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Song Tan Jishi

Song Tan Jishi

author:song of thorns

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:04-19 20:15

Latest chapter:1183. I can still eat some more

One-sentence introduction: After traveling back from the world of cultivation, I went back to my hometown to farm and open a live broadcast to sell vegetables! ——Song Tan, who failed to cross the tribulation after cultivating the golden core, returned to the modern age and found...

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《Song Tan Jishi》The latest nine chapters
1183. I can still eat some more
1182.Why are you so full?
1181.Milk and tea
1180. The seventh cousin’s son is back!
1179. It hurts my heart
1178. Big Bear’s Food
1177.Broadcasting again
1176. Zhang Yànping’s love affair
1175. Dormitory application
《Song Tan Jishi》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 1. I came back from the world of cultivating immortals!
Chapter 2 2. Hello Takeaway!
Chapter 3 3. Go back to your hometown to farm
Chapter 4 4. I will plant corn to feed you
Chapter 5 5. Divide the field
Chapter 6 6. You are not allowed to meow like a pig
Chapter 7 7. I am a rich man!
Chapter 8 8. Purple Vetch
Chapter 9 9. Do you raise pigs?
Chapter 10 10. Big White Goose
Chapter 11 11. Processing Seeds
Chapter 12 12. Chatting in the Village
Chapter 13 13. They Are All Poor
Chapter 14 14. Sowing Milkvetch
Chapter 15: Page 15
Chapter 16 16. Digging Wild Vegetables
Chapter 17 17. Shepherd's Purse Dumplings
Chapter 18 18. Picking up Wild Vegetables
Chapter 19 19. Wild Vegetables on Sale
Chapter 20 20. An Old Classmate in the Vegetable Market
Chapter 21 21. Regular Customer
Chapter 22 22. Buy more tomorrow
Chapter 23 23. Shepherd's purse is a bit old
Chapter 24 24. Money back
Chapter 25 25. Old Classmate Comes Again
Chapter 26 26. Hospital news
Chapter 27 27. It's You
Chapter 28 28. Find some straw
Chapter 29 29. Relatives
Chapter 30: Chapter 30
Chapter 31 31. Big Friend
Chapter 32 32. Extract key points
Chapter 33 33. Making Dumplings
Chapter 34 34. Jojo's Pig Mother
Chapter 35
Chapter 36
Chapter 37 37. Fertilization of tea garden
37. Fertilizing tea gardens
38. Buy a beehive
39. Being stung
40. Place beehives
41. Secretary Wang
42. The patient comes to ask
43. Whats so good about this dish?
44. Dafang Hardware Store
45. The lobby sister-in-law
46. Relatives
47. Aunt Song Hongmei
48. Buy a duck
49. The moving bag
50. Secretary Wangs future
51. Courtyard Canteen
52. Can you buy more?
53. Unscrupulous capitalists
54. A plate of food
55.Tea quality
56. The courier boy is ecstatic
57. Auntie buys groceries
58. Is anyone really buying it?
59. Consider renting a stall
60. Real man Zhang Yanping
61. Happy to have a permanent employee
62. The incident occurred
63. Overage rice field steward
64.The role of golden cherry tree
65. The omnipotent fifty
66. Zhang Yanping, a stubborn man
67. Nursery for food
68. Do you want a dog?
69. Secretary Wangs little thoughts
70.Green peppercorns
71.Tiantou and dog farm
72.What dog to choose?
73.Choose a dog
74. Men, SUVs and dogs
75. waver
76.Real appetite
77. Dog tags and names
78. Apply for certificate
79. One or two brothers face and money
80. About a thousand yuan
81.Three thousand is okay
82. Big bear eats and takes
83.Young girl
84. Village party secretary, road construction and subsidies
85. Sneaky old men
86. Lao Sun brings new customers
87. Secretary of the wealthy king
88. Please be kind!
89. Tobacco and Shake Honey
90. Honey and growth
91.Village party secretarys visit
92. Contracting barren mountains
93. Determine Baoshan
94.Benefits of excavators
95. Busy Lao Song
96. Buy fish fry
97.What to plant in the back hill?
98.Hickpea peach
99. Daitaka Gando (1)
100. The great 'filial piety' in the hall (2)
101. Fruit seedling price
102. Lu Chuan is discharged from hospital
103.Black gold philodendron
104. Dig the ground
105. Live broadcast begins
106. Qiao Qiaos smile
107. I can compost
108. Destroying the RMB is illegal.
109. Do charity and accumulate merit
110. The uncles family is coming
111. Cow chewing peonies
112. Farmyard manure fermentation bacteria
113. The eldest aunt who is having trouble with everything
114. Sophora japonica in the back mountain
115. Main dishes
116. Goose and dog, divide the world
117. It is better to seek help from others than from yourself
118.Tea, Sophora japonica and spring bamboo shoots
119. Rapeseed flowers and bamboo forest
120. The legendary seventh cousin
121. Are you interested in my house?
122. Aunties thousand-layer routine
123. Money trees all over the mountains and plains
124. Cutting leeks with both hands again
125 Chapter 125. Jojo's Live Broadcast
Chapter 126 126. Teacher Qiao Qiao has started class!
Chapter 127
Chapter 128 128. Honey Black Sesame Glutinous Rice Porridge
Chapter 129: Three Nursery Owner Brothers
Chapter 130: 130. Twenty thousand yuan pension security
Chapter 131
Chapter 132
133 Chapter 133. Tired Ulan
134 Chapter 134. Drooling
Chapter 135
136 Chapter 136. Let's Stack Cardboard Boxes Together
Chapter 137
Chapter 138 138. The last trump card
Chapter 139: Chef Xiti and Crying Bag
140 Chapter 140. Jojo's Grievance
Chapter 141 141. The Chef's Tongue
Chapter 142
Chapter 143 143. Lunch Chatting
144 Chapter 144. Call it a day
Chapter 145.
Chapter 146 146. Luxury Breakfast
9.14 Leave form
Chapter 147
148 Chapter 148. Continuous lettuce
Chapter 149 149. Wholesale?
150 Chapter 150. Sneaking Fish
Chapter 151 151. Fines and Relatives
Chapter 152
153 Chapter 153. Peeling Task
Chapter 154. Various Ways to Eat Goji Berry
Chapter 155: Water Hyacinth Tofu Soup
Chapter 156.
Chapter 157
Chapter 158: Doctor Xiao Zhang's Blind Date History
Chapter 159: A Bowl of Dumplings and Love at First Sight
Chapter 160: 160. An Assist from an Old Mother
Chapter 161
Chapter 162
Chapter 163: Mao Yaer and Dandelion
Chapter 164
Chapter 165
Chapter 166. Pickled Pepper Bamboo Shoots and Three Wheels
Chapter 167 167. Family Farms and Policies
Chapter 168
169 Chapter 169. Picking Tremella
Chapter 170
171 Chapter 171. Jojo's education
Chapter 172: 172. Double Cropping Rice
Chapter 173
174 Chapter 174. Other Income
Chapter 175
Chapter 176
Chapter 177 177. Recruitment Notice
Chapter 178: Two Apprentices
Chapter 179 179. Lao Peng and Xiu Fen 【Ask for a monthly ticket】
180 Chapter 180. Move Big Bear
181 Chapter 181. Jojo's Teacher
Chapter 182: Wild Boar and Pheasant
Chapter 183: Teacher Xin and the Honest Man
Chapter 184: 184. Moments of Friends and Classmates
Chapter 185
Chapter 186 186. A New Client
Chapter 187 187. Have another bun
188 Chapter 188. Jojo's Daily Life
Chapter 189
Chapter 190: 190. The new employee, Aunt Lotus
Chapter 191
192. Feeling sorry
193.House planning
194. Caught!
195. White fish with chives
196.Who is the Air Force?
197. Tieba sigh
198. Take a ride
199. They are selling vegetables again!
200.Yellow leaves
201. Mother and son upstairs
202. Scallion flower rolls
203.New career plan
204. Do you want white fungus?
205.House design drawing
206.How many pigs?
207. Lost twenty pounds
208. The sixth pig
209. Yuan of Old Summer Palace
210. I wont tell who is illiterate.
211.Brother Yan Pings career plan
212. Mountain full of peach blossoms
213. Chestnut Garden
214. Pumpkin and cowpea
215. Master Zhang, the pig maker
216. The pig breeding process
217.Precious anti-inflammatory powder
218.Live feed pigs
219.Seven pigs
Chapter 218
220.The seventh pig
221.Honey Heat
222.Plan to go to the provincial capital
223. Brother Yanpings salary
224. New leeks have appeared!
225. Braised cabbage and potatoes
226. House building plan
227.Prepare to collect vegetables
228. Lard and cabbage dumplings
229. Dumplings and dumplings
230. Collective complaints
231. Start selling vegetables
232. Dr. Xiao Zhang buys
233. Green vegetables in rice noodles
234. Little yellow duck and macarons
235. Peach Blossoms and Backcountry
236. No interruptions allowed
237.Huo Xueying
238.Company colleagues
239.Honey sharing
240.Where to live
241.What skin care products?
242. Online store photography
245.Sold out
246. Door-to-door pickup
247. Make money!
248. Pumpkin Vine
249. Live broadcast pumpkin vine
250.How much does this dog cost?
251. Our family is not difficult
252.Mobile phone holder arrives
253. Theres a lot to be done
254. Come and chat with Juliet
255. I gave, but not completely.
256. Rural people know more about farming than you do
257. The patience of the two great treasures
258.What is uncle doing?
259. Dabai makes his debut
260. Ten yuan earthworms
262. Bringing goods for the first time
263. Floral red bib
264.Tea trial pack arrives
265. Little money-making expert
266.The size of white fungus
267. Aromatherapy and car
268.What to eat at night
269. Sesame leaf noodles
270. Tremella powder
271. The happiness of vegetable seller Lao Zhao
272. Tremella pricing and tobacco
273. Grill and food expenses
274.Late Night Cherry Tree
275. The little thief comes
276. Grandpas real punishment
277. Vole
278. Rush Rat Cage
279. The wasp came to visit
280: Big Bear makes his debut
281.Bee defense battle
282. Peach petals unexpectedly sell well
283. Chen Huahuas Peach Blossom
284. Flower cakes are nothing special
285.Small watermelon
286.Beekeepers sale
287.Visitors from out of town
288.The role of peach blossoms
289.Insufficient budget
290. Mao Zhu asked about tea
291. One pound of tea is worth one tael of gold
292. The seventh cousins plan
293. Qiaoqiaos comfort work
294. The big baby in the nest
295.Everything is difficult at the beginning
296. Moutai and Tobacco
297.Male birds have long tail feathers
298. Bai Fumei and Gao Fushui
299. Your dog...eats these
300. Hot potato
301. Vole rations
302. King Qin walks around the pillar
303. Wild chestnuts falling from the sky
304. Express delivery from the frontier
305.No one goes out empty-handed
307. Brushing tobacco leaves
308. Cut tobacco leaves into shreds
309. Eggplant buns and Maotai wine
310. Golden tobacco
311.Cigarette rolling machine
312.What Moutai replaced it with?
313. Dogs estrus
314. What a strong background!
315.None of my business
316. He also wants to raise a goose!
317.Three, four and seven treasures
318. Pastoral blogger
319. Live broadcast of pepper picking
320.Green pepper beef sauce
321. Qibao steals cucumbers
322. Qibao steals peppers
323. There was a lot of noise in the live broadcast room
324. The long flowing stream of tobacco and alcohol
325. Five, six, seven or eight cans
326. Bow tie or shoelace
327.End of May
328. Express delivery from the Imperial Capital
329. Got eaten in the afternoon
330. Watermelon is ripe
331. Tips for picking melons
332. Sensible melon
333. Watermelon with well water
334. Dont you like it?
335. Worse than a dog chewing
336. Cold watermelon rind
337. What does farming depend on?
338.Try before buying
339. Do you want to eat pigs trotters?
340. Teacher Xin said
341.Uncles watermelon
342. Money to build a house
343. The useless Wu Lei
344. Cheap labor
345. Luxury Melon
346.Summer Scenery
347. Furry little green peach
348. Sour pickled green peaches
349. Green peach pricing
350.Can pregnant women eat it?
351. Sun-dried cowpeas
353. Fairy and Village Leader
354.Mountain forest planning
355.Pueraria lobata powder
356.There are quite a lot of people
357.Old mans subsidy
358. Brother Zhangs anger
359. Full firepower (including uncle, dont jump if you dont like it)
360. Its not too late for help to come...
361.What grievances have you suffered?
362.I like it very much
363.Can chestnuts be eaten?
A New Years letter to book friends
364.Do you eat?
365.Trademark registration
366. Is this for feeding chickens?
367. Install camera
368. Weird old lady
369. Pull my clothes
370. The friendship between dog and goose
371.None of my business
372.Quantum rumor
373.Qianqian appears
374. Yan Gou is ecstatic
375.What are you drawing?
376. If I had a boyfriend
377.Diverse hobbies
378.The house is built
379.School reunion scheduled
380.New workforce
381. Wu Leis plan
382. Is it okay to cut the rice?
383. Qianqian appears
384.Large-scale melon-eating scene
385. The bad ex-boyfriend
386.Cant count on
388.House layout
389.Kitchen arrangement
390.Classmates are here!
391. Live harvesting of rice
392. Rice field bragging
393. Wu Lei arrives
394. Its okay not to buy a house
395.Add updates to wun21s house plan
396. A good horse never looks back.
397.Give me hope first
398. I also want a pound
399.What can you use your pension for?
400.You cant eat this
401.One-stop service
402. Online store reviews
403. Worker, work soul
404. Qiaoqiao shows you the house (1)
405. Qiaoqiao shows you the house (2)
406. Kill three birds with one stone
407. A good hand
408. Rice beaten by hand
409.The best rice in the world
410.Do you sell rice?
411. Squeeze everything dry
412.Heredity and field
413. Pick a girlfriend
414.Battle on the back mountain
415. Daejeons grievance
416. Thief
417. A harsh lesson
418. Help from the back mountain
419. Baoshan Contract
420. Rush arrangement
421. Earned ten thousand!
422. Pick up grandma at home
423.Grandmas urging of marriage
424. A son-in-law from afar
425. Lu Chuans promotion
426. Yanping three companies
427.Plan to weave straw mat
428. Picking black fungus
429.Black fungus and chestnut
430. Are chestnuts delicious?
431. The sugar jar and... cannot be said
433.Purchase of medicinal materials
434.Spy role
435.Visitors from afar
436.30 yuan per pound
437. So many things to pay attention to
438. The king, his ministers and his envoys
439. Simple farmers
440. The trusted branch secretary
441. Xiaozhus plan
442. Mom and Mom
443.Do you have a house to rent?
445. The magical effects of honey
446. Xiao Zhus MLM skills
447. Annual income of 100,000
448. Aged Solar Energy
449.The treatment of Golden Sakura
450. The promise of weaving straw mats
451. Do you want watermelon?
452. Eat you big-headed devil
453.Customers of Imperial City
454.Wang Papis distress
455. Sorghum wine making
456.Agents and suppliers
457. Brother Lius speech is too biased
458. Sorghum and sweet stalks
459. Precarious self-esteem
460.How much wine can be produced?
461.Do you sell wine?
462. Diligent anchor
463. Eating melon in the live broadcast room
465. Continue to live broadcast eating melon
Chapter 455: 455. Sorghum Brewing
466. Finally free shipping!
467. Soybeans and ground cages
468.Tender chestnut
469. Soybean straw and wine making
470. The patient collects medicine (all from the perspective of passers-by)
472. Price increase
473. Cornucopia and Abacus
474. Replenish your body
475. A life of making money
476. Add a cover to the back mountain
477. Ashamed to say
478.So good physical strength
479. Fruit wholesale
480.Everyone is here
481.Four yuan a pound
482.The price is not low
483. Is your medicine reliable?
484. Monthly sales 16
485.16 or 60
4.867 million goods!
487. Live broadcast price increase
488. Something went wrong during the live broadcast of Peach
489. Cutting leeks looks really ugly.
490. Something really went wrong during the live broadcast this time
491. Xiaojiang helps farmers
492. A large number of barrages
493. A guilty conscience
494.Rhetorical techniques
495.Peach is not for sale anymore
496. Bicycle turns into motorcycle
497. Yellow-bellied tit
498.Look, what a baby!
499. Its a leech
500.How to control Brother Wu Leis salary
501. Watermelon and Peach
502. Be sensible
503. Xiaojiang receives the goods
504. Xiaojiang unboxing live broadcast
505.Green pepper sauce and steamed buns
506. Mukbang and tea
507. I got a peach!
508. Live broadcast apology
509. Theres no point in apologizing
510.Young people should be thoughtful in doing things
511. Lao Zhu vomited blood!
512.Peach enters the supermarket (passer-bys perspective)
513. grinding
514. Smart stone mill
515. Lu Jings question
516. Lu Chuans troubles
517. Pickled duck eggs
518. Shameful childhood memories
519. Traveling? Public expense
520. Summer tea is over
521. Cut tea leaves and tea bricks
522. Buy eggs
523. Boiled tea eggs
524. Passers-by can jump
525. Not working but eating less
526. Experts arrive
527.Three students
528. Chatting on the road
529. The countryside has good water and soil
530.This is unscientific
531. Test the level
532. Watermelon yield is not high
533. Jinhe River Bend
534.Hospitality process
535. Mosquito repellent effect
536. Preliminary planning
537. Young people, enjoy yourself in time
538. Intellectually speaking
539. Interlude
540. Stand out from the crowd
541.Old leaves
542. Kill a pig?
543.Business is hard to do
544. Too many water chestnuts
545. Do you want to save seeds?
546. I cant live without me at home
547. Qiao Qiao summer vacation live broadcast
548.Cliff Restaurant
Chapter 537
Chapter 538
549. Super affordable buffet
550.Sincerity is the ultimate skill
551. Her tea eggs
552.What else can be sold?
553. The commotion in the fish pond
554.How to sell fish?
555. Are you talking human language?
556. If I come to catch you...
557. See if I dont leave some trash fish for you!
558. Can people still sit in the car?
559. Who gives favors to whom?
560. Give you a holiday
561. The famous Professor Song
562. The amazing Professor Song
563. Small river shrimp
564. Tantan is coming out
565. What to eat when traveling
566.The shame of young people
567. Mao Zhus son
568. Nervous driver
569.Who is the victim?
570.Good ingredients
571.Working in the farmland
572. New unreliable advice
573. One pound and postage
574.Fruit tree arrangement
575.The excavator is coming
576. Mao Zhu educates his son
577. Qi Lins grandfather
578. Lu Chuan copyright sold
579. Ultraman and the Little Monster
580. The irresistible summer vacation
581. Live broadcast selling marinated buns!
582. Live broadcast interception
583.The pattern opens
584. Aunties guilt
585. My aunts family
586. Aunties abacus
587. Aunties tea eggs mixed with water
588. Aunts business experience
589. The days of the rich second generation
590.Too many pumpkins!
591.The live broadcast is not long enough
592. Are you still short of food?
593. Crazy barrage
594. Pork butchers and wine cellar
595.Why do you still kneel down?
596. Favor is just a new thing
597. Drinks are out!
598.Reissue drivers license
599.Sweet potato cellar
600. Wow, 600 chapters!
601. Spiritual energy formation!
602. Blushing Zhou Tianyu
603.The power of sorghum
604. The gap between people
605. Lay the groundwork first
606. A thousand cups will never be poured.
607. Drinking capacity
608.Broken heart
609. Pre-sale and the devil
610. Qiao Qiaos thoughts
611. The unbreakable rumor
612. The braised pork buns arrived late but
613. Talking about marriage in the live broadcast room
614. Yan Ping and Xin Juns suffering
615. Money at your doorstep
616.Preparation before blind date
617. The blind date arrives
618. The blind date has really arrived
619.They can’t get out
620. August fried
621. Tian Tian’s little thoughts
622. Gossip about the old Song family
623.999 pure gold love brain
624. Love brain and casual sharing
625.Where do you live?
626. This kick is on your leg
627. A flooded brain
628. I have such a dirty mind when it comes to writing.
629. Introduce a few people for blind dates
630. There are so many people
631. Really beat the workers
632. One pass
633. considerate
634. Hidden
635.Teach a man to fish
636. Naughty kid
637. Make it look real
638. He’s not that energetic yet
639.Send first aid
640.The Fifth People’s Hospital
641. Rural character
642. Little Fatty and Rhubarb
643.What can rhubarb do?
644. Emperor Bamboo Grass and Sweet Elephant Grass
645. Retired dog adoption
646. Get to the point
647. The king of conspicuous bags
648. Eight out of ten are not too many
649.Fancy flattery
650.Princess Wolf Green
652. A button
653.The joy of feeding dogs
654.Dogs are good dogs
655. Talkative Zhu Xin
656.Secret dog rice
657. Houttuynia cordata tea
658. Show you a baby!
660. Tips for getting married
661. Tea eggs block the door
662. Live broadcast theft
663. I, Rat Rat, have my own reasons.
664. Shushu’s statement (with illustrations, you can turn off the setting if you don’t like it)
665.Treacherous Animal Bureau
666. Live broadcast throwing sesame seeds
667.Black and white sesame seeds
668.New Chef
669.Tea eggs and summer tea
670. Two tea eggs
671.Ulan plays matchmaker [Illustration]
672. A handful of small wild flowers
673. Rivals are still old friends
674. Qiao Qiao’s morning
675. Old Man Qian is here!
676. Stewed old goose in iron pot
677. Why not publicize it?
678.Zhai Xiao'e at the construction site
679. Two cuts of pork belly
680. Less than two hundred thousand
681.Pure little milk dog
682. The excitement brought by MCN
683.Master Qian’s plan
684. Zhang Yànping’s suffering
685.Exclusive supply
686. It’s useless.
687.Leilei’s wonderful life
688. Basking and moxibustion
689. Wormwood treatment
690. Knock on moxa
691. Live streaming and hypnosis
692.Who is the imaginary person?
693. Fried green salt
694. Disaster Competition
695. Salt-isolated moxibustion
696. Cut some Huanghao
697.Cousin and cousin
698. Worse than beans
699. Croissant honey, winter melon sugar, dried pumpkin
700. Cough hypnosis
701. Telling you to talk too much
702. Cut water grass?
703. Reports and rumors
704. What a pity Tian Tian
705. Wu Lei and the buyer
706.Young man is down-to-earth
707.Growing a mouth
708.The biggest difficulty
709. Bad stomach
709. Bad stomach
710.Okay, great!
711. Have a meeting to discuss
712.Try boldly
713.Hang the pennant high
714. Where is the weirdness?
715. Road construction
716.Huang Hao Pu Douzi
717. Chef arrangements
718. Demolition and apple trees
719.Apple tree
720. The tediousness of winter melon candy
721. The piggy bank was smashed
722. He must be a customer service person
723. Universal Yanping
724. There is perilla!
725. Two solid baskets
726.Sending moxa sticks
727. Five hundred years of expectation
728.Gojiro Shinji
729. Change some vegetable seedlings
730. Ulans plan
731.Sun Shouping gives a dog as a gift
732. Dating experience for singles
733. Useless blind date experience
734. Descendants and descendants have endless deprivation
735.How come there are so many adoptions?
736:Is this really a princess?
737. Come here from Ningcheng!
738.As for what?
739. Descendants of Wormwood
740.The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming
741.Mid-Autumn Festival plan
742. The Dafang Familys Small Abacus
743. Everyones ideas
744. Not working hard enough
745. Tian Tians thoughts
746. Recognize the reality
747. Practice it personally
748. There must be one
749.The labor force is increasing
750.Taken from Joe
752. Development offline
753. Chestnut stewed chicken
754.Wild boar?!!
755. Yong Qiaoqiao faces the wild boar
756. Simple problems become complicated
757. Its a pig!
758. Too much loss
760. Do you want to eat chestnuts?
761.Song Youde’s heart
759. Its quite drinkable!
760. Do you want to eat chestnuts?
761.Song Youdes heart
762.Roasted chestnuts with sugar
763. Feeling sorry
764. Digging for earthworms
765. Digging for earthworms
766. Is chestnut profitable?
767. Place with the same name
768. Let me have a good baby
769. Guarding and stealing
770.Network-wide public trial
771.Learn one more foreign language
772. Crazy barrage
773. Chestnut processing
774.Looking around blankly
775. Boss Qians plan
776. Radish thinning
777. Silly dog
778.The real golden river
779.Educate children
780. Painting cakes to satisfy hunger
781.Breeds of cattle
782.How to make money raising cattle
783. Courtesy is more important than affection.
784.Three calves
788. It would be a pity not to be a star
786. Lu Chuan is on a business trip
787.The essence of Yangou
788. It would be a pity not to be a star
789.Rich people are hypocritical
790. The powerful group and Lao Zhong
791. Those who make up stories lie.
795. Pickled radish leaves
792.Autumn rain, apples
793. God is good for you
794. Wu Lei transferred to another post
795. Pickled radish leaves
796. Crisp radish tassels
797.The pain of rice bowl
798. Prelude to the opening of Changleju
800. Preparation for selling sauce
801. Live broadcast selling sauce
802. There will be one next month.
803. Why are you doing a trial operation?
804. Picking vegetables at night
805.Preparation for trial operation
806. Love between husband and wife (group portrait)
807. Stingy souvenirs
808. Guests come like clouds
809. Eat it in your mouth
810.What does the data show?
811. Can there be a few more exclamation points?
812. Prepare for a rainy day
813. The surname is ready
814.Two sisters chatting (group portrait)
815. Too busy (group portrait)
816. Anchor visiting the store (group portrait)
817. Xiaoyu is crazy!
818. Kill a pig and call me
819.Have a drink
821. From one to the end
822. The mud cow enters the sea
823.The most decisive
824.How to raise sheep
825. Fermented glutinous rice and salted duck eggs
826. Diligent duck duck
827. A little vicissitudes of life
828. The malice of singles
829.Worker Zhou Dayong (group portrait)
830.Brothers of the same family
831. Braised pork in the canteen
832. The foreseeable future of braised pork
833. Xiaodiaozui live broadcast room
834. How to order food [many barrages]
835. Affordable package [many barrages]
836. Dongmei asks snow
837. Late Night Loach Brother
838. Fish Dream
839. A job for grandpa
840.Who is the profiteer?
841. Cleaning up sweet potato vines
842.Red and white
843. Stroke sweet potato vines
844. Mrs. Zhous thoughts
845. Indifferent little thoughts
846. Pickled sweet potato vines
847. Children are unfilial
848. Live broadcast of digging sweet potatoes
849. Goose Girl
850.Transfer next year
851. Cabbage soup for construction site meals
852. Live cooking (optional)
853. Chestnut roast chicken with rice cakes (skipable)
854. Deluxe breakfast
855. Live broadcast of cooking pig food
856. Luxury pig food ingredient list
857.Feed pig pig pig
858. Blessings
859. Dried camellias and capitalists
860.Real sweet potato
861. Homemade skin care products
862.I will keep it warm
863. Boiled beeswax
864.Xin Juns career
865. Live broadcast of beeswax cooking
866. Hand cream warm-up [too many comments]
867.Please do not imitate this article
868.Bad skin feel
869. Lets start the fire
870.Build a greenhouse
871.What to grow in greenhouses
872. Sell it as a child
873. Passerby Xiao Yun [Group portraits can be danced]
874. Live broadcast selling dried sweet potatoes
875. The treasure of vanity
876. Saga Snow Rabbit, True Red Meiling
877.Preparing to dig kudzu roots
878.Chai kudzu and pink kudzu
879.Parents expectations
880. Kudzu worm [read with caution]
881.Dog works
882. Focus on the heart
883.I always did it again
884. Too much is not enough
885. Barrage trolls
886. What a huge sum of money?
887. Lianmai drainage
888.Powder for washing kudzu root
889.Im so busy!
890. If you dont want to go, you wont go.
891. Arrange dormitory
892.The house is built
893. Internship salary
894. Wrong gender
895.I can drive this road
896. Aunt Lianhuas house
897.How is the effect?
898. Beautiful old lady
899.Pink and delicate
900. A boring day for Wu Lei
901. Tian Tians business experience
902.Advice to Tian Tian
903.Big Bear starts broadcasting
904. A feast for migrant workers
905.What kind of lint pants?
906.Psychological suggestion
907. Scumbag Quotes
908. A match
909. Its hard to comment
910. Kudzu powder is on sale! [Lots of barrages]
911. Sold out [Many barrages]
912. Discerning
913. Fans thoughts
914. Publish a book
915. Express delivery options
916. Receiving the goods of kudzu root powder [Group portrait]
917. Live Strawberry
918. Wild chrysanthemum [lots of barrages]
919.Plan for next year
920.Hand mask effect [lots of barrages]
921.The best children can dance
922. Nonsense
923. Three brothers and sisters meet [can jump]
924. Family property division plan [can jump]
925. A battle without blood [can jump]
926. If you dont recognize it, dont recognize it.
927. Pick up cow and sheep dung
928. Love and justice have cow dung
929.Fathers love
930. Its not fair, brother
931.Contemporary young people
932.Lu Jing's love affair
933. A little show off of wealth
934.New selection
935. Wormwood and wild chrysanthemums
936. The more we chat, the more we talk
937. Qiao Qiaos new fan
938. Quota selection criteria
939.Barrage discussion
940.Adopt a pig
941.Hand mask for sale
942. Lets have a bowl of spicy soup!
943.Middle-aged men re-employed
944.Master Jiangs past
945. vegetable garden
950. Qiao Qiao bargains
946.Ex-girlfriends ex-boyfriend
947. Not festive
948.Old bird
949.Go or not?
950. Qiao Qiao bargains
953. Pickle radish and pick oranges
954. Zhou Tianyu in the distance
955.Consumption habits
956.Tea art
957. Anticlimactic
958. Five yuan left
959. Wash the dog
960. Sloppy big brother
961. clip sound
962. Flatbread
963. Fighting spirit and saliva
964. Too full
966.Putting gold on your face
967.Telecommunication fraud
968. Pull out carrots
969.Old leaves
970.Is your surname Yun?
971.The boldness of clouds
972.Can you eat strawberries?
973. Eat dragon fruit
974. Grandpas generosity
975. Where do the family members go to eat?
976.Preparing for the selection of [Small Farmers]
977.Selection ends
978. A stroke of genius
979. Year-end feedback
980. Is that okay next time?
981. Live broadcast platform
982. Cruel and indifferent
983.Departure time
984.Persimmon cake arrangement
985. Lets go!
986.Arrived(didnt meet)
987.Im hungry
988. Qiao Qiao and Lu Chuan (never met)
990.Turn back
991.Eat whatever you want
992. All in the trunk
993. Venue adjustment
994. Qiaoqiaos new shoes
996.South A7 Area
997. Great wisdom
1000.The judges arrived
1001.Judges tasting 1
1002.Judges tasting 2
1003. Chili pepper stimulation
1004.Master Lis plan
1005. Busy ahead
1006.The selection is about to end
1008.Call me Xinxin
1009. Watermelon Popsicle
1010.I invite you to see the flowers next time
1011. Returning like an arrow
1012. Seventh Cousins House
1014.Song Jiansheng
1015.Village food
1016. Granddaughter
1023.I have talent
1017.Grandpas leather cotton pants
1018. Pickled cabbage
1019. Pull the carrots, pull the carrots
1020.Four treasures reward
1021. Why do you dislike it?
1022. Fishing
1023.I have talent
1024. Fishing like this
1025. Get wine
1026. Dinner is ready
1027. Picking cucumbers
1028. Army competition
1029.Serving a drunkard
1030. Aunt Lianhuas morning
1031.Princess please
1032. Is Qiaoqiao so powerful?
1033.Old Zhao is here
1034. Cabbage and radish price
1036.Put away the dishes
1036. Tian Tian gives strawberries
1037. Money delivered to hand
1038. Rice pressing rod
1039.Join in the fun
1040. Crowded and lively
1042.Long-lost live broadcast
1043. Fans are lively [too many barrages]
1044.Go back!
1045. Pig Butcher
1046. Burnt leaves
1047. SihashaMany barrages
1048. Lets go!
1049. Worthless
1050.Why havent you arrived yet?
1051.Pig brain
1052. Good dog thief
1053. Ultraman is alive
1054.Gold bracelet
1055. Atmosphere fusion
1056.Flower bed
1057. Gardening Flower Materials [All male protagonists can dance if they dont like it]
1058. Collect the vegetables
1059. Is the living expenses sufficient?
1060.In all directions
1061. On the day of Laba [Dont worry if you havent killed yet]
1062. Auntie is here
1063. Song Dafangs anger
1064. Too arrogant
1065. The pig was killed! [Slightly bloody, so be careful if you are not used to it]
1066.Pig hair shaving
1067. Shaving pig hair
1068. More than enough every year
1069. Small talk
1070. The heartbeat of an old mother
1071.Thats it!
1072.Grandmas teachings
1073. Fans are coming
1081. Does the newly built asphalt road work well?
1074. Negotiation
1076.The leader arrives
1077. Its all heartbeat
1078.Although I have dentures
1079.Iron-blooded man
1080. Wu Leis friendship
1081. Does the newly built asphalt road work well?
1082. Emotional intelligence is a bit lacking
1083. Preparation of pork butchers
1084.The city leaders are here
1085. Try the dried sweet potatoes
1086. The food is served!
1087.Why dont you stay at home?
1096. Position
1088. Pork liver soup
1089. Getting anxious
1092. Good luck, kids
1093. Lets eat rice balls
1095. Buy medicine
1096. Position
1099.Friendship materialized
1100. Photography for a fee
1101. Get inside
1102.Who is mean?
1103. Parting sadness
1104. You should really look at the almanac
1105.Big Mac
1106. Location
1107.Two leaders
1108.Go through security check
1109.Tomorrows plan
1110. Wash pig intestines
1111. Do you want to give me some money?
1112. Cooking
1113. Play straight [You can jump during the transition of emotional scenes]
1114. Buying clothes
1116. Which one do you like me to wear?
1117.I want it too
1118.I want to watch a movie
1119.Clear the relationship
1120.Thank you
1121. Go buy a car
1122. Time is not a problem
1123.Have money
1124. In case of twins of dragon and phoenix
1125. Double happiness
1126. Where is your gold bracelet?
1127.By the way
1128. Two legs or three legs?
1129. Mix rice crust tomorrow
1130. Qiao Qiao live broadcast
1131. Put trees on the mountain
1132. Barrage retreat
1133. Suck, suck, suck, it’s so spicy!
1134.Cake is quite difficult
1135. I’m sorry about my family...
1136.Brotherhood and strawberries
1137.Cake roll and rice noodles
1138. B{xml}B plan and chicken
1139. Killing chickens is not an option
1140.Does your boyfriend have sisters?
1141.Uncle, you...
1142. The uncle tried to express
1143. To stay or not to celebrate the New Year?
1144.Private space
Not asking for leave, just chatting
1145. Got to add three hundred!
1146. The stone slope is cleaned up
1147. Titan Sunflower
1148. Dahong is coming!
1149. I also choose red
1150. Fairy tale heart
1152. Get used to it
1153.Li Fuqiang’s asking price
1154. Rural development (if it’s a bit boring, you can jump here)
1155.Core competitiveness
1156. Zhao Fangyuan arrives
1157. Parting is imminent
1158. I really don’t want to leave!
1159. Do you just want to say this? [Emotional scenes can be danced]
1160. It’s going to snow [Emotional drama]
1161. Tian Tian and Sun Ziqiang
1162. Tian Tianma’s thoughts
1163. Qiao Qiao’s advice
1164. What are you talking about!
1165.Special nutrient solution
1166.Would you like vegetables or fish?
1167. Appreciate both refined and popular tastes
1168. Save a hand
1169. Requirements for changing seedlings
'Sixth year after the disaster, I saved my farm by growing bean sprouts'
1170. Arrangement of vegetable seedlings
1171. Dig winter bamboo shoots
1172. Winter Bamboo Shoots and Thoughts
1173.Chili oil
1174.So quiet
1175. Dormitory application
1176. Zhang Yànping’s love affair
1177.Broadcasting again
1178. Big Bear’s Food
1179. It hurts my heart
1180. The seventh cousin’s son is back!
1181.Milk and tea
1182.Why are you so full?
1183. I can still eat some more