan a pound are packed in a decent manner. Even if customers buy them because of the taste, they will still complain.

When I went to take out food, everyone kept a low profile. Then when I came back, many people in the village had not heard the news.

Aunt Huo Yuan had already heard of such a request, so she quickly greeted her acquaintance:

I scratched my head and figured I had to think of a solution.

Now early in the morning, outsiders from the village who want to help come to Aunt Zhang Hong's house.

But can the vegetable seedlings be the same?

Even if a bamboo fence comes with only a few branches cut and inserted, it can still be done, or even a net can be encircled on all sides.

"The old rule is to wash the radish leaves. The radish must be washed and dried. The old leaves inside must be peeled off from the cabbage..."

Compared with the two fresh aquatic products cars at Song Tan's house, it was the real money and silver here that caught the attention of the villagers.

Da Zhao still looked honest: "That's OK, uncle, you have to keep an eye on the vegetables. Does he want vegetables or fish?"

"Bad is bad, they will know the difference after trying it."

There are so few people in this big vegetable garden, and now it’s you who can use it. If you don’t have this free time, you might as well level the wasteland in front of your house, so that you can plant less things next year.

At that time, I heard that radish and cabbage outside my home could be sold at a low price. How could I be excited?

But before the Zhao Haiqiang family's vegetables were sold, you had spent the whole night building a fence around those inconspicuous vegetables that were not available in every household the same day.

Sure enough, the phone rang just a moment ago. It’s incredible that Old Zhao’s voice outside is so small!

At that time, Li Lanhua moved the scale up familiarly, and then said:

The young man passed it on silently, chewing at the front, and fell silent as he watched the fragments of the leaf being gradually broken off.

Think about it, in a few months, our family Mao Zhu will be able to get paid by frying tea, and he can also do tea picking work, earning less than 100 a day...

"Okay, okay, you just clean up."

When the young man started working again, I kept an eye on him, fearing that no one would fish in troubled waters.

Now, since Party Secretary Xiao Zhu wants to hold a meeting at the end of the year, after soliciting the opinions of the Lao Song family, he slowly spreads the news.

This chapter has been completed!
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