Chapter 162 A joke-like agreement

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A few days passed in a flash, and the weekend was approaching, which coincided with the traditional three-nine days in China. So Zhou Jing hurried to the supermarket to buy things after work. After returning to the apartment, he was busy in the kitchen again.

Let me explain, the cost of buying food and cooking can be reported separately and does not fall into the scope of pocket money expenditures. Otherwise, given the price situation in South Korea, I am afraid that I will only be stuck.

The casserole turned down the heat and simmered slowly. Zhou Jing was humming a tune while chopping vegetables. At this time, there was the sound of opening the door outside. Not long after, he heard someone running straight towards the kitchen. Unexpectedly, he was followed closely.

With a plop.

What happened? Zhou Jing wiped his hands with a towel and walked out of the kitchen, only to be speechless for a second. He saw Goo Hara sitting on the floor with her teeth grinning and she knew she had fallen badly.

Speaking of which, why does this child keep falling down? When recording "Roommate 2", he fell on his butt in the room. Well, it happened again this time. Zhou Jing shook his head and hurriedly stepped forward to help him.

"Holla, are you okay? You said you were running around at home. What if something happens if you fall? It's really..."

"Haha, I'm okay..." Goo Hara responded, but her big beautiful eyes looked straight at the kitchen across the surrounding scenery,

"Brother, what are you making delicious? I smelled the aroma as soon as I walked in."

While talking, Goo Hara wanted to go to the kitchen to find out what was going on, but Zhou Jing immediately pulled her back after seeing this.

"Why are you so anxious? We'll find out later." Zhou Jing asked Goo Hara to sit on the sofa obediently, then pointed to a few pieces of paper on the coffee table and continued,

"Here's some information. Please see if you're interested in it."


Goo Hara started to get excited soon after picking up the pieces of paper. She looked up and found that Zhou Jing had returned to the kitchen to continue working. She happily came to the door and leaned against the wall and asked:

"Brother, this seems to be a guest invitation for a Chinese variety show."

"Well, it's a celebrity couple reality show on Zhejiang Satellite TV. Since it was recorded in Korea, Heechul was also the MC, so he asked me to ask if you want to be a guest star." Zhou Jing asked Goo Hara while he was busy.


Unexpectedly, when Goo Hara heard this statement, she subconsciously asked: "Kim Heechul? Then why didn't he come to me directly?"

From the title, it can be seen that Goo Hara has a very close relationship with Kim Heechul in private, so she doesn't understand why Kim Heechul wants to go around the circle through Zhou Kyung.

"What do you think, he is such a little pabo..." Zhou Jing turned his head and said angrily.

Goo Hara was not stupid and reacted immediately after being prompted by Zhou Jing. She and Kim Heechul had a very good relationship, but after all, they were not in the same company.

If SM company knew that Kim Heechul directly invited her, it wouldn't be a big deal, but someone would eventually whisper behind her back, "It's different now. Who would dare to say anything after being dealt with by Zhou Kyung, I believe not even Lee Soo Man and Kim Young Min."

After understanding this, Goo Hara immediately smiled like a flower, "Hehe, thank you brother, and thank Kim Heechul for me later."

"Yes, but if you are interested, hurry up and ask your company to contact the program team. My schedule in Korea is very tight, so don't leave any trace." Zhou Jing did not forget to remind him.

"Don't worry, Nei, the company will definitely be more proactive than me, hehe..."

Goo Hara's words are correct. Let's not mention that the main guests include Julian Cheung and Anita Yuen, a pair of Hong Kong seniors. Just look at the other guest stars in Korea, Kim Hee Sun, Lee Min Ho...

What kind of position is this? DSP Company will refuse it unless they are out of their minds. Goo Hara is convinced of this.

At this moment, the access control phone suddenly rang, and Goo Hara was stunned, and Zhou Jing's voice came to her ears.

"I forgot to mention, Ha La, there is another guest tonight, and she is here for you. You see, I am busy right now. Please help me entertain her later."


Although she was full of doubts, Goo Hara knew that Zhou Jing would never act without a clear goal. In this case, she was too lazy to think about it and just listened to her brother's arrangements.

"Oh no..." Goo Hara answered the phone, never thinking that the other party would stop her on the spot with just one word.

"Holla, it's me, please open the door."

This voice sounded so familiar. Goo Hara wondered where she had heard it but couldn't remember it for a moment. It didn't matter, the answer would be revealed in a few minutes.

After opening the door and waiting for Goo Hara to see clearly who was coming, she bowed at 90 degrees reflexively without saying anything.

"Anihasay, Son Ye-jin senior you..."


Back to a few days ago, Zhou Jing looked at Son Ye-jin with a smug face and decided to stay single to the end.

"What's said is done, and I believe you, Yizhen, won't embarrass your relatives, right? Haha..."

"That's possible." Sun Yezhen's pretty eyes were noncommittal. Suddenly she thought of something, and a look of narrow-mindedness flashed across her face.

"Otherwise, didn't you recommend a role to Han Yesexi? Let's be fair. You can also find one for me later. This won't be a embarrassment to you, hehe..."

I went and saw that this was clearly either an embarrassment or a challenge. It was pushing resources for the Grand Slam actress. Zhou Jing thought to himself that it would be better to ask for her to be sent to heaven. Compared with that, it was obviously more reliable.

"No, Ye Jin, I'm not in the entertainment industry. Where can I find a role for you?" Zhou Jing suddenly became anxious.

"I don't care, you are very capable in Han Yeseulxi, why, it's my turn as a close relative? Huh..." Son Yejin folded her arms and refused to give up, and even started to increase the pressure,

"Yes, I am your relative. The role in the script must be better than that of Han Ye-seul. Well, then I have to add one more thing. How about making sure that I can be a movie queen? Anyway, in your mouth, I won't be a movie queen.

It’s like playing, haha..."

Zhou Jing was completely dumbfounded. He thought that when he was just talking, he never expected that one day he would be hit by a boomerang. For a moment, he didn't know what to say.

This chapter is not over yet, please click on the next page to continue reading the exciting content! And his embarrassed and confused look in Son Ye-jin's eyes really makes him feel relieved, my dear, he is finally deflated this time, haha...

The two of them realized that every time they met, they would either quarrel or fight with each other. Unfortunately, Son Ye-jin had never had the upper hand, but today Zhou Jing was completely crushed by her. Could it not make her feel so happy?

As for whether Zhou Jing can fulfill his promise in the end, Son Ye Jin doesn't care. So what if he can't. Are we really going to break off the relationship with him? How is it possible? She just treats this Mission Impossible as a joke between relatives.

Little does anyone know that many things in the world are hard to say. When Son Ye-jin sat off the stage of the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards in an evening gown, her heart was filled with disbelief and disbelief.

At the beginning of this year, the TV series "Crash Landing on You" she starred in became a hit of the year. As a result, she was nominated for the Best Actress in a TV series at this year's Grand Awards. She is expected to win the Baeksang Queen's crown again after 14 years.


There is no way, "Crash Landing on You" is so popular, the average ratings of the series are as high as 21.7%, breaking the 20.5% ratings record of another tvN drama "Goblin", becoming the ratings champion in tvN history.

However, what outsiders don't know is that the reason why Son Ye-jin participated in this drama actually originated from a joke-like agreement she made with someone five years ago, which made Son Ye-jin have mixed feelings and sigh.

Of course, those are all things for later. Let’s get back to the topic. After Sun Yezhen forced Zhou Jing to agree to the alliance under the city, she became extremely energetic. At this time, she remembered something again, so she asked Zhou Jing cheerfully,

"By the way, Xiaojing, when you were eating, you said that you happened to have something to do with me. Let's talk about it. While I'm in a good mood now, no matter what you ask me, I'll do it for you, hehe..."

Taking advantage again, that's it, but Zhou Jing had no intention of getting entangled with Son Yejin on this kind of thing, because he did have something serious to discuss with her, and he almost forgot about it when he got distracted.

"Yes, there is something. Yezhen, do you know anything about KeyEast Entertainment?" Zhou Jing asked seriously.

Unexpectedly, as soon as she finished speaking, Sun Yizhen was stunned at first, then her pretty face turned visibly red, and then she shouted to Zhou Jing:

"Ah, dead Zhou Jing, what do you mean? You don't want to take any losses, right? You are still not a man, really..."

What a mess, Zhou Jing was so confused by Son Ye-jin’s attack that he even questioned whether he was a man. He almost blurted out, “Why don’t you give it a try?”

"No, Yizhen, I'm just asking about the situation of this company. If you know it, you will understand it. It doesn't matter if you don't know. Why are you fussing about it when you have nothing to do?" Zhou Jingman's forehead was filled with black lines and he was speechless.

His expression didn't look like he was joking. Son Ye-jin looked at it repeatedly for a while before she believed it might be a coincidence, but she still wanted to confirm it finally.

"You...don't know who the president of KeyEast Entertainment is?"

"Maura, do I know you?"

Zhou Jing became interested when Son Ye-jin mentioned it. He took out his phone and tried to search it on Naver, but his hand felt cold and Son Ye-jin snatched the phone away from him.

What a joke, the founder and president of KeyEast Entertainment is Bae Yong Joon, Son Ye Jin thought Zhou Kyung was teasing her about the movie "Out" again, and that's why she got mad.

Now it seems that it is a misunderstanding, so Zhou Jing cannot let Zhou Jing know the reason, otherwise, he will win back the victory tonight. It's a beautiful idea...

So Son Ye-jin pretended to be calm in the face of Zhou Jing’s confused eyes and asked:

"You don't know it, but I'm curious why you want to know about that company."

"Oh, that's it..." Although Zhou Jing was confused, business was important, so he suppressed the doubts in his heart and spoke directly.

In fact, he asked this all because of Goo Hara. Except for the new maknae Heo Youngji, the other three people in KARA only have one year left in their exclusive economic contracts.

According to Goo Hara, Park Gyu Ri and Han Seung Yeon have made it clear that they will not renew their contracts with DSP, which also means that 2015 will be the last year of KARA. So where should Hara go?

Being an actress has been Goo Hara's dream since she was a child. After so many years, she has already seen that staying at DSP will only make her dream farther and farther away from her, so she also made up her mind to leave DSP.

Where to go? Goo Hara was very confused about this. She never thought that KeyEast would send someone to contact her just a few days after her personal reality show was released.

The other party invited her to join. KeyEast is a very powerful company with many actors, so Goo Hara was tempted immediately.

Fortunately, she didn't reply hastily and just said that she needed to think about it and came back to discuss it with Zhou Jing. However, this stumped Zhou Jing.

How could he know the quality of an entertainment company, not to mention that the entertainment industry was very deep and he had to find knowledgeable people to ask questions. Otherwise, he immediately thought of his close relatives.

A top actor like Son Ye-jin must have seen through it better than him. Sure enough, after listening to Zhou Kyung’s narration, Son Ye-jin said without even thinking:

"An's right, I don't recommend that Helaxi go to their company, that will harm Helaxi."


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