Chapter 380 Light Envoy! (New World)

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It was silent darkness again.

Chu Xin, who has experienced it countless times, has long been accustomed to this feeling and is patiently waiting to enter the new world.

"In the last world, I was busy strengthening several cards. I gained a lot, but it was also a bit tiring and boring. When I opened my eyes and closed them, I saw Planet Godzilla. I hope the next world will be interesting.

A little." Chu Xin murmured to himself.

He began to think about the high-dimensional gravity seeds again, and logically speculated that sooner or later, he would be locked and found by Star Eater Ghidorah, and then there was a high probability that his body would cross planes and kill him.

But "sooner or later" this will become subtle.

Because Chu Xin discovered that when he put [King Ghidorah] into the card pack, the signal fluctuations of the high-dimensional seed spreading outward were suppressed to the extreme, with only a negligible energy leakage, and 90% of it was wiped out by the system.


Only when he switches to [King Ghidorah], the invisible fluctuations will expand without limit without any weakening.

It can be seen that the system has its own intelligent insurance program, which can provide the host with maximum security protection while meeting the host's demands.

After all, they are now both prosperous and devastated, and they are undoubtedly a community of destiny.

"It seems that you are also stable~" Chu Xin said secretly, referring to the system.

Gradually, Chu Xin felt that he seemed to have a body, but he had no control over it at all, and his vision was still dark.

at the same time.

"Fifty years ago, in 2050, following a horrific earthquake, the moon has since gained air and gravity, making it suitable for us humans to survive. However, the reason is not yet known. Scientists are still studying hard.

A tour guide was explaining to the tourists, "Where we are now is the original lunar town. Even though it is shabby, it is an indispensable step in the human sense! Of course, today's lunar surface

It has given birth to many famous scenic spots and towns, and everyone is welcome to visit and spend money!"

As he said, this is an extremely old town, with monotonous houses and buildings facing each other to form a street. With the dry ground and desolate scenery, it feels like being in an abandoned mining town in America.

But as he said, this place is of extraordinary significance, so it is natural to vigorously develop the tourism industry and become one of the coordinates that tourists must check in after coming to the moon.

Vendors can be seen everywhere selling related souvenirs, the most popular of which is the rabbit ear hairpin, because as early as three years ago, someone accidentally photographed a humanoid creature with rabbit ears appearing in the dark night, which became a lunar legend.

The most widespread urban legend. There are even wealthy people offering large bounties to the rumored Moon Rabbit Man, causing many people to flock to him.

To the east of the town, there are modern high-rise buildings, with a large number of vehicles passing through them, and the pedestrians who live here chatting and laughing, forming a prosperous lunar city.

"It's like a teacher in school. He talks non-stop and lets us play by ourselves."

An 11-year-old boy named Haruka Daichi complained softly at the end of the tour. He has a lively and active personality and doesn't like to act in groups in a silly way.

No, a pair of rolling eyes quickly spotted a strange figure.

At the corner of the fence at the edge of the town, I saw a child with rabbit ears jumping towards the desert. His back suddenly disappeared, and then suddenly reappeared further away, as if he had moved instantaneously.

Seeing this, Dadi was immediately attracted to his attention. Being bold and curious, he immediately broke away from the crowd and chased after him.

But half an hour later, tired and thirsty, he collapsed on the ground. Wherever he looked, there was no one around, so he decided to rest for a while and then go home.

Unexpectedly, he actually fell asleep.

When he slowly woke up, he was bewildered to find a five- or six-year-old girl sitting next to him, playing with his music box seriously. The pair of rabbit ears on her head were extremely lifelike, and the texture and color were far better than those on sale.


So he stretched out his hand and grabbed it in surprise.

Can't pull it off?

So, what the hell is she!

What kind of bunnyman is that?

The earth suddenly woke up and turned around to run. However, as soon as his feet were free, he fell into a secret passage hidden under the sand and slid down to a cave.

The cave is decorated like a wizard's home, with all kinds of strange ornaments displayed on the walls, the fireplace making a crackling sound, an unknown liquid boiling in a cauldron, and jars soaked with biological corpses on the cabinet.

Suddenly, he was attracted by the strong light. He turned around and was shocked to see three extremely large diamonds suspended in a wider cave!

Just when he was stunned, the little girl suddenly appeared behind him, "This is the magic stone, Guli~"

Dadi was startled, "Why are you here!"

The little girl replied naturally: "This is my home, Guli~"

Dadi couldn't react for a moment, "You, you, me."

The little girl with rabbit ears thought wildly: "Let me show you magic!"

As she spoke, she immediately recited an obscure incantation. With a wave of her hand, the candles on the wall suddenly turned into flame ribbons, igniting the surrounding fabrics and causing thick smoke to billow out.

Da Di, whose mind was in a state of confusion, didn't know what to be surprised about, and hurriedly got up to put out the fire.

Just when the fire got out of control, a crisp sound of chanting came from outside the door, and along with a strange air flow, all the flames disappeared out of thin air, and the burned objects were restored to their original appearance.

"Guli, don't use magic randomly when I'm not here." A pink-haired old woman wearing a black wizard's hat floated in with her legs dangling in the air. She glanced at the ground, "Huh? Who are you?"

She took off her hat, revealing a pair of rabbit ears.

Seeing this, Dadi found it difficult to remain calm and immediately ran away.

Unexpectedly, the old woman waved her fingertips and he floated weightlessly, "Don't worry, I'll let you out later."

"Then will you erase my memory?" Dadi flexibly thought of the plot in the movie.

"If you want, I can help." The old woman didn't look like a serious and harsh witch, and her expression was quite amiable.

This chapter is not over yet, please click on the next page to continue reading! "That would be a shame. I also want to be the first lucky person to see the Bunnyman with my own eyes." Dadi, who was tied to the ceiling, was also quite optimistic.

"We are not bunny people. We are long-eared people who live on the moon. We are magicians who can use magic power. We are not some dark and evil wizards. By the way, call me Granny Mei, kid, otherwise you will appear rude.

"Grandma Mei was chatting while she was studying the three-color model parts with her hands, her eyes showing a helpless look.

"I'm good at this kind of thing, let me help you!" Dadi, who is good at crafts, volunteered.

Granny Mei thought for a moment, and realized that this boy couldn't escape her grasp anyway, so she just let him give it a try.

Ever since, the untied Dadi showed his excellent hands-on ability, and assembled the parts in three strokes, five divisions and two divisions. You can roughly identify what they are by looking at their shapes. They are a red pistol, a blue top, and a cyan longbow.

Granny Mei looked at the ground in shock and thought to herself: This kid actually has magic power in his body and can actually feel the fluctuations of magic building blocks.

Then, she threw the three objects into the crucible and cast a spell.

With a "bang" sound, the model completely transformed into a gun, bow, and top.

"What are these?" Dadi couldn't help but ask.

"Magic Motives! Without them, we can't summon the sleeping Demon King. Without the three great Demon Kings, we can't defeat the Evil Clan that is harming the universe. That group of evil magicians took away..." Granny Mei was surprised and surprised.

explained angrily.


Suddenly, the entire cave trembled, and a large amount of rubble fell, as if something heavy was hammering violently on the lunar surface above.

"I feel their evil power, and the Evil Dong Tribe is finally here!" Granny Mei's eyes overflowed with hatred. You don't have to guess to know that she has an sworn hatred with the so-called Evil Dong Clan.

But now is not the time to hesitate. She dragged him across the ground and asked him to approach the three magic machines one by one, while explaining: "The magic king needs warriors chosen by fate to summon and drive. My intuition tells me that you are the one I am looking for.


Dadi felt extremely ridiculous. He was just traveling to the moon. How could he get involved in such a dangerous thing? However, what made him feel more like a routine was that the black, gray and red pistol actually bloomed with brilliance.

"Follow me!" Grandma Mei's eyes widened in surprise, and she dragged the earth to the huge cave with three diamonds.

Then, she handed him the pistol and a circular badge engraved with a six-pointed star, and asked him to recite a difficult incantation at the end.

Listening to the increasingly violent banging above his head, Dadi, who was driven to the top, had no choice but to do as he was told.

He pulled the trigger and was shot out as a badge of bullets. It magically rotated on the ground and drew a huge and regular magic circle.

Between the two circles, one large and one small, is an equilateral six-pointed star!

Immediately afterwards, he recited the incantation, and under the gaze of Granny Mei, who was almost crying with joy, the magic circle burst out with bright light, as if something was about to emerge from it.


In the magic circle, a mechanical head about five meters tall with a red body slowly rose up and hung above the magic circle.

Majestic and solemn, not angry but self-powerful, like a mechanical god.

Suddenly, a heavy sense of oppression filled the entire indoor space like a rising tide.

"You actually summoned the Demon King of Earth! That's great!" Granny Mei smiled excitedly.

Is there a voice speaking?

Is there light coming in?

You didn’t keep me waiting this time~

Chu Xin felt the inexplicable call and gradually gained physical senses.

"This familiar feeling and feedback is definitely mechanical!"

As the light illuminates bit by bit from top to bottom, a dazzling red letter gradually appears on the card interface - "The King of Magic".

"King of Magic?"

When he first saw it, Chu Xin was at a loss, yet vaguely familiar.

But when he saw the vertical painting outlined on the brand new card, he suddenly understood.

"Light Envoy!"

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