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Krafft's Anomaly Notes

Krafft's Anomaly Notes

author:Chicken with Vegetables in Snow

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:04-13 12:08

Latest chapter:Chapter 292 Drug Induction

Imagine the world we live in, where people face a white wall all their lives...but only a few days can glimpse the vast world beyond the wall and be able to...

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《Krafft's Anomaly Notes》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 292 Drug Induction
Chapter 291 Waveform Signal
Chapter 290: Shocking the Academic World for a Thousand Years
Chapter 289 Objective Standards
Chapter 288 Another consideration
Chapter 287 Dream Interpretation
Chapter 286 Prophecy
Chapter 285 Night Visit
Chapter 284 The Rain of Whispers
《Krafft's Anomaly Notes》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Preface: The Scribbled Letter
Chapter 2 Stir the two souls evenly
Chapter 3 Is there anything wrong with the elderly who like to play games all the time?
Chapter 4 Don't do anything when it snows
Chapter 5 Getting Strange
Chapter 6
Chapter 7 Protection Mechanisms
Chapter 8 On the Journey
Chapter 9 Medieval Evangelion
Chapter 10 Just highlight a pragmatism
Chapter 11 Wendeng Port
Chapter 12 Those who like to go shopping in the Middle Ages get a little bit of that
Chapter 13 Communication between doctors and patients with local characteristics
Chapter 14 A World Without Hippocrates
Chapter 15 'Cousin Ryan at the Door'
Chapter 16 I Have Seen This Thing
Chapter 17 Smiling Edward
Chapter 18 Kraft's First Class
Chapter 19 The Academic Center Doesn't Have to Be in the Center
Chapter 20 The Afternoon Before Departure
Chapter 21 The Castle of the Wood Family
Chapter 22 An Opportunity
Chapter 23 Beautiful Letters
Chapter 24 I Have a Premonition I'm Late
Chapter 25 I'm Thinking Something's Not Right
Chapter 26 Occasionally play Sherlock Holmes
Chapter 27 Whispers in a Bottle
Chapter 28 Bad News
Chapter 29 Notes
Chapter 30 Nothing to do today
Chapter 31 Don't say you're okay when you're okay
Chapter 32 Acute abdomen
Chapter 33 There is no way
Chapter 34 Just once, just this once
Chapter 35 How to Put a Brown Bear in a Jewelry Box
Chapter 36 Another Perspective
Chapter 37
Chapter 38 Legendary Character
Chapter 39 The Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 40 Lucius
Chapter 41 A Guess
Chapter 42 Multiple pathogenic factors
Chapter 43 The Fishy and Salty Land
Chapter 44 John Snow's Map
Chapter 45 The Edge of Reality
Chapter 46 The Part That Disappeared
Chapter 47 Plausible
Chapter 48 Who is knocking on my window lattice
Chapter 49 The Creeping Singer
Chapter 50 Deep Dive
Chapter 51 Feeding the Fish
Chapter 52 Abnormal Celestial Body
Chapter 53 Liston
Chapter 54
Chapter 55 Awakening of the Drowned
Chapter 56 The Dream Remains
Chapter 57 Two Ways
Chapter 58 I Have a Bold Idea
Chapter 59 Mansion
Chapter 60 Blasphemy
Chapter 61 Conveying
Chapter 62
Chapter 63
Chapter 64 They
Chapter 65
Chapter 66 Burning
Chapter 67 Center
Chapter 68 Deja vu
Chapter 69 From Beyond
Chapter 70 Return visit
Chapter 71 Plaque
Chapter 72 It is very important to follow the doctor's advice
Chapter 73 How Can This Blessing Be Shallow?
Chapter 74 Abnormal hospitalization process
Chapter 75 Boring Records
Chapter 76 Indirect Means Direct Means
Chapter 77 Are you awake?
Chapter 78 New Subject Paper End
Chapter 79 Deck Talk
Chapter 80 One Day in the Ice Sea
Chapter 81 Mid-Autumn Festival Extra Story: Things from the Past
Chapter 82: Ice Fog
Chapter 83: Iceberg
Chapter 84 Port of Consolation
Chapter 85 Glass
Chapter 86 Do you want it? Production has been discontinued!
Chapter 87 Good Wine
Chapter 88
Chapter 89
Chapter 90
Chapter 91 Visit
Chapter 92 Clues
Chapter 91 Pneumoconiosis
Chapter 92 Conversation
Chapter 93 Good Business
Chapter 94 Rejection
Chapter 95 Mine
Chapter 96: Leisure Chess
Chapter 97 Hidden worries
Chapter 98 Directly ahead
Chapter Ninety-Nine Lonely Lamp
Chapter 100 Messenger
Chapter 101 Anecdotes
Chapter 102 Small Disagreement
Chapter 103 Return
Chapter 104 Gray
Chapter 105: Surface
Chapter 106 Heading straight to hell
Chapter 107 Retreat
Chapter 108: Panic and no choice of road
Chapter 109 Deep
Chapter 110 Kupu
Chapter 111 Amateurs
Chapter 112 Behind the scenes
Chapter 113 Non-Correspondence
Chapter 114 Another Ocean
Chapter 115 Deep Underground Transportation Guide
Chapter 116: Green in the Rock
Chapter 117 Old Mine
Chapter 118: No one is perfect
Chapter 119 Something that shook the mountains
Chapter 120 Running
Chapter 121: Lifting the Veil
Chapter 122 Erosion and Forgetting
Chapter 123 Sense of Urgency
Chapter 124 Omen
Chapter 125 Mental Change
Chapter 126 Image Nomenclature
Chapter 127 Productivity with Soul
Chapter 128: It seems to be a potion, not sure, smell it again
Chapter 129 An immature suggestion
Chapter 130 Settlement Time
Chapter 131 Stranger (End of Volume)
Invitation card
Chapter 132 Berry and Raven
Chapter 133 The Correct Way to Start a Chase
Chapter 134 Martin Knight
Chapter 135 Dinner Party
Chapter 137 The Four King Kong
Chapter 137 Absence
Chapter 138 The Missing
Chapter 139: Special Events
Chapter 140 The back of the gold coin
Chapter 141: Audience
Chapter 142 The Voice of Reversal
Chapter 143 Moving
Chapter 144 Course of Disease
Chapter 145: Fire Inspiration
Chapter 146 Search
Chapter 147: Melee in the forest
Chapter 148 Silent Heritage
Chapter 149 Airway and Mushrooms
Chapter 150 Mycelium
Chapter 151 Hudson Manor
Chapter 152 Theres something wrong with your ring
Chapter 153 Orthodox Angel
Chapter 154: Chat in Heaven
Chapter 155 Forest Wall
Chapter 156: Lumber Camp
Chapter 157 In the Forest
Chapter 158 The Land of Fungi
Chapter 159 Unexpected
Chapter 160: Reap the consequences
Chapter 161: Dont leave your post without permission during the night shift
Chapter 162 Symbolization
Chapter 163 I kept part of it
Chapter 164 Symptoms and Pathology
Chapter 165 Home Alone
Chapter 166 Imitation
Chapter 167 Night of the High Wall
Chapter 168 Yvonne
Chapter 169 Hide and Seek
Chapter 170 Backlash
Chapter 171 Drowning in the air
Chapter 172: Bacteria
Chapter 173: Great Transformation into a Living Person
Chapter 174 Trap
Chapter 175 The Prosperous Domain
Chapter 176 A little application
Chapter 177 Community
Chapter 178 Destructive Applications
Chapter 179 Shock Dose
Chapter 180 Coming to the World
Chapter 181 Nothing serious
Chapter 182: Necrosis of the Bone
Chapter 183 Sausage Slicing Tactics
Chapter 184 Two kinds of parasitism
Chapter 185 Artificial Pneumothorax
Chapter 186: Not showing on the outside
Chapter 187 Walking in the throat
Chapter 188 Power
Chapter 189 Combination
Chapter 190 Backcourt
Chapter 191 Crossroads
Chapter 192 Educational Issues (End of Volume)
Chapter 193 'Visiting Group'
Chapter 194 Dun Ling
Chapter 195 Fire
Chapter 196 Tour Group
Chapter 197 Notre Dame Cathedral
Chapter 197 Condolences
Chapter 198 Turquoise and Instruments
Chapter 199 Clues
Chapter 200 Are you lying to me?
Chapter 201 Signature
Chapter 202 Obscure hints
Chapter 203 Field Investigation
Chapter 204 White Plague
Chapter 205 Teaching Ward Rounds
Chapter 206: Stop coughing up blood immediately
Chapter 207 Tension Pneumothorax
Chapter 208: Posthumous Residence
Chapter 209 Entrance
Chapter 210 Echo
Chapter 211 Blind Fight
Chapter 212 Selective Materialism
Chapter 213 Temporary Alliance
Chapter 214 Green
Chapter 215: Rubbing
Chapter 216 The golden cicada escapes from its shell
Chapter 217 Melting
Chapter 218: Merging Puzzles
Chapter 219 Mark
Chapter 220: The Sewers of the Royal City
Chapter 221 Outpost
Chapter 222 Peeping
Chapter 223 Banquet Invitation
Chapter 224 Small Progress
Chapter 225 The hidden light
Chapter 226 Turquoise Manor
Chapter 227 Archaeological Hobbies
Chapter 228: Rebellious residual light
Chapter 229 Whale Crying
Chapter 230 Parade on the Moon
Chapter 231 In the tall grass
Chapter 232 Abnormal Activity
Chapter 233: Inhuman People
Chapter 234 Craniotomy
Chapter 235 Sword Emblem
Chapter 236 Iron Shell Egg
Chapter 237 Shadow of the Past
Chapter 238 Solid-Liquid Transformation
Chapter 239 Concealment
Chapter 240 The Way of Balance
Chapter 241: Crossover
Chapter 242 Favors
Chapter 243 Short break
Chapter 244: Hiding reality in emptiness
Chapter 245 Experiment
Chapter 246 Source of interference
Chapter 247 Inductive Activation
Chapter 248 Lost in the details
Chapter 249 Fault
Chapter 250 Special Permission
Chapter 251: Restless Prelude
Chapter 252 The Second Attack
Chapter 253 Heavy Hammer
Chapter 254 Additional questions for evening self-study
Chapter 255 Release
Chapter 256 Manual Geiger Counter
Chapter 257: Internship Opportunity
Chapter 258 Family inheritance
Chapter 259 Specific Distance
Chapter 260 Broken Sword
Chapter 261 'Snail'
Chapter 262 The Road to Enlightenment
Chapter 263 Underwater
Chapter 264 Mausoleum Maze
Chapter 295 March of Chaos
Chapter 296 Shield Wall
Chapter 267 Guidance
Chapter 268 Roots
Chapter 269 Inspiration
Chapter 270 Carving Color
Chapter 271 Old-fashioned Map
Chapter 272 Main Tomb Chamber
Chapter 273 Resonance
Chapter 274 Radical
Chapter 275 The Essence of Spell
Chapter 276 Knight Island
Chapter 278 Nightmare
Chapter 279 Unexpected Effectiveness
Chapter 280 Folk Remedies
Chapter 281: Furry Herbs
Chapter 282 The most powerful scented tea in history
Chapter 283 New Drugs
Chapter 284 The Rain of Whispers
Chapter 285 Night Visit
Chapter 286 Prophecy
Chapter 287 Dream Interpretation
Chapter 288 Another consideration
Chapter 289 Objective Standards
Chapter 290: Shocking the Academic World for a Thousand Years
Chapter 291 Waveform Signal
Chapter 292 Drug Induction