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The Heavens: I stopped being a human being from Stormy Red

The Heavens: I stopped being a human being from Stormy Red

author:Mianzhou hide and seek

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:04-19 20:34

Latest chapter:Chapter 391 Bronze City and the Seven Deadly Sins

[Non-human flow] [Heaven flow] [Untraditional card] Aliens descend and the earth is annihilated. The soul of Chu Xin, who witnessed the Star Destroyer Cannon head-on, pierced the heavens and worlds. From then on, human beings...

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《The Heavens: I stopped being a human being from Stormy Red》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 391 Bronze City and the Seven Deadly Sins
Chapter 390 The King of Bronze and Fire (New World)
Chapter 389 A nuclear explosion with one sword! (End of this world)
Chapter 388 100%
Chapter 387: Unstoppable, invincible!
Chapter 386: Cut in two, Ruyi Divine Sword!
Chapter 385 Evolution! Super Light Envoy!
Chapter 384 Evil God? Miscellaneous soldiers!
Chapter 383 What is the pinnacle of mecha combat?
《The Heavens: I stopped being a human being from Stormy Red》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 I'm not a human anymore
Chapter 2 Storm Red, ran away!
Chapter 3 Deus ex machina?!
Chapter 4 Preliminary establishment of cooperative relationship
Chapter 5 Bajiquan, heart-to-heart elbow!
Chapter 6 Raider Eureka: Are You Polite?
Chapter 7 Did it go berserk again?!
Chapter 8 The Poor Monster Who Was Stripped of His Clothes and the Two Steel Tough Guys
Chapter 9 Cyber ??City
Chapter 10 Extremist organization, fanatical monster faction!
Chapter 11 Of course it is the responsibility of the monster
Chapter 12 God’s Gaze
Chapter 13 Persistent Delay~
Chapter 14 I have the guts to let Storm Crimson catch me
Chapter 15 'Be Well Prepared'
Chapter 16 The God of Physical Skills
Chapter 17: Eliminating the roots is a compulsory course for every time traveler
Chapter 18 He really comes from an alien civilization!
Chapter 19 A fourth-level monster appears unexpectedly, and Bohai guards the battle!
Chapter 20: Deep into the throat and straight into the intestines
Chapter 21 Our country’s mechas are none of your business
Chapter 22 Monster Wall: You pretend to be B and don’t take me with you
Chapter 23 Storm UAV Group Cooperative Combat System
Chapter 24 Loopholes in the Skua Plan
Chapter 25 A new era begins
Chapter 26 Rat and Turtle, double attack!
Chapter 27 Monster: This script is wrong!
Chapter 28%, Unlock new features!
Chapter 29 Card Pool Gacha Machine
Chapter 30 Fierce battle under the sea
Chapter 31 Sky Mystery God, Sky Burial Judgment
Chapter 32 Cannon of Judgment!
Chapter 33 A heavy and fiery gift
Chapter 34 The war is over!?
Chapter 35 Cheating! Unlimited physical strength!
Chapter 36 Returning to a peaceful world
Chapter 37 Undercurrent is surging, storm is coming
Chapter 38 The originally calm sea, run away!
Chapter 39 God descended from the sky and struck a shocking blow
Chapter 40 The old version is still the ceiling
Chapter 41 Ten thousand tons!
Chapter 42 Feeling average
Chapter 43 [Bitter and weak flesh and blood, mechanical ascension]
Chapter 44 Death and Rebirth
Chapter 45 The Doomsday Dictatorship was brutally stabbed in the back
Chapter 46 Licking the Dog
Chapter 47 Three wormholes!
Chapter 48 Even the Gods Can't Save You Today
Chapter 49 A war with no retreat
Chapter 50 Specialties of the Earth: Explosion is Art
Chapter 51 The killing has just begun
Chapter 52%, Super Skill Awakening
Chapter 53 Have I really become an alien?!
Chapter 54 Trapped Beast Dungeon
Chapter 55 The correct use of three-sided military spurs
Chapter 56 The sense of oppression given by the mountain of corpses and sea of ??blood
Chapter 57 Take a deep breath, dizziness is normal
Chapter 58 Gaining freedom? Battle Royale!
Changed a small setting
Chapter 59 Who is the prey?
Chapter 61 Beast Sense
Chapter 62 Iron-Blooded Elder!
Chapter 60 There is not a single intact neck in the mountains and plains
Chapter 63 Hometown Ive Never Met Before
Chapter 64 Iron Blood Star
Chapter 65 Its best not to leave alone, let alone a group of people
Chapter 66 Lone Wolf: Theres really not much I can teach him
Chapter 67 Coming of Age Ceremony
Chapter 68 The exam begins, candidates are invited to enter the exam room
Chapter 69 The Alien Queen who was cruelly played with
Chapter 70 'Good Tradition'
Chapter 71 Return to Earth, Alien Shrine
Chapter 72 Why are you so happy this time?
Chapter 73 Who doesnt have a tail yet?
Chapter 74 Chu Xins favor and kindness
Chapter 75 Urban Chase
Chapter 82 Company team building, female boss accompanying
Chapter 76 New Skill [Violent Beast Transformation]
Chapter 77 Beast Transformation! Punch a little Jagged!
Chapter 78 I will attack in mecha form
Chapter 79 A crushing game belonging to Storm Red
Chapter 80 Use this to test cadres?
Chapter 81 He would rather play with a dog than fight with me
Chapter 82 Company team building, female boss accompanying
Chapter 83 Have you seen that huge mechanical monster?
Chapter 84 Bloody Shura Field, Alien Meat Grinder
Chapter 85 Kill me bitch?!
Chapter 86 Iron-Blooded Hammer? Silent Hammer!
Chapter 87 Queen, please be reserved
Chapter 88 Card Fusion! Flesh Machine God!
Chapter 89 True Ship-killing
Chapter 90 Transformers Chronicles
Chapter 91 This is really unexpected (New World)
Chapter 92 The happiest Decepticon in the world
Chapter 93 Optimus Prime: What he said does make sense
Chapter 94 Chef Wei: The Decepticons are coming~
Chapter 95 Fallen King Kong: Optimus Prime is dead, I am invincible
Chapter 96 Is this the strongest navy on the surface?
Chapter 97: Convince people with reason and wake up
Chapter 98 Your transformation is too outrageous
Chapter 99 Optimus Prime kneels down on one knee
Chapter 100 The boss gave me my favorite big mouth
Chapter 101 Khorne Chuxin, Mechanical Wail (Yesterday and Today)
Chapter 102 Eating flesh and blood, no bones left
Chapter 103 shows that all aliens agree
Chapter 104 Freedom NemesisSpiritual Ancestor
Chapter 105 The giant beast appears!
Chapter 106 Cybertron arrives and Hellhorn breaks ground!
Chapter 107 [Mechanical Frenzy]
Chapter 114 The Supreme Prince’s back-up plan
Chapter 108 Only massacre!
Chapter 109 Fusion! King Shura!
Chapter 110 Cybertrons Nuclear Explosion Angel
Chapter 111 We still dont know where his limit is
Chapter 112 Cant get in, cant get in at all
Chapter 113 Earth, Death
Chapter 114 The Supreme Princes back-up plan
Chapter 115 New fusion, Red Explosion Dragon Rider!
Chapter 116 Quintasha plummets
Chapter 117 Times have changed, the emperor provides food and accommodation (dungeon ends)
Chapter 118 A new beginning (new world)
Chapter 119 Gene Reaper
Chapter 120 Nuclear mutation vs formaldehyde mutation (Farewell 2022)
Chapter 121 Realized, I am an environmental ambassador
Chapter 122 What if he is a prophet?
Chapter 123 I am a sliding shovel!
Chapter 124 Evolution, hunting time!
Chapter 125 Hidden dragon in the abyss, turbulent storm
Chapter 126 What exactly are we facing?
Chapter 127 A kind-hearted person who cannot see the suffering in the world
Chapter 128 Lets eat first~
Chapter 129 Countdown to death caused by a cat
Chapter 130 Chicago is full of birds
Chapter 131 Death Flip + Death Flip
Chapter 132 A small nuclear bomb is disrespectful
Chapter 133 Godzilla, the Incarnation of God
Chapter 134 There is no Ultraman in the world!
Chapter 135 The real Godzilla comes to Tokyo
Chapter 136 Master Chus Tokyo BBQ
Chapter 137 Cremation of the entire city
Chapter 138 Tokyo: I should die anyway~
Chapter 139 Preparation for nuclear strike!
Chapter 140 Chu Xin, Death
Chapter 141 Guaranteed tenth draw, get out of the card!
Chapter 142 Little Pickle: Arent you dead?!
Chapter 143 The North Sea Monster Kraken
Chapter 144 There is no more chaos, only more chaos
Chapter 145 I am Thunder!
Chapter 146 The first experience of super-large tentacles
Chapter 147 Underwater, I am invincible
Chapter 148 The End of America
Chapter 149 The freedom of being parasitized
Chapter 150 Long-cherished wish
Chapter 151 The storm is surging, all parties are gathering strength
Chapter 152 Surrender
Chapter 153 Servant Race
Chapter 160 Gastrea: What the hell are you!
Chapter 154 The Fall of Freedom
Chapter 155 He admitted that he spoke a bit loudly just now
Chapter 156 They are the same?!
Chapter 157 Neon, what the hell is ethics? (New World)
Chapter 158 Humanity is at its end
Chapter 159 A gentleman talks but doesnt take action. A wicked person still needs to be tortured by a wicked person.
Chapter 160 Gastrea: What the hell are you!
Chapter 161 There is a tiger in my heart, and I smell the rose carefully
Chapter 162: Eliminating harm for the people
Chapter 163 Doing one good deed a day
Chapter 164 Keep a low profile
Chapter 165 Foreplay
Chapter 166 The whale song comes from afar, Chu Xin is very happy
Chapter 167 The God of Destruction of Natural Disasters Returns to Tokyo
Chapter 168 Tokyo: I dont know why, it seems familiar
Chapter 169 What a purple spirit coming from the east!
Chapter 170 Conspirators, Sanctuary, Red Country
Chapter 171 Wuxiang Club
Chapter 172 Thugs invade, danger!
Chapter 173 The river of blood begins to flow
Chapter 174 Tokyo Incident, Mechanical Revolution (Part 1)
Chapter 175 Tokyo Incident, Mechanical Revolution (Part 2)
Chapter 176 Dont you die in Tokyo too?
Chapter 177 Its reinforcements!
Chapter 178 Destruction begins
Chapter 179 Brother and Sister
Chapter 180 The God of Plague and the Black Swan Plan
Chapter 181 90%, obtained fusion authority!
Chapter 182 Fusion: Godzilla + Storm Crimson + Steel Cable!
Chapter 183 Godzilla graduates and awakens his super skills!
Chapter 184 He is God! (End of this world)
Chapter 185: Being frozen at the beginning (New World)
Chapter 186 King Ghidorah vs. Legendary Godzilla
Chapter 187 The Era of Ragnarok
Chapter 188 A sense of oppression! The whole city is silent!
Chapter 189 Laton: His hatred and my sworn hatred are irreconcilable!
Chapter 197 Carnival of the Gods
Chapter 191 The thunder dragon returns and the beasts wake up
Chapter 192 Destroyers are all loyal and courageous
Chapter 193 Battle of Skull Island
Chapter 194 The entire Skull Island is in chaos
Chapter 195 Godzillas eyes are splitting
Chapter 196 The calm before the storm
Chapter 197 Carnival of the Gods
Chapter 198 Tokyo: Accepting fate
Chapter 199 I finally saved the world!
Chapter 200 Death of Emma
Chapter 201 Surface = Underground
Chapter 202 Wife sacrifices to heaven!
Chapter 203 Red Lotus Godzilla!
Chapter 204 Godzilla vs Godzilla
Chapter 205 Honglians self-destruction
Chapter 206 Nidhogg
Chapter 207 Entering the Underground World
Chapter 208 Titan Ruins
Chapter 209 The storm is coming
Chapter 210 Destroyer camp, danger
Chapter 211 LegendDai Mo
Chapter 212 The Birth of the Earth Disaster Star
Chapter 213 The real Titan buster
Chapter 214 The Final Battle, King of Monsters (Part 1)
Chapter 215 The decisive battle, King of Monsters (Part 2)
Chapter 216 Its a divine beast and a divine weapon
Chapter 217 Sky Crystal Beast!
Chapter 218: Taking advantage of Chu Xin
Chapter 219 Warcraft, Warcraft, be good, please turn me into a fool.
Chapter 220 This is a cruel fantasy world
Chapter 221 All the way to the west
Chapter 222 Chu Xin: Watch carefully, this is how the Sky Crystal Beast is used
Chapter 223 Trapped in a tight siege, unable to escape even with wings
Chapter 224 The roar of the twin dragons of ice and fire!
Chapter 225 The Atomic Breath of the Sky Crystal Beast
Chapter 226 The Killing Army and Dongfang Tiexin
Chapter 227 Northern BoundaryBeiming Family
Chapter 228 The Suppression and Killing Army Arrives!
Chapter 229 Northern War
Chapter 230 All parties attack, the decisive battle is imminent
Chapter 231 I alone will challenge you all
Chapter 232 Chu Xin VS Yuanshi Demon
Chapter 233 The Last Dragon (New World)
Chapter 234 Chu Xin: I am Sun Wukong, right? (New World)
Chapter 235 Returning to the world as a skeleton
Chapter 236 The target of public criticism
Chapter 237 The trigger for world turmoil
Chapter 238 Crazy Bones
Chapter 245 Witch King: It must be delivered today!
Chapter 239 Natural Disaster Comes to Loen
Chapter 240 Skeleton Servant
Chapter 241 The Supreme Lord of the Rings: Im convinced
Chapter 242 Location sharing turned on
Chapter 243 Arnos GrudgeSkeleton Giant
Chapter 244 Why didnt he take any action?
Chapter 245 Witch King: It must be delivered today!
Chapter 246 He will be a good king
Chapter 247 Sacrifice to the explosion of dragon flames!
Chapter 248 This dragon must know magic!
Chapter 249 White-robed Wizard and Dark Man
Chapter 250 Saruman: Is there such a good thing?
Chapter 251 Battle of Isengard
Chapter 252: After three days of separation, I will kill you like butchering dogs.
Chapter 253 Killing the Dragon with a Borrowed Sword and Shocking Gondor
Chapter 254 The hymn of mankind is the hymn of courage
Chapter 255 The Glen Conference, late but arrived
Chapter 256 The Third Era World War Begins
Chapter 257 Professional rescuers in the raging war
Chapter 258 Despair and hope, one after another
Chapter 259 More like a villain than a villain
Chapter 260 Black Explosion Curse!
Chapter 261 The Spirit of the Wilderness died in battle!
Chapter 262 Mordor Artillery Legion
Chapter 263 Skeleton Dragon VS Balrog
Chapter 264 I'm waiting for the skill CD, what are you waiting for?
Chapter 265 Its time to counterattack
Chapter 266 Dark Lord Sauron
Chapter 267 Fighting Sauron!
Chapter 268 Whats wrong?
Chapter 269 Shocking change! Morgoth?
Chapter 270 Card switching, Ghidorah!
Chapter 271 Swallow it!
Chapter 272 Aman Incident
Chapter 273 Manwe discovered a suspicious point!
Chapter 274 Doomsday Battle
Chapter 275 Crystal Skeleton Holy Dragon Beast!
Chapter 276 Unlimited fusion, the ultimate flesh and blood creature!
Chapter 277 Chorus! The birth of a new god! (The end of this world)
Chapter 278 Steampunk Wasteland (New World)
Chapter 279 The Cruel Law of Predation
Chapter 280 Exiled Thugs
Chapter 281 Saints and the Ancient Society
Chapter 282 World Map
Chapter 283 Falling into a trap? Become bigger and stronger!
Chapter 284 Super Auction
Chapter 285 Food is everywhere you look
Chapter 286 One hundred million!
Chapter 287 Its name is Storm Red
Chapter 288: Fight between trapped beasts, extreme fighting
Chapter 289 Best Teammate
Chapter 290 Reborn
Chapter 291 Fleeting
Chapter 292 The real kings of Europe: Super cities
Chapter 293 For the Renaissance!
Chapter 294 The good virtues of our ancestors
Chapter 295 Arrogance is chronic suicide
Chapter 296 History repeats itself, classic re-enactment
Chapter 297 Hidden Dragon Tengyuan, the general trend
Chapter 298 Still growing
Chapter 299 A city built on howitzers
Chapter 300 Chaos
Chapter 301 Qinglong, White Tiger, Xuanwu, Suzaku
Chapter 302 Adding chaos to chaos, creating chaos
Chapter 303 What is fire suppression?
Chapter 304 In ancient times, there was King Qin who conquered Liuhe, but now there is King Chu who controls Europe.
Chapter 305 Emergency! New journey!
Chapter 306 Departure! Bashu Inland Sea!
Chapter 307 Heaven descends! Asgard!
Chapter 308 The Wrath of the Divine Phoenix and the Death of Angels
Chapter 309 Brutal Battle
Chapter 310 Chu Xin is shattered and despair fills the air (this world is about to end)
Chapter 311 Nirvana Transformation, Phoenix Heavenly Palace! (End of this world)
Chapter 312 Familiar Faces in Memory (New World)
Chapter 313 The Five Poisons of Immortal Beasts
Chapter 314 Hundred Poison Refining
Chapter 315 Old thief, take a beating from me!
Chapter 316 Interrogation? You should ask!
Chapter 317 The first form evolution
Chapter 318 The five poisonous beasts belong to my Tang family!
Chapter 319 Crow Demon Black Ling
Chapter 320 Liger and tiger fight
Chapter 321 Return to Yuzhou City
Chapter 322 Leaving Yuzhou City
Chapter 323 Demon Realm
Chapter 324 The Blue Demon Kings Reward
Chapter 325 Honestly, are you playing a big game?
Chapter 326 Shopping
Chapter 327 Mutation!
Chapter 328: Involved in the whirlpool of conspiracy
Chapter 329 My father is!
Chapter 330 Mechanical Emperor, Shura Arrives
Chapter 331 Explodes with one sword
Chapter 332 Kirin Blood
Chapter 333 Get the Earth Spirit Pearl!
Chapter 334 Theres something going on!
Chapter 335: Whoever killed my son will be broken into pieces and his bones will be scattered to ashes.
Chapter 336 Gacha guaranteed, new cards!
Chapter 337 Attack on Fengdu
Chapter 338 The bliss of a hundred ghosts!
Chapter 346 Breaking into the Demon Realm
Chapter 340 King of Hell: What! My casino is gone?
Chapter 341 The troops are divided into two groups
Chapter 342 A river of blood! A river of blood!
Chapter 343 A lot of gains
Chapter 344 You are Sedum, then who is he?
Chapter 345 Morphological evolution, rebirth
Chapter 346 Breaking into the Demon Realm
Chapter 347 What is a natural disaster in the demon world?
Chapter 348 Either you die or I live
Chapter 356 Thunder covers hands, and all ghosts are saved
Chapter 349: Work hard, havent you eaten?
Chapter 350 Its a worthwhile trip
Chapter 351 Its time to show off
Chapter 352 The catastrophe has arrived
Chapter 353 Evil Sword Immortal VS Demon Zunzhenglou
Chapter 354 The Black Demon King arrives!
Chapter 355 But I want it now
Chapter 356 Thunder covers hands, and all ghosts are saved
Chapter 357: The trump cards of the enemy and ourselves emerge one after another, and the situation is ever-changing.
Chapter 365 Chu Xin: Euler, Euler, Euler!
Chapter 358 Double Flash!
Chapter 359 Fusion! Battle against the Evil Sword Immortal!
Chapter 360 The stone ax fades into mortal form
Chapter 361 Pangu (This world is about to end)
Chapter 362 Pangu changes! (End of this world)
Chapter 371 You will share the honor with me
Chapter 363 The Earth Ten Thousand Years Later (New World)
List of card packs
Chapter 364 Planet Godzilla: Who are you! Where did you come from! What are you doing!
Chapter 365 Chu Xin: Euler, Euler, Euler!
Chapter 366 The Battle for Ecology
Chapter 367 What else is there on earth!
Chapter 368 Red Lotus Dragon VS Karmic Fire Hell
Chapter 369 Nanometal, Proliferating City
Chapter 370 Fattening and Harvesting!
Chapter 371 You will share the honor with me
Chapter 372 Epic enhancement!
Chapter 373 The Star Eater arrives!
Chapter 374 Dimensionality Reduction
Chapter 375 The projection collapses
Chapter 376 High-dimensional seeds, blessings and misfortunes depend on each other
Chapter 377 The Final Battle (Part 1)
Chapter 378 The Final Battle (Part 2)
Chapter 379: Make big waves before leaving (the end of this world)
Chapter 380 Light Envoy! (New World)
Chapter 381 Young man, your mission has been completed
Chapter 382 This moon is not that moon
Chapter 383 What is the pinnacle of mecha combat?
Chapter 384 Evil God? Miscellaneous soldiers!
Chapter 385 Evolution! Super Light Envoy!
Chapter 386: Cut in two, Ruyi Divine Sword!
Chapter 387: Unstoppable, invincible!
Chapter 388 100%
Chapter 389 A nuclear explosion with one sword! (End of this world)
Chapter 390 The King of Bronze and Fire (New World)
Chapter 391 Bronze City and the Seven Deadly Sins