Chapter 880 Why are you so skilled?

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"Okay, let me be honest, do you know about the multiverse?"

Tifa shook her head.

"Then do you know about homotopes from another world?"

Tifa continued to shake her head.

"What about the chat group?"

Tifa still shook her head.

"You don't know anything, how can I explain it to you?"

Now it was Chen Yi's turn to shake his head. He wanted to confess to Tifa, but Tifa didn't understand anything!

After all, Tifa is not a time traveler, so she naturally doesn't know those things.

"I don't care. You have to explain it clearly to me. Start from the beginning. We have one night to waste. If it doesn't work, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or a week will do!"

She didn't understand Chen Yi's questions, and it seemed like she was mentally retarded, which made Tifa a little angry.

"What a waste to do this in one night."

Chen Yi muttered, a man and a woman living together in a room just to learn knowledge?

"What did you say? Sit here and explain."

Tifa thought Chen Yi was going to explain, so she patted the place beside the bed and motioned for Chen Yi to sit down.

"Well, although I don't really like doing this kind of thing, if you strongly request it, then I can only satisfy you."

Chen Yi sat next to Tifa and suddenly stretched out his index finger to touch the center of Tifa's eyebrows. He told Tifa about the multiverse and even the chat group. Of course, he didn't say anything about the fact that he split into hundreds of parts.

After all, so many Chen Yi have become scumbags. Even if he tried to argue that he was not colluding with other Chen Yi, Tifa probably wouldn't believe it, so in order to avoid Tifa's misunderstanding, it's better not to say such things.

This is also the unified operation of Chen Yi. Although everyone is called Chen Yi, it was Chen Yi before time travel, and we have Chen Yi's memory, but what does those scumbag Chen Yi have to do with me?

So their unified explanation is that they have a chat group, and the people in the chat group are all named Chen Yi, but they have nothing to do with them, and everyone just helps each other.

Holy Separator, activate!

A large amount of knowledge poured into Tifa's mind. With Chen Yi's help, Tifa did not feel any discomfort and even fully understood the knowledge. However, these things overturned her cognition and left Tifa stunned.

For a long time, I couldn't come back to my senses.


Tifa took a long breath and looked at Chen Yi with gratitude: "Thank them for me."

Without this chat group, it is easy to imagine what would happen to Xue Beng. Tifa is naturally grateful to Chen Yi and others in the chat group.

"They said no thanks."

Of course Chen Yi will not thank the guys in the chat group for Tifa. If he dares to say thank you, the LSPs in the chat group will dare to say that there is no use in verbally thanking him. If he really wants to say thank you, then he can make a short video to be sincere.


"By the way, I will delegate the authority of the Red Queen engine to you, but you should familiarize yourself with it first and don't use it indiscriminately."

Chen Yi thought about how to release the authority of the Red Queen Engine to Tifa, but with Tifa's IQ, ah, no, it's the level of knowledge, it is still difficult to understand this knowledge in a short period of time.


This time, the person Tifa wanted to thank was naturally Chen Yi.

"You're welcome, this is our dream, isn't it?"

"No, this is my dream!"

Tifa shook her head after hearing this, and the gratitude in her eyes turned into deep affection: "You have always been fighting for my dream, haven't you?"

Chen Yi was silent. What Tifa said was indeed correct. After traveling through time, he actually didn't have much control over this fantasy world. He looked at the development of this world more from the perspective of a bystander, because

He clearly knows that with his abilities, he will not have much impact on the world. Just like Wang Mang, who is nicknamed a time traveler, no matter whether he is a real time traveler or not, all he has done is just set off a war.

War, and eventually history returned to its original trajectory.

This is why he went to Seventh Heaven with the mentality of a pilgrim, because he really just went to watch the fun and didn't want to participate at all.

But Tifa is so perfect. She has the appearance of an angel and the body of a devil. She has a strong and independent personality yet is gentle. She has a calm personality. She is calm and considerate in situations. She is also considerate. This is a real goddess, not a goddess.

The kind of goddess that many people call when they see a beautiful girl is so perfect that she doesn't look like the person who should appear in reality - or maybe she originally existed in the virtual world, but Chen Yi also came to this world.

So faced with Tifa's invitation, Chen Yi couldn't refuse and joined Xue Beng. He even set an example and began to change his words and deeds.

This kind of thing is actually very tiring. After all, most people are unwilling to step out of their comfort zone, and naturally they are not willing to change their habits. For example, if you ask a talkative person to stay quiet, you are undoubtedly torturing the talkative person.

It's embarrassing to say that Chen Yi sometimes feels that he has become Tifa's licking dog, but he has no hesitation.

"For you, I am willing to give everything."

Feeling Tifa's affectionate gaze, Chen Yi said solemnly.


"There is no need to say thank you between us. Saying thank you is too rude."

Chen Yi shook his head, waved his hand, and a bed appeared in the room: "Go to sleep, it's already very late."

He stood up and prepared to sleep. Since Tifa respected him so much, it would actually seem a little disrespectful to Tifa if he acted randomly.

"Wait, where are you going!"

However, Tifa grabbed Chen Yi's hand as he tried to get up, and pushed him back to the bed, feeling angry.

"Of course I'm sleeping..."

Chen Yi just pointed at the bed he had created, and was shocked to find that the bed was gone. He immediately looked at Tifa, how can you be so skilled!

"Humph, haven't you been waiting to do something serious?"

Tifa's face was a little red, but she still raised her head proudly and looked at Chen Yidao.

Ah, it turns out you understand everything!

That’s right, Alice understands it, there’s no reason why Tifa doesn’t understand it!

"Seriously, it doesn't feel good being in someone else's home for the first time."

The respect and disrespect in his mind were instantly thrown to the back of Chen Yi's mind. If Tifa wanted to do something serious, he would definitely support her. This is how she truly respects Tifa.

"It's okay, don't you know how to teleport? We can go back now, just leave a clone here."

Tifa made arrangements for Chen Yi so clearly that Chen Yi didn't know what to say for a moment. You are really overly skilled!

"Forget it, I'll do it myself!"

With a thought, Tifa controlled the teleportation function in the Red Queen's engine, took Chen Yi to her residence, and then began to take off Chen Yi's clothes to prepare for work.

Chen Yi:……

It seems that sometimes it is not good to be too considerate.

Thinking of this, Chen Yi stopped Tifa from taking the initiative. It's time for Tifa to know what real technology is!

One million words later…

"Chen Yi, why are you so skilled?"

"I said, this is all the knowledge uploaded to me by other Chen Yi. Do you believe it?"

"Do you think I will believe it?"

"You can choose to believe it."

This chapter has been completed!
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