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Douluo's opening deprives the master of level 29 soul power

Douluo's opening deprives the master of level 29 soul power

author:lonely moon spirit

action:, , Straight to the bottom

Last Update:04-18 01:29

Latest chapter:Chapter 513 Hunting the Deep Sea Demonic Whale King

Traveled to the Douluo Continent, and it was the kind that fell from the sky. It fell directly on the body of the master Yu Xiaogang, knocked him out, and also obtained the soul power of level 29, and obtained a protagonist deprivation. System. Join Shrek Academy, exploit Tang San's protagonist aura step by step

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《Douluo's opening deprives the master of level 29 soul power》The latest nine chapters
Chapter 513 Hunting the Deep Sea Demonic Whale King
Chapter 512 Bo Saixi’s Surrender
Chapter 511
Chapter 510 Xiao Wu
Chapter 509 Return to Poseidon Island 2
Chapter 508 Return to Poseidon Island
Chapter 507 Irrecoverable Injury
Chapter 506 Bi Ji, Zi Ji
Chapter 505
《Douluo's opening deprives the master of level 29 soul power》Chapter Contents
Chapter 1 Depriving Yu Xiaogang of his soul power at the beginning
Chapter 2 Heading to Shrek Academy
Chapter 3 The Seven Shrek Monsters
Chapter 4 Heading to the Star Dou Forest
Chapter 5 Canghui Academy
Chapter 6 Battle Ye Zhiqiu
Chapter 7 Contradictions
Chapter 8 Depriving Tang San
Chapter 9 The Snake Appears
Chapter 10 Competition with Meng Yiran
Chapter 11 The Appearance of the Titan Giant Ape
Chapter 12 The Man-faced Demon Spider
Chapter 13 The Teacher Is Golden Crocodile Douluo
Chapter 14 Future Boyfriend
Chapter 15 The Second Competition
Chapter 16 Leaving the Star Forest
Chapter 17 College Life
Chapter 18: Meng Yiran Enters Shrek
Chapter 19 Battle with the Teachers
Chapter 20 Fighting Li Yusong
Chapter 21: Against Lu Qibin
Chapter 22
Chapter 23 Yu Xiaogang Arrives
Chapter 24 Darts
Chapter 25 Oscar's Despair
Chapter 26: Oscar Wants to Learn Hidden Weapons
Chapter 27 Yu Xiaogang's Lesson
Chapter 28 Anger at Yu Xiaogang
Chapter 29 The True Hero
Chapter 30 Yu Xiaogang's Request
Chapter 31 Half a year of training
Chapter 32 Holiday
Chapter 33 Soul Power Breakthrough
Chapter 34 The Holiday Ends
Chapter 35 Nickname
Chapter 36 Deprive Tang San of Soul Power Again
Chapter 37 Zhao Zilong VS Dai Mubai
Chapter 38 Depriving the Soul Power of the Seven Shrek Monsters
Chapter 39 Three Bronze Fighting Spirit Badges
Chapter 40 Berserk Team
Chapter 41 Shrek Team Led by Tang San VS Berserk Team
Chapter 42: Tang San VS Spider Woman
Chapter 43 Tang San is defeated
Chapter 44 Yu Tianheng
Chapter 45 Soft Fist
Chapter 46 Zhao Zilong VS Yu Tianheng
Chapter 47
Chapter 48 Team Fighting Spirit
Chapter 49 Shrek Team VS Emperor Fighter Team
Chapter 50 The Enraged Tang San
Chapter 51 Shrek Victory
Chapter 52 Going to the Royal Fighting Team
Chapter 53 - Dugu Yan
Chapter 54 Qin Ming's Invitation
Chapter 55 The Fierce God Team
Chapter 56: Bibi Dong's Attention
Chapter 57 Rakshasa God Sixth Test
Chapter 58 Heaven Dou Royal Academy
Chapter 59 Treatment of Heaven Dou Royal Academy
Chapter 60 Dugu Bo Appears
Chapter 61 Waste Master Yu Xiaogang
Chapter 62 Snow Star's Solicitation
Chapter 63 Ready to leave
Chapter 64 Negotiation
Chapter 65 Yu Xiaogang's departure
Chapter 66 Yu Xiaogang's Version of Butcher Zhang
Chapter 67 Jade Phosphorous Snake Venom
Chapter 68 Bright Background
Chapter 69 Meeting Dugu Bo
Chapter 70 Dugu Bo's Medicine Garden
Chapter 71: Grass Jelly
Chapter 72 The Visit of Liu Erlong and Yu Xiaogang
Chapter 73 The New Shrek Academy
Chapter 74 Rejecting Yu Xiaogang
Chapter 75 Leaving Shrek
Chapter 76 Healing Dugu Bo
Chapter 77 Acacia heartbroken red
Chapter 78: Give Meng Yiran the Immortal Grass
Chapter 79 Preparing to Find the Soul Ring
Chapter 80 Thunder Demon Tree
Chapter 81 The Fourth Soul Ring
Chapter 82 Tylenol
Chapter 83 Liu Erlong
Chapter 84 Titan
Chapter 85 Four Clans
Chapter 86
Chapter 87
Chapter 88
Chapter 89 Zhao Zilong VS Yu Tianheng
Chapter 90 Yu Tianheng VS Zhao Zilong 2
Chapter 91 Exposing the External Soul Bone
Chapter 92 Xue Qinghe
Chapter 93: The Inheritor of God Shura
Chapter 94 Half a Year Later
Chapter 95 Bai Chenxiang
Chapter 96 Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng
Chapter 97: Tang San Absorbs Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng
Chapter 98 Soul Bone
Chapter 99: Before the Soul Master Contest Begins
Chapter 100 Xiao Wu leaves the team
Chapter 101: A Gift for Xiao Wu
Chapter 102: Meng Yiran Absorbs Soul Bone
Chapter 103 Let the plot return to the original track
Chapter 104 The Targeted Xiao Wu and Meng Yiran
Chapter 105 Killing the Bule Trio
Chapter 106: Protagonist luck?
Chapter 107 Killing Time
Chapter 108 The Illusory Wisdom Skull
Chapter 109 The Preliminary Tournament Begins
Chapter 110 The First Match, Weevil Academy
Chapter 111 Battle against Weevil Academy
Chapter 112 - About to be exposed
Chapter 113: Tang San's Soul Power
Chapter 114 Suspected Zhao Zilong
Chapter 115 The teacher is Bo Saixi
Chapter 116: Deal with Ning Fengzhi
Chapter 117 Exchange
Chapter 118 Heavy topic
Chapter 119 Prepare in advance
Chapter 120 Zhao Zilong's Future Enemy
Chapter 121 Sword Dao Chenxin
Chapter 122 Seven Treasure Pavilion
Chapter 123 Blazing Academy
Chapter 124 Battle against Blazing Team
Chapter 125 Hu Liena and the Three
Chapter 126 Feng Xiaotian
Chapter 127 Shrek VS Blazing Fire
Chapter 128 Playing Tactical Hearts Are Dirty
Chapter 129 Tianshui Girls Group
Chapter 130 Ice Phoenix
Chapter 131 Absolute Defense Back to Heaven
Chapter 132: Tang San Exposes His Twin Martial Souls
Chapter 133: Shrek VS Tianshui
Chapter 134 Ice Phoenix and Fire Phoenix
Chapter 135 - Shrek's Defeat
Chapter 136: The Preliminary Tournament Ends
Chapter 137 The Vigilant Meng Yiran
Chapter 138: Tang Hao Appears
Chapter 139 Invitation from Emperor Xue Ye
Chapter 140 The Promotion Competition Begins
Chapter 141 Feng Xiaotian VS Zhao Zilong
Chapter 142 Easy Win
Chapter 143 Yu Tianheng VS Yu Tianxin
Chapter 144 Torn face with Tang San
Chapter 145 Change of heart
Chapter 146 Zhao Zilong VS Tang San
Chapter 147 Violently Beating Tang San
Chapter 148 The Second Martial Soul Fire Phoenix
Chapter 149: Tang San's Frustration
Chapter 150 Huo Wu's Sudden Confession
Chapter 151 Fire Dance VS Meng Yiran
Chapter 152 End of the Promotion Competition
Chapter 153 Attacked
Chapter 154 Martial Soul City
Chapter 155 Zhao Zilong VS Qin Ming
Chapter 156 Finals
Chapter 157 The Finals
Chapter 158 Bibi Dong's Invitation
Chapter 159 Apprenticeship to Bibi Dong
Chapter 160 Tiandou VS Xingluo
Chapter 161 Kill Davis in a flash
Chapter 162 The Top Six Teams
Chapter 163 Heaven Dou Royal Team vs. Shrek Team
Chapter 164 Abusing Tang San Again
Chapter 165 The final finals
Chapter 166
Chapter 167 The Loser Match
Chapter 168 Hu Liena's Charm
Chapter 169 Zhao Zilong VS Hu Liena
Chapter 170 Zhao Zilong VS Yan
Chapter 171 Heaven Dou Royal Team VS Wuhundian Team
Chapter 172 Zhao Zilong VS The Golden Generation
Chapter 173 Defeating the Golden Generation
Chapter 174: The Match Is Over, Capture Xiao Wu
Chapter 175: Tang Hao Appears
Chapter 176: Sign in to Tang Hao and Get the Mysterious Treasure Map
Chapter 177 Chasing Tang Hao
Chapter 178: Tang Hao's Broken Arm
Chapter 179 Heading to the Blue Silver Forest
Chapter 180 Killing Tang Hao
Chapter 181 Qingtian Bull Python and Titan Giant Ape
Chapter 182: Hu Liena's Shock
Chapter 183 The Blue Silver Emperor Ah Yin
Chapter 184 Zhao Yun Zilong's Skills
Chapter 185
Chapter 186 Leaving the Star Forest
Chapter 187 Taking Immortal Grass
Chapter 188 Return to Wuhun City
Chapter 189 The Collapse of Tang Hao and Tang San
Chapter 190 Returning to Heaven Dou Royal Academy
Chapter 191: Emperor Xue Ye wants to marry his daughter
Chapter 192 Assassination of Zhao Zilong
Chapter 193: Meng Yiran's Brain Hole
Chapter 194 Revisiting the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School
Chapter 195 Bright Silver Gentian Gun
Chapter 196 Licking Dog Oscar
Chapter 197 The Chaotic Couple Relationship
Chapter 198 Kneeling and licking is also a kind of ability
Chapter 199 Returning to the Hall of Martial Souls
Chapter 200 When the assassination is in progress
Chapter 201 The Arrival of the Killer
Chapter 202 Praying Mantis Stalking Cicada and Oriole Behind
Chapter 203 Self-reflection
Chapter 204 Bibi Dong's Education
Chapter 205 Zhao Zilong VS Bibi Dong
Chapter 206 Preparations for the Slaughter Capital
Chapter 207 Simulation Training
Chapter 208: Bibi Dong's Preference for Hu Liena
Chapter 209 Seagod Trial
Chapter 210 Qian Daoliu
Chapter 211 Entering the Killing Capital
Chapter 212: Slaughtering Hell Field
Chapter 213 Bibi Dong and the Slaughter King
Chapter 214: Tang Hao Enters the City of Slaughter
Chapter 215 Killing God Tang Hao
Chapter 216 Martial Soul Fusion Technique
Chapter 217: Tang Hao retreats after defeat
Chapter 218 Take Out Acacia Heartbroken Red Again
Chapter 219: Bibi Dong's Killing Intent
Chapter 220 Hu Liena in the Bath
Chapter 221 Death Canyon
Chapter 222
Chapter 223 Haotianzong
Chapter 224 Haotianzong 2
Chapter 225 Haotianzong 3
Chapter 226 Hell Road
Chapter 227 Hell Road 2
Chapter 228 Hell Road 3
Chapter 229 Ten-headed Fierce Sun Snake
Chapter 230 Ten-headed Fierce Sun Snake 2
Chapter 231 Reward
Chapter 232 Ten Fire Phoenixes
Chapter 233 Returning to Martial Soul City
Chapter 234 Flame Eagle Douluo
Chapter 235
Chapter 236 Death of Ghost Douluo
Chapter 237 Tang San and Xiao Wu
Chapter 238: Tang San's Hundred Thousand Year Soul Bone
Chapter 239: Tang San's Sixth Soul Ring
Chapter 240 Yuexuan
Chapter 241 Ye Lingling
Chapter 242 Yue Xuan's Etiquette
Chapter 243 Qiluo Tulip
Chapter 244 Martial Soul Evolution Nine-Colored Begonia
Chapter 245 Talent field
Chapter 246
Chapter 247
Chapter 248
Chapter 249 Mirror Lake Medical Village
Chapter 250
Chapter 251 Learning Etiquette
Chapter 252
Chapter 253: Before Soul Hunting Operation
Chapter 254: Before Soul Hunting Operation
Chapter 255: Before Soul Hunting (vs. Red Flag Douluo)
Chapter 256: Before Soul Hunting (Twin Martial Souls)
Chapter 257 The Soul Hunting Operation Is About to Begin
Chapter 258: Before Soul Hunting Operation Begins
Chapter 259 Godly Zhuge Crossbow
Chapter 260 Drawings
Chapter 261 The Successor of the Snake God
Chapter 262 Three Women in One Drama
Chapter 263 Soul Hunting Operation Begins
Chapter 264: Soul Hunting Operation Begins (2)
Chapter 265 Attacking the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School
Chapter 266 Ning Rongrong is dead
Chapter 267: Golden Crocodile Douluo Appears
Chapter 268 Bibi Dong VS Yu Yuanzhen
Chapter 269 The Demise of the Blue Lightning Overlord Dragon Sect
Chapter 270 Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Sect Exterminates the Gate
Chapter 271 The Reaction of All Parties
Chapter 272 Distribution Map of Douluo Continent
Chapter 273 Bibi Dong's Ambition
Chapter 274 The Stealing Plan
Chapter 275 Prepare to go to Star Dou Forest
Chapter 276 Hunting and Killing Hundred Thousand Year Soul Beasts
Chapter 277 Witch Bibi Dong
Chapter 278: Emperor Xueye is critically ill
Chapter 279: The Emperor Xueye is critically ill 2
Chapter 280 One Hundred Thousand Year Soul Bone
Chapter 281: Tang San returns to Shrek Academy
Chapter 282 Ma Hongjun and Dai Mubai
Chapter 283 Criticizing the Spirit Hall
Chapter 284 Healing Emperor Xue Ye
Chapter 285 Find Dugu Bo
Chapter 286 The Decadent Yu Tianheng
Chapter 287 The relationship between husband and wife is broken
Chapter 288
Chapter 289 Kill Dugu Bo
Chapter 290 Dugu Bo died
Chapter 291 Begging For Mercy
Chapter 292 The whole family must go neatly
Chapter 293 Heaven Dou Palace
Chapter 294 On the Eve of Seizing Power
Chapter 295 The plot is still coming
Chapter 296 The Role of the Prince's Order
Chapter 297 Special Mission: Resurrection Xiao Wu
Chapter 298 Fighting Tang San Again
Chapter 299 Capture Xiao Wu
Chapter 300 Abusing Tang San
Chapter 301 Escape
Chapter 302: Tang Hao Appears
Chapter 303 Zhao Zilong VS Flender
Chapter 304: A Chaotic Battle
Chapter 305: Tang San VS Qian Renxue
Chapter 306 Zhao Zilong VS Tang San
Chapter 307: The Moon Passes Dead
Chapter 308 Death of Emperor Xueye
Chapter 309 The Arrival of Prince Xuexing
Chapter 310 Still Failed
Chapter 311 The God of the Future
Chapter 312 Tang Hao's Little Jiujiu
Chapter 313 The Resurrection of Xiao Wu Begins
Chapter 314: Tang San's Experience
Chapter 315 The Four Killing Gods of Hell
Chapter 316 The Slaughter King's Ambition
Chapter 317: Bibi Dong's Dream
Chapter 318 Bibidong and Yu Xiaogang
Chapter 319 Resurrecting Xiao Wu
Chapter 320 Young Xiao Wu
Chapter 321: The Slaughter King's Actions
Chapter 322 Bibi Dong's Interrogation
Chapter 323 The Consequences of the Destruction of the Slaughter City
Chapter 324: Tang San Arrives at Sea God Island
Chapter 325 Black Level Four Tests
Chapter 326 Assessment
Chapter 327 Acquaintance
Chapter 328: Evil Soul Master
Chapter 329 Thunder City
Chapter 330 Dimensionality Reduction Strike
Chapter 331: A War Doomed to Failure
Chapter 332 Xiao Wu Takes Lovesick Heartbroken Red
Chapter 333 Feng Xiaotian's Challenge
Chapter 334 Feng Xiaotian’s Challenge 2
Chapter 335: Defeating the Four
Chapter 336 Power of Rules
Chapter 338 Simple Conversation
Chapter 339 Yu Xiaogang Revisited
Chapter 340 Bibi Dong and Yu Xiaogang's Breakup
Chapter 341 Enemy's Narrow Road
Chapter 342 Yu Xiaogang's Fear
Chapter 343
Chapter 344 BUG
Chapter 345 Secret
Chapter 346 Want to go to Sea God Island
Chapter 347
Chapter 348: Bibi Dong's Honest Treatment
Chapter 349 Who is the inheritor of God Shura?
Chapter 350: Bibi Dong's Blocking
Chapter 353
Chapter 354: Bibi Dong's Fear of Zhao Zilong
Chapter 355: Bibi Dong's Fear of Zhao Zilong 2
Chapter 356: Bibi Dong's Heartfelt Voice
Chapter 357 Open Your Heart
Chapter 358 Want a child
Chapter 359 Douluo Continent
Chapter 360 Before the crusade against the Clear Sky School
Chapter 361 Inside the Shrine
Chapter 362 Bibi Dong's Change
Chapter 363: Attacking the Clear Sky School
Chapter 364: Bibi Dong VS Tang Xiao
Chapter 365
Chapter 366: The Destruction of the Clear Sky School
Chapter 367 United Two Great Empires
Chapter 368 Anger
Chapter 369
Chapter 370 Star Luo Empire
Chapter 371: Meng Yiran also wants a child
Chapter 372 The Influence of Bibi Dong
Chapter 373 You Be Pope!
Chapter 374 Qian Renxue's Fourth Test
Chapter 375 Qian Renxue's Challenge
Chapter 376 Zhao Zilong VS Qian Renxue
Chapter 377 Zhao Zilong VS Qian Renxue
Chapter 378 One Hundred Thousand Year Soul Beast
Chapter 379 One Hundred Thousand Year Soul Beast 2
Chapter 380: Absorbing a Hundred Thousand Year Soul Ring
Chapter 381 Fire Phoenix's Second Soul Ring
Chapter 382 Allocation of Soul Bone
Chapter 383 Crusade against evil soul masters
Chapter 384: The Inheritor of God Shura
Chapter 385 Heading to the City of Four Elements
Chapter 386 Thunder City, the Slaughter King Appears
Chapter 387 The Former Slaughter King
Chapter 388 Zhao Zilong VS The King of Slaughter
Chapter 389 God Shura's troubles
Chapter 390 God Shura Appears
Chapter 391: The Asura Divine Examination Descended
Chapter 392 Tang Chen and Bo Saixi
Chapter 393 Conversation Between Grandparents and Grandchildren
Chapter 394 Telling
Chapter 395 Asura God and Killing God
Chapter 396: The First Trial of God Asura
Chapter 397 Testing Your Own Combat Power
Chapter 398 Purple Girl
Chapter 399 Wei Zhuang
Chapter 400 Easily Defeating Wei Zhuang
Chapter 401 Crime
Chapter 402 Investigating the General's Mansion
Chapter 403
Chapter 404 Assassinate Ji Wuye
Chapter 405 Discovered
Chapter 406 Kill
Chapter 407 The Battle in the General's Mansion
Chapter 408 Failed Assassination
Chapter 409 Life Absorption
Chapter 410 The Appearance of Quicksand
Chapter 411 Spirit Hall? Spirit Empire?
Chapter 412: Above the court
Chapter 413 Promise
Chapter 414: Zhao Zilong's Actions
Chapter 415: Flame Spirit Princess
Chapter 416: Coming For You
Chapter 417 Instantly kill Tian Ze
Chapter 418 Gratitude? Conditions?
Chapter 419: Fake Ji Wuye
Chapter 420
Chapter 421 Give the Purple Maiden Grass
Chapter 422 Wei Zhuang and Baiyue
Chapter 423 Wei Zhuang VS Tian Ze
Chapter 424 Red Lotus
Chapter 425 Red Flame Fruit
Chapter 426: Han Fei's Request for Help
Chapter 427 Tell You The Truth
Chapter 428 Ji Wuye Died
Chapter 429 Ji Wuye's Criminal Evidence
Chapter 430
Chapter 431: Han Fei's Proposal
Chapter 432 VS Guigu Zongheng
Chapter 433: The Snare Killer Covers the Sun
Chapter 434: Tang Hao Obtained the Divine Examination
Chapter 435 Second Trial of God Asura
Chapter 436 Awakening Martial Soul
Chapter 437: All Innate Level 10
Chapter 438 Mandala Snake
Chapter 439
Chapter 440 Returning to Martial Soul City
Chapter 441 Holy Son, Holy Maiden
Chapter 442 Qian Renxue's Secret Rivalry
Chapter 443 Elder Hall
Chapter 444 First Heir
Chapter 445 Prepare to go to Sea God Island
Chapter 446 Heading to Sea God Island
Chapter 447 Tang San Ma Hongjun's Fourth Test
Chapter 448 Entering Sea God Island
Chapter 449 Seagod Island Assessment
Chapter 450 Experience of Sea God Island
Chapter 451 God Bestowed Soul Ring
Chapter 452 Meeting with Tang San
Chapter 453: Evil Killer Whale King
Chapter 454 Killing the Evil Orca King
Chapter 455 Qian Renxue Suddenly Angry
Chapter 456: Sea God's Sixth Trial
Chapter 457 Battle against Sea Dragon Douluo
Chapter 458 Challenging the Seven Sacred Pillars
Chapter 449: Ama Douluo
Chapter 460 Zhao Zilong Qian Renxue VS Sea God Seven Sacred Pillars
Chapter 461: Defeat One Person First
Chapter 462: Illusion
Chapter 463 Qian Renxue in the Illusion
Chapter 464 VS Seaspear Seahorse
Chapter 465 Defeating the Seven Sacred Pillars of the Sea God
Chapter 466 Title Douluo
Chapter 467 Qian Renxue's Heart
Chapter 468 Battle against Bo Saixi
Chapter 469 Sea God Trident
Chapter 470 The seventh test is completed
Chapter 471 Return to Wuhun Palace
Chapter 472 You are mine
Chapter 473
Chapter 474 Declaring War on Two Empires
Chapter 475 The inheritance of God of War
Chapter 476 Attack
Chapter 477 Bibi Dong VS Netherworld White Tiger
Chapter 478 Bibi Dong VS Tang Chen
Chapter 479 Suppression
Chapter 480 Liberation of Rakshasa Divine Power
Chapter 481 The Arrival of the Six Sacrifice
Chapter 482 Removing Bibi Dong
Chapter 483 A show of force
Chapter 484 VS Four Enshrinements
Chapter 485 Healing Bibi Dong
Chapter 486 The Final Battle
Chapter 487 Yu Xiaogang dies
Chapter 488 The war in the high-end game
Chapter 489 The seriously injured Tang Hao
Chapter 490 Tang San VS Zhao Zilong
Chapter 491 Tang San was captured and Tang Hao died in battle
Chapter 492 Tang Chen’s Death
Chapter 493 Pull out the Shura Demonic Sword
Chapter 494 The Sixth Test of Shura God
Chapter 495 Dark Devil Tiger
Chapter 496 Black Beads
Chapter 497 The Hundred Thousand-Year-Old Giant Ant Emperor
Chapter 498 Killing the Thousand Jun Ant Emperor
Chapter 499 Star Luo Empire, destroyed
Chapter 501 One Hundred Thousand Years Soul Skill
Chapter 502 Lake of Life
No. 503
Chapter 504 Soul Fusion Technique
Chapter 505
Chapter 506 Bi Ji, Zi Ji
Chapter 507 Irrecoverable Injury
Chapter 508 Return to Poseidon Island
Chapter 509 Return to Poseidon Island 2
Chapter 510 Xiao Wu
Chapter 511
Chapter 512 Bo Saixi’s Surrender
Chapter 513 Hunting the Deep Sea Demonic Whale King