Chapter 383 Obedient

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When the name Chen Yun was thrown out, Zhang Moyan and Xiao Xingyu looked up at the same time.

Wang Wenlong paused tactically and observed the two people's reactions, as if he knew he had a very important bargaining chip in his hand.

Combining some of the previous details, Zhang Moyan thought for a few seconds and asked, "My biological mother has been here before. Do you all know her?"

Although she used it as a question, the meaning was already very certain.

"I can only be considered as having met her," Wang Wenlong said slowly, pointing towards Wang Zhongguo, "The few people who know your mother are here."

Everyone's eyes immediately turned to Wang Zhongguo.

"Dad?" Xiaowa said in surprise, "Do you know Chen Yun? Why have you never told me?"

Wang Zhongguo was caught off guard. He never expected that the topic would suddenly turn to him. He didn't know how to deal with it, and he didn't want to deal with it. He lowered his head and looked away.

But both Zhang Moyan and Xiao Xingyu noticed it, and he did not deny it.

"Dad -" Xiaowa pulled his father hard, "You really know Chen Yun, then you can really keep your composure! No wonder you went up to me as soon as I told you about Brother Yu and Sister Mo Yan.

I’m so worried! Dad, please tell us quickly..."

"Don't drag me," Wang Zhongguo shook off Xiaowa's hand in disgust and looked at him, "When will you be able to regain your composure?"

Obviously Wang Zhongguo deliberately avoided getting to know Chen Yun.

While Xiaowa was still chatting with his father, Zhang Moyan slowly stood up. She looked at Wang Zhongguo for a moment and took a step closer to him: "When did she come? What are you doing here?"

Her little knowledge of her biological mother prompted her to ask these two questions cautiously.

"No..." Wang Zhongguo was about to deny it when Xiao Xingyu suddenly interrupted: "Was it twenty-six years ago?"

Wang Zhongguo was stunned for a moment subconsciously. He was so stunned that he could no longer deny that he didn't know Chen Yun.

Xiao Xingyu smiled slightly: "I'm right."

He intertwined his fingers naturally, looked at the situation, decided to save the country, and asked Wang Zhongguo a less direct question: "I am very curious, since my mother-in-law has been to the Wang family, why are you one of the few people who know her?"

Someone, and Captain Wang can only meet him?"

Zhang Moyan opened her eyes wide and looked at Xiao Xingyu with her mind blank for a moment. could she speak so smoothly?

Xiao Xingyu looked calm.

Wang Zhongguo pursed his lips, thought for a moment, and said: "Because she is very low-key and alienated from others. It seems that she doesn't want people to notice her."

"Don't want people to pay attention to her?... Could there be someone at that time who could attract your attention for her?" Xiao Xingyu rubbed his chin with his index finger and said thoughtfully, "I guess that person is my second grandfather, Xiao Guoxi?


After the words fell, the air suddenly became silent.

Just as Wang Zhongguo opened his mouth to speak, Wang Wenlong suddenly shouted: "Wang Zhongguo!"

Poor Wang Zhongguo was so frightened that he choked on the air.

Zhang Moyan turned around displeased, with a look in her eyes that said, "Are you seriously ill?"

Wang Wenlong sat upright: "Zhongguo, is this something you can talk about casually? Don't be confused. In the past, your mother told us not to mention that matter to anyone. If you two juniors want to understand the situation, it's best to let them know.

They asked the old lady for advice."

Although Wang Zhongguo is a high-level company executive, he has a kind and honest personality, otherwise he would not be able to give birth to a child as honest as Xiaowa. After being warned by Wang Wenlong, he immediately stopped what he was about to say and revealed his words to Zhang Moyan and Xiao Xingyu.

Helpless expression: "Ah, that's true. I didn't mean to hide it. It's a state-owned legal family that has family rules. Please forgive me!"

Zhang Moyan knew that he couldn't continue questioning, so he simply said nothing.

Xiao Xingyu glanced at her with a cold expression, and wanted to help his wife get to the bottom of it, but he couldn't force it at the moment, so he had to reconcile and said: "I understand, since it is a family motto, we must not embarrass our elders. The biggest advantage of Mo Yan and me is

We are reasonable, which is why we can come together. We will not do things that are difficult for others."

Zhang Moyan needs to adapt to Xiao Xingyu's style of reminding others both inside and outside of his words that they are a perfect match.

"That's great, let's not go too far. Whether or not we talk about the past will not affect our business. Let's get back to the business." Wang Wenlong picked up the topic, "You pay 1.54 million to buy this porcelain jar from me. I will tell my aunt

I want to bring out the plum vase for you. I think a mere 1.54 million is like pulling out the hair on a young and powerful nephew. It’s not a problem. After all, this may be related to the production technology of azure glazed porcelain. Can you really miss it? Why not?

Yourselves, you should also think about your parents and ancestors, are they easy?"

Zhang Moyan almost yelled when she heard this, but fortunately she was well-educated and held it back. After all, her current quality not only represented herself but also took care of the Xiao family.

Xiao Xingyu leaned on the armrest and changed his position, smiling slightly: "When Captain Wang said this, I was really a little moved. But you also understood the situation of our family just now. I only care about making money and spending money.

You have to ask our shopkeeper." He turned to Zhang Moyan and asked, "Moyan, what do you think?"

Zhang Moyan stared at Xiao Xingyu, trying to see how much he really meant when he said "heartbeat". After a moment, she turned back to face Wang Wenlong and said calmly: "Captain Wang, today is just the first time we meet, so it must be so embarrassing.

Us? As for why you think the plum vase contains the secret of azure glazed porcelain, you refuse to explain it clearly. Not only do we not think it is true, but you, the Wang family, may not confirm it either, right?"

She finally concluded: "You are asking us to bet."

Xiao Xingyu looked at his wife with admiration, admiration bursting from his sparkling eyes.

Wang Wenlong shook his hand: "No, you can't look at the problem this way. In fact, from another perspective, we are helping each other. You don't have to work hard and I don't work hard either. Why not? Our Wang family has long since left the porcelain business. My aunt

I know what I'm thinking. She wants to find a reliable buyer for this porcelain vase, but she's afraid of trusting someone else. Don't worry, I'll do the work! You two should treat this as an investment. Clues to the azure glazed porcelain

That’s also extremely important. Wouldn’t it be better to get it sooner?”

Xiao Xingyu felt very interesting after hearing this: "It makes sense. Team Wang seems to really understand the old man's thoughts."

Wang Zhongguo echoed: "He can indeed figure out the old man's thoughts, and he has won my mother's favor since he was a child."

The situation had reached a stalemate. After a stalemate for a while, Zhang Moyan suddenly said to Xiao Xingyu: "Xingyu, can you go out for a while? I have something to say to them alone."

Xiao Xingyu: “???……???”

Then of course: "Okay, let me go out first."

Well... you will get rich if you listen to your wife.

Xiao Xingyu endured the grievances and stood up, feeling extremely complicated, but before leaving, he did not forget to lower his head and pay attention to Zhang Moyan: "I'm at the door, just call if you need anything."

Zhang Moyan nodded slightly: "Close the door."

Xiao Xingyu: "..."

With mixed emotions, he obeyed his wife's order and closed the office door. Xiao Xingyu was alone with his long legs propped up and one hand in his pocket, looking up at the blue sky-like white clouds, wondering why his wife didn't treat him as one of her own, and why some of her words were even small.

Wow can hear it, but he can't.

Just as I was complaining, suddenly there was a crisp "bang" sound.

The sound of broken porcelain came from the office!

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