Chapter 493 Pull out the Shura Demonic Sword

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No matter how stubbornly the Star Luo Empire resisted, the final result could not be changed. The Supreme Emperor of the Star Luo Empire, Dai Yanlong, and the remaining six guardians were all killed in the battle. The Emperor of the Star Luo Empire, Dai Tianfeng, also died in the battle, and Prince Davis was defeated and captured.

, the other soul masters and soldiers saw that the situation was over, and they also surrendered one after another.

The Wuhun Empire also suffered heavy losses in this battle, but it also gained huge gains. After this battle, no one can stop the Wuhun Empire from unifying the Douluo Continent.

I saw Bibi Dong flying to the control point more than ten meters above the ground. The Rakshasa Sickle in her hand was replaced by the Pope's scepter, and she announced loudly: "Soldiers, this war is the victory of our Spirit Empire."

"Long live, long live the Wuhun Empire..." All of a sudden, the soul masters and soldiers of the Wuhun Empire cheered loudly. Empress Bibi Dong was defeated before, and several titled Douluo elders died in the battle.

After defeating dozens of cities, even they thought that the Wuhun Empire was going to lose, but they did not expect that a battle would determine the outcome.

The Supreme Emperor, the Emperor, and the seven guardians of the Star Luo Empire were all killed, Prince Davis was captured, and all the remaining soldiers surrendered. It can be said that this battle has defeated all the elites of the Star Luo Empire.

Next, you can drive straight in and take over the land of the Star Luo Empire.

At this time, at one place on the battlefield, a blood-red long sword was stuck on the ground. The sword was emitting a heart-stopping red light. Neither soldiers nor soul masters could get close to this place, because once they got close, they would immediately

I feel a restlessness in my heart.

'The fifth test of God Shura, pulling out the Demonic Shura Sword, time limit: three days.'

Listening to the voice of God Shura, Zhao Zilong also came to the front of Shura Demon Sword, accompanied by Qian Renxue, Hu Liena, Meng Yiran and the other girls.

Qian Renxue looked at the Shura Demon Sword stuck on the ground and said solemnly: "Is this the artifact, the Shura Demon Sword? Even I can feel an unknown energy coming from it."

"I have already had the experience of pulling out the Poseidon Trident before. I guess this should be similar to pulling out the Poseidon Trident at that time!" After Zhao Zilong said calmly, he walked towards the Shura Demonic Sword. Now this scene

The war is over, and I need to complete the next divine test.

Soon, after approaching the Shura Demon Sword for ten meters, red lightning began to appear around Zhao Zilong's body, and he felt a strong resistance.

"Is this a barrier?" Zhao Zilong opened his eyes and found that with the Shura Demonic Sword as the center, powerful energy was emitted around it, just like a semicircular barrier, and it was within fifty meters.

This kind of red energy, after getting closer than ten meters, the energy became even larger.

"This feeling is so stressful! It's just like Poseidon's Light." Zhao Zilong thought in his heart. When he was on Poseidon Island, he tried Poseidon's Light. Now he seems to be facing the same situation. The closer he gets to Shura

Demon Sword, the greater the pressure it feels.

"Killing field..." Zhao Zilong roared angrily and directly opened his killing field. Soon, red murderous aura burst out from Zhao Zilong's body. Zhao Zilong suddenly felt that his body relaxed a lot.

Ten steps, five steps, three steps, two steps, and the last step, finally arrived in front of the Shura Demon Sword.

At first, I felt a lot of pressure walking through it, but when I came in front of the Shura Demon Sword, I felt a lot more relaxed.

Qian Renxue and others who were fifty meters away looked at Zhao Zilong with some worry. With their soul power, it was difficult for them to get close to the Shura Demon Sword. In other words, they could get close, but after getting close, they would feel

It's the same as being in a killing city, unable to use soul skills, and at the same time, there will be a restlessness and killing spirit in the heart.

Zhao Zilong calmed his mind, took a deep breath, and directly reached out to hold the Shura Demonic Sword.

'Zizzizi...' The moment his palm touched the hilt of the Shura Demon Sword, a large amount of red lightning appeared, burning Zhao Zilong's skin. At the same time, Zhao Zilong felt a powerful murderous aura rushing towards the sky spirit, and he could also smell a smell of blood.

the taste of.

Then, Zhao Zilong watched the time in front of him turn into blood red, and the powerful murderous aura made Zhao Zilong feel the restlessness in his heart.

'You can still see blood red even though you have already turned on your Byakugan?' Zhao Zilong was shocked in his heart, but he quickly realized that the soul power in his body was slightly disordered. He had obviously turned on his Byakugan.

, I had made sufficient preparations before, but I was still affected by the murderous aura. Even when I was on the Hell Road, I was not affected by the murderous aura.

"Blue Silver Domain..." Zhao Zilong didn't hesitate at all and directly opened the Blue Silver Domain and began to purify the negative effects on himself.

"Hiss, hiss, hiss, hiss..." Zhao Zilong was startled, and suddenly heard a sharp hissing sound in his ears. He immediately looked around and vaguely saw countless resentful spirits appearing around him.

"What's going on!" Zhao Zilong's white eyes clearly saw that his soul power had stabilized, so what he saw in front of him was not his illusion, but a reality.

The resentful spirit on the magic sword?

The next second, the time in front of Zhao Zilong changed again, as if he had come to a lava hell, surrounded by magma. Then, countless lava began to gather into a giant. The giant only had the upper body, very tall and very big, and he was in front of him.

As small as an ant, the giant in front of him couldn't look down on his face. He only knew that he was a man with three heads and six arms. The powerful divine power on his body made Zhao Zilong feel suffocated.

'Who? Is it God Shura?' Zhao Zilong saw that stalwart figure. The eyes of God Shura in front of him glowed red the next second. A terrifying mental pressure fell on Zhao Zilong. Suddenly Zhao Zilong felt that God Shura was in front of him.

The figure seemed to be magnified countless times, occupying his entire brain.

For a moment, Zhao Zilong was completely unable to move. The soul bone on his head appeared at this time, which made Zhao Zilong wake up for a moment. Zhao Zilong also seized the opportunity of this moment and roared: "White Eye Divine Light..."

In an instant, a terrifying spiritual power bloomed from Zhao Zilong's eyes and fell on God Shura. The space of this lava hell was also purified by white light, and the whole world began to turn into white and gradually dissipated.

Then, Zhao Zilong's consciousness returned to his own body, and he felt that the burning heat in his hand had subsided a little, and the weight of the Shura Demonic Sword had also become much lighter, and he began to be able to pull it up a little.

Zhao Zilong knew this feeling, it was like this when he pulled out the Poseidon Trident before.

So Zhao Zilong gathered his strength, held the Shura Demon Sword with both hands, and roared: "Get up for me..."

After a roar, the Shura Demon Sword was finally pulled out. In an instant, the figure of God Shura appeared again in Zhao Zilong's mind. At the same time, God Shura's voice also entered Zhao Zilong's mind: "The fifth test of God Shura, pull it out."

Shura Demon Sword, completed, rewards Shura Demon Sword, Shura God affinity 20%..."

This chapter has been completed!
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