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Peninsula Steel Love

Peninsula Steel Love

author:Chinese uncle

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:04-17 12:15

Latest chapter:Chapter 169 It’s not that simple

Brother, why do they all call you Zhou Gong? Because your brother and I are an engineer. Then brother, why do people still call you Commander Zhou?...

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《Peninsula Steel Love》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 169 It’s not that simple
Chapter 167: It cant be an illegitimate meal, right?
Chapter 166: One thing brings down another thing
Chapter 165 Are you talking about a blind date?
Chapter 164: My Nu Na is pretty good
Chapter 163 Krystal is really cheap
Chapter 162 A joke-like agreement
Chapter 161: Im afraid I fell into a trap, right?
Chapter 160 Zhou Jing, I regret it
《Peninsula Steel Love》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Prologue
Chapter 2 Going to America
Chapter 3 Children Beware
Chapter 4 Have you been molested?
Chapter 5 What a coincidence Agassi
Chapter 6 Reporter? Fanatic? Or anti?
Chapter 7 The Strange Man
Chapter 8 Pani is a little dizzy
Chapter 9 Yes, I'm a Photographer
Chapter 10 Is it a dream?
Chapter 11 Pink's embarrassment
Chapter 12 Goodbye Little Crescent Moon
Chapter 13 Something Really Wrong
Chapter 14 Problem Solving
Chapter 15 Solving Problems
Chapter 16 Problem Solving
Chapter 17 Weird Jessica
Chapter 18 Taeyeon's decision
Chapter 19 Girls' Generation
Chapter 20 Drinking and Gossiping
Chapter 21 Drink and gossip
Chapter 22 The Reason for Being Single
Chapter 23 Lee Soon Kyu's Attack
Chapter 24 Taeyeon and Sika
Chapter 25 For the Tenth Anniversary Promise
Chapter 26 It's Good to Go Home
Chapter 27
Chapter 28 Call S.M
Chapter 29 Where? South Korea?
Chapter 30
Chapter 31
Chapter 32 Before going to Korea
Chapter 33
Chapter 34 First Arrival in Seoul
Chapter 35 Xiaoxian's Memories
Chapter 36 Send a single chapter to explain
Chapter 37 Sika's Plan
Chapter 38
Chapter 39
Chapter 40 Missed
Chapter 41 Bodyguard Zhou Jing
Chapter 42 Krystal
Chapter 43 Watching the Show
Chapter 44 It Was Her
Chapter 45 Joking Around the Table
Chapter 46 Banquet Routine
Chapter 47 Unusual things
Chapter 48 Weekend Routine
Chapter 49 What program?
Chapter 50 Breaking the Rules
Chapter 51 Encounter in the Tea House Part 1
Chapter 52 Encounter in the Tea House II
Chapter 53 Encounter in the Tea House Part Three
Chapter 54 Encounter in the Tea House Part 4
Chapter 55: Encounter in the Tea House Five
Chapter 56: Encounter in the Tea House Six
Chapter 57 The Gossip Strikes
Chapter 58
Chapter 59
Chapter 60 Raw Rice Cooked Ripe Rice
Chapter 61 I am Xu Xian
Chapter 62 Discovered
Chapter 63 Tara's Intersection
Chapter 64 White Rabbit Oppa
Chapter 65 Xu Xian's Covenant
Chapter 66 A Little Sweet
Chapter 67 Something Happened
Chapter 68 Who is he?
Chapter 69 Meeting Him
Chapter 70
Chapter 71
Chapter 72
Chapter 73
Chapter 74 Delicious Pastries
Chapter 75 Barbecue Dinner
Chapter 76 His business card
Chapter 77 The Wrong Call
Chapter 78 Visit S.M Company
Chapter 79 Eating melons breaks the law?
Chapter 78 D agency reporter
Chapter 79 New Director
Chapter 80 Family Banquet Invitation
Chapter 83 Invitation to the Family Banquet
Chapter 81 A poem to Bao Lan
Chapter 82 We meet again
Chapter 83 Party Chat
Chapter 84 Let me try
Chapter 85 Poignancy and passion
Chapter 86 K-pop is also okay
Chapter 87 There is a problem inside
Chapter 88 The same cafe
Chapter 89 I am Jessica Jessica
Chapter 90 Meeting an acquaintance again
Chapter 91: Disgraceful Fans
Chapter 92: Dont like Agassi
Chapter 93 Boyfriend
Chapter 94 Love Bai Ding
Chapter 95 Ideal World Cup
Chapter 96 Zhou Jings dissatisfaction
Chapter 97 Its a pity for others
Chapter 98 Emergencies
Chapter 99 Its better if its not Fx
Chapter 100 A visitor is coming
Chapter 101 The little princess arrives
Chapter 102 Taeyeons Reluctance
Chapter 103 Fried Chicken and Beer
Chapter 104 Pink Panda
Chapter 105 The Girls Sky
Chapter 106 Zhou Wenqians Date
Chapter 107 The hot search that comes quietly
Chapter 108 Im not familiar with him
Chapter 109 A gift for Zhou Jing
Chapter 110 From Hell to Heaven
Chapter 111 A false alarm
Chapter 112 Its so good
Chapter 113: Robbery of wealth or robbery of sex
Chapter 114 What happened to the ramen?
Chapter 115 K-pop World Cup
Chapter 116 Interesting Bet
Chapter 117 The little dragon is pretty good
Chapter 118 Two Invitations
Chapter 119: Dont show it
Chapter 120 Encountering Crystal
Chapter 121 Crystal is unhappy
Chapter 122 I also want to watch the football match
Chapter 123 Lin Xiujings discovery
Chapter 124 Xiujing vs Xiujing
Chapter 125 A little depressed
Chapter 126 The Bet of the Game
Don't know what to say
Chapter 127 Three Uncles Control
Chapter 128: Peach Blossom Luck? Peach Blossom Tribulation?
Chapter 129 How to thank me
Chapter 130: Picking up the soft parts of the Han River Bridge
Chapter 131 Zhou Wenqians acting skills
Chapter 132 I am Pei Xiuzhi
Chapter 133 Quail Xiuzhi
Chapter 134 Strange Dream (Part 1)
Chapter 135 Strange Dream (Part 2)
Chapter 136 Strange Dream (Part 2)
Happy Lantern Festival, and I recommend books by the way
Chapter 137: The Lemon Sea
Chapter 138 Angry Zhou Jing
Chapter 139: The engineering mans speculation
Chapter 140 An unexpected invitation
Chapter 141 A familiar feeling
Chapter 142: Follow-up of the incident
Chapter 143 Red Star Security Company
Chapter 144 The story behind
Chapter 145 Oppa is not allowed to go
Chapter 146 Nanshan Tower
Chapter 147 Dont come over
Chapter 148 Do we have a grudge?
Chapter 149 How to deal with it
Chapter 150 He is really a director
Chapter 151 Photos in Wallet
Chapter 152: Idou protects fans
Chapter 153: Do me a little favor
Chapter 154 Confused twitching
Chapter 155 Invite Zhou Jing to dinner
Chapter 156 Jessicas call
Chapter 157 Barbecue Party (Part 1)
Chapter 158 Barbeque Party (Part 2)
Chapter 159 Barbecue Party (Part 2)
Chapter 160 Sikas Resentment
Chapter 161 Who is Suzy?
Chapter 162 Why does it look so familiar?
Chapter 163: Go shopping in Hongdae
Chapter 164 Zhou Wenqians Fans
Chapter 165 A gesture
Chapter 168 A Gesture
Chapter 166 Sikas assist
Chapter 167 Visiting Functions
Chapter 168: Chat alone
Chapter 169: They are different
Chapter 170: Too much is not enough
Chapter 171: Attack of the Crystal
Chapter 172: Improper Report
Chapter 173 I will wait for you
Chapter 174 Jings Mom and Jings Dad
Chapter 175 Crayfish
Chapter 176 Its not Taras song
Chapter 177: Trip to Busan
Chapter 178 Want to go home
Chapter 179: Incident on the Beach
Chapter 180 They were surrounded
Chapter 181 The fight started
Chapter 182: From the north?
Chapter 183 The matter is resolved
Chapter 184 Cui Zhenli holding the corner of her clothes
Chapter 185 Go to my room to sleep
Chapter 186 Almost nosebleeds
Chapter 187 Does it look good?
Chapter 188 Its Jung Soo Jung, not Krystal
Chapter 189: Bowling (Part 1)
Chapter 190: Bowling (Part 2)
Chapter 191 Bowling (Part 2)
Chapter 191 Competition Interlude
Chapter 192 Company Operations
Chapter 193 Yoo Joo Hyuks plan
Chapter 194 The Wind Rises
Chapter 195 Cloud surge
Chapter 196 Whats wrong with you?
Chapter 197 Whats yours is yours
Chapter 198 The talkative president
Chapter 199 Its simply baffling
Chapter 200: Ernie, you are wrong
Chapter 201 Something happened again
Chapter 202: Encounter with Crystal
Chapter 203 Shirleys Crisis
Chapter 204: Falling into a trap
Chapter 205 Saved
Chapter 206 Thats it
Chapter 1 Back to China
Chapter 2 Company Headquarters Meeting
Chapter 3 Leadership Talk
Chapter 4 Sika is here
Chapter 5 The Gift of Crystal
Chapter Six: Looking at Jessica with admiration
Chapter 7 Zhou Jing sings again
Chapter 8 The Pujiang Confirmation of Love
Chapter 9 Golden Singer and Director Zheng
Chapter 10 Music on the Road
Chapter 11 Im not kidding you
Chapter 12 Not in Hengdian
Chapter 13 Two beauties
Chapter 14 You guys made an appointment, right?
Chapter 15 You are wrong
Chapter 16 The Ashamed Sun Damei
Chapter 17 I'll take care of her
Chapter 18 The Taoism is too shallow
Chapter 19: Encourage Sika
Chapter 20 Zhou Jings suggestion
Chapter 21 This is not good
Chapter 22 Student Kim Taeyeon
Chapter 23 He is coming back
Chapter 24 Enthusiastic Auntie
Chapter 25 Zhou Jings Girlfriend
Chapter 26 Its the real Krystal
Chapter 27 There is still business
Chapter 234 Enthusiastic Auntie
Chapter 28 Is there something wrong with the ceiling?
Chapter 29 Zhou Jings Reply
Chapter 30 Dont treat me like this
Chapter 31 Reminder
Chapter 32 Little things
Chapter 33: A good dog doesnt block the road
Chapter 34 Its so funny
Chapter 35 Dont leave me behind
Chapter 36 Kim Young-mins decision
Chapter 37 The girl on the rooftop
Chapter 38 Shirley in her sleep
Chapter 39 Its all mine
Chapter 40 Change a different angle
Chapter 41 Where to go?
Chapter 42 Truth, try this
Chapter 43: Family Recognition Ceremony (Part 1)
Chapter 44: Family Recognition Ceremony (Part 2)
Chapter 45: Family Recognition Ceremony (Part 2)
Chapter 46: An olive branch
Chapter 47 The long-lost dawn
Chapter 48 Dont like apples
Chapter 49 Beach Anecdotes
Chapter 50 Chasing Dreams with an Innocent Heart
Chapter 51: Meeting an old friend in a foreign land
Chapter 52 Who is more beautiful, me or her?
Chapter 53 People who dont care about the entertainment industry
Chapter 54 Meet the real Jessica Jung
Chapter 55 Tyler chooses one of the two
Chapter 56: Accompany me to dinner
Chapter 57 Just pay attention to safety
Chapter 58 Part-time job to make extra money
Chapter 59 Is it interesting to do this?
Chapter 60 I want to eat ramen
Chapter 61 Beware of becoming a crystal ball
Chapter 62: Crystal cannot be monopolized
Chapter 63 A dream without trace
Chapter 64 Fulfilling the Promise
Chapter 65: Call me auntie
Chapter 66: Be careful about stealing your man
Chapter 67 The storm is almost over
Chapter 68 See you in Seoul
Chapter 69 I miss you too
Chapter 70: Must be rescued
Chapter 71 Its easy to pass the time
Chapter 72 You promised me
Chapter 73 A sneaky kiss
Chapter 74 I cant do it
Chapter 75 The Endless Sisters
Chapter 76 Someone with a backer
Chapter 77 Live together
Chapter 78 Sikas ideal type
Chapter 79 This is not Krystal
Chapter 80 Change your girlfriend
Chapter 81: Show mercy
Chapter 82 I want to meet him
Chapter 287 Live Together
Chapter 84: Such a tacit understanding can exist
Chapter 85 Zhou Jings Statement
Chapter 86 Crystal and Shirleys new nicknames
Chapter 87 Finally photographed
Chapter 88 No precedent
Chapter 89 Interlude of Script Seminar
Chapter 90 Dinner Party (Part 1)
Chapter 91 Dinner Party (Part 2)
Chapter 92 Dinner Party (Part 2)
Chapter 93 Lee Soon Kyu is here
Chapter 94 This character is unfriendly
Chapter 95 The distressed captain
Chapter 96: What are you going to do to me?
Chapter 97: Let me speak and you listen.
Chapter 98 Zhou Jingopa, long time no see
Chapter 99: Hug the wrong person?
Extra (1) I promise you a sea of lemons
Chapter 100 Xu Xian of Bryn Bryn
Chapter 101 The Song of Crystal
Chapter 102: Extremely emotional
Chapter 103: Living with you?
Chapter 104 The Story of the Recording Studio (Part 1)
Chapter 105 The Story of the Recording Studio (Part 2)
Chapter 106 The Story of the Recording Studio (Part 2)
Chapter 107 IUs suggestion
Chapter 108 Fake Jessica
Chapter 109: Confused Bae Zhuhyun
Extra (2) Where fate begins
Chapter 110 Accidents happen frequently
Chapter 316 In the Story of the Recording Studio
Chapter 111 Director Quans Troublesome Matters
Extra (3) There will be time to ride the wind and waves
Chapter 112 Nothing happened
Chapter 113 Quan Baoers clever move
Chapter 114 JK Sisters Conversation
Chapter 115 Little Iceberg has grown up
Chapter 116 Lets talk about the son-in-law
Chapter 117 A family of three
Chapter 118: The one you kiss is your sister
Chapter 119 An unusual luncheon
Chapter 120 Inexplicable hostility
Chapter 121 Never let the gun go off
Chapter 122 Li Shengjis Demonic Obstacle
Chapter 123 Lin Yuners pleasure
Chapter 124 If you dont believe me, search it
Chapter 125 Sikas Blitz War
Chapter 126 Father Lins Suspicion
Chapter 127 Zhou Jing is drunk
Chapter 128 The reality show is about to be filmed
Chapter 129: Pilot film shooting begins
Chapter 130 Story on the set
Chapter 131 Shirleys Opportunity
Chapter 132 Night Talk by the River
Chapter 133 The situation is very strange
Chapter 134 I even made ginseng chicken soup for you
Chapter 135 Naughty Pei Rabbit
Chapter 136 Traveling to Gwangju
Chapter 137 Xu Xians suitor
Chapter 138 Xiujing, Im sorry
Chapter 139: Trouble is rising
Chapter 140 Assistant Xus curiosity
Chapter 141 Be my female companion
Chapter 142 The dream linkage begins
Chapter 143 Lin Yunzhen visits her brother-in-law
Chapter 144: Yoona is ashamed and annoyed
Chapter 145: Meet Auntie
Chapter 146 On the way to the banquet
Chapter 147 Enemies meet on a narrow road
Chapter 148 Recommend two spokespersons
Chapter 149 Suzy is so happy
Chapter 150: So many maknae
Chapter 151 Zhou Jings wife
Chapter 152 Who is not just a facade?
Chapter 153 Invitation from the TV Station
Chapter 154: The coquettish little idiot deer
Chapter 155 Little Snowball is back
Chapter 156 The person more suitable for him is you
Chapter 157 A story that happened in the early morning
Chapter 158 Writer Zhou Jings low opinion
Chapter 159 Please call me Engineer Jin
Chapter 160 Yulis thoughts
Chapter 161: People are definitely not serious
Chapter 162 His fan is a lonely brave man
Extra (5) You are my favorite sheep
Chapter 163 Chorus between Zhou Jing and Crystal
Chapter 164 Oppa, are you thinking wrong?
Chapter 165 Fat Assistants Request
Chapter 166 Zhou Jings Secret Girlfriend
Chapter 167 Do you know Wondergirls?
Chapter 168: Likes to eat Xiuzhi
Chapter 169 Suzys strange request
Chapter 170: Danger on the mountain road
Chapter 171: Stay away from Yoona from now on
Chapter 172 Oppa, take me on a trip
Chapter 173: This Shirley is a bit strange
Chapter 174: Turning against guests
Chapter 175: Light the way forward for her
Chapter 176 The furious Crystal
Chapter 177 Xu Xian was punished
Chapter 178 The reason for poaching
Chapter 179 Yulis anger
Chapter 180 It really hurts my heart
Chapter 181 Crystals true thoughts
Chapter 182 The beautiful woman suddenly appears
Chapter 183 The first clues
May have to take leave
Chapter 184 The plot unfolds
Chapter 185 Different reactions
Chapter 392
Chapter 186: Girls Generations Resolution
Chapter 187: Coming to your door for help
Chapter 188 Oppa is sorry
Chapter 189 This crystal is shocking
Chapter 190 Special Gift
Chapter 1 Kim Young-mins tacit understanding
Chapter 2 The little iceberg with full aura
Chapter 3 Ernie, lets go have a meal together
Chapter 4 Missing each other
Chapter 5 Stingy Man
Chapter 6 Ernie, do you still think he is a scumbag?
Chapter 7 How about I give it a try?
Chapter 8 An unexpected invitation
Chapter 9 I really have to participate
Chapter 10 They are truly sisters
Chapter 11 Different accidents
Chapter 407 Ernie, let's have dinner together
Chapter Thirteen: Capturing Two Shortboys Alive
Chapter 14 I feel sorry for him a little bit
Chapter 15 This is a conspiracy
Chapter 16 Airport pick-up episode
Chapter 17 Someone wants to see Zhou Jing
Chapter 18 This can be considered as going to the meeting alone.
Chapter 19 JK sisters reveal their secrets
Chapter 20 The moon is the brightness of my hometown
Chapter 21 Yoona is in a dilemma
Chapter 22 Jessicas unexpected call
Chapter 23 Farewell Kiss
Chapter 24 Mom, I have confidence in him
Chapter 25 Yulis epiphany
Chapter 26 Xiuyan, lets talk too
Chapter 27 Zhou Jing takes action
Chapter 28 Preparing to Evacuate
Chapter 29 Are Yin and Yang really separated?
Chapter 30 Its finally over
Chapter 31: Women are not allowed to stay in college
Chapter 32 Zhou Jingoppa, Sarangheyo
Chapter 427 Farewell Kiss
Chapter 33: A Little Goodbye is Better than a New Marriage
Chapter 34 It happens in dreams
Chapter 35 Help Xiaoxian
Chapter 36 To untie the bell, one must tie it
Chapter 37 Three women and one drama
Chapter 38 It depends on whether you are willing
Chapter 39: Beautiful Flowers and Little Crystal
Chapter 40 The Birth of Snow Scenery CP
Chapter 41 This Yuli is a bit weird
Extra (6) Xiaolu Yuns Romantic Dinner
Chapter 42 Its rare to see Irene like this
Chapter 43 The troublesome Quan Baoer
Chapter 44 The Story in JYP Restaurant (Part 1)
Chapter 45 The Story in JYP Restaurant (Part 2)
Chapter 46 Xiao Zheng is a pretty girl
Chapter 47 Morning Interlude
Chapter 48 Li Juli has a problem
Chapter 49 Crafts in the Bedroom
Chapter 50 Zhou Jings acquaintances
Chapter 51 I cherish it very much
Chapter 52 Li Zhien laughed
Chapter 53 Zhou Jing fell into a trap
Chapter 54: Lee Soo Mans Strangeness
Chapter 55 Did the singer change in the middle of the song?
Chapter 56: Li Jingshu successfully stole the house
Chapter 57 Xu Zhuxian, I order you to get in the car
Chapter 58 The world of reunion again
Chapter 59: Small talk on the road
Chapter 60 Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 61 A gift for Xu Xian
Chapter 62 A special encounter
Chapter 63 What does this have to do with you?
Chapter 64 Zhou Jing was pushed back
Chapter 65: The evil sage is online
Chapter 66 Zhou Jing feels so tired
Chapter 67 Why are they all so sinister?
Chapter 68 Sika and Yoonas new discovery
Chapter 69 The little crystal of sympathy
Chapter 70 Lets have a love shot
Chapter 71 Yuli, you need to level up
Chapter 72 The anxious Kim Taeyeon
Chapter 73 Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces
Chapter 74 Kim Taeyeon, are you drifting?
Chapter 75 Taeyeons inexplicable sadness
Chapter 76 Brother Jing and Xiao
Chapter 77 What is 930?
Chapter 78 Lively morning
Chapter 79 Qiyangyang comes online again
Chapter 473 New Discovery of Sika and Yoona
Chapter 81 Candlelight Night Talk (Part 1)
Chapter 82 Candlelight Night Talk (Part 2)
Chapter 83 Candlelight Night Talk (Part 2)
Chapter 84 Cui Xiuyings true thoughts
Chapter 85 The sun comes out from the west
Chapter 86 Cui Xiuying? I dont know her
Chapter 87 The tangled little crystal
Chapter 88 The shocking discovery of crystal
Chapter 89 You dont have it, do you?
Chapter 90 A special surprise gift
Chapter 91 Homophonic jokes, money will be deducted
Chapter 92: Now Im in trouble
Chapter 93 Good talents are rare
Chapter 94 A good way to solve the pain of lovesickness
Chapter 95 Do you believe me?
Chapter 96 Xiuying is so happy
Chapter 97: Not a big nor a small disturbance
Chapter 98 Story on the set (Part 1)
Chapter 99 Story on the set (Part 2)
Chapter 100 Story on the set (Part 2)
Chapter 101 Please be a human being
Chapter 102 I only hope that your heart will be like mine
Chapter 103 Brother, what are you thinking about?
Chapter 104: News revealed in advance
Chapter 105 Xian Eunjings speculation
Chapter 106 I can definitely do it, wait for me
Chapter 107 Interlude before the start of the game
Chapter 500 Do you trust me?
Chapter 108 Sorry, my hand slipped
Extra (7) A fiery Christmas Eve
Chapter 109 The bonus of exclusive BGM
Chapter 110 This time is definitely different
Chapter 111 How long are you going to hold on?
Chapter 112 He is not from the same world as us
Chapter 113 Not seeing you is the best meeting
Chapter 114: Reminder from Crystal
Chapter 115: Does my opinion matter?
Chapter 116 Large-scale offline update reminder site
Chapter 117 I know who your girlfriend is
Chapter 118 Actually I am the mistress
Chapter 119: SNSD is robbing men internally
Chapter 120 Is this pink ambiguity?
Chapter 121 Gain another idol fan
Chapter 122 You can definitely do it
Chapter 123 Shirleys Choice
Chapter 124: Large fan site
Chapter 125 The father-in-law in fantasy
Chapter 126 Taeyeons fathers conjecture
Chapter 127: Zhou Jing wouldnt have flirted with her, right?
Chapter 128 Kim Taeyeon was caught off guard
Chapter 129 Jin Xiayans future brother-in-law
Chapter 522 Large-scale Offline Reminder Site
Chapter 130: Does Taeyeon know about this?
Chapter 131 This encounter is quite unexpected
Chapter 132 Sika Meow is about to be blown away
Chapter 133: A green plum falls in the air
Chapter 134 You are not allowed to treat me like that
Chapter 135 Little Suns Wish
Chapter 136 Pani really cant figure it out
Chapter 137 A very strange ending
Chapter 138: Drawing a clear line with girlhood? Dreaming
Chapter 139 You are no longer the Jessica Jung you were before
Chapter 140 Li Fuzhen wants to have dinner
Chapter 141 Actually, I can do it too
Chapter 142 Writer Lus invitation
Chapter 143: Stop eating, hurry up
Chapter 144 Are you meeting your parents now?
Chapter 145 The fine traditions of the Zhou Jing family
Chapter 537 This Encounter Is Quite Unexpected
Chapter 146 Wine Table Anecdotes (Part 1)
Chapter 147 Wine Table Anecdotes (Part 2)
Chapter 148: Wine Table Anecdotes (Part 2)
Chapter 149 Weird Xiaolu Yun
Chapter 150: This dog food was really caught off guard
Chapter 151 Sikaoni has such a big heart
Chapter 152 Yoona was immediately confused
Chapter 153 This man is worth loving
Chapter 154 The most miserable female supporting role
Chapter 155 Destined Brothers and Sisters
Chapter 156: What kind of fairy tale is this?
Chapter 157 The Dating Troubles
Chapter 158 I am Oppas favorite
Chapter 159 The Importance of Learning Another Foreign Language
Chapter 160: Stinky Oppa, you did it on purpose?
Chapter 161 The unexpected resource of crystal
Chapter 162 The plot of the magic reform
Chapter 163 Longzai regrets it very much
Chapter 164 None of us deserve it
Chapter 165: This prosperous age is as you wish
Chapter 166: Be extra cautious when dressing
Chapter 167 Unreleased Highlights
Chapter 168: Dont want to worry those who love him
Chapter 169 Pani finally understands
Chapter 170 Lets meet
Chapter 171 Have you traveled through time?
Chapter 172 Another poacher
Chapter 173 Use this trick again
Chapter 174: He falls in love with me? Its simply whimsical
Chapter 175 Its really popular this time
Chapter 176 Red Velvets Troubles
Chapter 177: Catch the duck and put it on the shelves
Chapter 178 Bad news comes
Chapter 179 930 Incident
Chapter 1 Farewell
Chapter 2 The carnival of CP fans
Chapter 3 Wife? So what?
Chapter 4 Surrounded by long-cherished wishes
Chapter 5 He will come to the waiting room to see you
Chapter 6 Something is going to happen
Chapter 7 Do you want to come together?
Chapter 8: The war song rises and destroys the world
Chapter 9 Perpetrator or Victim?
Chapter 10 Why the hell are you running?
Chapter 11: Helpless and Unavoidable
Chapter 12 Unreliable rhetoric
Chapter 13: Resolving the feud (Part 1)
Chapter 14: Resolving the feud (Part 2)
Chapter 15 Flirting, normal operation
Chapter 16 The rape scene
Chapter 587 Carnival of CP Fans
Chapter 17 How did they break up?
Chapter 18 Silly and unclear
Chapter 19 Jin Xiayans special mission
Chapter 20 Zhou Jing makes an assist
Chapter 21 Miane, Director Quan Boa
Chapter 22 Return in full
Chapter 23 The smell of other womens perfume
Chapter 24 Jessicas affectionate confession
Chapter 25 Its not Suzy but Sujung
Chapter 26: I really think I have no man
Chapter 27 Who am I to you?
Chapter 28 Pipika and Pipijing
Chapter 29 Official Spokesperson
Chapter 30 Zhou Jings female companion, recommended by Crystal?
Chapter 31 Emergency Plan
Chapter 32 Things go against expectations
Chapter 33 The Golden House Hidden Crystal
Chapter 34 Tai Ti Xus Special (Part 1)
Chapter 35 Tai Ti Xus Special (Part 2)
Chapter 36 Tai Ti Xus Special (Part 2)
Chapter 37 Crystals temporary itinerary
Chapter 38: Crystals Doubts
Chapter 39: What happened at the reception
Chapter 40: Do it yourself, have enough food and clothing
Chapter 41: It cant be Jun Ji-hyun, right?
Chapter 42 Taeyeon is upset
Chapter 43 A shy sheep turns into a violent sheep in seconds
Chapter 44 If something goes wrong, there must be a monster
Chapter 45 What kind of magical combination is this?
Chapter 46: Someone is fighting against injustice
Chapter 47: You can be fine without a man
Chapter 48 He is the son-in-law of Function, not of Girls Generation
Chapter 49 This evening is interesting
Chapter 50 Making wedding clothes for others
Chapter 51 Love is hopeless, lets have a barbecue
Chapter 52: Extreme joy leads to sorrow
Chapter 53 There are so many strange things
Chapter 54: Playing like a child
Chapter 55 Representative Cui Zhenli is online
Chapter 56: This guy just needs to be dealt with
Chapter 57: If you want to marry, marry a Chinese man
Chapter 58 Situation Escalation
Chapter 59 You are in big trouble
Chapter 60 The mastermind behind the scenes emerges
Chapter 61: Go to the Three Treasures Hall for nothing
Chapter 62 The world is spinning
Chapter 63 He can only be my boyfriend
Chapter 64: Reaching new heights
Chapter 65: How about we talk about love?
Chapter 66 Yoona, choose one
Chapter 67 The aftermath hits
Chapter 68 Yoona, you are in danger
Chapter 69: As expected of a sinister Yun
Chapter 70: Pi Pi Jing starts to misbehave
Chapter 71 Make a web drama to practice your skills
Chapter 72 Never expected
Chapter 73: Is it really hard not to eat soft and hard food?
Chapter 74 The incident continues to ferment
Chapter 75: Help Nuna
Chapter 76 Airport Interlude
Chapter 77 Let’s just go together
Chapter 78 Something's going on here
Chapter 79 Xu Xian’s Abnormality
Chapter 80 Xu Xian likes this name
Chapter 81 Kim Taeyeon’s
Chapter 82 Bullying the sheep every day
Chapter 83 Kim Taeyeon is very angry
Chapter 84 I don’t, I won’t...
Chapter 85 This dinner party is unusual
Chapter 86 You'd better take it easy
Chapter 87 Don’t refuse this invitation
Chapter 88 What the hell?
Chapter 89 Everyone knows each other
Chapter 90 It should be called Cui Judu
Chapter 91 Always reasonable
Chapter 92 I really didn’t write it
Chapter 93 A small gift of apology
Chapter 94 Crystal was punished
Chapter 95: It’s time to meet the parents
Chapter 96 Something went wrong with the skin.
Chapter 97 Is this considered a pass?
Chapter 98 Gift
Chapter 99: Who asked you to make a statement?
Chapter 100 Don’t think about it again?
Chapter 101 This is Zheng Xiujing
Chapter 102: Unwavering Green Lotus
Chapter 103 Who is more suitable?
Chapter 104 Li Dongxu, the melon-eater
Chapter 105 Crystal’s New Best Friend
Chapter 106: Shooting yourself in the foot
Chapter 107: Guess the song title while watching the dance?
Chapter 108: Obviously seeking death
Chapter 109: Sister or sister-in-law?
Chapter 110: Getting there first
Chapter 111 She is worthy of being a Gwangju woman
Chapter 112 Jealous Sheep
Chapter 113 They are all my wives
Chapter 114: Are we going to fight again?
Chapter 115 Entering the game
Chapter 116: A murder caused by a bowl of soup and rice
Chapter 117 A different sister
Chapter 118 One Thousand and Fifteen Days
Chapter 119 Park Chulong’s Troubles
Chapter 120 The future No. 1 female in Korea
Chapter 122: This sudden attack is too sudden
Chapter 123 What a boomerang
Chapter 124: Someone invites you to dinner
Chapter 125 Cui Xiuying is confused
Chapter 126 The frightened Cui Xiuying
Chapter 127: Another village has a bright future
Chapter 128: The same name as a celebrity
Chapter 129: It turns out that I turned from pink to black
Chapter 130 Love cannot be without principles
Chapter 131: Guidance on the Maze
Chapter 132 The ceiling for female idols
Chapter 133: Director Baoer’s Arrogance
Chapter 134 Why are you here?
Chapter 135: Fragmentation and Short-selling
Happy New Year + Book Recommendation
Chapter 136 Stay away from that guy
Chapter 137: Maybe it’s a match made in heaven
Chapter 138 Do you have any plans to get married?
Chapter 139 Let’s get married
Chapter 140 Lin Yuner is confused
Chapter 141 The Story of Christmas Eve (Part 1)
Chapter 142 The Story of Christmas Eve (Part 2)
Chapter 143 The Story of Christmas Eve (Part 2)
Chapter 144 Xiujing, let’s date
Chapter 145 Official Urgent Marriage
Chapter 146 Wedding Eve
Chapter 147 Live Broadcast Observation
Chapter 148: God’s will plays tricks on people
Chapter 149 Crystal takes action
Chapter 150 I am Zhou Jing’s girlfriend
Chapter 151: Close to the face and open up
Chapter 152: A plan on your mind
Chapter 153 Why is Zhou Jing gone?
Chapter 154 Suzy, well done
Chapter 155 Love knows no borders
Chapter 156 The beginning of the new year
Chapter 157 Xiuzhi’s counterattack
Chapter 158 Opinions on handling
Chapter 159 The best mouth substitute
Chapter 160 Zhou Jing, I regret it
Chapter 161: Im afraid I fell into a trap, right?
Chapter 162 A joke-like agreement
Chapter 163 Krystal is really cheap
Chapter 164: My Nu Na is pretty good
Chapter 165 Are you talking about a blind date?
Chapter 166: One thing brings down another thing
Chapter 167: It cant be an illegitimate meal, right?
Chapter 169 It’s not that simple