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is he teasing me

is he teasing me

author:Pretending to be innocent

action:, , Straight to the bottom

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Latest chapter:Chapter 384 Have you ever bought a counterfeit product in your life?

When they met again, he recognized her at a glance. On the surface, he didn't move, but secretly stared at her. Zhang Moyan didn't expect that the man he saved 3 years ago was a big guy, a rascal...

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《is he teasing me》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 384 Have you ever bought a counterfeit product in your life?
Chapter 383 Obedient
Chapter 382 Putting the blame on others
Chapter 381 Spotting Fake
Chapter 380 First Test
Chapter 379 Seeking to break the ice
Chapter 378 Beginning
Chapter 377 The Plum Vase of the Wang Family
Chapter 376 From today on, we are a family member in the household registration book
《is he teasing me》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Here He Comes
Chapter 2 Handsome Guy, Expert, Rich Man
Chapter 3 Messed with him
Chapter 4 Teacher Xiao is crazy
Chapter 5 Meeting Zhang Moyan Again
Chapter 6
Chapter 7 The Domineering Evil King's Hand
Chapter 8 This Girl Is Mine
Chapter 9 Hot Searches
Chapter 10 She Doesn't Know How to Appreciate Men
Chapter 11: Starting to Hook
Chapter 12 It's Interesting
Chapter 13 Don't Really Get the 39888 Cancer Screening Package
Chapter 14
Chapter 15 Find Xiao Xingyu!
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Chapter 18 Could it be more embarrassing?
Chapter 19 Don't You Still Want to Marry Me?
Chapter 20 Xiao Xingyu looks like a fortune teller
Chapter 21 Putting myself on the chopping block
Chapter 22 A Visit to the Boudoir
Chapter 23 Poor EQ
Chapter 24 This person can't really read minds, can he?
Chapter 25 Everything you want to know is here
Chapter 26 Geng Jun's Invitation
Chapter 27 National Male God, Come Over
Chapter 28 Great things in the world must be accomplished in details
Chapter 29
Chapter 30 Mo Yan acted alone this time
Chapter 31 We've heard about my sister for a long time
Chapter 32
Chapter 33 This key is his!
Chapter 34
Chapter 35 Am I Handsome?
Chapter 36 The scalp is numb
Chapter 37 Do You Know Ru Kiln?
Chapter 38: Claustrophobia
Chapter 39 A sudden shock in my heart
Chapter 40 When did we ever lose in Xingyu?
Chapter 41 Someone Was Born in Rome
Chapter 42 Someone's Heart Is Beating Fast
Chapter 43 A Bunch of Rough Guys
Chapter 44 Meeting EX and the current wedding dress
Chapter 45 The Dazzling Hickey
Chapter 46 The entry threshold for a son-in-law
Chapter 47
Chapter 48
Chapter 49 This is a big step in the development of the story
Chapter 50 So He Is So Good-Looking
Chapter 51 I will help you get in the way
Chapter 52
Chapter 53 Can record video
Chapter 54: In a Trance
Chapter 55 Isn't it easy to find someone?
Chapter 56 I really want to have a baby
Chapter 57 Find you to be my partner
Chapter 58 Can You Give Me a Kiss?
Chapter 59 I Like You
Chapter 60 The True Grace of Saving Life
Chapter 61 Caught by Parents
Chapter 62
Chapter 63 This woman is a liar
Chapter 64 Men Don't Suffer and Get Fooled?
Chapter 65 You ruined my innocence
Chapter 66 Do You Need Me To Be Responsible For You?
Chapter 67 Sister, are you chasing our Brother Yu?
Chapter 68: That Woman Is Still Lovely Yesterday
Chapter 69 Who's waiting for you
Chapter 70 Starting to meet relatives
Chapter 71 He Thought He Was Caught Raping
Chapter 72
Chapter 73
Chapter 74 Family law service
Chapter 75 Xiao Xingyu takes charge
Chapter 76 Pure Knife
Chapter 77
Chapter 78 I am Teacher Xiao’s...
Chapter 79 This is...your home?
Chapter 80 Men are most attractive when they are serious
Chapter 81 Envious of a Cat
Chapter 82 The Detective Girl
Chapter 83 Sitting in the Worst Place
Chapter 84 I Already Have a Boyfriend
Chapter 85 Ruler
Chapter 86 Little Aunt Grandma
Chapter 87 The whole family wants him to go home
Chapter 88
Chapter 89 Being young doesn't mean you have pectoral muscles
Chapter 90 So Annoyed
Chapter 91 Rejecting Zhou Xia
Chapter 92 This chapter smells like vinegar
Chapter 93
Chapter 94 You must keep a distance from Xiao Huai
Chapter 95
Chapter 96
Chapter 97 Handsome Xiao's Boyfriend Strength
Chapter 98 Women still have to marry early
Chapter 99 Not Too Dirty!
Chapter 100 Is it exposed?
Chapter 101 Injured
Chapter 102 How are you going to take a shower tonight?
Chapter 103 The water temperature is okay, right?
Chapter 104 This is too ambiguous
Chapter 105 Mo Yan, who are you?
Chapter 106 Have You Seen Our Genes?
Chapter 107 He seems to be expecting her evaluation
Chapter 108: Heart suddenly beats a little bit violently
Chapter 109 She Wasn't Sure About That Man
Chapter 110 Why did he retire from the porcelain industry?
Chapter 111: Just Being Tricked
Chapter 112 The Forbidden Land of the Xiao Family
Chapter 113 Forgot how to say even the words
Chapter 114 'Mo Yan'
Chapter 115 You just see my soft heart!
Chapter 116 Are you waiting for my reply?
Chapter 117 I can’t leave, but you can come over
Chapter 118 Saw Xiao Xingyu
Chapter 119: Someone Likes It
Chapter 120 Your Eyes Are Obscene
Chapter 121 Can't even touch it
Chapter 122 He seems very angry
Chapter 123 It's really blind that he looks so handsome
Chapter 124 Why Are You With Him?
Chapter 125 Attacking the heart first
Chapter 126 Never lose to Xiao Huai
Chapter 127
Chapter 128: Altar Master
Chapter 129
Chapter 130 Are You Going To Be Fascinated By Me?
Chapter 131 Why do you want to have a baby so much
Chapter 132 It's Totally an Attitude towards Children
Chapter 133 Missing
Chapter 134 Uphill
Chapter 135 Find the Baby
Chapter 136 Don't Call Her Mom
Chapter 137 The idea of ??becoming a father moved Si
Chapter 138 Monument (Important)
Chapter 139 Waiting For That Person
Chapter 140 The names of the Xiao family members seem to have water
Chapter 141
Chapter 142: Being Backlashed By Himself
Chapter 143 I am willing
Chapter 144 Do You Like Me?
Chapter 145 A thought suddenly flashed in my heart
Chapter 146: Knocked, Knocked
Chapter 147 Xiao Xingyu's Fury
Chapter 148
Chapter 149 Only with her has the feeling of being electrified
Chapter 150 How about you come and sleep with me
Chapter 151 Xiao Xingyu Is Confidential to Her
Chapter 152 I'm afraid I won't be able to control myself
Chapter 153: A Coquettish Man Is the Best Life
Chapter 154 Sister Moyan Must Not Like You
Chapter 155 Is This Woman Blind?
Chapter 156 We will never be friends!
Chapter 157 The Reporter's Identity Exposed
Chapter 158 She must have other plans
Chapter 159 Did Xiao Xingyu Pick It Up?
Chapter 160 He died twenty-six years ago
Chapter 161 The Cauldron from the Sky
Chapter 162 This Man Is Really Reliable
Chapter 163 Protecting Weaknesses
Chapter 164 Overwhelming Enthusiasm
Chapter 165 What do you think of this girl
Chapter 166 Don't love yourself at such a young age
Chapter 167 Like His Little Wife
Chapter 168 Don't move!
Chapter 169 Who Is Blue-Yellow Blind?
Chapter 170: Call Me Another Name
Chapter 171 Machismo is quite good
Chapter 172 Is she a uniform control?
Chapter 173
Chapter 174 Moyan, We Live and Die Together
Chapter 175 You Can Get Any Reward You Want
Chapter 176 Don't Go Home Tonight
Chapter 177 Honey
Chapter 178 Restraining the Fairy
Chapter 179 Why are you hooking up
Chapter 180 His phone number
Chapter 181 Lin Yin is Dead
Chapter 182 She may not have committed suicide
Chapter 183 Feeling Like She's Hiding Something
Chapter 184 You Have to Say Something Secretly
Chapter 185
Chapter 186 I don’t like the name ‘Doudou’
Chapter 187 This is the Celestial Immortal!
Chapter 188 Mo Yan, let’s go on a date
Chapter 189 Thank you baby
Chapter 190 Weren't You Courageous Before?
Chapter 191 Find a pair of scissors to cut off her hair!
Chapter 192 Unbelievable
Chapter 193 I want to repay my favor!
Chapter 194
Chapter 195 Remember this feeling
Chapter 196 The Dream Reappears
Chapter 197 The Hangzhou Man Surnamed Geng
Chapter 198 Bless the things you don't understand
Chapter 199 You Are Mine
Chapter 200 She gave birth to a litter of cats on her bed
Chapter 201 I Will Love You Forever
Chapter 202 Xiao Huai is detained
Chapter 203 Husband
Chapter 204 Take her as one of my own
Chapter 205 Reason
Chapter 206 Gambling Kiln
Chapter 207: Xiao Xingyu VS Xiao Huai
Chapter 208 Will you follow me?
Chapter 209 Xiao Xingyu's Promise
Chapter 210
Chapter 211 Wedding Gift
Chapter 212: Disturbing Heartsong
Chapter 213 Innocent
Chapter 214 A token of love beyond a diamond ring
Chapter 215 Husband Treats You
Chapter 216 Surfacing
Chapter 217
Chapter 218 This chapter burns some plots that must be burned
Chapter 219 It's so lucky to meet you
Chapter 220
Chapter 221 Back to Shen Hai
Chapter 222 Taking Love From My Best Friend
Chapter 223 Making Wedding Dresses for Others
Chapter 224 She Decided Not to Know Flattery
Chapter 225 The Great Water Blows to the Dragon King Temple
Chapter 226 White Rose
Chapter 227 Is this the feeling of loving someone?
Chapter 228 You don't have to treat him like a man
Chapter 229: Scheming BOY
Chapter 230 I am not stingy
Chapter 231 Brother Yu is so Romantic
Chapter 232 Everything is going well
Chapter 233 The talented man and the beautiful woman are in love with each other
Chapter 234 There Will Be No Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-Law Problems in the Future
Chapter 235 Auntie, are you crying?
Chapter 236 Entering the Dreamland
Chapter 237
Chapter 238 Marriage will definitely be happy in the future
Chapter 239 Mo Yan, you actually know how to do tricks?!
Chapter 240 I'm gnna catch yu
Chapter 241 Calmness from the Lord
Chapter 242 How to Correctly Remind Others that Their Pants Are Unzipped?
Chapter 243 Too Weird
Chapter 244 Don't Play Stupid
Chapter 245 Test each other
Chapter 246 The Final Letter
Chapter 247: The Scorer
Chapter 248 Only Being Together Forever Is Perfect
Chapter 249: A Day Is Also a Fate
Chapter 250 Neither male nor female, only you
Chapter 252 She loves this man
Chapter 253 Xiao Xingyu is back
Chapter 254 We will definitely get married
Chapter 255 'Does Mo Yan know about this?'
Chapter 256 Love Dilemma
Chapter 257 Staying with a Family
Chapter 258 Can’t sleep
Chapter 259 From the Day I Liked You
Chapter 260 Let’s break up
Chapter 261 The reason why families favor young people from the police, prosecutors and law
Chapter 262 Yefen
Chapter 263 Slow reaction
Chapter 264 What is happiness?
Chapter 265 A new dream appears
Chapter 266 Tight
Chapter 267 Was she abandoned?
Chapter 268 It’s a pity
Chapter 269 Brother Yu is in a very bad mood
Chapter 270 Two Lovesicknesses
Chapter 271 Entering the game
Chapter 272 Chen Guanfu
Chapter 273 Meeting Gift
Chapter 274 A madman breaks in
Chapter 275 The world is shattered
Chapter 276 Change is the norm in this world
Chapter 277 He doesn’t believe it!
Chapter 278 A false alarm
Chapter 279 Shock
Chapter 280 Active Exposure
Chapter 281 You are the only sister-in-law in my life
Chapter 282 I don’t want to fall in love now
Chapter 283 Visiting
Chapter 284 If you can’t let go, just make up!
Chapter 285 Reunion at the cocktail party
Chapter 286 Still soft-hearted
Chapter 287 It’s true that the Tao is higher than the devil
Chapter 288 He is really good at it
Chapter 289 Xiao Xingyu died speechless
Chapter 290 She is really easily manipulated by him
Chapter 291 Don’t you hate me kissing you?
Chapter 292 It’s hard to justify
Chapter 293 Half-truth
Chapter 294 There is no good-looking person!
Chapter 295 This...?
Chapter 296 Who would believe that this is not the real wife?
Chapter 297 Knowing that there is nothing you can do and being content with your fate
Chapter 298 Xiao Xingyu is the new neighbor!
Chapter 299 Brother Yu really owes him so much
Chapter 300: Not necessarily good, not necessarily bad either
Chapter 301 My face really hurts
Chapter 302 What are you waiting for?
Chapter 303 The person who enters the heart
Chapter 304 Chen Yun’s Tomb
Chapter 305 Handsome Guy and Others
Chapter 306 The martyr girl is afraid of stalking the man
Chapter 307 A bit funny
Chapter 308 Being bitten
Chapter 309 There is actually a woman that Brother Yu can’t seduce?!
Chapter 310 Turning point
Chapter 311 Your mother’s name is Chen Yun
Chapter 312 Tongchuan Chen Family
Chapter 313 Because time waits for no one
Chapter 314 The sky turns blue after the rain
Chapter 315 An unexpected plot
Chapter 316 A pair
Chapter 317 This is really a huge misunderstanding
Chapter 318 Confess Identity
Chapter 319 Beating the Mandarin Ducks
Chapter 319
Chapter 320 Zhang Moyan defected
Chapter 321 Xiao Xingyu protects his wife and kills the enemy
Chapter 322 Confrontation of Thoughts
Chapter 323 Very Satisfied
Chapter 324 He is really likable
Chapter 325 Are You Going To Be Alone?
Chapter 326 Want to Throw Him Down
Chapter 327 Xiao's teasing method
Chapter 328 Can't Believe It
Chapter 329 Questioning
Chapter 330
Chapter 332 Listen to the door
Chapter 333 Understanding, Tolerance, Respect
Chapter 334 Geng Baishan
Chapter 335 Hidden Needle in Cotton
Chapter 336 The Beginning
Chapter 337 Come forward
Chapter 338 The situation is gradually getting out of control
Chapter 339 How can the grudges in the world be so easily wiped out?
Chapter 340 Public Execution
Chapter 341 The only one who couldn’t bear Xiao Xingyu’s surprise
Chapter 342 She doesn’t know which one is worse, herself or Zhou Xia
Chapter 343 Residents
Chapter 344 The most difficult thing to do now
Chapter 345: Killing someone
Chapter 346 What is he going to do?
Chapter 347: Digging out the heart and lungs
Chapter 348 Coming
Chapter 349 Xiaowa’s grievance
Chapter 350 Decision
Chapter 351 Living up to your sincerity
Chapter 352 Jin Xueyang’s confession
Chapter 353 No one can slander her
Chapter 354 Dispute
Chapter 355 A desperate move
Chapter 356 He, Brother Yu, is not a mortal
Chapter 357 Secret
Chapter 358 Occasionally I think of it
Chapter 359 Jin Xueyang proposes marriage
Chapter 360 Cage
Chapter 361 Networking
Chapter 362 Fatal Betrayal
Chapter 363 I still want to see you one last time
Chapter 364 Farewell
Chapter 365 Let’s reopen
Chapter 366 Take it back to the villa
Chapter 367 The bastard who took advantage of the situation
Chapter 368 The next day
Chapter 369 You are mine
Chapter 370 What you don’t know
Chapter 371 Open your heart
Chapter 372 Settling the Big Parents
Chapter 373 Making things difficult
Chapter 374 I will protect you just like you protect me
Chapter 375 Dad Xiao agrees
Chapter 376 From today on, we are a family member in the household registration book
Chapter 377 The Plum Vase of the Wang Family
Chapter 378 Beginning
Chapter 379 Seeking to break the ice
Chapter 380 First Test
Chapter 381 Spotting Fake
Chapter 382 Putting the blame on others
Chapter 383 Obedient
Chapter 384 Have you ever bought a counterfeit product in your life?