Chapter 290: Shocking the Academic World for a Thousand Years

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Kraft sent Green away, who was reluctant to leave his job, sincerely hoping that God would bless him to recover his health, or that the deep beings would let him go because he did not want to work remotely.

The process of being approved to leave temporarily was very short, and there were very few things to pack. After about half a day, the two of them packed the priest and his luggage into the car and drove them to the suburbs outside the city.

A place with a pleasant environment and away from crowds is suitable for adjusting your mental state.

Kraft watched the carriage disappear at the end of the square, and after telling Brother Warding to contact him more often, he took the carriage back to the clinic.

The demand raised by Green really touched him, and it should have been the most basic demand.

The reason may be that due to the existence of spiritual senses, Kraft rarely had the idea of ​​"I need to make a special instrument for evaluation."

Just like hearing people, it is difficult to describe sounds to deaf people, and the latter cannot understand how vibrations that are difficult to detect with the most sensitive skin can be accepted across a long distance and interpreted as extremely rich and different information.


There has to be something that allows people without special senses to "see" the impact at that level.

According to Kraft, we still have to start with the only black salt known to react to this.

From another perspective, this seems to mean that Green has agreed to conduct research on the deep products. He can legitimately work on the samples without worrying about how to explain what he is doing to the visitors of the Inquisition who suddenly come to the door one day.

Thinking about it this way, Kraft felt that time could still be squeezed and he could allocate some time to devote to his second most important hobby.

Of course, to be on the safe side, this cannot be done in a clinic.

After finishing a day's diagnosis and treatment work, he took Kupu with him and went to the vacant experimental floor of Dunling University again to start trying.

The new assistant watched the professor open the mysterious box with three layers of packaging inside and three outside, and swept away the well-stuffed wood chips and cotton padding.

As if feeling that it was about to see the light of day again, a rhythmic sound began to appear, becoming clear as the separation decreased, and it hit the eardrums disturbingly.

They were two thick-walled glass bottles. The contents inside were not pharmaceutical preparations, but some kind of indescribable amorphous living thing. The semi-liquid form adhered to the walls of the bottle and contracted. The hard object wrapped in it repeatedly knocked on the glass.

produced that sound.

What particularly surprised Kupp was that he felt an uncanny familiarity with them. The memory scars that had scabbed and healed began to ache again, awakening the unavoidable physiological discomfort.

"Where did you go again?" Although there was no direct connection in the outline, the weird white surface and curly soft posture made it easy for him to connect it with the thing that invaded the dream.

"I hope it was really brought back there." Kraft observed the status of the two samples, selected the one that looked more active, fixed it on a stable hardwood base, and clamped it with a snap buckle.

In addition to preparing the things on the experimental table, he also lit a fire on the small stove he brought and began to boil water.

"Unfortunately not, I picked it up from the sewer."

"I thought this kind of thing would only appear over there." Coop felt itchy on the soles of his feet, thinking of the intricate and all-encompassing drainage system below. It was really scary to stand on the ground in this city.

Theoretically, if they are determined to reach the ground, you may encounter a huge shock in the sink where you wash your face in the middle of the night, just like slugs on a rainy day.

"It's true that the place of origin is there, but there are always people who like to introduce species." Kraft took out a few grains of black salt of similar size and placed them in glass dishes at different distances from the sample. "There is also a large one below.

Well, fortunately they can’t come up yet.”

His preliminary plan is to detect which activities of deep organisms can cause the liquid transformation of black salt, and how the effect decays with distance.

Although you can use yourself as the source of influence, it is not conducive to eliminating the interference of subjective factors, and protists should be qualitatively different from people who have been changed. At least Kraft has not found that he can use dreams to pull people into that place.

Bian's magical abilities.

You have to find a subject without complex conscious activities to do the experiment.

They used ink lines to draw a large checkerboard grid on the table to facilitate calculation of the distance between the black salt and the sample. Then they covered the glass bottle with a cloth cover and waited for changes amidst the clicking sounds.

To avoid his own influence as much as possible, Kraft sat in the far corner of the room.

He originally wanted to wait next door, but the samples could not be left unattended, and he was worried about leaving Coop alone with these dangerous items, so he finally stayed.

What followed was a long wait. After reversing the time of the hourglass five times, the two of them used the lens to observe the black salt on the table.

The conclusion is that there is no change. From two grids away to the edge of the long table, the black particles are as sharp and angular as obsidian chips.

Unsurprisingly, if deep creatures could cause melting by just moving a few times, all the black salt scattered everywhere would have liquefied and merged into the water, bringing everyone into a dream.

"what's next?"

"Next, I hope it will be more active and show some extraordinary abilities." Kraft poured hot water into the sink and handed it to Coop.

"Just start with physical stimulation. Don't worry, it's definitely more heat-resistant than you think."

The organisms that were soaked in the water tank with bottles have indeed shown new trends.

At first, like the instinctive reaction of most creatures, it struggled violently, boiling and rising, restless like grease thrown into a wok, and struggled to hit the bottle wall to find an exit.

After less than ten seconds, it realized that this was futile, shrank away from the heat source, and became quiet as if resigned to its fate.

Just when Kraft thought that was the extent of the sample's reaction, some changes in color were noticed.

The wet and pale surface becomes dull and the reflectivity is decreasing, forming a shape similar to the thick cutin in the most worn parts of the body, wrapping the internal structure.

This thick layer of "old skin" limits its activities, creating the illusion of "quietness", while active biomass is still flowing internally and brewing new tissues.

"It's amazing..." No matter how many times I see it, I will always think it is a miraculous creature.

There are no barriers to differentiation for it. Through its innate ability, it can mold any organization like piecing together building blocks to meet real-time needs.

What can be seen through the translucent skin is that the supporting cartilage is relatively fixed in shape, and the slender and hollow one is the delivery pipe. The slightly darker liquid inside is pushed by its own contraction.

And the bundles that provide it with rhythmic contraction...may be some kind of tissue similar to the myocardium, and only the myocardium has this kind of self-discipline.

Craft was so mesmerized that he temporarily forgot what experiment he was doing. He could understand those who were attracted to it because he saw more from it.

Diabetes, heart failure, chronic renal failure, and various irreversible diseases may become diseases that can be completely cured - just direct the differentiation of new tissue to replace them.

"It's broken. Now myocardial stem cells have become a reality. They will surely shock the academic world after a thousand years."

"What are you talking about?" Coop was confused by his employer's sudden excitement and didn't know if he should hand over the lens at this time. "Can you take a look at this? The black salt closest to you seems to have changed a bit."

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